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Another World Transcript Tuesday 5/31/05

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Josie: Don't you understand what I'm telling you? I am the daughter of one of my mother's tricks. There, you see, you weren't expecting that, were you?

Matt: Josie--

Josie: No, don't! You don't have to explain; I understand how you feel.

Matt: What are you talking about?

Josie: I knew you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me, not after what--

Matt: Wait a minute. You think this makes a difference?

Josie: Matthew, please!

Matt: You think I give a damn who your father was?

Amanda: Look, I'm sorry, I don't know why I asked you to stay.

Evan: I do.

Amanda: I bet you think I'm a real chicken, huh?

Evan: No, I mean, just with all you've been through, you wouldn't be human if you weren't a little edgy. I mean, alone in a big house on a rainy, stormy night--it's enough to scare anybody.

Amanda: You sure?

Evan: Yeah, it's the big set-up. Don't you read Stephen King?

Amanda: You do make me smile.

Evan: [Imitating a cowboy] Well, we aim to please, ma'am. And I'd be right happy to rest my old tired bones right here.

Amanda: Thanks. Thanks a lot.


Amanda: What was that?

Evan: I don't know, I'm gonna check it out.

Amanda: No--no, you don't have to. Really, it's ok.

Evan: No, it's ok. Don't worry, I'll be right back.

Caroline: My, oh, my.

Cass: What's wrong?

Caroline: Have I missed something?

Cass: Not as far as I'm concerned.

Caroline: [Sighs] I'm referring to you. You seem to have gone through a fairly dramatic mood swing.

Cass: What do you mean?

Caroline: Well, I thought you wanted to take things more slowly, hmm? Was I wrong?

Cass: No, you weren't wrong. That's what I wanted at first, but I seem to have had a revelation.

Caroline: I see. Care to share it?

Cass: Yes, as a matter of fact. I mean, I realized that life is short.

Caroline: How original.

Cass: So the least we can do is have some fun.

Caroline: I think you may have a point.

Frankie: Whoops. Hi, guys. Did I come at a bad time?

[Caroline sighs]

[Stacey screams]

Stacey: Don't hurt me!

Derek: I told you... I needed to talk now.

Stacey: Ok, anything you want.

Derek: I need... to know... how you feel about me.

Stacey: Anything at all.

Derek: I've been walking all night, it's been going through my head all night. Not just--since the first time I saw you, since the first day.

Stacey: I don't understand what you--

Derek: How do you see me?

Stacey: Please just get out!

Derek: Look, I'm not leaving until we talk.

Stacey: Get out of here!

Sharlene: John, I--

John: What?

Sharlene: What I did today, talking to Russ, that was--I'm--I'm sorry.

John: You don't have to be sorry; you were just trying to help. Besides, I've got bigger problems than Russ Matthews.

Sharlene: You do?

John: Yes, I do. Like I have to learn to tell the doctors from the medical students.

Sharlene: Oh, no.

John: Tell me--lately, does everyone under 30 seem to be the same age?

Sharlene: Yes--yes, they're all 12.

John: Yes, ok, that's what I thought.

Sharlene: Are we growing old?

John: No, we're growing up.

Sharlene: Well, all right, if you say so. What happened?

John: Well, there she was, this infant of a girl, taking the history of one of the patients. He was a crotchety old guy, and she had the bedside manner of a computer. I could see that she was alienating him.

Sharlene: Well, so what did you do?

John: Well, assuming that she was a medical student, I figured she was probably new at this job, so I suggested that she just go easy with the old guy, ask him about his life, get him to lighten up a little bit before she started grilling him about his symptoms.

Sharlene: Well, that sounds like very good advice to me.

John: Well, not according to Ms. Warmth. She drew herself up to her full height of 5-foot-nothing and she assured me that she was a resident, not a medical student, and she was not in the habit of inviting orderlies to consult on her cases.

Sharlene: [Laughs]

John: It was a moment I shall always cherish.

