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Another World Transcript Friday 6/24/05

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Jamie: Vicky, you stop right there.

Vicky: Go away.

Jamie: Just stop right there. This will not work. I will not let you take my son away from me.

Vicky: Isnít that what you were going to do? Weren't you going to take my son away from me?

P.A. Announcer: Last call for flight 137. All passengers must board immediately.

Vicky: Jamie, if I donít get on that flight, I'll lose my son. Isnít that right?

Jake: Marley, I want you to be the mother of my son.

Marley: No.

Jake: You love Steven.

Marley: That doesn't have anything to do with it!

Jake: Yes, it does. Steven deserves to be with a family that loves him.

Marley: Vicky is Stevenís mother.

Jake: You are the mother that Steven needs.

Marley: I canít talk about this.

Jake: What, did Vicky do her little act for you?

Marley: No.

Jake: Was it Donna? Was Donna the one who got to you?

Marley: Why does somebody have to get to me?

Jake: Vicky is not innocent in all of this, Marley.

Marley: Jake, she made a mistake.

Jake: Was it a mistake when she told Jamie I raped her?

Frankie: And you've been to this place?

Travel agent: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: And the room overlooks the beach?

Travel agent: Yes.

Frankie: It's got a casino.

Travel agent: Right.

Frankie: But it is quiet, though.

Travel agent: But not too quiet. Gourmet cuisine, fine wine.

Frankie: Yes. Ok, book me a reservation.

Travel agent: For when?

Frankie: Today, leaving this afternoon.

Travel agent: Aha. Spell your name, please.

Frankie: It's not for me. Cass Winthrop -- that's his name.

Travel agent: W-I-n-t-h--

Cass: T-h-R-o-P.

Frankie: Hi.

Cass: And you're in t-R-o-u-b-l-E.

Frankie: You're so funny. Now, you will messenger this material to me ASAP, wonít you?

Cass: Frankie?

Frankie: Yes, we do want to get started immediately. Thank you so much.

Travel agent: Good.

Frankie: Bye-bye.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Hmm?

Cass: What now?

Felicia: Hello.

Woman: I'm Susan.

Felicia: Oh. My God, you're so beautiful. I -- come in. Susan, come in.

Susan: Hi.

Lucas: Hi. I'm -- I'm your -- I'm Lucas.

Felicia: And this is my husband, Mitch.

Mitch: Hello.

Susan: Hello.

Felicia: I really donít even know what to say to you.

Susan: Neither do I.

Felicia: So I guess we should just get right to it, huh?

Susan: Well, I guess so.

Felicia: Are you -- are you really our daughter?

Susan: Yes.

Frankie: I'm not doing that much.

Cass: That person who just left --

Frankie: Yeah?

Cass: Who is she?

Frankie: Uh -- a decorator, interior.

Cass: Oh, yeah? What did she want?

Frankie: Show us some ideas.

Cass: About interior design?

Frankie: Of course, and I told her to send them to us.

Cass: By messenger?

Frankie: Well, it's not that we'll be -- uh -- that you'll be using her. I just didnít want to make her feel bad.

Cass: I see.

Frankie: So, how are you?

Cass: I'm fine.

Frankie: Yeah, um -- Stacey told me about Nicole being admitted to the psychiatric ward.

Cass: Yeah. We had no other choice.

Frankie: I'm so sorry.

Cass: Me, too. When was the last time you heard from Reuben?

Frankie: I've never heard from him.

Cass: Kid has so much talent, he has so much potential. I just hope he's all right.

Frankie: Hey, Reuben can take care of himself, you know? He's the last person I would worry about.

Cass: Yeah, you're right. I owe you an apology.

Frankie: You do?

Cass: You tried to tell me what Nicole was doing, and you could've been badly hurt.

Frankie: I know how to look out for myself.

Cass: I'm really sorry you had to.

Frankie: It's over now.

Cass: If you want to press charges --

Frankie: No. No charges. All that matters is that Nicole gets well.

Cass: Thank you.

Frankie: Thank you.

Cass: For what?

Frankie: Thanking me.

