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Another World Transcript Monday 4/25/05

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Vicky: What -- what are you talking about?

Jamie: Answer me, Vicky.

Vicky: You're scaring me, Jamie.

Jamie: It's true, isnít it? Steven is not my son!

Vicky: I'm going to go change --

Jamie: Vicky, when is this lying going to stop?

Vicky: I do not have to listen to this.

Jamie: Look at me!

Vicky: Stop it!

Jamie: I know about the paternity test! Now you can at least have the decency to tell me the truth.

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: How could you do it?

Vicky: If -- if you would just listen to me, I will explain --

Jamie: Explain what? What, how you married me? How you told me that you loved me?

Vicky: I do love you!

Jamie: You're a liar.

Vicky: No, Jamie, please --

Jamie: How could you live with yourself?

Vicky: Nothing has changed. I love you. I --

Jamie: You love me? You love me? You sleep with Jake and you have his baby, and you tell me that child is mine? That's what you call love?

Jake: Hey, how you doing?

Sam: Hey, Jake!

Jake: Oh, my gosh. You guys look great!

Amanda: Ooh!

Jake: Ooh!

Sam: What, are you working this party?

Jake: Yeah, yeah, but I donít mind. I mean, I get to pick up a little extra cash, you know?

Amanda: Well, you look pretty happy for somebody that's working so hard.

Jake: It shows?

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: No, things are finally starting to look up for Marley and myself.

Amanda: Is she --

Jake: Hmm? No. No.

Amanda: Sorry.

Jake: Donít be sorry. We may have a child sooner than anyone thinks. Look, I got to get back to work. You guys have a nice evening.

Sam: Yeah. Jakeís right, you know?

Amanda: Hmm?

Sam: [As Billy crystal] We look marvelous.

Amanda: Always the handsome couple.

Sam: [Normal voice] Mm-hmm. Of course, you look a lot better than I do. Ok. Oh, Amanda?

[Sam whistles]

Sam: Hello?

Amanda: Huh?

Sam: Why are you ignoring me?

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry. No, it's just -- I canít help getting the feeling that Iris is going to show up.

Sam: You donít think she'll really do that, do you?

Amanda: I wouldnít put it past her. She doesn't care what it would do to Daddy.

Sam: Maybe she'll stay home.

Amanda: I hope so.

Sam: Hmm.

Amanda: This party means so much to Daddy. I donít want Iris to ruin it.

Evan: Hey, donít worry. If she shows up, I'm going to take care of her.

Amanda: Hi, Evan.

Sam: Hi. Evan to the rescue again, huh?

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: You and I are so pretty tight. What's with the change of heart?

Evan: Well, I donít want trouble any more than you do.

Sam: Oh, no?

Evan: Sam, you got something to say to me, let it happen, captain.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: You know, I've been thinking -- your arrival to Bay City timed out fairly closely with Iris'. Some coincidence, huh?

Amanda: What are you saying?

Sam: I'm saying it's about time Evan told us exactly what his relationship with the chief is. Donít you, Ev?

Iris: I canít believe you're here, Robert.

Robert: Yeah, I'm having a little trouble believing it myself.

Iris: How long has it been?

Robert: I'm too much of a gentleman to count.

Iris: Well, you look marvelous.

Robert: You look absolutely stunning.

Iris: Thank you. Hmm. Well, come on. And?

Robert: And what?

Iris: Oh, Robert. I donít think you just popped in to say hello.

Robert: Ah.

Iris: You wouldnít come without a very good reason.

Robert: Ok, ok. I've been keeping up with your problems with Mac. You know, he even made "the Wall Street Journal"?

Iris: There are enough people in this town gloating over my mistakes. I donít need a long-lost ex-husband added to the list.

Robert: I didnít come here to gloat.

Iris: Do you know the 25th-anniversary party is about to start?

Robert: Were you invited?

Iris: No. But I'm going.

Robert: I see.

