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Frankie: You did it. We did it! Whoo! Oh, thank you, Pash!

Pasham: Well, I always have success, Frankie. I told you.

Frankie: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Pash.

Pasham: All right. Hey, you were a very open subject. Donít lose that.

Frankie: You saw the killer.

Derek: What?

Frankie: Well, you didnít actually see the killer, but she was wearing this earring.

Derek: Was it the killer?

Frankie: Well, who else would be running around the hall of mirrors at that time of night?

Derek: Well, who was it?

Frankie: I donít know. We canít waste any time.

Derek: Well, what are you going to do?

Frankie: I'm going to go to the Cory anniversary party. She might still be there!

Derek: Wearing the earring?

Frankie: Well, why not?

Derek: Well, that's not much to go on.

Frankie: It's more than we had an hour ago. Thank you.

Derek: Well, I'm going with you.

Frankie: No, Derek, look --

Derek: I'm going!

Frankie: She might get suspicious. I was invited!

Derek: Look, if that woman that I saw is at the party, I want to be there when she gets caught.

Frankie: Look, Derek, that's really not a good idea.

Derek: Hey, I'm going to make her pay for making Fanny suffer. I'm going.


Nicole: Cass!

Cass: Well, it's true.

Nicole: Somebody might hear you.

Cass: All right, is this better -- you are the most -- hmm -- beautiful woman here at the party.

Nicole: Well, that's much more dignified. Thank you.

Cass: You're welcome. Well, here they are. Hi.

Rachel and Amanda: Hi.

Rachel: Thank you so much for coming tonight.

Cass: Oh, we wouldnít have missed it for the world. Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Rachel: Well, I think we're going to have a wonderful celebration.

Amanda: Hi.

Nicole: Oh, you must be so proud.

Rachel: I am, in spite of everything.

Amanda: 25 years is a long time.

Cass: I only wish Felicia was here with us.

Rachel: We're just going to have to have another party when she is able to be with us.

Cass: Which should be very soon.

Rachel: You sound positive.

Cass: I am.

Amanda: Do you have more information?

Cass: As a matter of fact, yes.

Sam: That's great, Cass.

Cass: But I promised my bride-to-be that I wouldnít talk shop tonight.

Amanda: That's right! Your wedding is coming right up, isnít it?

Nicole: Finally.

Rachel: In all the confusion, I forgot we have a wedding to go to.

Cass: I think that we're finally going to have some good times ahead of us.

Vicky: Donít leave. Jamie, look at me.

Jamie: Let go of me!

Vicky: Just think about this for a minute!

Jamie: Think about what? It's clear-cut.

Vicky: It's not my fault!

Jamie: Oh, no, of course not. It was all Jakeís idea. You had nothing to do with it.

Vicky: Right.

Jamie: Please, Vicky, you have told so many lies, now you canít keep them straight!

Vicky: I am not lying, Jamie!

Jamie: Nothing changes the fact that you slept with Jake -- your sister's husband. And your child --

Vicky: Your child --

Jamie: Is not mine!

Vicky: No, Jamie, you haven't heard everything.

Jamie: Oh, there's more to this story?

Vicky: Yes.

Jamie: I donít want to hear anymore.

Vicky: Jake raped me.

Sharlene: It was sweet of Rachel to include my family, you know that?

John: Oh, "sweet"?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: The Frames and the Coryís on the same boat? We'll be lucky if this old barge doesn't capsize.

Sharlene: Come on, it's not going to be that bad.

John: Yeah, from your mouth to God's ear.

Sharlene: I canít wait for you to meet Gwen. We always got along so well. I just hope she's still the same.

John: Suppose there's any food in this old tub?

Sharlene: Yes, I suppose so. Come on, maybe we'll run into Gwen.

John: All right.

Sharlene: This away.

Gwen: Oh, Rachel. Honestly, you are the only woman I know who's pretentious enough to wear a white mink coat in the middle of May.

Evan: Gwen, what are you doing?

Gwen: Hello, Evan.

Evan: I asked you a question.

Gwen: You know, I donít like the way you're speaking to me, young man.

Evan: Ok, donít pull that trip on me, Gwen. I know what you're up to.

Gwen: I doubt it.