Cass: Oh, well, thank you for thanking me for thanking you.

Frankie: Let's call a truce, ok?

Cass: Thanks.

Frankie: Yeah, they make me nervous.

Marley: She said that --

Jake: I didnít even want to tell you, but I just thought you should know what kind of person you're dealing with.

Marley: She told Jamie that?

Jake: When Jamie found out the truth about Steven, all Vicky did was --

Marley: All right, just stop. Please, Jake, just stop it!

Jake: She lied. She told Jamie I raped her. She didnít give a damn about you or me. All she was trying to do was save her own skin. Now maybe you understand why I feel this way.

Marley: Did -- did Jamie believe her?

Jake: No. Even Jamie knew I wouldnít rape anyone.

Marley: I canít -- I canít believe that she actually thought she could blame this --

Jake: Marley, I am the one to blame -- I know that. It was a stupid mistake, but it was Vickyís decision, too.

Marley: I have to ask you something.

Jake: Ask me anything.

Marley: Was it really just that one night?

Jake: That's it. And you came back to me, and Vicky and Jamie got married.

Marley: But you were there when Steven was born.

Jake: Honey, that was just a coincidence.

Marley: You had no idea that that child could be yours?

Jake: None.

Marley: I -- I donít understand how she could get from sharing the most intimate experience in her life with you --

Jake: To have you and saying that I raped her? When I found out about Steven, I said I wanted to be his father.

Marley: So you think she was trying to get back at you?

Jake: She said she would. See, I donít want to tunnel all that stuff to Steven. I mean, she would do anything, anything she could to keep me from him. That's why I decided if Steven is my son, I'm going to fight for him.

Marley: Do you really think that she would tell Steven things like that?

Jake: She told Jamie, didnít she?

Marley: Yeah, but when she knew Jamie found out, she was devastated. She probably didnít even know what she was saying.

Jake: You really think that's it?

Marley: No.

Jake: Marley, do you want Vicky to raise Steven?

Jake: Look at me. Do you really think that's a good idea? Steven needs us. That is why I need your help.

Vicky: Let me go, Jamie.

Jamie: You canít run away, Vicky.

Vicky: It's the only way I'm going to be able to keep my son.

Jamie: Listen to me. No one is trying to take Steven away from you.

Vicky: Oh, no? Talk to Jake.

Jamie: I donít believe Jake would do that.

Vicky: That's his whole plan. He's going to try to get custody if he's the father.

Jamie: He wouldnít be able to do that.

Vicky: He's trying to prove I'm an unfit mother. He tells people I donít have food in the house for Steven.

Jamie: Oh, that's stupid.

Vicky: Or he says that I only got pregnant to trap you. He's got that on tape -- Amanda said that.

Jamie: I donít believe that.

Vicky: Well, donít act so shocked. You'll probably do the same thing if you find out Steven is your son. You've probably already talked to your lawyer.

Jamie: No, I havenít.

Vicky: Donít lie, Jamie. I know you want Steven just like Jake does, but he is my son. He is all I have and I will never give him up.

Jamie: I wouldnít try to keep him away from his own mother.

Vicky: You say that now, but let's see what happens when we all find out the truth on Friday.

Jamie: You're Stevenís mother, Vicky. Nothing will change that.

Vicky: That's what you say. But I donít trust anyone, not anymore -- not even you.

Felicia: You are so beautiful -- I know I keep saying it, but it's true.

Susan: Felicia Gallant --

Felicia: I donít even know what to say to you.

Susan: I have read all your books. I have read all about you.

Lucas: 23 years?

Susan: And now it turns out that you're my mother, I canít believe it.

Lucas: Susan, Susan, Susan.

Felicia: Susan -- it is such a pretty name. It's perfect for you.

Susan: I knew if I kept on looking, I would find you.

Lucas: You were looking for us?

Susan: Since I was 16.

Felicia: You're kidding. Your family told you, then?

Susan: Oh, Mom and Dad -- that is, my adoptive parents --

Felicia: Right.

Susan: Were wonderful. They told me as soon as I was old enough to understand.

