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Another World Transcript Thursday 5/26/05

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Mitch: Very nice, very nice. Everything looks great.

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: Including you.

Felicia: Thank you. I want everyone to have a good time tonight.

Mitch: You know, it's just not the same without Mac.

Felicia: No. He was my friend. He stood by me when other publishers wouldnít have and gave me the bail money, and now that we've won, he's not here.

Mitch: It's all right. It's ok. He knows that you were free.

Felicia: I know.

Mitch: Look, if you're not up to this gathering --

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no, I am.

Mitch: It's very simple. We can get on the phone and make a call --

Felicia: No, honey, I donít want you to do that. Macís death reminded me of something -- that you can lose someone just like that. So you should treasure every minute that you have with the people that you really love. That's why I want to do this tonight. I want everybody to have fun. I want to have fun.

Mitch: Good. You know, I think he'd like that.

Felicia: Yes, I think he would like that. All these people, they helped give me back my life, so I want it to be perfect, everything. You understand. I know you do.

Mitch: How could I not understand? They're the ones that helped bring you back to me.

Felicia: Oh.

Frankie: Yo, Derek.

Derek: What do you want, Frankie?

Frankie: Oh, I just thought I'd drop by, see how everything was going. How many of those do you do?

Derek: 100 every day.

Frankie: Nothing like keeping fit.

Derek: Frankie?

Frankie: Mm-hmm?

Derek: What do you want?

Frankie: Well, why do I have to want something? Why canít I just drop by to see a friend?

Derek: Oh, I know, you just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Frankie: You have something to drink?

Derek: Got some tomato juice over there.

Frankie: I didnít ask you because I'm thirsty, stupid. Look, I'm sorry. I -- I just better go and stop bothering you.

Derek: Frankie -- what's wrong?

Frankie: It's Cass Winthrop. He is driving me crazy!

Cass: The next bequest concerns the bulk of Macís estate, his controlling interest in Cory Publishing. He has left the property as follows -- "I give, devise, and bequeath my interests in the firm of Cory Publishing in equal shares to my wife, Rachel, and my daughter Amanda, and my daughter Iris."

Amanda: What?

Cass: "The property will be given in equal shares, as they shall agree, or if they are unable to agree, as my executor may determine."

Amanda: No, there's something wrong.

Iris: Why, because Daddy included me in his will?

Cass: Do you understand what I've just said, Rachel? Do you understand the terms of Macís will?

Eric: The O.R. Got a little behind schedule, and I'm sorry I'm late.

Stacey: Oh, you are? I didnít --

Eric: You didnít notice?

Stacey: No, I was -- I was real busy --

Eric: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Stacey: With work.

Eric: Uh-huh.

Stacey: Um -- Eric?

Eric: Uh-huh?

Stacey: This note, it says, "Hope you're feeling better, Aunt Haddie."

Eric: No wonder the hospital gift shop gave me such a deal on them. I was kind of in a hurry.

Stacey: Well, hey, what the heck, it's the thought that counts, right?

Eric: I hope Aunt Haddie thinks so.

Stacey: Let me stick these in water here --

Eric: Ok.

Stacey: And I'll be about ready to go.

Eric: Well, who else is going to be there tonight?

Stacey: Well, my brother, Cass, will be there -- uh, my partner Zack, and Mitch and Felicia, of course, and you and me. I think that's it.

Eric: I've never celebrated someone's release from prison before.

Stacey: Well, we're a very dignified crew. I think it's actually been months since we've worn lampshades on our heads and done the hula.

Eric: Well, it would break the ice at least.

Stacey: You know, actually, I think it's going to be kind of low-key tonight because of Mac and all.

Eric: Well, it'll be a good chance for me to meet some new people. I haven't had much time to do that since I moved to Bay City.

Stacey: You know, I do have to warn you about one thing.

Eric: Uh-oh.

Stacey: Yeah. Well, there are going to be three lawyers in one room tonight, all discussing a particular case, so we might be talking about law for part of the evening.

Eric: That's ok.

Stacey: You donít think you'll be bored?

Eric: No, I donít think that'll be a problem.

Stacey: Oh. Ok.

Eric: Ready to go?

Stacey: Yeah. Um, yep.

Eric: Here we are.

Derek: Why do you want to work for this guy if he makes you so mad, anyway?

Frankie: Believe it or not, I have asked myself the very same question.

Derek: What'd you come up with?

Frankie: I donít know. I'm stubborn, I guess. Can I stop this now?

