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Vicky: Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Jamie: I've decided not to stay.

Vicky: Well, I -- I thought we were going to have some --

Jamie: I know. I changed my mind. I'm going home. Good night.

Vicky: Jamie -- please stay?

Vicky: I need you. Stay with me.

Jamie: Put it back on.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Put your robe back on.

Vicky: Well, I would -- if that's what I thought you really wanted.

Stacey: Are you going to be all right?

Derek: I told them what I know. Why canít I leave?

Stacey: It wonít be long. They probably have paperwork or something. You'll get out of here soon. You want to go get a cup of coffee?

Derek: No.

Stacey: What is it? It's just being in this building?

Derek: It's a cage.

Stacey: Well, think of it this way -- what you're doing will get Felicia out of the cage that she's in.

Frankie: Excuse me.

Stacey: Oh, hello, Frankie.

Frankie: How you doing, Derek?

Stacey: I assume you're here to give a statement, as well?

Frankie: I was there when Derek was hypnotized, remember? They said I had to give my account separately.

Stacey: Well, Derek has one more form to fill out.

Frankie: And, what, you're here to make sure he has a pen?

Derek: Hey, why aren't they bringing Nicole in here?

Frankie: I spoke to the desk sergeant a few minutes ago. He said that Nicole was being arrested right now.

Nicole: Cass, you're coming with me, aren't you?

Donna: Cass, do something!

Nicole: Oh, Cass, please!

Donna: Nicole! Nicole! Nicole -- I'll take care of everything! I promise I'll be there! What's the matter with you?

Cass: Didnít you hear her? She admitted --

Donna: She wasn't making any sense! What did you do to her?

Cass: I did what I promised I'd do -- I found out who killed Jason Frame! It just turned out to be the one person that I loved more than anything else in the world.

Donna: Cass, this is insane! We both know that she isnít guilty!

Cass: Yes, she is!

Donna: That's impossible!

Cass: I wish it were.

Donna: But you were going to get married.

Cass: Not anymore.

Donna: But -- but she couldn't hurt anybody. This is a trick! This is a trick!

Cass: Oh, Donna, please.

Donna: This is a plan for you to try to get Felicia out of jail, and I think it's horrible! How could you use her like this? How could you do this to her?

Donna: This is just a cheap stunt!

Cass: Oh, Donna, please listen to me.

Donna: You knew this was going to happen, didnít you?

Cass: So did Nicole.

Donna: Then you planned it.

Cass: Donna, didnít you hear what she said?

Donna: Yes, I did! Which means that you talked her into lying, to incriminating herself just so you could pull some trick!

Cass: She admitted it because it's true.

Donna: It is not!

Cass: Donna, you're going to have to face it! She killed Jason!

Donna: She did not!

Cass: I wish it were anybody else, anybody!

Donna: Listen to you. You are the person that says that you love her more than anything in the world.

Cass: Oh, I do.

Donna: Then why didnít you go with her? You're a lawyer, for God sakes! The police had her in handcuffs!

Cass: She'll be all right.

Donna: "She'll be all right." How can you be so heartless?

Cass: "Heartless"? What about what she did to Felicia and to me?

Donna: Oh, now this is about you?

Cass: All that time, Donna. All that time, while Felicia was on trial for a murder she didnít commit, was found guilty, sent to prison? Where was Nicole then?

Donna: I'm telling you she couldn't have done it.

Cass: All that time, all those months -- while she brought those little picnic lunches to the office, while she planned our wedding and our honeymoon, while she made love with me? All that time -- she lied! I loved her! I was ready to spend the rest of my life with that woman, and she was living a lie!

Donna: I could care less! I could care less about your righteous indignation, and if you're not going to help my sister, I am.

Cass: I'm going to call Zack.

Donna: For all I know, she's done this to help Felicia -- or you. She'd do anything to help you, and you wouldnít even go to the station with her!

Cass: Oh, Donna, you're a jerk. Goodbye.

Donna: Cass, there's got to be a reason that she would say something that's not true!

Michael: Donna, Donna --

Donna: Cass?

Michael: What's going on? The cop cars are downstairs. What's wrong?

