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Mitch: That's an old one.

Felicia: This was the first book that Mac Cory published for me. We were both so excited about it.

Mitch: He inscribed it.

Felicia: Yeah, he did. He sent it over to the apartment along with two dozen red roses.

Mitch: That sounds like something he would do. Do you mind if I read this?

Felicia: No. Please.

Mitch: "To my dear friend Felicia. May the romance of this never equal that which you find for yourself. To a long and successful partnership, my love, always, Mac."

Felicia: Well, he always believed in me.

Mitch: He was a smart man.

Felicia: Oh, I canít believe that he's gone.

Mitch: I canít, either. After all the years we were on such bad terms, and then I guess he could have written me off at any time, but he never did.

Felicia: He knew how much you loved your son.

Mitch: And he did a better job of raising him than I would. I wouldnít forget that.

Felicia: I'll never forget him, for lots of reasons.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Thanks.

Lucas: I know how we're going to find her.

Felicia: Luke, please, this is not a good time.

Lucas: When is a good time, Fanny?

Bridget: The baby is asleep, but I have my doubts about that young girl.

Vicky: Oh, Bridget, Leslie will be fine. She baby-sits for the Tyning kids all the time.

Bridget: Yes, I suppose you're right. Dear, I donít know what I'm saying today, you know, I -- Dr. Jamie, I'm so happy that were home here last night.

Vicky: Well, this is Jamieís home, too. He can stay here whenever he wants to.

Bridget: Yes, of course, but --

Vicky: Bridget, why donít you go check on Steven and Leslie again, and I'll be up in a minute. I'm sure it'll make you feel better.

Bridget: Oh, yes -- right.

Vicky: Jamie Ė

Matt: Have you talked to Mom this morning yet?

Ada: Yeah, for a minute.

Matt: How is she?

Ada: Well, she's trying hard to be strong.

Adam: She's keeping the whole thing on the inside.

Ada: I know, but she has to do what she feels. Oh, honey, hi. How's the baby?

Amanda: Well, she's a little cranky this morning.

Ada: Hmm. Children sense things, you know?

Amanda: Hmm.

Ada: Sit down, honey. I'll get you some coffee.

Amanda: Daddy use to sing to her when she cried. In a split second, she would stop crying and just look up and smile.

Ada: Huh. Yeah. Well, he could do that with all of you, you know?

Adam: Mac always had kids around him, you know? Every time I came to this door, he had somebody else's baby in his arms.

Matt: He loved Alli. Talked about her all the time.

Amanda: And she's never going to get to know him.

Ada: Yes, she will, because you're going to tell her all about him, and she's going to love him because of you.

Amanda: Well, it sounds like Mom.

Ada: Honey, hi. Are you ok? You look beautiful.

Rachel: Is everybody ready?

Ada: Yeah, I think so.

Rachel: I -- I just need a moment.

Ada: All right, all right.

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: Oh, Jamie must have decided to come here first, instead.

Lucas: I spent the whole morning at the hospital where you had the baby. No one will answer me.

Felicia: Lucas, that was over 20 years ago. I'm sure there's a whole new staff of people there by now.

Lucas: That's why I'm calling your aunt.

Felicia: Abigail?

Lucas: Yes.

Mitch: That's going to do a lot of good.

Lucas: Do you know something about that?

Felicia: She was here a few months ago before the trial. You know she's not that cooperative.

Lucas: Well, she'll answer me if she knows what's good for her.

Mitch: So what are you going to do, threaten her?

Felicia: Lucas, listen to me. I want the truth, too. But today is a memorial service for a very dear friend of mine, and I canít really focus on anything but that.

Lucas: I will get the answers from Abigail. I'll let you know when I reach her.

Derek: What was he doing here?

Iris: I felt that we should all arrive at the church together. I think that's -- that's what Daddy would have wanted.

Ada: Well, Vicky and Jamie are going to meet us at the chapel.

Iris: Oh, I see.

Ada: So why donít you do the same thing, huh?

Iris: Well, I just thought that perhaps for today -- I haven't been able to contact Dennis. He doesn't know. But never mind. I'll -- I'll meet you at the church. It's a little cold in here for me, anyway. This house is empty without Daddy.

Man: Hello?

Ada: Oh, Clarice, Larry. Oh, you are a sight for my tired eyes. Oh, look.

Rachel: Oh, hi.

Clarice: Hi.

Rachel: Clarice, Larry. Oh, it's so nice of you to be here. Oh, we're so glad you could come.

Larry: Rachel --

Clarice: Well, you know how much --

Larry: We're so sorry.

Rachel: I know.

