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Lucas: Not like that.

Iris: Not like what?

Lucas: You're trying to forget.

Iris: I donít know what -- I donít know what you mean.

Lucas: When I kiss a woman, I want her to remember.

Iris: Oh, really? Then why donít you remember this.

Courtney: I'm waiting.

Stacey: Courtney --

Courtney: Stacey, stay out of this. Derek, I'm asking you if you could tell me if you know anything about what happened in Michael and Donna Hudson's apartment.

Stacey: Why? What happened?

Courtney: A Ming vase was taken. It was worth well over $100,000.

Stacey: Look, I know what you're implying, Courtney --

Derek: Stacey --

Stacey: And you're wrong.

Derek: Stacey --

Stacey: No, he's never been to their apartment.

Derek: Yes, I have.

Bridget: Victoria? Victoria, what is it? What's happened?

Vicky: He's gone.

Bridget: "Gone"? What do you mean?

Vicky: He walked out. He left for good.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, come on, now. No, you see -- donít be upset. He'll be coming back, you know.

Vicky: Not this time, Bridget. He took Steven.

Bridget: He took the baby?

Vicky: I've lost everything.

Rachel: Do you want more tea?

Ada: No, thanks. I got to get some sleep tonight. So do you.

Rachel: I have to bone up for the board meeting. Evan wants me to be prepared.

Ada: Listen, let me go over it with you. I used to quiz you when you were in school, remember?

Rachel: This will be my first board meeting without Mac.

Ada: I know, honey.

Rachel: It seems like I'm having a lot of firsts lately. I hate it.

Ada: It'll get easier.

Rachel: Oh, yes? When?

Ada: I wish I could help you get through this board meeting.

Rachel: Well, you canít, and I canít take Macís place.

Ada: You'll make a place of your own. That's what Mac wanted.

Rachel: It's not what Iris wants. She's going to try something.

Ada: She's been trying something ever since she first knew that Mac was in love with you.

Rachel: That's true. That hasn't changed, has it? She's still trying to get rid of me.

Ada: Well, she hasn't done it. Come on, Rachel, you're the foremost authority on Iris' dirty tricks.

Rachel: That was marriage. This is business.

Ada: This is Macís business and your business and your children's future. Rachel, you're smarter than she is and much stronger.

Rachel: I donít feel very strong, not without Mac.

Jamie: Hello?

Rachel: Jamie?

Jamie: Hilda told me you two were in here.

Ada: Hi there!

Jamie: Hi.

Rachel: May I have him? Hello.

Jamie: Yeah, please, of course.

Rachel: What are you guys doing up so late? What are you doing up so late?

Ada: It's a little late for a visit. What's the matter?

Jamie: This isnít a visit.

Rachel: What is it?

Jamie: Steven and I -- we're moving home.

Marley: Here, help me finish.

Jake: The air will dry those if you give it half a chance.

Marley: You're right.

Jake: I am? That's a switch.

Marley: Besides, we're wasting time. We're almost late.

Jake: For what?

Marley: For the double feature at the Elgin -- "the big sleep" and "the Maltese falcon."

Jake: I've seen them.

Marley: Well, of course you have. Bogey's your favorite.

Jake: Not tonight, ok?

Marley: All right, I've got a better idea. Remember that path you showed me down by the lake? We haven't been there in a long time. I'll grab our suits.

Jake: No.

Marley: No suits? We'll go skinny-dipping. No lake? No lake. All right, how about we go for a drive? The moon's out really full, and we could watch the submarine races.

Jake: I'm sorry, I'm just going to see if I can catch something on TV, all right?

Marley: Oh, Jake, come on, it's your night off.

Jake: I'd rather work. At least I'd have my mind on something else.

Marley: When is this going to end?

Jake: I donít know.

Marley: Well, you've got to make an effort.

Jake: This is an effort. I have accepted this. Donít expect me to be happy.

Marley: I donít. I know how much you were counting --

Jake: I am dealing with this. Just give me some time.

Marley: You've had enough time.

Jake: One day! One day! That's all I ask!

Marley: Well, stop being furious! Do something about it!

Jake: Like what?

Marley: Like stop moping around here. Tell me what you're feeling, Jake!

Jake: Ok. My life stinks! How's that?

Marley: It's a start. Well, let's talk about this.

