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Another World Transcript Friday 5/6/05

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Ada: I could hardly believe my ears.

Rachel: Neither could I.

Ada: Evan Bates is Janice Frame's son?

Rachel: And he came here to Bay City to avenge his mother's death.

Ada: While he was at Cory Publishing he had this plan?

Rachel: To destroy me and the family.

Ada: You forgive him?

Rachel: I know what he's been through.

Ada: What about what you've been through?

Rachel: Mom, Evan is as much a victim of Janice Frame as Mac and I were.

Felicia: Oh, about time. Hi. Hi, honey, it's good to see you.

Matt: Same here. How are you doing?

Felicia: Not very good today.

Matt: Well, what's wrong?

Felicia: Your father was here. He told me about Cass and Nicole.

Matt: Yeah.

Felicia: I just canít believe that the wedding didnít take place.

Matt: Mom said Cass never showed up.

Felicia: Do you have any idea why?

[Cass pants]

Cass: Kathleen --

Kathleen: I'm right here, Cass.

Cass: I'm so hot.

Kathleen: You'll be cool very soon. Help is on the way.

Cass: Help?

Kathleen: I made a phone call. They'll be here any minute.

Cass: You wonít leave me? You wonít leave me again, will you? You canít. I wonít let you. You'll never leave me again.

Amanda: Do you think she's dressed warm enough? Maybe I should put her sweater on, huh?

Sam: She's fine, Amanda.

Amanda: No, I mean, I thought maybe she had the sniffles this morning.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: So maybe you should check her throat, you know? Just in case?

Sam: Amanda, look at me.

Amanda: What?

Sam: She's fine. Alli is fine.

Amanda: I'm doing it again, aren't I?

Sam: Sure. Hey, it's understandable. I mean, ever since the --

Amanda: I know, the kidnapping. I know, I know. Here, honey, come on out here. I canít help it. I guess I'm just turning into a worrier.

Sam: It's ok, Amanda. After everything you've been through, I donít blame you.

Amanda: I wish Daddy would come home.

Sam: He'll be back soon.

Amanda: Hmm.

Sam: I wonder if he knows about it.

Amanda: Let's not talk about Evan, ok? If that's what you're going to say. I'm having too good a time.

Sam: Fine. And do me a favor. Remember one thing, though.

Amanda: What?

Sam: You and me and Alli -- we're all together now. We love each other. Everything's better now than it was before.

Amanda: Better?

Sam: Yeah. It is for me at least. I know this -- I'm never going to let you go.

Amanda: Oh. I wish I didnít have to go to lunch.

Sam: Where do you have to go for lunch?

Amanda: Where? Across the street at Paradise.

Sam: Across the street, yeah. When do you have to go for lunch?

Amanda: I should be leaving right about now.

Sam: Ah. Well, that's --

Amanda: But I'm not going to be gone very long.

Sam: That's good. That's good. That's really good, because I donít want to hit any traffic.

Amanda: Traffic? What are you talking about, traffic?

Sam: Well, I figure I'm going to take Alli. Come here, Alli. And I'm going to take her over to Mrs. Martinís. And then you and I are going to go to the country.

Amanda: The what?

Sam: Yeah, how does a picnic in the park sound?

Amanda: Oh, that sounds like the most perfect idea!

Sam: Yeah!

Amanda: Why didnít you tell me?

Sam: Because I just came up with it. Besides, I need a few hours with you.

Amanda: You just came up with that right now?

Sam: Mm-hmm, yeah. Maybe it was the kiss.

[Alli coos]

Amanda: Ah. Oh.

Sam: She thinks it was the kiss. Ooh, that's good. Oh, that's even better. Now, you better get out of here.

Amanda: You sure Mrs. Martin can sit?

Sam: Oh, donít worry about Mrs. Martin. I'll take care of that. Now, just get going so you can get back here and we can get going.

Amanda: All right. Right, I'm going, I'm going.

Sam: All right.

Amanda: Bye, Alli.

Sam: No.

Amanda: Better not, huh?

Sam: Yeah, uh-uh.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: I'll see you.

Amanda: Bye. I wonít be long.

Sam: Yeah. Ah! Yay, we're going to the country!

[Sam growls]

Sam: Isnít that right?

Evan: Ahem.

Ada: Here's your menu, Evan.

Evan: Thank you. Rachel, I donít think this is such a good idea.

Rachel: I know my daughter, Evan.

Ada: Is Amanda coming?

Rachel: Yep.

Ada: I'll be right over here.

