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Another World Transcript Tuesday 6/7/05

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Marley: I asked you a question, Jake.

Jake: Honey--

Marley: Are you Steven's father? Look at me!

Marley: Oh, my God.

Jake: You don't understand.

Marley: What is to understand?

Jake: It is not what it looks like.

Marley: I know where babies come from.

Jake: It is just--

Marley: Have you known this all along?

Jake: I just... was trying to find the right time.

Marley: The right time? When is the right time to tell your wife that you are sleeping with her sister?

Jake: Marley--listen to me--

Marley: I thought you loved me!

Jake: I do love you!

Marley: You don't love me! You are a liar, Jake! You don't love me and you never have!

Reuben: What you doing?

Josie: I'm trying to find the perfect outfit for my modeling interview today.

Reuben: Josie, if you are going to take a stab at this thing, you have got to start using the proper lingo.

Josie: Oh, and what lingo is that?

Reuben: Ok, you are not going on a modeling interview. You are going on what they call a go-see.

Josie: How would you know?

Reuben: 'Cause I read about it in a magazine, that's how.

Josie: What, "popular mechanics"?

Reuben: You so funny! Oh, you kill me. Now, if you don't want me to help you, then just say so.

Josie: What I want is to look right. I'm just--I'm just not sure what right is.

Reuben: Ok. No flowers and no plaid, all right?

Josie: Give me a little credit, please.

Reuben: Oh, trust me, I do.

Josie: Ok. How is this?

Reuben: No, Josie, that's--that's too suburban.

Josie: Oh, you are right.

Reuben: Josie, if you really want this thing to happen, you have got to concentrate.

Josie: I am concentrating.

Reuben: No, not on Matt Cory.

Josie: Matthew Cory happens to be the furthest thing from my mind, thank you.

Reuben: No, no, no, don't thank me, all right? Josie, it is written all over your face. You can't get that boy out your head.

Josie: Ugh.

Matt and Olivia: What are you doing here?

Olivia: Well?

Matt: Well, what?

Olivia: What are you doing in my father's apartment?

Matt: Your father gave me the keys.

Olivia: What for?

Matt: I'm looking for a girlfriend.

Olivia: You are not my type.

Matt: My girlfriend. Josie.

Olivia: Well, she is not here.

Matt: I know, she's in New York, I'm here looking for her.

Olivia: Well, I am here now. You have got to get out of here.

Matt: Wa-wa-wa-wa wait a minute. What are you doing here?

Olivia: This is my father's apartment. I belong here.

Matt: Wa-wa-oh, funny he did not mention anything about you being here. It is almost as if he did not know.

Olivia: Well, of course he knows. I mean--

Matt: Oh, well, you would not mind if I called old Russ, told him where you were?

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hey.

Amanda: Oh, it feels so good to hold you.

Sam: Oh, you too.

Amanda: Well, come on, do I get a kiss?

Sam: Sure.

Alli: Beh, beh.

Evan: Yeah. Yeah.

Sam: I would like to hold my daughter.

Evan: Sure.

Sam: Hi, how is my girl?

Amanda: Oh, she missed you so much.

Sam: At least somebody did.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Sorry.

Evan: How did the show go?

Sam: Fine. I am the talk of the town.

Evan: Well, congratulations. Amanda has been so excited about seeing you, it's all she has talked about for the past few--

Sam: You know, Evan, somehow I knew I would find you here.

Evan: Well, we did have some business to discuss.

Sam: So you just moved right in, huh?

Amanda: Look, Sam, come on, that is not true. Stop.

Sam: You know, it really made me feel good to sit here and watch this cozy little domestic scene here today.

Amanda: Sam, he was only trying to be helpful, that is all.

Sam: Oh, Evan is helpful, all right. He's so helpful he made himself right at home in my home.

Jake: Honey, you have to calm down.

Marley: You have always wanted Vicky.

Jake: No.

Marley: Why did you marry me, anyway?

Jake: Because I love you.

Marley: You don't love anyone.

Jake: Honey, stop this.

Marley: I wanted to believe you so badly. I wanted to believe you so badly that I did not see what was going on right in front of my eyes.

Jake: You're wrong.

Marley: Am I? When you made love with me... last night--and this morning-- did you imagine it was my sister?

Jake: That's not fair.

Marley: Don't talk to me about fair, Jake! Don't you dare touch me.

