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Another World Transcript Monday 5/30/05

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[Matt sighs]

[Cass sighs]

Cass: I'm sorry. I didn't even pull your chair out, did I?

Caroline: Oh, that's perfectly all right. It's probably going to be a lot more comfortable this way anyway.

Cass: I'm usually not so ill-mannered. I guess my mind is still back at the office.

Caroline: You don't have to think about business every minute, you know. I mean, you can relax and enjoy a meal... and somebody's company.

Cass: Yes, but this is a working dinner, remember? And by definition we talk about business.

Caroline: Why don't we change the definition. I thought I'd have to....

Amanda: Well, I think we should move the third paragraph to behind paragraph 6. It would make more of a point. What do you think?

Evan: I'm lost. I don't know which one we're moving.

Amanda: Oh, sorry. No, this paragraph about--about airplane safety? Move that directly behind the paragraph on the company's poor financial situation. That makes more of an impact. Right?

Evan: Sure, whatever.

[Clears throat]

Amanda: Well, come on, hon. I value your opinion.

Evan: That is my opinion. Just move it.

Amanda: Ok, great. Mom should be editing this anyway. It's her piece from the very beginning.

Evan: Have you talked to your mother lately?

Amanda: Yeah, she called me when they landed in Portland. They're driving the rest of the way.

Evan: I think it's a good idea that Ada went with her.

Amanda: Yeah... I guess. You know, I really wasn't sure about the whole idea in the first place, but... I guess Mom needs to spend some time where--where Daddy died.

Evan: Right.

Amanda: This is redundant, isn't it?

Evan: Yeah, either drop "centennial" or "the first... 100 years."

Amanda: Right, ok. It's strange staying in that house.

Evan: Sam will be back soon, right?

Amanda: Not for a couple of days. And when Mrs. Martin leaves, it's just gonna be me and Alli.

Evan: You know, Amanda, your mother called me.

Amanda: I know--look, you don't have to feel obligated.

Evan: I don't. But you are not going to spend a night alone in that house. I'll make sure of that.

Amanda: What do you mean you're going to make sure that I'm not alone?

Evan: I'm gonna call Matthew or Jamie. One of those two are bound to be able to come over.

Amanda: Come on, that's silly.

Evan: It's not silly. I just don't want you to be alone.

Amanda: Look, Evan. Come on, my brothers have enough problems of their own. Really, I'll be fine.

Evan: Look, considering the circumstances, you should--

Amanda: Evan, my daughter Alli is great company.

Evan: What time does she go to bed?

Amanda: Soon.

Evan: Well, that's what I'm talking about. I don't like the idea of you being alone.

Amanda: What is this, your protective streak?

Evan: No, it's good business sense. You see, you're not only one of my best reporters, but you're one of the newest owners.

Amanda: One of your best reporters, right. I go out and just about get both of us killed on my first big assignment.

Evan: But you made it.

Amanda: Yeah... thanks to you.

Evan: And also... when we were alone up there--

Amanda: Yeah?

Evan: I began to realize something--

[Door opens]

Jake: Amanda! I'm glad you're here. I have to talk to you.

Evan: Well, go ahead.

Amanda: Look, we were just in the middle of a discussion here.

Jake: Oh--

Evan: That's ok. I've--I've got to go down and meet Hutchinson down--and I lost my file. I got to meet him down in accounting or else I'm gonna be late. Uh, Jake, it was nice seeing you.

Jake: Great. Yeah.

Jake: I'm sorry I barged in on you like that.

Amanda: It's all right. Uh, I really wish you would have called, though, because I'm right on my way out. I'm going home.

Jake: Actually, Amanda, I think you're going to want to hear this.

Amanda: My babysitter's waiting.

Jake: I mean, I'm assuming you care about your nephew, right?

Amanda: Steven?

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: Of course I do. Why, what's wrong?

Vicky: [Shouting] Oh, Mrs. Martin, I'm just gonna leave the photographs in on the table. Don't worry about us.

Donna: You know, we could come back another time.

Vicky: No, I think Rachel ought to see these as soon as she can.

Donna: But she's not even home. She's in Maine. You had to use Jamie's key to get in here. I don't know why you're rushing so much.

Vicky: Well, I want her to see him as soon as she gets back.

