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[Boy whistles]

Boy: Nice color. Where's the suit?

Derek: Kyle, what are you doing here?

Stacey: Ok, Courtney, I think I got the outfit.

Courtney: Great.

Stacey: You're going to be honest with me, right?

Courtney: Donít worry, I will. Now, is this one casual?

Stacey: Yeah, I hope so. Ok. What do you think?

Courtney: Perfect if you're planning to clean out your closets.

Stacey: Come on, I donít want to be too overdressed for Derek.

Courtney: Hon, you're not overdressed for Bruce Springsteen.

Stacey: So, what, you think this stinks?

Courtney: No.

Stacey: I have nothing in my closet!

Courtney: Come on, there must be something here that you like.

Stacey: No, there's nothing that is right for this.

Courtney: This is perfect for summer. With the sandals, you'll look pretty in this.

Stacey: Ugh, pretty? I donít want to look pretty.

Courtney: What?

Stacey: Come on, I want to look, you know --

Courtney: What, what?

Stacey: I donít know. That's what the problem is.

Courtney: Yeah, I guess it is a problem.

Stacey: What?

Courtney: Well, how does a woman dress when she goes out with someone like Derek?

Amanda: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: Oh, hi, honey.

Amanda: Am I disturbing you? You didnít even hear me come in.

Rachel: Guess not.

Amanda: Well, I just had a couple questions for you before I go to the meeting for the production staff. Mom?

Rachel: Jamie should be getting the results of his paternity test.

Amanda: You know about that?

Rachel: Vicky told me.

Amanda: Vicky? I donít understand her. She has no --

Rachel: Steven is her child, Amanda.

Amanda: I know that, Mom, but that should've been Jamieís decision to tell you.

Rachel: You donít have to worry about me. It's Jamie right now.

Amanda: The waiting must be killing him.

Rachel: He should have the results by now.

Jamie: Do you have the test results?

Dr. Peterson: Yes, but before I tell you the outcome --

Vicky: Get to the point. Tell us who the father is.

Dr. Peterson: I was just trying to avoid any misunderstand--

Jamie: It's ok, doctor. Tell us.

Dr. Peterson: All right. The genetic pattern proves that Stevenís father is Jamie.

Stacey: Well, what do you mean "someone like Derek"?

Courtney: No, I didnít mean anything -- Derek is cute and all, but --

Stacey: Mm-hmm?

Courtney: You know, why donít you try this blouse on?

Stacey: No, no, no, you were going to say Derek is what?

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Well, you know, Derek is --

Stacey: Yeah?

Courtney: Uh --


Courtney: You know, I'm going to get the phone.

Stacey: Oh, Courtney.

Courtney: Hello? Speaking. Ooh, that's good. Listen, can you hang on? I need to switch phones. Thanks. I got a lead on the Wheeler theft. Can you hang up the phone for me? I need to get my notes in the bedroom.

Stacey: Yeah, sure.

Courtney: Thanks. Got it!

[Knock on door]

Stacey: Who now?

Frankie: Hi.

Stacey: Frankie?

Frankie: I brought these for you.

Stacey: What are they?

Frankie: I promised Cass I'd keep you updated on his cases.

Stacey: Well, why canít we do this at the office?

Frankie: Well, I like to cover my bases. You never know with Cass, he might decide he's had too much tropical sun and come checking up on us. You want me to drop these somewhere?

Stacey: Well, yeah, if you wouldnít mind.

Frankie: No, no problem.

Stacey: So, I'll take a look at them later.

Frankie: Yeah, sure.

Stacey: Well, is there something you wanted to tell me about them or --

Frankie: No, I put notes in the front covers there.

Stacey: Oh, good. You can see I'm kind of -- I'm in the middle of something here, so --

Frankie: Yeah, getting ready to party, huh?

Stacey: Yeah, I'm going out -- soon.

Frankie: Where?

Stacey: Well, I donít know.

Frankie: Oh.

Stacey: Wait a second. What do you know about this?

Frankie: Me? Why would I know anything? Is that what you're going to wear?

Stacey: This? On a date? What, are you kidding? Wow. Why?

Frankie: Because I thought maybe your date would appreciate something other than gardening clothes.

Stacey: Oh. I see.

Frankie: I think maybe I had better hit the dusty trail here.

Stacey: Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah?

Stacey: What do you think my date would appreciate me wearing?

Frankie: I donít know.