Jake: Listen to me, honey--it was one time. Just one time.

Marley: And Vicky got pregnant?

Jake: Maybe. That is what I am trying to find out.

Marley: Pretty little thing, isn't she?

Jake: Will you stop this?

Marley: Is that why you went back to her? Because I am not good enough? Because I can't give you a child?

Jake: Marley, you were filing for divorce. Jamie had left Vicky. We were drunk.

Marley: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Jake: I thought I had lost you forever.

Marley: Don't try to blame this on me.

Jake: We never meant to hurt you.

Marley: Once we got back together, did it ever occur to you to tell me that you slept with my sister?

Jake: No, because it did not mean anything.

Marley: You're disgusting! You're disgusting! You're both just disgusting!

Jake: The only thing that matters, Marley, is that Steven might be my son. I did not even know that until after he was born.

Marley: Oh, and so you have been walking around calling me-- calling him your Godson for my benefit?

Jake: If he is not mine--

Marley: Then you would not have told me. Then you would have lied to me for the rest of my life. Don't lie anymore! You are having an affair with my sister.

Jake: You are wrong!

Marley: I have always been your second choice.

Jake: Oh, Marley, let's stop this.

Marley: That's why you want her. Because she won't commit to you. But she will sleep with you. And you can always try to win her back, and that turns you on.

Jake: Shut up, you have to listen to me!

Marley: How can you live with yourself? How can you live with your lies?

Cass: I am sorry to drop in like this, but I wanted to talk to you.

Jamie: No, actually, I am glad you came.

Cass: I felt badly about the way you left my office the other day.

Jamie: Oh, come on, Cass, it wasn't your fault. I mean, Jake just got to you guys before I did, that's all.

Cass: I honestly did not know that he had spoken to Zack.

Jamie: I know--I know. Please, why don't you sit down.

Cass: Thanks. So--things must be difficult for you.

Jamie: Difficult, yeah, difficult. Well, difficult does not really quite catch it, Cass, if you know what I mean.

Cass: I do. I do know what you mean.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess you would.

Cass: I shared the same bed with Nicole night after night and never caught on.

Jamie: I named that baby after my father.

Cass: You know, I am glad I came by today.

Jamie: Oh, yeah?

Cass: Yeah, until I talked to you, I was feeling sorry for myself.


Cass: So what are you going to do?

Jamie: I'm not quite sure. I'd walk out of here today if I could. I would start all over again if I could. But there is Steven to think about.

Cass: That makes it a little tricky, doesn't it?

Jamie: Yeah. Things are never going to be quite the same. Vicky is Steven's mother. And she's always going to be a part of our-our lives.

Cass: No nice, neat solution.

Jamie: Hmm. A couple of weeks ago I thought I had a pretty good life going for me, Cass. I had a wife, I had a baby. And now I don't really know if I have anything at all, to tell you the truth.

Evan: Sam, Amanda and I had some business to discuss.

Sam: Don't you have an office for that? Why does my home double as your conference room?

Amanda: Sam, I was at home with Alli, and--

Sam: Amanda, I'm not blaming you.

Evan: Sam, Amanda has been waiting all day to see you. She wanted to be here when you got home.

Amanda: Come on, Sam, I haven't seen you in so long. Let's not fight, ok?

Sam: Who is fighting? I am stating the obvious. Every time I'm away for 5 minutes, this guy is in my house.

Evan: And I think you're overreacting, Sam.


Caroline: Sam, you're back, hi.

Sam: Yeah. Just in time, it seems.

Caroline: Hello, Evan. Three is a bit of a crowd, isn't it?

Evan: Yeah, I was just leaving.

Caroline: Well, I will go with you, too, I just dropped by. These are the slides of the show.

Sam: Great. Just what I needed.

Evan: Well, let's go.

Caroline: I will talk to you later?

Sam: Yeah. Oh, Alli, I did miss you so much.

Amanda: Sam, really, you have got this all wrong.

Sam: No, I don't. There you go.

Amanda: Come on, when are you going to stop being mad at me.

Sam: Look, I am not mad at you.

Amanda: Well, then why aren't you kissing me?

Sam: [Sighs] Come here. [Moaning]

Sam: How was that? Better?

Amanda: I missed you so much.

Sam: You do look great.

Amanda: Come on! Tell me about the show.

