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Another World Transcript Friday 6/3/05

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Sharlene: Yeah, John, if you could just stay there at the farm in case Josie calls. I am still here waiting for Matthew. He said he would be back in just a little while. Well, we're trying to contact friends she had at school, at the spa. Maybe one of them will know where she might be staying. No, I know that. No, no, I know she's going to be just fine, I'm sure. I love you, too. Bye.

Matt: Ok, all right, finally.

Sharlene: What?

Matt: I know where Josie went.

That's why New York's my home keep your California New York's my home...

Josie: Oh, I thought I was in shape.

Reuben: Nobody is in shape to go up 6 flights of stairs in this heat.

Josie: I can't believe that they charged us that much for the room, and the elevator doesn't even work.

Reuben: Yeah, well, at least the key works. Be grateful for small favors.

Josie: Well, let's see where we're going to be staying for the next...

Reuben: Oh, man. Look at this place. They're charging us this much money for this dump?

Josie: It is not so bad.

Reuben: Yeah, right. I've seen cleaner-looking garbage cans.

Josie: Come on, this is--this is New York. Maybe we have a view of the Statue of Liberty or the Empire state building.

Reuben: Well, that is beautiful. That is a beautiful thing. Now, is that the Chrysler building or the World Trade Center? I get confused. Which one?

Josie: Don't worry about it, Reuben.

Reuben: Don't worry about--we ain't got enough stuff to worry about.

Josie: Hey, look at it this way--I mean, we're sharing a room, so we're saving money and... and, well, it is furnished. We've got this dresser and we've got a... a nice table. Look at this table, it's great.

Reuben: Yeah. Welcome to New York.

Jamie: Jake has hired a lawyer?

Cass: Jamie, I did not know anything about this.

Zack: I had not mentioned it to Cass because things haven't really gone all that far yet.

Jamie: I don't believe this.

Zack: When I heard you asking Cass to represent you, I had to speak up, Jamie.

Cass: Zack is right, I can't represent you now.

Jamie: No, I understand, Cass. I just never expected Jake--

Cass: I can refer you, though. I can help you find somebody that you can trust.

Jamie: If Jake has already been to a lawyer, how many other people has he talked to?

Zack: I do not really know.

Jamie: And how many people think that he--he might be Steven's father? Does Marley know that?

Vicky: My goodness, what a surprise.

Donna: What are you doing here?

Vicky: I'm here to see Marley.

Donna: Well, this is really embarrassing because we're just getting ready to go out to the museum--

Vicky: Well, I'm sure Marley could give me just a couple of minutes. It won't take long.

Marley: No, no problem. Can I get you some tea or something?

Vicky: No, thank you.

Marley: Vicky, what is this all about?

Vicky: This is about Jake and Steven.

Derek: I don't know about this place, it's--

Frankie: You know, sometimes I could order a whole meal full of appetizers.

Derek: It's cramped.

Frankie: What?

Derek: Feels too crowded.

Frankie: No, it's not. The dinner crowd hasn't even gotten here yet. Will you just relax? You know, I have been to restaurants where it's wall-to-wall people. Sometimes you can't... Derek, is it really that bad?

Derek: Look, I really wanted to buy you a nice meal.

Frankie: You do not have to, you know.

Derek: I know, but I wanted to because you got me the job at Frame Construction.

Frankie: I got you an interview. You got yourself the job.

Derek: Whatever. But this place--

Frankie: What, is it too expensive?

Derek: No, no. It just--it makes me feel kind of weird.

Frankie: Look, why don't we order you a drink and that will help you relax and I will tell you a joke. Did you hear the one about the priest who wants to become a fireman?

Derek: What?

Frankie: It is not just the restaurant, is it?

Derek: I'll be ok.

Frankie: It's not being with me, is it?

Derek: Heck, no. Why would you ask something like that?

Frankie: Because I was just thinking that our going out might put a certain person's nose out of joint.

Derek: Who?

Frankie: Are you kidding? Didn't you see the look on Stacey's face when she heard we were going out on a date?

Derek: Frankie.

Frankie: Derek..

Liz: The lamb chops are excellent. Oh, what about linguini with white clam sauce?

Olivia: Liz, I think I'll have something a little less fattening.

Liz: Fattening? Olivia, darling, your figure is perfect. Now please, just not another salad.

Olivia: Sure, sure, salad is fine.

Liz: No, not salad! Olivia, are you all right?

