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Donna: Thank you. It was beautiful. Thank you.

Michael: Now, as I recall, you said something about going upstairs, Mrs. H?

Donna: Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: We aren't expecting anybody.

Michael: I ain't expecting nobody. Donít worry. They'll be gone quickly. I canít believe anybody would come over. Hi.

Vicky: Hi, Dad. Is Mom here? Mom.

Michael: It's -- it's our anniversary, honey.

Vicky: Oh, Dad, happy anniversary.

Michael: Thank you.

Donna: Hi!

Michael: Is everything ok? Are you all right?

Vicky: Yeah, I'm fine. Can I talk to you a minute?

Donna: Sure. Alone?

Vicky: Yeah.

Donna: Just give us a few minutes.

Vicky: Thanks.

Donna: Mother-daughter talk, please? I'll be up in a minute.

Michael: Mother-daughter talk.

[Donna laughs]

Donna: What's the matter?

Vicky: Jakeís threatening to tell Jamie everything.

Donna: What?

Vicky: He's convinced he's Stevenís father.

Donna: What happened? You told me that Jake wasn't going to be a problem.

Vicky: I was wrong.

Donna: Well, what happened?

Vicky: Blood test.

Donna: You agreed to a blood test?

Vicky: Jake forced me to do it. I thought I could handle it by switching the blood types.

Donna: It didnít work?

Vicky: No. He found out somehow and he double-checked the test results.

Donna: Oh, no. Oh, no.

Vicky: Now Dr. Peterson thinks that he could be Stevenís father.

Donna: "Is" or "could be"?

Vicky: Could be, but now he wants to force Jamie to take a genetic test, too.

Donna: That's insane!

Vicky: That's what I keep telling him, but he doesn't listen to me.

Donna: He doesn't even know Steven is his, and he could be destroying two marriages.

Vicky: How can I stop him?

Donna: Um -- we have to make him think that he's going to lose somehow.

Vicky: You'll help me?

Donna: Of course I'll help you, but you have to stall him. I need some time to come up with a plan. You've got to give me some more time.

Jake: Look, honey, I got to get back to work, ok?

Marley: Fine. I'll wait.

Jake: Hey. What do we got going? Got it, no problem. Probably not.

Julie Ann: I'm sorry I'm so late. I just got a call before I left.

Rick: Did you hear about the trial?

Julie Ann: Yeah, I know. I canít believe that Felicia --

Rick: Now, you know I was only doing my job when I arrested her?

Julie Ann: Yeah, I do. Listen, something else happened.

Rick: Oh, yeah? What?

Julie Ann: Cory Publishing offered me a promotion, a big one.

Rick: Well, that's great! Congratulations!

Julie Ann: Yeah, except I'd have to leave Bay City.

Rick: What?

Julie Ann: They want me to transfer to the San Francisco office.

Rick: Well, I'm really proud of you, Julie Ann. What did you tell them?

Julie Ann: I asked them to give me some time to think about it.

Rick: You did?

Julie Ann: Yeah. Moving to San Francisco presents a few problems.

Rick: Yeah, it does.

Mitch: I donít think Cass is going to show up.

Nicole: He was going to try to meet with Felicia first.

Mitch: That's going to take hours. They have to go through all sorts of processing before he can even see her.

Nicole: Cass will find a loophole, Mitch. He'll win the appeal.

Mitch: Will you stop being Pollyanna? I know what her chances are. I always have. I'm getting out of here.

Nicole: No, Mitch, wait.

Mitch: Just tell Cass I'll see him tomorrow.

Nicole: I donít think you should be alone tonight.

Mitch: I got to get used to it sometimes.

Singer: I love you

Singers: Black pearl precious little girl

Felicia: The matron was here. I gave her all my things.

Cass: Look, I've been waiting for hours. I know my rights!

Felicia: Cass?

Guard: She is in jail. You canít go busting in there.

Cass: I told you, I've got clearance! I'm her attorney!

Guard: You've got a visitor.

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Thank you. Hi!

Felicia: Hi, honey. Hi.

