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Donna: All right, what do you think?

Vicky: It is fine.

Donna: I donít like it. It is too close to the hall. I am going to try it back here again.

Vicky: Mother?

Donna: [Grunting] All right. Oh, it's too close to the desk. I hate this table. I hate it; it does not belong there. And I hate this rug and this fern. You canít even walk through the hallway. I hate this whole suite. Oh, I canít stand this.

Vicky: Mom.

Donna: Why doesn't he come home?

Vicky: He did come home.

Donna: To see his son. He hates me.

Vicky: No, Dad loves you.

Donna: Yeah, he just wonít ever trust me again.

Vicky: You knew that could happen.

Donna: If I could just do it all over again. I wouldnít keep anything from him. I would tell him everything.

Vicky: You thought you were protecting me.

Donna: Yeah, and I ruined my marriage instead.

Vicky: No, I did it. I ruined everyone's life, including my own.

[Door slams]

Marley: Well, at least you've got one thing right.

Jake: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Long as I'm here, why donít you set me up with a whiskey straight?

Jake: Whiskey?

Michael: Whiskey.

[Reggae music playing]

Jake: I know you heard, Michael.

Michael: Heard?

Jake: The whole story--what happened?

Michael: Yeah, I heard.

Jake: What do you think?

Michael: I think I would punch your lights out, man. I do not know why you did not come to me.

Iris: Excuse me. That gentleman over there, is he with someone or is he alone?

Cass: What are you talking about? I was alone.

Derek: Nope.

Cass: There was not anybody in the gazebo with me except Kathleen.

Stacey: Kathleen is dead.

Cass: Stace.

Derek: It was Frankie.

Cass: That cannot be.

Derek: I can prove it.

Cass: I would have known. I was not that far gone.

Derek: How did you find Cass?

Stacey: I got the phone call.

Derek: From a woman.

Stacey: Right. And she said that Cass was sick and that he needed medical attention. She did not say what her name was.

Derek: It was Frankie.

Jamie: Dinner on the terrace. Brings back memories.

Ada: My grandson the doctor.

Jamie: Welcome home.

Ada: Thank you.

Jamie: Welcome home.

Rachel: I am so glad to see you, sweetie. You're just in time--

Jamie: Oh, no, no, no. I cannot say. I just came to welcome you home.

All: Aw, no. Stay.

[Alli laughs]

Ada: You can and you will stay.

Rachel: She wants you to stay, too.

Jamie: Ok, for a few minutes.

Rachel: Good.

Jamie: As long as I can be next to my favorite little girlfriend. Hi, honey. Hello.

Rachel: How's Steven? I canít wait to see him.

[Alli laughs]

Jamie: Steven--he is great.

Ada: How is Vicky?

Jamie: At her best.

Ada: Good.

Jamie: I hear you two are living here now.

Amanda: Yeah, isnít it great?

Sam: Yeah, it's just fabulous.

Ada: I'm gonna get you a plate whether you want it or not.

Jamie: Ok. Listen, Mom, I need to talk to you.

Rachel: Oh, darling, we will have a nice long talk after dinner, ok? But right now I just want to enjoy this. She's so cute. Mac said this is what it was all about, having your family around you. And he was right. I love all of you.

Amanda: We love you too, Mom.

Rachel: [Chuckles] You're so sweet.

Amanda: She says that, too.

Rachel: Mac said that there is nothing more important than family. I hope you all know how precious family is.

Alli: Oh, oh.

Rachel: It's right here. Uh-oh, it's right here.

Donna: Marley, darling, I am glad to see you. We both wanted to talk to you.

Marley: Where have you been?

Vicky: I tried to call you. I just--

Marley: You just did not have the guts?

Vicky: I did not know what to say.

Marley: Why didnít you lie, Vicky? It's what you've always done in the past.

Donna: Marley, Victoria did not mean to hurt you. This whole thing got--

Marley: Go upstairs, Donna! This is between my sister... and me. I want to hear this from you. How could you have done this?

Jake: Michael, I do not know what else I could have done.

Michael: You donít?

Jake: How I could have handled things any differently.

Michael: You could have come and talked to me.

Jake: I know that now.

Michael: Why didnít you stop yourself?

Jake: Donít you think I've asked myself that question a thousand times?

Michael: You asked it too late.