Olivia: I guess.

Liz: You're still upset about that audition?

Olivia: What audition? Aunt Liz, the audition is in New York. I am in Bay City.

Liz: You're so very young.

Olivia: But Juliet is supposed to be young. Nobody understands.

Liz: Yes, I do. I do. I talked to Russ this afternoon.

Olivia: You did?

Liz: Yes.

Olivia: What did he say? Did you get him to change his mind?

Liz: Well, he's stubborn, but that is sort of a Matthews trait.

Olivia: Oh, great.

Liz: The Matthews can also be quite inventive.

Olivia: What?

Liz: You see, when one Matthews is being stubborn, it just means that the other Matthews has to work a little harder at being inventive.

Olivia: I don't understand. I mean, if father says no, that is it.

Liz: Not necessarily.

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Liz: You know, your aunt Liz is a Matthews too, and she has a plan.

Jake: Hey, Felicia, how you doing?

Felicia: Hi. Good, how are you?

Jake: I'm working, what can I say?

Felicia: [Laughs]

Jake: Can I get you something?

Felicia: No, no thanks. I was just wondering if you have seen Mitch?

Jake: No, no.

Felicia: Oh. Well, he was not home, and Barbara said that he left a while ago, and--I was just wondering where he was.

Lucas: Glad you could make it, Mitch.

Mitch: No problem.

Lucas: Thought a nice, quiet, little out-of-the-way place might be best.

Mitch: For what?

Lucas: Well, we need to talk.

Mitch: Ok..

Lucas: I know you're not thrilled about my being back. I can feel the tension.

Mitch: Yeah, it has been there.

Lucas: I do not blame you.

Mitch: Good.

Lucas: I mean, your wife's ex-boyfriend comes walking in and talks about a daughter they had a long time ago.

Mitch: Well, it's just another one of life's little surprises.

Lucas: To say the least.

Mitch: To say the least, let me be blunt with you. I will do whatever it takes to help Felicia find her daughter.

Lucas: I thought you would.

Mitch: Why?

Lucas: Well, I did a little research on you and I know you have had a son, Matthew.

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: And I know you had to spend some years without him.

Mitch: Look, Lucas you've been looking into my past, why don't you just say it as it is? I was in prison.

Lucas: I'm sorry, but I do not care about that.

Mitch: What do you care about?

Lucas: Look, don't get uptight. I just know you know how it feels to not be able to be with your own kid. I thought it might give us something in common.

Mitch: Maybe.

Lucas: Look, Fannie--I mean Felicia--I think she wants us to get along, you think?

Mitch: What I think. I will tell you what I think is that when I look at you, I do not know anything about you.

Lucas: Yeah, I keep a lower profile.

Mitch: For that matter, Felicia does not know anything about you. For that matter, no one knows anything about you.

Lucas: Proverbial man of mystery, what can I say?

Mitch: I want some answers. That is, if you want a friendly relationship, that is fine, but I want to know. I want to know all there is to know.

Jamie: So when did Jake hire you?

Zack: I am afraid I cannot answer that.

Cass: Zack does not have to tell you any more than that he represents Jake.

Jamie: Lawyer/client confidentiality, right?

Zack: Right, I'm sorry.

Jamie: Listen, Cass, this is the last thing I expected to hear when I walked in here today.

Cass: Jamie, for what it is worth, I know what it feels like to be betrayed.

Jamie: That is a--that is a good word, betrayed. It is very apt. If you will excuse me.

Cass: Sure.

Zack: Good night, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, listen, there is one thing. I do not want you two to break the rules or anything, but can I ask a question?

Zack: Yeah, you can ask.

Jamie: Until the tests come back, until we know for sure who Steven's father really is, there is not--there's not really any legal work you can do, right?

Zack: That is true. All anybody can do now is wait.

Jamie: Well, not for everything.

Marley: What about Jake and Steven?

Vicky: Actually it is very simple, not easy to say, but simple enough.

Donna: Oh, good heavens, couldn't this wait?

Vicky: No, it could not wait. We are going to get this out right now.

Marley: You are upset. What is wrong?

Donna: Oh, God. Oh, God, Marley. I need you to help me. Oh!

Marley: What is it?

Donna: It is going to be a terrible one, darling. Would you just run upstairs and get me some aspirin quick?

Marley: Is it a migraine?

Donna: Yes, but it is just starting. Please, just go upstairs and get me some aspirin?