Iris: Well, I have a right to be there.

Robert: That's the first time I ever heard of you gate crashing.

Iris: You know, it's absolutely divine to see you again, darling. But if you'll excuse me --

Robert: Uh -- Iris, listen to me for once in your life, will you?

Iris: What is it?

Robert: I have a proposition for you. And it might be something that's just up your alley.

[Stacey gasps]

Stacey: Derek!

Derek: Look, I'm sorry. I -- I guess I should have knocked.

Stacey: No, it's all right --

Derek: I didnít know you were going out.

Stacey: I -- I'm early, as usual.

Derek: Yeah. I'll go.

Stacey: No, wait! Did you want to tell me something?

Derek: I found a way to help Fanny.

Stacey: What?

Derek: I'm going to get her out of jail --

Stacey: How?

Derek: By tomorrow.

Guard: Gallant?

Felicia: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Got something for you.

Felicia: It's all right, I've already gotten the paper for today. Thanks anyway.

Mitch: Felicia?

Felicia: Oh, my gosh!

Mitch: Surprise.

Felicia: Oh -- oh, honey --

Mitch: Let me just hold you.

Felicia: I feel like I'm dreaming. Donít let go of me, all right?

Mitch: Not a chance.

Felicia: I canít believe that you just walked in here and she's let you stay. How did you -- how did you get them to let you do this?

Mitch: Well, we have Mac to thank for that.

Felicia: Mac? What did Mac do?

Mitch: Well, with the anniversary party and everything going on, it looks like he had some favors to call in.

Felicia: Would you please kiss me before I wake up?

Mitch: I donít know how much time we have.

Felicia: Then we better not waste any of it.

Stacey: You're going to get Felicia out of jail?

Derek: Yes.

Stacey: How?

Derek: You got to trust me.

Stacey: Donít put me on the spot like that. It's not fair.

Derek: Yeah, and you just figure that whatever it is that I'm going to do is going to be illegal, right?

Stacey: I didnít say that.

Derek: You didnít have to.

Stacey: Look, I just donít want you to do something without thinking. I'm just trying to protect you.

Derek: I donít need your protection.

Stacey: No, I guess you donít. Derek, we're all hurting right now over Felicia. And we're worried about her.

Derek: Every time I close my eyes, I see her sitting in that jail cell, and I canít stand it!

Stacey: I know. I'm beginning to know you pretty well now.

Derek: I donít think you should.

Stacey: I care about you. What's wrong with that?

Derek: What does that mean?

Stacey: What does what mean?

Derek: What you just said.

Stacey: Well, it means that we've -- we spent a few months together, and we've gotten to know each other. And you mean something to me.

Derek: Yeah, I donít think I've ever spent any time at one place long enough to know somebody that well.

Stacey: Well, how does it feel?

Derek: This is business.

Stacey: No, I know -- right.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Business.

Derek: Right.

Stacey: All I meant was that -- well, when you work together like we have, and you spend a lot of time together, you begin to develop a rapport. You know what I mean?

Derek: Yeah, I guess.

Stacey: You drive me crazy.

Derek: You look nice.

Stacey: Oh, thanks.

Derek: Where are you going?

Stacey: To a party.

Derek: You do that a lot?

Stacey: No, actually, I donít.

Derek: Well, you look like you do.

Stacey: Oh. Are you going to tell me about Felicia, or aren't you?

Derek: I'm not going to let her stay in that place. And that's all you need to know.

Stacey: Derek, wait.

Derek: What?

Stacey: I donít want you to take any risks. Felicia cannot afford it. And neither can you.

Derek: Fanny's coming home tomorrow. And then all this is going to be over.

Stacey: But how?

Derek: It doesn't matter. Look, have fun at your party.

Stacey: Wait a second! Derek? Damn it!

Evan: Well, I worked with Iris the same way that I work with Amanda.

Sam: That closely, huh?

Amanda: Sam, stop it.