Felicia: Bless them.

Lucas: Oh, they sound like good people.

Susan: They're great. And we would often talk about the day they'd got me, how they were almost late getting to the hospital to meet Mr. Palmer.

Lucas: You're so beautiful, I -- I had this image of --

Felicia: I know.

Lucas: I gave you something the last time I saw you.

Susan: I have it.

Felicia: Do you?

Susan: Well, my parents saved it for when they told me.

Lucas: Oh, it's ok, honey. It's ok.

[Baby cries]

Lucas: Oh, honey, it's ok. Ok. It's ok.

Susan: I brought it with me today.

Lucas: Oh.

Susan: I call him Frosty.

Lucas: Um -- what is it?

Susan: The snowman that you gave me.

Lucas: No.

Susan: Yes. Mom and Dad said I was born in the worst blizzard in Chicagoís history.

Lucas: It was a spring day.

Felicia: Luke?

Susan: Um -- what do you mean?

Lucas: You were born on a beautiful spring day.

Susan: But the snowman you gave me --

Lucas: No, I gave you a mercury dime so you could always call home.

Susan: They told me about the blizzard.

Mitch: Where is the computer printout that you used?

Felicia: It's on the desk.

Mitch: Susan, what -- what day were you born on?

Susan: March 26.

Felicia: No, the printout says April 4. My baby was born on April 4.

Susan: Well, that must be wrong. My parents wouldnít change my birth date, would --

Felicia: No. No, I -- I'm sure they wouldnít.

Lucas: No, it was a beautiful spring day. I remember. I wore a short-sleeved shirt.

Felicia: Yes, I remember -- it was warm.

Susan: Snow -- they told me how long it took to drive home, how they were so afraid that I would catch a cold.

Mitch: Do you think we should -- we should call your family?

Felicia: No. No, I donít think it's necessary, is it?

Lucas: No.

Susan: You are not them, are you?

Felicia: No. No, we're not. Luke and I are not the ones. But whoever the right people are, they're very lucky.

Lucas: Feliciaís right.

Susan: Um -- I was so sure.

Felicia: We all were. It's -- it's very disappointing, I know.

Lucas: Never stop looking, Susan. Never give up.

Felicia: Luke is right, you know? Your parents -- they're out there just like our daughter is out there.

Susan: Really, I'd better be getting home.

Lucas: All right, listen, can I -- can I drive you or --

Susan: No, oh, no, thank you. Um -- I think I'd like to be alone for a while.

Felicia: Yeah. I --

Susan: Yeah. Excuse me.

Lucas: Oh -- Susan? Can I ask you something?

Susan: Um -- yeah. What?

Lucas: Do you resent your -- your real parents for having to give you up?

Susan: No. No, I donít. I always thought that they had to have some good reason and that they did it because they loved me.

Felicia: Yes. I'm sure they did. How could anyone not love you? You know, I'd really like to do something if you would. I'd like to keep in touch. I'd like to know how you're doing with your search.

Susan: I will, I will.

Felicia: Ok.

Susan: It was really nice meeting you. Oh, all of you. I hope you find your daughter. She will love you a lot.

Frankie: Here we go. Here we go. Yes!

Cass: What are you doing?

Frankie: I am fixing this stupid thermostat.

Cass: It was working perfectly, Frankie.

Frankie: It's hot in here.

Cass: Cool air is coming through the vents.

Frankie: Some. Ugh.

Cass: That means it's working.

Frankie: Oh. Yes, boss.

Cass: Why aren't you out tailing Lucas anyway?

Frankie: Because I had some things to do, some important things.

Cass: What happened to my desk?

Frankie: Looks good, huh?

Cass: Looks neat.

Frankie: Right.

Cass: I hate neat.

Frankie: Oh. Sorry.

Cass: Where are all my current case files?

Frankie: They've all been taken care of.

Cass: What the hell does that mean?

Frankie: Zack has a few, Stacey has a few.

Cass: Why?

Frankie: We all agreed you need a vacation.