Marley: I will be right back.

Donna: What do you think you are doing?

Vicky: Jake talked to you, didn't he?

Donna: You cannot do this.

Vicky: So you tried to get Marley out of here before I came over.

Donna: Victoria, you cannot do this to your sister.

Vicky: She might as well find out from me.

Donna: Listen to me. You are going to regret this the rest of your life. I mean that--the rest of your life.

Vicky: So will Jake.

Donna: It is not about Jake.

Vicky: The hell it isn't!

Donna: It is about Marley! Think of how much you love your sister.

Vicky: Mother, that is exactly what Jake is counting on me thinking about. She is going to find out sooner or later.

Donna: But not here, not like this.

Vicky: It does not matter which way she finds out.

Donna: Of course it does. Listen, I want you to go home. Meet me there in half an hour and we'll think this thing through.

Vicky: I have already thought this through.

Donna: No you have not or else you would not be here right now.

Vicky: Don't you think Marley has been lied to enough?

Donna: Yes, I do, but I do not want you to tell her. Let me do it.

Vicky: What?

Donna: Yes! I'm her mother. It will not seem so cruel coming from me. Darling, please!

Vicky: You want to tell Marley?

Donna: No, I do not want to tell her, but if it has to be, I would rather be the one to do it. Now please go home before she comes back downstairs. I will take care of this.

Vicky: I have got to tell her.

Donna: I will tell her and I will handle it, just go home.

Marley: I'm sorry I took so long with the aspirin. How many would you like--two, 3? Where's Vicky?

Donna: She decided to--to go home. She was really concerned about Steven. Thank you. Actually, it is feeling a bit better now.

Marley: Oh, really, what about all that pain?

Donna: Well, you know it happens this way sometimes; it gets really bad and then it sort of subsides. Darling, I'm going to cancel on going to the museum today. I think the best thing for me to do will just be to go home and rest and take care of this headache so it does not get bad again. And we can reschedule--I will call you in the morning and we will talk first thing, all right?

Marley: Donna, I'm not an idiot. Something is going on with Vicky and I will not let you leave this house until you tell me.

Matt: I showed the guy at the bus terminal Josie's picture. He said he sold her a ticket when he first came on duty.

Sharlene: A ticket where?

Matt: New York.

Sharlene: New York?

Matt: Yes.

Sharlene: New York City?

Matt: Yes, and now we know where she is.

Sharlene: Yeah, but Matthew... oh, God I wish it was almost any place but...

Matt: Well, the thing is we know.

Sharlene: New York is so big. It is so dangerous.

Matt: Don't worry, I have got a plan.

Russ: Hey, Matt!

Announcer: Due to illness, the part of Russ Matthews will be played today by Jerry Lanning.

Russ: Hilda told me you would be in here. Hey, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Hello, Russ.

Russ: I just came by to see how Matthew was while Rachel is away in Maine. Something wrong?

Matt: Well, yeah and no. I'll let Sharlene explain, there's some things I have to get moving on. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Russ: What did he mean, yes and no? Is something wrong?

Sharlene: Yeah, it is Josie. She has left town.

Russ: Where did she go?

Sharlene: New York. At least that is what we think she's done.

Russ: She did not say?

Sharlene: No, Russ, Josie and I have not been--ever since the day in court Josie has sort of cut herself off..

Russ: And now she is gone?

Sharlene: Yes. And she does not know a thing about New York City. I've got to find her.

Russ: Sharlene! Try not to panic.

Sharlene: Do you know the last thing she said to me? She said she was a whore just like me, now she has gone to New York City. How am I not supposed to panic?

Josie: I mean, this place is not so bad. We can--we could fix it up. We could get some pretty flowers.

Reuben: Hold it, hold it. Josie, we ain't got that much money. Let's forget about them flowers, all right?

Sharlene: We will get some money when we get jobs.

Reuben: Doing what? Josie, we don't know nobody here. We ain't got no references, we ain't got no connections, we ain't got nothing.

Josie: I know someone who can help us.

Reuben: Who?

Josie: Come on, we have to use the pay phone.

Reuben: Who you calling?

Josie: Iris Wheeler.

Reuben: In Bay City?

Josie: No, she happens to be in New York, Vivien told me. She can help, she knows lots of people.

Reuben: So you're going to call up Iris Wheeler?

Josie: No, I'm calling Vivien.