Evan: Well, that's what happens in an office environment.

Sam: Oh, I get it. I donít have a real job, so I donít know anything about office politics, right?

Evan: Sam, I didnít say that.

Sam: Sure you did.

Amanda: Would you two please just stop your bickering?

Evan: Look, I really donít have the time or energy to deal with you right now. So for the sake of this party, why donít you just lighten up?

Sam: I'll lighten up when you tell us all exactly what you're up to with this family.

Evan: I'm not up to anything, Sam.

Sam: Oh, man, you've done everything in your power to suck up to the Coryís. I'm surprised Mac and Rachel haven't filed adoption papers.

Evan: What do you have against me?

Rachel: What's going on here?

Amanda: Oh. Mom --

Sam: Rachel --

Rachel: This doesn't help, you know?

Sam: Sorry.

Rachel: This party is difficult enough for Mac.

Amanda: Is he ok?

Rachel: No, he's not ok. He just found out that his daughter tried to take his company away from him, and he doesn't feel like celebrating. And I donít want this family to make it any more difficult for him than it already is.

Evan: Ok, I'm sorry. What can we do to help?

Rachel: You can take your squabbling somewhere else.

Evan: All right, donít worry. Right, Sam?

Sam: Sure thing, Ev.

Rachel: Can we try to salvage this evening, please? Sam, I need your help.

Evan: Oh, Amanda?

Amanda: Yeah?

Evan: I think you should be on the lookout for someone today.

Amanda: Who?

Evan: Her name's Gwen Frame.

Amanda: How do you know her?

Evan: Well, it doesn't matter, but I hear that she may resent your mother for marrying into some money, and I'm afraid that she might try to incite some kind of trouble.

Amanda: Wait a second -- how do you know all this?

Sam: Amanda, your mother needs us.

Woman: Hello, hello? Hello? Oh, there you are. You know, isnít this amazing? I'm 15,000 feet up in the air and I hear you just like you were next door. Um -- yes, I would like to order a limousine to meet me at the Bay City airport. They tell me we'll be landing in about 30 minutes. And I want a white stretch. I'm going to a party, and I want to make sure everybody notices my arrival. Uh -- no, I donít have an account with you, actually, because I'm from out of town. How do I intend to pay for it? Well, let's see here. Um -- credit card -- um -- listen, let's not put it on the gold card. I have a better idea. Mac and Rachel Cory have an account with you, donít they? I thought so. Why donít we just charge it to them and I'll reimburse them when I get to the party? Oh, yes, it'll be fine. They owe me. My kids are great.

Frankie: Hi. We were early, so I took the liberty of climbing in. I guess you donít believe in keys, huh?

Derek: Is this --

Frankie: Pasham. Great name, huh?

Derek: Yeah, great.

Frankie: Aw, donít be inhibited, Derek. Pasham is the master of discretion, aren't you Pash? See? Nothing to be afraid of.

Derek: I'm not afraid. I just donít want to talk about anything else except for that night.

Frankie: Well, that's great, because I donít want you to talk about anything but that night.

Derek: Yeah, I mean it, Frankie.

Frankie: Oh, look, Derek, we all have skeletons in our closets, ok? You could write a miniseries about mine. But I donít want to pry into your past or anything else. I just want you to go back to the night of Uncle Jasonís murder and see if you can remember something under hypnosis about who he was arguing with, ok?

Pasham: Let's begin.

Frankie: Hang on one second, Pash. Look, Derek, donít be nervous, please. Come on, sit. Think good thoughts. Oh, you are one big knot.

Derek: Let's just do this.

Pasham: All right. Look at me. Concentrate.

Derek: I'll try.

Frankie: Just think, Derek, in a few minutes, you may tell us who really killed Uncle Jason. And then Felicia can go free.

Robert: You know, I was just thinking, not all our memories together were bad.

Iris: What a relief.

Robert: Yeah. After my wife left me, you were there.