Evan: Listen, why donít we take this pretty little coat off? Ok?

Gwen: Yeah, I guess you're right. It is hot in here. You'd think they'd put some air conditioning in this tub.

Evan: And why donít we head upstairs? There's going to be a short presentation soon.

Gwen: I think I'll skip that.

Evan: And I think that maybe you shouldnít drink any more tonight.

Gwen: Now, didnít I teach you to have more respect for your elders than that? Of course, you never would listen to a word I said anyway.

Evan: Yes, I did listen to you. You've got to do me a favor. You cannot tell them that --

Gwen: Oh, donít worry. I'm not going to spill your secret. I wouldnít dream of telling those people at that party that you're the child of the woman that Rachel murdered in cold blood.

Evan: Come on, Gwen, stop it.

Gwen: Boy, I cannot get over how much you've changed.

Evan: I havenít.

Gwen: Yeah? Expensive tuxedo, great haircut. What, did the Coryís pay for all this?

Evan: They're decent people, Gwen.

Gwen: Open your eyes, Evan. How much of this luxury do you think has been paid for by Frame money?

Evan: Mac did not need Uncle Stevenís money.

Gwen: Oh, sure, Mac didnít need it, but Rachel made sure she got her hands on every red dime she could, no matter how much her new husband's worth.

Evan: Donít you think you've had enough to drink tonight?

Gwen: Since when did you become a one-man temperance union?

Evan: And it's not Rachelís fault that you and Willis lost all your money.

Gwen: Are you on her side now?

Evan: Listen, there are no sides anymore. Get that through your mind. Mac and Rachel want everyone to get along.

[Gwen scoffs]

Evan: And if you donít want that, you donít want the same thing, I really donít know why you're here.

Gwen: Oh, you donít, huh?

Evan: No, I donít.

Gwen: Well, let me take this opportunity to enlighten you. Honey, I wouldnít miss this dog-and-pony show for the world.

Iris: Just look at Rachel -- just look at her over there, being interviewed by Virginia Graham, taking the credit for Cory Publishing. Hasn't got a clue how to conduct herself.

Robert: Iris, carping about Rachel isnít going to get you anywhere.

Iris: Oh, darling, was I carping?

[Iris laughs]

Robert: Darling, you forget we were married. I know all about carping. Come on, let's go get a drink, hmm?

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler, I made it!

Iris: Oh, Vivien, what kept you?

Vivien: It was that spa treatment you sent me to. I've never been poked, prodded, and rubbed so much in my whole life, unfortunately.

Robert: You sound as if you enjoyed it.

Vivien: I did, bob. Thanks a lot, boss lady.

Iris: Well, you look wonderful.

Vivien: What's to eat? I'm starved.

Rachel: Oh, we're so glad you could come!

Virginia: Oh, darling. Thank you so much for having me.

Rachel: Well, we wouldnít have had it without you. I want you to meet my youngest son, Matthew. This is Miss Virginia Graham.

Virginia: Your youngest son?

Matt: Nice to meet you, miss Graham.

Virginia: Oh, my darling, donít call me "miss." It makes me sound like an antique -- which I am. Well --

Rachel: Virginia is a very old friend of our familyís.

Virginia: Yes, we go way, way back.

Matt: Oh. How way, way back?

Rachel and Virginia: None of your business.

Virginia: And speaking of going away, I'm going to leave you and I want to mingle a little bit --

Rachel: Ok.

Virginia: And do a little eavesdropping.

Rachel: Ok, we'll talk to you in a minute.

Virginia: See you later.

Matt: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Ok.

Virginia: Bye-bye.

Matt: Ah, nice lady.

Rachel: She's wonderful. Did Josie come?

Matt: No. She -- she wouldnít come.

Rachel: Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

Matt: No, I told her her family would be here, but it doesn't make any difference. I canít get through to her. She --

Rachel: She'll come around. Wait, she'll come around.

Liz: Here we are!

Vivien: Oh!

Rachel: Look who's here! Pat!

Pat: Oh, nice to see you.

Russ: Isnít she fabulous? Doesn't she look great?

Rachel: She looks just beautiful. Oh, we missed you so much.

