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Cass: What's the matter?

Nicole: Nothing. We're going to be married in a couple of hours. What could possibly be wrong?

Cass: You just seem a little wired, that's all.

Nicole: I am. You know, all my life, I wanted to meet someone like you. No, not someone like you -- you. And today you're going to be my husband. It's like -- it's like somebody answered a prayer or something, you know? I'm just not used to getting what I want.

Cass: Get used to it.

Nicole: Well, I'd better start packing again. You know, if Donna insists on coming over in the middle of the night, I'd better be ready here.

Cass: Well, now, let's not be rash. Let's think this thing through, ok? Why do you have to go over to her place, anyway? You belong here. We can wake up in the morning and instead of arguing about whose turn it is to start the coffee, we can go get married.

Nicole: I'm superstitious, I guess.

Cass: Well, hey, I hate to be the one to tell you, but it's already officially our wedding day. I think we blew that one.

Nicole: Yeah, but the sun hasn't come up yet.

Cass: Oh. Yeah, I guess I never heard that part before.

Nicole: I know. I know, it's stupid, isnít it?

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: I just -- Cass, I donít want any bad luck, you know?

Cass: No more bad luck. In a few hours, we're going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Nicole: Yeah.

Cass: Forever.

Nicole: Forever.

Sam: Frankie? Hi. You're Frankie Frame, right?

Frankie: Yes. Hi. Uh -- is the party still going on?

Sam: Yeah, there are still a few die-hards here.

Frankie: Oh, well, count me in.

Sam: Sure. Stay as long as you want to.

Frankie: You haven't seen Cass Winthrop around, have you?

Sam: No, sorry.

Frankie: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Sam: Yeah. Hey, Frankie?

Frankie: Hmm?

Sam: Look, I donít like to butt in, but you seem kind of upset. Are you ok? Something wrong?

Frankie: Just trying to figure out how to tell somebody something that can ruin his whole life.

Sam: What?

Frankie: Uh -- nothing. I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Sam: Yeah. Hey.

Amanda: Heck of a party, huh?

Sam: Yeah. Too bad your dad felt that he couldn't come. Hey, good night.

Amanda: Good night.

Sam: Take care, ok?

Amanda: Hope you had a good time. Well, I heard Iris is still here.

Sam: Why? Your dad's not going to show up.

Amanda: I know. Everybody's told her that. I still canít believe her, showing up here completely uninvited and then staying to the very end.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: Last year at this time, we didnít even think there was going to be a Cory Publishing.

Sam: Amanda, calm --

Amanda: It's all because --

Sam: Calm down, ok? All right? Look, I know this has been hard on you and your mom, all right?

Amanda: Speaking of which, have you seen her?

Sam: No, not for a while. I wonder where she is.

Sam: Let's go find her. Come on.

[Gas hisses]

Rachel: Janice.

Janice: Got that on the first guess.

Rachel: Where am I? I'm supposed to be at a party.

Janice: The party's over. Everything's over.

Rachel: No. I have to go back.

Janice: I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when I first came here, when you sent me here.

Rachel: But the children aren't ready yet. And Mac --

Janice: Donít worry. You'll get used to it. I did.

Rachel: No!

Janice: Rachel, aren't you tired? Haven't you struggled enough? The room down there, it's filling with gas. There's nothing you can do. You're getting weaker by the moment. Rachel, come to me. Let go. Your time has come. Everything will be easier now.

Nicole: Well, I'm all packed.

Cass: Are you really sure you want to go over to Donnaís right now? Donít you think --?

Donna: Nicole? Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah?

Donna: Are you upstairs?

Nicole: Donna, come on up! Cass?

Cass: Yes?

Nicole: Could I ask you a favor?

Cass: Anything.

Nicole: Would you not get started with Donna, please?

Cass: What do you mean?

Nicole: You know exactly what I mean -- the case and Vicky.

Cass: Give me a kiss. Ok.

Donna: Hello? Hi.

Cass: Hello, Donna.

Donna: I hope you're all ready. Hi, Cass. Our driver is absolutely dropping from exhaustion.

Nicole: I am. I'm all ready.

Donna: All right. Are you sure? Is this everything? Where's your makeup case?

Nicole: My makeup.

Donna: You canít get married without your makeup case.

Nicole: I'm so sorry, you're right! I promise I'll hurry.

Cass: Your makeup.

