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Another World Transcript Friday 5/13/05

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Amanda: Sam, I donít want to talk about this here.

Sam: Look, Amanda, I'm not angry. I just want to get this out in the open.

Amanda: I believe you. We've been spending so much time together. Things have been better than ever between us. Now out of the blue you ask me if I'm thinking about Evan?

Sam: Yes.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because ever since you found out the truth about this guy, you haven't even said his name.

Amanda: That's bothering you?

Sam: Yes.

Amanda: He happens to be Janice Frame's son. He came here to ruin my mother's life.

Sam: And that makes you angry, right?

Amanda: "Angry" is an understatement.

Sam: Fine. This isnít how you get angry. You donít walk around acting like everything's fine and you definitely donít shut down like this. When you get angry, you slam doors, you stomp around a lot. Man, you mutter to yourself.

Amanda: You're complaining because I'm not acting like some maniac?

Sam: I'm not complaining.

Amanda: Well, what are you, then?

Sam: I'm worried.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because this is how you act when you're really hurt.

Amanda: Ok, so I'm really hurt. Why should that worry you?

Sam: Just hear me out, ok? He came here with the worst of intentions and he lied about who he was, but he didnít follow up on those intentions. As a matter of fact, the guy saved your life. So I'm sitting here and I'm trying to figure out why you've shut down like this, why this hurts you so much, and it does, and you are hiding it. The only thing that I can figure out is that it's the lying that bothers you, because Evan means more to you than you're letting on.

Amanda: I donít believe you're talking like this in the middle of a health spa.

Sam: Amanda -- hey -- you two were locked up day and night for a long time. What really happened?

Rachel: Iris.

Iris: Hello, Rachel.

Rachel: Is something wrong? Your message sounded urgent.

Iris: Oh, thank you for coming over so quickly. I'm very glad to see you. My goodness, I'm sure you never thought you'd be able to hear me say that.

Rachel: No, I didnít.

Iris: I was wondering if you'd heard from Daddy.

Rachel: You haven't heard from him at all?

Iris: No, and I wonít, unless --

Rachel: Unless what?

Iris: Unless you speak to him for me.

Rachel: Is that why you wanted me over here?

Iris: Rachel, you and I have been enemies for such a long time.

Rachel: Yes, we have.

Iris: And it can be over.

Rachel: When, Iris?

Iris: Look, if you could just intercede on my behalf. If you could persuade Daddy to let me back in his life, I would do anything, anything you ask.

Felicia: It's -- it's just like it was.

Lucas: Yeah, I know.

Felicia: No one has lived here?

Lucas: No. I left it empty.

Felicia: You?

Lucas: After I bought the building.

Felicia: You -- you bought this?

Lucas: Yes. My accountant didnít think it was a real shrewd move, but, see, property values are not exactly soaring around here. But I thought it was an investment. You ok, Fanny?

Felicia: Yes, I'm fine.

Lucas: You look a little shaky.

Felicia: Well, I guess this is the way that I look when I -- when I get out of prison and an old lover comes by to pick me up in his limo and bring me to the place I lived when I was 16.

Lucas: You never used to talk that way.

Felicia: Well, I'm different now. I got away from here. I found out who I was.

Lucas: I guess you're wondering why I brought you here.

Felicia: I really shouldnít have come here. I'm sure that everyone at home is wondering where --

Lucas: No, I left messages. No one will worry.

Felicia: How would you know who to leave a message with?

Lucas: The first time I came here I was shaking in my shoes. Ma sent over something for you, too, some kind of food the church ladies like to do for reverend Grady.

Felicia: I remember.

Lucas: But he scared me. I was just a punk kid, and I didnít scare easy, but he with his fire and brimstone -- he could do it. But he wasn't here. It was just you. When you opened the door and I saw your face, I couldn't remember my name. That's why I had to have this place. It was the first time I'd ever seen you.

Felicia: And the last.

Lucas: I'll never forget that night.

Felicia: Neither will I. In fact, it -- it makes me wonder. I mean, after all the years, why would you come back now?

 [Sharlene whistles]

Frankie: This is what you're making?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. Version B.