Clarice: You know how much Mac meant to me -- to both of us?

Rachel: Yes, I do.

Clarice: They donít come any better.

Rachel: Where's Cory?

Clarice: He's in the middle of finals. He wanted to come.

Rachel: Oh, that's right, he's in college.

Larry: Yeah, he's a junior at Duke.

Rachel: Oh, my goodness.

Clarice: He loves it. And he wouldnít have been able to afford it if it wasn't for Mac.

Larry: Rachel, if there's anything you need today that -- that you canít handle --

Rachel: I know. Thank you. Do you know my children, Amanda and Matthew?

Clarice: They're all grown up.

Rachel: Yes. Time passes very quickly.

Matt: Mom, maybe we should get going.

Rachel: Oh, all right.

Amanda: I'll go check on the baby one last time.

Matt: I'll go check the limousines.

Rachel: I'm going to go with you, all right?

Matt: Ok.

Matt: Grandma?

Ada: Yes, honey.

Matt: Are you coming?

Ada: Yes, in a minute.

Matt: Are you all right?

Ada: Yeah. I just needed a minute.

Matt: Is Mom going to be ok?

Ada: You stay close to her, ok? Just be there when she needs you.

Matt: I want her to get through -- I want her to be ok with today.

Ada: Yeah. You're a very, very special young man. You know that, Matthew?

Matt: Well, I donít know if I'm ever going to get used to this.

Ada: You wonít. But time will make it not hurt so much. You have wonderful memories.

Matt: I keep thinking I'm going to forget what he looks like and the sound of his voice. I stayed up all last night trying to think of him so I wouldnít forget.

Ada: Oh, you wonít forget, you wonít forget, not ever, not ever.

Matt: What's Mom going to do?

Ada: Try very, very hard to go on with her life.

Matt: Macís dead.

Ada: Death is a part of life.

Matt: Grandma, I loved him so much.

Ada: Oh, I know, Matthew. So did I. So did I. Shh.

Derek: You really think you're going to find her?

Felicia: Lucas is very determined.

Derek: After all these years?

Felicia: I know. I guess that night was more complicated than we thought.

Derek: Look, I'm sorry for barging in.

Mitch: You didnít.

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Oh.

Mitch: I'll get it.

Felicia: Thank you.


Felicia: What is it?

Derek: I hope you donít mind. Look, I know today is the funeral for Mr. Cory.

Felicia: Yeah, we were just on our way there.

Derek: I want to go with you.

Felicia: You?

Derek: Look, I donít know him or his family. So I thought if I came with you two, no one would say anything.

Felicia: Of course you can come with me.

Derek: He helped you. He was your friend. And I want to pay my respects. I mean, I feel like I owe him. He took care of you when I couldnít.

Felicia: You are such a sweet guy. Thank you.

Derek: Nobody's any sweeter than you are. There's something else I wanted to tell you today.

Felicia: What?

Derek: I'm going to stay in Bay City --

Felicia: Oh, Derek --

Derek: For now.

Felicia: I'm so pleased you are. Really, I am.

Derek: And I promise I wonít be a pest.

Felicia: Oh, you're not a pest. You know, I think it's time for you to -- to be in one place for a while.

Derek: Yeah, maybe.

Felicia: Donít keep running, Derek. You know, life is too short to -- to always be alone.

Derek: Yeah.

[Girl laughs]

Iris: Up, Daddy, up. Up, Daddy, up. Up, Daddy, up. Faster. Up Daddy, up.

Mac: And a one, two, three, and a one, two, three -- donít look at your feet, darling.

Iris: I'll try not to.

Mac: One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. Good -- two, three, good -- two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three --

Iris: Turn me again, Daddy.

Mac: Ok.

Iris: Daddy --

Mac: Hmm?

Iris: I met a boy.

Mac: Oh, did you? Well, maybe I should meet him, huh?

Iris: Not yet. He wants me to give me his class pin.

Mac: Really? Sounds serious. Pretty soon, I suppose there'll be dozens of them.

Iris: Oh, no, never.

Mac: Never?

Iris: Only you, Daddy. No one could ever take your place.

Mac: Oh, sweetheart.

Iris: Only you. Daddy, why doesn't anybody ever love me the way I love them?

Mac: I love you, sweetheart. I'll always love you.

Iris: Daddy --

Iris: Oh. Vivien, I didnít hear you come in.

Vivien: I didnít want to disturb you.

Iris: That's all right. Sit with me.

Vivien: I thought I'd sit in back so I'd stay out of the way of your family.

Iris: You are my family now. Come on, please. Sit with me.

Vivien: How was it at the Coryís'?