Derek: Yeah, but do it gradually. Take some deep breaths. Yeah.

Frankie: Winthrop may not like me, and I can even understand that, given the circumstances -- sort of -- but I'm a damn good investigator, you know, and I guess I just want to hear him say that.

Derek: Put your head down on your chest and roll your head around.

Frankie: Oh.

Derek: See? Now, you're all knotted up.

Frankie: Oh. Oh. You really want to relax me?

Derek: Frankie.

Frankie: Sorry?

Derek: Why do you care what Winthrop thinks?

Frankie: I donít.

Derek: Well, I mean, there's other jobs you can get, right?

Frankie: All right, I care.

Derek: Why?

Frankie: The guy caught me in a major mistake, ok? I mean, I came roaring into a town and I just assumed that Felicia Gallant was guilty. Now, not only is she not guilty, she just happens to be one of the major great ladies of all time.

Derek: True.

Frankie: Right, so, I mean, it's a thing with me, you know? I mean, I admitted to Winthrop that he was wrong, so I want to rub it into his face that he was wrong about me.

Derek: Even if you have to work with him every day?

Frankie: Ooh, that's the disgusting part. It will probably be even more than that.

Derek: More than what?

Frankie: More than just working with him. I mean, I might have to socialize with the guy. Take tonight, for instance. Felicia is giving this party for everyone who helped her out, right, and I'm invited. Turns out Winthrop is, too.

Derek: I'm invited, too.

Frankie: You are? Great.

Derek: Winthrop's going to be there, right?

Frankie: Yeah, well, he says he's, like, her best friend. Bummer, huh?

Derek: Yeah, maybe I'll just skip it.

Frankie: Oh, come on, go with me. We'll stick together. I mean, what do we care if Winthrop and his stuck-up little sister are going to be there?

Derek: Staceyís going to be there?

Frankie: Well, if she could fit it into her busy social schedule. Come on, Derek, donít make me walk in there alone.

Derek: Maybe I should go.

Frankie: Yeah! That's the spirit. All right. I mean, the Winthropís of the world canít keep us down, right?

Amanda: Mom?

Cass: Rachel? Do you understand this provision of Macís will?

Rachel: Yes, of course I do. I'm just surprised, that's all. We never discussed it.

Iris: It's what Daddy wanted.

Ada: Oh, Iris, please.

Amanda: How do we contest this, Cass?

Rachel: No.

Amanda: Mom.

Rachel: I mean it. If this is what Mac wanted, then this is the way it will be.

Evan: Let's just -- let's hear the rest of the will.

Rachel: Yes, please.

Cass: All right. Shall I just summarize it?

Rachel: Yes, fine.

Cass: There's a trust fund for Amanda and a separate one for Alexandra. And the remainder of Macís personal estate, including this house, is bequeathed to you, Rachel.

Rachel: Is that the end?

Cass: Basically, yes. I'll be in touch with each of you about the specifics of the bequests and how to administer the trust funds.

Rachel: Thank you, Cass.

Cass: You're welcome, Rachel. So I guess I'll get going. I'll let you discuss this among yourselves.

Jamie: Thank you, Cass.

Cass: You bet, Jamie.

Matt: Thanks.

Cass: Ok, Matt. If you have any questions, donít hesitate to call me.

Amanda: I have a question.

Cass: Yes, Amanda?

Amanda: How do we know that this is Daddy's final will?

Cass: Why do you ask that, Amanda?

Amanda: Because it's dated before he ever found out what Iris did to him.

Rachel: Amanda, I donít need this right now.

Amanda: Mom, I'm only just --

Rachel: Please, donít do this.

Ada: Come on, Cass, I'll walk out with you.

Cass: Thanks, Ada.

Matt: Mom wasn't too pleased with Amanda right then.

Jamie: I think this will caught everybody by surprise.

Matt: Why did Mac do it?

Jamie: Iris was his daughter. He looked out for her all his life.

Matt: Now I suppose Mom will have to.

Iris: Well, Amanda will never forgive me now.

Evan: It looks like Mac did.

Iris: Yes, I guess he did.

Evan: Iris, for once, why donít you try and do the right thing and smooth everything over.

Rachel: I'm sorry I snapped at you in front of everyone.

Amanda: I was only trying to help.

Rachel: You've been an enormous help. I donít know what I would've done without you. Your father has left us beautifully provided for. We'll have more money than we'll ever need. But we donít have him, and that's all I can think about.

Iris: Amanda. Believe me, I do understand how you feel.

Amanda: No, you donít.