Stacey: Come on, take a guess.

Frankie: A strapless cocktail dress, something sexy.

Stacey: I knew it!

Frankie: What?

Stacey: You got Derek to ask me out on a date, didnít you?

Amanda: I still donít think there's any excuse for what she did to Jamie.

Rachel: She was afraid.

Amanda: Of what?

Rachel: Of losing him.

Amanda: Well, she should've thought of that before she slept with Jake McKinnon.

Rachel: I donít want to talk about this right now, all right?

Amanda: Ok.

Rachel: I want to go over and see Jamie.

Amanda: You're going to go to the hospital?

Rachel: Yes.

Amanda: Will you -- will you let me know?

Rachel: Yes, of course I will.

Evan: Oh, Rachel, Amanda. Glad I caught you.

Rachel: Evan.

Amanda: Hi. What time did you get back?

Evan: Oh, about an hour ago.

Rachel: I was just leaving, Evan.

Evan: I just saw most of the major stockholders.

Amanda: That's ok, Mom, you can go. I'll fill you in later.

Rachel: Thank you.

Evan: Is she ok?

Amanda: Sure, she's fine. It's a family problem.

Evan: Amanda, she has to have the appearance of devoting all her time to Cory Publishing.

Amanda: She does.

Evan: But if people think that she has too many family problems to handle --

Amanda: What did you find out?

Evan: I found out that you and your mother have the sympathy of the board, but not necessarily the votes.

Amanda: Why?

Evan: Track record. Most adopted a wait-and-see attitude.

Amanda: Not everyone.

Evan: Pretty much.

Amanda: But Mom held this company together through the takeover. They know how much this company means to my family.

Evan: Well, Iris is family, too, Amanda.

Amanda: They also know that Iris was behind the takeover.

Evan: Sure, but Cory Publishing came out of it stronger than ever and they weren't hurt financially.

Amanda: She almost ruined Daddy!

Evan: Amanda, they are not being emotional about this.

Amanda: Well, I am!

Evan: You canít afford to be because Iris is going to use it against you.

Amanda: How?

Evan: Well, my guess is that sometime during this board meeting, she's going to pull some kind of stunt. Based upon your inexperience, she's counting on you to fly off the handle.

Amanda: So she'll end up looking like a professional and I'll --

Evan: Right, and you'll look like you're trying to get Iris instead of the business.

Amanda: And then she'll get the votes.

Evan: Maybe. Could happen. That's why I brought these by.

Amanda: What's this?

Evan: You have to study.

Amanda: Is this a report?

Evan: No, they're profiles of all the major stockholders -- the amount of stock, chances for support, past voting records, areas of concern.

Amanda: I have to know all of this?

Evan: Iris knows it, but I'm going to help you go over it.

Amanda: Oh. Oh, boy.

Evan: What?

Amanda: I've got a meeting that I've got to get to. I tell you what, why donít you bring this over to the house tonight, ok? We'll go over it then.

Evan: No.

Amanda: Well, I know we wonít be interrupted there.

Evan: Well, I really donít think that's such a good idea.

Amanda: Why not?

Evan: Sam.

Vicky: I knew it. I knew this all along. Dr. Peterson, thank you very much for your help. We all appreciate it.

Dr. Peterson: It's all right. I think you all need some time alone. I'll be in my office if you have any questions.

Jamie: Thank you.

Jake: Wait.

Dr. Peterson: Yes?

Jake: This is a mistake. It happened last time.

Vicky: Not this time, Jake.

Jake: Vickyís the one that switched the blood tests last time! You know that, donít you?

Marley: Jake, please.

Dr. Peterson: Because of that mistake, I personally supervised this test. I had it run twice, once using different names.

Jake: Maybe the lab messed up.

Dr. Peterson: I assure you this test is accurate. The genetic pattern matches Dr. Frame's perfectly. Steven is not your son. I'm sorry.

Marley: Jake, let's get out of here.

Jamie: Marley? Are you all right?

Marley: Vicky, you're very lucky. You and Jamie have a beautiful son.

Jake: Donít say anything.

Marley: Will you come home with me?

Jake: I canít. Not yet.

Vicky: Are you all right?

Jamie: I am more than that.

Vicky: Are you happy?

Jamie: I canít remember a day in my life when I've ever been more happy or more grateful. This is the first time I can remember.

Derek: Did something happen?

Kyle: No, everything's cool.