Rachel: Are you sure you want to do this?

Jamie: Well, believe it or not, it's gotten worse.

Rachel: Since this afternoon?

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: How is that possible?

Jamie: Thank you. Well, I told you I had a meeting with Stacey.

Rachel: Yeah?

Jamie: Vicky -- she figured out that I lied about that.

Ada: Well, you never have been a very good liar, you know.

Jamie: Thanks.

Rachel: What happened?

Jamie: Vicky followed me to Staceyís loft and went nuts. She accused Stacey of -

Ada: I think it's a little past old Stevie's bedtime, donít you?

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: It is! It is. Oh, you have to give me my bracelet.

Ada: Come on.

Rachel: My bracelet.

Ada: Come on.

Jamie: Thanks, grandma.

Ada: Let's go to the nursery. And we'll find Hilda, ok, and we'll find -- oh, I know what we can find -- your horse.

Rachel: Hey, darling, give me this, huh?

Ada: We'll find your horsy, ok?

Rachel: So go on

Jamie: She said that -- Vicky said that Stacey was after me.

Rachel: In front of Stacey?

Jamie: Yeah. It was bad.

Rachel: Did you explain it?

Jamie: Explain what? I went to see Stacey to talk about a legal separation.

Rachel: You didnít tell Vicky that's why you went to see Stacey?

Jamie: Mom, I canít talk to Vicky anymore. You should have seen her at Staceyís. She was completely out of control. She was screaming. She was screaming so loud that Amanda heard her from across the hall and came over with Evan.

Rachel: What was Evan doing at Amandaís?

Jamie: I have no idea, but the scene got very ugly. Amanda and Vicky tore into each other.

Rachel: Was Steven there for all this?

Jamie: No, thank God, but he could have been, and that's what I'm worried about. I donít want my son growing up in the middle of a battleground.

Rachel: Of course you donít.

Jamie: And that's going to happen if he stays with Vicky. She would have done that in front of him, I know it. She's never going to change. She's always going to be like that.

Rachel: Like what?

Jamie: Accusing people, jumping to conclusions. She's going to use Steven -- when he gets older, she's going to use him to get at me, and I wonít have that.

Rachel: What are you saying? You want to raise Steven?

Jamie: Yes.

Rachel: You want sole custody?

Jamie: I'm not sure. I might agree to a kind of joint custody if I can have what they call care and control.

Rachel: Well, you're already planning a court battle.

Jamie: If I have to.

Rachel: You will have to.

Jamie: I'm going to be the one to raise this baby, not Vicky.

Jamie: And for the time being, if you donít mind, I'd like to do it here.

Rachel: Of course I donít mind.

Jamie: Thank you.

Ada: He's up in the nursery. Hildaís with him.

Jamie: Ok.

Ada: Honey, can I help you? Anything I can do?

Jamie: No. Thanks. Thanks for everything, Mom.

Rachel: Oh, boy.

Ada: Well, there's one little teeny, tiny thing wrong with Jamieís plan.

Rachel: Vicky.

Ada: Vicky.

Vicky: I know I shouldnít have gone over to Staceyís, but I couldn't help it. I knew he lied to me.

Bridget: Things did seem a little better, you know. I --

Vicky: Oh, Bridget, only yesterday when we made love. That's too small for him.

Bridget: I'll put it away.

Vicky: I have got to find out where Jamie took Steven.

Bridget: Well, he's probably at the Coryís.

Vicky: I'm sure he thinks Rachel can raise Steven better than I can.

Bridget: Did you call there?

Vicky: They wonít talk to me.

Bridget: Then let me.

Vicky: No. All right, I'll do it.

Bridget: No -- wait a minute, now, Victoria, please. Now, stop it. You'll only make things worse.

Vicky: I really thought things were going to work out that first night he found Steven was his son.

Bridget: Yes, I know, dear, I know. Oh, yes, Mrs. Hobson. Yes, it's Bridget Connell. Oh, that's why I'm calling. Oh, good, that's what Victoria thought. Oh, yes, well, of course I will. I'll tell her right away. Thank you so much. Yes, they're there.

Vicky: All right, I'm going over there.

Bridget: No, you're not. No, you're not. You're going to sit down here. Come on, now.

Vicky: Bridget --

Bridget: You come -- you sit down here. Now, we are going to think through this thing.