Donna: But don't you think you're pushing things just a little bit?

Vicky: No, of course not. She loves her grandson. Have you seen this one where his father's holding him?

Donna: Victoria, I know you want to get close to Rachel, but what if Jamie isn't Steven's father?

Vicky: Jamie is Steven's father.

Donna: Just suppose he's not.

Vicky: Oh, have you seen this one in his stroller? Is he sweet?

Donna: Victoria, if Jake is the baby's father, Rachel will think you've been using her.

Vicky: I am not using anyone.

Donna: Well, believe me, she'll turn on you like a cobra if she thinks you've enlisted her aid to mislead Jamie.

Vicky: Why are you so hung up on this idea of Jamie not being Steven's daddy?

Donna: I'm just trying to say I think you should be trying to save your marriage instead of cozying up to Rachel, especially at a time like this.

Vicky: Well, Rachel will understand me better than anyone at this time.

Donna: You mean because of all the business about which man was Jamie's father?

Vicky: Yes, she did the same thing I'm doing.

Donna: Well, that was a completely different era.

Vicky: She was trying to save her marriage.

Donna: That's all--she was trying to do a lot more than that. Rachel lied to Russ Matthews because that's the way things were done in those days. They didn't have all those infallible paternity tests.

Vicky: Well, she'll still understand more than anyone.

Donna: I saw this piece in Soho before Mac and Rachel bought it. Mac was crazy about it.

Vicky: Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just tell her the whole story and get it all out in the open.

Donna: Don't even think about telling her.

Vicky: Oh, I hate all these secrets, mother.

Donna: Fine. You hate them, but you keep them. Sometimes it's a lot kinder not to tell the truth.

Vicky: Wait a minute. Are you talking about me here, or are you talking about you?

Donna: What do you mean?

Vicky: You're worried about how Dad's going to react once he finds out that you've known this all along and kept it from him, aren't you?

Matt: I'm all right. At least I will be; I just had to get out of the house for a little while.

Josie: Sure.

Matt: Every few minutes somebody would call and they'd say how sorry they were about Mac and they'd be crying or they wouldn't know he was dead, and I'd have to explain it.

Josie: It's good you got away. So this is the cabin, huh?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, his cabin.

Josie: I can go if you want to be alone.

Matt: No. I'm glad you came.

Josie: I went by your house first.

Matt: Yeah?

Josie: I don't think Amanda's too crazy about me seeing you.

Matt: Well, it's none of her business.

Josie: When I ran out of your house last night... I really hurt you.

Matt: It only hurt, Josie, because I love you.

Josie: Can I get you anything? Um...hot chocolate? Would you like that? Anything.

Matt: A new life.

Josie: You're going to be ok.

Matt: Yeah, I know, I know.

Josie: I wish there was something I could do to make it better, but, I--you know, I can't.

Matt: Just like I couldn't help you when...you know.

Josie: Just--just need to work things through. And I'll tell you, I learned something from when I did.

Matt: What?

Josie: It would have been a lot easier if I had been with someone I loved. This is my buddy.

Courtney: I thought I might as well bring these with me.

Stacey: What is that?

Courtney: Some of Nicole's things. Uh, the District Attorney told me I was to release them to her attorneys.

Stacey: Ah, well, thanks a lot for bringing them by. But Zack is in charge of this now; we better get it off of Cass' desk.

Courtney: Oh, yeah, you're right. Oh, it must be tough on him. For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Stacey: Oh, aren't we all. You know, sometimes I still can't believe it.

Courtney: I know the feeling. Oh, would you sign this?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. You know, I was actually a bridesmaid at the wedding. We were all dressed up and ready to go that day, and we find out that...Nicole killed Jason. Just seems like a bad dream.

Courtney: A whole lot of lying and--

Stacey: Yeah, well she lied to everyone, you know? I mean, her own family, to Cass. The one person she loves more than anyone in the whole world, and she lies to him from day one.

Courtney: Well, desperate people do desperate things.

Stacey: Yeah--whoops. You want to know the weird thing?

Courtney: What's that?

Stacey: She's nice.

Courtney: I know, she seemed that way.

Stacey: Yeah, I mean, when I moved back into Bay City, she was as sweet as can be to me.

Courtney: She just ran into Jason Frame on the wrong night. Otherwise her whole life would have been different.