Evan: Rachel, I still think you should have told her that I was going to be here.

Rachel: Why?

Evan: Because she knows. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Rachel: Talk to her. She'll understand.

Evan: I donít think so.

Rachel: Explain it to her as you explained it to me.

Evan: Why should she understand, Rachel?

Rachel: You saved her life, Evan -- and Alli. She wonít forget that. And you helped me with --

Evan: But I lied to you. I lied to everybody. I went to work pretending to be someone that I wasnít. I only joined Cory Publishing to hurt you.

Rachel: Yes, but you didnít hurt me. That's the point.

Evan: Oh, this is too much. Did you tell Mac about me yet?

Rachel: No. I'm trying to keep all this away from him just now.

Evan: Well, that I understand. It's a lot to accept.

Rachel: Evan, you didnít hurt us -- not really -- as much as you said you wanted to. And you say you've changed your mind about us. I believe you. It's just as simple as that.

Evan: It's amazing.

Rachel: What?

Evan: Your reaction. I mean, I never would have expected it. You're so compassionate and understanding.

Rachel: Well, I donít like to be predictable.

Amanda: Well, predictable you certainly aren't, mother. I canít believe that you would forgive so easily. I canít.

Cass: No, please, donít go!

Stacey: Cass?

Cass: No!

Stacey: Cass?

Cass: Please!

Stacey: Cass -- Cass, we're here. It's going to be --

Cass: No!

Derek: He's got a bad fever.

Stacey: We got to get him to the hospital quick!

Derek: Somebody called you, right?

Stacey: A woman.

Derek: So where is she now?

Stacey: I donít know. We donít have time to wait for an ambulance, though.

Derek: Give him some air.

Stacey: Can you hear me?

Cass: Is that Stacey?

Stacey: Yeah. It's going to be all right. You just hang in there, ok?

Cass: Where did she go?

Stacey: Who?

Cass: Kathleen!

Amanda: You didnít tell me that he was here.

Rachel: I wanted to make sure you'd be here.

Amanda: You should have told me, mother.

Rachel: Honey --

Amanda: Did you want me along while you fired him?

Rachel: We're not talking about firing. I want to talk to Mac first.

Amanda: If he stays, you can forget about me. I'll freelance.

Rachel: Amanda -- honey --

Amanda: I will find another job. I'm not going to work in the same room with him.

Evan: Amanda, I understand how you feel.

Amanda: Oh, well, that's very gracious of you.

Rachel: Well, I donít. I think you should let him explain.

Evan: Wait a minute. Amanda?

Amanda: I donít give a damn!

Evan: Amanda, come here. Amanda?

Ada: Well, Jake, you got the bar all organized.

Jake: Yes, ma'am.

Ada: Good. Thank you.

Jake: And I washed and dried all the glasses, too.

Ada: Oh, we got machines for that, you know.

Jake: I thought you'd be pleased.

Ada: I am. When did you find the time to do all this?

Jake: I did them on my break.

Ada: Ah. You want a day off?

Jake: I canít believe you. I do you a favor. I do all the dishes, glasses, and you think that I did it because I want a day off?

Ada: You donít want a day off?

Jake: No. I need two days off.

Ada: No.

Jake: It's to take my beautiful wife -- she really needs it, so do I.

Ada: Forget about it, Jake.

Jake: It would mean a great deal to us, Ada. You of all people --

Ada: No way.

Jake: Fine. There was no harm in asking, was there?

Ada: Jake -- I changed my mind.

Jake: I knew you would.

Ada: When am I going to learn how to do this business, huh? Ok, it's a great weekend. Go!

Jake: You are the best.

Ada: Donít press your luck. The two busiest days of the week. Get out of here.

Jake: What do you think, the place is going to go under without me?

Ada: Well, the female customers might get a little depressed, but --

Jake: Oh. Oh, that's ok. Sid can handle them.

Ada: Uh-huh.

Jake: Thank you again.

Ada: Oh.

Sidney: Who can handle? What is he talking about?

Jake: You're an angel.

Ada: You hear that? I'm an angel.

Sidney: Oh. I thought he was talking about me.

Ada: Wrong.

Sidney: Ok, what'd you do now?

Ada: I gave him the weekend off.

Sidney: Oh? Who's going to replace him?

Ada: I'm such an angel, I donít have to worry about that. Who can I get?

Sidney: You put a lot of stock in keeping your employees happy, donít you?

Ada: I donít want them to quit.

Sidney: Good. Then here.

Ada: What's that?