Sam: There is plenty of time for that. Right now all I want to do is hold you, ok?

Amanda: I love you so much.

Josie: Oh, great, my first modeling interview, I'm going to be late.

Reuben: All right, come here for a second, Jose.

Josie: What, I'm busy.

Reuben: Well, it is important. Will you come over here? Now look. We are right here.

Josie: Yeah.

Reuben: All right? And that office is over here. So you have got to take a "D" train to get from here to here.

Josie: Ok, you better make sure, I don't want to get lost.

Reuben: It's a "D" train, I'm pretty sure, look, I'll pen it out in red. Ok? So it is easy. From here to here. Follow the red line and you will be doing fine. It's simple.

Josie: Hey--how much is subway fare, anyway?

Reuben: I don't know--I guess like 10 cents? It can't be no more than a quarter, right?

Josie: Oh, good. But you know what, I think I'm going to take $10 with me just--just in case.

Reuben: Why don't you take a cab, then?

Josie: Reuben, a cab would be too expensive.

Reuben: All right, all right, just--just don't talk to nobody, ok? You hear me?

Josie: I can take care of myself.

Reuben: You know, you keep saying that, but Josie, I'm starting to wonder.

Josie: Why?

Reuben: Just pick up your slip.

Josie: Oh--K.

Josie: Well?

Reuben: Well, you don't look half bad.

Josie: Do you mean it?

Reuben: Absolutely. Honestly.

Josie: I don't look too made up?

Reuben: Josie, just fix your face on the subway and you will be fine, all right?

Josie: And I promise I will not spend the $10 unless there is a disaster.

Reuben: Josie, let me tell you something: You book this job and we are going to be eating dinner on crystal tonight, all right?

Josie: Wish me luck.

Reuben: All right, break a leg.

Josie: Oh, I'm scared.

Reuben: Josie, don't be. This is going to be the beginning of a new life for us. Everything is going to be great. So let's do it, right?

Josie: All right!

Reuben: Let's do it!

Josie: Let's do it!

Reuben: Woo, woo, woo, woo! That's my girl. I hope she does it.

Olivia: I should not expect you to have any idea of what it means to be a dancer.

Matt: Olivia, I don't really care.

Olivia: Fine, great, when will you be leaving?

Matt: Excuse me?

Olivia: You heard me!

Matt: You know, I'm the one who's supposed to be here, not you! I have got keys and your father's blessing.

Olivia: Have you ever heard of hotels? They're all over the city.

Matt: The fourth of July, could not get a hotel room if my life depended on it.

Olivia: Have you tried?

Matt: Well, gee, maybe I just ought to sleep in Central Park.

Olivia: Fine, do you need a blanket?

Matt: You know, you've got some nerve on you.

Olivia: What?!

Matt: I mean you are threatening to throw me out when I could blow the whistle on you any time I wanted to.

Olivia: I told you, Matthew-I am here for the most important audition of my life. My entire career is riding on this. I have to have my space.

Matt: I have to find Josie.

Olivia: I think this is more important than you finding your little girlfriend.

Matt: I don't believe this. Wait--wait a minute. You know, you think I care what you think? I don't care what you think.

Olivia: Charming. You know, maybe Josie came here to get away from you. Did you ever think of that?

Matt: Oh, you are all heart. You're all heart. Huh.

Olivia: I don't have time to be sentimental.

Matt: Oh. Haven't we ever been in love?

Olivia: I don't have time for that, either.

Matt: Really? You don't know what you're missing.

Olivia: Yes, I do. All love does is sidetrack you. It makes you unreasonable. Screws up your head.

Matt: You are wrong.

Olivia: Am I?

Matt: Yes.

Olivia: Look at you.

Matt: What about me?

Olivia: Well, you say that you are in love.

Matt: I am.

Olivia: And you are miserable. Who needs it?

Jake: If I could change what happened, I would.

Marley: Would you?

Jake: Meme...

Marley: You enjoy having both of us, don't you?

Jake: Marley...

Marley: You have got me as your little wife and Vicky is your little tramp. How convenient for you, Jake.

Jake: I never meant to hurt you.

Marley: Then why? Why did you do the one thing that would?

Jake: Look, we are trying to work this out!

Marley: Work what out?

Jake: With Steven.

Marley: We? Who is we, huh? Jamie knows, too?