Derek: You're sure?

Kyle: Yeah, I just came to read.

Derek: Kyle, this is not a library.

Kyle: I know, but nobody stares at me here like I'm going to steal books.

Derek: Ok. So what you reading?

Kyle: Something about painting. I like these French guys. Yeah, impressionists -- you heard of them?

Derek: Yeah. You want to see my favorite?

Kyle: Sure.

Derek: Ok. Here it is. Mary Cassatt. Pretty, huh?

Kyle: Not bad.

Derek: Yeah, you see this flower?

Kyle: Yeah?

Derek: That, my friend, is a lavender orchid.

Kyle: So?

Derek: So I want you to go down to the florist for me and get me a bunch of flowers and make sure they put some lavender orchids just like this one in the bunch, ok?

Kyle: A florist?

Derek: Yeah, and I want you to make sure that you pay for them.

Kyle: No kidding. What do you think I was going to do, rip them off?

Derek: Just get me a receipt.

Kyle: Ok, ok. What are going to do with them?

Derek: I'm not.

Kyle: Say what?

Derek: You're going to take them someplace for me.

Kyle: What am I, a messenger?

Derek: Yes, you are if you want the library and the fridge to stay open.

Kyle: Yeah, all right.

Derek: Here is the address. There.

Kyle: Stacey Winthrop?

Derek: Yeah.

Kyle: Sounds classy. You got a note or something?

Derek: No, just tell her that they're from me.

Kyle: That's it?

Derek: Yeah, that's it -- and donít screw up.

Kyle: What's wrong with you, anyway? Why are you acting so weird?

Derek: Give me the tie, take the address, get going.

Kyle: It's the girl, isnít it?

Derek: Will you get out of here?

Kyle: I'm going, I'm going. I hope you know how to tie that thing.

Derek: Me, too.

Frankie: Derek asked you out. I had nothing to do with it.

Stacey: Oh, you did, too. Now, come on!

Frankie: Oh, you are just like your brother. You're going to wear out all that gray matter.

Stacey: Oh, come on, Frankie! You did tell him to ask me out?

Frankie: No. Why would I do that?

Stacey: Who knows! You do things all the time for no particular reason. Why not now? Now, wait a second. You did know that Derek and I had a date tonight, didnít you?

Frankie: Well, yeah.

Stacey: Ha!

Frankie: Uh --

Stacey: Did he mention where we were going?

Frankie: Yes, and I'm not going to spill the beans about that, either.

Stacey: No, come on, cop to it!

Frankie: Your fine legal mind might not have figured this out yet, but Derek is very psyched about tonight.

Stacey: He is?

Frankie: Yes, he is. He wants it to be perfect. And he wanted very badly to ask you out.

Stacey: How do you know this?

Frankie: We talk.

Stacey: You do?

Frankie: Yeah. And I've already said too much, so I am going to pull my foot out of my mouth and hit the road.

Stacey: Hey, Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah?

Stacey: Thanks for dropping these files off.

Frankie: Sure. You're very lucky. I hope you know that. And, uh, I hope you have a good time.

Stacey: Ok, what do you think about this? What's the matter? Did you get some bad news?

Courtney: I'm just going to have to come out and tell you.

Stacey: What?

Courtney: One of the undercover guys was checking his sources in the street about the Wheeler thing.

Stacey: Right.

Courtney: And Derekís name came up.

Amanda: What does Sam have to do with you coming over to the house?

Evan: Well, you see, your husband and I, we had a little talk before I took off on my trip.

Amanda: You did?

Evan: Yeah, he doesn't think it's such a good idea for you or Rachel if I come to the house to do work.

Amanda: What? Why not?

Evan: Says you need someplace to get away from business, so I guess I agree with him.

Amanda: You do?

Evan: Sure, I think I tend to push you.

Amanda: What am I supposed to do with these?

Evan: Those will wait till tomorrow.

Amanda: You sure?

Evan: Absolutely.

Amanda: You are not telling me everything.

Evan: Believe me, I'm going to monopolize all your time tomorrow.

Amanda: No, I donít mean that. I mean about your conversation with Sam.

Evan: He just cares about you, that's all.

Amanda: Did you two get into a fight?

Evan: Now, why would you say something like that?

Amanda: Because I know Sam, and I know that he can sometimes be --

Evan: Be rude?

Amanda: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sure he didnít mean to offend you.

Evan: Oh, he doesnít. I can see right through him.