Sidney: A list of all the problems that have come up since I was gone. I think you ought to fix them as soon as possible.

Stacey: Somebody help! Please! Be careful --

Ronnie: Nurse, get a wheelchair in quick.

Stacey: Just take it easy.

Ronnie: What happened, Stacey?

Stacey I donít know. I think he's been out all night, though.

Ronnie: Let's check, come on. Careful, careful.

Stacey: Here. Be careful with him.

Ronnie: Let's see what's happening. He's got a fever.

Stacey: Some woman called. I donít know -- it doesn't make any sense. She said he was sick, and then told me she was here to find him.

Cass: Kathleen --

Stacey: Is he going to be all right?

Ronnie: Yeah, come on. Get him in examining room five and I'll page a resident.

Stacey: But he's delirious!

Cass: Kathleen?

Ronnie: Look, you stay here. Try not to worry.

Stacey: Ok, thanks, Ronnie.

Derek: Who's Kathleen?

Stacey: That's his wife.

Derek: I thought you said she was dead.

Stacey: She is dead. Listen, I'm going to go find Jamie in his office and see if he canít take a look at Cass.

Felicia: I just donít understand why Cass would do this.

Matt: I donít think anybody expected it.

Felicia: Has anyone talked to Nicole?

Matt: She made an announcement at the church. My mom said she seemed pretty upset.

Felicia: What did she say?

Matt: Something about a temporary delay. I donít think anybody bought it, though.

Felicia: I just donít understand this.

Matt: Me, neither. I like Nicole.

Felicia: And Cass -- I mean, has anyone heard from him at all?

Matt: Not yet, no.

Felicia: I'm sorry, honey. I really donít mean to be pumping you for information.

Matt: No, no, no, no, no -- you keep asking, I'll answer.

Felicia: It's just that I'm so starved for news.

Matt: Yeah.

Felicia: In fact, I'm starved, period.

Matt: Yeah.

Felicia: I suppose you've heard of something called chipped beef on toast.

Matt: Oh, yeah, I heard of that. We had another name for it back in boarding school, though.

Felicia: Yeah, I'll bet you did. Very descriptive. I would kill for a cheeseburger with fries about now.

Matt: Hey, remember the night at Tops when you ordered a cheeseburger smothered with caviar?

Felicia: Oh, yes. I thought that would be so wonderful. Beluga caviar -- ooh, that was really awful, wasn't it?

Matt: It was awful.

Felicia: Oh, Matthew, I'm sorry.

Matt: No, I'm sorry for bringing you down.

Felicia: No, no, no. You could never bring me down. I appreciate you coming. You know, most of the time, I'm fine in here. I am. I'm fine now. Really I am. So tell me about Josie.

Matt: Not much to tell on that subject.

Felicia: She's not letting you see her yet?

Matt: No. I always knew she's stubborn, but --

Felicia: Honey, if you want her, you -- you got to really go after her. You know that?

Matt: Yeah, but how many times can you be turned down?

Felicia: You're right, I guess. Thank you.

Matt: Yeah. So Dad was here earlier.

Felicia: Yes. He comes as often as he can. I know this place makes him crazy. He tries so hard to cheer me up.

Matt: He misses you very much. We all miss you.

Felicia: I'm fine, really, but I am a little worried about him. He has a -- a look in his eyes.

Matt: Yes.

Felicia: Matthew, do you think you could try and take care of him? You know, he's supposed to go on this assignment in West Africa someplace. He says he canít go because he wonít leave me, but I want him to go. I want him to get on with his life. Maybe you could talk to him. You could try and talk him into it. I'm just a little worried about him.

Matt: Felicia, you have to stop worrying about everyone else in town. He's tough. He'll hang in there.

Felicia: I know.

Matt: No, you take care of yourself, ok?

Felicia: I'm fine. Really, I am.

Matt: Yeah?

Felicia: I am. It's just -- well, it's a little monotonous in here. If you can imagine it.

Matt: I'll bet.

Felicia: The days become -- I donít know -- like a blur.

Matt: Well, I have something that might help the blur. It might help the monotony.

Felicia: What?

Matt: Right there.

Felicia: What is this, anyway?

Matt: Some fan mail for you.

Felicia: You're kidding.

Matt: Yeah, you got a whole lot of fans. They even sent some checks for the defense fund. Amanda sent them back with a note saying that Cass didnít charge you for his legal services.

Felicia: You know, I -- if I only knew if Cass was all right.