Reuben: That is in Bay City, that costs a lot of money!

Josie: I need quarters. Come on. I will need more than that.

Reuben: What, those wires made out of gold or something?

Josie: This is going to be great. I need another nickel.

Reuben: You are really pushing it now, Josie.

Josie: Come on. Hello, Vivien. Hi, it is Josie. Remember how you told me Mrs. Wheeler was in New York?

Josie: No, I did not know. Well, could you give me her number in London?

Reuben: London, England?!

Josie: No, I understand, I understand. I will call her next week sometime and see how she is doing. Thanks. Thanks, Vivien. Bye.

Reuben: So much for Iris Wheeler, huh?

Josie: We'll find something.

Reuben: Oh, sure we will. Sure we will, this place is just oozing with opportunity. This hallway stinks.

Josie: Well, ask them to clean it.

Reuben: Oh, yeah, right.

Josie: How about the paper? We can check the want ads.

Reuben: Josie, I want to ask you something first.

Josie: What?

Reuben: Ever since we got here you have been real determined and everything--

Josie: Well, why should I not be determined? I mean, come on, Reuben, we are going to be fine.

Reuben: Josie... why did you leave Bay City?

Josie: What?

Reuben: I mean, when I asked you that before, you just turned your head on the bus and pretended like you were so sleepy, so I'm going to ask you again. Why did you leave Bay City?

Josie: Because it was time for a change. I was bored.

Reuben: Yeah, thought so.

Josie: What?

Reuben: This is all about Matt, isn't it?

Marley: What did Vicky want to tell me about Jake and Steven?

Donna: Well, if you really must know, she is upset that you and Jake have been spending so much time with Steven.

Marley: Oh, no. Please, I have heard this conversation every week.

Donna: I know, I know--

Marley: And I am sick of it.

Donna: Well, this is her first child.

Marley: Why can't we see our nephew?

Donna: Darling, don't be so upset. Quite frankly, I agree with you. I think it is all perfectly innocent--

Marley: And Vicky doesn't--

Donna: ...But Victoria has been under a lot of stress lately.

Marley: Why?

Donna: Well, you know how she is. She tends to take everything out on her family. She has always been that way.

Marley: It is Jamie, isn't it?

Donna: What?

Marley: "She's been under a lot of stress." They're having problems with their marriage, aren't they?

Donna: Oh, well... whatever problems they are having, I'm--I'm--I don't know about all of that, but I don't want that to interfere with your relationship with Victoria. The two of you have grown to love each other so much.

Marley: Exactly, and that is why Steven cannot come between us.

Donna: Precisely. And I think it would be a good idea if perhaps you could just not visit for a few weeks and wait until things calm down.

Marley: All right.

Donna: All right? You have so much in your life anyway. You have a man who loves you-I think you ought to concentrate more on him.

Marley: That is such a sweet thing for you to say.

Donna: Why?

Marley: Because I do not think you have ever said anything so nice about Jake.

Donna: Well, I just want you to be happy. That is all I want for both of you. I just want you to be happy.

Lucas: When it comes to me, there really isn't much to tell.

Mitch: Well, why don't you start with after you left Gold Street, the night the baby was born.

Lucas: You know I did not want to leave.

Mitch: So you said..

Lucas: And what did I do after that? I do not remember. I just drifted.

Mitch: Where?

Lucas: Away from Chicago. Just wanted to get away.

Mitch: So where did you settle?

Lucas: I never really stayed in one place for very long.

Mitch: What were you doing for a living?

Lucas: Whatever I had to.

Mitch: This is all very vague to me.

Lucas: Well, there was one thing. I knew how to make people feel good--how to make people feel good about themselves.

Mitch: Well, that is good, but still, I'm not hearing an answer.

Lucas: Look, I realized that if I had a shot, I could really do well. A little later, someone took a chance and staked me.

Mitch: Instant success?

Lucas: Hardly. I worked very hard.

Mitch: Doing what?

Lucas: My own business. I created images people liked, and people needed me.

Mitch: Like who?

Lucas: Like politicians and corporate executives--people on the move. Or products--cars, magazines, fall fashions.

Mitch: Creating images.

Lucas: Exactly.

Mitch: Images can be deceptive.

Lucas: Looks like we're in the same business, you being a photographer.

Mitch: Images can create illusions. At least with a photograph you know what is really there.

Lucas: Well, my job is to find out what might be there, what should be there. Give them something to trust.