Iris: I do remember.

Robert: I had no one to turn to. But you were there.

Iris: You have a long memory.

Robert: Oh, I haven't forgotten.

Iris: Haven't you?

Robert: Why donít you come to the party with me as my guest?

Iris: Huh. My God -- are you serious?

Robert: Yeah. Yeah, I am. It'd be good for you to come with somebody. And who knows? Maybe we can talk to Mac. Try to straighten this whole thing out.

Iris: Huh. I -- I donít know what to say, except why after all these years would you want to do that for me?

Robert: I guess because I still care for you after all these years.

Iris: Nobody has ever done anything like that for me, except Daddy.

Robert: Iris, you're still so -- my car is awaiting. Are you ready?

Iris: Robert, would you hold me? Please? Just -- just for old times' sake?

Robert: Yeah. Oh. Iris, you always needed so much love.

Iris: Why couldn't it ever be enough?

Nicole: Can I help?

Cass: If I let you help, I'll never get dressed.

Nicole: What are you implying?

Cass: Donít give me that innocent look. You've got lust in your eyes.

Nicole: I thought you liked that look.

Cass: I love that look. But we have a party to make, and we owe it to Mac to be there.

Nicole: Cass, I know it's hard to stop thinking about Felicia.

Cass: Well, at least I'm closer to finding the real murderer. At least, I think I am.

Nicole: But can we talk about something else for a minute?

Cass: Yeah, of course we can.

Nicole: We have a honeymoon to plan.

Cass: I'm just sorry we only have one night.

Nicole: Oh, donít be. I want you to come back here and fight like crazy for Felicia. We'll have a lifetime of honeymoons.

Cass: I know we will.

Nicole: But for our one night, I want to go someplace where there are no telephones, no answering machines, no televisions. And lots of beds.

Cass: Who wound you up today? Huh?

Nicole: Want to start our honeymoon now?

Cass: Oh, I donít know. Uh -- maybe.

Nicole: Thought you'd see it my way.

Cass: We've had to put our lives on hold for so long, haven't we?

Nicole: Well, we didnít have a choice.

Cass: I'm afraid I haven't been much of a fiancť.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, you're all I ever wanted.

Cass: I've lost a lot of friends.

Nicole: I love you. You wonít lose me.

Cass: You promise?

Nicole: I swear it.

Vicky: Steven is your son.

Jamie: Then why did you go get the paternity test with Jake for?

Vicky: Because he insisted.

Jamie: For the hell of it?

Vicky: He insisted. I told him there was no reason to do it, because the baby is yours, but he said he was going to tell you.

Jamie: Yeah, well, now I know.

Vicky: No, Jamie. Jamie, you donít know anything.

Jamie: I know that you slept with Jake!

Vicky: Once!!

Jamie: Once is enough, isnít it? And now, we have to deal with the fact that that child asleep in the other room -- the one that you let me name after my father -- may not, in fact, be mine! Now, what are we going to do about that, Vicky?

Vicky: Donít look at me like that. Just let me explain!

Jamie: What's to explain, Vicky? You slept with Jake!

Vicky: It was a horrible time. And I thought I had lost you forever. And nothing mattered to me anymore.

Jamie: What about Jake?

Vicky: Jake thought Marley was going to divorce him. We were drunk!

Jamie: Oh, I canít listen to this.

Vicky: I -- but I was already pregnant, Jamie!

Jamie: Why didnít you tell me?

Vicky: How could I?

Jamie: Because we said we love each other. Because we agreed to be honest with each other, no matter what, about everything.

Vicky: When that happened with Jake, I put it behind me! It didnít mean anything!

Jamie: Oh, that makes everything just fine!

Vicky: I did not love Jake!

Jamie: But he could be the father of your child.

Vicky: No. No, Jamie. Jamie, you are the father. You're Stevenís father.

Jamie: Vicky, do you know that for a fact? Answer me!