Nicole: Yeah, I got it!

Donna: Well.

Cass: Well.

Donna: Soon, we're all going to be one big, happy family.

Cass: Big, anyway.

Donna: Cass, I've always been fond of you.

Cass: You have?

Donna: Yes, I have. This trial has just -- well, now that it's all over --

Cass: Oh, it's not over, Donna.

Donna: Well, you know what I'm saying.

Cass: No, I donít know what you're saying. Felicia is in prison.

Donna: But -- but you and Nicole are going to be married.

Cass: Look, Nicole and I are going away for a one-night honeymoon, and then I'm back on the trail.

Donna: Do you have to involve Victoria in this?

Cass: I thought that's what this was about.

Donna: What?

Cass: The "one big, happy family" routine.

Donna: It's not a routine. Cass, if Felicia didnít kill Jason --

Cass: She didnít.

Donna: Then Iris did.

Cass: I'm investigating her, too.

Donna: "Too." Nicole is going to be your wife. Victoria is her niece!

Cass: Donna, spare me the lecture on the family tree. I'm aware of that. Nicole is just as upset with me as you are. But Vicky is hiding something, and Jason knew what it was.

Donna: That's ridiculous.

Cass: And you know what it is, too, donít you?

Donna: There's nothing to know.

Cass: Fine. Then what are you worried about if there's no big deal?

Donna: Victoria has a family.

Cass: So does Felicia. Donna, I'm not giving up on this, not until I find out who shot Jason.

Stacey: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hi.

Cass: Hey, Stace.

Stacey: Hey. Well, that was a wonderful party, huh?

Donna: Yes, I suppose it was. We left early.

Stacey: Oh. Well -- ahem -- tomorrow's the big day, huh?

Cass: Today.

Stacey: Oh, today!

Cass: Today.

Stacey: Oh, that's right!

Donna: What?

Stacey: The wedding.

Donna: Oh, yes.

Stacey: Oh, and by the way, thank you. I got your invitation for the breakfast before the wedding party.

Donna: Good. Well, I wanted to do something nice for Nicole. It is her wedding day.

Stacey: Yeah. Well, I guess we'll all just be one big --

Cass: Happy --

Donna, Stacey, and Cass: Happy family.

Frankie: What now?

Mitch: Ok, Felicia said she wanted a photograph, and I know you're tired, but we need a smile. Canít have a photograph without a smile, now, can we?

Sam: For Felicia, you got it, ok?

Mitch: Thank you. Very nice.

Amanda: Cheese!

Sam: Oh, man.

Amanda: Now, since you are a professional photographer, can you make me look like it's not 2:00 in the morning?

Mitch: Great, and in the meantime, I am going to see if I can find Rachel.

Amanda: Oh, tell her we're looking for her, too?

Mitch: Sure.

Sam: Hey, give Felicia our love, ok?

Mitch: I'll do it for sure.

Sam: Oy.

Amanda: I really wonder where Mom is. I'm starting to get worried.

Sam: Oh, she's probably just settling up with the caterer or something.

Amanda: She doesn't have to do that tonight. That's what I mean.

Sam: Hello, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, hello. I was just leaving. My limo's on the dock.

Amanda: Oh. Ok, sure.

Gwen: I wanted to thank your mother and father for inviting me to this party, although I'm sure you wish they hadnít.

Sam: I wish you knew that Rachel would probably take anything from anybody.

Gwen: Yeah, well, I guess the imported champagne went straight to my mouth.

Amanda: Gwen, I'm sure my parents would like to help you if there's anything that they can do.

Gwen: Huh, a chip off the old block, huh?

Amanda: What?

Gwen: Skip it. Listen, I was trying to find your mother.

Sam: Yeah, we're looking for her, too.

Gwen: Oh, she's not around, huh? Well, listen, I wanted to thank her for tonight, but I guess I'll have to send her a note. Good night.

Sam: That woman is really strange.

Amanda: Well, she is now. From what I understand, Mom said she wasn't always like that.

Sam: I wonder what happened to her.

Amanda: I donít care. I'm just glad that she's off this boat.

Sam: Amen.

Amanda: Where is Mom?

[Gas hisses]

Janice: Rachel? I fought, too. But in the end, you get tired. So tired. Donít you want to rest?

Man's voice: Rachel.

Janice: No! Rachel, listen to me.

Man's voice: Rachel.

Janice: Rachel, listen to me.

