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Another World Transcript Tuesday 4/5/05

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Mac: You could never say anything to make me hate you, Iris.

Iris: I'd like to think that that was true.

Amanda: Maybe the rest of us should get out of here.

Iris: Oh, Amanda, I'm sorry. I didnít even say how glad I am to know that you're all right.

Amanda: Well, I have Evan and Sam to thank for that.

Iris: Yes. Well, of course, if I'd have known what that video assignment would've led to --

Rachel: You would've done what, Iris?

Iris: I would never have permitted it, of course.

Mac: Iris? Are you so upset about tomorrow?

Iris: Tomorrow?

Amanda: Feliciaís trial. You have to be there, right?

Iris: Oh. Yes, right.

Amanda: Well, I have to be there, too. If you want, I can wait and go down with you and make you feel better.

Iris: Why would you do that?

Amanda: Why wouldnít I? You're my sister.

Sam: Iris, we'll do everything we can.

Iris: Yes, of course. Thank you. Thank you, both -- very much. I -- Daddy, look, what I have to say can wait. This is Amandaís night.

Amanda: Oh, no, no, really. Daddy and I have the rest of our lives together. Go ahead. Right?

Mac: Right.

Rachel: Now would be a good time, donít you think?

Iris: Yes, of course.

Mac: Then let's go in the library, darling. We'll be right back. Save a toast for me.

Sam: Who else would dare in this house?

Mac: Come on, darling.

Rachel: The last thing in the world I want to do is to do this now.

Iris: Then why are you forcing me to do it?

Rachel: Because Mac has got to know the truth about you before this whole town knows.

Iris: The whole town?

Rachel: Donna Hudson knows, Cass knows. You're going on the witness stand tomorrow. All of it will come out then.

Iris: Rachel, I canít do it!

Rachel: Listen to me. The last thing in the world I want to do is to cause him the kind of pain you're going to cause him right now. But, Iris, you're going on the witness stand. You've got to. You donít have any choice.

Reuben: And there's a whole lot of noise outside because of the bums in the alley.

Josie: I donít care, I donít care!

Reuben: You canít get to sleep until they pass out.

Josie: I donít care.

Reuben: Whew. Why donít you just go home, farm girl? You're not going to make it out here.

Josie: You do.

Reuben: Well, I ain't you.

Josie: Reuben, I'm fine, really. I mean, this place isnít so bad.

Reuben: It ain't so bad? Have you seen the bathroom yet?

Josie: I'm fine, ok? I'm fine. God, you know, it's -- it's time I took care of myself. I've never done anything on my own before.

Reuben: All right. All right, fine. Just donít come crying to me every five minutes something goes wrong.

Josie: Fine!

Reuben: Fine.

Josie: Fine!

Reuben: Fine!

Josie: Reuben. Look, I know you feel guilty.

Reuben: Josie, why should I feel guilty? I didnít make you move here.

Josie: No, but -- but you did show me my birth certificate.

Reuben: Josie, I thought you knew about that father --

Josie: It's ok.

Reuben: I really didnít --

Josie: It doesn't matter. I'm letting you off the hook.

Reuben: I just figured your old lady would've told you something about that.

Josie: Yeah. Me, too. Come on. So, anyway, I'm letting you off the hook, no strings attached. Come on.

Reuben: Ok, good, because I donít like owing nobody nothing.

Josie: Fine. You can go now, Reuben.

Reuben: All right, all right. Do you know how to lock this?

Josie: God -- you know, I think I can figure it out.

Reuben: All right, because I heard about you farm girls -- you like to sleep with the windows wide open and the doors unlocked.

Josie: This place looks pretty safe to me.

Reuben: This place is a dump and it's filled with lowlifes.

Josie: Yeah? Like you?

Reuben: Oh, you're so funny. A-ha!

Josie: Reuben, I really want to be alone, all right?

Reuben: All right. All right, I'm going. Just make sure you lock it, all right?

Josie: I will. I will, I will, I will.

Reuben: Will you lock it?

Josie: Oh.

Reuben: Donít come out at night, neither.

[Phone rings]

Sharlene: Josie?

Reuben: Uh, no.

Sharlene: Who is this?

Reuben: Look, I'm a friend, sort of, all right?

Sharlene: I donít know you.

Reuben: Well, I know your daughter, ok?

Sharlene: What's wrong with her?

Reuben: Nothing. There's nothing wrong with her yet.

Sharlene: Well, who is this?

Reuben: Donít worry about that, but just come down to 321 Market Street, ok?

Sharlene: No, wait --

Reuben: It's a boarding house.

Sharlene: How do you know that she's there?

Reuben: Donít worry about that. Just get down here before something happens to her, all right?

Sharlene: Donít --

[Dial tone]

Felicia: What do you mean, "Everything"?

Derek: All of it.