Matt: No, Felicia, donít worry about it. I'll give him a call as soon as I get back, I promise. Now, come on, open your fan mail.

Felicia: Ok. This is from Italy -- "Signora Felicia."

Matt: "Signora."

Felicia: Oh, this is from a lady that has been a fan of mine from the beginning -- my very first book. I recognize this handwriting. There's no postmark.

Felicia: Oh, my God, it's him. (Woman)

Marley: It sounded urgent.

Jake: It was.

Marley: I came as soon as I could. What's wrong?

Jake: Come here.

Marley: Hey.

Jake: You have good lips.

Marley: This is where we work -- you work.

Jake: So what?

Marley: So people are going to stare.

Jake: Let them stare.

Marley: What's going on?

Jake: I miss you.

Marley: Miss me? You just saw me this morning.

Jake: Honey, that was hours ago.

Marley: Oh. What do you have behind your back?

Jake: Happy Marley appreciation day.

Marley: Marley what day?

Jake: You've never heard of it? Honey, this is a national holiday. Everything's closed. All the public schools, libraries.

Marley: What are you up to?

Jake: Walk with me and I'll explain the whole thing.

Ada: You've got to be kidding.

Sidney: What's the problem?

Ada: "A new microwave for the rotary tray. A whole new set of la something or other cookware. A butcher block island. And three new food processors."

Sidney: And a salad girl.

Ada: Salad person.

Sidney: But we do need the microwave.

Ada: We've got a microwave.

Sidney: What, that dingy little thing with the stationary tray? Have to keep opening the door, turn the platter, open the door, turn the platter --

Ada: That sounds downright strenuous, Sid.

Sidney: Well, it's time consuming, Ada.

Ada: What's the rush?

Sidney: Well, I'm pressured back there.

Ada: You didnít have to come right back to work, you know.

Sidney: Well, why not? You obviously needed me.

Ada: Nobody complains.

Sidney: Well, I'm complaining.

Ada: Why?

Sidney: Because that kitchen isnít adequate for our needs.

Ada: And this list is not adequate for my budget. I give you all this stuff and I'll be bankrupt.

Sidney: Yeah, but it --

Rachel: Hi, Sid, Mom.

Sidney: Oh. Hi, Rachel.

Rachel: Hi.

Ada: Hi. Where's Amanda?

Rachel: She left.

Ada: Where's Evan?

Rachel: He left.

Ada: Well, what happened to your meeting?

Rachel: An idea whose time had not come.

Ada: I know what you're talking about.

Rachel: Sid, I'm awfully glad that you came to the party the other night. But I'm even more glad that you're here working with Mom again.

Ada: You can afford to be glad.

Sidney: Hmm. Management. Always a problem.

Amanda: You leave me alone.

Evan: No, no, no. I put up with your little scene in the restaurant. Now, you're going to listen to me.

Amanda: What, are you going to say that you didnít lie?

Evan: No, no, no, no, no, no -- listen to me. There's no excuse for what I did.

Amanda: You got that right.

Evan: But there is an explanation. Now, let me tell it to you, please?

Amanda: Why should I?

Evan: Because I care about you, and our friendship. So just hear me out. Then you can decide if you never want to see me again.

Amanda: All right, make it quick.

Evan: I never got to know my mother. She died when I was a kid.

Amanda: I know. We found that out together researching the famous Earl.

Evan: So Willis and Gwen took me in. They painted this rosy picture of my mother. They said that she was devoted to me in every conceivable way. They saw how alone I was. So they said she was going to send for me, but that could never happen because of one person. And that one person was the murderer of my mother, Rachel Cory.

Amanda: Are you finished?

Evan: Amanda, donít you see? I was just some impressionable kid. I didnít know it was a big setup. So I grew up wanting to hurt your mother. I wanted to destroy her. I wanted to make her suffer for the way that I suffered.

Amanda: And we're just lucky that you didnít get a chance to do that?

Evan: It wasn't luck, Amanda. It was more than that. I got to know you and your mother and Mac. And then I began to realize that what I had been conditioned to believe most of my life was a lie. It's a whole lifetime of programming. It just doesn't go away overnight. Donít you see that?

Amanda: When Dustin had us both, were you pretending then?

Evan: No. I wanted us to be close again.

Amanda: Close?

Evan: Canít you find it in your heart to forgive me, Amanda?

Stacey: Is he unconscious?

Ronnie: No, no, he's just sleeping.

Stacey: Are you sure?

Ronnie: Well, I could wake him if you like.

Stacey: No, no, no, that's all right. He probably needs his rest.