Stacey: Yeah. Well, you know she moved out of the salon to make Cass feel more comfortable there.

Courtney: You have a roommate, too, don't you?

Stacey: [Sighing] Not for much longer.

Courtney: Ooh, where are you moving?

Stacey: I don't know. Anywhere but there. I'm gonna start looking for a place tomorrow.

Courtney: Um, well, I'm looking for a roommate.

Stacey:: You are? Where do you live?

Courtney: Well, right now on West 73rd in a studio, and I'm feeling real cramped.

Stacey: Well, why are you looking for a roommate then?

Courtney: Not there!

[Laughing] But on my salary, that's all I can afford. So I thought I'd get a roomie, and we'd get a bigger place.

Stacey: What about the loft that Vicky Hudson--I mean, Vicky Frame--had. I think that's still available.

Courtney: Across from Sam and Amanda's, right?

Stacey: Yeah! I mean, it's big, the rent is low. What do you say that you and I go over there and take a look at it tomorrow?

Courtney: Now, that might not be a bad idea.

Stacey: All right.

Courtney: You don't snore, do you?

Stacey: No, I don't snore. And besides, there's a couple of rooms in the place anyway.

Courtney: Mm, now that sounds good. Now, are you about ready, because I am dying for some Chinese food--

Stacey: I think so, yeah. Derek!

Derek: I don't need your charity.

Cass: I don't think you understand, Caroline. Work is what I need right now. It's what I want to concentrate on full-time.

Caroline: But what about Jack being a dull boy and all that?

Cass: My name is Cass.

Caroline: So you want to be dull and boring?

Cass: Yes, definitely. If it'll keep me sane, yes. Now, if you're looking to expand, I think it might be a good idea--

Caroline: You're going about this all wrong, you know?

Cass: Am I?

Caroline: I know what happened to you hurt you a great deal.

Cass: I'll get over it.

Caroline: And I also know that you feel like you've had the rug pulled from underneath you. If you're going to get over this, you got to relax--open up. Let a little bit of the world in and stop shutting everybody out.

Cass: Thank you, dear Abby.

Caroline: I'm going to read your palm.

Cass: Oh, great. What I don't need is to know about my future. I like surprises.

Caroline: I can tell. Now, stop being so fussy. I'm really pretty good at this.

Cass: Yeah, did you major in palmistry at Kangaroo u?

Caroline: Would you stop being funny? Ooh, feel that. This is really good news. You've got a long life line.

Cass: It depends on the mood I'm in.

Caroline: But your love life is a disaster.

Cass: Thank you very much. I didn't need a palmist to tell me that.

Caroline: Hey, wait! I haven't finished yet. I can tell you more.

Cass: I'm sure you can, but I'm really not interested. Caroline, you're very sweet. But let's get one thing straight, shall we?

Caroline: Ok.

Cass: Caroline, I'm very vulnerable right now in fact, I'm ready to grab onto absolutely anybody who's gonna help me make it through the night. But if I did that, it wouldn't be fair to myself, and it wouldn't be fair to you. Let's just cool it, ok?

Caroline: You know, when you're super serious... your eyes glow. Did you know that?

Never say never to your love

Amanda: Why? What's the matter with Steven; is he sick?

Jake: No, I didn't say that.

Amanda: Well, what is it then?

Jake: I'd just assume you'd care about your nephew, and after all, Vicky is one of your best friends, right?

Amanda: Of course I care, but I just don't understand.

Jake: I just get the feeling that Vicky is starting to find better things to do, you know?

Amanda: Better things than what?

Jake: It's just a gut feeling. I mean, I don't like saying this. Vicky and I are friends; we go back a long way.

Amanda: Jake, come on. Whatever it is that you're trying to say, just go ahead and say it.

Jake: Vick-Vicky and Steven, they, uh--

Amanda: Come on, she loves that baby. I know you've seen them together.

Jake: Amanda, Vicky only has the tendency to concentrate on one thing, you know?

Amanda: What--is Steven cranky? Does he have colic or something?

Jake: No, no, the kid is great, believe me.

Amanda: You know, that can really drive a mother nuts.

Jake: It's not Steven, it's Vicky. I mean, she's got Jamie now, right? We both know that's--that's all she's ever cared about.