Jake: Yes. Not until a little while ago. We both took a paternity test.

Marley: Once again, I am the last one to find out.

Jake: We did it to protect you.

Marley: You--what did you think I would do? Go have a nervous breakdown or something?

Jake: That is not it at all!

Marley: Well, you must have enjoyed making me look like such a fool.

Jake: Marley, you went through so much suffering with the fertility tests. I did not want to see you hurt anymore.

Marley: Well--it all worked out, didn't it? For you.

Marley: I was so--I was so desperate to have your child. But I could not do it, so my sister did it for me!

Cass: Listen, I wrote down the names and numbers of a couple of really good lawyers who can help you. I wish I could do it--

Jamie: No, that's ok, Cass, it really is, because I already found one.

Cass: You did?

Jamie: Yes, and he has quite a reputation for being tough in custody cases.

Cass: You are starting divorce proceedings?

Jamie: Well, not quite yet. I have to first find out what the test results are.

Cass: Boy, waiting must be--

Jamie: Difficult. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it is crazy, but--he could turn out to be Jake's or mine, but every time I hold him in my arms I still think he is mine. Is that nuts?

Cass: No. Not at all.

Jamie: I feel like I'm running in place, you know what I mean?

Cass: Yes, I do. It is hard to know where to start.

Jamie: You and I are quite a team, aren't we?

Cass: We don't feel sorry for ourselves at all.

Jamie: No, no-no. [Chuckling] So. How are you handling the situation yourself?

Cass: Oh... at first, I thought that the answer was staying drunk all the time.

Jamie: Oh, I considered that idea.

Cass: But I don't recover from a hangover as well as I used to. [Laughs]

Jamie: No.

Cass: So, I'm just trying to stay as busy as possible.

Jamie: Are you seeing anybody?

Cass: No, it is too soon.

Jamie: Right, must be.

Cass: But if I do--

Jamie: When you do.

Cass: When I do, that is right, no commitments, no strings, no emotional involvement.

Jamie: None.

Cass: Just going to have some fun, that is that.

Jamie: You got that right.

Cass: Jamie?

Jamie: Mm-hmm?

Cass: How do you do that?

Jamie: I don't know.

Cass: [Laughs] I used to be a master at that, but I--I'm afraid I have lost touch.

Jamie: Yeah. Can I ask you a question?

Cass: Yeah, sure.

Jamie: Do you still love Nicole?

Cass: No. Yes. I don't know.

Jamie: I know what you mean.

Cass: I wish I hated her. That would make this a hell of a lot easier.

Jamie: I tell you, no one was more surprised than I was, but I fell in love with Vicky. I can still see her walking down the aisle in that beautiful white dress. I can still see her handing Steven to me for the first time.

Cass: How she looked in her wedding gown--that selective memory would really come in handy at a time like this.

Jamie: Boy, very handy.

Cass: Well, I hope things get better--for both of this.

Jamie: Yeah. Listen, I'm really glad you came over.

Cass: Me, too. If you ever need to talk--

Jamie: You, too. Really.

Cass: Ok.

Jamie: Ok.

Cass: Keep the faith.

Jamie: Yeah.

Cass: Things can't get any worse, right?

Jamie: Let us hope. [Laughs] Take it easy, Cass.

Caroline: Evan, you better calm down.

Evan: Caroline, I'm really sick of hearing your opinions.

Caroline: Well, somebody better keep an eye on you.

Evan: Don't you have some place to be?

Caroline: Don't you speak to me like that.

Evan: Let me tell you, what is this, some kind of rhetorical nightmare? I've got insecure Sam who's accusing me of moving in on his wife while he's out of town, then I've got you and your brilliant theories that I really do not want to hear.

Caroline: You and Amanda have really turned out to be quite a team.

Evan: There's the door, Caroline, use it.

Caroline: I mean professionally, of course. Who would imagine that two months ago you wanted to ruin her life?

Evan: That is enough, Caroline.

Caroline: Fine line between love and hate, isn't that what they say?

Evan: You know, it seems to me that you and I have had this discussion before.

Caroline: Well, a fat lot of good that it did. It's good that Amanda is doing well, because Sam has had a little bit of a setback.

Evan: What are you talking about?

Caroline: Look at these. This is why I wanted to give them time to talk.

Evan: What is it?