Ronnie: Yeah. Well, you know, it's a good thing you found him.

Stacey: Yeah. I left a message in Jamieís office. I wanted him to come and take a look at him. I hope that's ok.

Ronnie: Oh, sure. But, you know, Dr. Cavert's more than capable, ok? Now, look, the antibiotic should break your brother's fever. You'll be able to see a difference then.

Stacey: May I stay with him?

Ronnie: Oh, of course. Is Nicole on her way?

Stacey: Nicole?

Ronnie: She doesn't know?

Stacey: No, um --

Ronnie: Well, look, you want me to contact her?

Stacey: No, no, thanks. Listen, you've done enough already. I will get in touch with her.

Ronnie: Ok. Now, look, try to relax. He's out of the woods.

Stacey: Thanks, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Mm-hmm.

Stacey: My bag --

Derek: Did you leave it outside?

Stacey: I must have left it at the gazebo. Damn it, now what am I going to do?

Derek: Nothing. I'll go get it, and you stay here with him.

Stacey: Thanks, Derek. I appreciate it.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Hey, I'll walk with you.

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: I want to go by Jamieís office and see if he's picked up his messages yet. Listen, I know that you hate to be thanked, but I couldn't have managed this without you. I also know that my brother isnít exactly your favorite person.

Derek: Yeah. Well, he's your brother.

Cass: Hi, Kathleen.

Kathleen: I told you you'd like the hospital.

Cass: I thought you'd gone. That you weren't coming back.

Kathleen: You canít get rid of me that easy, Winthrop. I'm here. This is my buddy.

Kathleen: Ok. Lights out, counselor.

Cass: No. Not yet, please.

Kathleen: Look, I hate to get bossy.

Cass: No, you donít.

Kathleen: Oh, you are getting better.

Cass: I'll rest later. We have to talk, Kathleen, please.

Kathleen: All right. We'll talk, but only for a minute. We have to get you well.

Cass: I am well. You're back, I've never been better.

Kathleen: I hate to break this to you, Cass, but I have seen you look better.

Cass: I've missed you so much. Since you've been gone, I've made such a mess of things.

Kathleen: No.

Cass: Yes, I blew it --

Kathleen: No.

Cass: Yes.

Kathleen: None of this was your fault.

Cass: Of course it was.

Kathleen: How do you figure that?

Cass: I should've known.

Kathleen: What, about Nicole?

Cass: The signs were there. I just refused to see them.

Kathleen: Cass, what are you supposed to do? You're supposed to put your fiancťe on your list of suspects?

Cass: Something was wrong. She wasn't the same. I knew that and I ignored it.

Kathleen: Because you loved her.

Cass: Oh, God.

Kathleen: Yes, you did and she loved you.

Cass: Oh, it was such a mistake.

Kathleen: No. Loving someone is never a mistake. You taught me that.

Cass: I did not.

Kathleen: You know you did.

Cass: Well, I was wrong.

Kathleen: You know what I think?

Cass: I have a feeling you're going to tell me.

Kathleen: Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. I think Nicole dug herself in too deep and she just couldn't pull herself out.

Cass: She could've come to me.

Kathleen: And she didnít and there's nothing that you can do about it.

Cass: Felicia went through hell.

Kathleen: You did your best for Felicia, didnít you?

Cass: I donít know.

Kathleen: I do. And Felicia does, too.

Cass: John and Sharlene -- I put them on the witness stand. I hurt them so badly for nothing.

Kathleen: Bad things happen. People get hurt. Even you.

Cass: Kathleen?

Kathleen: Yeah?

Cass: You haven't changed.

Kathleen: [Brooklyn accent] Well, I figure perfect is as perfect is, you know?

Cass: [Brooklyn accent] Yeah, you is perfect.

Kathleen: [Normal voice] Didnít rise to debate -- I must be losing my touch.

Cass: [Normal voice] No, you're not. You always have things in perspective. You know what's important.

Kathleen: I know you, Cass Cadwaller Winthrop.

Cass: You swore to me that you would never call me that name again.

Kathleen: Oh, I know. You're right. You've gone through enough.

Cass: I love you. Thank God you came back to me.

Kathleen: Ok. It's time for nighty-night.

Cass: No, not yet, please.

Kathleen: No arguments. You remember what I told you. Cass, look at me.

[Cass sighs]

Kathleen: Look at me. Loving someone is never, never a mistake.

Cass: I'll try to remember.

Kathleen: Promise?

Cass: I promise.