Iris: I just wasn't wanted.

Vivien: I'm sorry.

Iris: That's all right. I guess I couldn't expect them to forget, even today.

Vivien: Well, I'm glad I came early and I found you.

Iris: So am I. Can I ask you a question?

Vivien: Sure.

Iris: So you like me?

Vivien: I do.

Iris: Why?

Vivien: "Why?"

Iris: Yeah, I'm not very good to you, and I know I'm inconsiderate.

Vivien: Because you do the best you can. And you're a great boss.

Iris: Am I as good as my father?

Vivien: Sure.

Iris: Oh, come on, you're only just saying that.

Vivien: No, I'm not. I wouldnít work for anybody else, and you want to know what?

Iris: What?

Vivien: You're my friend, too.

Rachel: Hi, Liz.

Liz: I canít stand it, Rachel.

Rachel: Well, it doesn't look like we have much choice, Liz. Thanks for coming, Russ.

Alice: Rachel.

Rachel: Hi.

Matt: You all right?

Rachel: Yes, I'm fine, sweetie.

Matt: Is there anything I can get you?

Rachel: No, I'm fine.

Matt: Mom, I'll stay at the house as long as you need me. The apartment is too big with Jamie gone, anyway.

Rachel: Oh, honey, you donít have to do that.

Matt: No, I -- I want to, and I need to.

Rachel: Thank you. I donít know what I would do without you.

Adam: Rachel, could I show you to your seat?

Rachel: Oh, Adam, thank you.

Matt: No, why donít I do that? If you could stay here and greet everyone --

Adam: I'd be happy to.

Rachel: Ok, we'll see you later. Thank you.

Vicky: Adam. You look terrific.

Adam: So do you.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jamie: Adam.

Adam: Looks like married life agrees with you.

Vicky: Is Rachel here yet?

Adam: Matt just took her inside.

Jamie: Excuse me, then.

Vicky: I'll be there in a minute.

Jamie: Ok.

Adam: So, how's the baby?

Vicky: Terrific. You really should come by and see him before you leave.

Adam: I will.

Vicky: Good.

Adam: It's nice to see that everything has turned out so nicely for you, Vicky.

Vicky: Thank you. See you.

[Piano plays]

Ronnie: When the world was closing in he gave us strength to smile again give him thorns and he'll find roses give him sand and he'll find the seas give him rain and he'll find the rainbow just see the love he found in me and keep that love alive in me keep his love alive in me.

Minister: Let us pray. Almighty father, we pray for the peaceful repose in your kingdom of the soul of our beloved Mackenzie Cory. Grant him the same plentiful blessings as he so graciously received on this earth in your divine presence. Amen. Michael Hudson will now say a few words.

Michael: Well, in my estimation, there was no finer man than Mac Cory. So I'm grateful that his family asked me to stand up here before you today. There's nothing I can say that'll take away the grief that I know we're all feeling. But there is something that we must do, because Mac would expect it and because he deserves it. We have to go on. Now, Mac was one of those special people. He was a person that I can say I am truly proud to have known. There was no more loyal a friend, no more wise a businessman, no more loyal a confidant, no more compassionate, generous, humorous human being. I'd have to say that Mac Cory was the embodiment of a real successful person in my eyes. There were times when I would ask Mac for business advice, and he never steered me wrong. When I talked to him about being a father, his eyes would just light up at the mention of his children. And he mentioned his wife's name, and he would rhapsodize on her grace, her wit, her beauty, her intelligence, and how lucky he was to have found her. Mac had energy and vitality, he had a wonderful sense of humor, and he didnít mince words, either. If he got angry, he let you know it. But you always knew where you stood with Mac Cory. He was basically a very happy man. He loved his wife. He was crazy about his children. He was very proud of the business that he had built. I've seen him be -- well, behave with equanimity in the face of misfortune and see him share his wealth with those less fortunate than he. Every person who came in contact with him was better for it. He gave joy to all those who touched his life. And so this is his legacy. And this is how I believe we will be able to keep a little bit of Mac with us when we leave here today. If we treat each other with as much honesty and joy and love as he gave us, our lives will be a reflection of him. He -- he would have wanted that. So, Rachel, your family has my family's prayers. Thank you.

Jamie: Ahem.

Jamie: I lost my father when I was very young. It was a loss that I took very much to heart and that I am reminded of all these years later. But I was very lucky, because I had Mac. I think Mac had a very special sensitivity. Without trying to replace my father, he became my father. Sunday is father's day. And I'm going to try not to think of what I've lost, but of the fathers I was lucky to have. To learn from Macís example in my life, Michael was right. Mac would want us to move on. We are his family. And we will make him live on in all of us and in all of our children. I'd like my brother and sister to join me now.