Iris: Listen, I was his daughter, too, you know. I think Daddy left his will that way because he wanted us to comfort each other and try working together.

Amanda: I donít want to work with you, Iris. I donít even want to see you. I had to put up with you while Daddy was alive, but he's not anymore. Donít you understand? It isnít the money that I care about. All I care about is getting you out of our lives.

Iris: Well, I donít think Daddy thought about it that way at all. He thought of us as a family. And I guess he thought as a family, we'd be able to forgive one another. It's a pity you didnít inherit one of his traits.

Rachel: That's enough. That's enough. You know perfectly well why Amanda feels the way she does.

Iris: Yes, I'm sorry.

Rachel: This is useless. I am not questioning the validity or legality of that will.

Amanda: You're not?

Rachel: I am not.

Iris: It looks like we're going to have to work together, Amanda, whether we like it or not.

Felicia: Oh, Ronnie, hi. Zack, hello.

Zack: How you doing?

Felicia: Glad to see you both.

Ronnie: It is so good to see you in your own home.

Zack: Yeah, where you belong.

Felicia: Yeah.

Mitch: You're so right. Can I get you something? Some champagne?

Zack: Hey, let's wait till everybody gets here and have one giant toast.

Felicia: I thought that Cass and Stacey would be here by now.

Zack: Well, Cass stopped off at the Coryís'.

Ronnie: Yeah, Zack said they're reading the will today.

Felicia: I didnít know that.

Zack: Yeah, I know, and Stacey might be a little late. I had to go to court and she closed up the office.

Mitch: So how are things at Winthrop and Edwards?

Zack: Oh, good, man. The publicity from the trial, man, got us a lot of new clients.

Ronnie: Oh, does that mean you're going to moving out of that closet you-all work in?

Zack: Yeah, right, right. But we are looking for new office space and we're thinking about adding on some new staff.

Felicia: Oh, what kind of new staff?

[Doorbell rings]

Zack: Secretary/receptionist, to begin with.

Ronnie: Well, good, because Reuben never gives you my messages.

Zack: Uh-huh. And we're probably going to look for a private investigator, too.

Felicia: Oh, a private investigator? Really?

Stacey: Mitch Blake, this is Eric Janssen.

Mitch: It's nice to meet you.

Eric: Thank you.

Mitch: Glad you could come. Come on in.

Stacey: Hey, thanks. We wouldnít be anywhere else tonight, that's -- oh, Felicia!

Felicia: Hi, honey. You look wonderful.

Stacey: You look gorgeous!

Felicia: Thank you.

Stacey: Felicia Gallant, Ronnie Lawrence, Zack Edwards, this is Dr. Eric Janssen.

Felicia: Hello, Dr. Janssen.

Eric: Hello.

Felicia: This is a real pleasure. I've been reading about your work.

Eric: Oh, have you?

Felicia: Yes, you're starting an in vitro lab here in Bay City, aren't you?

Eric: Well, yes, I hope to.

Felicia: Oh, that's wonderful work, helping couples to have babies.

Eric: Yes, it is when you succeed.

Zack: Well, welcome to Bay City. We hope you have a good time here.

Eric: Well, thank you. Actually, I'm beginning to enjoy it more and more.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Ah, excuse me. Honey, let me get it this time.

Frankie: Hi.

Felicia: Frankie, hi.

Frankie: Felicia, hi.

Felicia: Come in, come in. Derek. Hello.

Frankie: Hello. Hey, Ronnie. Zack, Mitch, hi.

Felicia: I think you guys know almost everyone here except for Dr. Eric Janssen. This is Staceyís date.

Singer: Donít care what we plan to do stay together from now on

Rachel: For anyone who would like something to eat, Hilda has prepared something in the den.

Matt: Great. Can you stay?

Josie: Sure.

Matt: Great.

Rachel: Jamie, do you want to call Vicky and have her bring over Steven?

Jamie: Oh, I think that he's probably down for the count by now, and Bridget has the day off, anyway.

Rachel: Ok, some other time.

Jamie: Ok. Why donít we go into the den right now? I can see that Matthewís starving.

Matt: I am not. I'm a little hungry.


Matt: Let's go.

Josie: Ok.

Rachel: I would like to say one thing more to both of you. I am perfectly aware of the implications of Macís will. You are a member of the company now.

Iris: Thank you, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm also aware that Amanda and I hold 2/3 of Macís stock against your 1/3.

Evan: Since Mac did control 51% of the stock, you two are a major voting bloc.