Rachel: Who is that?

Man's voice: Rachel, it's me.

Janice: Rachel, Rachel --

Manís voice: Turn away from the light.

Janice: Rachel.

Man's voice: That's it. That's my girl.

Rachel: Steve. This is the first time

[Gas hisses]

Steve: That's the thing about being here. It's very peaceful, but you never quite touch.

Rachel: Steve.

Steve: You look so beautiful.

Rachel: It really is you.

Steve: I knew you would.

Rachel: I canít believe I'm seeing you.

Steve: I told you I'd always be there if you needed me.

Rachel: Yes, but --

Steve: And you need me now, but it's not time for you to go into the light, not yet.

Rachel: But it wasn't time for you, either. Why did you stop me?

Steve: Because it's wrong.

Rachel: I've missed you.

Steve: I'm so sorry we didnít get a chance to say goodbye.

Rachel: Have you ever heard me talking to you?

Steve: What?

Rachel: Whenever I was lonely or afraid or didnít know what to do, I would talk to you, especially when Jamie was little. Did you ever hear me talking to you?

Steve: I knew that you were going on, helping those who depend on you, being brave. Somehow, I knew that.

Rachel: I knew you could hear us.

Steve: How is my son? How's Jamie?

Rachel: He has a son. He's named him after you.

Steve: A son?

Rachel: He thinks of you all the time. He's so proud to be your son.

Steve: You kept me alive for him. You've worked so hard.

Rachel: But maybe it doesn't matter anymore.

Steve: Of course it matters.

Rachel: Gwen blames me and so does Willis. Maybe they're right.

Steve: They're wrong.

Rachel: I killed Janice.

Steve: But now you can save her son. You're the only one who can. But you have to go back.

Rachel: There's so much to do.

Steve: You have Mac now and the children.

Rachel: I love them.

Steve: You were always looking for something, and you found it with Mac, didnít you?

Rachel: Yes. But sometimes I wonder --

Steve: Donít wonder!

Rachel: If I can do it all.

Steve: You can!

Rachel: Jamie is troubled by something and I donít know what it is, and Iris is back and she's hurt Mac so badly.

Steve: He needs you more than you know.

Rachel: He was supposed to be there tonight. I've never seen him like this. It's as though he's given up. I'm so afraid for him.

Steve: He canít lose you, not now.

Rachel: But what if I canít do it? What if I canít help him?

Steve: You can!

Rachel: Not alone.

Steve: You're not alone, Rachel. You've never been alone. But this isnít right for you, a place where people never touch, where there's no anger, where everyone lives in perfect harmony.

Rachel: Why?

Steve: Because you're you. You're Rachel and you have things to do. But you have to go back!

[Janice laughs]

Rachel: How can I leave?

Steve: I'll help you. But you've got to go back where you belong!

Rachel: I donít know how to go back.

Steve: Of course you do, my love.

Iris: Rachel?

Jamie: Get out!

Vicky: We have to talk.

Jamie: No, we donít.

Vicky: It's about Steven, Jamie. He knows something's wrong and he wonít go to sleep. I canít get him to sleep, Bridget canít get him to sleep.

Jamie: Rub his feet.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Rub his feet. It helps him go to sleep.

Vicky: Nobody knows him like you do.

Jamie: Donít you dare use Steven to get to me.

Vicky: He misses his daddy.

Jamie: Then maybe you should call Jake.

Vicky: I guess I deserved that.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess you did.

Vicky: But Steven doesnít.

Jamie: Donít you dare talk to me about Steven!

Vicky: Jamie, you're right! I donít know who Stevenís daddy is. I wish to God I did, but I donít. All I know is that you're the person he misses putting him to sleep every night. You're the daddy he misses waking up every morning.

Jamie: Shut up!

Vicky: You could be his father! Donít you want to know about it?

Jamie: Oh, do you think there's really a chance?

Vicky: Yes, I know there is.

Jamie: Or do you just want one more little hook to put inside me, huh?

Vicky: This isnít about me. This is about you and Steven.

Jamie: Well, I'm sorry. I canít draw the line that easily.

Vicky: Not even for your own son?

Jamie: I told you, donít talk to me.

Vicky: Why wonít you even think about it?

Jamie: Because you're a filthy, rotten liar! That's why!

Vicky: Take the test. It doesn't lie. I know in my heart that you're Stevenís daddy. I know that doesn't matter to you anymore, but take the test.