Vicky: This is all Staceyís fault. She's been dying to get her hooks into him.

Bridget: You donít know that.

Vicky: If there was nothing to their relationship, then why would he have lied to me?

Bridget: Because he probably knew that you'd do exactly what you're doing. You know, he could have just possibly gone over there to get some legal advice.

Vicky: She told him to leave me.

Vicky: Oh, my God.

Bridget: What?

Vicky: He had this planned all along.

Bridget: What?

Vicky: That's what they all wanted --

Bridget: To leave you?

Vicky: Rachel, Amanda -- you should have heard the way they talked to me today.

Bridget: Now what are you doing?

Vicky: Calling my lawyer.

Bridget: But did Jamie ever say to you -- I mean, did he just -- did he really come out and say to you that he wanted a divorce?

Vicky: No, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, then?

Vicky: Damn it, the office is closed!

Bridget: Now, Victoria, will you please calm down.

Vicky: He had this all figured out. That's why he didnít want me to leave town.

Bridget: Now, you donít know that.

Vicky: He was waiting until the test results came in, and then once they did, he made his move. Oh, God, how could I have been so stupid?

Bridget: You were not stupid. You're not stupid.

Vicky: He set me up! He made me believe that he still had feelings for me and that things could work out, and then he sidetracked me by a final roll in the hay. And then he took my son. Damn him, he is not getting away with this.

Bridget: Victoria, you come back here!

Vicky: I am going to get my son!

Bridget: Victoria! Oh -- oh, my Ė

Iris: You take your monumental ego and get out of here!

Lucas: You got a pretty good right hook.

Iris: I said get out.

Lucas: What about dinner?

Iris: You know what you can do with your dinner.

Lucas: What?

Iris: Look, Lucas, I'm so sick of being patronized by you.

Lucas: I kissed you because I like you!

Iris: Oh, yes. Are you sure it's not just part of your business strategy?

Lucas: I'm sure.

Iris: Well, I'm not, so go. Good night.

Lucas: I'm not going anywhere!

Iris: Oh, yes, you are.

Lucas: We're going to finish this, Iris.

Iris: You want to finish? All right, we'll finish!

Lucas: First of all, I donít like temper tantrums.

Iris: Too bad.

Lucas: You should have outgrown them by now.

Iris: Well, I haven't!

Lucas: You donít get it, do you? I care about you!

Iris: I couldn't care less.

Lucas: Oh, look, I mean, you're exciting, you're ambitious, you're restless, and you're beautiful.

Iris: Is that how you're going to package me?

Lucas: Yes, but you have to do a little work yourself.

Iris: I do work.

Lucas: I mean work on yourself.

Iris: Oh, God, you're -- you're insufferable.

Lucas: Donít you understand? You deserve better than to be living in your father's shadow!

Iris: You keep my father out of this.

Lucas: I canít.

Iris: Why not?

Lucas: Because you canít!

Iris: I donít want to discuss him with you.

Lucas: He dominates every moment with you, and from what you've told me about him, I think he would want you to go on with your own life!

Iris: I am going on with my own life. Why do you think that meeting's so important to me on Friday?

Lucas: It's just another way to be close to him.

Iris: This subject is off-limits until further notice.

Lucas: Oh, all right. Then let's have dinner.

Stacey: Derek, you never told me you were at the Hudsonís' apartment.

Derek: Listen, Stacey, I donít report in to you or anyone else.

Courtney: Derek, I'm still waiting for an answer.

Stacey: Are you charging him with something, Courtney?

Courtney: You know I'm not.

Stacey: Then as his attorney, I'm advising him not to say anything.

Derek: What do you think you're doing?

Courtney: Looks like you got yourself an attorney.

Derek: No.

Jake: He's just such a great kid and I miss him. I just miss him.

Marley: I do, too.

Jake: Then why donít you feel like this?

Marley: Because I said goodbye to Steven.

Jake: I'm not sure I can do that.

Marley: You have to. Jake, this is going to sound a little weird --

Jake: Ugh.

Marley: But when you found out that Steven wasn't yours, it was like he was your son, he was that little boy in your dreams, and he died.

Jake: I felt like that.

Marley: But there was no funeral, nobody was sorry, nobody came by --

Jake: No, there wasn't, because everybody was so happy jumping around that Jamie was the father.