Iris: Thank you. I just think we should try and keep the best interests of Cory Publishing at heart.

Amanda: Of course we will, Iris.

Iris: Look, I know my rights as a minority stockholder. When I returned to Bay City and worked with my father, I think I accomplished a lot of good things at Cory Publishing and "Brava." I would really like you to keep that in mind.

Rachel: I will.

Iris: Well, now, if you'll excuse me. Good evening, Ada.

Ada: Good night, Iris.

Amanda: What sort of rights was she talking about?

Evan: Well, I'll have to take a look at the corporation charter for specifics, but two things I am certain of -- Iris must be given a seat on the board of directors and access to certain company records.

Ada: Oh, wonderful.

Amanda: Look, if this is true, then --

Rachel: Amanda, you're going to have to face another reality -- Iris is in our lives to stay.

Singer: 'Cause when I go through the day

Derek: Yeah, we already met.

Eric: Yes, at Staceyís.

Felicia: Oh. Well, that's good.

Frankie: Oh, Felicia, I love this outfit.

Felicia: Thank you.

Frankie: I really do. And this place, it's just to die for.

Felicia: Well, Mitch had it done over when I -- well, we all know where I was.

Frankie: Yes, and thank God you're not there anymore.

Felicia: Yes, hallelujah.

Mitch: Can I get you something?

Felicia: I would love a beer.

Derek: You got any juice?

Mitch: Sure. Come on.

Felicia: Come on, I'll show you the apartment.

Frankie: Oh, great!

Eric: Well, your friend seems to be a man of few words, but his date certainly makes up for it.

Stacey: Oh, that's not his date.

Eric: She's not?

Stacey: No. No, she's just a friend of his, and he isnít a friend of mine.

Eric: He's just a business acquaintance?

Stacey: Right.

Eric: Hmm, I see.

Stacey: Let's get something to drink, hmm?

Eric: All right.

Felicia: You know, I'm really glad that you're going to stay in Bay City.

Frankie: Yeah, so am I, but I have to start looking for a job pretty soon because I've been mooching off Sharlene for too long.

Felicia: What kind of work you looking for?

Frankie: Well, I've got a P.I.'s license. I'd like to put it to use.

Felicia: Oh. That's right, I had forgotten that. You are a private investigator.

Frankie: Yeah.

Felicia: That's interesting. Listen, let me buy you a drink.

Frankie: Great.

Mitch: So can I get you something?

Stacey: Oh, no, Mitch, thanks anyway. We'll get our own. You're busy enough.

Mitch: Excuse me.

Eric: White wine, Stacey?

Stacey: Oh, yeah, I'd love some. You remembered.

Eric: Right. I'll have to stick with club soda tonight. I'm on call.

Stacey: Right. Eric is a doctor.

Derek: Yeah. I remember.

Eric: Derek and I met at your place the night of our date -- the date that never happened.

Stacey: Oh, right.

Eric: I had to deliver a baby that night. I hope that doesn't happen tonight.

Stacey: Yeah, me, too.

Eric: Well, I think I'll check out the view from that window. Excuse me.

Singer: Goodbye and good to be back and crazy it's good to be back with you

Stacey: Well, it's nice to see you again.

Derek: Do you like that guy?

Stacey: What do you mean?

Derek: I've seen you with him twice.

Stacey: Eric? He's a very nice man.

Derek: I donít remember asking you that.

[Doorbell rings]

Stacey: Oh. Felicia and Mitch are busy. I'll get the door.

Cass: Hey. Hi.

Stacey: Oh, hi, Cass. Hey.

Cass: Gee, that's the best you can do? That's it? "Oh, hi, Cass. Hey"?

Stacey: I'm sorry.

Cass: Well, you're friendlier than that to the guy who reads the meter.

Stacey: Cass! Hey!

Cass: All right, yeah! Hi!

Stacey: Come on in! Have some champagne! It's not a party without you, baby.

Felicia: Well, the gang is now here.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Hi, honey.

Stacey: Hey, oh, there's Eric alone. I'll see you later.

Cass: Wait a minute --

Felicia: Hey.

Cass: What?

Felicia: How did the reading of the will go?

Cass: I donít think Rachel will mind my telling you. Mac left 1/3 of his Cory stock to Iris.

Felicia: Oh, God.

Cass: Yeah, that's sort of what I said.

Felicia: You donít think that Iris would start anything, do you?

Cass: Not as long as I'm around.

Felicia: Well, thank goodness for Winthrop and Edwards, huh?

Cass: Hear, hear.

