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Amanda: My father is completely heartbroken.

Sam: That's got to hurt. First, he's got to deal with you being kidnapped, and then he has to hear about Iris.

Amanda: She's been lying to him since the day she came to Bay City. I canít believe her.

Sam: Take it easy, ok? Come on, bad things happen in bunches. Maybe this is the end of it.

Amanda: Where's Alli?

Sam: Mrs. Martin took her to the park.

Amanda: Well, I guess no use sitting around here brooding, then, right?

Sam: What, are you home for the afternoon?

Amanda: I'll get started on this right now.

Sam: Great, use the energy to get working. What are you working on now?

Amanda: As far as I'm concerned, Iris can leave town --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

Amanda: And not ever --

Sam: Hold it, hold it!

Amanda: What?

Sam: This is that video match article.

Amanda: Yeah, right.

Sam: You're not going to finish that article, are you?

Felicia: Well, I thought there were going to be other witnesses first.

Cass: There were.

Mitch: Evan was supposed to testify, wasn't he?

Stacey: Yes, but he's in the hospital.

Felicia: But he's due out in a few days.

Cass: I donít want to ask for an adjournment, not even for one day. Iris' testimony really -- it got the jury thinking and we're on a roll.

Felicia: And we need to keep it going.

Cass: That's right.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: So, we're going to have you take the stand next, let you tell your story, and then we'll play our trump.

Mitch: Derek.

Cass: Right. So what do you say?


Nicole: You know what is so disgusting?

Zack: What?

Nicole: They act as if -- as if this is all just some kind of a game. Look at them laughing and joking.

Zack: Yeah, it does get like a zoo around here sometimes.

Nicole: Feliciaís life is on the line in there.

Zack: Look, and we are going to get her through it.

Nicole: I'm sorry. Cass warned me it would be this way. I shouldnít let it get to me.

Zack: Come on, look on the bright side. I mean, Cass may have turned the jury with Iris' testimony.

Nicole: You really think so?

Zack: Yeah, and pretty soon, we're going to have Derek on the stand and he's going to prove that Felicia didnít kill Jason.

Nicole: I hope. God, I hope.

Zack: Me, too. Come on.

Guard: Hey, fella? You. Donít stand in front of the elevator. Did you hear me? Move.

Amanda: Sam, it's going to be a great article.

Sam: Oh, right. So after everything you've been through, you're just going to jump right back into the middle of that mess?

Amanda: Why wouldnít I?

Sam: Because I donít want you meeting any more jerks like Dustin Trent!

Amanda: Look, my research is almost done. And that -- that was a fluke.

Sam: Oh -- that's what you call it -- a fluke?

Amanda: Look, Dustin would've found me anyway, even if I weren't doing the article on video match. He came to Bay City because he saw my picture in the paper last summer, remember?

Sam: Great. So you're going to just publish that article and tell everybody that video match is a front for a call girl service?

Amanda: Yes. I want to warn people so that they donít use other services like that.

Sam: Why you?

Amanda: Because I'm already on the inside.

Sam: Oh, that's marvelous.

Amanda: I want people to realize how dangerous it is to go out with people they donít even know.

Sam: So you agree that it's dangerous -- good. That settles it.

Amanda: Sam, stop. Sam?

Sam: The best thing to do with this article is to tell the cops what video match is and then let it drop.

Amanda: Look, I donít want to fight with you, but I will if I have to. I am going to do this article.

Sam: How long is it going to take until you disappear again? Look, do you really think that Auntie Rose is going to take this laying down?

Amanda: I donít care what she does.

Sam: Do you know what I think? I think you care more about that journalism award than you do about me or Alli!

Amanda: That's not fair.

Sam: Lady, you were almost killed because of this article! I'm not going to allow that!

Amanda: That's not your decision.

Sam: Fine! So you're just going to go off, you're going to do this article, and to hell with me and Alli?

Amanda: I'm not just going off. I am going to finish an article that I have already started.

Sam: Amazing. What about your father? How about how he feels? Are you going to make him worry about you, too?

Sam: Where you going? You come back here. We're not finished with this conversation yet.