Donna: Michael, we've got to help Nicole. This is a lie! It's all a lie!

Michael: What?

Stacey: Do you know if Nicole was surrendering, or had she been arrested?

Frankie: She's being arrested.

Stacey: Then she's going to need a lawyer.

Frankie: Yeah, the sooner, the better.

Stacey: I better not get involved. Maybe Zack will do it.

Frankie: I guess Cass isnít feeling too happy right now, huh?

Stacey: You never cared about Cass before. Why start now, Frankie?

Frankie: It's just a question.

Stacey: Well, save it. You donít care if he lives or dies. I'm going to go call Zack.

Frankie: Hey, donít you have to wait to sign a few papers?

Derek: Oh --

Frankie: Thank you for not saying anything to Stacey.

Derek: Stacey doesn't know that you helped Cass.

Frankie: Yeah, and she wouldnít understand. I mean, the guy was sick, you know?

Derek: Right.

Frankie: I mean, I would have done it for anybody. The guy thought I was somebody else. He was out of his mind with fever.

Derek: Yeah, I know.

Frankie: And you could tell that he really loved that woman -- Kathleen?

Derek: Kathleen's his wife.

Frankie: Yeah. And she died a few years ago. And seeing as how he just had to watch Nicole get arrested, it seems to me that it would just be best for everybody if we let the whole thing drop.

Derek: I wonít tell anyone, all right?

Frankie: Thank you. Thank you.

Reporter: Excuse me. Aren't you the guy who was supposed to testify at the trial?

Frankie: I donít think the press is allowed in this section of the building, fella.

Reporter: I am Chuck Nichols, "Daily Bulletin." I heard that there was something about to pop at the Frame murder. Some new suspect or something?

Frankie: My advice to you, Chuck, would be to see the information officer -- end of the hall, last door on the left.

Chuck: Right. I mean, you know, you were at the trial, and now you're down here. So what's going on? Hey, come on, what's the matter? I mean, people have a right to know these things, pal.

Frankie: Hey, pal, he doesn't want to talk to you!

Chuck: Hey, hey, hey -- are you a friend of the lady they sent up -- Felicia Gallant? Is that why you're here? Huh? You got something going on the side maybe? A little prison romance or something?

Frankie: I donít know who --

Derek: You get out of my face!

Chuck: Yeah, ok. No problem.

Frankie: Ooh. You are going to have to learn to take it easy. These guys are going to be all over this place like flies in a few days, you know?

Derek: I want out of here.

Frankie: Hey, look, you just remember that Feliciaís going to go free.

Derek: What about you?

Frankie: What?

Derek: You glad the one that really killed your Uncle is going to jail?

Frankie: Sure.

Derek: Then why aren't you happy?

Vicky: Hold me, Jamie, hold me.

Jamie: Put your clothes on, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, you certainly have a nice way of saying no.

Jamie: Yes, well, you didnít leave me much choice.

Vicky: You could have said yes.

Jamie: Good night, Vicky.

Vicky: I know you want me.

Jamie: Vicky, I am not going to make love to you -- not after what happened.

Vicky: I know you're angry.

Jamie: Good for you.

Vicky: Believe me, I would do anything I could to change what's happened.

Jamie: You canít.

Vicky: I know. That doesn't change the fact that we're good together.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Vicky: Maybe we could get close again like this, forget some of the anger.

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Why not?

Jamie: It's just not possible.

Vicky: You can push me away 100 times. That wonít change that we were terrific together.

Jamie: Vicky, we are not separated because we didnít have a good sex life.

Vicky: Then you admit it?

Jamie: Oh, yes.

Vicky: You want me.

Jamie: I'm not going to make the same mistake I did before.

Vicky: What, falling in love with me?

Jamie: Sex isnít love, Vicky. It doesn't change anything.

Vicky: Oh, I donít believe that. You just donít want to do anything again to get close to me.

Jamie: Sex wonít do that, Vicky. Honesty might have. But it's too late.

Vicky: Why donít you be honest with how you feel?

Jamie: I am.

Vicky: Fine. Can you walk out that door and honestly tell me that you donít love me?

Zack: Oh, Frankie. Hello.