Pat: Oh, I missed you, too. Oh, and the kids wanted to come so badly --

Rachel: Oh, yes. How are they?

Pat: Well, they're fine, but Michaelís away on business and Marianne has just had her baby.

Rachel: Oh, my heavens!

Pat: This is not --

Rachel: Yes.

Pat: Your baby, is it?

Rachel: This is my baby. Matthew, this is Pat Randolph, darling.

Matt: Of course, Pat. Nice to see you again.

Pat: Rachel, he's all grown-up.

Rachel: Sometimes.

Matt: Thanks, Mom.

Liz: This is such a wonderful way just to bring all our old friends together.

Pat: Yes. I didnít realize how much I missed Bay City.

Rachel: Oh, Mac has missed you at Cory Publishing so much. We all have.

Pat: Thank you. Mac changed my life when he gave me that job. Where is he?

Rachel: Um -- I'll explain that later. You know who you haven't seen -- you haven't seen Amanda and --

Pat: Oh.

Rachel: I donít see -- oh, there she is with her husband, Sam.

Pat: Oh. I canít believe she's married!

Rachel: And has a little baby.

Pat: Oh, my God.

Liz: Where is she?

Rachel: Right there.

Pat: Well, she's so beautiful. Russ, Aunt Liz, reintroduce me.

Liz: Ok.

Pat: Come on.

Rachel: Ok, we'll see you soon.

Matt: Bye-bye.

Liz: Excuse me, but --

Virginia: Oh, I love your earrings.

Matt: I wonder how Mac is going to take it when he sees Iris here.

Rachel: I think he knew she might be here, so he's not going to be here tonight.

Matt: What?

Rachel: He wrote a note. He gave me a speech to read for the presentation and he wants us to carry on for him.

Matt: This is -- I mean, this is his anniversary. It's 25 years.

Rachel: I know and he's chosen to celebrate it alone, so we have to be host and hostess tonight. Can you do that?

Matt: Yeah.

Rachel: Ok. Oh!

Nancy: Rachel!

Rachel: Nancy, honey!

Nancy: I canít believe it!

Rachel: Oh, you look wonderful!

Nancy: Oh, look at you. You are gorgeous!

Rachel: Look at your hair!

Ada: Can you believe these two beautiful creatures are my daughters?

Rachel: I know. It's neat!

Matt: Hello, Aunt Nancy. How are you?

Nancy: Oh, give me a hug!

Rachel: Oh, she looks great.

Nancy: I'm Aunt Nancy, you little brat.

Rachel: Did you just get in?

Nancy: Yeah, ma picked me up at the airport. I want to hear everything. She told me about Iris. Oh, Rachel.

Rachel: Yeah.

Nancy: I canít believe it.

Rachel: It's been difficult.

Nancy: Yuck! Oh. Where's Jamie?

Rachel: Oh, you'll see Jamie and Vicky.

Nancy: Vicky. I canít believe Jamie married Vicky.

Ada: They've very much in love, Nancy.

Nancy: I know, ma, but Vicky?

Rachel: I think she's changed, Nance.

Ada: So do I. Jamieís been good for her.

Nancy: Vicky change -- that I have got to see. You look great.

Michael: Marleyís not coming?

Jake: She wasn't up to a party.

Donna: Well, if you had escorted her instead of insisted on working --

Jake: We need the money, Donna.

Michael: Just lighten up, ok, Donna?

Donna: I'm very light.

Michael: Have you seen Jamie and Vicky yet?

Jake: No. No, I havenít.

Donna: Well, they should be here. This is an important night for Jamie. It's not like him to be late.

Jamie: What did you say?

Vicky: Jake raped me last summer.

Jamie: You'll say anything, wonít you?

Vicky: Why donít you believe me?

Jamie: Well, we've only been talking for about an hour now. You haven't mentioned one word about rape.

Vicky: I couldn't tell you before.

Jamie: Oh, donít you think it's a pretty important part of the story?

Vicky: I haven't told anyone. I -- I thought if Marley ever found out, it would kill her.

Jamie: Come on. Let's hear the rest of this.