Jamie: You're damn right it doesn't matter to me.

Vicky: Well, take the test --

Jamie: No!

Vicky: And find out for sure.

Jamie: No!

Vicky: Why not?

Jamie: Because I said goodbye, that's why not.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Because I held Steven in my arms and I knew it was the last time. Letting go of that little boy was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life! But he's Jakeís! He's Jakeís! And I'm not going to mess it up for Jake! I --

Vicky: Love him too much?

Jamie: I'm not going to take the test.

Vicky: Can you just walk away?

Jamie: Get out of here, Vicky! Get out!

Vicky: What if he's your son? Donít you want --?

Jamie: Just get out!

Vicky: Jamie!

Jamie: Get out! Get out! Damn you! Damn you, damn you, damn you, damn you! Damn you!

Stacey: Hey, what are you playing?

Cass: Seven-card stud. Jacks are better to open, low card in the hole is wild.

Stacey: What, by yourself?

Cass: Yeah, wouldnít you know it? I'm on a winning streak. Just my luck.

Stacey: Oh, Mr. Winthrop, how long have been carrying on this sort of behavior?

Cass: Kathleen thought I was crazy, too.

Stacey: Cass?

Cass: I fold. Yeah?

Stacey: Are you nervous?

Cass: About what?

Stacey: I donít know, you know, everyday life things. The wedding, you stooge!

Cass: I really haven't had much time to think about it, you know.

Stacey: Yeah, well, that's what I figured when I walked by here and I saw you were still awake.

Cass: I was thinking about her.

Stacey: About Nicole?

Cass: And Kathleen.

Stacey: That's what I thought.

Cass: That party tonight -- it was all about the past. And so I found myself thinking about Kathleen.

Stacey: Kind of shake you up?

Cass: Well, as a matter of fact, now that you mention it, yeah, kind of. I remembered her so clearly. And then I realized that I haven't been thinking about her very much in the past few months.

Stacey: Hmm. So, what, are you feeling kind of disloyal?

Cass: Because I haven't been thinking about Kathleen or because I'm marrying Nicole?

Stacey: I donít know, maybe a little of both?

Cass: When I lost Kathleen, I thought that was it, that was my shot at true love, that I'd never find anyone like her. You know, she and Nicole are a lot alike.

Stacey: They are?

Cass: Oh, yeah, yeah. Kathleen used to keep things inside. She'd never tell you if she was hurting or scared. Nicoleís a lot like that, too. Nobody knows.

Stacey: Except you.

Cass: Me?

Stacey: Yeah. I mean, why do you think Kathleen was so in love with you? Why do you think that Nicole still is?

Cass: Wait a second, you're not saying that I'm a sensitive guy, are you?

Stacey: Oh, no, no! I would never say that!

Cass: All right, all right.

Stacey: Or tell you that I think that Nicole makes you very happy, uh-uh.

Cass: Good, we canít have that.

Stacey: No, because you are a hard-boiled guy.

Cass: Got that straight.

Stacey: You've made two women very happy, but I wouldnít say that, either.

Cass: Shut up and deal.

Stacey: There is one more thing I want to say. I know we've had a little bit of problems during the trial and everything, but I love you, Cass, and I'm very happy for you. I'm so excited you found such a terrific girl as Nicole and I'm glad you're not going to be alone anymore.

Cass: Come here. You're not too shabby yourself, you know that? And one of these days, a great guy --

Stacey: Oh, God!

Cass: Is going to figure that out. No, really!

Stacey: I will be fine.

Cass: Yeah, right.

Stacey: Really.

Cass: Yeah, really?

Stacey: Yes. Now, you shut up and deal.

Cass: All right, but I'm warning you I'm feeling very lucky today.

Stacey: Oh, man. No cheating.

Cass: Huh? Ace, see?

Frankie: Oh, come on, Mr. Blake, at least listen to me!

Mitch: Did you ever listen to Felicia?

Frankie: Yes!

Mitch: When?

Frankie: When I visited her in prison.

Mitch: You've seen her there?

Frankie: Yes, I saw her there and I listened to her and I realized I jumped to all the wrong conclusions. I know Felicia didnít kill my Uncle Jason.

Mitch: That's very good. I think it's a little late for that, donít you?

Frankie: Not if I can find the real murderer.

Mitch: What are you talking about?