Frankie: Hi.

Zack: Stacey called me a few minutes ago and says Nicole Love --

Frankie: She hasn't gotten here yet.

Zack: Are you involved with this arrest or something?

Frankie: I was there when Derek was hypnotized and remembered the earrings.

Zack: Oh, right. Right. Well, you donít sound too happy about it.

Frankie: Well, what do you want me to do, giggle?

Zack: Well, all I meant was, since your Uncle's killer has been identified, then maybe you might --

Frankie: Wait -- I was just thinking about all the people who have been hurt, you know?

Zack: Right.

Courtney: Ms. Frame, was there something else?

Frankie: No.

Courtney: Then we'll need the office.

Frankie: I'm sorry it all turned out this way.

Nicole: Are you?

Zack: Donít say anything, Nicole.

Nicole: You know, your Uncle was a despicable man. He hurt everyone he knew.

Zack: Nicole --

Nicole: Now he's destroying my life even though he's dead. Of course, he's getting a lot of help from you.

Courtney: Why donít you have a seat now? We're going to want your statement on videotape.

Zack: Hold it, detective. As of now, I'm her attorney, and there's not going to be any statement.

Courtney: Relax, counselor. You can sit in on the statement.

Zack: If you'd let me finish.

Courtney: Sorry.

Zack: I'm not going to allow any kind of statement, whether it be video or otherwise.

Courtney: Nicole says she wants to make a statement.

Zack: I'll speak for my client.

Nicole: Zack, could I talk to you?

Zack: Look, I donít want them to talk you into making any kind of statement, Nicole.

Nicole: No, you donít understand, Zack. I want to make a confession. I'm going to tell them everything that happened.

Zack: Look, in a trial, they can use that against --

Nicole: There wonít be a trial, Zack. I killed him. I just want the truth to come out now, all of it.

Zack: You're going to plead guilty?

Nicole: Yes. I've thought it through.

Zack: Look, you donít have to spend any time in prison.

Nicole: Zack, please, this is something I have to do.

Zack: All right.

Nicole: Thank you.

Courtney: Yes or no?

Zack: She's ready to make a statement.

Courtney: Good. Thank you, Nicole.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Donna: What's going on? What are you doing with my sister?

Stacey: Well, I got a hold of Zack. He's over there with her now.

Cass: I canít reach Felicia. How do you like that? I keep calling the prison and the lines are busy. Shows just how overcrowded our prisons are these days, right?

Stacey: Cass --

Cass: I got to go over and talk to her, give her an update. She must be climbing the walls.

Stacey: Are you all right?

Cass: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I've never been better, Stace. Lots to do, you know? You want some coffee?

Stacey: No, thanks.

Cass: You sure? It's still hot.

Stacey: How did it go when you talked to Nicole?

Cass: You know what I think? I think we ought to do a number on the D.A.ís credibility.

Stacey: Cass --

Cass: I mean, after we get Felicia out of prison, of course. We should really stick it to the D.A. I mean, if she could convict the wrong person once, who's to say she's not going to do it again, right?

Stacey: Hey, why donít you and I just go someplace?

Cass: I really think that the jury should be made aware of that. Then when Nicole is on trial --

Stacey: Come on, Cass. Let's go out for a walk, ok?

Cass: Oh, who made this coffee anyway? It tastes like bilge.

Stacey: Cass, you cannot stay here.

Cass: Stacey, what am I supposed to do? Go back to the salon where Nicole and I worked so hard to make a life for ourselves?

Stacey: You and I are going to go out to dinner now. We're going to go someplace quiet and have a nice --

Cass: You're trying to help me, but you canít. I really appreciate it, but you canít.

Stacey: I could try.

Cass: Would you leave me alone?

Stacey: I donít think that that's a very good idea right now.

Cass: Well, I do, and it's my life!

Stacey: Have to be here at least to answer the phones, Cass.

Cass: I'll handle the press! Now go away!

Stacey: You sure?

Cass: I need some time.

Stacey: Ok. If you change your mind, call me. I'm sorry, Cass. I'm so sorry.

Cass: I'm sorry.

Stacey: What are you doing here? Did you follow me?