Jake: Ok, Michael, it happened, all right? Once I found out that Steven was my--could be my son, I had to know the truth.

Michael: Good for you.

Jake: What would you have done?

Michael: I would have gone to the people involved and I would have told them what was happening.

Jake: All right, I messed up. I just couldn't let it go, all right? I couldn't let him go.

Michael: Steven.

Jake: Vicky wouldnít tell me anything.

Michael: She has not exactly had the best role model for truth, I'll give you that.

Jake: Marley would not have done this, Michael. Marley would've told the truth.

Michael: Have you talked to Marley?

Jake: She wonít see me.

Michael: Are you surprised? You hurt her.

Jake: One thing I want you to know, and this is the truth. I love Marley. I was trying to think of her.

Michael: You were thinking of yourself, Jake.

Jake: I thought I had lost her.

Michael: And you did the one thing you knew would destroy her.

Woman: Sid is asking for you, Jake. He's got a delivery.

Jake: Watch the bar for me. I will be back in a minute, all right?

Iris: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Iris.

Iris: Are you meeting someone?

Michael: No.

Iris: Whiskey?

Michael: Looks like it, doesn't it?

Iris: You once told me you never drink whiskey. It numbs the brain.

Michael: There's a time for everything, Iris.

Iris: Are you all right? My God, you look dreadful. Has something happened? -Can I talk to you for a second? -Sure.

Cass: Frankie?

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Hey, you know, the voice did sound kind of familiar on the phone.

Cass: I guess it is possible. I was kind of out of it.

Stacey: You were completely out of it when we picked you up.

Cass: I did not think that somebody was really there. I just thought that I was having this dream that Kathleen had come back.

Stacey: The color of their hair. Frankie and Kathleen, they're both redheads.

Cass: I have not examined Frankieís hair shade.

Stacey: That's it. That is why you were confused.

Cass: How do you know this, Derek?

Derek: I went back to the gazebo that night.

Stacey: That's right. I left my purse there.

Derek: And I saw Frankie there. She made me promise not to tell anybody.

Cass: Why would she do that?

Derek: You are not real nice to her, you know? She probably thought you would try to accuse her of trying to play an angle or something.

Cass: Did she say that?

Derek: No. It beats me why she bothers with you at all, the way you treat her.

Cass: Frankie is not the easiest person in the world to get to know. Do you realize that? Why wouldnít she tell me this?

Derek: Sure, man. Make it her fault. You are really a creep. But the truth is you owe that girl a hell of a lot. It's quitting time. I am out of here.

Stacey: Wait, Derek.

Frankie: Oh. What--?


Vivien: [Screams] Who are you?

Frankie: Frankie--

Vivien: Yeah, I know you. You're a Frame. What are you doing up here? How did you get in here?

Frankie: Somebody...

Vivien: You better come up with some answers, Frame.

Frankie: Look, there was somebody in here, and he chloroformed me.

Vivien: You will not move from this spot, do you hear? Stay, do not move a muscle, do you hear me?

Frankie: I am staying. I'm staying.

Vivien: All right, Frame. The jig is up. The Winslow homer.

Frankie: The what?

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler's Winslow homer, where did you stash it?

Frankie: What?

Vivien: The little painting over the bed, it's worth a fortune. I saw Mrs. Wheeler's insurance premium.

Frankie: It's missing?

Vivien: What did I just say?

Frankie: Look, the guy in the mask--he was--

Vivien: Freeze.

Frankie: What is your problem?

Vivien: You are my problem. The doorman told me somebody was trying to get in here.

Frankie: You donít think that I--

Vivien: I think. I think a lot. What do you think I am thinking? I'm thinking.

Frankie: I did not take any painting!

Vivien: We will soon see about that.

Frankie: Look, the guy who did it is getting away. We are wasting time.

Vivien: All right. You are not moving a muscle. Freeze, Frame.

Vicky: I never meant to hurt you.

Marley: You slept with my husband.

Vicky: That's because you were separated. He thought you wanted a divorce.

Marley: Is that supposed to make it all right?

Vicky: No! But maybe you would understand.

Marley: No.

Vicky: He thought he had lost you. I thought I had lost Jamie. It was a night that didnít mean anything--

Marley: You lied, Vicky. You kept this from me for months.