Marley: Everybody but you.

Jake: No, there's nothing I could do about it.

Marley: I think there is.

Jake: What?

Marley: Jake, I think you should see Steven.

Jake: No.

Marley: Jake --

Jake: No.

Marley: He is not the child in your future -- or mine. He is not our son. You've got to tell him, talk to him and --

Jake: Oh, come on -- what, about what we've just talked about?

Marley: You've always talked to him before.

Jake: About baby things, Marley, about baby things.

Marley: Jake, you haven't lost Steven. You're still his Uncle Jake.

Jake: I donít know if I can take that.

Marley: You have to see him again, and so do I.

Jake: You know, Vickyís not going to go for this. She's not even going to let us in the door.

Marley: I think she will if we tell her why we're there to see him.

Jake: I miss holding him.

Marley: But it wasn't meant to be. Jake, realizing this pain you have right here is the first step. Ok? Come on. Please?

Jake: Ok. You did it again.

Marley: Ok.

[Jake sighs]

Marley: Ok. Let's go.

Stacey: Derek, you donít understand what I am trying to do.

Derek: I'm not stupid. I understand.

Courtney: Stacey, I'm just asking him a few questions.

Stacey: It's important that you have legal counsel when you're being questioned by the police.

Derek: I didnít ask for your help, did I?

Stacey: No, but what I'm trying --

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: You donít want me to help you?

Derek: I can handle this on my own.

Stacey: But you canít. If you have legal counsel --

Derek: I donít need your help. I didnít do anything.

Stacey: It doesn't matter.

Courtney: Derek, so, do you mind going on with this?

Derek: No, go ahead.

Courtney: Donna Hudson said that you were alone in the room where she displayed the vase.

Derek: Is that the living room?

Courtney: Yeah.

Derek: Yeah, I was there for about 30 seconds, Tops.

Courtney: Why?

Derek: I was there to pick up some papers for John Hudson. I work at Frame Construction.

Courtney: Ok. What time was that?

Derek: Mid morning, about 10:30.

Courtney: What happened?

Derek: I showed up. The Hudson woman brought me the blueprints, and I left.

Courtney: Do you remember seeing the vase then?

Derek: I donít even know what it looks like. They had all kinds of beautiful stuff there.

Courtney: One second. I have a picture right here. Does this look familiar?

Derek: No. Sorry.

Courtney: Ok. That's all for now.

Stacey: "For now"? What do you mean, "For now"? Is he allowed to stay in town? If he has to leave, you have to have a warrant --

Derek: Stacey, look, I said I'd handle this, and I meant it. I got to go.

Stacey: Derek -- Derek, wait!

Derek: No.

[Door opens and closes]

Stacey: What is with you?

Courtney: With me?

Stacey: Yeah. You know he had nothing to do with that burglary, so why were you treating him like that?

Courtney: I was just talking to the man!

Stacey: Oh, yeah, you call that talking to him?

Courtney: Stacey, I have to question everyone who had access to the apartment. It's routine. You know that.

Stacey: So why did you have to upset him like that?

Courtney: Wait, wait, let's get this straight. I didnít upset him. You did.

Bridget: Oh, Marley, Jake.

Marley: Hello, Bridget.

Jake: Hi, Bridget. Ahem.

Bridget: Come in, come in.

Marley: Thank you.

Bridget: I've been worried about both of you lately. Are you all right?

Marley: We're ok.

Jake: Yeah, we're fine.

Bridget: I'm very sorry about the baby. I know how -- how much you loved him. I know it's hard --

Jake: Thanks, Bridget.

Marley: Actually, that's why we're here.

Bridget: But I --

Jake: We've come to see Steven.

Bridget: I donít think that's possible.

Marley: Bridget, we're not going to cause trouble.

Bridget: Well, that's not it.

Jake: Well, what is it? I'm sure Vickyís given you orders that we're not to see him, right?

Bridget: Oh, no. No.

Marley: Bridget, is Vicky here?

Bridget: No, she's not.

Jake: Then what is it?

Bridget: Well, it's very complicated, you see.

Marley: Things usually are when Vickyís involved.

Jake: Wait a minute. Something's happened.

Bridget: Yes. Yes. Things have not turned out -- well, they haven't worked the way Victoria planned.

Vicky: Where is he?