Derek: I just -- are you all right?

Stacey: Yeah, fine. Better now, thanks.

Cass: Didnít want coffee anyway.

Jamie: How I feel right now isnít important.

Vicky: It is to me.

Jamie: What's important are the facts.

Vicky: The fact is that I want you, and you want me because we love each other.

Jamie: The primary fact, Vicky, is that you pretended Steven was my son, when you knew all along it might be Jakeís.

Vicky: "Might" -- "might" is the important word, Jamie.

Jamie: You kept the truth from me, Vicky.

Vicky: We donít know the truth, no one does.

Jamie: But we will.

Vicky: Right. And until then, all this waiting around is difficult. We both know that. And if Steven is your son, then we're going to have to start all over again.

Jamie: If Steven isnít my son, I'm never going to have anything to do with you again.

Vicky: And what if he is?

Jamie: We wonít know that for a while.

Vicky: You've got it all figured out if he isnít. But what if he is your son, Jamie? Do we still have a chance to be together then?

Jamie: I'm going.

Vicky: Fine, go. But if Steven is your son, and you do decide to come back, let's not hope it's too late.

Jamie: What does that mean?

Vicky: What do you think it means? You stand here, you tell me all the awful things I've done, every mistake I've made, and you think you hate me. But I love you. Right here and right now, I love you, Jamie. And all I want in this world is to be with you for the rest of my life. Now, you can walk out that door and give that up. But you'd better not change your mind. Because it might be too late.

Courtney: Excuse me, Mrs. Hudson, this has to be private.

Donna: What are you doing to her?

Courtney: I am not doing anything to her. She's under arrest. We're going to take her statement, and you and your husband will have to wait outside. I'm sorry.

Donna: I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay right here. I'm going to talk to my sister.

Courtney: I'm sorry, but I --

Donna: You're not listening to me! I said that I was going to stay here and talk with my sister!

Michael: Courtney, Zack -- can I speak to you both outside just for a minute, please?

Courtney: Sure.

Nicole: Oh, Donna -- you shouldnít have come down here.

Donna: Nicole, we're going to get you the best lawyer. I'm going to go to New York personally and see someone --

Nicole: No, Donna, please --

Donna: You know that money is no object. We're going to get you the best defense. We're going to --

Nicole: Donna --

Donna: Get you --

Nicole: I killed him.

Donna: That's ridiculous.

Nicole: Listen to me. I did it.

Donna: No, donít say that. Donít say that!

Nicole: Well, it's true. He kept threatening Cass. And he talked about how he was the one who let mama die. Maybe even started the fire. And it happened.

Donna: So you shot him?

Nicole: Yes.

Donna: You didnít mean to do it.

Nicole: No. He started waving the gun around. And I grabbed it to yank it away from him. And it went off.

Donna: So you're innocent.

Nicole: No, Donna. I'm guilty. I killed him. Accidental or not, I killed him.

Donna: I donít understand. Why didnít you tell me? You wouldnít have had to tell other people, but you could have trusted me.

Nicole: I tried. I tried to tell Cass, too. But I -- I just couldnít.

Donna: Michael and I could have helped you.

Nicole: Oh, I know. I know. I even knew that then, but I kept delaying and delaying. And finally, there was no way out. I just kept the lie going. And it became harder and harder to admit. I'm so sorry! I'm just --

Donna: Oh --

Nicole: Oh, Donna, I'm so sorry!

Donna: We're going to work this out. We're going to work it out, Nicole.

Nicole: No! I've lost Cass.

Donna: You just should have trusted us.

Nicole: All my friends, my family, and Felicia -- what she's been through because of me. Everyone hates me.

Donna: Oh, they donít hate you. That's not true.

Nicole: Well, I hate me.

Donna: Oh, Nicole, no. No. I wish there's something I could have done, something -- something I could say.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, tell me that you still love me.

Donna: Of course I still love you. I'll always love you.

Nicole: Oh, I love you, too.

Nicole: There is a problem, though. I -- I really donít know how strong I am, and -- and I've got to get this done.

Donna: This confession?

Nicole: Yes. I'm really glad you came. But I've got to do it now. I've got to do it alone.