Frankie: Oh, boy.

Sharlene: Frankie, what do you think you're doing?

Frankie: I am doing you a favor.

Sharlene: Now, just a minute --

Frankie: Sharlene, look, I love you, but half the time you dress like an extra in "the grapes of wrath."

Sharlene: You have a big mouth.

Frankie: Ah, Sharlene, I'm not trying to make you feel bad!

Sharlene: Well, this is supposed to make me feel good?

Frankie: Yes!

Sharlene: Well, it's not having the desired effect. God.

Frankie: Sharlene, look, I know how much you care about John.

Sharlene: Why are we talking about John?

Frankie: Because men like to look at attractive women. Now, John is a very handsome man!

Sharlene: Oh, duh.

Frankie: I just think that you ought to dress up for him every now and then, that's all.

Sharlene: Or I'll lose him? Oh, Frankie.

Frankie: How are things going between you two?

Sharlene: Fine.

Frankie: Any more talk about --

Sharlene: Frankie --

[Frankie hums "wedding March"]

Sharlene: We talked about moving in together. It just didnít seem like the right thing, not now.

Frankie: Was that your decision or his decision?

Sharlene: Both of ours.

Frankie: Yeah, but you still feel the same about each other, right?

Sharlene: Of course I do.

Frankie: Well, then --

Sharlene: Frankie -- John is like the part of me that's been missing all these years.

Frankie: Hold on to him, then.

Sharlene: I donít have to do that. I donít have to have tricks up my sleeve. Frankie, he's the real thing. Haven't you ever been in love?

Frankie: You know what? These are going to look incredible on you, especially when we fix up your hair.

Sharlene: You donít listen to a thing I say, do you?

Frankie: You have plenty of people who listen to you. You need somebody who's going to boss you around a little bit.

Sharlene: Oh, I do?

Frankie: Yes, you do.

Sharlene: Ugh!

Frankie: So --

Sharlene: Yes.

Frankie: Stop sewing --

Sharlene: Stop it.

Frankie: And cooking and go shopping!

Sharlene: Oh --

Frankie --

Frankie: I didnít hurt your feelings before, did I?

Sharlene: No, you didnít. I need somebody to shake me up every once in a while.

Frankie: Yeah.

Sharlene: Especially with Josie. You know what?

[Sharlene laughs]

Sharlene: I might have actually worn this.

[Frankie gags]

Frankie: Yuck!

Sharlene: I donít want you to leave.

Frankie: What?

Sharlene: You heard me. I donít want you to leave.

Frankie: You donít?

Sharlene: No. Come on, Frankie, I know the trial's over. Felicia is free. We know who shot Jason.

Frankie: Yeah. That's why I came to town.

Sharlene: But I like having you around. So think about it, huh? Stay here for a while.

Stacey: Boy, it looks amazing.

Ada: Yeah, it's gorgeous.

Stacey: It really is. It's incredible.

Ada: Has anyone been able to get in touch with Mitch yet? What is he doing in Africa?

Stacey: Well, he's got a photo essay going on on wildlife preservation.

Ada: Aha. Well, he's due for a happy homecoming.

Stacey: Oh, he sure is. It's just too bad it has to be at Cass' expense.

Ada: Yeah. I donít understand Nicole.

Stacey: Neither do I.

Ada: Didnít she know the kind of gamble she was taking

Stacey: Well, she must have realized that we were going to catch up with her sooner or later. Cass, Zack, and I were ready to do anything to reverse that conviction. Ok. Finishing touches here, and we're going to be set.

Ada: All right! Did you put the champagne in the refrigerator?

Stacey: I did indeed, and I put away all the groceries that I bought.

Ada: Ok.

Stacey: This has been such a fun day, I canít tell you.

Ada: Cooking, cleaning, and shopping -- this is fun for you?

Stacey: It's a normal day, like a normal human being. I did errands --

Ada: Stacey? I didnít believe all that garbage that they wrote in the paper about you and Derek.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, he made it sound like I slept with the guy in order to get him to testify.

Ada: They always do.