Cass: I'll decide when I need a vacation! Those are my clients, and Feliciaís trial has put me way behind!

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: And now Nicole?

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: I'm just starting to put a dent in the backlog.

Frankie: You're exhausted.

Cass: Where did you put them?

Frankie: Look, you are no good to anybody until you've had a vacation.

Cass: Are you nuts?

Frankie: Well, everybody needs a break sometime.

Cass: Well, this is not that sometime. Now, will you kindly keep quiet and stop trying to run my life?

Frankie: I'm not trying to run your life, Cass.

Cass: Because if you donít, you're going to be looking for a new job. You got that?

Frankie: This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Jamie: I donít believe you really mean that, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, yes, I do. I'll be right there.

Jamie: I donít say anything I donít intend to live by. You know that and you know you can trust me.

Vicky: I thought so until today when I received the separation papers. I realized that after everything we've been through, you really donít want to love me. After anything that's happened between us, all you want is my son and nothing I can say or do will change that. You want him and how do I keep you from taking him away? How do I fight the good Dr. Frame? How do I fight the Coryís?

Jamie: Vicky, I donít want to be your enemy. Donít you understand that?

Vicky: Well, you're certainly not on my side. I'm all alone.

Jamie: No, Vicky. No matter what happens between you and me, you have Steven and you're not going to lose him. Now, come on. Let's go back home. You wanted me to have that paternity test? You should be there with me for the results on Friday. Please. Come on.

Lucas: Oh, I shouldnít have gotten our hopes up.

Felicia: How could you not get our hopes up? Everything seemed so right.

Lucas: It was stupid.

Felicia: No, it was a computer error.

Lucas: Oh. Well, I should've checked it out.

Felicia: Mitch said that it might be a long search, that we'd run into a lot of dead ends.

Mitch: I'm sorry. I wish I would've been wrong.

Lucas: Well, there's no use sitting here.

Felicia: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Where are you going?

Lucas: Back to R.B. Palmer and start all over again.

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Hello?

Frankie: It's Frankie.

Felicia: Hi, honey.

Frankie: I'm having a little trouble with that matter we discussed?

Felicia: Oh, he doesn't want to go?

Frankie: I sure could use some reinforcements.

Felicia: Right. I'm on my way.

Marley: I -- I still donít understand why she did that.

Jake: Because Vicky is desperate, Marley. She'll be desperate again. That's why we have to get custody of Steven.

Marley: Jake, you have to understand that no matter what Vickyís done, she's my sister and I love her.

Jake: And what about Steven? Donít you love him, too?

Marley: It's not that simple.

Jake: I know that, honey. It breaks my heart to see you in such pain. I never wanted this to touch you.

Marley: I -- I donít know what to do. If I side with you, then my sister loses her child. And if I donít, then you lose your son.

Jake: Doesn't have to be that cut-and-dried, not if we work together.

Marley: I donít know. I donít know. I donít know what I'm going to do.

Jake: I know I've never been any big prize as a husband. Made a lot of mistakes. But I swear to you I'm going to try to do the right thing by you and Steven.

Marley: Me and Steven.

Jake: Because I love you. I love you more now than the day we were married. Honey, I just want a chance. I want a chance to make things right. I want a chance to be the best father and husband I can be. Please, Marley, you have to believe me.

Marley: I want to with all my heart. I want to believe you.

Vicky: Well, I'm going to go put Steven down. I'm sure he's exhausted, aren't you? You can go back to the hospital. I wonít run away again.

Jamie: I'll stay a while.

Jamieís voice: "The court hereby decrees a state of separation."

Vicky: I'm sorry about those papers. I'm sure there are other copies somewhere.

Jamie: Does Steven look like he's ready for sleep?

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure he'll go down soon. He's tired.

Jamie: Good.

Vicky: I'm so glad he's not old enough to understand what's going on.

Jamie: Yeah, so do I.

Vicky: Although, sometimes I think that he senses that -- oh. I'm sure I'm just imagining things.

Jamie: You know, I've noticed when sometimes he's looking at me, it's -- it's like sometimes he's not quite sure if he knows me or not. He just -- just looks at me.