Nicole: Thank you, Courtney.

Courtney: You're welcome.

Donna: Take me home.

Michael: Ok. Thanks, Zack.

Zack: Yeah.

Nicole: Thank you.

Courtney: Um -- now, I advised you of your rights when I arrested you, right?

Nicole: Yes.

Courtney: For the record, we need to get it on videotape.

Nicole: Fine.

Courtney: Are you ready?

Nicole: Yes.

Courtney: Ok.

Nicole: I'm ready.

Courtney: You have the right to remain silent.

Stacey: I'll take anything, as long as I donít have to drink that awful whiskey with you.

Derek: Did I make you drink it?

Stacey: Yes, once, remember?

Derek: No.

Stacey: After you saved me in the alley.

Derek: Oh, yeah, that.

Stacey: Do you remember what you said to me?

Derek: No.

Stacey: You said, "I donít have any white wine." Hey, you're smiling. I donít remember the last time I saw you smile.

Derek: Really?

Stacey: Hmm.

Derek: Well, sometimes.

Stacey: What's the matter? What is all this stuff?

Derek: Somebody's been here. You --

Chuck: It's not what you think, man.

Derek: This is my place!

Stacey: Derek --

Derek: My place!

Stacey: Wait a second. Take it easy! Take it easy, Derek! Derek, you're going to kill him! Take it easy! Let him go! Let him go! You're going to kill him! Let him go!

Derek: Never come back here again. Never!

Stacey: Derek!

Chuck: You are an animal, man!

Stacey: Stop it!

[Phone rings]

Cass: Winthrop and Edwards. What? Oh -- I have no comment on that. Were Nicole love and Cass Winthrop ever engaged to be married? I really -- I donít even know who Nicole Love is.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Oops. Ma bell isnít going to like that.

Cass: What are you doing here?

Frankie: I knocked, but I guess you weren't listening.

Cass: I'm not in the mood for a visit, Frankie.

Frankie: Ooh, Winthrop, it looks like you drink the good stuff. Me, I always buy the no-brand kind. You know, the bottle always says "scotch" in big black letters on a plain white label. Not exactly 12-year-old, but it gets the job done.

Cass: What do you want, Frankie?

Frankie: How about a drink?

Cass: There's a bar down the street.

Frankie: Yeah, but I like to have somebody to talk to.

Cass: I want to be alone.

Frankie: Now, that's funny. You donít look like Greta Garbo.

Cass: Garbo.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Garbo. Her name is Greta Garbo, not Garbo.

Frankie: Whatever. So, may the wind always be to your back. Or something like that.

Frankie: So what now?

Cass: Now you've had your drink. Go home.

Frankie: Hey, what about a game of pinball, hmm?

[Cass sighs]

Cass: What the hell. Why not?

Frankie: Cost anything?

Cass: Mm-hmm. No freebies here. It costs a quarter.

Frankie: Well, why donít you rig it so it's free?

Cass: Well, you see, at least this way, the office is guaranteed of making some money.

Frankie: Aha.

Frankie: Ah, you're pretty good.

Cass: Practice, practice, practice.

Frankie: Business that bad, huh?

Cass: No, actually, I just use it as a way to relax. When I'm writing a brief or something, I -- you know, I get up, take a break, play a little pinball. Keeps my mind from turning to jelly.

Frankie: Yeah, well, maybe we'll have a contest sometime.

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Cass: You play, huh?

Frankie: Does George bush wear glasses?

Cass: Pinball wizard?

Frankie: Well, people who bet against me are usually sorry. But you're not too shabby. Hmm. Great idea, putting one of these in here.

Cass: It wasn't my idea.

Frankie: Whose was it?

Cass: Actually, it's a gift from Nicole.

Ronnie: Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah?

Ronnie: I thought I saw you leaving a while ago.

Jamie: You did.

Ronnie: Do you have a patient who's having trouble?

Jamie: No, I'm covering for Dr. Winters.

Ronnie: The resident?

Jamie: Yeah.

Ronnie: You're covering for a first-year resident?

Jamie: Yeah, well, it's all right. He's been on call for 36 hours. I thought he needed a break.