Vicky: That is because you were happy with Jake. And I had Jamie. Do you see what happened when you and Jamie found out? It was a mistake! It was only a mistake! And you only found out because of Steven.

Marley: Donít you ever confuse Steven with a mistake!

Vicky: It did not make sense to ruin all of our lives. I did this to protect all of us.

Marley: No, Vicky. You did this to protect yourself!

Vicky: It was Jake. He kept pushing the issue. He made him take the paternity test.

Marley: I see. You think this is all his fault.

Vicky: He could have let us all live our lives in peace. Instead, his male ego got in the way, and he did not think about you or your marriage.

Marley: I cannot believe you have the gall to blame this all on him.

Vicky: He did not think about what it would do to you... or me.

Marley: You think he could walk away from a child he thought was his son? You know how much we wanted a child.

Vicky: I know that. And I know he's got some crazy scheme in his head about taking my baby away from me and giving him to you. But you must know that that is absolutely crazy. Because no matter who the father of that baby is, he is my son. My son, Marley. You realize that, donít you? Donít you?

Rachel: Well, does anybody else feel chilly? I do.

Amanda: Yeah, I think Alli said she's a little cold, huh?

Sam: Yeah, let me take Alli upstairs and put her down.

Amanda: Sure. Here, go to Dada.

Sam: Hey, save Dada some of that dessert, ok?

Ada: The dessert is blueberry crumb pie. I made it with blueberries I brought back from Maine. What do you think of that?

Sam: Save Dada a lot.

Ada: You betcha.

Rachel: You have something you want to talk to me about.

Jamie: Oh, yeah I do. But it can wait.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Jamie: I am very sure, yeah.

Amanda: Jamie?

Jamie: What?

Amanda: You tell me.

Jamie: What are you talking about?

Amanda: I saw it the second you walked in here. Something is wrong.

Jamie: No, Amanda. I came in here, and I saw everybody here and I thought of Mac. That's all.

Amanda: No, that isnít it.

Jamie: Amanda, please. No, there's nothing wrong.

Amanda: Look, Jamie, you are hurting. I can tell. It is not just Daddy.

Jamie: Leave it alone, Amanda.

Amanda: No, I am not going to leave it alone. You're my brother. I love you. Tell me if something is wrong, please.

Jamie: All right. I have asked Vicky for a separation.

Vicky: You see, Jake is trying to prove that I am an unfit mother. He wants to make you see that. But you know I am not, Marley, donít you? Well, say something to me.

Marley: I have nothing more to say.

Vicky: You cannot help him. I know you are hurt, and you are angry.

Marley: That is right.

Vicky: Marley, I've already lost Jamie. If I lose my son... Jake can only get custody if you help him. But you wouldnít do that to me. You wouldnít do that to me, would you?

Marley: I donít know what I am going to do. All I know is that as usual, you are only thinking of yourself.

Vicky: Marley? Marley, wait, wait!


Donna: Are you all right?

Vicky: She left.

Donna: Did you talk anything out?

Vicky: It is not something you talk out easily.

Donna: Well, I thought perhaps she might forgive you.

Vicky: Why should she? Why should anyone?

Donna: Donít, darling. We are going to work this out somehow. We are.

Iris: You know I am a good listener, or at least you used to think so.

Michael: Well, I do not want to talk about it.

Iris: I thought we were friends. It's business, isnít it? I mean, I know you and Donna never--

Michael: Donít start with me, Iris, all right?

Iris: I'm sorry.

Michael: What I need is another drink.

Iris: No, you donít.

Michael: What I donít need is you talking to me, all right?

Iris: I suppose I am the last person you'd want to discuss this with.

Michael: Well, you suppose right.

Iris: I just wish you'd remember that we were more than lovers. We were very good friends. Anyway, I want you to know if you need anything, anytime, I will be there.

Michael: You want to fill me up again, here?

Jake: You donít need that, Michael.

Michael: Hey, I want it, and you are the bartender, aren't you?

Jake: I'm gonna take the rest of the night off. I'm gonna go find Marley.

Michael: She want to see you?

Jake: I told you I'm not gonna give up. Do you know where she's at? She has to forgive me, Michael.

Michael: You should have thought about that before, Jake. To tell you the truth, I just donít know how much one person is supposed to forgive.