Rachel: Vicky?

Vicky: I know Jamieís here, and I want to talk to him.

Rachel: I donít think that's a good idea.

Vicky: Tough.

Ada: He's not ready to see you, Vicky.

Vicky: I am not leaving here until you get my son!

Rachel: You donít give the orders around here.

Vicky: I'll do a lot more than that, Rachel. I'll have you arrested for kidnapping.

Ada: Vicky, you better go.

Vicky: You'd better get your grandson or I'll call the cops. Isnít that what you did when Mitch took your son away?

Rachel: I'm not keeping you from your son.

Vicky: No?

Rachel: He's upstairs sleeping.

Vicky: He'd better be.

Rachel: Vicky, it's not a good idea to talk to Jamie right now, not till you both cool off.

Vicky: "Cool off"? You mean wait until you figure out your next move? Do you think I just fell off a turnip truck?

Rachel: I think you're upset.

Vicky: You love this, donít you?

Rachel: I donít love it, not at all, but I understand why Jamie did what he thought he had to do.

Vicky: Oh, you do?

Rachel: You made a scene, Vicky. The way you acted --

Vicky: The way I acted? What about the way Jamie is right now? It certainly doesn't surprise me that you're siding with him.

Rachel: My children have my support.

Vicky: And the support of the whole Cory clan, including connections, right?

Rachel: If they need them.

Vicky: You never would have gotten away with this if Mac was alive.

Rachel: That's enough, Vicky.

Vicky: Nobody has the right to take a child away from their mother. You of all people should know that, Rachel.

Jamie: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Get Steven.

Jamie: He's sleeping.

Vicky: Either you get him or I will. Fine.

Jamie: Donít you dare wake him up.

Vicky: He is my baby and I will do what I want.

Rachel: The baby needs his rest.

Vicky: I decide what the baby needs!

Jamie: I would like to talk to Vicky alone, please. It is almost 11:00, Vicky. Canít you let him sleep?

Vicky: He will sleep in the car until I take him home and put him into his own bed.

Jamie: Do you think it's a good idea to haul him around in the middle of the night?

Vicky: That's what you did.

Jamie: This isnít a temporary move, Vicky. I wonít be coming back. The marriage is over.

Vicky: You're not getting Steven as a consolation prize. You will not take my son away from me.

Jamie: I have to. I wish there were another way, but there isnít. I'm sorry.

Vicky: Oh, no, you're not. Stop the integrity act, Jamie, pretending to be on my side against Jake, swearing to me that you wouldnít let them take him.

Jamie: I wouldnít have.

Vicky: Sure. Because you were planning to do it yourself, keeping me in line by letting me believe that we had a future together.

Jamie: I honestly thought there was a chance, I really did, until you made that scene over at Staceyís.

Vicky: I wouldnít have caused the scene if you had been honest with me.

Jamie: My God, it never stops with you, does it, Vicky? None of this would have happened -- none of it! -- If you had been honest with me from the very beginning!

Vicky: I did everything I could to save our marriage!

Jamie: Oh, you sure did -- by lying straight through your teeth!

Vicky: I never turned my back on you -- or us. Every time I made love to you it was real. You're the one using the bad tactics now.

Jamie: I canít discuss this anymore, Vicky. We'll let our attorneys sort this out.

Vicky: Yes, we will. I'll pick up Steven in the morning.

Jamie: Donít count on it.

Vicky: Donít try anything, Jamie. You only have my baby for one night.

Jamie: We'll see.

Vicky: So, this is it?

Jamie: This is it.

Vicky: This is how the Frames say goodbye?

Jamie: Go home, Vicky.

Vicky: You get a good night's sleep, Jamie. You've got a fight on your hands.

Iris: Well, I have to admit that was delicious.

Lucas: Thank you. Now, let's discuss Friday.

Iris: Well, you make it sound so straightforward.

Lucas: Well, it is. Just keep it that way in the meeting. Sell them on "Sophisticate" first.

Iris: How can they resist? I give them a deal, yeah?

Lucas: But act like you've been taken advantage of just a little bit, because you are willing to make sacrifices for Cory.

Iris: Yes, I make the sacrifice, as long as it's acknowledged and I'm adequately compensated.

Lucas: The tradeoff?

Iris: They make me an officer of Cory Publishing.