Amanda: Are you saying that she used the baby to get my brother?

Jake: I'm not-- I hate putting it like this.

Amanda: Ok, why don't we just say it? Vicky got pregnant because it was the only way that she could get Jamie away from Lisa.

Jake: Did she tell you that?

Amanda: No, no. But we both know how much she loves Jamie.

Jake: Right.

Amanda: Look, her whole attitude changed when she found out she was pregnant. She wasn't even going to tell Jamie. She has loved that baby from the very beginning, not just because it was a way to trap my brother. She wants the best for Steven; she wants him to have everything that she didn't.

Jake: I know about Vicky. We grew up together, remember? I'm sorry. She always felt like nobody cared about her, you know?

Amanda: Well, Jamie loves her very much.

Jake: Right. Now that she has a baby by him, I mean, he's such a responsible guy and all that. She picked a real winner, didn't she?

Amanda: Well, he's my brother, you know. I'm not exactly objective. But, um, really, I'm sure Vicky is not tired of having Steven in her life.

Jake: Well, I hope so.

Amanda: I know so. And speaking of kids, mine is going to be alone if I don't get out of here. So, look, if you want, I will talk to Vicky for you.

Jake: That would be great. Would you do me a favor and not mention--

Amanda: And don't mention you. Right.

Jake: Right.

Amanda: Ok. I think you're wrong, though. I really do.

Jake: Like I said, I hope you're right. I mean, after all the kid is the most important thing.

Amanda: It's nice that you're so concerned.

Jake: He's my nephew. Listen, by the way, I was supposed to call Marley. Can I use your phone?

Amanda: Sure, yeah. Just hit the lights and close the door when you leave, ok?

Jake: Great. Lights and the door.

Amanda: See you.

Jake: You bet.

[Tape rewinding]

Amanda: Ok, why don't we just say it. Vicky got pregnant because it was the only way she could get Jamie away from Lisa.

Donna: I--I just--you can't mention this.

Vicky: All right, mother, relax. I'm not going to say anything to Dad. I just know he's going to be crazed once he finds out you've been keeping this from him.

Donna: I can't tell him. I cannot tell him.

Vicky: Oh, well, heck no. He would have wanted us to be honest, and God knows you and I never considered that an option.

Donna: Victoria, I promised him I would never lie. I promised I would never, ever lie.

Vicky: Well, he never lies to you.

Donna: That's not the point.

Vicky: Isn't it?

Donna: I feel terribly guilty for not telling him about this.

Vicky: Well, maybe you should tell him.

Donna: I suspected you and Jake since last fall.

Vicky: Well, why haven't you said anything? I never told him you had to keep it from him.

Donna: I don't know. I just--I couldn't.

Vicky: And now you really can't.

Donna: Right.. You see, Michael would have wanted you to tell Jamie the instant you realized Jake might have been Steven's father, but I couldn't bear to see you lose Jamie.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I think Dad has a little more faith in mankind than you and I do.

Donna: [Sighing] Oh, dear. Do you think we've done this all wrong?

Vicky: Probably. But I tell you, I don't know what I would have done without you.

Donna: You would probably do the same thing. You're Steven's mother. Men just don't understand that.

Vicky: Oh, I guess not.

Donna: I have an idea. Let's go home.

Vicky: Good idea.

Donna: Now, I don't want you to mention this to your father.

Vicky: I won't, but I tell you, if things don't work out for me, I'll lose.

Donna: I know.

Vicky: Dad's going to find out the truth?

Donna: I know. And I'll lose.

Stacey: What are you talking about?

Derek: Think I'm somebody to be pitied? Huh?

Stacey: What?

Courtney: Uh, excuse me, folks. I'm just gonna run a little short errand down the hall. I'll be back in a sec. Ciao.

Stacey: Wait a second. You think that I--I pity you?

Derek: I'm just a charity case to you.

Stacey: Well, stop putting words in my mouth.

Derek: Then why did you pay to have my phone hooked up?

Stacey: Oh, that.

Derek: Yeah, and you had all the back bills sent to you.

Stacey: Well, maybe I should have said something to--

Derek: I don't let anybody pay my way.

Stacey: Look, I was just trying to say, "thank you."

Derek: Thank you? For what?

Stacey: For helping me during the trial.

Derek: I did that for Fanny.