Vicky: Jake was really upset about Marley. He thought they were going to get a divorce, so he came over to my place one night and he had been drinking. And he started to come on to me. And I tried to push him away and he just wouldnít stop. He was so angry with Marley and with me and with everybody. God, I -- I tried to reason with him. And I tried to calm him down. But --

Jamie: Go on.

Vicky: I told myself that night that I would never tell anybody. It would just hurt too many people. And it was so horrible. He was my best friend in the world and I couldn't believe -- I couldn't believe that he would do it. But, see, then you came back into my life and I could just -- I could throw it behind me and -- and I could go on living with you. That's how it happened. I didnít think I would have to tell you that. You've got to believe me, Jamie. Where are you going?

Jamie: I want to get Jake McKinnon!

Vicky: Jamie! Jamie, wait!

Sharlene: I am so glad you came, Gwen.

Gwen: Hey, wild horses couldn't keep me away.

Donna: So you're Sharleneís sister-in-law.

Gwen: That's right. Listen, is your necklace real?

Sharlene: Gwen, did you know that John and I are partners in Frame Construction?

Gwen: That used to be Willis' company.

Sharlene: I know. I told him that.

John: Mike, I understand you have a little pull with this bartender here. What do you say we get a glass of champagne?

Michael: Sounds good to me.

Donna: I'll just help them.

Gwen: Sharlene, I'm delighted to see that you're not living like a cloistered nun anymore.

Sharlene: Uh -- well, John makes me happy.

Gwen: Yeah, it's too bad the other one's taken.

Sharlene: Who, Michael?

Gwen: Yeah. You know, if you're looking for security, I think you're hooked up with the wrong brother.

Caroline: So, things must be calming down the last few days for you and Cass.

Zack: No, not yet. We're still trying to prove Feliciaís innocence.

Ronnie: Yeah, they're working day and night.

Caroline: How romantic.

Sam: Caroline.

Zack: Yeah.

Caroline: Hi. How you doing?

Amanda: Hi. Zack, Ronnie.

Zack: Amanda, Sam.

Caroline: Evanís over there.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sam: So, have you all seen the boat yet?

Zack: No.

Sam: Shall we?

Zack: Ok.

Amanda: Let's go. Oh, I'm sorry.

Caroline: My, my, my.

Evan: What?

Caroline: This is going to be one of the most fascinating soirees I've been to in ages.

Evan: How so?

Caroline: Well, if Samís throwing daggers at you the whole time every time you walk by --

Evan: Caroline, I told you you were imagining things.

Caroline: Oh, am I? And who's this woman over here you've been talking to?

Evan: What woman?

Caroline: Uh -- isnít it Gwen? You know her, donít you, Evan?

Evan: Will you excuse me for a second. I have to get my presentation ready, ok?

Caroline: What is going on tonight?

Pat: I wasn't able to reach Alice. Does anybody know if she's coming?

Liz: Oh, I know she was invited.

Russ: I'm sure she's going to get here. Donít worry.

Pat: Well, I hope so.

Liz: Alice, Rachel -- they were such bitter enemies.

Russ: That was such a long time ago, Liz.

Liz: And tonight is a night to forgive and forget.

Russ: Right.

Ada: Oh, honey, no.

Rachel: Mac wrote me a note and told me he couldn't face it and asked me to carry on without him.

Ada: What are you going to tell people?

Rachel: Well, I'm only telling the family right now. I'll make an announcement later.

Ada: Are you ok?

Rachel: I have to be.

Ada: Mac wouldnít have asked you to do it if he didnít know you could.

Rachel: I know. It's just it's his night. He should be here.

Ada: Honey, Mac is very proud of you. So am I. You can handle it.

Rachel: Where's Nancy?

Ada: She's with Matt somewhere. I'll go find her. You yell if you need help, ok?

Alice: Rachel?

Rachel: Alice.

Robert: Oh, there you are.

Iris: Donít worry. I haven't caused a scene -- yet.

Robert: Oh. It's been a real effort for you.

Iris: Think I'd have learned a thing or two, but I havenít.

Robert: Listen, you have always come out on top. Why should this setback be any different?

Iris: This time, I'm scared, Robert.

Robert: You?

Iris: Mm-hmm. Daddy's the only family I have.

Robert: No, you have other family.

Iris: Oh, you mean Dennis.