Mitch: Trust is important.

Lucas: That is the key. If people trust, they will buy anything.. Can of shaving cream, a president--what is the difference? A 30-second image and a good sound bite.

Mitch: Secret of success.

Lucas: Don't knock it, it's been good.

Mitch: Obviously.

Lucas: In my world, one mistake and you're shark bait. You know that world, you've been there.

Mitch: Well, I have to say it actually has not been that intense for me since I got out.

Lucas: Well, it has for me. I guess I'm just that way. That is why I have to find my daughter. I need to know she is all right.

Mitch: I hope you find your daughter, it is something that Felicia wants.

Lucas: Well, I'm glad you agreed to help.

Mitch: Definitely..

Lucas: I am glad we had this little talk. Right?

Mitch: I'm going to have to go.

Lucas: I always pay. Always. Just the way I am.

Cass: Any word at all?

Felicia: Well, we're still trying to track down somebody who knows where the baby was placed.

Cass: And the man who set it up is dead?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: What about good old auntie Abigail? She's bound to know something.

Felicia: Luke and I did talk to her already and she's told us everything she knows, I think.

Cass: Are you sure Lucas really wants to find your daughter?

Felicia: Yes, I'm sure of it. He is the one that is pushing so hard.

Cass: He is also the one who ran away the night the baby was born.

Felicia: Yes, but that wasn't his fault, that was Abigail. He was a kid, I was a kid.

Cass: And he fell for the old "she doesn't want to have anything to do with you" routine, right?

Felicia: Yes, he did.

Cass: He was a kid.

Felicia: Would you stop being so cynical, please?

Cass: Well, then I wouldn't be the mean old love, would I?

Felicia: I can't believe I actually have a daughter. I have no idea where she is or what she looks like.

Cass: It's hopeless.

Felicia: What is?

Cass: If she looks anything like you, it is absolutely hopeless for any man who lays eyes on her.

Felicia: Ooh.


Frankie: Stacey was dying to come out with us, you know.

Derek: She's not here, is she?

Frankie: So she had some business to do. Well, she was trying to play it cool.

Derek: Can we talk about something else?

Frankie: What's the matter with talking about Stacey?

Derek: We haven't even ordered yet.

Frankie: Look, what I'm trying to get through that thick skull of yours is that Stacey did not come out tonight because she does not want to share you. Now, do not ask me how I know these things; I just know.

Derek: All I want's a hamburger.

Frankie: Now, a woman knows these things, especially about another woman. So if you were wondering whether or not Stacey is really... you do not want to talk about Stacey.

Derek: Order.

Frankie: Fine. No problem. Some decor, huh? Really goes with the--

Derek: What's the matter?

Frankie: Oh, boy, there's Cass.

Derek: Well, what is wrong? I thought you had a truce with that guy.

Frankie: Yeah, I do, but I don't know how long it's going to last.

Derek: How come?

Frankie: Because I think it is going to be over once I tell him what I'm thinking.

Derek: About what?

Frankie: About whom. Nicole.

Liz: So I told him about the absolutely wonderful camping trip that is being sponsored by Bay City University.

Olivia: What camping trip?

Liz: Well, it's up north someplace. They have it every year about this time. The Ecology department of Forestry-Natural History--

Olivia: What does this have to do with me?

Liz: Ecology. Anyway, he agreed to let you go.

Olivia: Are you crazy, aunt Liz? I don't want to go camping!

Liz: Of course not, darling, nobody wants to go camping. But you see, instead of driving up state, you and I are going to be on a plane going to New York City.


Olivia: [Gasps] Do you mean it?

Liz: Yes, I told you the Matthews could be very inventive.

Olivia: This is great, I don't believe it! What happens if father finds out?

Liz: Well, if you don't get the role, let's see--we'll come home quietly and we will keep it our own little secret. We'll go to Central Park and we'll get some branches and leaves. We'll have something to show him.

Olivia: All right. But what if--I mean, aunt Liz, I really think I have a shot at this role.

Liz: If you get cast then we will tell him, and he will be so proud. Although I know I'm going to be in for a long, boring lecture.

Olivia: This could really work.

Liz: And in a couple of months, your father and I are going to be sitting together, out front, watching you on stage making your debut as Juliet.

Olivia: I do not believe it!

Liz: I'm excited, too, you know?