Caroline: The reviews of Sam's show in New York.

Evan: Sam said that he was a big success.

Caroline: Yeah, well he was panned.

Evan: In all these papers?

Caroline: The New York critics said the regional critics did not know what they were talking about. He is devastated.

Sam: I needed you so much in New York.

Amanda: I wanted to be there.

Sam: You don't know how many times I almost called you and begged you to come be with me.

Amanda: You know I had to be here.

Sam: I know. Are you ok?

Amanda: I don't think I will ever stop missing him.

Sam: Your Dad, he was wonderful. He was a wonderful man.

Amanda: I am so glad you are home.

Sam: Amanda, I have something to tell you.

Amanda: I know, I took on so much at Cory. It has been really tough.

Sam: Yeah. I am sorry.

Amanda: I heard about the Devilbiss award.

Sam: Did they give it to somebody else?

Amanda: No. I am one of the two finalists.

Sam: That's--that is great. Good for you. Yeah.

Amanda: Oh, I am sorry. What did you want to tell me?

Sam: Nothing. Nothing at all. Look, I'm just glad to be home, ok? This is the first time I can remember

[Loud rap music playing]

[Knock on door]

Reuben: Yeah, I'm home.

Rumor has it that you're tired of my scratchin' and drums and of course I want to expand

Reuben: Hello.

Woman: Uh, do you think you could turn that music down?

Reuben: Ah--oh, I am sorry. You don't like that?

Woman: I do not like feeling like I'm living next to a disco.

Reuben: You live next door to me?

Woman: Look, I really cannot think with the music that loud, ok?

Reuben: I did not know a pretty lady like you needed to think.

Woman: All right, you just gave me a character study of yourself in a single sentence. I don't need to know anything else.

Reuben: I'm sorry; that is a nice outfit--that is beautiful-- that is a nice outfit.

Woman: Don't you ever get a hint?

Reuben: I'm sorry. Are you like an actress or a model or something like that?

Woman: I work at the Spot Light club, uptown. I sing, dance, and I wait tables.

Reuben: I bet you do.

Woman: Which is probably why I can't stand loud music. That is all I hear up there. Uh--by the way, your sandwich is on fire.

Reuben: Excuse me?

Woman: Your sandwich is on fire.

Reuben: Oh! Damn! I don't believe this! Man! Oh, no!

[Music stops] I was hungry, too. Damn! Wait up, wait up, wait up for a second. [Coughs] Wait up for a second.

Woman: What?

Reuben: Um--like, this place where you work at--like, what time do you work?

Woman: Well, I moonlight. I'm in business school.

Reuben: Why?

Woman: Why?

Reuben: Well, it looks like you would be in the career of breaking hearts, or something like that.

Woman: [Laughs] You must be a real big hit with the women, right?

Reuben: Well, yeah, I do try. Yes, I do. Um, what is it that you study?

Woman: I am going to be a banker.

Reuben: Well, why does a teller got to go to business school?

Woman: Uh--just keep the music down, ok?

Reuben: Oh, oh--hold up--miss-- miss--excuse me! Well, can't we go to lunch or something?

Reuben: So how did it go?

Josie: Look at me!

Reuben: I am looking at you.

Josie: I never even got there and it is all your fault!

Reuben: My fault? What'd I do?

Josie: You told me to get on the "D" train, Reuben, but you never told me when to get off!

Reuben: What?

Josie: I ended up in Coney island!

Matt: Josie can't have any money. Maybe if I call these residential hotels in this-- what are you doing?

Olivia: You can't use the phone.

Matt: Why not?

Olivia: Because the Manhattan Ballet Conservatory is going to call any minute.

Matt: So they will call back.

Olivia: Matthew!

Matt: Olivia, I have got a lot of work to do!

Olivia: They are calling with the time for my audition! I cannot afford for the line to be busy.

Matt: Is it that important?

Olivia: Yes. Yes, it is.

Matt: You know, I have never seen you nervous before. Irate, irritable, obnoxious, never nervous. Hmm.

Olivia: My stomach's in knots.

Matt: Well, this means a lot to you.

Olivia: Gee, Matthew, I was wondering when you were going to figure that out.

Matt: Ok, it is a big deal.

Olivia: You know, you know this ballet is one of the--this ballet company is one of the best in the country, in the world.

Matt: So why don't they get one of their company members to do the part?