Cass: Oy-oy-oy.

Felicia: How did you get in here?

Cass: Didnít you hear me? I got clearance.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Cass: I donít know, but they bought it! Ooh, ooh, you.

Felicia: Oh, yes.

Cass: It's you.

Felicia: I had a makeover.

Cass: Yeah. You know, I kind of like it. It's very minimalist.

Felicia: Sort of like doing it a Bergman film.

Cass: Yeah. Felicia --

Felicia: You know, what I like best about this dress is the sleeves. Not only are they dowdy, but if you push them up a little, the jiggly part of your arm shows.

Cass: I just wanted to tell you --

Felicia: I'm really going to complain, you know, to the screws when I get there.

Cass: The screws?

Felicia: Haven't you ever seen a prison movie? You know, titles like "Babes in the Big House"?

Cass: Oh, yeah, and Ida Lupino always played one of the babes, right?

Felicia: Right! I'm sure she wouldnít be caught dead in a little outfit like this.

Cass: I'm going to get you out of here, you know.

Felicia: You know who I've been thinking about since I've been here, a lot?

Cass: Wallingford?

Felicia: You, too?

Cass: I can just see the expression on his face.

Felicia: He'd be saying about now, "boy, this is some fine mess you got us into."

Cass: Yeah. After all the scrapes we went through together?

Felicia: You know, at least if I'm going to be behind bars, I donít have to share a cell with a gorilla.

Cass: Well, have you seen your cellmate yet?

Felicia: Oh -- oh, no, no, no. No cellmate here. This is a minimal prison. This is white-collar stuff. I'm going to do aerobics classes, things like that.

Cass: Oh, good.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: Then you'll get tips about the stock market.

Felicia: Insiders' tips, I hope, sure.

Cass: Yeah, well, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Felicia: Ok. Have you seen Mitch?

Cass: I'll see him after I leave here.

Felicia: Good. Just make sure he's ok, will you?

Cass: Donít worry about him. I've already got him set up with a hot little chippy tonight.

Felicia: Great.

Cass: Blond.

Felicia: Blond?

Cass: Yes.

Felicia: He'll love it.

Cass: Can I say one serious thing?

Felicia: Only one.

Cass: Ok. When -- when you didnít identify Derek, I really let you have it.

Felicia: Oh, honey, it's ok.

Cass: I know you would never, ever do anything like this unless you were very, very sure about what you were doing. I mean, you going to prison instead of pointing the finger at this guy --

Felicia: No, no, Cass, it wasn't the guy. Really.

Cass: Ok. Ok. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I yelled at you, and I'm sorry I didnít beat this thing for you, and I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this.

Felicia: Honey. Come on. I donít want you to talk like that. Come on. Listen, you know, you're a wonderful lawyer. Do you know that I never knew that?

Cass: Oh, no?

Felicia: Really. You know what I used to say about you? I used to say that you were a lawyer like Pia Zadora is an actress. I'm sorry. I really am. I was so wrong about it. I know how difficult it was for you to do what you had to do. I'm never going to forget that. I love you.

Cass: I love you, too. And I'm not going to stop working for you, I swear that.

Felicia: I know that. You know what I want you to do?

Cass: What?

Felicia: I want you to take care of yourself. Would you please marry Nicole?

Cass: Oh, poor Nicole.

Felicia: I mean, she's been waiting so long for you.

Cass: How can I do that without my best pal?

Guard: Ms. Gallant, you'll have to come with us now.

Felicia: Already?

Cass: Look, couldn't we have just a couple more minutes, please?

Felicia: No, no. No, you know what? This is good. Because you know what? I can do this now. I can.

Felicia: Ok. Thank you.

Cass: Honey? Uh, give Ida my regards, all right?

Felicia: You know I will.

Cass: Yes, I do.

Sharlene: Are you cold?

John: No, I'm not cold. Ooh, you are. You want to go inside?

Sharlene: How about you build a fire and I'll cook? Spaghetti carbonara -- how's that sound?

John: Uh --

Sharlene: You hate it!