Sharlene: Well, she sounds like a very unpleasant little resident.

John: It gave me a big lesson in humility; it probably won't be my last.

Sharlene: Well, I know how you feel. I had a little lesson in humility of my own recently.

John: Oh, yeah?

Sharlene: I'm still smarting from it.

John: What's that?

Sharlene: Your life is not the only one I've been meddling in lately.

John: Josie.

Sharlene: And she caught me at it. Mm.

John: Are you upset?

Sharlene: Well, John, I have always thought--I have always tried to be a good mother.

John: You are a good mother.

Sharlene: No, I don't know, because today I saw myself in a whole new light. I may have done something terrible to my daughter.

Josie: You just don't understand. You--you think it doesn't matter now, Matthew, but it will.

Matt: Josie! Josie, I love you. That's what really counts.

Josie: I lie in bed at night wondering who my father was and it makes me sick.

Matt: Josie, you've got to stop doing this to yourself.

Josie: You know what I keep asking myself? How many men were there, and does she even know which one of them it was?!

Matt: It doesn't matter.

Josie: It does to me!

Matt: It doesn't to me! Whatever happened back then, something good came out of it--you did. That's what really counts.

Josie: Matthew, you don't have to say these things.

Matt: Yes, I will keep on saying them until I get through to you.

Josie: But Matthew--

Matt: Listen to me! I don't have to know who your father is; I know you. And I know there's nothing cheap or ugly about you. As far as I'm concerned, your--your father was ok.

Josie: But my father was--

Matt: No, Josie! I don't care. I don't care. Whoever your father was or whatever he did, without him you wouldn't be here.. And that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

Derek: You're afraid of me.

Stacey: Yeah, of course I'm afraid of you! You scream at me through the door. You break it down and then you--you think I'm not gonna be afraid of you?

Derek: Stacey, you know I'd never hurt you.

Stacey: I don't know anything, not when you're like this! Look at what you did! I mean, you acted like a complete--

Derek: Animal.

Stacey: I didn't mean that, ok?

Derek: That's what you were gonna say.

Stacey: All right, I went overboard. I don't think of you like that. But when you lose your temper like this, it's like you're another person. I don't--I don't even know you!

Derek: I don't know...why I get so angry.

Stacey: I don't understand it either, but it does frighten me.

Derek: But, Stacey, you know I'd never do anything to hurt you. I mean, you gotta know that, right?

Stacey: Yeah, it's just that sometimes you make it kind of difficult to remember.

Derek: Sorry I scared you.

Stacey: Look, I'm sorry, too.

Derek: What are you sorry about? I broke your door.

Stacey: I don't mean to, but I end up doing a lot of things that make you angry.

Derek: That's my problem.

Stacey: Well, not entirely. I try to help, and I know that some of my efforts are a little bit insulting.

Derek: That wasn't what was bothering me.

Stacey: Then why did my poor door take such a beating?

Derek: I need to know... I need to understand how you see me.

Stacey: How I see you?

Derek: A lot of the times we're together you treat me like I'm some kind of freak you feel sorry for or some kind of charity case. But then there are other times, like the night on the boat, or when we went for pizza, it's been different.

Stacey: Yeah, it has been.

Derek: I need to know... understand.

Stacey: So do I.. So do I.

Stacey: I think of you as a man, an attractive man.

Derek: You do?

Stacey: But you also confuse me and you frighten me.

Derek: Because of my temper?

Stacey: Not just because of your temper, because of who you are, how you live, the way you've had to act and to think. It challenges everything that I--I've ever believed.

Derek: I don't understand.

Stacey: I am a good little girl. I got straight As in school, I always had clean fingernails, I--I always said "please" and "thank you" and curtsied.

Derek: You're perfect, huh?

Stacey: I was the kind of first-grader who could wear white and eat a chocolate ice cream cone and have no napkin and come out of it without a spot on me.

Derek: That's pretty good.