Vicky: I donít.

Jamie: You donít know for sure?

Vicky: Jamie --

Jamie: You have the nerve to let me get close to that little boy, to let me believe that he's my own son, when there's every chance that he's not, and I could lose him.

Vicky: No. No, I wonít let that happen. I would never let you lose --

Jamie: Jake wants custody, doesn't he?

Vicky: Steven is our son. I know it. I know it in my heart.

Jamie: No, that just isnít good enough anymore, Vicky. Is it?

Rachel: Darling? Mac?

Jake: Rachel? I'm sorry, I didnít mean to bother you.

Rachel: What is it? Is there a problem?

Jake: Well, the press is on the dock, and they're screaming to get on the yacht.

Rachel: Oh. All right, I'll deal with it.

Jake: Sure.

Rachel: Oh -- wait a minute.

Jake: Yeah?

Rachel: What are you doing? Are you working this party, Jake?

Jake: Yes.

Rachel: Well, you shouldnít be. You should be a guest.

[Jake laughs]

Jake: Why?

Rachel: Well, we owe you so much. You delivered Steven.

Jake: Nobody owes me anything. I was glad I was there for Steven.

Rachel: And Vicky.

Jake: Right. Well, I'd better get back to work.

Rachel: Ok, thanks.

Rachelís voice: "Darling, I know how much you've been looking forward to this night. 25 years, and there's so much to celebrate, to remember with joy and pride. How do I tell you that I canít be there with you? We've gone through so much together. Endured so much. We finally get to the big party and you have to do it alone. I thought I could go through the motions and somehow get through this party, but I realized that I canít. I canít pretend everything is fine when it isnít. I'm telling myself you'll understand, or maybe you wonít and we'll have a knockdown-dragout fight. I look forward to making up. I always do. When you read this, I'll be on my way to the Harbor inn. You remember the Harbor inn. Please donít worry. I just need to think. Let the party go on without me. There are too many people who have worked too hard over the years. Let this be a celebration of their hard work and loyalty. My speech is enclosed with this letter. Could you possibly read it for me and explain that I've been called away on some urgent business? I'd rather you told only the children where I am. Tell Iris -- tell Iris nothing. There are some things she's going to have to realize on her own. I know I should have told you this in person, but you would have wanted to cancel everything to be with me. And I'm afraid the show must go on. I know I can count on you to see that it does. My darling Rachel, no man ever had such a partner. You know that in spirit, I'll be right by your side. I'll see you soon. Love, Mac."

Rachel: Oh, darling.

Woman: Ok --

Second woman: Gwen -- g-w-e-n.

First woman: Thank you.

Gwen: Frame -- f-r-a-m-e.

Woman: Thank you.

Gwen: Famous name in these parts, huh?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: I'm a former relative of Rachel Cory.

Woman: A former relative?

Gwen: Yeah, we used to be sisters-in-law.

Woman: I see.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Gwen: Well, hold it. Donít you want to take my picture? Hey, come back here!

Evan: Hi.

Gwen: Well, I donít believe it! Look who's here!

Evan: Hello, Gwen. How are you?

Gwen: Hey, what, are you too big to call me Aunt Gwen?

Evan: Would you just keep your voice down? Why'd you get here so early? The party doesn't get started for a while.

Gwen: Great, it'll give me time to scope out the enemy territory. This is some boat. I see Rachel has spared no expense, as usual. You look terrible in that.

Evan: Thank you.

[Evan laughs]

Gwen: So donít I get a hug?

Evan: Yeah.

[Gwen laughs]

Evan: Listen, I am really sorry to hear about you and Uncle Willis.

Gwen: Oh --

Evan: What happened?

Gwen: Well, listen, it's a long story, but it's probably better we're not together anymore.

Evan: You know, to tell you the truth, I didnít think anything would split you two up.

Gwen: Yeah, well, we had money troubles, baby. Just couldn't make it anymore.