Lucas: It's not going to be easy to get elected.

Iris: So you keep saying.

Lucas: You've got a lot to overcome -- bad press, bad word of mouth --

Iris: Oh, goody, you make it sound better and better.

Lucas: Well, you sell them on you as well as on the magazine.

Iris: Yes, sir.

Lucas: Now, the wild card.

Iris: Oh, yes --

Lucas: Hmm.

Iris: The corporation, who own the largest block of stock outside the family.

Lucas: Yeah, possible swing vote.

Iris: Yeah, you know, for all your so-called expertise, you still haven't found the owners of that stock.

Lucas: We will. I've got somebody working on it.

Iris: Lucas, we're running out of time.

Lucas: I know. Donít worry about it. We'll find them and then we'll adjust our pitch.

Iris: You know, you donít seem very worried about it.

Lucas: I'm not.

Iris: Why? Lucas, do you control that stock? Are you Ace Corporation?

Stacey: Hi. Can you talk?

Derek: There's nothing to talk about.

Stacey: Well, I want to explain.

Derek: Donít bother.

Stacey: Look, I know I was out of line.

Derek: You got that right.

Stacey: I'm sorry. It's just that I automatically put on my lawyer's cap as soon as Courtney started acting like a cop. And I should have asked you first.

Derek: But you didnít.

Stacey: It's not that I didnít trust you or anything --

Derek: You donít get it. I donít want you to protect me. I donít want you to defend me.

Stacey: Sticking up for people is what I do for a living.

Derek: I did not hire you.

Stacey: I would have done the same thing for anyone if Courtney was questioning them -- if it was Jamie or Felicia or any of my friends.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: I wanted you to know your rights. Please donít take it personally.

Derek: As long as you know that I can handle myself.

Stacey: I know. I brought a peace offering. How about it?

Derek: Third Avenue.

Stacey: Mm-hmm. You want some?

Derek: Sure. Why donít I get some plates, we can sit down. You want a beer, ice water -- something?

Stacey: Oh, ice water sounds great.

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: Ok. I'll get the plates.

Stacey: Why do you have this?

Derek: Why shouldnít I have it?

Lucas: I wish I was the Ace Corporation, but I'm not. Iris, donít you know I wouldnít hold out on you like that?

Iris: No, I do not know that.

Lucas: Well, you should.

Iris: Why should I? You never tell me anything. I mean, you didnít even tell me about your social calls to Rachel.

Lucas: Oh, we're back to that?

Iris: Yes, that, and the fact that you have such strict rules about your own privacy.

Lucas: Very strict.

Iris: That you will never discuss your past with anyone.

Lucas: Right again.

Iris: But I must admit that you're a very good cook.

Lucas: Oh, finally something positive. Thank you.

Iris: You know, you keep a lot of secrets for a man who demands complete honesty from others.

Lucas: You're absolutely right.


Iris: Is that your doing?

Lucas: Not that I know of.

Iris: Yes, hello. Iris Wheeler. Oh, really? Oh, send her straight up, please. Thank you.

Aha -- it was your doing.

Lucas: Oh?

Iris: Yes, that was Catherine. She's on her way up. I trust she wonít take up too much of your time?

Lucas: Hmm.

Iris: I'll be in the study if you need me.

Lucas: Hi. So what have you brought me?

Catherine: Not much. Ace is part of a large umbrella corporation.

Lucas: Hmm. Who owns it?

Catherine: Another corporation, but I donít have names yet.

Lucas: It's all in here?

Catherine: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: This isnít much to go on. This is going to hold us up.

Catherine: Well, they've deliberately concealed their identity.

Lucas: Look, we have to have this name by Friday. Call Don Forbes at the I.R.S.

Catherine: Hmm, right. Ok.

Iris: My, my, Catherine, you are working late.

Lucas: Sorry, Iris, but we'll leave right away.

Iris: Both of you? Donít we have unfinished business?

Lucas: Well, I'm sure we can do that tomorrow, plus you'll work much better with a little shuteye.

Catherine: Good night, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Good night, Catherine.

Lucas: Good night.

Vicky: Oh. This is just what I need.

Marley: Vicky, Bridget told us what happened.

Vicky: "Us." You mean Jake is here, too?

Marley: Yes. He's in the kitchen with Bridget.