Amanda: He's just had a hard time lately. His show in New York didnít exactly go as he'd hoped.

Evan: I know. Caroline told me.

Amanda: You never said anything.

Evan: It wasn't my place.

Amanda: But you could've --

Evan: Amanda, I wouldnít do that to you.

Amanda: You're right. You wouldnít.

Woman: Evan.

Evan: Rita.

Rita: You look wonderful, darling. But when donít you?

Rita: I decided to take you up on your invitation to visit Cory headquarters.

Evan: So I see.

Rita: I hope you're pleased.

Evan: Rita, this is Amanda Fowler. This is Rita James.

Amanda: Hello, Ms. James.

Rita: Hello, dear.

Evan: Rita is one of Coryís largest independent stockholders.

Amanda: I thought I recognized the name.

Evan: And Mrs. Fowler is Mac Coryís daughter. She holds 1/3 of his controlling interest.

Rita: Of course. I'm so very sorry about your father.

Amanda: Thank you.

Rita: To me, he was Cory Publishing. Without him, it's a new ballgame.

Evan: No, Rita, the ballplayers are all the same. I tried to explain that to you in New York.

Rita: And I kept changing the subject.

Evan: Which is why I'm going to take you on a tour now to restore your confidence.

Rita: Oh, when?

Evan: Well, right now.

Rita: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Amanda: Ahem. Evan, can I talk to you just for a minute, please?

Evan: Would you excuse me?

Amanda: You're dropping everything for this woman?

Evan: We need her support, Amanda.

Amanda: Looks like you've already got that.

Evan: She could be the swing vote.

Amanda: She definitely looks like she's ready to swing.

Evan: Amanda, I have to convince her that it's all business with you and your mother at the helm.

Amanda: Well, I would be very happy to answer any questions --

Evan: I donít think that you can provide the kind of reassurance that Ritaís looking for.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Besides, you've got a production staff that's waiting for you right now.

Rita: Evan?

Amanda: You're right.

Rita: Time is money, Evan. Strike one.

Amanda: Well, Ms. James, I'm sorry to say that it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to accompany you on your tour. I have a meeting to go to.

Rita: Oh, pity.

Amanda: Yes, well, it was nice meeting you. Maybe some other time.

Rita: Yes. So, where do you want to start sightseeing?

Evan: Wherever you would like.

Rita: How about your office?

Vicky: Oh, I know, isnít this just great?

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Oh, Mom -- well, is Dad around? Hi! Isnít this wonderful?

Rachel: He's yours?

Jamie: You could tell?

Rachel: Oh, honey!

Jamie: He's your grandson!

Rachel: I'm so relieved for you.

Jamie: So am I. No matter what else happens, Mom, I have a son!

Rachel: Yes, you do.

Jamie: Oh, God.

[Pager beeps]

Jamie: Oh, my goodness. I guess they canít get through on the phone right now.

Rachel: It's all right. Why donít you go see about it?

Jamie: I'll be right back.

Rachel: Ok.

Vicky: Well, I love you, too. I've just got to go. All right. Rachel.

Rachel: Yes, Vicky.

Vicky: I guess --

Rachel: Jamie had to leave. He had to check on a call.

Vicky: Yeah, he told you the good news, yeah?

Rachel: Yes, he did.

Vicky: Oh, we are so happy.

Rachel: I bet you are.

Vicky: I donít know what I would've done if this baby was Jakeís, but it's not, it's Jamieís! I want this marriage to work so -- this is where you're supposed to say you do, too.

Rachel: Vicky --

Vicky: Jamie is Stevenís father! He is your grandson. Doesn't that mean anything?

Rachel: Oh, of course it does.

Vicky: But not enough, huh? Not enough to justify putting up with me.

Rachel: I didnít say that.

Vicky: Well, you're not saying much of anything.

Rachel: I'm waiting for Jamie. Suppose we --

Vicky: Rachel, I thought you would understand. You've been through this twice, as I recall.

Rachel: Yes, that's right. And with Jamieís father, it didnít work out the way I wanted it to and I had it all figured out.

Vicky: What about with Mac?

Rachel: Oh, with Mac? Mac is different.

Rachel: It was awful. And then, finally, we were able to look at our -- at what we had together and realize that's what we wanted.

Vicky: Donít you see that that's what I'm trying to do, too?