Evan: I'm sorry to hear about that.

Gwen: Hmm. Of course, it would have been all right if he'd gotten his share of Stevenís money.

Evan: Gwen, come on.

Gwen: Of course, Rachel fixed that. Managed to get her hands on every red cent.

Evan: Gwen -- Gwen, stop it. Now, Rachelís been very good to me.

Gwen: Donít tell me she's gotten to you already.

Evan: Well, it's not like that.

Gwen: Listen, Mac and your mother were very happy until Rachel ruined everything. You should have been raised in that mansion. Janice was going to send for you. You could have grown up there.

Evan: Gwen, it's really not that simple.

Gwen: Yes, it is. Your mother and Mac were on a vacation in the Caribbean. Rachel was so jealous that she followed them down there and tried to take Mac back. But when she realized he wanted to stay with Janice, she took a knife and killed your mother in cold blood. Now, what kind of son are you, Evan? How can you have anything to do with her after what she did to your family? After what she did to all of the Frames? Doesn't your mother's memory mean anything to you anymore?

Mitch: I miss you.

Felicia: You're all that I think about, too.

Mitch: I sometimes get the feeling that I'm turning into my old self.

Felicia: What do you mean?

Mitch: I donít know -- I get the feeling that I'm, like, angry at everybody.

Felicia: Oh, honey. Donít be like that, please?

Mitch: I want you to come home.

Felicia: Cass is still working, bless his heart.

Mitch: So what were you working on when I came in?

Felicia: I'll read it to you. Ok? "The worst part about it is the sound. It's either so loud that it's impossible to hear your own heartbeat or it's so quiet that there's no other sound except that. Either way, it's empty. The world goes on outside of here, children go to school every morning, it rains, the sun shines, the garbage gets collected, people go to work, they come home. I stay in this room. I think about my husband and what it would mean to sleep beside him again. And I wait, listening to my heart beat and straining to hear it pound."

Mitch: I want to get you out of here.

Felicia: I know. I know you do. Just donít give up.

Stacey: I want to speak to you about Vicky Hudson, as well.

Jake: She's a Frame now.

Stacey: Oh, that's right. That didnít make you too happy, now, did it?

Jake: What, are you nuts? Why would I care about that?

Stacey: That's what I'm here to find out.

Jake: Well, then I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

Stacey: If Vicky is guilty, then she's going to pay.

Jake: She didnít kill Jason Frame.

Stacey: What, do you know that for a fact?

Jake: You donít give up, do you? She's a new mother. What do you think would happen to that baby if she went to jail instead of Felicia?

Stacey: Well, no matter what, Steven is still going to have a father, right?

Caroline: Hi.

Evan: Hi.

Caroline: Well, your normal, ebullient self is -- donít like me anymore, huh? Hmm?

Evan: Oh, donít be ridiculous. You put lipstick on here?

Caroline: Hmm.

Evan: You wipe that off, please?

Stacey: Hi!

Amanda: How you doing?

Stacey: Good. How are you?

Amanda: All right.

Caroline: You are really hung up on her, aren't you?

Evan: Oh, donít be ridiculous.

Cass: I have a surprise for you.

Nicole: Oh, another one?

Cass: Oh, stop that stuff. You're so bad.

Nicole: What is --?

Cass: Look.

Nicole: Oh. When did you have time to get these?

Cass: Oh, I -- I just thought it was about time I contributed to the nuptial event, that's all.

Nicole: Oh, they're beautiful.

Cass: Do you really think so? You think they're ok?

Nicole: Oh, yes. They're perfect, Cass.

Cass: This time next week, I'm going to put this ring on your finger. We can finally start our lives together.

Nicole: I canít wait.

Cass: Can I tell you something?

Nicole: What?

Cass: I've been thinking about Kathleen all day.

Nicole: You have?

Cass: Yes.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: I'm not sure. I think she's trying to tell me something.

Nicole: What?