Vicky: With those big eyes?

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Oh, every time he looks up at me, I'm just gone. Some -- some women say that they can leave their baby in the crib and they cry for a few minutes and that really doesn't -- wonít bother them or hurt them and -- not me. He looks up at me and I have to pick him up. I canít stand it.

Jamie: I am the same way.

Vicky: The same?

Jamie: Hmm.

Vicky: No, you're worse. You canít even stand it when -- when he looks like he's going to cry.

Jamie: Yeah, I know. I never thought I'd be that way. I used to get so impatient with Amanda when she'd pick up Alli every two minutes.

Vicky: The love I feel for him -- it's just different than any love I've ever felt.

Jamie: Yes, I know.

Vicky: Jamie? Isnít there any chance for us?

Marley: Ok.

Jake: "Ok"? What do you mean, "ok"?

Marley: Ok, I'll try. I'll try to make it work.

Jake: My God. You will?

Marley: I just said I would, didnít I?

Jake: Marley, I love you.

Marley: But my way, Jake.

Jake: Your way?

Marley: From now on.

Jake: What do you mean, your way?

Marley: I'm going to see Vicky.

Jake: Fine. I'll go with you.

Marley: No. I'm going to do this myself. You and Vicky have seen too much of each other as it is.

Frankie: Thank you.

Cass: Who was that?

Frankie: Messenger, for you.

Cass: This isnít for me.

Frankie: The envelope says "Cass Winthrop."

Cass: Yeah, but this is an airline ticket --

Frankie: Right.

Cass: And a hotel reservation.

Frankie: Overlooking the beach and the pool.

Cass: What are you up to now, Frankie?

Frankie: This is your vacation! By this evening, you will be sitting on the white sands of Sal Macta. You will be dancing the limbo, you will be sitting at a blackjack table, you will be watching the moon drop into the Caribbean.

Cass: Were you a travel brochure in your previous incarnation?

Frankie: Oh, you are going to have a fabulous time.

Cass: No, I'm not because I'm not going. And if this is some kind of a joke, I donít understand it, Frankie.

Frankie: No, this is no joke, boss. This is your ideal vacation. This island is quiet, but it's not dull, sophisticated but not stuffy. There's tennis -- you like tennis. There's no golf because you hate golf. There's gourmet food, there's vintage wines, and there's a full casino with everything from craps to baccarat.

Cass: Amazing. How do you know all this about me?

Frankie: I'm a private investigator, remember?

Cass: I'm really impressed, Frankie.

Frankie: Ah, it was nothing.

Cass: But I'm still not going, Frankie.

Frankie: Oh --

Cass: No.

Felicia: Wrong.

Cass: What?

Felicia: I have a limo waiting for you downstairs and I've taken the liberty of packing a couple of suitcases.

Cass: No, Felicia.

Felicia: Yes, Cass.

Cass: No, Felicia!

Felicia: Yes, Cass.

Cass: Why me?

Felicia: Because. I donít know any other way to say this to you, darling, but you have lost your sense of humor -- you have. So, would you take the right side, I'll take the left, and off we go. Come on.

Frankie: Off we go.

Cass: This is --

Felicia: Come on.

Cass: This is crazy.

Felicia: I know. Isnít it? Come on --

Cass: No, it's not Ė

Jamie: I got him back to sleep.

Vicky: Great.

Jamie: And I'd better get back to work.

Vicky: Jamie, you never answered my question. Is there any hope for us?

Jamie: I donít know how to answer that, Vicky. Maybe after Friday, after the test results are back. Maybe then it'll be clearer for me.

Vicky: This isnít about Steven, Jamie. This is about us.

[Doorbell rings]

Marley: I need to talk to you, Vicky -- alone?

Vicky: Jamie and I are in the middle of a discussion.

Marley: Yes, well, this is important.

Jamie: I was just leaving anyway, but I'll be back.

Vicky: So, what was so important?

Marley: Jake and I got back together, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh. Well, if that's what makes you happy, I'm glad for you.

Marley: Are you surprised?