Stacey: I've had a very neat and tidy life. I mean, everyone I grew up with did exactly what was expected of them because we all knew what the expectations were. We shared the same values, the same experiences.

Derek: And I don't fit into any of that.

Stacey: Fit in? You turn the whole thing upside-down. I've done things with you I never dreamed of doing before. I mean, I've questioned everything I've ever believed in my life.

Derek: And you don't like that?

Stacey: I don't know.

Derek: Maybe I should just... walk away?

Stacey: Yeah, probably. There's one reason not to.

Derek: What's that?

Stacey: Because I don't want you to... and that's what scares me most of all.

Frankie: You kids just pretend that I'm not here and--and I'll be on my way.

Cass: What the hell are you doing here, Frankie?

Frankie: I'm just catching up.

Cass: At this time of night?

Frankie: Well, my devotion to the firm knows no bounds. Give me one more minute and I'll get out of here at once.

Cass: Not so fast, Frankie.

Frankie: I'm just gonna go to the coffee shop around the corner, you know, "botulism haven," but that's ok, 'cause I'm not gonna eat anything.

Cass: Hold on a second.

Frankie: What, boss?

Cass: It seems to me that this sudden burst of diligence is as surprising as it is totally unnecessary.

Frankie: What--do you think I'm overdoing it?

Cass: Ever so slightly.

Frankie: Well, you're probably right. I've always been an overachiever. Night, all.

[Door shuts]

Cass: Good help is hard to find. I apologize for that.

Caroline: No--no, it's not your fault.

Cass: All right. Now, where were we?

Caroline: Maybe at a very good place to stop.

Cass: Caroline.

Caroline: Things are just going too fast for me.

Cass: Funny, I thought things were going along perfectly.

Caroline: You need time to think.

Cass: I do?

Caroline: Yes. I want you to know that it's me you want and it's just not a situation to forget Nicole.

Cass: Well, now, I may be mistaken, but I thought that's exactly what you were trying to sell me on at dinner.

Caroline: Maybe I changed my mind. You are rather vulnerable.

Cass: Well, this is true.

Caroline: I'd like to take a rain check on the rest of what's been a wonderful evening.

Cass: Rain check?

Caroline: Yeah, I want you to have time to think.

Cass: Think?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Ok, may I at least see you home?

Caroline: Oh, no, no, I've got my car. Anyway, I wanted to stop in at the gallery.

Caroline: Bye. It's been a wonderful evening..

Cass: [Cries]

[Laughs] Quarters, quarters, quarters.

[Coins rattling]

[Pinball machine buzzes]


Evan: Amanda?

Amanda: [Gasps]

Evan: Would you stop that? That scares me.

Amanda: Sorry--sorry. How did you get in?

Evan: Through the back--one of the garage entrances were open.

Amanda: How did that happen?

Evan: I don't know, but I checked the whole house and everything's fine.

Amanda: What about that sound, what was it?

Evan: Oh, that was just a shutter; it was blowing in the wind.

Amanda: That's all it was?

Evan: Yeah, and I fixed it.

Amanda: [Sighs] I'm--I'm really sorry about all this.

Evan: Sorry about what?

Amanda: The way I'm behaving. I mean, I'm being such a wimp.

Evan: Amanda, do you know what you need? You need to go up those stairs and you need to get a good night's sleep.

Amanda: Everything will look better in the light of morning, right?

Evan: Absolutely.

Amanda: Come on, take this off, I'll show you to your room upstairs.

Evan: No, that's ok; I'll just stay down here for a little while.

Amanda: It's getting awfully late.

Evan: It's all right, I can sleep on the couch.

Amanda: No, I can't let you do that.

Evan: Amanda, why don't you level with me? What's gonna make you feel safer--me upstairs in the guest room or down here in the middle of all the action?

Amanda: You don't have to play guard dog, you know?

Evan: Well, tonight, that's what I'm here for, so why don't you go relax and get a good night's sleep.

Amanda: You sure?

Evan: I'm positive.