Cass: Frankie Frame.

Stacey: Yeah.

Cass: But how did she happen to find me? I must've been walking around in the rain for hours that night.

Stacey: Well, she is a private investigator.

Cass: You think she was tailing me?

Stacey: Well, why not?

Cass: Why?

Stacey: She probably feels responsible.

Cass: Because of Nicole?

Stacey: Right, she's the one that proved that Nicole killed Jason.

Cass: The way I remember it, she almost enjoyed telling me about Nicole.

Stacey: The way you remember it?

Cass: Yeah.

Stacey: Why would she enjoy it?

Cass: As a way to get even with me.

Stacey: For what?

Cass: For what I did to John and Sharlene on the witness stand.

Stacey: Cass, your guilty conscience is working overtime.

Cass: Maybe it is.

Stacey: I think you misjudged Frankie. We both did.

Cass: Boy, I have been so hard on her.

Stacey: And to think, she went out in the pouring rain just to help you. Wow.

Cass: Yeah. Wow.

[Phone rings]

Cass: Winthrop and Edwards.

Frankie: Cass, it is me, Frankie.

Cass: Where are you?

Frankie: Look, boss, you are really gonna hate this, but I am in kind of a jam.

Cass: What kind of a jam?

Frankie: I think I am under arrest.

Amanda: Vicky, my friend?

Jamie: It gets worse.

Amanda: How?

Jamie: Steven.

Amanda: Donít, oh, no.

Jamie: He may not be my son, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, Jamie.

Jamie: We will know soon. I took a genetic paternity test. It is absolutely decisive. Both Jake and I took it.

Amanda: That explains the strange conversations I've had with Vicky...and Jake.

Jamie: Strange, I wish that is all it was.

Amanda: Jamie, I am so sorry.

Jamie: Me, too.

Amanda: You do not deserve this. Should not have happened to you.

Jamie: Thanks.

Amanda: Are you absolutely sure?

Jamie: Vicky admitted everything...finally.

Amanda: I donít mean that. I mean are you sure about the separation from Vicky?

Jamie: We are still in the same house, but I cannot stay with her.

Amanda: What if Steven turns out to be yours? Maybe even for him?

Jamie: Vicky lied to me. She has lied to me from the very beginning, and she is never going to change.

Amanda: Why does she do that?

Jamie: I do not know. I cannot live with it any longer. And I dread telling Mom.

Amanda: Oh, Jamie.

Jamie: She knows something is wrong.

Amanda: Do not tell her--not until you've got the results, please. She is not herself yet. She is so wrapped up in family right now. It's all she--

Rachel: Jamie, guess what?

Jamie: Hi, Mom.

Rachel: Guess what?

Jamie: What?

Rachel: Vicky is here with Steven.

Frankie: And that's all I remember.

Vivien: She knows more.

Doorman: Sneaked past me clean as a whistle.

Courtney: One at a time, please!

Cass: Pipe down, would you, Vivien?

Iris: What on earth is going on?!

Doorman: I turned my back for one second--

Vivien: They stole a painting, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: What--what are you talking about?

Vivien: A homer Winslow-- Winslow homer.

Iris: They stole it?

Courtney: There was a robbery.

Vivien: Her.

Frankie: No.

Vivien: Yes.

Doorman: Freaked me out.

Cass: Could we all calm down for just a minute, please?

Iris: My Winslow homer was stolen!

Cass: Yes--could we stop talking for just a--

Vivien: And I caught her red-handed.

Cass: Quiet, Vivien.

Iris: That painting is priceless!

Cass: Please, Iris, we're trying to figure out what happened here.

Courtney: Phil, when you finish in here, would you dust the bedroom, please?

Vivien: Dust?

Phil: You got it, Courtney.

Vivien: I just cleaned in there.

Cass: Maybe you should pay a little more attention to cleaning out here, Vivien.

Vivien: What?

Courtney: Uh, can I have that please, Cass? Thanks.

Iris: You stole my painting?

Cass: Please, Iris.

Courtney: I assume you're Frankieís attorney.

Cass: Right.

Courtney: And you wonít let her talk to me.

Cass: Wrong. She already told you what happened.

Courtney: [Sighs] That was hardly a statement, Cass. I didnít hear half of it.

Cass: From the top, Frankie?