Robert: Mm-hmm.

Iris: Well, I haven't seen him in such a long time. I haven't even spoken to him. He doesn't seem to want to.

Robert: Well, maybe it's time we changed all that.

Iris: I wish I knew how.

Dennis: Hi, Mom.

Iris: Oh, oh. Oh, my God. Oh. Oh. Look at you.

Vivien: Surprise.

Dennis: You look great.

Iris: You look just -- just wonderful.

Dennis: I've missed you.

Iris: Have you?

Dennis: You're my mother.

Iris: You bet. Oh. You donít know how much this means to me. Vivien, did you organize this?

Vivien: Nah, I ran into him on the gangplank.

Dennis: Practically knocked me overboard.

Iris: I was hoping you'd forgive me.

Dennis: Well, this is a Cory reunion. Sometimes you have to forgive without asking too many questions.

Iris: Yes. Do you mean that?

Dennis: I know what happened with grandpa.

Iris: Your old mother really blew it this time, didnít she?

Dennis: You actually tried to take over Cory publications? Did you think that would work?

Iris: Stupid, huh? Well, maybe he'll forgive me, too.

Dennis: Maybe he will.

Iris: Do you think so?

Dennis: He always used to when I talked to him.

Iris: Hmm. Oh. Robert, did -- did you organize this?

Robert: I just made a phone call. It was his decision.

Dennis: Mom, I really want to help you.

Iris: Oh, darling. Oh, darling. Thank God you're here.

Frankie: Would you come on? Ok, look, it's not much, but at least nobody will know you're here. Shh!

Derek: I'm going to stay here an hour and then I'm going up.

Frankie: Yeah. Look, I told you if I see anyone wearing those earrings, you'll be the first to know, ok?

Derek: Yeah, this is crazy.

Frankie: Look, Derek, just sit tight. I'll be down real soon.

Derek: Ok, but I'm coming up in an hour.

Frankie: Ok, yeah.

Stacey: I thought I saw you come down here. What are you doing here?

Derek: I'm here with Frankie.

Stacey: Oh! Well, isnít that just great.

Derek: We're working.

Stacey: What?

Derek: Never mind.

Stacey: No, really, talk to me.

Derek: Donít tell me what to do.

Stacey: Does this have to do with Felicia?

Derek: Jeez --

Stacey: Well, answer me.

Derek: Yes!

Stacey: Then I do have a right to know.

Derek: Yeah, we're following a lead.

Stacey: You know, I donít believe you.

Derek: It's more than you found out.

Stacey: Ok, so what is it?

Derek: Just forget it.

Stacey: Look, I am Feliciaís lawyer, not Frankie.

Derek: Yeah, I tell you and you run off and tell your brother and he comes crawling down here and he's all over me in a second.

Stacey: Listen, nobody has done more for this case than my brother.

Derek: Yeah, a lot of good it did Fanny. She's sitting in a jail cell.

Stacey: Just because you donít trust him --

Derek: That's right, so drop it!

Stacey: All right. I swear I wonít say anything.

Derek: You know, Frankieís done all right. And if this works out, I promise I'll tell you all about it.

Stacey: Well, I thought that you trusted me.

Derek: You got to trust me now. Ok?

Stacey: Ok.

Derek: You better get back to your party. You know, someone might come down, look for you.

Stacey: Ok.

Derek: But trust me. Trust me, Stacey.

Rachel: I didnít think you would come.

Alice: Well, I didnít know if I could, either.

Rachel: You look very well.

Alice: Thank you, thank you. You haven't changed.

Rachel: I'll take that as a compliment.

Alice: I really do appreciate the invitation, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm so glad you could be here. Gwen's here, Sharlene.

Alice: Oh! I'm anxious to see them.

Rachel: You've always been a favorite with the Frames.

Alice: Oh, I donít know, I donít know.

Rachel: Oh, yes, you are. You made Steven happy.

Alice: And you gave him a son.

Rachel: Have you heard about Jamie?

Alice: Yes. Yes, I have. He and his wife sent me an announcement. I'm really glad they decided to name their son after Steven.

Rachel: He misses his father.

Alice: I miss him, too.

Rachel: We all do.

Gwen: What is it with the people in this town?