Stacey: I mean, I spent a lot of time with him -- yeah, maybe too much time -- but it's over with now, and that's that.

Ada: Hip, hip, hooray!

Stacey: Yeah. From now on, I practice law from 9:00 to 5:00, and then I go out with my friends and try to have a good time.

Ada: Good for you.

Jamie: Well, it sounds like I arrived at just the right time.

Ada: As usual --

Stacey: Hey!

Ada: As soon as all the work is done.

Jamie: This place looks great. But, no, I meant for Staceyís sake.

Stacey: Oh, what do you mean?

Jamie: How would you like to go out on a date?

Lucas: The last time I got mixed up in your life --

Felicia: You changed it, forever.

Lucas: That's where he was standing when we told him we were going to get married.

Felicia: It was right after supper, as I recall, and he was -- he was working on his clock. He was setting it. He always did that.

Lucas: He didnít even look at me.

Felicia: It was just a technique of his.

Lucas: I was telling him how much I love you, and he didnít even turn around.

Felicia: He was a very mean man. I donít know what else to tell you.

Lucas: Nobody does that to me anymore. Nobody doesn't look me in the face anymore. I built an entire boardroom where nobody can turn their back on me.

Felicia: A boardroom? Really?

Lucas: He thought he was dismissing me, annihilating me. He made me.

Felicia: So then you've done well, haven't you?

Lucas: You ever hear of the Lucas agency?

Felicia: Is that you?

Lucas: Yeah. I turned "Luke" into "Lucas" and dropped my last name and turned my new first name into multimillion-dollar business.

Felicia: Did you?

Lucas: Yeah. It was easy. Even in the beginning, when I was taking the big risks, I thought about that old man and you and how he didnít look at me. And I knew -- I knew that money would make a difference, that money would make it so nobody, not even a preacher with his books and his bibles, would stand between me and what I want.

Felicia: Luke, if I've learned one thing from -- from all of this, is that you're talking in the past. Let it go. You have to, you know. You have to let it go.

Lucas: How can I let go of something that's been with me every day of my life? "Let it go"? How? How did you do it? If you did it?

Sharlene: There. We will have mashed potatoes and fried chicken. John loves my fried chicken.

Frankie: Oh, this dress is going to look phenomenal on you.

Sharlene: You haven't said anything about staying.

Frankie: Look, Sharlene, you know me. Mama said I started walking when I was 9 months old and I headed straight for the door. I've never been one to stay in one place for too long.

Sharlene: Why? What do you thinkís going to happen if you do? Frankie, having a home -- that doesn't mean you're not free.

Sharlene: Listen, you. You came here to do something, and you did it. People know who you are now. They respect you.

Frankie: Huh! Some do, and some donít.

Sharlene: Frankie, you didnít make something happen. You just found out the truth. Stay here and build on that.

Frankie: What, and live with you?

Sharlene: There aren't many Frames left in Bay City. We ought to stick together, donít you think?

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: Mr. Bates?

Evan: Please call me Evan. May I come in?

Sharlene: I guess.

Evan: I need to talk to you.

Sharlene: Me?

Evan: Yes, there's -- there's something that I should have told you a long time ago.

Amanda: I was going crazy locked in that room by myself.

Sam: I know.

Amanda: So when Evan showed up, it was like somebody answered a prayer.

Sam: I'm sure it was.

Amanda: We didnít know what Dustin was going to do to us. We found out that he had killed his wife. We thought we were going to be next. We thought we were going to die. So we held each other, and we waited for Dustin to kill us. I thought Evan was the last person I was ever going to see. So, yes, I got close to him. I had to. And then to find out the whole time that he was lying -- I mean, we're in the room depending on each other for our lives, and he never told me the truth. It makes me feel like he was lying about everything.

Sam: "Everything."

Amanda: Our friendship, the way he feels about me.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: What?

Sam: We've been married a long time, and it's gotten comfortable, maybe too comfortable. Maybe I'm taking you for granted.

Amanda: No.

Sam: Maybe the reason this thing with Evan bothers you so much is because there's something missing in your life, something that you're not getting from me.