Kathleen: Now sleep.

Cass: I'm afraid to sleep.

Kathleen: Why?

Cass: Because if I go to sleep, you'll go away.

Felicia: He wants to see me. Why? Why come back into my life now?

[Knock on window]

Matt: What are we talking about?

Felicia: I'm sorry. A man wrote me this note.

Matt: What, is it an old friend?

Felicia: A friend.

Man: I canít stand the thought that we canít be together.

Felicia: Yes, I know.

Man: Let's run away tonight, right after your stepfather's birthday party. We'll be ok, I promise you. I love you.

Felicia: I love you, too.

Matt: Felicia?

Felicia: I'm -- I'm sorry. What did you say?

Matt: I wanted to know if the letter is from an old friend.

Felicia: Yes. Yes, from years and years ago.

Matt: He must have read about the trial in the paper, huh?

Felicia: Yeah. I guess so.

Matt: What's his name? You know, if you want to get in touch with him, I can have Dad give him a call and then --

Felicia: No. No, that wonít be necessary. Matthew, listen to me, it's possibly that this man might try and get in touch with me, and if he does, I -- no. No, he -- he wouldnít do that. Forget what I said, ok? Forget the whole thing.

Amanda: Just go away.

Evan: Is that really what you want?

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: Doesn't my explanation mean anything to you?

Amanda: No, it doesn't mean anything. How am I supposed to forgive you?

Evan: Because I've changed.

Amanda: Well, so have I. I'm not the innocent little fool that I was.

Evan: Well, Amanda, I never meant to hurt you.

Amanda: Oh, no? What about the night that I showed up at your apartment? You were upset. You told me that your nanny had died.

Evan: It was a lie.

Amanda: What did you want from me?

Evan: I wanted you to feel sorry for me.

Amanda: You kissed me that night.

Evan: And I felt like the lowest piece of slime around, and that's when it happened, Amanda. That's when I realized I couldn't do it to you.

Amanda: You make me sick!

Evan: No, donít you understand? That's when it all changed. Amanda, you needed me and I needed you.

Amanda: I donít need you now.

Evan: Come on. That closeness we had -- that was real.

Amanda: I believed in you, you know that? I let myself get closer to you than to any other human being except my husband. It was all a lie.

Evan: No, it wasn't a lie.

Amanda: Sam tried to warn me about you, but I wouldnít listen. No, I defended you. I said, "Really, he's a wonderful person. He's just lonely."

Evan: I was lonely.

Amanda: I tried to get Sam to understand that you were our friend, you were on our side.

Evan: Amanda, please, come on.

Amanda: The whole time, you had a knife to my back.

Evan: That's not true. I would never hurt you, and I tried to tell you who I was.

Amanda: You had plenty of chances. You never quite got around to it. So I guess it really wasn't all that important.

Evan: It was always important!

Amanda: It doesn't matter now. I canít do anything for you.

Evan: What do you mean, "It doesn't matter"? Canít you forgive me?

Amanda: No. No, I canít.

Sam: Hey, Amanda. Oh, am I glad you're still here. I had to wait for Mrs. Martin's -- hi. What's wrong?

Amanda: Um -- the reason that I was supposed to go to lunch with Mom is because Evan was there.

Sam: What?

Amanda: I left Paradise as soon as I could, as quickly as I could. He followed me. He followed me all the way here to ask me if I could forgive him.

Sam: Look, I wonít let that guy bother you again. The next time he bothers you, I --

Amanda: No, no, look, it's all right. I donít think he will. Oh, God, why does all this stuff even have to happen? I wish Daddy was here.

Sam: It's ok, all right? I'm here. It's ok. Shh.

Amanda: Thank God.

Sam: Hey, hey. You know what you need right now?

Amanda: You and Alli.

Sam: Well, that's good, but I got something better. You need a hint? All right. Um -- it has mayonnaise and mustard on some of them.

Amanda: Mayonnaise and mustard?

Sam: And mustard, yeah. Do you need another hint? All right! You eat them with your hands.

Amanda: All right, let's see, the -- the answer has to be in the form of a question, right?

Sam: That's the rules of the game.

Amanda: What is a sandwich?

Sam: Oh, she won it! She won an all-expense-paid trip to the park with her husband! Good idea? And sandwiches, lots and lots of sandwiches -- hey, it'll be fun.

Amanda: Wait a second -- you? You packed a picnic lunch?

Sam: Yeah! Me. I -- I'm a good husband, come on.

Amanda: You're the best.