Rachel: I know that's what you're trying to do. But both you and Jamie have to do that, and it wonít be easy and there are no guarantees.

Vicky: I'm not saying there are. What I'm saying is that we have a chance now, Rachel. I need your help.

Rachel: How can I possibly help you?

Vicky: There are enough difficulties in this relationship. I donít need you sandbagging my marriage.

Rachel: I couldn't even if I wanted to, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, I donít know.

Rachel: Vicky, both you and Jamie have to look at your marriage and see if the love is strong enough to overcome what has happened.

Vicky: Jamieís been talking to you, hasn't he?

Rachel: No, he hasnít. Vicky, you donít need reinforcements. You donít need to play all the angles. That doesn't work. Talk to him. Love him. Listen to him.

Vicky: Is that going to make him stay with me?

Rachel: I wish I could say yes. I wish I had the answers. Now I'm going to go.

Vicky: I want this marriage to work, Rachel.

Rachel: Please tell Jamie --

Vicky: I need this marriage to work!

Rachel: You feel you need Jamie as I needed Mac. But needing someone isnít the answer, Vicky. And sometimes when you need something very badly, it doesn't happen.

Rachel: Mac!

Jamie: Mom.

Rachel: Hi.

Jamie: I thought you were going to wait around.

Rachel: It got awkward with Vicky, so I thought maybe I'd better leave.

Jamie: What did she say to you?

Rachel: It was all right. She just wanted my help to get closer with you.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Rachel: Donít be. It's all right. I told her it was between the two of you.

Jamie: Well, that's the part she doesn't like, huh?

Rachel: Yeah.

Jamie: Hey, you sure you're all right? If Vicky upset you --

Rachel: No, darling. I just thought I saw somebody I knew, that's all.

Jamie: Oh. Who?

Rachel: I was mistaken. It doesn't matter.

Jamie: What do you say you and I go out to lunch right now? We haven't done that for ages. What do you say?

Rachel: You're going to go be with Steven.

Jamie: I have my whole life to be with Steven. I have right now to celebrate with you.

Rachel: I donít have the time, darling. I have tons of work to do. You enjoy your son.

Jamie: Mom? You know what's hardest? You know what's really hardest?

Rachel: No. What, darling?

Jamie: Is not being able to share this good news with Mac.

Rachel: Yes, I know.

Jamie: Thanks for coming. Thanks for coming, Mom. Hey, listen, I want a rain check on that lunch.

Rachel: Deal.

Jamie: And you'll call me later, right?

Vicky: Did you see your mom?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, out in the hallway. Did you talk to her?

Vicky: Yeah, just a little bit. She said she had to go. Is she all right?

Jamie: Yeah, she said she was fine.

Vicky: How about us, Jamie? Are we fine?

Jamie: Let's go home. I want to see my son.

Frankie: Derek?

Frankie: Sss.

Derek: Hello, Frankie.

Frankie: Oh, Derek, I have never seen you like this.

Derek: Yeah, I've never been like this before.

Frankie: Look, here, let me help you with that.

Derek: Please.

Frankie: Yeah. Silk, huh?

Derek: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Italian designer.

Derek: Yeah.

Frankie: Uh-huh. Good taste. Expensive taste.

Derek: I got it at a thrift store.

Frankie: Well, you got a good buy then. Here. The only person I ever knew who could do this from the front was an undertaker.

Derek: Will you hurry up, please?

Frankie: Would you shut up and sit down? Gosh, donít tell me you're nervous, too.

Derek: "Too?"

Frankie: Yeah, Staceyís a wreck.

Derek: What do you mean a wreck?

Frankie: Well, a good wreck, a good wreck, at least she was when I left her.

Derek: You saw her today?

Frankie: Yeah. She is in such a tizzy, you would think she were going to the inaugural ball or something.

Derek: I knew it, she's going to expect too much from this.

Frankie: Oh, whatever she's expecting, you will live up to it, ok?

Derek: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Let me see. Shoot. How do you get these things -- ah, ah, ah! Let me do it, let me do it, let me do it. Perfect.

Derek: Yeah?

Frankie: Yeah. Have you seen yourself?

Derek: Uh-uh.

Frankie: Look in the mirror?

Derek: I donít have a mirror.

Frankie: Yeah, right. I never noticed that before. Look. Feast your eyes.

Derek: Ok.

Frankie: So what do you think of the fabulous new you, huh?

Derek: I hate it.