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Gwen: Oh, everybody's into this "let bygones be bygones" thing.

John: Why are you so angry?

Gwen: I need another drink. Excuse me.

Sharlene: Boy, Emma said she'd changed.

John: I think Emma was right.

Sharlene: She's so cynical, she's so angry. I donít remember her that way at all.

Donna: I think something's wrong.

Michael: Donna, look, Jamie and Vicky will be here. She's probably just messing with her hair or something.

Donna: No, I'm going to call home. I donít like this at all.

Bridget: Victoria? I'm back, dear. I'm sure you must be very nervous and anxious about getting to your party. I -- what's the matter, dear?

Vicky: I've ruined everything.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Vicky: With Jamie --

Bridget: Oh, Victoria.

Vicky: And with Steven.

Bridget: Where's Jamie?

Vicky: Gone.

Bridget: How much does he know, dear?

Vicky: Everything.

Bridget: Well, I suppose that had to happen.

Vicky: Well, the last thing I need is for you to tell me "I told you so."

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, dear, I wasn't going to do that.

Vicky: Oh, it's worse. It's worse than I ever thought it could be. Jamie doesn't think he's Stevenís father.

Bridget: He may not be.

Vicky: He is. In every way that matters, Jamie is Stevenís father. But he'll never forgive me. And he's gone after Jake.

Jake: You better get these to the ballroom. They're going to have a toast.

[Bell rings]

Waiter: What's the bell for?

Jake: Oh, they're going to have some presentation. They want everybody to be there. I'll be right behind you, ok?

Waiter: Ok.

Jake: You got it.

Jake: Donít do this, man.

Jamie: How could you do it, Jake? How could you do it?

Jake: I -- Jamie, I tried to have her explain this to you, man.

Jamie: I could kill you!

Jake: This is not going to solve anything! We need to talk.

Jamie: I donít want to talk!

Jake: Jamie -- I tried to get her to tell you, man, but she kept lying to me over and over again!

Jamie: I donít give a damn!

Jake: Damn it, Jamie, lay off!

Jamie: You're going to jail, Jake.

Jake: What the hell are you talking about?

Jamie: After what you've done, Jake, if you think you got a chance in hell of getting custody of Steven, you're out of your mind!

Jake: Listen, man, I know you're upset. I made a big mistake, all right?

Jamie: Is that what you call it, a mistake?

Jake: I want to talk to you. Calm down!

Jamie: You raped my wife!

Jake: Oh, my God -- is that what she told you?

Bridget: Let me have him, dear, come on. Come on. Let me have him. There you go. Oh, he's getting pretty sleepy. Yes, that's right. You're getting pretty sleepy, aren't you? Yeah.

Vicky: His own father couldn't even look at him today.

Bridget: Victoria, you've got to be strong, you know. For Steven, if not for yourself.

Vicky: Stevenís going to hate me one day, just like Jamie does.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, now, you stop it. I'm not going to let you talk that way. Look, you're the baby's mother. But nobody can take that away from you, dear.

Vicky: Donít be so sure.

Bridget: Look, Jamieís angry now. But soon he's going to calm down. And then he's going to realize that -- that that baby could very possibly be his. And then he's going to come back to the both of you.

Vicky: No, I have to find him, because he went to Jake. And if he finds out I lied about that, then he's going to --

Bridget: Victoria, listen to me. Your husband loves you. I know it. I've seen Jamie and you and the baby together. I know what I'm saying, dear. And remember -- remember, he made a commitment to you, "for better or for worse." Now, he's not going to walk away from that kind of a commitment, I know it, dear.

Vicky: Oh -- but after everything I've done --

Bridget: Look, dear -- now, you go upstairs, and put on a fresh makeup. And then you go and you bring your husband home.

Vicky: Oh, I canít go to that party. Everybody probably already knows about me.

Bridget: You donít have to think about everybody. All you have to think about is your responsibilities, and that is Jamie and Steven. Come on, Victoria, you can make this right. I know you can, dear.

[Music plays]

Rachel: Jamie and Vicky aren't here yet.

Amanda: Well, you know, it does take twice as long to get ready when there's a baby in the house.

Sam: Amandaís right, you know.