Vicky: Yeah, I didnít think you would go back to him, at least not this soon.

Marley: No, I didnít think so, either, but now I understand the situation much better.

Vicky: I see. Why are you looking at me like that?

Marley: Well, Jake wanted to tell you, too, but I wanted to tell you myself.

Vicky: Yeah -- what?

Marley: If Steven is Jakeís son, Jake and I want to raise him.

Vicky: I must have heard you wrong.

Marley: Would you like me to repeat myself?

Vicky: You and Jake?

Marley: We want custody of Steven, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, my God.

Marley: If Steven is Jakeís son, that is.

Vicky: He is my son. Mine.

Marley: Of course I knew you would react badly to this.

Vicky: How in the hell did you think I would react?

Marley: Jake and I talked about it. The decision we made will be the best decision for all of us, Vicky.

Vicky: I -- I donít believe this.

Marley: Jamie will be leaving you soon, and you'll be all alone. You'll be under a tremendous amount of stress.

Vicky: I see you've got it all figured out -- what's going to happen, how I'm going to feel.

Marley: Jake and I can give Steven a stable, loving home.

Vicky: No.

Marley: It will be better for you. It'll be better for Steven and you --

Vicky: Better for me? Have you lost your mind?

Marley: You've always wanted to be free. Why would you want to be tied down to a child?

Vicky: Because he's my son. And I love him.

Marley: We donít want to hurt you.

Vicky: This is just insane. I mean, he's got you like this little robot that does anything he wants.

Marley: We have to be rational about this.

Vicky: I am being rational. You're the one who's lost it. He's filled you with so many lies.

Marley: I wish they were lies, Vicky.

Vicky: It's Jake. He's evil.

Marley: No, Vicky.

Vicky: He's made you believe anything about me.

Marley: No, he canít do that.

Vicky: Oh, come on. I know where you got that crazy notion about me not keeping food in the house for Steven. Or did Jake tell you that he got Amandaís voice on tape? Or has he come up with new lies?

Marley: You told Jamie that Jake raped you! That was the lie, Vicky!

Vicky: That's what this is.

Marley: Yes, that's what this is.

Vicky: I didnít know what to do. I wasn't thinking.

Marley: You donít ever think.

Vicky: I was desperate.

Marley: Well, what happens the next time you're desperate? Then what will you do? What comes next?

Vicky: You took Jake away from me. And now, you're trying to take Steven. It just doesn't stop, does it?

Marley: What are you talking about? This is for Stevenís sake.

Vicky: Like hell it is.

Marley: This will be better for everyone.

Vicky: No, Marley. It is rotten for everyone!

Marley: Steven needs a real family.

Vicky: Steven needs his mother. And that's what I am. I gave birth to him. I went through labor. I screamed, I sweated, I cried. You may look a lot like me, but you are not me, and I am the one that Steven needs.

Marley: I suppose this means you'll put up a real fight.

Vicky: This means that I will do anything in my power to keep you out of Stevenís life completely. That's what a mother does. A mother protects her child.

Marley: I see.

Vicky: No. You donít see because you've never had a baby. You canít possibly realize what it's like to be a mother.

Jake: So you're saying Friday? The test results will definitely be in on Friday? Hey, I was just asking, ok? Thank you.

Jamie: You alone, Jake?

Jake: Jamie, hi. Yeah, I am.

Jamie: Good.

Jake: I'm really busy.

Jamie: I donít give a damn, Jake. We're going to talk.

Jake: I have nothing to say to you.

Jamie: Then you can listen. I came to put you on notice.

Jake: You what?

Jamie: If this baby turns out to be yours, Jake, I'm not going to stand by and let you railroad Vicky with this crap about her not being a fit mother.

Jake: No, that's not what this is about.

Jamie: Jake, I'm onto you. I know about your dirty little tricks and I donít like them.

Jake: Well, what's it to you anyway, Jamie?

Jamie: She doesn't deserve it. Nobody does. That's her baby, Jake, and she loves him.

Jake: Oh, this is quite a surprise -- you defending Vicky?