John: No, no, it's -- I donít hate it at all. I love spaghetti carbonara. It's just that -- well, I was -- I was planning on going over to Donna and Michaelís.

Sharlene: Oh.

John: It's their anniversary. I got them a little something. I was hoping that you'd come with me.

Sharlene: Well, I donít -- I donít think Donna would be too happy to see me. Maybe you should go alone.

John: No, no, no. I'll call Michael. I can always take the gift over tomorrow.

Sharlene: What did you get him?

John: It's an old photograph. It was taken of Donna and Michael when they were about 18. I blew it up and put it in a nice Frame for them. I donít think either one of them have ever seen it.

Sharlene: I think they're going to love it. So let's go.

John: What about Donna?

Sharlene: I can handle her.

John: Well, let's go.

Vicky: We need to talk. I tried to tell Jamie but I couldn't.

Jake: This is not a good time. Marley is sitting right over there.

Vicky: I need two weeks.

Jake: No, Vicky!

Vicky: I got to wait until Cory Publishing finishes celebrating their 25th anniversary. I donít want to ruin it for them, Jake.

Jake: You have never given a damn about the Coryís as long as you live!

Vicky: I give a damn about Jamie. And therefore I care about his family, and I know you donít care about that because all you want to do is get my baby.

Jake: You know something? You're right, Vicky. If Steven turns out to be mine, I am going to get him.

Vicky: And you will destroy everybody that I love, including Marley, to get him.

Jake: It's not like that.

Vicky: Isnít it? Think about it.

Millie: Will you take some more orders for me?

Jake: As long as they're for drinks.

Millie: What else would they be for?

Jake: Uh, you'd have to tell me.

Cass: Hi.

Nicole: Hi.

Cass: Thank you for waiting.

Nicole: You saw Felicia?

Cass: Yeah, they let me in just before they moved her to her cell.

Nicole: How is she?

Cass: Oh, she's putting up a good front, but I think that she's still in a state of shock. I know I am.

Nicole: Here. I ordered you a brandy.

Cass: Thank you. I just stood there and watched as the guard led her away. There was nothing I could do about it.

Nicole: Well, Cass, she blew your whole defense when she wouldnít admit that she knew Derek.

Cass: I should've seen that coming.

Nicole: How? How could you?

Cass: Everything that had to do with Derek was totally unpredictable. It was a mistake to rely on his testimony.

Nicole: Well, what choice did you have? He was the only witness.

Cass: I know. Where's Mitch?

Nicole: He left.

Cass: Well, I canít say as I blame him. He must hate my guts.

[Knock on door]

Matt: Dad, can I come in?

Mitch: Yeah, come on in. I'm not doing anything.

Matt: I went by your place. When you weren't there, I figured I'd find you here.

Mitch: I really didnít feel much like being at home.

Matt: You get to see Felicia?

Mitch: No, not yet.

Matt: Dad, are you mad at me?

Mitch: Why would I be mad at you?

Matt: Well, if I hadn't stuck my nose into this, you and Felicia would be in Honduras right now.

Mitch: And that would've been a big mistake.

Matt: Yeah, well, you'd be free.

Mitch: No, no, not really. You were right. We had to be here and face this. There was no other way out.

Matt: I canít believe she didnít get off. I know she's innocent.

Mitch: Yeah, you would think a jury would've thought otherwise.

Matt: Another jury might.

Mitch: Maybe.

Matt: I'm so sorry about this whole thing, Dad.

Mitch: I donít understand how a jury can look at her and say that she's guilty of murder. How can they do that?

Woman: Oh -- hey, girls, catch the parade. It's Felicia Gallant!

Second woman: The famous writer?

First woman: Yeah, she wasted some guy.

Second woman: You look different in real life.

Third woman: Why did you kill him, honey?

Second woman: You going to write about it?

First woman: Yeah, write about this stuff, baby.

Fourth woman: I got a story for her. Hey, Felicia --

First woman: Oh, shut up!

Fifth woman: Yeah, donít nobody want to hear about your old man.

Fourth woman: Oh, drop dead! Donít you tell me to shut up! No, no, be quiet!