Singer: Yeah all around in my hometown they trying to track me down they say they want

Ada: What do you want, Iris?

Iris: Well, lunch, of course. Oh, you're looking lovely as ever, Ada.

Ada: I donít know how you can show your face around here. Take it someplace else.

Iris: I suppose it's too much to ask you to show some understanding.

Ada: After what you did to Mac, you're history. Get out of here.

Iris: Fine. See you around, Ada.

Ada: Not if I see you first.

Singers: I shot the sheriff

Singer: The sheriff

Singers: But I swear it was in

Felicia: And Derek will be here later?

Stacey: Yes.

Felicia: Ok.

Mitch: Well, in the meantime, before things get started, why donít we go get you some lunch?

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: Good idea.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: See you soon.

Frankie: Hi.

Morgan: Miss Frame, hello.

Frankie: I have something you might want to hear.

Morgan: Oh, really?

Frankie: I told you I get results. If I make promises, I deliver.

Morgan: What have you found out?

Frankie: They seem to have some surprise witness out there, some guy named Derek?

Morgan: Derek? No, I donít have anything on anyone by that name. What's his last name?

Frankie: I donít know. Let me see what I can get out of Winthrop.

Morgan: I wouldnít expect to get much from Cass.

Frankie: I told you I get results.

Frankie: Do you know, you are better at this than I thought.

Cass: I'll assume that's a compliment.

Frankie: Yeah! You have a real killer instinct.

Cass: You ought to know.

Frankie: Well, there's only one small problem, though.

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: You're still going to lose.

Cass: Is that so?

Frankie: Mm-hmm. Now, come on. Just between the two of us, you donít really think you can pull this thing off, can you?

Cass: Let me tell you something, just between the two of us -- by the end of the day, I will prove my client innocent. Now, how is that -- confident enough for you?

Frankie: Now, how do you expect to do that? You canít prove her innocent unless -- maybe you've got an eyewitness, hmm? You have found the other strongman, haven't you?

Cass: No comment. Excuse me.

Stacey: Ugh, great.

Cass: Where the hell is Derek? He's supposed to be here by now.

Stacey: I'm going to go out. I'll check in the hallway again.

Cass: You have to find him, Stacey. Everything is riding on this guy, everything.

Stacey: Yeah, I know. I'll find him.

Nicole: Those people just get to me, that's all. Stacey.

Stacey: Hi.

Zack: Hey, how's it going?

Stacey: You haven't seen a tall guy with longish hair, he probably looks like he's lost?

Nicole: No. Why?

Zack: Well, are you talking about Derek?

Stacey: Yeah! He should've been here by now.

Zack: Look --

Stacey: Besides, where'd all these people come from?

Zack: Well, the press is smelling something big. They're gearing up.

Nicole: Yeah, not to mention all the celebrity hounds who just canít wait to see Felicia on the stand.

Zack: Yeah, the D.A. called for extra cops to control the crowd.

Guard: Hey, you got business in this building? I asked you a question. Hey, hey, hey. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. See, I just feel that I've seen you before. Let me have some I.D. Hey, hey, hey. Did you hear what I said?

Stacey: Hey, Derek!

Guard: Let me have some I.D.

Stacey: Derek.

Guard: Hey, come on. Hold it!

Stacey: Hang on, I'm his attorney, it's all right.

Jake: Hi. Did Dr. Frame leave a message where he would be at?

Nurse: No, I'm sorry.

Jake: I'm having lunch with him.

Nurse: Oh, well, let me page him.

Jake: Thanks. Excuse me, Dr. Peterson?

Dr. Peterson: Yes?

Jake: I want to talk to you about the paternity test.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Jamie Frame --

Dr. Peterson: Mr. McKinnon, I released the results to both you and Mrs. Frame. There's really nothing to discuss.

Jake: Just one question. Could the test be wrong?

Dr. Peterson: I assure you there was no mistake. I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Jamie: Hey, Jake. I'm glad you could make it.

Jake: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.

Jake: No, no, donít worry about it. I just got here.

Jamie: Is everything ok?

Jake: Yeah. Are you sure you have time to have lunch?