Amanda: Ok. Look, if you need me, I'll be in the bedroom at the very top of the steps, ok?

Evan: Right. So you'd better move along.

Amanda: All right. Um...thank you.

Evan: For what?

Amanda: Well, it seems every time that I need you, you're right there.

Evan: Yeah, like your own personal bad luck penny?

Amanda: No, my very lucky good penny. Well, good night.

Evan: Good night, Amanda. My view on prescriptions has always been...

Amanda: I checked on Alli when I went upstairs. She's sound asleep. I love that.

Evan: What?

Amanda: The way babies sleep. Thanks. I mean, their faces are so innocent. She has no idea what's--what's been going on around here.

Evan: No, I guess she doesn't.

Amanda: Sometimes I wish I could just protect her, keep her away from anything bad or ugly for the rest of her life.

Evan: Well, unfortunately, you can't do that, Amanda.

Amanda: Well, maybe I can... for a little while, anyway.

Evan: Well, sooner or later she's gonna get hurt. You see, pain is just part of life's process.

Amanda: Well, that's pretty cynical.

Evan: Well, I'm a cynical person.

Amanda: No, you're not.

Evan: Inside I am. And I learned it the hard way.

Amanda: Because of your mother?

Evan: Yeah, I was Alli's age when my mother took off. She wanted to marry somebody with a lot of money and a kid was too big a liability.

Amanda: That must have really hurt you.

Evan: It goes deeper than hurt. It teaches you never to trust anyone, and I'm not sure that I ever will.

John: Thank you. What could you possibly have done to Josie that was so terrible?

Sharlene: [Sighs] It's hard to explain.

John: Well, try me.

Sharlene: All right, you know about Iris and this modeling business.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: Well, I got it in my head to go see Iris to talk to her about it.

John: Sounds like a good thing to do.

Sharlene: When I was at her penthouse, I saw these pictures of Josie...for the modeling business, and--oh, God, John-I don't know. The whole thing just made me so mad.

John: Why?

Sharlene: Because--because there was my baby, she was all dolled up. She was looking like somebody I don't even know. I--well, I told Iris what I--what I thought of her idea.

John: What happened?

Sharlene: Josie was there.

John: Oh.

Sharlene: She overheard me. She was furious, which she let me know at some length. All in all, the whole thing was--was pretty grim.

John: Well, it doesn't sound to me like you did anything that terrible. It is unfortunate that Josie overheard it, that's all.

Sharlene: But John, she doesn't think I believe in her. She thinks I treat her like some kind of failure.

John: Sharlene, she's very young, she hasn't been around that much. And I'll tell you one thing--if she were my kid, I'd have reservations about this modeling thing, too.

Sharlene: John, it's not that simple. This isn't about Josie, you know--not really.

John: Then what is it?

Sharlene: It's me. It's me. It's something I realized about myself, something that I hate.

John: Sharlene, if it's about you, it can't be that bad.

Sharlene: Yes, I think it can be. John, when I saw those pictures of Josie, I was scared.

John: Why?

Sharlene: Because she was so pretty. I--I wasn't happy that she might have a chance at an exciting career. All I could see was the threat.

John: Threat of what?

Sharlene: I don't know, I kept--I kept imagining all kinds of sleazy photographers, people manipulating her--horrible people. John, I was so full of my own fears that I couldn't even enjoy the fact that my daughter was becoming a beautiful woman.

John: Not that terrible.

Sharlene: Oh, yes. What I've done to her all these years is I have taught her fear.

John: Of what?

Sharlene: Of everything. Of herself, mostly. The--the day I took her to buy her--her first bra, I cried, and she knew why.

John: You were only protecting her.

Sharlene: Yes, but I was so busy protecting her innocence that I never helped her deal with her own sexuality. I made her ashamed of it, John, ashamed of herself..

John: What do you mean?

Sharlene: I never let her be proud of being a woman. I made her feel cheap. I made her feel bad, and that, John, is why she left the house, that is why she's so angry. It's not because of a tat I was. It's because she's afraid she's just like me.