Stacey: Oh, well, excuse me! I didn't realize that. My mistake, all right? I thought maybe you were helping me when you saved my life in the back alley or when you trusted me enough to let me know where you live or give me your damn phone number. I'm sorry. I made a mistake, all right?

Derek: You have no right to try to control my life.

Stacey: By paying your back phone bills?

Derek: Hey, if you wanted to say "thank you," then just say, "thank you."

Stacey: Whoa. Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit?

Derek: Just forget it...

Stacey: No, I'm not going to forget it. Obviously, it's something more than the phone bill. Ok, why don't you try talking to me? Help me understand what it is.

Derek: Ok. How about what you said to your date--that doctor guy.

Stacey: Dr. Jansen-Eric?

Derek: Yeah, that's his name.

Stacey: Wha--what did I say?

Derek: About my face.

Stacey: You heard that, huh?

Derek: Yeah, I heard that.

Stacey: Look, he was just trying to be nice.. He knows a surgeon at the hospital and he--

Derek: Hey, I am who I am; I look the way I look.

Stacey: I was just trying to help.

Derek: But that's--

[Bangs table] ...Really what you're all about, isn't it?

Stacey: What?

Derek: What--being helpful. I mean, that's what you're always trying to do, right? "Let's help Derek." "Let's fix Derek's life." "Let's put Derek in a suit.." "Let's make Derek's life more like mine." Well, let me tell you something: Your life is the one that needs fixing.

Matt: I guess I was trying to be responsible. Take care of everything around the house, you know?

Josie: I'm sure no one expects you to do that.

Matt: But Mom needs somebody now that Mac's gone... except I don't know how to be Mac.

Josie: You don't have to be him. Just being yourself is enough.

Matt: I feel helpless, Josie.

Josie: Sure... helpless, angry.

Matt: Angry--yes, I was angry. I was mad at Mom, I was mad at Mac for dying.

Josie: You just had it all inside.

Matt: It's scary. It's like everything is completely different. A week ago, I was a kid, and now--

Josie: Makes you grow up really fast.

Matt: Nothing is ever going to hurt me like this again. I'll know how to deal with it.

Josie: It's gonna be ok.

Matt: You do not know how many times I've dreamed about kissing you, with you coming to me and telling me it's ok.

Josie: The only thing that matters now is that we're here together. And everything's going to be ok. I promise.

[Knocking on door]

[Amanda gasps]

Be fearless.

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: I'm sorry, Amanda. I didn't mean to startle you.

Amanda: Oh, that's all right.

Evan: Your mother gave me a set of keys.

Amanda: She did?

Evan: Yeah. Are you sure you're ok?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine... and you're wet.

Evan: Yeah, I got soaked--

Amanda: Take this off.

Evan: ...This is just from the car to the door. It's unbelievable out there.

Amanda: Um, look, do you want something warm to drink, maybe?

Evan: Uh... no. I'd just like maybe a towel or something.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. How about these?

Evan: How's Alli?

Amanda: She's sound asleep. Doesn't even realize that there's a gigantic storm going on. I don't know what's the matter with me.

Evan: It's ok to be a little nervous. I mean, you're alone in this... big old house.

Amanda: This big old house is my house. This is where I grew up.

Evan: Well, it must, I don't know, must seem a little different.

Amanda: Without Daddy--yeah, it does, exactly.

Evan: Well, that's going to take some time to get used to.

Amanda: You know, I never-I never thanked you for, um--for breaking it to me about my father. I know that must have--

Evan: When I came in here you were pouring yourself some tea. Now, why don't I get you some more here.

Amanda: Thanks. Want to join me?

Evan: I--yeah, I think so.

Evan: All right. Let me help you with that. There you go.

Amanda: [Chuckles] Still shaky. Did you hear that! What was it? What was that?

Evan: I don't know. Oh, I think it's just a branch blowing against the eaves.


Amanda: Oh, right. I never noticed these things when Daddy was around.

Evan: Yeah, they say when you lose a parent it's like losing part of you that makes you very strong.

Amanda: I wish Sam were here.

Evan: Well, why don't you just go to the phone and call him?

Amanda: No, that's all right. I--I call him every day.

Evan: Well, good. How's he doing?

Amanda: Good. He says he may even get another show out of this.