Olivia: Because, Matthew, this is a national search for someone completely new. They are auditioning some of the best young dancers in the country. And I want to prove that I'm the best of all.

Matt: Hmm. You're lucky, you know.

Olivia: Why?

Matt: Well, you know what you want.

Olivia: Well, don't you?

Matt: Not yet.

Olivia: Oh. The first time I put on point shoes I knew what I wanted.

Matt: Yeah, I had the same feeling when I put on soccer cleats. Years ago. Did not work out.

Olivia: You know, if you really wanted it, you would have worked for it.

Matt: Yeah, well, I guess I didn't really want it.

Olivia: Well, sometimes knowing what you want is not so lucky.

Matt: Why do you say that?

Olivia: Because you spend your whole life dreaming and working for the one thing you know will make you happy and if you do not get it then you have got nothing left. Nothing at all.

Matt: You really think you would have nothing if you could not dance?

Matt: What is that for?

Olivia: There is a pay phone on the corner.

Matt: Are you serious? There's muggers out there.

Olivia: That phone is free for the next hour. Do you understand?

Matt: I must be going out of my mind.

Olivia: Come on. Ring!

Cass: Caroline.

Caroline: What a surprise.


Cass: What are you doing here?

Caroline: I am waiting for Evan. He is at a meeting. What about you?

Cass: I have some papers for Amanda. I'm handling Mac's will.

Caroline: Sort of a coincidence, isn't it?

Cass: Yes, it is. Listen, I feel that I owe you an apology.

Caroline: Whatever for?

Cass: I got a little carried away the other night.

Caroline: You have nothing to be sorry about.

Cass: Yes I do.

Caroline: In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a school girl.

Cass: I had noticed that.

Caroline: And I have been down this road several times before. I know that you're not ready for a relationship.

Cass: It would be a big mistake right now.

Caroline: You're right. But that is not what I'm offering you.

Cass: I did not know you were offering me anything. I think I will just leave Amanda a note. It is really not urgent that I see her now. Caroline, what are you doing?

Caroline: You are pretty stressed out. And you're rather gorgeous.

Cass: And you're very confusing. The last time we were together you put the brakes on this kind of activity.

Caroline: Maybe I've had a little bit of a time to think. And I know what you need.

Cass: No, I don't think you do.

Caroline: Someone just like me.

Cass: No offense, Caroline, but the last thing in the world I need right now is someone like you.

Caroline: An honest woman.

Cass: I think I'd better be going.

Caroline: Someone up front.

Cass: Yeah, up front, right.

Caroline: And about as subtle as you can get.

Cass: I don't think anybody would ever accuse you of subtlety, Caroline. If you don't mind--

Caroline: Cass, with me what you see is what you get. There's not going to be any surprises.

Cass: I doubt that.

Caroline: Honey, it is not going to be the way it was with Nicole. I promise.

Jake: You know how much I want us to have a baby.

Marley: But you couldn't. I couldn't. So fortunately you have a backup plan.

Jake: Stop it!

Marley: Do not act defensive with me, Jake. I haven't done anything!

Jake: No, you are not listening to me, Marley!

Marley: You can't make this better!

Jake: Our baby would be a blessing. Steven is a mistake!

Marley: Don't talk about Steven that way. Steven is innocent. And he is going to be the one that ends up suffering because you can't keep your lousy hands off of other women!

Jake: Look, I know how you must feel.

Marley: You do not know anything.

Jake: Marley, I want us to have a family. This could be our chance.

Marley: What are you talking about?

Jake: If you ever could forgive me and Steven is mine we could raise him together as our son!

Marley: What did you say?

Jake: You see, honey?

Marley: [Whispers] I don't believe it--

Jake: This could be the answer to all of our problems.

Marley: What are you saying to me? Steven... Steven is the baby you have been trying to get for us?

Jake: Yes.

Marley: You want me to raise a baby that you conceived with my sister?

Jake: This is the family we've always dreamed of. He should be yours. You know how much you love Steven. You're already a better mother to him than Vicky is. You should be Steven's mother!

Marley: But I am not!

Jake: But you could be.

Marley: You think you can take my sister's baby away from her? And we could all be one big happy family?

Jake: If you think about it for one minute you would realize how right this could be.

Marley: No. Nothing--nothing is right anymore!

Jake: Marley! [Giggles] This is my buddy!