Felicia: Hear, hear.

Cass: Hey, I didnít know you were working for the airlines.

Felicia: I'm moonlighting.

Cass: Oh.

Felicia: And speaking of Winthrop and Edwards --

Cass: Mm-hmm?

Felicia: I understand you're looking for a private investigator.

Cass: Oh, yeah, that's right.

Felicia: Great! Frankie?

Cass: Wait!

Frankie: Yeah?

Felicia: Frankie, come on over here.

Cass: Please, just -- hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Cass.

Felicia: You know what? Cass' company is looking for a private investigator. Frankie is a private investigator. Is it not amazing how things work out?

Frankie: Amazing.

Cass: Amazing.

Matt: So, how long will Sam be gone?

Amanda: Oh, a week or two, at least. He said the show is going really well.

Josie: I'll bet you wish he was here.

Amanda: Yeah, I do, especially on a day like this.

Matt: Sis, I know how you feel. We're all feeling the same because Mac is not here. Why donít you try to lighten up a little bit with Iris?

Amanda: Matthew, I have tried. I canít.

Evan: Amanda, your father's will fixed it so your mother has to deal with Iris. She's going to need your help.

Matt: He's right.

Amanda: I thought she would've gone back to the Riviera, or wherever it was that she came from. I'm sorry, I canít even look at her without thinking of what she did to Daddy. Excuse me.

Jamie: Mom, remember when Mac was planning a surprise for you, he'd make you guess riddles to find out what it was?

Rachel: Oh, it made me crazy.

Ada: You were never any good at riddles.

Rachel: I know. He knew that.

Jamie: But there was always something kind of great about when you figured it all out.

Rachel: What made you think of riddles?

Jamie: Well, I was just thinking that maybe this will is like one of those riddles. If you figure it out, if you do what he wanted, maybe it'll all make sense.

Ada: You're a good kid, you know that?

Rachel: Of course he knows.

Ada: Speaking of kids --

Jamie: Hmm?

Ada: How's yours?

Jamie: Oh, Steven? Oh, he's great. Yeah.

Ada: It was good of Mac to put Steven in his will even before he was born.

Jamie: Yes, it was. Now Mac will always be part of his life, no matter what happens.

Evan: Excuse me.

Rachel: Yes, Evan, what?

Evan: Rachel, I think I should be going, unless there's something else you need me to do.

Rachel: No. Thank you for being here tonight.

Evan: I know it's going to be a tough transition for you, and I will be glad to do anything for you. I mean, I would -- if you want me to be involved.

Rachel: Of course I do, and you are.

Evan: Good night.

Rachel: Good night.

Jamie: Good night.

Ada: Good night, Evan.

Evan: Good night, Matt, Josie.

Matt: Good night.

Josie: Oh, I guess Evanís leaving.

Matt: Yeah, I guess so.

Josie: I guess I should go, too.

Matt: Is that what you want to do?

Josie: No, it's not what I want.

Matt: What do you want?

Josie: What I want is to be here with you.

Iris: Hello, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, I thought I'd lost you forever. But I haven't, have I? You didnít forget me, did you? Oh, I'm going to make you so proud of me! Vivien? Vivien? Where are you? Vivien?

Lucas: I gave her the night off.

Iris: Lucas. This is the first time I can remember

Iris: You have got one hell of a nerve, Lucas, coming in and making yourself comfortable in my apartment, dismissing my housekeeper.

Lucas: I didnít mean to upset you.

Iris: Well, you have upset me. And where's Vivien? I mean, what's she doing letting strangers into my apartment and taking orders from somebody else?

Lucas: I didnít give Vivien an order.

Iris: Well, where is she?

Lucas: I merely said that I needed to speak to you alone and I had your best interests at heart, and she believed me.

Iris: Oh, she did, did she? Listen, Lucas, I know you've made your reputation by being unconventional, but perhaps occasionally sometimes you could give someone some advance notice or something. Oh, God. It's been such -- such a strange day.

Lucas: What happened?

Iris: My father's will was read today.

Lucas: Yes?

Iris: Yes, and he mentioned me.

Lucas: And you weren't expecting that?

Iris: No.

Lucas: How much did he leave you?

Iris: He left me 1/3 of his stock in Cory Publishing.

Lucas: That's one hell of a mention.

Iris: Yes. I just -- I just wish he was here. We should be running the company together.

Lucas: Well, at least you're not on the outside.

Iris: No, I'm not. I'm right there on the inside. And my father's widow and her daughter, they donít like it a bit.