Iris: Did you think about what I said?

Rachel: Yes, of course I have.

Iris: I look at it all the time. I think about what it would be like if we could be that close again.

Rachel: When did you have it done?

Iris: Before I moved to Bay City.

Rachel: You mean you were sitting for this portrait while you were planning the takeover attempt?

Iris: Yes. I did them both because I love my father. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth.

Rachel: Look, Iris --

Iris: Rachel, I realize you're first and foremost in my father's life. You can keep me at arm's length if you want to, but please donít let him shut me out of his life.

Rachel: I have to think about him, Iris.

Iris: Yes, I understand. Of course you do.

Rachel: I talk to him every day. He says he's just fine, but I'm concerned about him.

Iris: Oh, surely, it canít be good for him to turn his back on his own daughter.

Rachel: He says he needs to get some perspective on all of this, but it makes me uncomfortable, his being so far away.

Iris: Well, why donít you talk to him and tell him that you spoke to me and that things will be different, and maybe -- maybe he can come back.

Rachel: Yes, I will.

Iris: You'll talk to him?

Rachel: Yes, I will.

Iris: Thank you.

Rachel: Because I love him, Iris, and because I'll see to it that you never hurt him again.

Iris: Yes, I understand. I wonít forget this.

Rachel: Oh, I think probably you will.

Iris: Oh -- you sure you canít stay for tea?

Rachel: No. I'm late. I'm supposed to be over at Feliciaís. She's coming home today.

Iris: I see. Well, maybe some other time?

Rachel: This was a negotiation, Iris, not a tea party.


Jamie: Yeah. His name is Eric Janssen.

Ada: Oh, well, that's a relief.

Stacey: You want to fix me up?

Jamie: Well, he just moved his practice here from Chicago, and he's a -- he's a workaholic, he has no social life, so, naturally, I thought of you.

Stacey: Oh --

Ada: Hit him, Stacey.

Stacey: I would, but he's telling the truth.

Jamie: Well, he's a great guy, he's a good doctor, and you said you wanted to get out, you know.

Stacey: Oh, I donít know, Jamie. A fix-up? I mean --

Jamie: I wouldnít stick you with a jerk, I promise.

Ada: Happily married people are disgusting. They're always trying to make everybody else like them.

Jamie: Yeah, that's what it is.

Ada: Good thinking, though. Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go into that closet that Felicia laughingly calls a kitchen and check on my chicken.

Jamie: Chicken? What kind of chicken?

Ada: Coq au vin.

Jamie: Oh, good!

Ada: Your favorite!

Jamie: Mmm.

Stacey: She doesn't know, does she?

Jamie: Know what?

Stacey: Well, that you and Vicky are having problems.

Jamie: No, we're not having problems.

Stacey: Oh, come on, Jamie. Donít lie to me. I know you too well for this.

Jamie: Listen, we aren't having problems. Problems are something that you can fix.

Stacey: And these canít be fixed?

Jamie: My marriage is a total sham. I would have moved out the night you saw me at the yacht party.

Stacey: But you're staying because of the baby?

Jamie: Yes, I'm keeping up appearances. But it is for Steven. He's only a couple of months old, and he probably doesn't notice, but --

Stacey: He would notice if you weren't there.

Jamie: He's going to have to get used to it.

Stacey: Jamie, come on, you're his father.

Jamie: Look, Stacey, can we talk about this another time, please? I donít want my grandmother --

Stacey: No. You have to talk about this. Why doesn't your family know?

Jamie: How can I tell them that Steven might not be my son?

Stacey: What?

Jamie: Yeah, you heard me.

Stacey: Jamie? Jamie Ė

Amanda: Sam, I love you. You make me very happy.

Sam: Look, it's just really difficult to sit around and watch you hurt, ok, and know that there's nothing that I can do.

Amanda: Hey, you love me. That's not doing nothing. Come on, you ready to go?

Sam: Can I say one more thing?

Amanda: Yeah, sure.

Sam: Look -- ahem -- if the guy is your friend, he's your friend, all right? He did a crummy thing. Are you sure you just want to walk out like this?