Jamie: Of course I have time. We're brothers-in-law. We never get a chance to talk these days.

Jake: Yeah.

Jamie: Listen, I never really had a decent chance anyway to really say thank you.

Jake: Well, why?

Jamie: Well, Jake, if it wasn't for you, I might not have a son.

Rachel: Hi, Sam. You look disappointed.

Sam: I'm sorry. How's Mac?

Rachel: As well as can be expected. Look, I'm sorry if I interrupted your work. Go back to it. I'll take Amanda out to lunch.

Sam: You were supposed to meet Amanda here for lunch?

Rachel: Yeah, I think that's what we arranged.

Sam: She must've forgotten. She's not here.

Rachel: Where is she?

Sam: I donít know. I wish I did.

Rachel: What is it, Sam?

Sam: She went to go work on that article.

Rachel: What article? The video match article?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Rachel: Are you kidding me?

Sam: No. And you'd think after everything she'd been through, she'd appreciate somebody trying to look out after her.

Rachel: What on earth -- you guys argued and then she just took off?

Sam: Of course we argued. I donít want her doing the video match article.

Rachel: I donít want her doing it, either.

Sam: Well?

Rachel: Oh, she got stubborn on you.

Sam: Of course she got stubborn. I still think I'm right.

Rachel: Of course you're right.

Sam: Yeah! Yeah, but I shouldnít have yelled at her. Ugh. I shouldnít have driven her away.

Rachel: What on earth is she thinking of, after everything we've been through? Oh, what is she doing? Is she trying to work through what happened to her? She thinks that by writing this article --

Sam: Maybe she'll get it out of her system. I should've made her talk to me, Rachel. I shouldnít have yelled at her.

Rachel: Sam, you're only human. You love her. You were trying to protect her. Do we know where she is?

Sam: No.

Rachel: Oh -- fine. Then there's nothing we can do, right? We've just got to let her work it out and hope that she's all right.

Sam: I wish I knew what she was going through.

Rachel: I donít think anybody could understand unless they've been through it.

Amanda: I've come to say goodbye.

Evan: I know.

Amanda: I'm sorry that it has to hurt this way.

Evan: It's all right.

Amanda: You know that I'll always care about you very much. But I only love Sam.

Sam: We're going now. It's time we start over, a new life.

Evan: Ok. A new life.

Amanda: You know how much I love you, donít you?

Evan: You could tell me every day. Can you do that?

[Amanda giggles]

Evan: You ready to go?

Amanda: Yeah.


Iris: Have you told Amanda that you came to Bay City to help me? I want to see her hurt and crying and in pain just like you were when Rachel killed your mother.

Evan: Amanda, donít you listen to her. It's not true.

Iris: Tell her how you planned to make her pay?

Amanda: Evan, what is she saying?

Evan: Amanda, donít listen to her. Everything's changed. Now, I love you. I love you. Everything is different now.

Iris: Tell her the truth.

Amanda: It isnít true, is it?

Iris: It's true.

Evan: Amanda, please --

Amanda: Is it true?

Evan: No, Amanda, please.

Iris: Evan, tell her the truth. Tell her, tell her.

Amanda: Donít touch me.

Evan: Amanda? Amanda, it's not true. Amanda, it's not true. Stay --

Amandaís voice: No, it's not true. It canít be. Evan, how could you do this? No! Donít --

Amanda: Evan? Hi. I didnít mean to wake you. I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Nicole: Leave me alone.

Man: All I need are a couple of things that I can use.

Nicole: Oh, yeah? Well, use this -- I have nothing to say to you.

Man: But you spend the night with him every night, donít you?

Nicole: You get away from me.

Man: If Felicia Gallant didnít kill Jason Frame, who did?

Nicole: I said to leave me alone. I wonít talk to you. I wonít talk to any of you.

Cass: Hey, you heard the lady. Get out of here.

Nicole: He just wouldnít stop. He followed me everywhere I went.

Cass: It's ok. He's gone.

Nicole: All right, I know. I'm fine.

Cass: You're shaking, honey.

Nicole: I'm sorry. Oh, I'll be fine, I'm fine.

Cass: You shouldnít have come today.