[Lucas chuckles]

Lucas: Do you care?

Iris: Nope. I donít care because, Lucas, I am back, and I am going to make Cory into the giant that it deserves to be. I'm going to make it as a tribute to him.

Lucas: And what about "Sophisticate"?

Iris: Well, maybe now we can publish it with Cory.

Lucas: I wouldnít do that.

Iris: Why not?

Lucas: You said you have 1/3 of your father's company.

Iris: Yes.

Lucas: How much does his wife and other daughter have?

Iris: 2/3.

Lucas: I rest my case.

Iris: Lucas, I am not a fool. I wonít let Amanda or Rachel anywhere near that magazine till it's published.

Lucas: The only way you can do that is to control the entire company.

Iris: That's right.

Lucas: You do want it all, donít you?

Iris: Yes, I want it all, and I'm going to have it all. And I'm going to do it just for him.

Rachel: Well, you kiss that baby for me, all right?

Jamie: Oh, I sure will.

Rachel: And thank Vicky for letting him be with us tonight.

Jamie: Oh, I'm sure she understands. I'll call you tomorrow.

Rachel: All right, darling. Good night.

Jamie: Good night. Goodbye, everybody.

Ada: Good night, sweetheart.

Matt: Good night, Jamie.

Josie: Night, Jamie.

Ada: You want to lie down?

Rachel: No, I'm going to see to dinner.

Ada: Dinner? What was that we just had?

Rachel: That was a snack for Matthew.

Ada: Some snack.

Rachel: We have a growing boy in the household again. What about you, Josie, will you stay?

Josie: Sure.

Rachel: Good. It shouldnít take long.

Josie: Matthew?

Matt: Thanks for coming.

Josie: You donít have to thank me. Is something else wrong?

Matt: What do you mean?

Josie: Well, I donít know, just every time anyone mentions Vicky or the baby, you kind of get this funny look on your face.

Matt: Well, they're -- they're having some trouble, I think.

Josie: Jamie and Vicky?

Matt: Yeah. Jamieís not saying much about it to anybody. That's how he is. I just think he doesn't want Mom to worry about it.

Josie: I guess the will was kind of a surprise, huh?

Matt: Yeah, the part about Iris was, yeah.

Josie: You know, I know she did some terrible things to your family, but I just -- I find it hard to imagine.

Matt: You do?

Josie: Well, she's always been so nice to me.

Matt: Josie, I'm saying this because I care about you -- just watch out for Iris.

Josie: What are you thinking about?

Matt: Mac, the cabin.

Josie: Oh, the one he gave you?

Matt: Yeah. Oh, I used to give him a hard time about that when he and a bunch of his friends would go up there. I'd say, "What are you going to do, kill Bambi's mother?" I donít think he actually ever killed any deer. He'd just go up there and relax and fish. The first time I went up with him, I was a freshman in high school, this high school I hated. I kept cutting class.

Josie: You?

Matt: Yeah, me. And I knew my grades were going to be bad, but they turned out worse than that. When I got the report card, I put it right on the desk over there, went up to my room, closed the door. Well, two hours later, bang, bang, bang on my door, there's Mac. I thought, "Boy, I'm going to get it this time." Instead, you know what he says to me?

Josie: What?

Matt: He says to me, "pack some clothes up, we're going up to the cabin."

Josie: I bet you couldn't believe it.

Matt: I couldn't believe it. I mean, he just dropped everything. We went up there for three or four days, did nothing but fish, take walks in the woods, talk. We had a great time. Anyway, the night before the last day we were there, he says to me, "Matt, how would you like to go to a new school next year? I donít think that local school's much of a challenge for a young boy like you."

Josie: And that's all he said to you?

Matt: No, he said if I cut any more classes, he'd have my rear end. But he knew -- he knew what I wanted before I knew what I wanted. And he never pushed. He took you as you were. I -- I donít know, I donít know what I'm going to do without him. I miss him so much.

Felicia: All right, now, everybody -- listen, I'd like to tell you something, all of you, ok? I promise that I wonít go on forever.

Cass: Yeah, right.

Felicia: Oh, now, come on, indulge me a little, all right?

Cass: All right.

Felicia: You know, in the last few months, there have been times that I was tempted to say, "Why me?" And there were other times that I was sorely tempted to give up and say, "Why not me?" But I didnít, and I got through this, and it was because of all of you. I used to think I was a person that didnít have a family, but I was wrong, because you, all of you, are my family. You saved my life, and I'll be indebted to you forever, and I thank you for that. I know why me now. I understand why all of this has happened, because I found out something quite wonderful. The daughter that I had when I was a teenager, the daughter that I thought was stillborn, she's alive.