Felicia: It's just a photograph.

Guard: You can keep it.

Michael: You're keeping something from me, dear.

Donna: Why would I keep something from you?

Michael: General principles. That's why you'd keep something from me. Look, she came in here, she was obviously agitated. Now, donít tell me it was the trials and tribulations of being a wife, ok?

Donna: Ok. You better brace yourself.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: I'll get that.

Michael: I donít believe this.

Donna: I'll get it, I'll get it.

Michael: I donít -- grand central station.

Donna: Oh, hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

Michael: Happy anniversary.

Donna: Oh -- oh, thank you. Look who's here!

[Michael laughs]

Rick: Well, honey, it's more than a good opportunity. It sounds like your dream job.

Julie Ann: Well, it would be if it was in Bay City and not in California.

Rick: I think you should take it.

Julie Ann: If I say yes, then I have to leave tomorrow night.

Rick: Tomorrow?

Julie Ann: Yeah. There's an emergency and they need someone in the office right away. Listen, I'm going to turn it down.

Rick: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. You canít do that. You'd always wonder what would've happened if you'd said yes.

Julie Ann: Yeah, but what about us? Doesn't that even matter to you?

Rick: Of course it does. But do you think I'd really stop you from going?

Julie Ann: Well, I didnít think you'd hand me my hat. You haven't even said you'd miss me.

Rick: Well, I wonít.

Julie Ann: What?

Rick: I'm coming with you.

Julie Ann: Really? Tomorrow?

Rick: Well, as soon as I can. Do you think I'd let you get away that easily?

Julie Ann: You'd really come with me?

Rick: Yeah, yeah. Wives move with their husbands when they get transferred. Why -- why canít a husband do the same thing?

Julie Ann: Husband?

Rick: Yeah. Will you marry me?

Julie Ann: Yes.

Cass: The same names. I'm no closer now than I was before the trial started.

Nicole: That's not true. All you really need is Derekís testimony.

Cass: There has to be something I'm overlooking.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, I donít think that's possible.

Cass: Something that will lead me to the person who really killed Jason.

Nicole: Suppose you do find that person.

Cass: I wouldnít want to be in his or her shoes, that's for sure. You know, I've had Iris pegged as my top suspect right from the start, but I may have been wrong.

Jason: Friends like that from childhood -- many times they, in a situation like this, give each other a little warmth, a little comfort.

Nicole: You have a filthy mind.

Jason: What's filthy about that? I donít blame Jake. Vick and Marley -- you know, they looked -- they're probably identical in every respect.

Nicole: First you threaten me. Now Vicky?

Jason: I'm not threatening anybody. I'm just telling you I mean what I say. Let me tell you -- you cross me, Cass crosses me, I am not responsible for my actions.

Cass: That was a mistake. I should've put Vicky on the stand when I had the chance.

Nicole: She's my niece.

Cass: And that's why I didnít push her very hard.

Nicole: Oh, Cass, you're not going after her now, are you?

Cass: Nicole, Felicia has been convicted. Everything is different now.

Nicole: But she didnít do it. I know it.

Vicky: Well, I didnít expect to find you here.

Marley: Well, I could say the same for you. What could take you away from your darling Steven?

Vicky: Well, I came to get dinner for Jamie to surprise him when he comes from the hospital. What about you?

Marley: Oh, I'm just waiting for Jake. He's been working a lot of nights lately.

Vicky: Oh, does that bother you?

Marley: I do miss him.

Vicky: No, no, I mean that he works in a bar?

Marley: Well, why should that bother me?

Vicky: It's just that there are a lot of good-looking, single women who hang out here.

Marley: Oh, that doesn't bother me.

Vicky: Oh, you're kidding. That would've been the first thing I thought about. Do you know that -- that waitress over there?

Marley: Oh, Jake calls her Millie, I think her name is, yeah.

Vicky: Keep an eye on her.

Marley: Why?

Vicky: Well, I just think she has a thing for Jake, that's all.

Marley: Vicky, that is ridiculous.