Evan: Well, that's great.

Amanda: Yeah. I miss him, though.

Evan: I'm sure you do.

Amanda: I really do wish he were here. Just want to feel his arms around me.

Evan: I know I'm a poor substitute, but... if you don't mind, I'll sit with you for a little while.

Amanda: Yeah, thanks.

Stacey: He's so sensitive. He'll throw a fit over the least little thing.

Courtney: I think we should just forget it and head for the restaurant, ok?

Stacey: You know, he can't knock on the door like a normal human being. No, he's gotta come in and slam it. He'll get in a fistfight over anything. Mr. Macho man, big studly at the bar, you know?

Courtney: You did the guy a favor, and he was a jerk about it. So let it go. I mean, he sounds like a loser anyway.

Stacey: Oh, no. He is a real nice guy. But I just never know what it is that I'm going to do that's going to set him off and make him furious.

Courtney: Then say good-bye. He is not worth it. I mean, look at yourself.

Stacey: Oh, you know what makes me so mad? Is he takes it completely the wrong way, and then he doesn't even give me a chance to explain myself.

Courtney: Oil and water, my dear.

Stacey: What?

Courtney: You're too different! Forget him.

Stacey: Oh, Courtney. I'm not talking about Derek and myself like we're involved or anything. I'm--


Courtney: Ok.

Stacey: Look, all I wanted to know why he and I can't get along like normal human beings?

Courtney: Because he's not all together most of the time. Stay away from him. I mean he is truly a powder keg.

Stacey: He infuriates me. He absolutely infuriates me.

Courtney: Right. So let's go get some Chinese food.

Stacey: Oh, but there are times when--well, he listens to me.

Courtney: [Clears throat] Chinese food?

Stacey: I tell him things I wouldn't even think about telling Cass.

Courtney: Listen, hon. Walk away while you still can.

Stacey: Yeah, maybe you're right.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Stacey: Chinese food, huh?

Courtney: [Whispering] Please.

Stacey: [Chuckling] All right.

Courtney: Thank you.

Stacey: Ah, a little mushu should take my mind off of him.

[Door slams]

Caroline: And I'm not going to let you talk about contracts all night.

Cass: You do want to understand them, don't you?

Caroline: Understand? You've explained it twice. Can we please get back to you?

Cass: How's your fish?

Caroline: It's veal.

Cass: Oh.

Caroline: What have you been up to this week?

Cass: Working.

Caroline: Hiding, you mean..

Cass: I thought I made myself clear, Caroline. I'm not much in the mood for personal--

Caroline: I thought I made myself clear, Cass. You can't withdraw from life.

Cass: Give me some time, will you please?

Caroline: You ever ride a horse?

Cass: Oh, you're not going to give me the old, "once you fall off, you've got to climb right back on" routine, are you?

Caroline: It works.

Cass: Hasn't anything ever phased you?

Caroline: What?

Cass: Haven't you ever been hurt so much so that all you want to do is withdraw to some quiet room somewhere?

Caroline: Of course..

Cass: And what happened?

Caroline: You broke down the door.

Cass: Oh, I'm sorry, I-I forgot about your mother.

Caroline: It's ok. It's not the first time it happened. I've been hurt by people; I've been rejected.

Cass: Well then--

Caroline: People I loved and needed.

Cass: You must know why I need to bury myself in my work then.

Caroline: Cass, you know as well as I do it's not going to work.

Cass: So what do I do? Dance until dawn? Skydive?

Caroline: No. You need someone. You need to find someone right now.

Cass: And that's what you mean by climbing right back on, huh?

Caroline: How's your fish?

Cass: It's beef.

Vicky: How low can you get?

Jake: What?

Vicky: Stealing my baby formula, trying to convince people that I don't care about my son--

Jake: What the hell are you talking about?

Vicky: I talked to Marley.

Jake: So what?

Vicky: So she said she thought that maybe perhaps I was neglecting Steven a little bit. Who came up with that idea, sweetheart?

Jake: I got it. You got this whole thing figured out, all right?

Vicky: Oh, yeah, you're damn right I do.

Jake: What--you don't think Marley's smart enough to start piecing this together, Vicky?

Vicky: Marley doesn't suspect anyone, Jake.. You of all people should know that.

Jake: That's a cheap shot.