Nicole: No, Cass, I wanted to. I wanted to come.

Cass: Sometimes I just donít think. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Nicole: What do you have to be sorry about?

Cass: Well, sometimes I forget how difficult this process is for other people. And when I'm under a lot of pressure, I'm not the usual --

Nicole: Cass, I'll be fine. I just never expected it to go on this long. It started out as a simple accident and then -- well, now, look what a nightmare it is.

Cass: Listen, I want you to do something for me. I want you to promise me something after you sit down that you'll do something.

Nicole: What?

Cass: Think about our wedding. It'll be right after the trial and it'll be the most beautiful wedding anybody has ever seen with the most beautiful bride. Ok?

Nicole: Ok.

Cass: Think about that? Sit down.

Frankie: All I could get was that they think they've got an eyewitness.

Morgan: The strongman? The one Felicia keeps insisting was there?

Frankie: Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, he's probably going to claim he saw the whole thing.

Morgan: That could blow this whole case right out of the water.

Bailiff: All rise. Court is now in session.

Judge: Be seated, please.

Cass: Where the hell is Stacey? She was supposed to be here with Derek.

Zack: I'll take a look, ok?

Cass: Please do.

Felicia: Cass, before I go up there, I want to make something very clear -- I donít want Derek to take --

Judge: Is the defense ready to proceed?

Cass: We are, your honor.

Felicia: Cass, I donít want Derek to take any chances to help me. Is it really necessary that we put him on the stand?

Judge: Very well. Call your next witness.

Cass: Uh -- thank you, your honor. The defense calls Felicia Gallant.

[Gallery murmurs]

Bailiff: Raise your right hand, please. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Felicia: I do.

Evan: Hi. Your -- your flowers came this morning.

Amanda: Oh, good. I was hoping they would take the gloom out of this place.

Evan: It's my fault that I'm back in here. I should've listened to Jamie in the first place.

Amanda: True. But at least now, my brother says that you're doing very well despite the fact that I had you out at a dinner when you should've been back here resting.

Evan: Oh, I think I was there because I wanted to be.

Amanda: Yeah, but I should've insisted that you come back.

Evan: Amanda, you're not my keeper.

Amanda: I know. But I can still care about what happens to you.

Evan: Well, I appreciate that.

Amanda: Good. Well, I'm glad we appreciate each other. Here, smell this. Smell great?

Evan: Mmm.

Amanda: Look, the very last thing that I want to hear is that you've gone and released yourself again, ok?

Evan: It's not a problem.

Amanda: Good. And when you do finally get released from here, I'm going to make sure that you have one hot meal a day.

Evan: That's not necessary.

Amanda: "Not necessary"? Hot meals are absolutely essential. It's the one thing that makes sick people better. Donít you know that? So I'm going to come by once a day and cook you a meal.

Evan: Amanda, that is not necessary. Just stop it.

Amanda: What?

Evan: You've got a husband and you have a child. They need you. I donít need you coming here bothering with me.

Amanda: It's no bother. Come on, it's the least I can do.

Evan: I said I donít want you coming by.

Amanda: Evan, what's the matter?

Evan: Didnít Sam tell you what I told him?

Amanda: Yeah, but I didnít believe him.

Evan: Well, you should've. I do not want your gratitude.

Amanda: My gratitude?

Evan: Yes. You see, what we went through -- it was kind of frightening, and it brings people close, closer than they really are. But, see, it's over now. Why donít we go back and live in the real world? You thanked me. I donít need you to feel that you owe me anything. And frankly, I would feel better if I just didnít see you.

Amanda: Evan, I canít -- I canít understand --

Evan: Look, Amanda, I said end of subject. I donít want to talk about it.

Amanda: All right. All right, if that's -- if that's really the way you feel.

Evan: That's exactly how I feel.

Jake: Thank you.

Jamie: Thank you very much. Listen, Jake, we really donít have to eat here if you'd rather not.

Jake: No, this is fine.

Jamie: I mean, I wasn't even thinking about it when I made the reservations.

Jake: Well, actually, I -- I like sitting on this side of the bar for a change.