Rachel: Yes, but he should be here by now.

Ada: Excuse me a minute.

Rachel: Oh, there's Evan. I've got to talk to him.

Amanda: Ok.

Ada: Dennis Carrington, I donít believe it!

Dennis: Ada, you haven't changed a bit.

Ada: Well, nobody has. Hi, Robert.

Robert: Hi, Ada. Hello.

Ada: How you doing?

Robert: Oh, it's been a long time, hasn't it?

Ada: Yes, it has. Vivien, you look terrific.

Vivien: Zipka, over at the spa.

Ada: Uh-huh. What are you doing here? You better leave.

Iris: I donít have the plague, Ada. I guess I canít expect you to understand.

Ada: No, you canít.

Dennis: Look, Ada, donít you think maybe we --

Ada: Dennis, you weren't here. You didnít see what she did to Mac.

Robert: Ada, we're here to honor Mac and his company, and nothing is going to disgrace that tonight, I promise you.

Nicole: Oh. I donít know what hurts more, my feet or my ears.

Cass: Well, here, let me give you a hand over to our table.

Nicole: I'll make it, Cass.

Man: Hey, guys.

Liz: Will you stop being such a baby and close your eyes?

Russ: Will someone please tell me what's going on?

Pat: Just turn him around, Liz.

Liz: Ok.

Russ: I donít trust you guys.

Pat: All right -- ta-da!

Russ: Olivia! When did you -- oh, I donít believe it!

Liz: And where were you going to be without your daughter?

Olivia: Daddy!

Liz: Surprise!

Russ: Where have you been? I canít believe it.

John: Who's that over there?

Sharlene: Oh, I think that's Russ' daughter, Olivia.

John: That's a pretty girl.

Sharlene: Josie should be here.

John: Honey, come on. You got a new roommate tonight. It's going to be fine.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Evan: Excuse me, May I have everyone's attention, please? May I have everyone's attention. My name is Evan Bates. I'm the senior executive of Cory Publishing. And on behalf of all those at Cory, I would like to welcome you to the 25th-anniversary celebration of this company's inception.


Evan: Cory just happens to be one of the finest and most successful publishing companies in the United States. And the reason for this impeccable reputation -- well, it's really quite simple. It's the family behind it. Now, I'd like you to join me in welcoming the senior vice president of Cory Publishing, Mrs. Rachel Cory.

Rachel: Thank you. I feel very strange being here in front of you all tonight. My husband, Mackenzie Cory, the man we're here to honor, will not be with us tonight.

Stacey: Hello.

Derek: What are you doing here?

Stacey: Well, I thought I'd keep you company. Anything wrong with that?

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Well, I donít know. I brought you some food, though. It's dark as can be in here. Is there any light? Ok. What do you got?

Derek: Candles.

Stacey: Oh, terrific. Ok, I'll light the candles, you open up the champagne. Wait -- place to sit. Hold on a second. All right.

Derek: What is this?

Stacey: That, my friend, is top of the line. It's the best money can buy. I've never even tasted it.

Derek: Well, how'd you get it?

Stacey: Well, when everyone went into the ballroom, I snuck over to the banquet table, and I took everything I could get. So we are going to have a feast.

Derek: You know, I canít picture you stealing stuff.

Stacey: Well, I did it. Went right over there and took it. Well, what do you think?

Derek: It's ok if you're a rabbit.

Stacey: They make them very small so that you can be neat.

Derek: Look, why donít you take this stuff and go back upstairs and have it with your friends?

Stacey: Because I want to have dinner with you.

Rachel: I'm sure you're all aware of the recent unpleasant revelations. The family and the business have been severely tested. But I am here to assure you that Cory publications and the Cory family will not be defeated by anything.


Rachel: Thank you. What you are about to see is the result of one man's vision and dedication, but a vision he could not have made practical without the help of each and every one of you at Cory Publishing. You are all part of Mackenzie Coryís family. Cory Publishing is an international firm. Mac Cory is the heart and soul of it. Our presentation tonight is a tribute to this very special man. In 1971, "Brava" magazine covered the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. It was a bittersweet time for all of us, as we watched the reunions of families and their soldiers. Some of them came home with what they had left, some came home to change, some didnít come home at all. Peace was a treasure we fought hard to claim. And in 1971, we began the long road to peace, at last.