Olivia: Ok, wait. I have to stay in New York at least a few days. I cannot use the credit card because then he will know, so what am I going to do? I mean, I have to book a hotel room, I have to rent a studio, I have to buy some new ballet clothes...

Liz: I figured that out. That is why I have these.

Jamie: Jake.

Jake: Yeah?

Jamie: There is no way, Jake, that you are going to get away with trying to get Steven from me.

Vicky: She hates me, doesn't she?

Donna: I didn't tell her.

Vicky: You what? I told you to tell Marley! I told you she had to know!

Donna: Victoria, you would be breaking her heart.

Vicky: No, Jake is responsible for that.

Donna: There is another reason.

Vicky: You going to start to talk to me about Steven now? I'm tired of people making excuses all the time--

Donna: And I am tired of your selfishness. Sit down here and be quiet and listen to me. Do you have any idea how this is affecting me? You know, you are not the only one with things at stake here. Sit down. If Jake is the father and you tell Marley what happened, who do you think she is going to believe?

Vicky: It does not matter. It does not matter who she's going to blame. Jake ruined my marriage. He is trying to prove that I'm an unfit mother--he's going to take my baby away from me.

Donna: She is going to blame you for everything and she is going to side with Jake in any court proceedings. And fathers have rights, you know. He could sue for custody.

Vicky: He is already planning to do it.

Donna: And if Marley is on his side, the judge will see a nice, loving, stable couple.

Vicky: And I have nothing.

Donna: Well, you won't have as much. Unless, of course, Jamie has had a change of heart lately.

Vicky: You mean, have we been steaming up the windows since he moved back, forget it.

Donna: All the more reason not to tell Marley.

Vicky: Jake is going to tell her some day.

Donna: I know you have not read a lot of Greek drama.

Vicky: Get to the point!

Donna: They have a saying about killing the messenger, about letting the bearer of bad tidings take the fall.

Vicky: Jake.

Donna: Let him be the villain. You and Marley can patch things up later.

Vicky: Hmm. And when he tells her, he can ruin his own marriage.

Donna: Yes. Precisely.

Vicky: Just like he ruined mine by making me tell Jamie.

Donna: You have to be prepared for anything--

Vicky: This is not going to happen! We are not going to court. That baby is Jamie's son.

Donna: If the baby is Jake's, though, he will be in the middle of a divorce proceeding while he is trying to sue for custody.

Vicky: Oh, how do you know that? He could bat his little eyes, say he is never going to do it again. Hey, he may even get Marley a little bouncing baby boy out of this bargain!

Donna: I doubt it.

Vicky: He will win and I will lose, just like I've always lost because all you care about is Marley!

Donna: Victoria, that is not true; I love you both! I do not want either one of you to be hurt!

Vicky: Too late. Jason from California.

Jake: Ok, Jamie, what is with you?

Jamie: I was just over at Winthrop and Edwards. You know, the law firm. The one you hired to try to--

Jake: I have my rights. If Steven is my son, I'm going to get custody.

Jamie: Isn't that kind of jumping the gun a little bit, Jake?

Jake: You know, you've got to look out for yourself.

Jamie: If the test proves you're the father, Jake, then you might start thinking about getting a lawyer.

Jake: I have an idea, Jamie. Why don't I take care of my life and you take care of yours? Besides, why did you go see an attorney? Maybe you had the same thing on your mind that I do?

Jamie: Jake, if you're so far ahead on this thing, I assume you have talked it over with Marley about how you slept with her sister?

Jake: Like I said, I will handle my life.

Jamie: Yeah, I figured you hadn't, Jake. Maybe you should think about that aspect of it.

Jake: I'll handle it, Jamie.

Jamie: You don't want her to find out about this, do you, Jake? By reading about the lawsuits in the newspapers--

Jake: I said I would tell Marley.

Jamie: When?

Frankie: Yo, boss, I hate to break this to you, but I've been beeped.

Cass: I'm right in the middle of dinner with Felicia.

Frankie: Yeah, well Lucas got the papers ready.

Cass: You serious?

Frankie: That's what he said.

Cass: Well, good. I'm going to need a witness when I go pick them up, so you are coming with me.

Frankie: Well, I got a meal of my own going here.

Cass: You also have a job. Honey, I'm sorry, we got to go back to the office. This could be big bucks.

Felicia: Sure, it's all right.

Cass: Ok.

Frankie: Sorry, Derek.

Derek: That's ok, we'll do it another time.