Jamie: I'd defend anybody in the same situation.

Jake: Well, not with this much passion.

Jamie: She's still my wife.

Jake: How touching. And here I thought there was no way Vicky could get to you. Obviously, that's not true.

Felicia: We'd like a window seat on the right, if you have it.

Cass: What's so important about the right side?

Felicia: You're flying south, so the sun will set on your right.

Frankie: Exactly.

Cass: Oh.

Ticket agent: Well, you're in luck.

Cass: No, I'm not. I'm being hijacked.

Felicia: Honey --

Cass: I'm just kidding. These are good friends.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Friend.

Ticket agent: Yeah, well, I wish somebody would hijack me to a Caribbean island.

Frankie: Yeah, me, too.

Felicia: I'll take that, thank you.

Cass: Oh.

Ticket agent: Well, bon voyage.

Felicia: Thanks.

Frankie: Thank you.

Felicia: Oh, honey, isnít this exciting, huh?

Frankie: Oh, it's going to be a great vacation.

Felicia: Now, I packed his tennis racket and a couple of jackets.

Frankie: Oh, it's going to be very casual there.

Felicia: I figured he could buy anything else he might need.

Frankie: I'm sure they have a hundred shops, at least.

Felicia: I'm sure he'll just lie on the beach anyway.

Cass: Hey, hey, hey, have I disappeared? Talk to me. I'm here.

Felicia: Now, I have tied some ribbons on to your suitcases -- let me just find them here -- so you can spot them, all right?

Cass: I hate ribbons.

Felicia: This way, you'll be able to see your suitcases and you'll know that --

Cass: What, are you crazy? I'm not taking your ribbons.

Felicia: Cass, take these ribbons!

Frankie: Guys! Guys!

Cass: It's embarrassing for an adult man to have ribbons on his suitcases.

Frankie: Cut!

Felicia: She's right.

Frankie: Here.

Cass: What is this?

Frankie: Magazines, snorkel mask, flippers, and gum for your ears popping.

Felicia: I have sun block here, sandals, which you'll need -- oh -- a little visor for the sun -- great, honey. Great, hold on -- and a couple of mysteries that I didnít write, of course. All right?

Cass: Lovely.

Frankie: Now, you need this, Cass.

Cass: What if I donít get onboard this plane, huh?

Frankie: You need this. Hmm? It'll be good for you.

Felicia: Now, you're going to have a wonderful time -- you'll see. It's going to be such fun -- suntan, air, breeze, and you're going to play a little roulette for me, all right?

Frankie: Ooh.

Felicia: Now, this is what you do -- red, black, red/red, black/black, red, and then you reverse it. Ok?

Cass: Black, red, black/black, red/red, black.

Felicia: No, no, no, no, no.

Cass: That's -- yeah, that's the reverse of what you --

Felicia: Red, black, red/red, black/black, red.

Cass: This is very confusing.

Felicia: All right, forget that, forget it.

Cass: How can I remember that?

Felicia: Cass, now, stop it! You go and you have a wonderful time -- do you understand me? You lie in the sun and you relax.

P.A. Announcer: Flight 211 to Miami is now ready for --

Felicia: There, there, there.

P.A. Announcer: Passenger boarding.

Felicia: You just go, all right?

Cass: I think you need a vacation, too. I wish you were coming with me.

Felicia: Well, I'm not. You need this time alone. Please go.

Cass: Thanks for knowing me better than I know myself.

Felicia: It's actually Frankieís idea.

Cass: Oh, yeah, right.

Frankie: Well, I know you donít wish I was coming with you.

Cass: Well, you are one of the most --

Frankie: Impossible.

Cass: Exasperating.

Frankie: Audacious --

Cass: Yes, audacious.

Frankie: Annoying, I know.

Cass: Yes, annoying --

Frankie: I'm going to quit while I am ahead.

Cass: Women I have ever met.

Frankie: Yes, go, fly away.

Cass: I suppose you'll be here to torment me when I return?

Frankie: You betcha, boss.

Cass: Ok. Paradise, here comes Cass. I'll see you later.