Sam: Now, come on. Let's go to the country. We'll go, we'll change our clothes first so we can get comfortable -- oh, wakka-wakka-wakka -- and then we'll go have sandwiches because, hey, you look like the kind of person who needs to have a good time.

Ada: This is pointless.

Sidney: There's no point to this.

Ada: I just said that.

Rachel: There is a point to this.

Sidney: Yeah, I've got to get back to work.

Rachel: No, no, no, not until you talk this out.

Sidney: There's nothing to say.

Ada: He's right.

Sidney: Ha-ha! For once, she agrees with me.

Rachel: I donít think you're talking about microwaves here.

Ada: Another microwave, another everything.

Sidney: Now, it's obvious she's exaggerating.

Ada: You want to see this list?

Rachel: Ok, wait a minute.

Ada: Santa Claus doesn't have a list that long.

Rachel: Wait a minute!

Sidney: Now, look, Ada, I'm not asking for presents, you know.

Ada: Oh, good! Then you're going to pay for all this stuff.

Rachel: What are you getting in a flap about the money for? Mac and I are backing this restaurant -- there's plenty of money.

Ada: Well, that doesn't mean you have to throw it away on a lot of gadgets.

Sidney: Gadgets?

Rachel: Oh, come on.

Sidney: You know, anybody asks for anything, she's all ears.

Ada: Oh, here we go again.

Sidney: "No, you want the weekend off, Jake? Of course you can have the weekend off. I'll tend bar for you. Oh, Joanie, you want a new uniform? Sure -- pure silk, 200 bucks." Yeah.

Ada: They ask, you donít. You tell.

Sidney: Oh. I see. I didnít know I had to submit a formal request.

Rachel: Maybe you should.

Sidney: What?

Rachel: She's the manager.

Ada: The manager, means "to manage."

Rachel: Yeah, but if Sid needs something, I think you ought to listen to him because he's been in the restaurant business a long time and he's the best at it, you know?

Sidney: Thank you. Thank you, Rachel.

Rachel: Anyway, you guys have got to decide whether you want to work together.

Ada: Well, sure. He's the best in the business.

Sidney: Well, nobody manages like Ada.

Ada: Oh, really?

Sidney: Yeah. Didnít I ever tell you?

Ada: No.

Sidney: You're the best.

Ada: Thank you.

Sidney: You're welcome.

Rachel: But she's used to doing it by herself --

Ada: And being in charge.

Sidney: Yeah, well, I'm used to the same thing.

Ada: We've got a problem.

Sidney: Oh, now, look, Bubbles, I -- I --

Ada: I'm not "Bubbles" anymore, Sid. I've raised two daughters, I've run some very successful businesses. I believe in myself.

Rachel: Yeah, but maybe Sid feels the same way, Mom.

Ada: I hate it when you take his side.

Rachel: I just think it would be better if Mac were here. He would say just the right thing.

Sidney: No, you're doing ok, Rachel.

Rachel: I like you, Sid.

Sidney: Thank you.

Rachel: I love you, Mom. I think it would be a good idea if you guys worked together. I mean, I think that would be good.

Ada: For the restaurant?

Rachel: That, too. That is what I meant -- right. What do you think, Sid?

Sidney: Well -- oh, I suppose I could wait for a few of the things that I need.

Rachel: See? Terrific, great! Mom?

Ada: I could think about getting some of this equipment.

Rachel: Great. See? What was the big deal about that?

Ada: The big deal was his whole "I deserve" attitude.

Sidney: What "I deserve"? I'm trying to improve your restaurant here. That's all I'm trying to do.

Ada: Well, what's with the list?

Rachel: Come on, guys, donít start up.

Ada: I mean, we canít just sit down and quietly talk about this one? No.

Rachel: Hold it, hold it.

Ada: You got to start right in with the demands.

Rachel: Guys! You guys have got to run a restaurant here.

Sidney: Yeah, and she's absolutely right. I'm going to work.

Ada and Sidney: There is no point to this.

Ada: I already said that.

Sidney: I just said that, too. Now, I suppose you lost the list, huh?

Ada: Well, haven't you got 10 copies?

Sidney: Huh -- yeah, I made them before I came.

Ada: Relax, I've got the list.

Evan: Rachel?

Rachel: Yes?

Evan: You're still here?

Rachel: Yeah. Why? How did it go with you and Amanda?

Evan: Well, it went just as I predicted.

Rachel: Oh.

Evan: That letter of resignation that I submitted? I'd like for that to be effective immediately.