Cass: Come on, let's go.

Frankie: I really like this-I do you a favor and you drag me out--

Cass: Will you stop complain-- you know, if there's anything I hate, it is a complainer.

Felicia: Why don't you join me. Come on. Come on, sit down.

Derek: Ok.

Felicia: Great.

Liz: Of course I have the keys to your father's apartment! I stay there when I am in New York..

Olivia: I can't believe it. This is great!

Liz: And as for money, I think this credit card will work almost anywhere including cash machines at a lot of different banks.

Olivia: I will pay you back every cent.

Liz: I know you will, every cent.

Olivia: Can I ask you a question, aunt Liz?

Liz: Of course, my dear.

Olivia: Why are you doing this for me? I mean, when father finds out he's going to be really mad.

Liz: Angry. When I was your age, I wanted to paint.

Olivia: Really?

Liz: Yes. And I was good. I don't mean just watercolors or still life, I was--I am an admirer of brock. But you know in those days-- -well, I just never took the chance. I forgot to see how good I could become. But you will.

Olivia: You are terrific, you know?

Liz: Listen, let's hurry up and finish this so we can get those tickets to New York City.

Olivia: Ok.

Matt: I'm going to New York.

Russ: Tonight?

Matt: Well, first thing in the morning.

Sharlene: Matt, how will you know where to look?

Russ: Finding Josie in New York would be like finding a needle--

Matt: I know what city she's in. I have got a chance and I'm going to take it. It is better than sitting around here doing nothing.

Sharlene: You are right. You are right. I'm going with you.

Russ: Sharlene--

Matt: I don't think that's a good idea.

Sharlene: Why not?

Matt: Well, Josie--I mean, she ran away from both of us.

Sharlene: Matthew, that is because we have never had a chance to sit down and talk. She has never given me a chance to explain.

Russ: If she ran away, I do not think she'd want you to follow her.

Sharlene: Russ, she is my daughter.

Matt: I know that, Mrs. Watts. But if we both show up and she sees us....

Sharlene: She will run again.

Matt: And we might not even know it.

Sharlene: All right. I just feel so useless here.

Matt: It's ok. I will let you know what is happening and you can tell me if she's tried to call you or anything.

Sharlene: All right.

Matt: Ok.

Sharlene: All right, where will you stay?

Matt: A hotel I guess, I have some money saved up.

Russ: Don't even think about a hotel. I have got an apartment at midtown Manhattan, I will get you the keys.

Matt: Great, ok. I'm going to leave a message for my Mom at her hotel and then I will see you down here.

Sharlene: All right, sweetheart. Russ, this is really very nice of you.

Russ: I would do anything for you, Sharlene. I hope you know that.

Josie: I do not want to talk about Matthew.

Reuben: Come on, Josie. You ran away from home. You came all the way across the country--

Josie: I did not run away from home, Reuben. I moved out of my house a long time ago.

Reuben: Yeah, right.

Josie: So if I want to move out of a crummy room in a boarding house to move into a crummy room in New York City, that is my business.

Reuben: Fine. You're doing really well, too. You're really moving up in the world.

Josie: Ok, ok, so we will find a better place, I promise.

Reuben: If you would just call Matt and let him know where you are--

Josie: No, no.

Reuben: ...You will feel so much better.

Josie: I would feel so much better if you would stop bugging me about him.

Reuben: Fine. You suit yourself, all right? I am going to call him up.

Josie: No! I said no. It is over with him. I do not care if I ever see him again, you got that?

Reuben: All right, all right.

Josie: So don't you dare--don't you dare call him, because it is over and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Reuben: All right. I did not mean to get you upset. All right? I am sorry.

Josie: Look, I'm upset. I just--I can take care of myself. The last person I want around is Matthew Cory.

Felicia: Have I told you how grateful I am for everything?

Derek: About a million times.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Derek: Besides, Frankie really did the work.

Felicia: I am not really talking about now, I am talking about a long time ago, too.

Derek: Those were bad times. I mean, you took care of me and I never forgot it.

Felicia: So many years ago. And you--you were always feeling hunted.

Derek: I was ok..

Felicia: Were you close to anyone?

Derek: No.

Felicia: That must have hurt you a lot. I wish I had known that.

Derek: I'm just glad that you are out of jail.

Felicia: You're not the only one who's glad.

Derek: Stacey worked hard for you.

Felicia: Yes, I know.