Cass: What?

Felicia: Yeah. And I'm going to find her, because I want her to meet all of you. I want her to know her family. So, to you, to freedom --


Felicia: And -- and to Mac. Ok.

Eric: Hear, hear. Congratulations.

Felicia: Stacey. Derek. Honey. Eric, nice meeting you.

Eric: Congratulations.


Felicia: And you -- well, you.


Felicia: Thank you.

Stacey: Salud.

Zack: Salud.

Felicia: Ok, that's it. Now, I want everyone to have a fabulous time, all right?

Frankie: All right!

Cass: Wait just one second. Wait a second. I would just like to say one word about our head flight attendant.


Felicia: What?

Cass: It's just that if we had to, we would all do it again.

Zack: Hear, hear.

Stacey: Yes.

Cass: Because we love you.

Mitch: Yes.

Cass: To you.

Felicia: Thanks. Thank you.

Stacey: Welcome home.

Eric: Yes.

Felicia: Thank you.

Stacey: All right.

Cass: All right, now we can have a good time!

Stacey: That's right!

Frankie: Hey, I'm going to get me something to eat.

Stacey: I meant to ask you -- all right, I'll try not to.

Cass: I have to talk to you. Frankie?

Frankie: Hmm, I canít believe it. She's got a kid.

Cass: I know, I'm surprised, I'm as surprised as you are. But what she said before --

Frankie: Now, I wonder if you start with the hospitals or do you start with the city.

Cass: What are you talking about?

Frankie: Finding her kid, of course.

Cass: You want to help Felicia find her daughter?

Frankie: Yeah, well, of course I do. Donít you?

Cass: Well, then I think that we might as well work together.

Frankie: Are you offering me a job, counselor?

Cass: I figure it's either that or having you get in my way all the time.

Frankie: Mm-hmm. Well, Winthrop, this is your lucky day, because I accept.

Ronnie: Hey, hey, come on, Feliciaís going to give us a tour of this place.

Frankie: Oh, great! Oh-oh -- that is, unless, of course, you have something else to say to me, boss.

Cass: No, that's about it. Carry on.

Frankie: Thank you.

Cass: Mitch.

Mitch: Yeah?

Cass: How did Felicia find out about her daughter?

Mitch: I'll tell you later.

Cass: Ok.

Singer: And I hope you feel the same

Eric: Would you be more comfortable if I left?

Stacey: No. Why do you say that?

Eric: I have a feeling Derek definitely would.

Stacey: Oh, Eric, no.

Eric: And I think he's a better friend to you than you realize, Stacey.

Stacey: Oh, he just --

Eric: Whenever he sees us together, the way he looks at me looks like he wants to tear me apart.

Stacey: Look, Eric, he's lived out on the streets. He's had a really difficult life. He helped me enormously with that case. I just canít cut him loose like this.

Singer: You were meant for me

Stacey: First of all, I donít think he could even get a job. He's had virtually no education. With that scar on his face, I think people probably look at him and think he's violent or something.

Eric: Well, maybe I can help him with that.

Stacey: Help him with the scar?

Eric: There's an excellent plastic surgeon on staff at the hospital. I could refer Derek if he wanted me to, and I think perhaps Medicare would take care of the costs.

Stacey: You'd do that for him?

Eric: Sure.

Stacey: Wow, that's terrific. I think that's just what he needs to get started again. Ow. Ooh. Whoa!

Eric: This is very nice.

Singer: For a once-in-a-lifetime romance so

Amanda: No, Sam, really, I'm ok. Mom and I will deal with Iris somehow. I know. Me, too. Hey, look, I am really proud of you. Not as much as I love you. Ok, yeah, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

Evan: Hi. I saw your light on.

Amanda: Yeah, I just wanted to talk to Sam outside of the house.

Evan: You ok?

Amanda: Sure. Yeah. No.

Evan: Well, hey, do you want to talk or something?

Amanda: How could Daddy have left Iris in his will?

Evan: Amanda, your father didnít expect to die. Maybe he just didnít have time to change it.

Amanda: But how can Mom just -- just accept it? How can she just stand there and take it?

Evan: Because she knew him better than anybody. Maybe she understands exactly why he didnít change his will.

Amanda: Iris is going to come after Mom and me. I know her.

Evan: Are you afraid?

Amanda: Of course I'm afraid. Iris doesn't stop at anything. She thinks everything she does is perfectly justified.