Matt: Our father taught us how important it is to preserve the family, no matter what happens. I'd like to think that's the least we can do in his memory.

Amanda: Our father had an extended family, and all of you were a part of it. He loved all of us as much as we loved him. Hey, Mom, coach wants us to eat something good before every game.

Iris: I wanted to speak today because I am my father's firstborn. When I was a little child, my father used to read to me, every night. And sometimes he'd choose things that I didnít quite understand, but that didnít matter, because it was always the sound of his voice which comforted me. He'd look up from his text, and he'd smile at me. And it was that smile that assured me a peaceful night. The security and unconditional love my father gave me would stay with me all of my life. I've made some grave mistakes. I've done some wrong things, sometimes I thought for the right reasons. But I know that my father loved me, as he loved us all. I know he suffered when we stumbled. I know his love will endure with me, as I hope it will for all of you. I humbly pray that the world he has found will be peaceful and more deserving of his gentleness.

Minister: Please stand. The lord bless you and keep you. The lord lift his countenance upon you and be always gracious. Amen. On behalf of Mac Coryís family, I thank all of you for coming here today to share in this remembrance of a very special man's life. I've been asked to invite all of you to a reception at the Cory home. Now please bow your heads and pray in silence for God's blessings for the soul of Mac Cory.

Minister: May the lord be with all of you. Go in peace.

Ada: Rachel --

Rachel: I have to get out of here.

Ada: Honey, let her go. She'll be all right.

Matt: Yeah.

Alice: Rachel, if you need some time alone, everyone will understand.

Rachel: I just -- I need to get some fresh air.

Alice: Well, I didnít expect to see you again so soon, and certainly not under these circumstances. I know what you're feeling.

Rachel: I'm sure you do.

Alice: You'll get through it, Rachel.

Rachel: I donít know. I donít know if I will.

Alice: You will. You're strong enough and you'll do it. Everyone we love stays with us if we let them. We all loved him very much. We'll do everything we can to help you get through this.

Rachel: I have to go, ok?

Alice: Ok, all right, ok.

[Felicia gasps]

Felicia: Oh, God. You scared me to death. What are you doing in here? How did you get in here?

Lucas: It doesn't matter.

Felicia: Luke, I really want some time alone right now. All right?

Lucas: This is important, or donít you want to know where our daughter is?

Felicia: You know, I am so sick of hearing you say that to me.

Lucas: Well, you're not exactly helping me.

Felicia: One of my dearest friends has just died. I just got out of prison for a crime I didnít commit, and you come waltzing back into my life and you tell me that I have a daughter who is not dead. Now, I think that's an awful lot of information to take in, donít you?

Lucas: Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?

Felicia: What?

Lucas: By tomorrow we'll know where our daughter is.

Vivien: You look like you could use some help.

Hilda: Thank you.

Vivien: This house is not the same without Mr. C.

Bridget: It's going to be very hard for both of you, I know that.

Vivien: Hilda, why donít you tell me what needs to be done?

Bridget: Yes, come on. And I could give you a hand, too.

Hilda: Ok, follow me.

Bridget: Come on, then.

Mitch: Well, Felicia wasn't really feeling up to coming over, so I took her home.

Matt: Yeah, I think Mom was feeling the same way. I haven't seen her since the ceremony.

Mitch: How is she?

Matt: Not saying much.

Mitch: How are you doing?

Matt: I just canít believe he's gone.

Mitch: You know, he really was a good father to you.

Matt: Well, I was lucky I had both of you guys.

Mitch: You know, you turned out ok after all.

Matt: Oh, you think so?

Mitch: Yeah, I'm proud of you.

Matt: Thanks.

Sharlene: Hi.

Josie: Hi.

Sharlene: How you doing?

Josie: Ok. Evan told me that --

Sharlene: Oh, our family's growing.

Josie: Isnít it -- isnít it all so strange?

Sharlene: What is?

Josie: Well, the Coryís. I mean, look at them. They have all these kids with all these different parents, and they're so close.

Sharlene: They're lucky people, honey.

Josie: We never had that.

Sharlene: We had each other.

Josie: I have to go.

Michael: Jamie looks like he's taking this really hard.

Donna: Are you surprised?

Michael: No, I guess it's just Vicky seems to be trying so hard to pull him out of it.

Donna: Well, she is, but he keeps running away from her.

Michael: Well, donít worry. I think he'll -- he'll come to her in his own time.

Donna: I hope so.