Cass: That she's happy for me, for us.

Nicole: Do you think she would be?

Cass: I do now. Everything's ok.

Nicole: I love you, Cass.

Derek: She was in the hall of mirrors.

Pasham: Who?

Derek: Fanny.

Frankie: That's good. That's what we want.

Derek: She was scared. It was my fault. I was trying to tell her that it was all right.

[Carousel music plays]

Derek: There was so much noise.

Pasham: What did you hear?

Derek: The music, all the balloons popping.

[Balloons pop]

Derek: She couldn't hear me. Fanny? Fanny?

Frankie: Did you hear anything else? Voices?

Derek: No. Maybe.

Pasham: Listen closely, Derek. Listen to the voices.

Derek: Fighting.

Frankie: Who?

Derek: She keeps saying, "Jason, no. Jason, no."

Frankie: "She"? Who is she? Is it Felicia?

Derek: No. It's another woman.

Vicky: When I walked down that aisle and I saw you standing there waiting for me, I had no doubts.

Jamie: I donít believe it.

Vicky: I knew that that baby inside me was yours!

Jamie: You donít know now. How could you have known then?

Vicky: That was Jake! He wouldnít give up! He just kept hounding me when he found --

Jamie: You mean when he figured it out for himself? Well, hell, I donít blame the guy. I would've done the same thing myself!

Vicky: I took the test because I know the truth. I thought it would get Jake off my back!

Jamie: But the test proves that Jake could be the father.

Vicky: But you could, too, Jamie!

Jamie: Oh, that's just terrific!

Vicky: You're a doctor. You're a doctor. You know how stupid those tests are. They donít mean anything.

Jamie: But that's not really the point, now, is it, Vicky?

Vicky: Please, donít let this ruin everything we have.

Jamie: What do we have, Vic? Huh? What do we have? My God, I thought -- just a few days ago, I've been perfectly happy. I thought I had a wife that loved me.

Vicky: I do love you!

Jamie: You've been lying to me about everything!

Vicky: Not that I love you. I've always loved you.

Jamie: Even when you were with Jake?

Vicky: Yes. Because when you came into my life, you meant everything to me. You know that. You know what I feel for you and how much I love you. You canít tell me you donít know that.

Jamie: Do you remember what it was like before we got engaged? I told you that I couldn't love you. But I did. I did, I -- I couldn't believe that it happened. I fell in love with you, Vicky. I loved you.

Vicky: Yes, and we can have that back, Jamie!

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Please!

Jamie: I'm getting out of here.

Vicky: No! Wait!

Jamie: I've got to go. I canít --

Vicky: No, donít go!

Jamie: I've got to go!

Vicky: Jamie!

Jamie: I canít stay in this house another minute with you, Vicky -- donít you understand that? I canít stand it.

Vicky: Jamie, wait a minute!

Evan: Well, here we go -- it's showtime.

Iris: How nice to see you.

Woman: Nice to see you.

Caroline: Well, I knew she'd show up.

Amanda: How could you show your face here?

Iris: I'm with Mr. Delaney. Robert, I donít think you've met my sister Amanda --

Amanda: I'm not your sister.

Iris: Robert and I were married once.

Robert: Pleasure to meet you, Amanda.

Amanda: I'm sorry. I'm not up to the amenities, not with her.

Sam: Amanda?

Amanda: I'm going to go warn my parents that she's here. I had hoped that you would at least have the decency not to show up. I guess I was hoping for a little too much.

Iris: I know how she feels, but I just have to make it up to Daddy. I donít know why she couldn't understand.

Evan: Iris, why donít you leave before Mac sees you?

Robert: And who are you, pal?

Iris: I would've thought you'd know about squaring away your past, Evan.

Evan: Iris, donít push me.

Iris: At least I know where my loyalties are. Maybe it's time you grew up and sorted out yours.

Amanda: But this isnít like Daddy. He wouldnít leave something like this.