Frankie: I'm pretty sure I know who the murderer is, but I could use your help. Unless you donít want to.

Mitch: What can I do?

Frankie: The night of Feliciaís birthday party, were you taking pictures?

Mitch: No. Someone else was hired to do that.

Frankie: Oh, so you do have pictures of that night?

Mitch: A few.

Frankie: Could I see them, please?

Mitch: Why?

Frankie: Because it could get your wife out of prison! Wonít you please let me help you?

Mitch: The photographs are at my apartment.

Frankie: Well, let's go.

Sam: Ugh.

Amanda: Hey, did you find her?

Sam: No.

Amanda: Sam, I looked everywhere. I didnít see her.

Sam: Look, there's no problem. She's probably -- she's probably on the dock saying goodbye to somebody.

Amanda: She would tell me if she was going to do something like that. I wish Daddy was here. Sam, I'm scared. What's happened now?

Iris: My God, it's gas. Open up!

Iris: Rachel? Rachel? Rachel! Can you hear me? Help! Somebody!

Rachel: I hear Iris.

Steve: I know.

Rachel: Why?

Steve: She's come to take you back.

Rachel: Iris?

Steve: It could be a new start, couldn't it?

Rachel: Please donít leave me. I'm afraid.

Steve: I'll always be with you, Rachel. Always.

Rachel: Steve? Steve?

Iris: Rachel, can you hear me? Help! Somebody help me!

Steve's voice: I love you, Rachel.

Iris: Go and find a doctor, quickly.

Waiter: Yes, ma'am.

Iris: Rachel? Rachel? Come on, breathe.

Amanda: What's going on? They said -- Mom!

Sam: Rachel, Rachel, Rachel?

Amanda: Mom, talk to me.

Sam: Rachel, what's the matter?

Iris: I donít understand.

Amanda: What did she do to you, Mom? Talk to me, please.

Sam: Rachel, are you ok?

Amanda: If you did anything to her --

Sam: Rachel, what happened?

Iris: I didnít.

Rachel: No, no. Steve.

Amanda: What, what?

Sam: Steven? What happened?

Rachel: Evan. Evan.

Iris: Is Evan in there, too?

Sam: In where?

Iris: In the boiler room!

Sam: Boiler room, ok.

Amanda: Ok, it's all right. Mom, Mom, it's ok, it's ok. Everything's going to be all right. Watch your head. It's going to be ok. It's going to be all right. Take it easy.

Donna: Victoria? What are you doing here? What's wrong?

Vicky: It's all over.

Donna: Is this about Jasonís murder?

Vicky: What?

Donna: The murder.

Vicky: No.

Donna: Then it's about Jamie. He knows? How?

Vicky: It doesn't matter.

Donna: Was it Jake?

Vicky: No.

Donna: Well, sit down. Have you talked to Jamie?

Vicky: Yes. He wonít take the paternity test. I know he loves Steven.

Donna: And he loves you, too.

Vicky: Not anymore.

Donna: When did he find out?

Vicky: I donít know. Today, yesterday. I donít even know what day it is.

Donna: Oh, darling. Oh, I know what you're going through.

Vicky: I love him so much.

Donna: I know. You have to give him some time.

Vicky: I love him.

Donna: I know you do.

Vicky: I never meant to hurt him.

Donna: Victoria, listen, you canít give up, all right? Now, you have to figure out a way to make Jamie take that paternity test, because if he is Stevenís father --

Vicky: If he is.

Donna: You still have a chance, and that's not going to be easy.

Vicky: I donít care. I'll do anything to get him back.

Donna: I know what you're going through, and I want to help you, but you have to tell me the truth about everything.

Vicky: I have.

Donna: I'm not talking about your marriage.

Vicky: What else is there?

Donna: Jason.

Cass: Well, you had it?

Stacey: I have had it. You are on a winning streak.

Cass: Just make sure you pay me before we go to church.

Stacey: I absolutely have to get to bed. Otherwise -- where's my shoe? Otherwise, I'm going to be falling asleep walking down the aisle tomorrow.

Cass: We canít have that. Go ahead.

Stacey: I know. Well, my dear, I love you. Good luck.

Cass: I love you, too, Stacey.

Stacey: Get a good night's sleep, I'll see you in the morning.

Cass: Ok.