John: Sharlene, if she's just like you, she's gonna be fine.

Sharlene: Mm-mm. Don't you see the damage I've done, John? For the life of me, I can't figure out how she's gonna have a healthy relationship with any man now.

John: You've already started to make things better for her.

Sharlene: How?

John: Well, the first step to fix any mistake is realizing that you've made it.


Josie: I can't believe what you're saying to me.

Matt: Believe me. Believe me, please.

Josie: And after everything I told you.

Matt: I love you. Everything you've told me, anything you could ever tell me, will never change that. Ok?

Josie: I guess--ok.

Matt: I just wish you would have told me everything from the beginning.

Josie: I couldn't, I just couldn't.

Matt: Think of all the time we've wasted, though.

Josie: I'm sorry.

Matt: Oh, the past few months I haven't been exactly prince charming. I'm surprised anyone's still talking to me.

Josie: Oh, Matthew, it's been so awful.

Matt: I know. I love you. I love you. Don't you ever forget that; don't you dare forget that.

Josie: Never again.

Matt: You promise?

Josie: I promise.

Josie: Do you--do you think I could have my ring back?

Josie: [Sniffs] I love you.

Matt: I love you.

Josie: I need you so much.

Matt: Josie, I need you. Josie, we've--we've come this close before and always backed away.

Josie: I know.

Matt: I'm sure about it this time. Are you?

Josie: Yes, I'm sure.

Frankie: I saw your lady friend drive away. Party called off?

Cass: Yeah, something like that.

Frankie: Not because of me, was it?

Cass: Oh, no, you were the perfect addition to what was promising to be a very romantic evening.

Frankie: I'm so sorry. Well, look at it this way, boss. She's all wrong for you.

Cass: [Laughs] Really?

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Cass: She's gorgeous, she's sophisticated, she's well-educated, she's classy--

Frankie: All right, all right, all right, I stand corrected. Let me rephrase it. The recently-departed vamp is not my type of person.

Cass: I'm sure she'll be crushed to hear it.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Cass: Satisfy my morbid curiosity, won't you? What is your type?

Frankie: In what? Dogs, cars, houseplants--

Cass: Gentleman callers. Guys like Derek, he must be right up your alley.

Frankie: Now what is your problem with Derek? He happens to be a very interesting, elemental kind of guy.

Cass: That's one way to put it..

Frankie: Hmm. You know what your problem is?

Cass: I'm sure you're going to tell me.

Frankie: You live in your head too much.

Cass: Get out of here.

Frankie: You are the kind of guy who lies awake at night and thinks of everybody you are mad at, thinks of all the smart moves you should've made and didn't, and all of that stuff just whirls around in that poor old brain of yours keeping you up and making you cranky and nasty--

Cass: I'm cranky and nasty?

Frankie: Oh, no, no, no. [Laughs] Not good for your system, Winthrop. You have to act on impulse, try a little instinct.

Cass: I'll have you know, I've always been considered extremely impulsive, extremely instinctive.

Frankie: Oh, yeah, right. Well, I've never seen it. 5 bucks says that you can't chill out long enough to beat me at a game of pinball.

Cass: You're on.

[Coins rattling]

Cass: Flip for who goes first.

Frankie: Heads. [Laughs]

Derek: Gonna need a screwdriver, and I'll probably have to replane this surface. I'll have to come back tomorrow and fix this.

Stacey: Hey, don't worry about it, it's all right.

Derek: Look, I broke it, I'll fix it. It's the least I can do.

Stacey: No, really, it's all right. I'm just glad we had a chance to talk.

Derek: Me, too.

Stacey: Hey, listen, I promise not to make any more assumptions about your life, ok?

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: But you may have to remind me once in awhile. You know, I get a little carried away when I think I'm working for a good cause.

Derek: Stacey, I am not a cause.

Stacey: I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that. Listen, everything I've done is only because I want to be friends.