Derek: Cass got the credit, but it was Stacey that really kept after me.

Felicia: Stacey is very special, isn't she?

Derek: I guess she is a pretty good lawyer.

Felicia: I mean, to you.

Derek: Well, she is just a friend, you know? I mean, no big deal.

Jamie: Well look who is here.

Donna: Hi. Victoria is with Steven. I was just on my way.

Jamie: Now, what is your rush, Donna? I think it is time that you and I had a little talk, don't you?

Donna: Not particularly.

Jamie: You know, I thought we had come to an understanding, Donna.

Donna: What was that?

Jamie: Oh, don't you remember? Last New Year's eve when you promised not to meddle in my marriage?

Donna: Jamie, I know that you and Victoria are having problems--

Jamie: You've known about Steven for months now, haven't you?

Donna: Well, I was just trying to--to--to--

Jamie: Like mother, like daughter.

Donna: What?

Jamie: You know, I don't suppose it ever occurred to you to suggest to Vicky that she tell me the truth, did it?

Donna: Jamie, I was only trying to--

Jamie: No, of course not, because you were far too busy helping her figure out ways to lie and fake her way through this.

Donna: I'm not going to stand here and be insulted.

Jamie: You know, it's very possible, Donna, that Vicky and I might have been able to work our way through this if she had not had such a wonderful teacher.

Donna: I am sorry that you are unhappy.

Jamie: Oh, Donna, spare me the condolences, please. It is too late.

Donna: Maybe it is.

Donna: What if the baby is yours? Have you thought about that?

Jamie: We will know in a week or two.

Donna: Have you thought about how this is going to affect Steven? Believe me, I know what it is like to grow up in a home where the mother and father hate one another.

Jamie: We will work something out.

Donna: I know you and Victoria still love each other. Find that again, Jamie! Fight for that.

Jamie: I said we will work something out.

Donna: You know divorce is not the easy solution that people think it is, at least not for the children. Children go through their whole lives feeling unloved and broken and unwanted.

Jamie: Good-bye, Donna.

Donna: Think about that. Think about if that is what you want for your son..

Jake: Marley?

Marley: Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Jake: I talked to... I talked to your mother earlier and she said you guys were going out.

Marley: She changed her mind.

Jake: What happened?

Marley: I don't know, she left.

Jake: Oh.

Marley: She did give me one good suggestion, though.

Jake: What is that?

Marley: That I show my husband just how much I appreciate him. So I made a special dinner and we can take it from there.

Jake: You are beautiful. I don't want to lose you, ever.

Cass: I can never find anything around here, there's so much clutter. Oh. Thank you.

Frankie: You're welcome.

Cass: I'm glad we are moving out of here soon.

Frankie: We are? Where to?

Cass: Nicole has offered me the salon, so I've been thinking we will set up offices there.

Frankie: Nicole. Look, boss, I think that maybe you ought to go a little bit slowly when it comes to what Nicole wants, you know?

Cass: It is all set, Frankie, and it is not your call, anyway.

Frankie: Well, yeah, look, I know that, but I spoke to--

Cass: I don't want to hear anymore about it, Frankie.

Frankie: Fine, fine.

[Knock on door]

Cass: Come in. Hey, Mitch.

Mitch: Am I late?

Cass: Never. Shut the door, please.

Frankie: Hey, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi, Frankie.

Cass: Pull up a chair, Mitch.

Mitch: Ah, it is ok.

Cass: What is up?

Mitch: Well, I need some help, but it is not something that I want to have...

Cass: To have Felicia know about?

Mitch: Yeah. I just had a talk with this guy, Lucas. He is very smooth.

Cass: You don't trust him?

Mitch: I don't know him.. But I would like to find out more without him knowing that I'm checking on him.

Frankie: Well, that is no problem. I will do some digging, see what I can find out, and I will put a tail on him. See what his life is like.

Mitch: Sounds good.

Cass: Not a word to Felicia?

Frankie: Right.

Cass: Ok. So what do you think we are going to find on this guy Lucas?

Mitch: Nothing, I hope.

Jamie: What is wrong? Would you like me to hold him for a while?

Vicky: I can take care of my own son.

Jake: There's something I've got to tell you.

Marley: Can't it wait?

Jake: I think it's waited long enough.

Marley: It's--it's a baby? You got us a baby, Jake! You got us a child? Don't just stand there, tell me. Tell me!

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