Evan: Ok, do you trust me?

Amanda: Yes. You know I do.

Evan: Well, then donít worry, because I didnít spend all that time with Iris not to understand her best moves.

Amanda: I thought that I could anticipate her, too.

Evan: But I can be more objective, Amanda. Believe me, I can handle Iris.

Lucas: It's not going to be easy getting control of that company with 1/3 of the stock.

Iris: That's my problem.

Lucas: Would you like a drink or something?

Iris: What I would like is for you to tell me why you're here.

Lucas: I set up some interviews in New York for you.

Iris: Why?

Lucas: To get "Sophisticate" launched. Why else?

Iris: I haven't hired you yet.

Lucas: But you will. You're not stupid. Look, go on the interviews. If I prove not to be the one, forget it.

Iris: Oh, well, I suppose, yes, I could do with a change of scenery and -- well, I suppose I could go and then I could decide whether or not I'm going to hire you when I come back.

Lucas: Good. Now, one more thing.

Iris: I'm sorry, Lucas, but I'm too tired to discuss any more business.

Lucas: No more business. Absolutely not. I was going to suggest a drink, purely social.

Iris: I have never been purely anything.

Lucas: Will you join me?

Iris: Why not.

Matt: I'm so glad you came over today.

Josie: Oh, it's where I want to be. It's where I always want to be.

Matt: I'm sorry. I shouldnít have come on like that, Josie.

Josie: No. No, no, it wasn't you.

Matt: No, Josie --

Josie: You were only doing what I wanted you to do. Please, tell your mother that I couldn't stay for dinner.

Matt: Why?

Josie: I canít explain. 

Felicia: So I guess I'll see you at the office when I come calling.

Frankie: Yeah! I guess so.

Felicia: Now, isnít this wonderful.

Cass: Oh, yes!

Mitch: Felicia?

Felicia: Yes? Oh, Mitch needs me for something.

Cass: Go, go, go.

Frankie: I hope you understand that I'm going to need time for my own cases.

Cass: Well, I hope you understand that this is just probationary.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Oh, yeah, one slip-up and you're out, honey. Can I get you more champagne?

Stacey: So I donít know where he is. I donít understand it.

Felicia: Who?

Stacey: Derek! He just disappeared.

Mitch: We were wondering if you had seen him.

Felicia: No, I didnít even know he'd left. That's very strange. I mean, he didnít even say goodbye?

Amanda: You know, you really have been great through all of this.

Evan: Well, what are friends for? I mean, it has been kind of a tough day.

Amanda: Yeah, there have been a lot of them lately. Look, I guess I better get going. I want to get home and see Alli before she has to go to sleep.

Amanda: I just want him back, you know? I want him back here with us, where he belongs. I just want everything to be the way it was. I'm sorry.

Evan: Amanda, donít be sorry.

Amanda: You know, they say you're supposed to rely on your family for comfort at times like these. But, you know, it's really strange, we're all feeling so bad, it's like we're all isolated, we're afraid to touch each other.

Evan: Listen to me. If you need somebody to talk to, you call me. I mean, till Sam gets back. Ok?

Amanda: Thanks. That's sweet.

Evan: It was sweet. But just forget about her.

Ada: Matthew was very quiet at dinner.

Rachel: Josie didnít stay.

Ada: I noticed.

Rachel: They're all afraid to talk to me.

Ada: Who?

Rachel: The children. All they do is ask me if I'm ok. They donít tell me anything.

Ada: You did that to me, too, right after Gill died.

Rachel: I did?

Ada: Yeah. You're very precious to them right now. They donít want to put anything more on you. They're afraid to lose you, too.

Rachel: I need them now. I need to be their mother.

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: I'll get that, honey.

Ada: Honey?

Rachel: Who was it?

Ada: It was a messenger with this package. It's dated two days before Mac died. It's from Mac.

Rachel: Mac.

Ada: The messenger said that it was delayed.

Rachel: I felt so far away from him today. All that language in the will, it was so formal. And all that bit about Iris and trying to understand what he wanted. And now to get this.

Ada: Like he's just away on a business trip.

Rachel: He's always sending me presents.

Ada: Yeah, there was a man who loved to shop.

Rachel: Well, look at this.

Ada: What's that?

Rachel: It's a note. "My darling, wait till you hear the story behind this baby. I love you, Mac."

Ada: Honey?

Rachel: I guess we'll never hear the story about this one. Another one of his riddles. And everybody knows I'm no good at those.

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