Vicky: Well, get out of my house, Marley. I've had enough scenes for tonight.

Marley: Vicky, we are both very concerned about you.

Vicky: Save it.

Marley: It's true.

Vicky: I am sick of phony concern, especially yours.

Marley: The last few weeks have been horrible for all of us, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, at least you still have your husband.

Marley: I almost lost Jake.

Vicky: Well, I did lose mine, thanks to Jake.

Marley: I'm sorry.

Vicky: You're sorry? My sister? The same sister who was going to fight me for custody of my son is sorry?

Marley: Please let me help you through this time, Vicky. I know I did some things I --

Vicky: I donít need your help or your sympathy. Just let me be alone.

Marley: Vicky --

Vicky: It's too late for apologies, Marley.

Marley: Vicky, I --

Vicky: We canít go back now. You crossed that line when you decided to fight me for Steven.

Marley: Canít you just listen to me?

Vicky: I donít have a sister anymore.

[Door opens and closes]

Derek: It's one of my interests. Surprised?

Stacey: Yeah, a little bit.

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Well, because you never mentioned to me that you liked art, so I was naturally a little surprised to find that book here.

Derek: I'm not the type, huh?

Stacey: No, that isnít it.

Derek: Then what is it?

Stacey: Well, it's just that I realize more and more how much I donít know about you.

Derek: That's not a surprise.

Stacey: No, it isnít.

Derek: Why donít you tell me what you're really thinking, huh?

Stacey: Well, why are you always so secretive? Why do I have to pull everything out of you?

Derek: I donít have to explain anything to you, not the fact that I was at the Hudsonís or why I have the books I have.

Stacey: I'm not asking for any explanations.

Derek: Weren't you?

Stacey: No. I was just trying to understand you better, that's all.

Derek: Is it so hard?

Stacey: No.

Derek: Yes.

Stacey: Why donít we just forget about this and have some chicken? What do you say?

Derek: I really wish that we could. I think it would be better if you went home.

Stacey: Now?

Derek: Now.

Vicky: You got a lot of nerve coming over here just waiting for me to fall apart, Jake.

Jake: I came to say goodbye to Steven.

Vicky: Well, you canít see him. I canít see him, and neither can you.

Jake: When we got here, Bridget told us what happened.

Vicky: You must have just split your sides laughing.

Jake: Jamie shouldnít have done that.

Vicky: What?

Jake: I want you to know I'm real sorry.

Vicky: You're sorry? Mr. "I'm going to prove you're an unfit mother" is sorry?

Jake: Look, Vicky, we both know that I was going to do the same thing if Steven was mine. That was before I knew what it felt like to lose a child.

Vicky: And now you know?

Jake: Vicky, I wanted him bad. I had to tell myself you didnít have any feelings. It's the only way I could go through with that.

Vicky: I am not a bad mother.

Jake: I know. He's your kid. You deserve to be with him. Try not to be so tough on Marley. She loves you.

Vicky: Jake?

Jake: Yeah.

Vicky: I want you to know that I'm not taking this lying down.

Jake: Good.

Vicky: This isnít over. I donít care who I have to fight. I am going to get my son back.

[Steven cries]

Jamie: Yes, it is. What are you doing up? Oh, come on.

Rachel: I thought I heard you guys. What's up?

Jamie: Hey, guess who's here. Look who's here.

Rachel: Hey.

Jamie: He woke up -- he woke up crying.

Rachel: He's wide awake.

Jamie: I know. I'm working on that.

Rachel: Do you want me to go get you a bottle?

Jamie: No, I already tried, thank you.

Rachel: Well, he's in a new place.

[Steven coos]

Rachel: You want -- you want this?

Jamie: I thought maybe if I held him for a little bit.

[Steven fusses]

Rachel: Look.

Jamie: Oh, what's that?

Rachel: Fun, yes. How'd it go with Vicky?

Jamie: Badly. Very badly.

Rachel: Is she going to cause trouble?

Jamie: As much as she can. But can we talk about it in the morning? It's a bit soon to rehash it all right now.

Rachel: Sure, of course.

Jamie: But I'll tell you one thing, Mom.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Seeing Vicky made me realize that I'm doing the right thing. Stevenís going to stay with me, for good.

Rachel: Well, you've got to do what you think is best.

Jamie: I intend to. Come on, buddy.

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