Rachel: You know how he's been feeling.

Amanda: Did you talk to him?

Rachel: He left me a note.

Amanda: A note?

Rachel: He said he couldn't go through the motions and he asked that we carry on for him.

Amanda: What are we supposed to do?

Rachel: We're supposed to treat everybody as he would treat them if he were here.

Amanda: Is he ok?

Rachel: He says he is. He's at the Harbor inn.

Amanda: This just isnít like him.

Rachel: Will you help me tonight?

Amanda: Yeah, sure. I'll do whatever I can.

Rachel: Good.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Come in.

Gwen: Rachel?

Rachel: Gwen!

Rachel and Gwen: Hi!

Rachel: I'm so glad you were able to come.

Gwen: Yes, I was looking for you.

Rachel: Ta-da!

Gwen: No!

Amanda: Yes.

Gwen: Donít tell me that this is little Amanda?

Rachel: This is Amanda.

Gwen: Oh, my goodness. Well, Rachel, I canít get over you -- here you are with a grown-up daughter and you donít look like you have aged one minute.

Rachel: Oh, I donít know about that.

Gwen: Where's Mac?

Rachel: He had to be away.

Gwen: You mean I'm not going to get to see him?

Rachel: Well, it depends on how long you stay. Darling, would you go up and see to the press? They've been asking for somebody to talk to.

Amanda: Sure, right. It was very nice to meet you.

Gwen: Why, thank you, honey. That is a very nice kid.

Rachel: She is a lovely child.

Gwen: This is a great boat, too.

Rachel: Thank you very much.

Gwen: Funny, isnít it -- I used to be the girl from Park Avenue and you were the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Everything turns around, doesn't it?

Rachel: That seems like a very long time ago.

Gwen: Yeah, sure does. You know, Willis and I went flat broke in Australia.

Rachel: Gwen --

Gwen: Yep.

Rachel: I didnít know. I'm sorry.

Gwen: Been a long time since we lived like this.

Rachel: Well, bless your heart. Listen, I would love to stay and talk, but I've got guests to greet and the press to see to. Would you come up with me?

Gwen: Um -- Rachel, would you mind if I just stayed down here and freshened up in the other room for a minute?

Rachel: No, not at all. I'll see you on the upper deck.

Gwen: Ok, I'll meet you upstairs.

Rachel: Ok.

Gwen: Thanks a lot.

Rachel: Uh-huh.

Gwen: Enjoy it --

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

[Door closes]

Gwen: While you can.

Vicky: What do I have to say to make you stay, Jamie?

Jamie: Tell me that you never slept with Jake. Tell me that you haven't been lying to me from the very beginning!

Vicky: We have been through so much. How can you just throw it away because of something that isnít even true?

Jamie: You prove that to me.

Vicky: I love you. And you love me, I know that.

[Steven cries]

Vicky: Stevenís crying.

Jamie: Go see what's wrong.

Vicky: He wants his daddy.

Jamie: And who is that, Vicky? Who is that?

Felicia: Emily, couldn't we have just a few more minutes, please?

Emily: I'm sorry, Felicia. Rules are rules.

Mitch: I'll see you tomorrow.

Felicia: I know. It's just that there will be bars between us tomorrow.

Mitch: I love you.

Emily: The boss will have my hide for this, Felicia.

Mitch: When I go to sleep, I will be thinking of you.

Felicia: When I wake up, I'll be thinking of you.

Felicia: I love you, Mitch.

Frankie: I think he sees something. What is it, Derek?

Derek: Mirrors everywhere. But there's something behind one.

Frankie: What?

Derek: It's shiny.

Frankie: Is it a gun?

Derek: No. It's very shiny. There's a woman wearing an earring. I canít see her face but I can see the earring sparkling, sparkling.

Frankie: Can you draw it for us, Derek?

[Music plays]

Evan: Caroline, where's Mac?

Iris: Where's Daddy?

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