Vicky: Why are you doing this?

Jake: I got a call from the lab yesterday.

Vicky: So did we.

Jake: Well, then, you should know we're gonna get the results back from--

Vicky: Mm, and I can't wait. Because it's gonna prove that Jamie is Steven's father, and then you can go crawl back under your little rock.

Jake: Funny, Vicky. I don't think Jamie's as sure about this as you are.

Vicky: Why are you lying to everyone?

Jake: Oh, this is priceless. You're gonna call someone a liar, Vicky? You who told everybody in town that I raped you--

Vicky: You are talking about my son, about my ability as a mother.

Jake: Ok, here it is: When it comes to Steven I have my doubts about you.

Vicky: What?

Jake: Well, how much time did you spend with Steven today, Vic?

Vicky: A lot.

Jake: Well, why are you here instead of at home where you should be?

Vicky: I'm here because I have to deal with slime like you, and you only come out at night.

Jake: You are an emotional basket case. I--

Vicky: I'm angry, Jake. I have every reason to be.

Jake: Who's at home watching Steven, Vicky, while you're out making all these threats?

Vicky: I'm not making threats.

Jake: He doesn't have a mother at home because his own mother is too busy trying to save her own skin.

...It's all the same 'cause when it comes to you it's love, it's not a game...

my mother told me to always

wear clean underwear...

Josie: What? What is it?

Matt: Josie, I don't want you to do this if--if you're just feeling sorry for me.

Josie: I'm here because I care.

Matt: I know you care. I know.

Josie: I want to be with you.

Matt: Well, you didn't yesterday.

Josie: I was scared then... but I'm not scared now.

Matt: Josie, you didn't want to have anything to do with me when you found out about your mother.

Josie: That was different.

Matt: No, it wasn't.

Josie: Matthew, I had--I had to have time to think. I needed to be alone.

Matt: You shut me out. I don't want to go through that again.

Josie: You won't--we won't.

Matt: We have to take on things together.

Josie: I think the same way.

Matt: That's why I gave you the ring.

Josie: I know.

Matt: I can't go on seeing you. I can't go on getting close to you if you don't love me... and give me what I need.

Josie: All right.

Matt: I need the truth. Why did you break up with me?

Cass: And if the buyer wants to renegotiate the terms--

Caroline: I know, I know. Not possible after he accepts delivery.

Cass: Good girl. Any questions, call me.

Caroline: One question. Do you want to drive me home and come up for a nightcap? Hmm?

Donna: Oh, excuse me. I didn't know you had anyone here.

Caroline: That's all right. I was leaving. We'll talk. Excuse me.

Donna: Caroline.

Donna: Cass, I really have to talk to you.

Cass: No lectures, Donna. I'm really not in the mood.

Donna: Nicole really needs you.

Cass: That's it, good-bye.

Donna: Cass, just listen to me. Just listen to me. I know I have not always been fair with you.

Cass: Don't worry about that.

Donna: You have to admit, you haven't exactly led a perfect life yourself. And you have not been fair to Nicole.

Cass: Fair? Donna, I wasn't the one who did the lying--not to mention the shooting.

Donna: Don't be flippant.

Cass: I wasn't the one who was keeping secrets. I wasn't the one who was ready to walk down the aisle and pledge my life to someone, lying through my teeth all the while.

Donna: Cass, she was protecting you.

Cass: She was protecting herself!

Donna: Well, what else could she do?

Cass: She could have trusted me! She said she loved me, but she didn't even trust me enough to tell me and let me help her.

Donna: Have you seen her lately?

Cass: No.

Donna: Have you seen how pale she is? She can't eat. She has no friends left. She can't work. She's in a terribly, terribly deep depression. She is terrified of going to jail.

Cass: Don't do this, Donna.

Donna: Don't you care just a little tiny bit?

Cass: Yes, I do, but I'll get over it. If I have to work at it every minute for the rest of my life, I'll get over it. Now, please leave.

Donna: She loves you, Cass.

Cass: Get out of here!


Caroline: I--I left a little package.

Caroline: Are you all right?

[Knocking at door]

Stacey: Cass? Is that you? I didn't hear you come in. Cass?

Derek: It's me.

Stacey: Derek. How did you get in?

Derek: I can get in anywhere.