Felicia: Have fun, darling.

Cass: Ok.

Felicia: God bless.

Cass: Bye.

Felicia: Bye! Bye! Donít forget your ribbons! Oh. It's great, isnít it great?

Felicia: Mitch?

Mitchís voice: "Hi, honey. Got a call, had to rush. Will be working late. Hope you're ok. Love, me."

Felicia: Hi, Jean-Paul. It's Felicia, yeah. Oh, no, you're kidding. Why does he always start fights in the kitchen? Yeah, I know. I'm going to have to get rid of him, you know. Yeah, he's giving Tops a bad name. Right. Ok, listen, I -- I called, really, because I need you to cancel that table I reserved. Yeah, and the champagne. Right. No, we just postponed the celebration for a while, that's all.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Listen, somebody's at the door. I got to go, all right? Yeah, thanks again, honey. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Lucas: Hi.

Felicia: Hi.

Lucas: Can I come in?

Felicia: I thought you had some work to do.

Lucas: I canít concentrate.

Felicia: Yeah, I know.

Lucas: I started going over this new campaign, and I -- I donít know. I've been -- you know, I realized I read over the same thing about five times. I just kept thinking about Ė

Jamie: This has nothing to do with my feelings for Vicky.

Jake: Then why are you trying to protect her?

Jamie: Because she loves that baby, Jake. This is about being fair.

Jake: Was she ever fair to you or me or to any of us, Jamie?

Jamie: That's not the point.

Jake: Then tell me what the -- what is the point?

Jamie: Steven. Steven is the only point.

Jake: That's right, and if he's my son, I'm going to get custody.

Jamie: Could you take him away from his mother, Jake?

Jake: Marley would make a much better mother than Vicky would. He would be raised in a stable, good home!

Jamie: Wait, wait, wait a minute. You and Marley?

Jake: Yeah, that's right, Jamie, we're back together.

Jamie: She's forgiven you?

Jake: That's right and she wants to help.

Jamie: She wants to help you take Steven away from his real mother.

Jake: She loves Steven and she wants to help raise him.

Jamie: Oh, is that what she wants? Well, who gives a damn what she wants? Who gives a damn what -- what either one of you want? What matters here is Steven!

Jake: You think I donít know that? Do you think you're the only one that cares if this paternity comes out to be my baby?

Jamie: Hey, you listen to me, Jake! Those test results will never change the fact that Vicky is Stevenís mother. Can you understand that? Now, there's no way out of the situation, Jake, for any of us without a lot of pain. There are not going to be any winners here.

Jake: What are you saying, Jamie?

Jamie: No matter what happens, Jake, no matter who the father is, Steven will not be the loser. I'll make sure of that.

Marley: Well, if you wanted to say something that would hurt me, you did.

Vicky: I'm just saying that you canít erase me from my own child's life.

Marley: Just because I canít conceive doesn't mean I donít know what it feels like to love a child.

Vicky: You are not Stevenís mother and you never will be.

Marley: I will be a better mother than you could ever be, Vicky!

Vicky: You will not be a part of Stevenís life or my life ever again.

Marley: Why? Because I donít cheat and lie and sleep with other women's husbands?

Vicky: What about when you took Jake?

Marley: I didnít ever take Jake.

Vicky: You tried to take Jake away from me. You got him. And now you're trying to take my son. But I made it easy for you with Jake. But no more. See, I thought I was the bad sister and you were sweet, adorable Marley. I actually thought you deserved more than I did. So I let you take and take and take.

Marley: No, that's not how it happened, Vicky.

Vicky: But I will not let you take anything from me again.

Marley: I have to do this.

Vicky: Never.

Marley: It's not because I want to hurt you. It's for Stevenís sake.

Vicky: Liar!

Marley: We will try to get sole custody of Steven, Vicky.

Vicky: Over my dead body.

Marley: He should have both parents.

Vicky: I will not let you into Stevenís life. I love him more than my own life.

Marley: I'm leaving.

Vicky: I will never let you take Steven. I will fight you and you will lose!

Marley: We'll see.

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