Vicky: I'm probably reading into things too much. Jakeís always been a flirt.

Marley: Well, he's changed.

Vicky: Oh, sure, he has. But thank goodness he's still good-looking because you wouldnít want that to change. I'm going to have to get going. Oh, great.

Millie: Here's your order.

Vicky: Thank you. I'm going to go. You're not worried about what I said, are you?

Marley: No -- no. You're concerned about me. Thank you.

Vicky: Oh, and for heaven's sakes, donít say a word of this to Jake. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Singer: Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light all I'm taking is your time

Vicky: Bridget! Bridget, is Jamie home yet?

Bridget: No, not yet, dear.

Vicky: Oh, thank God.

Bridget: Where did you go? You shot out of here like a bolt of lightning.

Vicky: Oh, I went to pick up some lobster salad.

Bridget: Well, there's more to it than that. I can tell.

Vicky: Well, I stopped by and saw Mom and Dad, wished them a happy anniversary.

Bridget: And?

Vicky: "And?" And that's it.

Bridget: Victoria, come on, now, dear. You're all worked up. What is it?

Vicky: Uh, how long has Steven been asleep?

Bridget: Well, I put him to bed just a little while ago. I'm sure he'll sleep the night, dear.

Vicky: Oh, great. How do I look?

Bridget: Well, you look lovely, darling.

Vicky: Oh, good. Bridget, you have been such a lifesaver. You now have time to go meet your friends and bowl your heart out.

Bridget: Victoria, are you all right, dear?

Vicky: I'm positive. Now, would you please go and have a good time all night long?

Bridget: Yes, all right.

Vicky: Goodbye!

Bridget: Goodbye.

Vicky: Goodbye!

[Music plays]

Vicky: Oh --

Singer: Love light

Vicky: Hello.

Singer: Shine on me

Jamie: Hi. Well. This is quite the greeting.

Vicky: Feels like you've been gone for hours and hours.

Jamie: Yeah.

Singer: And I donít want to miss one bit if this it

Nicole: Let's call it a night. You look like you could use some sleep.

Cass: I wonder if I'll even be able to sleep.

Nicole: Try. You can get a fresh start in the morning.

Cass: You're right. Thank you for understanding and for tolerating me.

Nicole: No problem.

Cass: You've been a real trouper. You know that? I put you through hell -- postponing our wedding, skipping meals, among other things, and you haven't complained, not even once.

Nicole: I love you. I'm in this for the duration.

Cass: Well, that's good because that's going to give us lots of time for me to make it up to you.

Jake: I am telling you, you are very lucky they invented calculators. You know that?

Millie: Did anyone ever tell you that you are a sexist, Jake?

Jake: Many times. I donít mind. Look, the receipts are totaling up to what the register was, so you go ahead and take off it you want.

Millie: You'll close up?

Jake: Sure. I donít care.

Millie: Oh, that's great. Ok, well, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?

Jake: Ok. Oh, my gosh.

Millie: Bye!

Jake: Hello, young lady. Would you like a drink?

Marley: No, thank you.

Jake: Ok. Why donít we go home, then?

Marley: Jake --

Jake: Yes?

Marley: I've been watching you.

Jake: Ah, I knew I felt some beautiful, blue eyes piercing my back.

Marley: Maybe they were Millieís.

Jake: What are you talking about?

Marley: Well, it's just that every time I looked over at the bar, you two were giggling and laughing and carrying on.

Jake: Oh, come on. The only thing I'm doing is serving her drinks across the bar.

Marley: It looked more like a party to me.

Jake: Marley McKinnon, you are jealous, aren't you?

Marley: I donít know. Should I be?

[Cell door closes]

Mitch: I love you, and I look forward to our future. You happen to be the most beautiful, exciting --

[Felicia laughs]

Mitch: Vibrant woman that I've ever known. And I will never let you go. Felicia? This is Daisy.

Felicia: Oh --

Mitch: Daisy, I'd like for you to meet someone. This is -- this is Felicia. Yeah.

Felicia: Do you have any idea how happy you make me?