Derek: Is that what you want? You want to be friends?

Stacey: Well, I don't know.. I just figured friends was a good place to start, don't you think?

Derek: No.

Stacey: No? Why not?

Derek: I don't want to put any labels on us.

Evan: I can't imagine what it was like for you to grow up. I mean, you were surrounded by love, you have everything that you wanted.

Amanda: You're starting to sound like Sam.

Evan: I don't want to sound like him.

Amanda: Well, he used--he used to call me a spoiled princess, too.

Evan: No, I--I didn't mean it like that.

Amanda: I was loved, but I wasn't spoiled. I was taught to have basic faith in people and to realize the possibilities of life. My father taught me that.

Evan: My family taught me just the opposite... don't trust anyone, always expect the worst, and take what you can get.

Amanda: Talk about negative!

Evan: Well, they were not exactly the positive crowd.

Amanda: Well, if you still buy into this gloomy world view, then I'm afraid I have quite a problem on my hands.

Evan: What's that?

Amanda: If you're so closed off, how am I ever gonna be able to repay you for everything you've done for me?

[Doorbell chimes]

Evan: Would you hold that thought? And why don't I get that ever-ringing doorbell. [Chuckles]

Evan: Caroline!

Caroline: Evan, what are you doing?

Amanda: Hi, Caroline.

Caroline: Amanda--yeah, I'm sorry I called by so late. I--well, the light was on and I thought you might like to know that I've heard from Sam.

Caroline: Evan to the rescue.

Evan: Rachel asked me to come and check on Amanda.

Caroline: Of course. Sam just sent this from New York. It's a fax.

Amanda: Ok, thanks. [Sighs]

Evan: Is everything ok?

Amanda: Everything seems to be fine. He's really up, thinks his show's gonna be a success... and he wishes I was there; so do I.

Evan: Well, listen, why don't I go check the rest of the house. If you two ladies will excuse me?

Caroline: Of course.

Caroline: Are you crazy?

Amanda: What?

Caroline: What are you doing?

Amanda: Caroline, what are you talking about?

Caroline: What ever possessed you to have Evan over here when you're alone like this?

Amanda: My mother invited him here, and I'm very grateful to Evan for everything he's done for me.

Caroline: I'll bet.

Amanda: I resent what you're implying.

Caroline: You are either one of the nastiest little manipulators I've ever met, or else you're hopelessly naive. And for the sake of friendship, I'm going to assume the latter.

Amanda: This is insulting.

Caroline: Amanda, look at the little setup--the brandy, your lovely ensemble. What are you trying to do, drive the poor guy crazy?

Amanda: How dare you!

Caroline: Evan happens to have pretty strong feelings for you, and don't pretend that you don't see that. What are you trying to do? You think this is pretty cruel, playing with him like this, don't you?

Amanda: All right, that's enough. Thank you very much for bringing Sam's note over. I think it's time you left.

Caroline: Fine. One last piece of advice, Amanda--if you are really gonna be nice to Evan, why don't you just seriously think about your feelings about him and deal with them, or you're gonna find your marriage in serious trouble.

John: As a very wise lady told me once, "guilt is a useless emotion."

Sharlene: I was only trying to protect everything good and innocent in her.

John: You're not bad, Sharlene. Now, you just keep talking to Josie. She'll realize that about you and herself.

Sharlene: I don't know what I'd do without your support.

John: I don't either. You'd be a real mess. [Chuckles]

Sharlene: You know, I've been learning to believe in myself again as a woman, and at the same time I've been ruining that feeling for my daughter.

John: I don't think you've ruined it.

Sharlene: You don't?

John: Mm-mm. Look at it this way--you're turning into a heck of a role model.

Sharlene: I hope you're right. I do, because for the first time in my life--in her life--I want her to be just like me. I want her to know all the happiness that you've given me.