Frankie: [Sighing] I got out of the elevator. I called out to see if anybody was home--no answer. I was coming into the room when all of a sudden this hand comes out of nowhere with this handkerchief in it and puts it over my mouth, and it was chloroformed. I tried to fight the guy off, I couldn't do it. The next thing I know I was waking up on the floor. That's it--all of it.

Courtney: Not quite. You didnít say what you were doing here in the first place.

Iris: Exactly.

Cass: I can answer that.

Iris: You can?

Cass: Your appointment book, Iris. I asked Frankie to return it to you.

Frankie: I--I was going to put it in your desk. I figured it was personal, so I didnít want to leave it with the doorman.

Doorman: People leave their kids with me, lady.

Courtney: Um, Frankie, I'm gonna need more.

Vivien: Bust her.

Courtney: I'm going to have to take you downtown.

Cass: Can I just take a look at this--

Courtney: That is evidence. That is evidence.

Cass: Yes, it is, isnít it. Uh--hold on. Whoa, that is also chloroform.

Courtney: Sure is.

Cass: Well, there you have it.

Iris: Have what?

Cass: Evidence... that my client is telling the truth. Now, come on, Frankie. Here, take it easy now.

Courtney: And where are you going?

Cass: My client has been chloroformed. She needs medical attention.

Courtney: Make sure she doesn't leave town.

Cass: Well, of course not. This way, Frankie. Easy does it, now. Come on.

Frankie: Thanks.

Cass: It seems I owe you one. Come on.

Stacey: I thought I'd find you here. You mad at me?

Derek: Why would I be?

Stacey: Well, you were furious with Cass.

Derek: You're not Cass.

Stacey: I know, I just thought you would be upset with some of the things that I said here today.

Derek: What things?

Stacey: Well, about having to trust people.

Derek: It's ok.

Stacey: Maybe I just shouldnít have gone on like that, though. I--not that I didnít mean what I said. I just meant to help.

Derek: Then what do you have to worry about?

Stacey: Sometimes you think that I'm being disparaging towards you.

Derek: Stacey.

Stacey: What?

Derek: I'm not mad.

Stacey: Oh.

[Sighs] Well, that's all I came by to say. I guess I'll leave you alone now.

Derek: Stay. Stacy: Well, I figured that you wanted to be alone.

Derek: I changed my mind.

[Vicky giggling]

Ada: My little horse--chip, chip...

Vicky: He likes that game.

Rachel: Hi!

Ada: Look who's here.

Vicky: Hi.

Ada: Three score and 10...

Jamie: I didnít expect to see you here.

Amanda: Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: I have to go check on Alli. I'll be back.

Rachel: Oh, let me have that cute baby.

Vicky: There you go.

Rachel: [In squeaky voice] Look at baby grow--bless your heart.

Vicky: I thought you were working late at the hospital. I thought your mom and Ada would want to see Steven.

Sam: What were you and Jamie talking about for so long?

Amanda: I'll tell you later.

Sam: It's getting just a little weird in here, hon.

[Indistinct chatter]

Rachel: He's gotten so big since we left.

Ada: He's huge! Donít you get tired carrying him around?

Vicky: Oh, no, I donít mind. He's not that heavy. Not that bad.


Rachel: We're gonna have such a lovely summer. You can come over and visit with Alli, and we'll go see the fishes in the pond. And we'll go by the pool.

Vicky: Oh, that sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

[Baby babbles] Yes it does! He thinks so.

Rachel: What a lovely summer we're going to have. Everybody's going to be here just the way Mac would have liked it.

Vicky: Oh, yeah.

Rachel: Sweet baby.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Iris.

Iris: Hello, Donna.

Donna: This isnít a good time.

Iris: Then I'll be brief. May I come in?

Donna: I would really rather that you didnít.

Iris: Oh, it's so warm today, isnít it? Sort of hot and sticky. I do hate the humidity.

Donna: What do you want?

Iris: Well, I'd like to speak to Michael. Oh, and you, too, of course. Is he home?

Donna: No, he's not.

Iris: Oh... well, I did want to speak to both of you, but I guess you'll pass on the message if he's not here. You know, the most awful thing has happened. I've been burgled.

Donna: Well, I'm very sorry--

Iris: I debated whether to tell you or not. You know, I thought, "why bother her," and then I thought, "Well, you know, I should do the good neighborly thing and alert her to the possibility of danger."