Mitch: Want to prove it?

Felicia: Oh, thank you! Hello. Hello.

Mitch: I guess if we're going to get out, then you're going to have to get the keys.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: What, you donít -- you donít think that I can?

Felicia: You'll have to watch me.

Michael: I hardly know what to say. This -- well, it brings back memories.

John: That was the idea.

Donna: You're such a sentimentalist, John.

John: Yeah, I know.

[Donna laughs]

John: Listen, how are the renovations going on the library?

Michael: The renovations on the library are going terrific, actually. I'm sorry it was too small of a job for Frame Construction.

Sharlene: Who said it was too small of a job?

Michael: Uh-oh. Well -- well, got you into trouble, didnít I? Would you like to see the construction?

John: Yeah, I would.

Michael: Yeah?

John: Sure.

Michael: Ok, we're going to go look at the construction. See you soon. Bye.

Donna: Oh. How are you getting on, Sharlene, with everything that's happened?

Sharlene: Oh, I take it one day at a time.

Donna: Well, I saw you talking to Russ outside the courtroom.

Sharlene: Yeah. He came with Rachel.

Donna: It must be really difficult having your ex-husband in town, I mean, with everything that's happening.

Sharlene: No, not really. Russ and I split up so long ago that --

Donna: Why did he come to the trial?

Sharlene: Why did anybody come to that trial?

Donna: Yes, of course. I have to say I really admire what you did, sitting in front of all those people and admitting to the entire courtroom that you were a prostitute.

Sharlene: Could we change the subject, Donna?

Donna: I'm sorry. I just want you to know that you can feel free to be open about everything here. John has accepted you and --

Sharlene: Yes.

Donna: Was he taken by surprise?

Sharlene: He has been wonderful. We know all about each other, and it's fine.

Donna: Then he must have told you about me.

Sharlene: You?

Donna: He didnít? Oh, I'm sorry.

Sharlene: What is --

Donna: Oh, I'm sorry. No, it was a long time ago. It was a mistake. But it's awkward between us sometimes now, you know.

Sharlene: It is?

Donna: Well, yes. When John came back to Bay City and came into my life, it was very intense between us.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Well, I'm sorry. I thought that Sharlene knew John and I had been attracted to one another. I wouldnít have said anything. I'm terribly sorry.

Sharlene: Actually, I didnít know. John never mentioned it.

Jake: Marley, Millie and I were goofing around. We do that all the time at work. I'm not interested in her or any other woman, for that matter.

Marley: Part of me is certain of that.

Jake: What is wrong with you tonight?

Marley: Jake, I know you love me. I know you want what I want, to have a child and to have a family.

Jake: Well, donít doubt that.

Marley: Well, when you pull away from me and donít talk to me, I get -- I -- I get scared.

Jake: Honey, there is no reason for you to be scared.

Marley: It's like the last time, Jake. If anything happened and you were unfaithful, I could not handle it.

Jake: Nothing like that is going to happen.

Marley: Well, good, because I love you too much for that.

Jake: I love you, too.

Singer: Love light shine on

Jamie: I'm sorry if I ruined our romantic evening together.

Vicky: You didnít. You didnít. Jamie, do you love me?

Jamie: Yes, I love you.

Vicky: Because I just wonder if you would if Steven hadn't been born and it was just me.

Jamie: We're awfully philosophical, aren't we?

Vicky: Would you answer me?

Jamie: Steven brought us together. But I do love you for yourself.

Vicky: Honest?

Jamie: Cross my heart. I'm very happy. I would be lying if I didnít admit that Stevenís a big part of that.

[Steven cries]

Vicky: A big crying part of that.

Jamie: Yeah. Listen, you go meet me in the bedroom. I'll turn the lights out in here.

Vicky: Ok. Donít be long.

[Jamie growls]

Singer: Can come together

Jamie: Yeah.

Singer: Let him stay

[Music turns off]

Jamie: What is this? A bill from Bay City Hospital. So much for professional courtesy. A blood test for Steven last week? Why was this ordered? And why didnít I know about this?

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