Amanda: You know, we are really worried about Mom.

Sam: It is going to take a little time, hon.

Amanda: Well, I know that. I think what she really needs right now is to have her family around her. A lot.

Sam: So we will spend more time with her. I promise.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Amanda: What do you think of the idea of moving in with Mom and grandma?

Sam: Is that a rhetorical question?

Amanda: Possibly, depending upon your reaction.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I know you want to look out for your Mom right now, but I don't think the 3 of us moving in is a good idea.

Amanda: Why, it could be the best thing for all of us.

Sam: How do you figure that?

Amanda: Because Mom and I are going to be working night and day. Alli will love it there with grandma, you can use the studio--

Sam: No, no, wait a second-- working night and day? You already--you already spend 12 hours a day at that office.

Amanda: I know. But I told you that Daddy gave Iris 1/3 of his Cory stock.

Sam: Yeah, so?

Amanda: Well, now Mom has to assure everybody that she is the right person to succeed Daddy. Iris is not going to take to that lightly.

Sam: Amanda, is your mother up for that right now?

Amanda: If I help her, she can do it.

Sam: Oh, I see. What happened to us spending more time together?

Amanda: Honey, this is very important to all of us. I know you realize that.

Sam: Yeah, but--

Amanda: Come on. What do you think? Think about it?

Sam: Uh. I suppose this means Evan will be ever-present, huh?

Amanda: You're going to have to get over that. Evan is very important to our company, especially right now.

Sam: [Sighs] Are our lives ever going to be normal?

Amanda: Normal? Euch! Yuck. No, let's hope not.


Sam: So I guess this is more than just a career now. You inherited 1/3 of your father's stock.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. You're just going to have to face it--you are married to a tycoon.

Sam: Yeah, I guess I am.

Amanda: That is all right. You can handle it. After all, you are the toast of the New York art world.

Sam: Good.

Marley: Where is Vicky? I want to talk to her now. Vicky! You come, you talk to me!

Jamie: She is not here, Marley. She's getting a check-up at the doctor's. You know. You know, don't you?

Marley: Yeah.

Jamie: I'm sorry, Marley.

Marley: Don't be. We have not done anything.

Jamie: No, I know we haven't.

Marley: God. I feel like they have been laughing at me behind my back.

Jamie: I understand that.

Marley: I want to hurt them for a change.

Jamie: Well, just don't hurt yourself any more in the process.

Marley: I used to feel sorry for Vicky. I used to feel guilty because I was raised so privileged and she got the short end of the stick.

Jamie: Maybe that is why she is always messing up, Marley. Maybe she struggled for so long for so many years, she forgot what right and wrong--

Marley: Bull.

Jamie: Yeah, I don't really buy that either.

Marley: Jamie, she cannot use her past as an excuse for the rest of her life. She's an adult.

Jamie: But--

Marley: There are no buts. She keeps blowing it because she does not think. And when she does think, all she thinks about is what she wants.

Jamie: I know.

Marley: I was her matron of honor. I am the Godmother to her child. God, Jamie, she's my sister. How could she do this to me?

Cass: Caroline, I am not sure I want to hear this.

Caroline: I know, and that is why I'm going to tell you.

Cass: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Caroline: Nicole was really nice. Just totally wrong for you.

Cass: And I suppose you knew that all along, right?

Caroline: You bet I did.

Cass: I thought so.

Caroline: Well, how could I say anything? We hardly knew each other.

Cass: Can we please change the subject?

Caroline: No.

Cass: I just thought I would ask.

Caroline: You and Nicole were a classic rebound affair.

Cass: Caroline, it was hardly an affair. We were about to be married.

Caroline: Yes, well it did not happen and you should count your blessings.

Cass: What is it with you?

Caroline: Nicole was not your type. You loved your wife and you lost her suddenly. Nicole could not substitute for that.

Cass: You are really starting to get on my nerves.

Caroline: Why did you keep postponing the wedding?

Cass: Enough, ok?

Caroline: Why can't you admit it?

Cass: Caroline, you are out of line. Why are you saying these things to me?

Caroline: Cass, I'm trying to get you to stop feeling so sorry for yourself. I want you to realize that Nicole is not the woman that you thought she was. I want you to get on with it.

Cass: And how do you propose I do that?