Jamie: Oh, do you? Good. You know, it's rare that I get out for lunch these days.

Jake: Yeah, you're always busy in the hospital, huh?

Jamie: Yeah, well, it's either that or I'm at home with my baby. Listen, I canít resist -- I've got to show you this. Check that out.

Jake: Hey, there's the little killer.

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Is that something, or what?

Jake: Yeah.

Jamie: Look at those eyes. You know, there's something I keep trying to get. It's that little look he has on his face, you know, right when -- right before he goes to sleep? There's just something there that you canít quite -- Jake, I'm sorry.

Jake: What?

Jamie: Well, I could go on and on and on about --

Jake: No, hey, it's -- I love hearing about him, I really do. I love hearing about him.

Jamie: You know, it's really nice that you and Marley are -- are close to Steven, although -- well, sometimes I wonder, Jake, if Marley isnít identifying a little bit too much.

Jake: That's understandable.

Jamie: Is it?

Jake: Jamie, why donít you try reversing our positions?

Jamie: You mean if you and Marley had the baby and Vicky and I were the Godparents?

Jake: Yeah, you have to realize that for Marley and my -- just look -- it's like we're on the outside looking in, you know?

Cass: And this man who called you to a meeting in a church is the same man who presented himself to you that night in your restaurant?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: And both times you were frightened?

Felicia: Yes, I was terrified.

Cass: So naturally, when you saw him again dressed as the strongman the night of your party, you were frightened, as well.

Felicia: Yes. I was very frightened.

Cass: Ok. Now, let's go back to the gun Jason Frame gave you --

Morgan: Objection.

Cass: The gun that you say Jason Frame gave you.

Felicia: I didnít want the gun. He put it into my purse and I did keep it.

Cass: As protection?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Miss Gallant, is this the gun he gave you?

Felicia: It looks like it, yes.

Cass: Your honor, I would like to enter this gun as defense exhibit b and this box as defense exhibit c.

Judge: Proceed, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: This is the box that was found at Jason Frame's home. It was meant to hold two guns. Miss Gallant, will you take the box, please?

Felicia: Yes, of course.

Cass: And will you put this gun in that depression right there? Your honor, if I may, I would like to take people's exhibit a, the murder weapon, and I would like to ask Miss Gallant to place it in the box alongside the other weapon. That's fine.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: Thank you. As we all can see, they're matching guns. They're a perfect pair. Which one did my client fire on the night in question? This one. Which one killed Jason Frame? People's exhibit a, two different guns.

Morgan: Objection. Now, no one has ever said that the murder weapon was rare. I move to disallow, your honor. Defense could've gotten that second gun anywhere.

Cass: But that's it, your honor. We didnít get this second gun just anywhere. If the court will allow, I intend to show that it was obtained by the man who picked it up the night of the murder. Miss Gallant also fired a gun that night as she just testified. But the bullet from that gun did not strike Jason Frame. Zack?

[Gallery gasps and laughs]

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, I do not want my courtroom turned into a circus.

Cass: I assure, your honor, I will not allow that to happen. But the bullet from her gun hit something different entirely, your honor.

Morgan: Objection!

Cass: And we have the report, the lab report, that will prove that. We will also present the man who removed Feliciaís gun from the scene and only came forward afterwards. He was, in fact, an eyewitness to the shooting. He was, in fact, the strongman.

[Gallery murmurs]

Cass: After his testimony, I think it will become quite clear that Felicia Gallant could not have killed Jason Frame.

[Gallery murmurs]

Stacey: Derek, wait!

Derek: What are you doing?

Stacey: I'm trying to get you to listen to me.

Derek: You canít come in here. This is a men's room.

Stacey: I can go anywhere I want to to get you to listen to me. I realize that this is not easy for you, ok? I know that the crowds and all the people out there and everything upsets you.

Derek: I just want to say my piece and get out, ok?

Stacey: I know that. But I also know the panic that you're feeling. I've felt it a number of times myself. Believe me. We need you and Felicia needs you. For one time, just this one day, you have to fight it. You canít give in to your fears. Can you do that?

Derek: I'm here, aren't I?