Stacey: Yeah, well you're not coming in here.

Derek: I want to talk to you.

Stacey: No, thanks.

Derek: Look, I was mad at your office before. I was mad, so I said some things I didn't mean.

Stacey: Go home, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

[Door handle jiggling]

Derek: No, now.

Stacey: We'll talk tomorrow when our heads are nice and clear.

Derek: I've been walking all night. I got a lot of things in my head about you. Let me in!

Stacey: Just give me a little peace, all right?

Derek: There's not going to be any peace--not until you let me in.

Stacey: Derek!

Derek: Now! Not when you want to, not when it's convenient--now.

Stacey: I said no!

Derek: There are some things I want to settle.

Stacey: We never settle anything! It just gets worse! So why don't you just go home?

Derek: Stacey, will you let me in? I want to know some things right now! I'm not leaving until you let me in.

[Pounding on door] To help prevent a heart attack,

Vicky: My son, my child, is home with Bridget.

Jake: Yeah, well, she's not a mother, is she?

Vicky: She was to me... the best.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Vicky: Oh, that's ok. Obviously you won't stop at anything. You want to hurt me, and you'll make it happen.

Jake: Vicky, this isn't about you.

Vicky: No, you're right. This is about you and what you want, and to hell with everyone else. Well, I think it's time this game came full circle. I'm talking to Marley.

Jake: Wait.

Vicky: Jake, I think it's time your wife realized that you ruined my marriage on the hopes that you would become the stud you always wished you were.

Jake: Vicky, you cannot tell Marley unless I'm there.

Vicky: Why not? I told Jamie without you.

Jake: I have to work. I cannot--

Vicky: So what? I can tell Marley that you slept with her sister the minute she turned her back--no help required.

Jake: Don't be stupid! You don't even have the results of the test back.

Vicky: Ooh, but that didn't stop you from telling Marley that I was a terrible mother.

Jake: All right--

Vicky: If I am going to lose Jamie through this, I'll make damn sure you lose Marley, too.

Jake: Don't be stupid. You stop and think.

Vicky: Let go of me.

Jake: You don't want to hurt Marley. You love her. You know something, Vicky? You love her as much as you love yourself. You don't want to ruin her life. You would never forgive yourself.

Same, same, same old song with a different meaning since you've been gone

Josie: My mother was a prostitute, Matt.

Matt: Yes, she admitted that. That doesn't make you any different.

Josie: This isn't about my mother; it's about my father.

Matt: I don't understand.

Josie: The day my mother testified--the day I found out about her... I got a copy of my real birth certificate.

Matt: What do you mean your real birth certificate?

Josie: The one she'd shown me had been doctored. She was trying to hide the fact that--that it said "father unknown." Matthew, my....my father was--was one of my mother's tricks.

Stacey: Derek, if you break that lock, I'm--I swear if you break that lock--

[Stacey shrieks]

Derek: I said I want to talk to you.

Stacey: Ok, ok. Just don't hurt me, all right.

Derek: I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want some answers.

Stacey: Ok, anything you want.

Derek: It's been going through my head all night. Well, no, not just tonight--ever since I met you. Ever since the first day.

Stacey: I don't understand.

Derek: What am I to you?

Stacey: What?

Derek: I mean, am I just your witness or some freak you feel sorry for or some charity case?

Stacey: No. I told you--

Derek: Or do you--do you... do you think about me as a man?

Evan: Feeling better?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, I am.

Evan: Well, good, why don't you try and get some sleep now?

Amanda: Yeah, I know, I should.

Evan: I got a great idea. Why don't you just stay in bed all day tomorrow? I mean, I got everything at the office covered.

Amanda: All right. Thanks for coming over.

Evan: It's my pleasure. It's funny.

Amanda: What?

Evan: I don't know, everything at Corey, you know, it's always business--numbers, everything's under control, but feelings are something else, you know?

Amanda: Well, I guess I better go check on Alli one last time and then, um, get some sleep.

Evan: Yeah, I'm--don't worry about me, I'll see myself out. I'll make sure the door is shut and locked. Ok? So... you know I'm sorry about scaring you.

Amanda: That's all right. I'm glad you could come. Thanks for everything.

Evan: Sure. Good night.

Amanda: Good night. Evan... um, would you stay here tonight?

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