Donna: Fine, you've alerted me.

Iris: Of course, the police are still investigating. They have got no idea how the thief got in. I mean, the security in this apartment building is wonderful.

Donna: Iris, thank you so much for telling me. I appreciate it, and I--

Iris: Donna, you donít seem at all upset. Aren't you the teensiest weensy bit worried?

Donna: I have other things on my mind.

Iris: Oh, is something wrong?

Donna: No, nothing serious.

Iris: Well, the children-- they're all right? And...Michael?

Donna: We're fine, Iris. We're all fine.

Iris: Oh, are you sure? I mean, by the look on your face when I said Michael--

Donna: Iris, we're fine! Everything is lovely. And even if it weren't, I certainly wouldnít confide it in you.

Iris: Uh--of course not. Well, I'll be going.

Donna: Good.

Iris: Be careful.

Donna: Yes, I always am.

Iris: And if I were you I'd check around and make sure everything's in place. I would just simply hate for you to lose anything precious. Bye.

Frankie: I'm fine. You heard what the doctor said. I'm a little shaky, but I'm fine. Hey, do you think club soda and chloroform mix?

Cass: I feel like a fool.

Frankie: You do? I'm the one that let that goon clamp that hanky over my face.

Cass: For not taking you seriously.

Frankie: And did you get a load of that maid? I mean, who does she think she is, Wyatt Earp?

Cass: You said that you were being followed.

Frankie: What?

Cass: I should have taken you off the case immediately.

Frankie: Are you kidding?

Cass: Look what just happened to you.

Frankie: I wasn't followed this time, I walked in on somebody.

Cass: Oh, it just so happened that you walked in on an art theft.

Frankie: Purely coincidental.

Cass: There have been too many coincidences lately.

Frankie: This is true--cherry bombs, chloroform. I'm going to start getting a complex here.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Hmm?

Cass: You could have been really hurt.

Frankie: What is with you anyway?

Cass: What?

Frankie: Why aren't you yelling at me?

Cass: For what?

Frankie: For botching the job.

Cass: I should be yelling at you for something else.

Frankie: [Sighs] What did I do now?

Cass: Why didnít you tell me you were Kathleen?

[Reggae music playing]

[Male announcer]

Frankie: Uh...say what?

Cass: Oh, you heard me.

Frankie: I heard you, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

Cass: Derek told me the whole story, so there's no point in trying to deny it.

Frankie: Derek?

Cass: Come on, Frankie. He saw you at the gazebo.

Frankie: Boy, for somebody who doesn't say much, he sure has a big mouth.

Cass: Now, donít be angry with Derek. He was worried about you.

Frankie: Why?

Cass: Because he thinks that I donít look out for your safety. He really let me have it, and...he was right.

Frankie: Well, I donít need him sticking up for me. I can let you have it all by myself.

Cass: I'm sure you can, but why didnít you tell me?

Frankie: That it was me in the gazebo?

Cass: Yes. What would you gain by not saying anything?

Frankie: You were sick, Cass. You didnít know who you were talking to. You said a lot of personal things.

Cass: Because I thought you were Kathleen?

Frankie: Yeah, you were a wreck... and you seemed to really need her.

Cass: So you let me think that she was there.

Frankie: Well, I figured you would chalk that up to a dream, and you did.

Cass: You saved my life, Frankie.

Frankie: Let's not get overly excited here, ok?

Cass: No, no, no. I'm serious. Thank you.

Frankie: Well I'll be damned.

Stacey: Derek? I wish you would tell me why it is that you brought--

Derek: So that's where the music is coming from. You know there's a party going on down here. There must be 20 people--

Stacey: Derek.

Derek: There's one guy break dancing down here. I didnít think people did that anymore.

Stacey: Why is it that you wanted me to stay?

Derek: Stacey, I just--look, why does there have to be a reason for everything? That's your problem, you know that? Everything's got to have a reason. Everything has to make sense to you. Things donít always make sense. Come here.

Stacey: What?

Derek: You ever try to imagine what's going on in people's apartments?

Stacey: Well, I donít know. Maybe.

Derek: Sometimes I try to imagine people coming home from work--you know, mom and dads playing games with their kids. And everybody sitting down to a big meal. I donít know, sometimes I just wonder what it's like.