Frankie: Well, I didnít like that shirt, either. It's not your color.

Derek: I donít know what she expects, but I'm not a doctor, I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not some stiff in a suit! I'm me, and she's going to have to just take it or leave it.

Frankie: I think she's going to take it and love it.

Stacey: Oh, hello.

Kyle: Hi. You Stacey Winthrop?

Stacey: Yes.

Kyle: These are for you.

Stacey: Thanks. Wow! These are beautiful.

Kyle: Hmm, you're not so bad yourself. Oh, yeah, uh, Derek sent them. He told me to tell you.

Stacey: Oh, he did?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. And since I told you, I'm going. Oh, but could you tell him Kyle brought them, ok?

Stacey: I will not forget, Kyle. Oh, hang on a second.

Stacey: Thank you very much.

Kyle: Hey -- thank you.

Courtney: Going to put those in water or you just going to hold them?

Stacey: Courtney, this is the kind of guy that Derek is. He just sent these over.

Courtney: Must have cost a fortune. Let me get you a vase.

Stacey: He is considerate and he is thoughtful -- and he does not steal.

Courtney: Stacey, I have to take this seriously.

Stacey: Surely you canít think that he stole the painting from Iris Wheeler's apartment.

Courtney: I donít think anything. I just said his name came up.

Stacey: Wait a second. I can account for his time. He was with me when the painting was stolen.

Courtney: Ok.

Stacey: "Ok"? That's all you're going to say?

Courtney: That's not all I found out.

Stacey: Ok, so what are you driving at?

Courtney: Well, for starters, he's living illegally in a warehouse.

Stacey: It's an abandoned building. Who cares?

Courtney: There's more.

Stacey: I donít want to hear about it.

Courtney: You have to.

Stacey: No, I have to get ready for my date right now.

Courtney: Stacey, you have to listen to me!

Stacey: Courtney, you are a very nice person, but it sounds to me like you're out to get Derek, and I donít like it.

Evan: No, I'm sorry, she's not available. Yes, and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Yes, goodbye.

Amanda: You seen Mom?

Evan: What, she's not back yet?

Amanda: Oh, no, I guess not. Where's your guest?

Evan: Well, let's just say that I straightened things out with Rita.

Amanda: Did you?

Evan: Yeah.

Amanda: Good. Look, I have some time now. If you want to go over some of these profiles with me, I would really appreciate it.

Evan: Well, I have a meeting.

Amanda: Here?

Evan: No.

Amanda: Well, look, I was thinking about what you said, and I would really like to get some of this accomplished tonight, you know?

Evan: You donít have to panic. I didnít mean to scare you.

Amanda: No, no, you didnít. I just think it would be better -- look, why donít you give me a call and we can talk about the profiles over the phone tonight?

Evan: Not tonight.

Amanda: I donít want you to be thinking about what Sam said. I mean -- Evan?

Evan: I'm just busy. I've made plans. I'll see you.

Marley: I wish you would say something.

Jake: I donít have anything to say.

Marley: Jake, I know you're disappointed. I'm disappointed. I promised myself I -- I wasn't going to hope too much. But --

Jake: Yeah.

Marley: It just took over.

Jake: I know.

Marley: Well, then how can you act so calm?

Jake: Because I'm fine.

Marley: You canít be fine.

Jake: Yes, I can -- it was a blow, I admit that. I was just so sure, you know? I mean, every time I held him, it just felt so right.

Marley: You were there when he was born. That's a real bond.

Jake: That's probably it.

Marley: Why -- why donít I make us something to eat? Maybe --

Marley: Jake?

Jake: I was sure we'd be celebrating.

Marley: On second thought, I donít feel much like eating.

Jake: You know, I -- I knew there was a chance that it could be Jamieís. I knew that.

Marley: You had to find out for sure.

Jake: And I did. Steven is Jamieís. Vicky was right. Damn it.

Marley: I'm sorry.

Jake: It's all over. I'll be all right. Just --

Jake: My baby! Damn it!

Jamie: Come here, big guy.

Yes. Look at you. You're getting so big. You certainly are. You certainly are.

Vicky: Really, we are fine. I'll call you if we need anything.

Jamie: Getting to be a big, big boy. Yes, you are. And so handsome, too. You're so handsome, yes. Yeah, there she is.

Vicky: Did I wake him up?

Jamie: No, no, he's just fine, aren't you, pal?