Stacey: You canít go into court like this. The jury isnít going to believe a word that you say! Derek, you have to be calm, confident, and positive about everything you saw that night and everything you did. Can you do that?

Jamie: Jake, the important thing is for you and Marley not to lose hope.

Jake: It's probably not going to happen, Jamie. The doctor is an expert.

Jamie: Oh, I know, I know, and I know the test results donít look good. But as much as I hate to admit this, doctors are not infallible. And tests can be wrong.

Jake: Yeah, they can mess the tests up.

Jamie: I mean, that same doctor was the one who thought you were infertile, right?

Jake: Right.

Jamie: I mean, they made a mistake. They had somehow mislabeled your specimen with another patient's, right?

Jake: Yeah, the tests can be wrong.

Vicky: Well, this test was totally unnecessary. After thinking things through clearly last night, I know this baby is Jamieís.

Jake: Oh, right, and I'm sorry. You have never doubted that for a minute, right?

Vicky: I donít doubt it now.

Jamie: And, Jake, there are new drugs coming out on the market every year. And both you and Marley are very young. Those are all things in your favor. Jake? Jake.

Jake: Right, I hear you.

Jamie: Listen, you asked me a while ago how I'd feel if our positions were reversed. Well, I can tell you one thing. Neither Vicky or I would ever give up.

Jake: Yeah, Vicky wouldnít give up. Until she gets what she wants.

Rachel: Have you been keeping up with the trial on the news since you've been here?

Evan: No.

Rachel: Then you haven't heard?

Evan: What's happened? What's the news?

Rachel: I know you and Iris worked very closely at Cory.

Evan: Yes.

Rachel: How well did you know Iris before you came to Bay City?

Evan: Rachel, what's all this about?

Rachel: Iris has admitted to being behind the takeover attempt at Cory this summer.

Evan: She what?

Rachel: Iris is the chief, Evan.

Evan: Are you kidding?

Rachel: No.

Evan: She said she worked --

Rachel: She's been lying ever since she arrived in Bay City.

Iris: Haven't you done enough damage, Rachel?

Cass: What do you mean, neither one of them is in the building?

Zack: We looked through all the corridors. No one's seen them.

Cass: But that's impossible. She went out to find him, and now she's --

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, this court is waiting.

Cass: Yes, your honor. Um -- I wonder if we might request a short recess, your honor. There seems to be a problem with one of our witnesses.

Judge: Mr. Winthrop, you've made this court a very long string of promises.

Cass: I know that, your honor.

Judge: And I've let you continue with this line of questioning on the proviso that you will eventually make your case clear.

Cass: And we will, your honor, but --

Judge: However, I will not tolerate delays. Now, if you wish to proceed, do so. Otherwise, I'll have to sustain the objection of the prosecution and disallow all this testimony about a second gun.

Cass: Yes, sir. Miss Gallant, the night of the shooting, when you went into the hall of mirrors, was Jason Frame -- did you know that Jason Frame was there?

Felicia: No, I didnít.

Cass: Did you have any reason to want to kill him?

Felicia: No, none.

Cass: Were you even angry with him for any reason?

Felicia: No, I wasn't.

Cass: What happened exactly?

Felicia: I went into the hall of mirrors, really to just get away from the noise at the party. I was feeling tense. There were lots of flashbulbs going off, and -- and balloons popping. And there were people everywhere. I really wanted to go in just to be by myself for just a few minutes.

Stacey: Ok, are you sure you're all right?

Derek: Yes.

Stacey: Look, I know this is going to be rough for you. But I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that you come through this ok.

Derek: I know.

Stacey: Ok, I'll be right -- I'll be right back.

Derek: Ok. Hey, where are you going?

Stacey: Well, I donít want to blow it for Cass for when he's going to reveal you to the court. So I'm going to go in, find out from him when, and I'll be right back, ok?

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: Stay put.

Derek: All right.

Felicia: No, I didnít see anyone else. All I really heard were just the noises -- they were having a treasure hunt. And the treasure was to be inside one of the balloons. So --

Frankie: Hi. Are you Derek?

Derek: Yes.

Frankie: Hi, I'm Frankie. Uh -- Cass wants you around by the side entrance. Let's go.