Amanda: I hate to feel stupid. Every time I think of Evan I feel stupid. How -- how could I not catch on?

Sam: Nobody caught on.

Amanda: Yeah, right, sure.

Sam: Hey, maybe if you knew the whole story --

Amanda: I didnít give Evan much of a chance to explain anything.

Sam: And maybe there are some things that he hasn't talked about.

Amanda: You know, I hate to say that he wasn't responsible, but --

Sam: But what?

Amanda: What if somebody put him up to it? What if he never really had a choice?

Sam: Well, you're a reporter. Why donít you find out?

Amanda: You've been thinking about this, too, huh?

Sam: Yep, and I know exactly where to start looking, too.

Amanda: Iris?

Sam: So let's go.

Evan: Now, I know I haven't been back since --

Sharlene: Since the day of Jasonís funeral.

Evan: Right.

Sharlene: You came here with Iris Wheeler.

Evan: And I'm sorry I haven't been back sooner.

Sharlene: Why should you come back?

Evan: Well, that's what I came here to tell you.

Sharlene: Iris Wheeler used Jason. I'm sure you were in on it.

Evan: Actually, I wasnít.

Sharlene: Still, what do you care about Jason or us?

Evan: Well, that's what I came here to tell you. I care more than you know.

Sharlene: Why?

Evan: Because I'm part of this family.

Frankie: What?

Evan: That's right. That's what I wanted to tell you. I'm Janiceís son.

Lucas: I loved you. You were my while life.

Felicia: Luke --

Lucas: I wanted to be something so I could take you away from that old man, so that I could take care of you and our child. But that wasn't enough for you, was it?

Felicia: I asked for you. When I opened my eyes up at that hospital, I asked for you, and you -- you had just taken off.

Lucas: What?

Felicia: Abigail told me everything, Luke.

Lucas: She said what?

Felicia: I never blamed you for it. I didnít. I knew how tough things were then.

Lucas: She said you didnít want to see me anymore. She --

Felicia: Who did?

Lucas: Your aunt.

Felicia: When?

Lucas: When they took you away to the hospital, I was crazy trying to get in there. I was asking everyone. No one would tell me anything. I kept saying, "I'm the father!"

Felicia: You -- you came to the hospital?

Lucas: That's when she did it.

Felicia: She did what?

Lucas: She gave me the money.

Felicia: Abigail? Wait a minute. Tell me what she said exactly.

Lucas: She said you didnít want to see me anymore, that you had enough problems.

Felicia: I canít believe this.

Lucas: It's true!

Felicia: And you believed her?

Lucas: I thought you were going to die. I went into the first church I could find, I made a deal with God. I said, "if you let Fanny live, I'll leave her alone, I'll do what they want me to do."

Felicia: And you never tried to see me again? You never wanted to find out if that was even true?

Lucas: She said they'd take the baby away, that they'd put it up for adoption or something.

Felicia: "Baby."

Lucas: We were kids. I didnít know if we had any rights.

Felicia: Oh, my God. All these years.

Lucas: She told you that I ran away? It never occurred to me that she might have been lying to both of us.

Felicia: Me, neither.

Lucas: What do we do now?

Lucas: This husband of yours -- do you love him?

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: The way you loved me?

Felicia: Tell me exactly what happened.

Lucas: I was on my way back to the hospital, and she cornered me, she was waiting.

Felicia: Abigail?

Lucas: Yeah. She had an envelope with $500 in it.

Felicia: I mean, where would Abigail get $500?

Lucas: I donít know, but she had it. She said you had thought about it and you didnít want to see me anymore and if I loved you I would give you a chance at a fresh start.

Felicia: Lucas, I was still unconscious. That was totally Abigailís decision, not mine. We loved each other. How could you believe her? How did you doubt me?

Lucas: Part of me thought she was right. What could I give you, huh? Big dreams and bad debts.

Felicia: They were our dreams.

Lucas: She said they had a husband picked out for you.

Felicia: Noahís assistant. I remember his name. Do you?