Stacey: You never had that, huh?

Derek: So, tell me about your family. Did you sit down and have dinners together and take trips?

Stacey: Mm-hmm, yeah, we did all that. But it wasn't all great, though. Cass and I used to fight all the time. Drove my parents nuts. We were really competitive. See, I was the kid that always got the Aís in school. And Cass was the kid that was always remembered. Like, I'd get an A in school and the teacher would say, "oh, terrific. You got an A. And by the way, how's your brother Cass doing? I hear he's gambling his way through college. Send him my regards." They all admired him.

Derek: You were always the good girl.

Stacey: Yeah, I guess. Well, no, actually I did have my rebellious stage. I was about 16 years old, and my parents were going nuts over this--it had to do with the prom, and I really liked this guy named Nicholas. He was a little on the hippy order. He had shoulder-length hair, and he always wore black. And anyway, my parents--they didnít want me going out with him, especially to the prom, and I was determined to go. So nick and I just snuck off to the prom... and then we ran away together that night.

Derek: For how long?

Stacey: [Laughing] Two days. We went camping up in the woods. Oh, and then I felt so guilty about the whole thing. I went running home and I ended up crying in my mother's arms, and she was crying, and... it was a whole scene. And then my father came in. That is another story altogether. So, why am I telling you this?

[Music playing in the distance]

Stacey: You ever been to a prom?

Derek: No... no, I haven't even been to a dance.

Stacey: Do you know how to?

Derek: Dance?

Stacey: Mm-hmm.

Derek: Never really tried.

Stacey: Come on, you want to try?

Derek: You?

Stacey: Yeah.

Derek: Yeah, sure. Um...the people down there--they donít dance like this.

Stacey: Oh.

>> The postman's at the door while the telephone rings on the kitchen wall pretend we're on the phone and they'll disappear oo oo oo I want to be here with you...

Donna: Well, has he at least checked in for his messages? Yes. Please. Would you please have him call his wife as soon as you hear from him? Yes, I'm at home. Oh, I think that's him right now. Never mind. Thank you. Hi. I'm glad you're home. I was just trying to reach you. I've been frantic with worry, Michael. Haven't known what to do. Michael, donít give me the silent treatment. I can stand anything but the silent treatment. Michael, please, we have to talk about this! Now, we have to work this thing through. I mean, it's not as if either one of us was unfaithful to the other one. Michael, what are you doing? That's the guest room!

Michael: I'm going to bed.

[Door slams]

[Drawers opening and closing]

Jake: I saw your car in the driveway.

Marley: I came to get the rest of my things.

Jake: Marley, I canít tell you how much I missed you.

Marley: I have to go.

Jake: No! Please.

Marley: Jake.

Jake: Marley, I love you. I've never loved anything more in my entire life than you. I know you love me, too.

Marley: I think I have everything.

Jake: [Whispering] Answer me.

Marley: Let me go!

Jake: Not until you tell me you love me.

Marley: This wonít work.

Jake: Yes, it will. It will--all we have to do is work at it. It will work.

Marley: Too much has happened.

Jake: No, you're wrong. Not enough has happened. Not enough to destroy what we had. What we have. Marley, it's too strong.

Marley: Not anymore.

Jake: You forgave me once before.

Marley: I shouldnít have.

Jake: But you know why it happened. I know--

Marley: You slept with my sister!

Jake: Because I wanted to forget about you!

Marley: I donít want to hear it.

Jake: Marley. You're doing it again.

Marley: Doing what?

Jake: You're making up your mind without even listening to me.

Marley: What are you talking about?

Jake: Marley, you willing to leave me before without even telling me you might not even be able to have a baby! I didnít understand, so I turned to your sister for one stupid night! Everything that has happened to us--all our problems, all the pain--was because we could not have a baby. That was our dream. Now we can have our dream.

Marley: No, Jake. Not this way we canít.

Jake: Yes, we can. Marley, listen to me. If Steven is my son, then he can be yours, too. Look at me! Please. I didnít plan for this to happen. If I could change it, I would. Every time I look at Steven it's like he--it's like he was meant to be. This can be our baby. This can be the dream that we have had. Marley, I'm begging you. Please stay with me. Help me fight for Steven.

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