Caroline: You helped me when my mother died, when I had nobody to talk to, and I've never forgotten that. If you need anything, please, just come to me, because I'd really like to help.

Cass: Well, thank you, Caroline.

Caroline: I mean it. I want to be your friend.

Frankie: That woman's all over your brother like a cheap suit.

Stacey: Oh, they're friends. What difference does it make to you?

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: No, thanks. Listen, Vicky, I've been thinking.

Vicky: Yeah?

Jamie: I -- I donít want my mother to know about us, not now.

Vicky: I understand.

Jamie: It's going to be hard enough for her not to notice if I'm staying at a hospital instead of --

Vicky: Would you like to stay at home?

Jamie: Just until the test results are back.

Vicky: All right.

Jamie: But I'll still be in the guest room.

Vicky: Enough said.

Amanda: Jamie?

Jamie: Yes.

Amanda: Have you seen Mom?

Jamie: No, I havenít.

Amanda: She left the service alone, and I wonder where she could be.

Rachel: Mac, I have something to tell you. I'm not sure whether you're going to like it or not, but I wonít be coming here very often. Oh, I'll need to talk to you. I'll probably need to every day for the rest of my life. But not here. This is not the way I want to remember you. Also, I canít say goodbye. I think I'm supposed to, but I canít do it. See, I -- I have a lot of work to do. I'm supposed to carry on where you left off. I'm -- I'm not sure I'm up to it, but I'll work at it. And that's how I'll remember you and our grandchildren and their children. They'll know who you are and what you stood for. You'll be in their lives, I'll see to that. So, please, donít ask me to let you go. I canít do it.

Rachel: You're a part of me. You're part of who I am. I will never love anyone as much as I loved you.

Iris: Did you hear me, Daddy? Did you know how much I loved you? Oh. Please forgive me. Please. Please.

Ada: Hi, kiddo.

Rachel: Hi. I sort of left you holding the bag, didnít I?

Ada: No, you didnít. Everybody understood.

Rachel: I'll make it up to you.

Ada: Oh, there's nothing to make up. I miss him, too, you know?

Rachel: You know what he told me once? He told me that he considered you his best friend, because, he said, you always shot straight from the hip.

Ada: Hmm.

Rachel: And then he made me promise not to tell you because he didnít want to lose his edge in arguments on politics. He loved you, Mom, not just because you were my mother.

Ada: I never thought anybody would be good enough for you till Mac. It wasn't just that -- that he lit up like a Christmas tree every time he saw you. Every guy who ever laid eyes on you did that. It wasn't even that he made you secure and safe for the first time in your life. A lot of guys could have done that. He was good enough for you because he saw beyond your breath-catching beauty, the wild hunger you had for life. He saw the depth of you and the gentleness. He saw your craving to create and your passion to grow. He knew what you were, and he nurtured that and encouraged it and helped mold it into the woman that you have become. He was good enough for you because he saw what I saw.

Rachel: Do you think he really knew how much he meant to me?

Ada: Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I know he did. Oh.

Jamie: So then Mac tells me to throw the fish back, right? And I wanted to scream. It was this enormous, enormous fish. Donít ask me what kind, but it was huge --

Amanda: Right.

Jamie: And he had told me that we could not eat this fish.

Amanda: Why not?

Jamie: Well, he said, "Jamie, you will grow another ear if you so much take one bite of that fish," and I believed him.

Amanda: You didnít?

Jamie: Yeah.

Matt: Wait, wait, wait. One time Mac told me that if I kissed a girl, within 24 hours I'd have to marry her.

Adam: Oh.

Matt: He had this look on his face -- absolutely serious. I was 9 years old at the time. I wasn't about to argue with him.


Amanda: I remember my first day of kindergarten. He wanted to walk me to school. He wouldnít let Mom come.

Matt: Oh.

Amanda: And it was funny, you know? He knew he wanted to walk me, but he had a business meeting. So we walked the whole way, he and I, hand in hand, with the car and driver right behind us.

Rachel: He told me that --

Amanda: Yeah?

Rachel: You would feel more special if it was just the two of you.

Matt: I'm glad you're home, Mom.

Rachel: I'm glad to be here. I'm glad to see all of you. What a wonderful family my husband and I raised.

Amanda: We're all here for you, Mom.

Rachel: I know that. We were very lucky to have him, you know? We were very blessed.

Singer: It came like the spring that breaks through the snow I canít say what it may bring I only know I only know it's right to believe whatever gave your eyes this glow whatever gave my heart this song canít be wrong it's right as the rain that falls forevermore and fills the world with the bloom of our love as rain must fall and day must dawn this love this love must go on

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