Lucas: No. She said to me, "How could someone like you support a family?" All of a sudden, I realized I didnít know. I was a kid from the streets. I didnít even know my own father. I was always in trouble. You deserved more.

Felicia: Oh, I'm not so sure what I deserved, but I know what I needed. I needed your love, and I lost it the day that I lost you.

Frankie: So you're really Aunt Janiceís son?

Evan: Yes.

Sharlene: Why didnít you tell anybody before?

Evan: Because it would have put a damper on my big plan.

Frankie: What plan?

Evan: To ruin Rachel Cory.

Sharlene: Because of your mother?

Evan: Sharlene, my mother was the essence of beauty to me. But the problem was that she came in and out of my life at longer and longer intervals.

Sharlene: That was Janice, all right.

Evan: I mean, she'd either leave me with my father's family or some other distant relative. I mean, I was always somebody else's responsibility. But all I really longed for was just to be with her. Now, I am not telling you this story so that you feel sorry for me. I'm just trying to explain it.

Frankie: Well, go on.

Evan: She always told me, she said, "things are just too uncertain with me. I canít have you with me." So when I heard she married into money --

Frankie: You mean Mac Cory?

Evan: Yeah. I said, "This is the answer to all my little prayers. I'm going to have a family. You know, we're going to have a home. I'm just going to have it all." And then the next thing I heard was that she was dead. So Willis and Gwen took me in, and I was really grateful for that, but part of me was lost. So I believed everything that they told me.

Sharlene: A little boy who'd lost his mother, and they filled you full of lies.

Frankie: Yeah, it sounds like lies were a lot easier to swallow than the truth.

Sharlene: Oh, I donít -- you know, Janice always told us that you were with your father and that it was his family who didnít want you to have anything to do with us.

Evan: I didnít even know my father. They were divorced when I was a baby.

Sharlene: Janice was the one who was most like your grandma. She wanted things and she wouldnít let anybody stop her from getting them.

Evan: So I come to Bay City and I discover that the Coryís are not this maniacal family that I was led to believe. Well, I got to tell you, it's a rude awakening. But there's a part of me that is still a little confused.

Sharlene: Well, Evan, I'll tell you something, it's never too late to change. Anger poisoned Jason and Janice. It doesn't have to do that to you.

Evan: Well, I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, Sharlene, but was in too deep. You see, I'd been living my lies too long.

Sharlene: Well, now we know.

Evan: Yeah, now we know, and I guess I should be going.

Sharlene: No, Evan, wait. That family, the one you wished you'd always had -- you've got it.

Iris: Well, Sam and Amanda, I got quite a surprise when the doorman told me that you were --

Amanda: What was between you and Evan? What were you planning?

Iris: Evan and I?

Sam: Donít get coy, Iris. We all know there's something going on.

Amanda: And I want the truth.

Iris: Yes, well, maybe I think it is time you heard it.

Amanda: You do?

Iris: Yes. I donít think I'll be able to get my father to talk to me until I stop leading a life of deception.

Sam: That'll be a stretch.

Iris: Thank you, Sam. Now Daddy doesn't know anything about this --

Amanda: I'm not surprised.

Iris: However, Rachel does know and she's agreed not to tell Daddy. So I'd like you to keep his welfare in mind.

Amanda: So there was something between you and Evan?

Iris: Yes. I needed him to help me.

Amanda: With the takeover?

Iris: With that and a few other things.

Sam: So you recruited him?

Iris: Yes. I met him in New York. I was introduced by some mutual Wall Street friends. It was a coincidence, actually.

Amanda: Some coincidence.

Iris: When he confided in me that he was Janice Frame's son, well, I realized that he was just the person I was looking for.

Amanda: To do what?

Iris: To be my liaison here at Cory Publishing.

Sam: Why was he so qualified?

Iris: Sam, he's a very brilliant young businessman, and he's very, very good-looking. Also, he believed the distorted truth about his mother's death.

Amanda: And what does that got to do with anything?

Sam: So you went to him? He didnít come to you, did he?

Iris: No, I went to him and I told him that I had known his mother, Janice Frame, and I knew Rachel, so he agreed to help me.