Singer: There are no words to say what I feel in my heart you you're on my mind night and day and it hurts me when we're apart when you're not here by my side there is nothing in this world for me I guess I'm crazy crazy for you canít you see? And although you may think it's crazy here is where I want to be I will always need your love whoa, now I can see every dream when I look in your eyes and though things never are what they seem there is one thing that I realize that there's no doubt in my mind we can make this love go on forever I guess I'm crazy crazy for you canít you see? And although you may think I'm crazy here is where I'll always be and I need you with me 'cause you are the dream that finally came true for me and all my life there'll be no one else if I looked all my life there could be no one else for the rest of my life

[Knock on door]

Cass: Is that you, Stace?

Frankie: No, it's me. It's Frankie Frame.

Cass: How did you get in here?

Frankie: I picked the lock downstairs. It was a piece of cake.

Cass: Why would you want to do a thing like that?

Frankie: Because I have to talk to you. Are you alone?

Cass: Do you realize what time it is? I'm getting married in a few hours.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Yes, that's right. And since there's nothing in the world that you could say that could possibly interest me, why donít I just escort you back down the stairs and right out the door?

Frankie: I can -- I can clear Felicia.

Cass: What?

Frankie: I think I can prove that Felicia didnít kill my Uncle Jason.

Stevenís voice: Jamie?

Jamie: Dad?

Steve: Dr. James Frame.

Jamie: You're really here.

Steve: I thought it was time we had a talk.

Jamie: This is a dream, right? Because if this isnít --

Steve: I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you.

Jamie: I canít believe you're here, Dad. This is -- this is -- this is the worst night of my life.

Steve: I'm here.

Jamie: There have been so many times, if I could've just talked to you --

Steve: I know, I know. Is this why it's the worst night of your life?

Jamie: It's my wife.

Steve: Beautiful.

Jamie: She's lied to me about everything. And that baby? That baby I love so much, Dad, it -- it's probably not my son.

Steve: Oh, Jamie, I hate to see you in so much pain when you gave me nothing but happiness.

Jamie: I did?

Steve: Of course you did.

Jamie: When you found out about me, it ruined your marriage with Alice, and you and Mom --

Steve: But we had you, Jamie.

Jamie: Was that worth it?

Steve: Worth it? Hmm. It was more than worth it.

Jamie: Well, how did you feel when you found out about me?

Steve: Well, your mother kept saying that I was your father, but nobody wanted to believe her. I was afraid to believe her. But I kept seeing you and I kept wondering. And little things about you kept sticking in my mind.

Jamie: Like what?

Steve: Well, the way you took to me right off, you know? When you were a baby, I used to rub your little feet.

Jamie: What? What?

Steve: And you would laugh and laugh! And then I found out that you were mine, and everything that I went through, that we all went through -- Jamie, it was worth it. Oh, Jamie, having children -- that's the meaning of everlasting life.

Jamie: Dad? Dad, wait.

Steve: I love you, Jamie. You remember that. Love what is yours.

Jamie: Dad? Dad! Dad!

Jamie: It was a dream.

Rachel: Is he all right?

Sam: He's still breathing.

Iris: I didnít know he was in there.

Sam: You'd better get downstairs and shut off the main gas valve now.

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Alice: Somebody told me you needed a doctor in here? Rachel, is it you?

Sam: Yeah, over here.

Rachel: I'm all right. It's Evan.

Alice: Oh? What is it? What's going on?

Sam: Gas.

Amanda: Mom, are you all right? Can you tell me what happened?

Rachel: It was Gwen.

Amanda: Gwen?

Alice: Evan? Evan, can you hear me? You're going to be all right. Evan?

Rachel: She wanted to talk. She took us down to the boiler room, and then she started screaming and Evan came in.

Sam: What, Evan was following you?

Rachel: I donít know, I guess so.

Sam: How did you get locked in the boiler room?

Rachel: I donít know. She came at me and I fell.

Sam: And then she left. She came up on deck. We saw her.

Amanda: I canít believe this.

Sam: Look, I'm going to go find Gwen.

Amanda: She left already.

Sam: That's fine. Maybe she's still up on deck.

Amanda: Be careful!

Alice: You hit your head when you passed out, but you're going to be all right. I'm sure you have some questions.

Evan: Yeah. Where am I?

Alice: Well, I can answer one of them anyway. I'm Dr. Frame.

Evan: You're a Frame?