Rachel: I've never stopped loving you.

Mac: I never stopped loving you. Now, finding Mitch alive is more important than ever.

Rachel: But, Mac, if he's dead, wonít this child always be a constant reminder to you of how much I've hurt you?

Mac: I told you, Rachel. The baby's a part of you. I will love Matthew as if he were my own son. Wonít you let me have him?


Rachel: Mac Cory has led his team of journalists through the jungles of Vietnam, the cities of Europe, the stories of interest right here in our backyard. It is his dedication and skill, his desire to share human stories, that has made Cory Publishing a name to be reckoned with.

Amanda: Where is Jamie? He's missing the whole thing.

Jake: I canít believe she went through with this.

Jamie: Shut up, Jake.

Jake: You donít believe I raped Vicky, do you?

Jamie: I believe you'd do anything!

Jake: Damn it, Jamie, you think about it! Think about all the times she's lied to you.

Jamie: Son of a --

Jake: You're going to listen to me!

Jamie: Why should I --

Jake: That night, we turned to each other!

Jamie: Why should I believe anything you say?

Jake: We were lost, Jamie. She didnít have you, I didnít have Marley. We were the last damn thing each other had! We didnít know what this would mean down the line. Jamie, we're going to hurt everyone that we love most in the world. But rape?

Jake: Look at me. Look at me. I delivered Steven. I am his Godfather, for God's sake. If I would have raped your wife, do you think she'd let me anywhere near him?

Jamie: I donít know. I donít know.

Jake: No one is sorrier about this than I am. And I know you donít want to believe that Vicky would lie to you like that. That night, Jamie, we made love. That's the reality. Now, what are we going to do about Steven? When I'm sleeping that's a whole different story.

Rachel: In 1985, the world was fascinated by love. The British royal family visited the United States, and the American fascination with the romance of Prince Charles and Princess Diana rivaled that of the British. "Brava" sent a team to follow the royal family around the country during their stay. 1985 was another year we will never forget. This is my life we're talking about. You know about it, I donít.

Alice: When you and Mac were divorced --

Rachel: Divorced?

Alice: Yes, twice. At one time, Mac and I were engaged to be married.

Rachel: What?

Alice: Yes, but I really think that you should talk to Ada about this, or Mac.

Rachel: Mac and Steven?

Alice: Yeah, I guess we have the same taste in men, and the same tactics.

Rachel: What does that mean?

Alice: You're asking me questions about a part of my life that -- that's still very painful to me, you know. And I'd still like to keep it private.

Rachel: That issue was our biggest seller.

Gwen: Wasn't that the year you stole Steven Frame's company from him, Rachel? Now, how come that didnít make the cover of your rag?

[Guests murmur]

Stacey: Well, I am having a very nice time tonight.

Derek: What about your date?

Stacey: I told you, I donít have one.

Derek: That's weird.

Stacey: Tell me, why is it that when a man comes to a party by himself, he's the hit of the party, and a woman comes, and she deigns to -- to attend unescorted, and it's weird?

Derek: You donít get out very much, do you?

Stacey: Enough out of you. I get that from my brother all the time.

Derek: Maybe he's finally right about something.

Stacey: You know, it used to be very hip about five years ago to be an independent woman. Now they think you're crazy if you're not out every night scouting for a husband. You know, it's just not fair. I mean, men can wait. Men have all the time they want. And women -- they have to keep to some schedule or something.

Derek: We're very different.

Stacey: Who, you and me, or men and women?

Derek: Both, I guess.

Stacey: Well, let's have a toast. To differences.

[Guests murmur]

Nicole: Who is that woman?

Frankie: Oh, my God.

Jake: She said she'd say I raped her if this ever came out. I didnít think she'd do it. Jamie, Vicky and I -- we go way back. I mean, she knows things about me that my wife doesn't even know. And she said --

Jake: I guess she'd say anything to get what she wants. She lied to us, man. I had to force her to take that test. Because I had to know, Jamie. I'm a victim. You, me, Steven.

Jamie: I'm going to leave you.

Jake: She's desperate, Jamie. And she betrayed us all.

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