Ronnie: Jamie, that means you've been on duty since dawn. I know. That's when I went off-duty, and now I'm back. That means you've been working all day.

Jamie: Yeah, well, off and on. Listen, do you have a file for Mrs. Nielsen?

Ronnie: Oh, yeah, sure. You know, she sure doesn't look like she's only five months, does she?

Jamie: No, she's gained too much weight. You know what the results are with the -- the G.T.T.?

Ronnie: Yeah, right here. Oh, that reminds me. Look, I'm doing the Lamaze class starting next week. I was wondering if you and Vicky could be there for the f first session.

Jamie: What?

Ronnie: Well, you two worked so well together. I thought I could use you as a model couple.

Jamie: A model couple?

Ronnie: Well, it'll be nice for the class to be able to talk to you and maybe see Steven if you want to bring him in.

Jamie: Yeah, right. Well --

Ronnie: Then the baby just happened to be born at home. Maybe you could talk about how you coached Jake through the delivery.

Jamie: That might be kind of tough, Ronnie. I'm sorry.

Ronnie: Oh, well, just thought I'd ask.

Jamie: Yeah.

Ronnie: Now, you must be exhausted after all the hours you've been putting in lately.

Jamie: I'll be ok.

Ronnie: Well, yeah, but you got to think about your marriage, too. And not to mention, the new baby you have at home.


Ronnie: You donít want to miss out on these things. These are the best days of your life. Ooh. Excuse me. 106 has been having a lot of problems.

Bridget: Jamieís car is gone.

Vicky: Yeah. He's gone, all right.

Bridget: Well, he did come, didnít he? I mean -- and you did have the chance to talk.

Vicky: The whole evening was a waste.

Bridget: What happened, dear?

Vicky: Nothing. That's the problem. Sometimes I think I was just born to be alone.

Bridget: Come on, Victoria. Now donít say that, dear.

Vicky: Why not? I can get what I want, and then I lose it.

Bridget: Well, you have to understand. You see, you've got to give Jamie more time.

Vicky: Time? That's the one thing I canít give him, Bridget.

Bridget: What -- what do you mean, dear?

Vicky: The more time he has away from me, the easier it becomes for him. I've got to find a way to bring him back home.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, no more of your tricks, dear.

Vicky: I donít always trick people, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, that's what you did tonight, dear.

Vicky: That was just round one.

Bridget: And pray tell, what's round two?

Vicky: Rachel wanted to have lunch with me.

Bridget: She did, or you did?

Vicky: I'm her daughter-in-law. Of course she would want to. And Jamie would have to be here, because he hasn't told his family yet.

Bridget: Victoria, you just have to learn to let things take their natural course, dear.

Vicky: And wait for my marriage to go down the tubes?

Bridget: Oh, Victoria.

Vicky: Now, Jamie is living out of his car. He's miserable. And I just have to keep reminding him that he has a baby and a beautiful home and a wife who loves him, and we're just waiting here for him.

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: I have to make him know what he's missing every minute of the day.

Bridget: Now, that's fine, dear, but you --

Vicky: And by the time he finds out that Steven is his son, he'll just be dying to come home.

Bridget: And what happens if Steven is Jakeís baby?

Vicky: I'm not thinking about that. I thought you were the one always telling me to keep hoping!

Bridget: I do, dear. But you've got to stop trying to fool yourself.

Vicky: What do you mean?

Bridget: My dear, it's very possible that Jamie might not want to come back, even if Steven is his son.

Vicky: Oh, you're just full of encouragement today, aren't you?

Bridget: Well, donít you know how deeply he's been hurt, my dear? And how very angry he is?

Vicky: Tell me about it. I do -- oh, my God.

Bridget: What is it?

Vicky: I could face a custody battle, no matter who the father is.

Michael: You want to talk about it?

Donna: Nothing to talk about. She admitted it.

Michael: She said it was accidental. I doubt she'll be facing a murder charge.

Donna: She never told me.

Michael: What did you expect?

Donna: I was her sister, and she never told me.

Michael: Maybe she was afraid.

Donna: I never even suspected.

Michael: Honey, why should you suspect? Why?

Donna: Because we're sisters.