Marley: Jake, where are you taking me?

Jake: I am trying to find the perfect place to tell you my little secret. Let's see.

Marley: Oh.

Jake: Is it up here? You cheater. Or is it over here?

Marley: I think they're both pretty perfect.

Jake: Actually -- I think this is the most perfect place.

Marley: Jake McKinnon.

Jake: Marley McKinnon.

Marley: Now, come on. You tell me what that big surprise is.

Jake: Ok. We are going to spend a quiet little weekend together.

Marley: Jake!

Jake: Yeah. I got reservations at a wonderful little inn --

Marley: Ah!

Jake: I even reserved a bridal suite.

Marley: A -- a suite? How much is that going to cost?

Jake: No talk about money.

Marley: Jake, wait.

Jake: We have to get home and -- you are not going to cause a problem.

Marley: Well, it's just that Nicole was upset and --

Jake: Marley?

Marley: What?

Jake: What? For once in your life, I want you to put yourself first. You think you can handle that? Hmm?

Marley: I can certainly try.

Jake: You and I are going to have a weekend we are never going to forget.

Jake: You have great lips.

Cass: Kathleen? Kathleen! Oh, no. Oh, please.

[Door opens]

Stacey: Hey.

Cass: Oh, Stace.

Stacey: Cass?

Cass: Hi.

Stacey: Hi. How you feeling?

Cass: Ok.

Stacey: Yeah?

Cass: Yeah.

Stacey: Really?

Cass: Yeah.

Stacey: Good. Then the medication must've worked pretty fast, huh?

Cass: How did I get here?

Stacey: Derek and I brought you in. You were really sick.

Cass: I was?

Stacey: Yeah, but you're looking better now. You got your color back.

Cass: So, I must've been here for a while?

Stacey: A couple of hours.

Cass: Was anyone else here?

Stacey: Well, the doctor was here. He started up your I.V. And --

Cass: A woman?

Stacey: Ronnie.

Cass: Oh.

Stacey: Why? Why do you ask?

Cass: No reason. I'm just curious.

Stacey: No, no, no, no. Take it easy. You need your rest, my dear.

Cass: I canít rest now. Felicia -- I have to see her. There's something I have to tell her.

Stacey: No, no. It's all right. I know.

Cass: What? What do you know?

Stacey: I know about Jason and Nicole.

Cass: Derek told you.

Stacey: I'm so sorry, Cass.

Cass: So am I, Stacey. So am I.

Woman: Wasn't it just yesterday the very first time when you whispered my name

Man: I saw the light in your eyes and I knew deep inside we'd be so much more than friends

Both: Now, baby it's you and me eternally everything that we're meant to be so I'll dedicate myself to loving you forever for always

Man: I do

Both: And this promise that I make tonight I'll make with all my heart we'll never part it's true so then here's to us I give my all to you

Woman: Yes, baby, I do

Man: Baby, I do

Woman: Baby, I do

Man: Yeah

Woman: Yeah

Man: I do

Woman: Yeah yeah

Man: Ooh I could take a star from the sky

Woman: Take a star

Man: I'd make it shine on me for the rest of my life

Woman: Shine, shine, shine tonight our hearts became one

Man: Oh

Woman: United forever

Man: Oh, oh

Woman: For all of the world to see

Man: So, baby

Both: It's you and me eternally

Woman: Yeah

Both: Everything that we're meant to be so I'll dedicate myself to loving you forever for always I do and this promise that I make tonight I make with all my heart we'll never part it's true so I'll dedicate myself to loving you forever for always I do

Man: I do

Both: And this promise that I make tonight I'll make with all my heart

Stacey: Cass, you got to be kidding me.

Cass: This is what I was wearing, right?

Stacey: Look, you're not ready to be released yet!

Cass: I released myself.

Stacey: You're still weak!

Cass: I'm not looking to run a marathon.

Stacey: Please, Cass.

Cass: Look, Stacey, I'm leaving, so donít give me any trouble.

Stacey: You suffered exposure. The doctor was worried you were going to get pneumonia. When we brought you in here, you were delirious. You were calling out for Kathleen.

Cass: Yeah, I know. I saw her.

Stacey: What?

Cass: In my dreams. I --

Stacey: Oh.

Cass: I thought that somehow she had come back to me, but then I realized it was the fever. And now, I guess it's time for me to face reality.

Stacey: Cass, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything.

Derek: Hey, it's you.

Frankie: Hi, Derek.

Derek: You called Stacey? You're the one that helped Cass?

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