Derek: Why?

Frankie: Why? What do you mean, why? Cass is the one who makes the rules around here, man, and the last thing you want to do is cross Cass.

Derek: Well, where's Stacey?

Frankie: Uh -- she's the one who sent me.

Iris: I said haven't you done enough?

Rachel: Any damage was done by you, Iris.

Iris: You forced me to tell my father something that nearly broke his heart!

Rachel: Why donít we go --?

Iris: I can still see the pain in his eyes. And now you're trying to destroy every friendship I have!

Rachel: I donít have to do that. You did that yourself on the witness stand in front of half of Bay City.

Iris: I donít give a damn about Bay City! But I do care about my father!

Rachel: Oh, really? You care about him? That's why you tried to steal his company and destroy his family?

Iris: I was his family until you came along.

Rachel: That's terrific, Iris. Everything is everybody else's fault.

Iris: Listen, I donít have to listen to some self-righteous nobody accusing me of things I haven't done! You have never loved him! You only ever cared about his money! And perhaps one day, he'll realize that.

Jamie: What the hell is going on in here? I can hear you two all the way down the hallway.

Rachel: I'm sorry.

Jamie: Evan does not need this kind of commotion.

Rachel: Of course he doesn't. I'm sorry, Evan. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Evan: Thanks.

Jamie: Iris, I do not want Evan disturbed. Do you understand?

Iris: Me? I wouldnít dream of it.

Jamie: Good.

Evan: So you choked under pressure?

Derek: No.

Frankie: No? What do you mean, no? Cass is the one that makes the rules around here.

Derek: Stacey said to wait here.

Frankie: Yeah, but -- but she's part of the team, just like me.

Stacey: Excuse me, what are you doing?

Frankie: Me? Uh -- just being friendly. I'll see you.

Stacey: She is not part of the team.

Derek: I didnít think so.

Stacey: Donít even talk to her, all right?

Derek: No problem.

Stacey: You ok? Ok. Let's go in.

Derek: Ok.

Cass: How did you feel when you went into the hall of mirrors?

Felicia: At first, I -- I felt relieved. I was away from all the noise. And then I felt confusion for all the reflections in the mirrors.

Cass: And then what?

Felicia: Then I heard a voice.

Cass: From the party?

Felicia: No. No, I donít think so. It sounded like someone was very angry. And then I heard something else.

Cass: Can you describe it?

Felicia: It was more like a thud.

Cass: Like someone struggling or fighting?

Morgan: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Cass: What did it sound like?

Felicia: I donít know. I'm not really sure. All I know is it -- it was very frightening. So I turned to leave, and -- and that's when I saw him.

Cass: Whom did you see?

Felicia: The man that was dressed like the strongman.

Cass: And you recognized him as the same man who'd been following you?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: And you were frightened?

Felicia: Yes, very frightened. The man was half -- well, he -- he didnít have a shirt on. And he was carrying a mallet.

Cass: Was it a large mallet, the kind that you try to ring the bell when you test your strength?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: One moment, please, your honor?

Derek's voice: I'll tell them. I'll tell them the gun they found wasn't your gun. You'll go free.

Felicia: And what happens to you then?

Derek: Does it matter?

Felicia: I -- I mean, so many people have been hurt from this trial. John and Sharlene and my husband. I mean, they tell the truth, and it changes their lives.

Derek: Fanny, in my life, anything I know about kindness, I learned from you. I'll do anything you want. I donít care what happens to me.

Cass: So, are you ready? No doubts?

Derek: No.

Amanda: Mrs. Martin didnít bring Alli back yet?

Sam: No. So how was Auntie Rose?

Amanda: I didnít go there. I went to see Evan. He's better.

Sam: Great.

Amanda: I want to talk.

Sam: What?

Amanda: I love you. And I'm sorry that we fought.

Sam: So am I.

Amanda: I need you to understand something, though. Doing this article is very important to me. Otherwise, everything that I've gone through has been for nothing.

Sam: Is it that important?

Amanda: Maybe one more young woman will be more careful about who she goes out with. Maybe people like Auntie Rose wonít be able to get started as easily. Is that important?