Alice: Yes. Now, what I think we should do is get you out on the deck for some fresh air -- that is if you can stand up. I'll help you. Can you do that? Take it easy.

Evan: Boy, I'd like some ice for my head, I'll tell you that right now.

Alice: Well, we'll do that, too, and I'll answer a few more questions if I can. Just take it easy.

Amanda: There's still one thing that I donít understand. Iris, what did you have to do with all this?

Rachel: Iris saved my life.

Iris: I came into the boiler room and found her.

Rachel: If she hadn't, I would be dead by now. So would Evan.

Sam: Well, there's no sign of Gwen.

Amanda: She left in the limousine.

Sam: Yeah, I remembered. That's what I told the cops when I called them. Rachel, are you ok?

Rachel: I would like some fresh air.

Amanda: All right, I'll go with you.

Sam: Easy, easy. Easy.

Rachel: We can find out how Evan is.

Amanda: Ok.

Sam: Ok? You ok?

Amanda: All right?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: You're sure?

Sam: Be careful.

Rachel: I'm fine. Everything will be all right. Thank you.

Iris: Of course.

Amanda: Ok, let's go.

Sam: Take it slow.

Amanda: Are you coming, Iris?

Iris: I'll be along shortly.

Iris: Oh, Daddy. Love me again. Please?

Rachel: Why donít you go see how Evan is?

Amanda: No, I'm not going to leave you alone.

Rachel: I'm fine. I just want to watch the sun come up.

Sam: Are you sure?

Rachel: Uh-huh.

Alice: Rachel. I was looking for you.

Rachel: Hi.

Alice: Hi. I just wanted you to know that Evanís going to be just fine.

Rachel: Good.

Alice: Well, you've had quite a day, haven't you?

Rachel: Yes, I have.

Alice: How are you feeling? I can check you out if you'd like.

Rachel: No, I'm fine. I'm glad you were here.

Alice: Yeah, so am I. Rachel, I never really -- well, I never really thanked you for the beautiful note that you sent when sally --

Rachel: You still miss her?

Alice: Yes. I'd like to think that she's with Steven.

Rachel: She is.

Alice: You sound very sure of that.

Rachel: Have any of your patients ever told you what it's like to be near death and to come back?

Alice: Yes.

Rachel: I saw Steven.

Alice: Uh -- Rachel, look, I -- I know that we talked --

Rachel: I saw myself lying on the engine room floor. And then there was this bright light. And I walked to it, and he was there.

Alice: Steven?

Rachel: He's why I'm here. He sent me back.

Alice: Rachel, I donít know.

Rachel: I know. I know how it sounds. But he was there. And he was peaceful. I thought maybe you'd want to know.

Alice: Thank you. Thank you for wanting me to know.

Rachel: The sun's coming up.

Jamie: Ahem. Yes, I'd like to leave a message for Dr. Peterson, please. This is Dr. Frame. Please have Dr. Peterson give me a call as soon as she gets in. I would like to schedule a paternity test as soon as possible.

Donna: Victoria --

Vicky: I have to get home before Steven wakes up.

Donna: Without telling me the truth?

Vicky: Donít you have to go to sleep or something?

Donna: Victoria, Cass is closing in on us. We donít have that much time. If we have to hire a lawyer for you --

Vicky: Now, why would you need to hire me a lawyer?

Donna: To keep you from spending the rest of your life in prison.

Vicky: Mother, my life is garbage. I've done a lot of things, but I've told you again and again I did not kill Jason.

Nicole: Of course you didnít.

Cass: What's your proof?

Frankie: Oh, what's this?

Cass: It's for my wedding. Get to the point, all right?

Frankie: Are you really getting married today?

Cass: I said I was. Now, who do you think it is, Iris or Vicky?

Frankie: You saw me making friends with that guy Derek, right?

Cass: Yes, right, right.

Frankie: Well, I began to think that maybe he had seen something that he couldn't remember, you know, so I hired this hypnotist --

Cass: Frankie?

Frankie: What?

Cass: Would you get to the point?

Frankie: Look, Cass, I know that you and I haven't really gotten along too well in the past --

Cass: Forget that. Forget it.

Frankie: Well, I just wanted you to know that I am really sorry that I found out what I did.

Cass: Well, I donít quite know how to respond to that since you keep neglecting to tell me what it is you found out.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, it's just because I canít believe what --

Cass: Frankie, who do you think murdered Jason?

Frankie: It was Nicole.

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