Amanda: I think you're leaving a few things out, Iris.

Sam: Yeah, like why he agreed.

Iris: Well, I told him that it was the truth, the things that he'd heard.

Amanda: About my mother and Janice?

Iris: And about the way she died.

Amanda: You're disgusting.

Iris: Look, you asked for the truth. I thought that maybe if I was honest with you -- well, maybe you'd understand.

Sam: Huh. How is she supposed to understand, Iris?

Amanda: You said that you hired somebody to help you with the takeover and a few other things. What were the other things, Iris?

Iris: Why should I tell you now?

Amanda: Because I asked you to!

Iris: You want to know the truth? All right, I'll tell you the truth! I told him that after he finished helping me with the takeover he was to seduce you.

Amanda: What?

Iris: Yes, and hopefully ruin your marriage and discredit you in your father's eyes.

Sam: How can you just stand there and say it like that?

Amanda: And Evan agreed to it? He agreed to all of it?

Iris: Oh, no, he -- he didnít do it. He didnít even try. He couldnít.

Amanda: Well, that must have really disappointed you.

Iris: What's it matter? It's all over. It didnít happen, anyway.

Amanda: So you hired somebody to ruin my life and Samís and my baby's?

Iris: My life was already ruined. You didnít think about that. You didnít think about how lonely I was, how alone I've been! I have nothing!

Amanda: Oh, spare me your sob story, Iris. I've heard it a thousand times. And you know what I say? Big damn deal. All right, so you had a shock, you thought Daddy wasn't your biological father. But he never stopped being your father in every way. He never stopped loving you. Just because you thought you didnít have the bloodlines anymore, you declared open season. You went after my mother, you went after me, you even went after Daddy. You will use anyone and anything to get what you want, and that's all ok, because Iris needs her daddy.

Iris: Amanda, listen --

Amanda: But you donít have him now, do you? None of us do. He has been off on his own for days trying to get over what you did to him.

Iris: Look, I -- I know it's no point in saying that I regret what I've done, that I would do anything to be able to make it not have happened. I would do anything to have my father back again.

Amanda: I miss Daddy, I miss him very much, but I think he's got the right idea. Staying far away from you is the only way to avoid a knife in the back.

Felicia: I fainted. When I woke up, he was dead.

Lucas: The old man is dead. I should have been there.

Felicia: Would you have ended like that?

Lucas: Before this trial and everything, were you happy?

Felicia: Yes. I just realized how happy I was and how happy I intend to be again.

Lucas: This -- this Blake guy is good to you?

Felicia: Yes, very.

Felicia: Did you ever marry?

Lucas: There was never anybody but you.

Felicia: You know, our wedding wasn't real.

Lucas: It wasn't?

Felicia: No.

Lucas: An empty church, cigar band for a ring?

Felicia: I remembered when you tried to smoke that thing. Why would you do that?

Lucas: I bought it. It cost me a quarter.

Felicia: You turned green.

Lucas: I'll be there when you need me. When you're hurt, I'll take the pain. When you're happy, it'll be my happiness.

Felicia: And to think I'm the one that turned out to be the writer.

Lucas: Didnít exactly live up to that, did I?

Felicia: You couldn't have, Luke.

Lucas: I did a lot of things in my life since the last time we saw each other. Some of the things I'm not too proud of. But I want to tell you something, Fanny. The time we spent together, the love I felt for you was the one pure thing in my life.

Jamie: Yeah, it was all a lie.

Stacey: You mean Vicky knew that that baby might not be yours and she didnít tell you?

Jamie: Not until she had to.

Stacey: Oh, I'm sorry, Jamie.

Jamie: Look, Stacey, I donít want to tie you up. I'm sure you --

Stacey: No, no, I want you to talk. That's why I brought you here. Look, Cass and Zack are gone for the day, and you cannot keep this inside.

Jamie: It's not that easy to talk about, Stacey. I feel like a fool.

Stacey: Had Vicky been having an affair with Jake?

Jamie: No, she says she hasnít. But I'm telling you, Stacey, this girl will lie about anything if it gets her what she wants.