Sam: Yes.

Amanda: So then you'll agree to let me do my article?

Sam: I agree that you should do what you think is right.

Amanda: Thanks. Thanks, Sam!

Sam: But I also think that this is not that important, and that I think it's damn dangerous.

Amanda: I knew I had a husband that would understand.

Sam: Fine, go ahead. Finish your article. But after this, no more investigative reporting.

Amanda: Ok, just a new opener, and I am going to be set to go. Ok.

Iris: Well, I donít know how she found it, my income tax form, but she found it -- with the name Bennett publishing right there in black and white. So, there I was.

Evan: The good old I.R.S.

Iris: It's not that funny, Evan.

Evan: I didnít say it was. So she made you tell Mac?

Iris: No. No, that was my choice. I thought if I -- if I told him myself, he might understand.

Evan: But he didnít?

Iris: No. He was so upset, he behaved as if I'd killed somebody.

Evan: Well, Iris, what did you expect?

Iris: I donít know. Well, maybe if he'd started yelling and shouting, you know, he would have got over it.

Evan: Well, maybe he will, eventually.

Iris: No. Not this time. This time I donít think he'll get over it.

Evan: Well, I'm sure you'll bring him around sooner or later. You always do. But right now, I think you've got worse problems to worry about.

Iris: What are you talking about?

Evan: Cass Winthrop pointed a finger at you on the witness stand. Now, if he manages to get Felicia off, you are going to be a prime suspect in this murder case.

Iris: I donít see why.

Evan: Well, you'd better tell that to the cops when they come calling, little Iris.

Iris: [Southern accent] well, they could just as easily come calling at you, couldn't they?

[Normal voice] I mean, after all, we've got the same alibi -- haven't we? We were together.

Evan: One small problem here. Our alibis are lies. But just out of curiosity, did you kill Jason?

Iris: Why? Didnít you?

Cass: And what did you do?

Felicia: I tried to get away. I just didnít quite know where to run. His image seemed to be everywhere. It was doubled and tripled.

Cass: Everywhere you looked, you saw the strongman. So you took out the gun?

Felicia: Yes, I did. I only wanted to scare him. He kept coming closer to me, or it seemed that way. And -- and then, it did go off. And I really think that I shot at a mirror.

Cass: Were you trying to kill the strongman?

Felicia: No. I was only trying to frighten him. He -- I was trying to keep him away from me.

Cass: Were you trying to kill Jason Frame?

Felicia: No. I didnít even know that Jason was there.

Cass: So after the gun went off and the mirror shattered, what happened?

Felicia: Jasonís body came through the glass at my feet. He was dead. I donít -- I donít really know what happened next. I donít. I -- I fainted.

Cass: And at that moment, just before you fainted, you thought you had killed Jason Frame?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: You had no idea that the bullet from your gun had lodged in a carousel horse some 100 feet away?

Morgan: Your honor --

Cass: For all you know, Jason Frame was fighting with someone behind the mirror.

Felicia: Yes. It's possible.

Morgan: Your honor --

Cass: And that someone could have taken the gun that Jason carried for protection -- the gun that matched yours exactly -- and fired at point-blank range.

Morgan: Your honor, please.

Judge: Sustained. Let's stick to what the witness knows, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Yes, sir. All right, Felicia. So far, all we have is your word that this is the way it happened. But isnít there someone who was there that night who can corroborate everything that you're telling us?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: And who might that be?

Felicia: The strongman.

Cass: The man that followed you into the hall of mirrors?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: He saw you as clearly as you saw him, isnít that right?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: He knows that you shot from several feet away, not at close range, as the prosecution contends. Am I right?

Derek's voice: I'll do anything you want. I donít care what happens to me.

Felicia: I'm -- I'm sorry -- uh --

Cass: Am I right, Felicia?

Felicia: Yes, yes, you are.

Cass: And as you look around the court, do you see that man sitting here? Miss Gallant, do you see that man sitting here in the court today?

Felicia: No.

Cass: Sir, would you stand up, please? Thank you. Felicia, is this the man?

Felicia: No, it is not the same man.

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