Caroline: Stop living in the past. You've always been doing that since Kathleen died. Marrying Nicole is not going to bring Kathleen back.

Cass: I think I've heard just about enough for today.

Caroline: Let me see my things. Here. Take these. In case of an emergency.

Cass: What is this?

Caroline: Think about it, love. Ciao.

Cass: Did that just happen?

Jamie: Believe me, Marley, I know exactly what you are going through. But you will pull through this, I promise.

Marley: I feel so bad.

Jamie: But why shouldn't you? Nothing is what you thought it was. They took care of that.

Marley: I don't even know the man I sleep next to every night.

Jamie: Maybe we just picked the two wrong people, Marley.

Marley: Jamie...Jake is my life.

Jamie: And Vicky was mine.

Marley: Now they have ruined everything.

Jamie: Yeah.

Reuben: Well, did you at least get a hot dog?

Josie: Reuben, this is no joke.

Reuben: All right. I am sorry. Why don't you change your clothes? Wash up and then tell me what went wrong.

Josie: I got on the stupid "D" train just like you said.

Reuben: So then what happened?

Josie: Right, right. We are zooming along. I did not even care that my hair was frizzing because there was no air conditioning. I felt great.

Reuben: Right.

Josie: Next thing I know we stop dead in the tunnel.

Reuben: What tunnel?

Josie: Just--just listen.

Reuben: Ok, I'm sorry, go ahead, finish your story. I'm very sorry, go ahead.

Josie: The--the guy on the train gets on the loudspeaker and says that there has been a derailment ahead and that we have to evacuate.

Reuben: You walked through a subway tunnel?

Josie: Oh, escorted by police, of course. Then I walk 10 blocks down some avenue and after asking a million people I finally get there. The "D" train. But you know what? No one told me that it goes all the way to Brooklyn!

Reuben: That is not good, huh?

Josie: No. That is not good at all. Next thing I know, I get off the train and I look out and there is a roller coaster and a beach in front of me.

Reuben: Well, was it a nice beach?

Josie: Reuben, I missed my modeling interview.

Reuben: No, no, no. You did not miss your modeling interview. You missed your go-see.

Josie: Whatever! It's over.

Reuben: Well, did you call the agency and tell them what happened?

Josie: Oh! That's--that is the best part, you see. I did not have any change so I started asking people for quarters. A policeman came up to me and tried to arrest me for panhandling. Reuben--what is that smell, anyway? It smells like burnt cheese.

Reuben: Don't worry about that, all right? Look, Josie--are you sure you want to stay here in New York City? I mean, is this what you really want?

Josie: I don't really have a choice, Reuben. Do you?

Olivia: Yes. Yes, I understand. Thank you very much. See you there. Bye. I don't believe it. I don't believe it. I got it!

Matt: Wa-wa-wait. You got what?

Olivia: The audition! I have a whole week to get ready for the biggest day of my life.

[Laughs] I could be rehearsing Juliet in a week! Oh! Oh. Um. Are you all right?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Congratulations. Really.

Olivia: Any luck finding Josie?

Matt: No. Called 20 of those residential hotels. They have not even heard of her.

Olivia: I'm sorry. But Matthew--

Matt: What?

Olivia: Well, maybe it's time you realize that Josie might not want to be found.

Amanda: Hi. Sorry I'm late. I had to take the baby to the babysitter's.

Evan: It's no problem.

Amanda: This is a great day, isn't it?

Evan: Yeah, I guess.

Amanda: Um--look, you're not mad at Sam, are you?

Evan: Oh, no. No. Did he have a chance to tell you all about the show?

Amanda: No! No, he has not had any kind of a chance yet, but I'm sure he was a huge success, just like he would be here. Come on, let's get to work.

Evan: You know, I haven't seen you this happy in weeks.

Amanda: Well, I guess I finally decided that I owe it to myself and my family to get my act together. For Daddy, too. What's that in your hand?

Evan: Oh, nothing, I was just reading the stock report, that's all.

["Whiter Shade of Pale" plays]

We skipped the light fandango turned cartwheels 'cross the floor I was feeling kind of--

[Song stops playing]

["Pump It Up" plays]

I've been on tenterhooks ending in dirty looks listening to the muzak thinking about this and that she said "that's that" I don't want to chitter-chat turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat. Pump it up. When you don't really need it. Pump it up, until you can feel it

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