Vicky: Well, he looks fine. Yes, you do! You both do. Hi. Oh, Jamie. Oh, baby. Hi, sweetie.

Courtney: Final selection?

Stacey: Yes.

Courtney: I like it.

Stacey: Thanks. So do I. You going somewhere?

Courtney: Yeah, back to the station. Iris Wheeler is threatening to call in the marines if we donít turn up that painting.

Stacey: Well, I hope you plan on dropping the investigation against Derek.

Courtney: It's not my call.

Stacey: I told you, Courtney, I was with him.

Courtney: I know what you said. That's not what's worrying me.

Stacey: Well, then what is?

Courtney: What you haven't said. Look, I hope you're not covering up for the guy, because the word on the street is not good.

Stacey: Ok, so what do you mean by that?

Courtney: I mean he has a heavy-duty past.

Stacey: What, something I should know about?

Courtney: Yeah, I think so. He's been arrested for breaking and entering several times, he's been implicated in other crimes.

Stacey: Like what?

Courtney: No specifics. There are no official records on the guy. We assume that he's operating under an alias.

Stacey: Oh. So what we're talking about is hearsay.

Courtney: Reliable hearsay.

Stacey: I thought this was going to be something heavy.

Courtney: What?

Stacey: All he did was find a place to stay. That's not the worst thing someone can do.

Courtney: Look, for all you know, the guy could've done time.

Stacey: No, he didnít.

Courtney: How do you know?

Stacey: Because he told me.

Courtney: Look, I donít think you realize who you're dealing with.

Stacey: I think I do.

Courtney: Stacey, there is nothing on him in the computer. I mean, he is a phantom! I think you're putting yourself at risk.

Stacey: I trust my judgment.

Courtney: You better hope so.

Stacey: Derek is ok. And you canít scare me away from him no matter what you say.

Rachel: Hi, honey.

Amanda: Hi. I hope you donít mind I waited for you here?

Rachel: Of course I donít mind it.

Amanda: Did you see Jamie?

Rachel: The baby is his.

Amanda: Oh, that's wonderful.

Rachel: Yes.

Amanda: Was Vicky there?

Rachel: She was there.

Amanda: How were they together?

Rachel: They're both very happy. It's going to be difficult for them.

Amanda: What's going to happen?

Rachel: I donít know.

Amanda: He's not going back to her, is he?

Rachel: I donít know what he's going to do, Amanda. I'm sure he doesn't know what he's going to do, either.

Amanda: Mom, we canít let him do that, not after everything that Vickyís done to him.

Rachel: It is between them, Amanda.

Amanda: I know it is, Mom, but Jamieís very vulnerable right now. If Vicky gets to him --

Rachel: Then she gets to him. He's a grown man.

Amanda: Mother, you know what she's like!

Rachel: I canít take any more questions right now, Amanda. I donít have any answers.

Jake: I'm sorry. That was stupid.

Marley: No, it wasn't stupid.

Jake: I shouldnít have done it.

Marley: Jake, you've got a lot of anger built up inside you.

Jake: Looks that way, doesn't it?

Marley: Let me help you.

Jake: I have to do this by myself.

Marley: No, you donít.

Jake: Look, Marley, I want to be alone. Ok?

Marley: Jake, where are you going?

Jake: I'm going out. I'll be back in a little bit.

Marley: Jake?

[Car starts and leaves]

Marley: Oh, my baby.

Vicky: Is he asleep?

Jamie: I'm telling you, I -- I rub his feet and it's lights out.

Vicky: Did he drink all of his bottle?

Jamie: Every drop, yeah. I was watching him in his sleep.

Vicky: Hmm, his lips part a little bit? It's so precious.

Jamie: Have you ever noticed his eyelashes?

Vicky: Have I noticed? I'm jealous.

Jamie: I wonder where he got those.

Vicky: From you.

Jamie: You think?

Vicky: I guess I can say that now.

Jamie: You know, I was looking at him, and I swear, he's just so beautiful.

Vicky: Kind of takes your breath away.

Jamie: It's not just us, is it?

Vicky: No. Every time I go out with him, people just look at him and say, "he's so beautiful." And I kind of have to act surprised.

Jamie: You do? Why?

Vicky: So they tell me why he's so beautiful.

Jamie: And they do?

Vicky: Steven loves the fuss, loves the people.

Jamie: God, I love that boy.

Vicky: Never thought I could love so much.

Jamie: Me neither.

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