Michael: Siblings donít have a direct line to the truth with each other.

Donna: I was so worried about Victoria. I suspected my own daughter, but never Nicole.

Michael: Wait a minute -- Cass suspected Victoria. We had good reason to worry.

Donna: She needed me, and I was so wrapped up in myself, I didnít even see it.

Michael: Nobody saw it. Cass didnít see it. Will you stop blaming yourself?

Donna: We were always so close.

Michael: And you still are close. And she's going to need you more than ever in the next couple of weeks. And I know you. You'll be there for her.

Donna: Yes, I will. I will.

Michael: I'll be right there with you.

Donna: What do you think's going to happen?

Michael: Boy, I donít know. But she is cooperating. She's giving a full confession. I think the district attorney will probably go lenient.

Donna: Especially since they've already convicted the wrong person.

Michael: Exactly. Honey, maybe Nicole feels relieved.

Donna: Oh.

Michael: Maybe she's lived with the lie long enough, huh?

Donna: She must have been in so much pain.

Michael: Well, maybe this will help. She's got a chance now to face the truth and get on with her life. And that's what we have to do.

Derek: Are you all right?

Stacey: No.

Derek: What's the matter?

Stacey: You were hurting that guy!

Derek: He broke in here! What right did he have? Look what he did.

Stacey: You almost killed him!

Derek: He deserved it!

Stacey: He deserves to die?

Derek: All I did was shake him up a little bit. And what's the matter with you? You've seen me mad before.

Stacey: No, not like that. You donít know how strong you are.

Derek: Oh, so I'm supposed to say, "Thatís ok, you can do what you want and then take a walk" and let him go?

Stacey: You donít even know who that guy was.

Derek: He was a reporter. I saw him at the police station after you left today.

Stacey: Well, what did he want?

Derek: He wanted to find out about Fanny! Look what he did going through my stuff!

Stacey: How did he know where you live?

Derek: I donít know! And what's that got to do with anything?

Stacey: Look, all I'm trying to say is that you just attacked the guy. You didnít talk to him, you didnít ask him anything. Ok, so maybe he shouldnít have come in here. Maybe he did the wrong thing, but you didnít have to go hurting him like that.

Derek: Well, he should have thought about that when he started coming around, sneaking around here and looking in my stuff.

Stacey: All right, maybe so. But you did not have to be so violent.

Derek: Oh, you agree with him, then?

Stacey: What?

Derek: You think I'm an animal, too.

Stacey: No, that's not what I said!

Derek: Well, I'm not an animal! And even if I was, baby, you're not my keeper. Why donít you get out?

Frankie: Hey, it's good scotch, Cass, but it's not that good.

Cass: "Thanks, Cass, donít mind if I do."

Frankie: What are you going to do, drink all night?

Cass: I donít know. You're the problem solver. Why donít you tell me?

Frankie: Yeah, you know, I didnít come here to gloat.

Cass: Oh, no?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Oh, that's right -- you came here for a drink.

Frankie: What I came here for was that I wanted to tell you that I was sorry about what happened to Nicole. And to you and to everybody.

Cass: Well, that just about covers it, doesn't it?

Frankie: Huh. Boy, you just donít quit, do you?

Cass: What?

Frankie: Always the quick remark, always the smart comeback. Nobody gets to you.

Cass: For what it's worth, I believe that you are really sorry, and I appreciate your saying so. Does that make you feel better?

Frankie: Yeah, I guess.

Cass: Well, good. Because it doesn't make me feel any better at all.

Frankie: What would make you feel better?

Cass: You could close the door on your way out.

Frankie: You want to be alone?

Cass: Yeah. Just like Greta Garbo.

Frankie: Garbo.

Cass: Right. Good night.

Frankie: Night.

Singer: Loneliness is your only friend a broken heart that just wonít mend is the price you pay it's hard to take when love grows old the days are long and the nights turn cold when it fades away you hope that she will change her mind but the days drift on and on you'll never know the reason why she's gone.

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

Singer: Oh, oh in an empty room loneliness is your only friend ooh oh, she is gone and you're at the end

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

Singers: Empty rooms

Singer: Where we learn to live without love

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