Singer: Now after all of the searching I see the answer in your eyes show me the way to stop hurting. In a world that keeps on changing love's been known to disappear. I've got to have you here until forever this is for always if we're together nothing's gonna take that away until forever 'cause it was meant to be. It's forever you; it's forever you and me

Matt: Are you scared?

Josie: A little.[Laughs]

Matt: Yeah, me, too, a little.

Singer: We lost so much along the way...

Matt: [Whispers] I love you.

Josie: [Whispers] I love you.

Singer: Though the road's uncertain there can be no turning back this love has got to last

Josie: [Laughs] I'm shaking.

Singer: Until forever this is for always if we're together nothing's gonna take that away until forever our love was meant to be. It's forever you; it's forever you and me. I can't believe what we've been through. Oh baby, you and me; oh this love has seen it all. But nothing seems to break it I know we're gonna make it until forever this is for always if we're together nothing's gonna take that away until forever this love was meant to be. It's forever you; it's forever you; it's forever you and me, yeah

Cass: ...346,000. Come on, baby, yes!

Frankie: [Laughing] Is that the best you can do, Winthrop?

Cass: Will you shut up, Frankie?

Frankie: [Laughing] All right. I'll just go stand here and watch.

Cass: Would you watch my--you see what you did?!

Frankie: 5 bucks, please.

Cass: For what?

Frankie: I won.

Cass: No way!

Frankie: The little ball has dropped down the little hole, Frankie wins.

Cass: You interfered--

Frankie: Fork it over.

Cass: ...You distracted me!

Frankie: He's a sore loser! I can't believe it.

Cass: I want a rematch.

Frankie: No way.

Cass: I demand a rematch on the grounds that you willfully, maliciously destroyed my concentration.

Frankie: Would you chill out, Winthrop? It's a pinball machine, not a--not World War III.

Cass: Best two out of 3?

Frankie: Sorry, it's getting late, I'm tired, I want to call it a night.

Cass: You're what?

Frankie: Say good night? Pack it in? Collect my winnings?

Cass: I can't believe this. You want to leave?

Frankie: As hard as it is to drag myself away, yes.

Cass: All of a sudden, now you want to go home? How convenient.

Frankie: Look, admit defeat, Winthrop, and settle your debts like a man. Pay up!

Stacey's voice: "I first saw him standing in a shaft of sunlight in the great hall. His bare back was to me; I saw broad shoulders tapering down to a slim waist. He was repairing the bedroom window. Then he turned.." "Sunlight illuminated him. It burnished his hair with gold, played on the rippling muscles of his chest. My heart stopped. I was mesmerized. In an instant, I knew he was everything I had avoided all my life, everything that was sensual, physical, and unpredictable. And I was frightened. Not so much of him... 'cause of myself. He told me, years later, that it was the same for him."

Derek's voice: "I saw in you a vision of the perfect lady, the unobtainable, as far away from me as the angels which you resembled. You were so far above my station, I hardly dare to look up. And yet, when at last I did, I saw you tremble. I felt the fire beneath the ice. And when our eyes met, I knew that someday...soon...I would have you." [Sighs]


Evan: Did Caroline leave?

Amanda: Yeah--yeah, she's gone.

Evan: Well, good. I checked the rest of the house, everything's fine, so why don't we get back to our conversation and brandies?

Amanda: Uh, no, I don't think I should.

Evan: What's--is something wrong?

Amanda: No--no, I just think--I'm a little tired. I'm gonna go up to sleep.

Evan: Wait, you just said you couldn't sleep.

Amanda: I think I can now.

Evan: Well, all right. Well, sweet dreams.

Amanda: Good night.

Evan: Good night, Amanda.


Matt: You're so beautiful.

Matt: Josie, I want you.

Josie: Oh, I love you--I love you! Oh!

Josie: Oh, no!

Matt: Josie?

Josie: I can't!

Matt: What's going on?

Josie: Don't--don't touch me!

Matt: Tell me what's going on, Josie!

Josie: I can't do this! I--I'm sorry! I can't!


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