Stacey: Oh, that's sad.

Jamie: Well, I'm not to a point where I can see it quite like that.

Stacey: I donít know if this is going to make you feel any better or worse, but every time that I've seen you guys together, I'm sure that Vicky loves you.

Jamie: Jake and I, we -- we've both taken the genetic paternity test, and we're waiting for the results.

Stacey: And what if the baby isnít yours?

Jamie: Then I'm walking.

Stacey: Are you sure you want to do that?

Jamie: Yes.

Stacey: Do you remember when I was pregnant and it was Mark's baby? You were ready to marry me then.

Jamie: No, that was different, very different, because you were always honest with me, Stacey, and I had a choice.

Stacey: I also know what it did to you when Mark changed his mind and I decided that I had to be with him.

Jamie: Yeah, and that hurt. But at least it was clean. We made a decision and we stuck with it. But Vicky -- I mean, damn it, how do you live with somebody you can never trust again?

[Music plays]

Sharlene: And this is your Uncle Vinny --

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Sharlene: And that's me right there.

Frankie: Oh, God, I canít believe it. You've actually got on a decent dress.

Sharlene: Oh, hush up. And this -- and here is Emma. This is Frankieís mama.

Frankie: Oh, mama.

Sharlene: She baked the cake.

Evan: It's beautiful. Is that my mother?

Sharlene: Yeah. It was her 16th birthday.

Evan: Well, look at her. She's looking right at the camera.

Frankie: Yeah, it's like she didnít know anybody else was in the room.

Sharlene: You know something?

Evan: What?

Sharlene: I think you have her eyes.

Evan: You really think so?

Sharlene: So you're a college man, huh?

Evan: Yeah. Gwen wouldnít have anything but Ivy League.

[Affected voice] It cost Uncle Willis a fortune.

Sharlene: Ivy League -- Janice would have liked that. She would have.

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: I'll get it. Hey, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi. I called the office. They said Evan was here.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Evan: [Normal voice] Amanda.

Sharlene: Oh. Would you all excuse us?

Evan: Yeah.

Sharlene: Frankie and I have some things to do in the parlor.

Evan: Sure.

Frankie: We do?

Sharlene: Yeah, we do.

Frankie: Oh, we do.

Amanda: You're looking at photographs?

Evan: Yes.

Amanda: I see you've told them, huh?

Evan: Yes.

Amanda: You must be happy.

Evan: Well, I donít know. If you found out you had a long-lost relative, would you want it to be me?

Amanda: I donít know. You have your good points.

Evan: Oh, I do?

Amanda: Sure. I mean, you're a real whiz at the computer.

Evan: That's a very clever observation, Amanda.

Amanda: As far as I know, you donít chew with your mouth open or anything like that.

Evan: Well, that's a fact.

Amanda: And you can be the best friend that anybody -- Evan, can we just start over?

Evan: Sure.

Jamie: Stacey, I'm sorry. I donít want --

Stacey: No. I think it was good. I'm glad you talked to me.

Jamie: Well, you know, I am, too, because you helped me make up my mind.

Stacey: And?

Jamie: If that test proves that Stevenís my son, I'm going to fight for him.

Stacey: But why would you have to? I'm sure that Vicky would want you to --

Jamie: Well, that's the other thing. I want Steven to be my son. I want that more than anything in the world. But whether he is or he isnít, I'm through with Vicky. I donít want any part of her.

Lucas: Well, you think we can leave this place behind now?

Felicia: Yes. I think it's time. But one second, all right?

Lucas: What's that for?

Felicia: I donít know. A memorial, I guess.

Lucas: To what?

Felicia: To things that we finally put in our past.

Felicia: I'm ready to go home now, to Mitch.

Lucas: I'm supposed to be in Paris this week.

Felicia: Paris? I love Paris.

Lucas: Yeah. We stop in London first --

Felicia: Oh.

Lucas: To see Lisa.

Felicia: Lisa? My Lisa?

Lucas: Our Lisa.

Felicia: What?

Lucas: Come on, Fanny, I know. I know Lisaís our daughter.

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