Felicia: I donít know how much more there is to tell. I mean, there was the night in the hall of mirrors. You were there, I shot. You saw what happened.

Derek: No, I mean before that night.

Felicia: Before that night, there -- there was the chapel. You said you didnít mean to frighten me, but you did.

Derek: I thought you knew.

Felicia: Knew what?

Derek: Who I was.

Felicia: I donít. I'm sorry. I keep telling you that.

Derek: It's been so long, but I thought you'd remember.

Felicia: Look, I donít know what it is you're trying to say to me. There was the chapel and there were -- there was Tops and then there was that night at the party. That's the only time I remember seeing you.

Derek: There was another party, Fanny.

Felicia: What do you mean, another party?

Derek: And another death. Reverend Grady. You called him Noah.

Felicia: How do you know about that night?

Derek: I was there.

Felicia: No, you were not there. No one was there. I was alone with Noah when it happened --

Derek: Fanny, please.

Felicia: And stop calling me that.

Derek: Look. Do you remember now?

Felicia: My God. What do you want from me?

Derek: It was over 20 years ago, the night of reverend Grady's party.

Felicia: Please, what do you want?

Derek: I thought you'd remember me. I needed to speak with you again.

Felicia: Do you want money? Is that it?

Derek: Oh, Fanny!

Felicia: My God. Please!

Derek: You used to read to me from this book.

Felicia: "To Derek. May your life be filled with adventure. Love, Fanny."

Derek: You told me you got it from a secondhand bookstore.

Felicia: This is my handwriting. I --

Derek: I was one of the orphans.

Felicia: At the church? You were one of those kids? There were so many, I --

Derek: You used to read to us.

Felicia: I remember that, yes.

Derek: I loved adventure books. You bought me this one. You helped me learn how to read.

Felicia: What else did we do together?

Derek: Remember who walked you to school?

Felicia: You? You were that little boy?

Derek: Even then, I wasn't so little.

Felicia: Oh. You weren't, you weren't. You used to stay outside my apartment. You were waiting for me. Sometimes you slept under the stairwell.

Derek: You brought me extra food and he never knew.

Felicia: Noah?

Derek: Yeah.

Felicia: I remember you wouldnít stay with the other children. You always wanted to be alone.

Derek: Yeah, I wanted to be on my own.

Felicia: You were such a baby.

Derek: Well, I knew how to take care of myself. I was 10 years old.

Felicia: Derek. Derek.

Derek: You always had such a pretty smile. And nobody could tell stories like you. I knew you were going to be a writer.

Felicia: Oh, Derek. Derek, I -- you were there the night that it happened?

Derek: I was sleeping in the stairwell. I heard you scream.

Felicia: What did you do?

Derek: Well, I -- I thought you were hurt. I -- I knew you had a baby coming.

Felicia: Yes.

Derek: And I went up the stairs and -- and I saw a cake on the table and -- and there was a pocket watch. It had your picture in it.

Felicia: And you took it?

Derek: Yeah.

Felicia: No, no, it's all right. You came in after Noah and I fought.

Derek: Yeah.

Felicia: He told me that I had to give up my baby and we struggled and I shoved him and he fell into the mirror.

Derek: Fanny --

Felicia: No, no, what you saw is I killed him, but --

Derek: No.

Felicia: He was dead -- no, that's what you saw.

Derek: That's not the way it happened, Fanny, not at all.

Sharlene: I swear to God when I get my hands on that girl, I am going to wring her neck. Of all the stupid, stupid things -- a boarding house in the middle of town. That is a bad section. She's never going to be able to take care of herself there. May I have my purse, please?

John: No.

Sharlene: John, May I have my purse --

John: No, you're going to have to listen to me first.

Sharlene: John, this is no time to be playing games. Please give me my purse.

John: Listen, you canít go after Josie right now.

Sharlene: Why not?

John: Because you're only going to embarrass her, she's going to become more angry than she is now, and both of you are going to say things that you donít mean.

Sharlene: Well, John, I canít just leave her there!

John: I'll go.

Sharlene: No, she's angry at you. What, you think she's going to listen to you?

John: I donít know if she will or not, but I'll try.

Sharlene: No, you see, you donít know.

John: I can try.

Sharlene: No! John --

John: Sharlene, just let me try. I'll go and I'll talk to her. I think I can make her understand a few things.

Sharlene: More than I can?

John: Sharlene, she's just not ready to listen to you.

Vivien: Bubbly?

Ada: Vivien, would you take Mr. Bates into the kitchen and get him a cold towel?

Vivien: I know what you mean. Two glasses of the stuff, I got a guaranteed headache.

Ada: Now, Vivien, ok?

Vivien: Here.

Ada: Thank you.

Vivien: Follow me, big buck.

[Evan groans]

Ada: You'd hear a lot better if you stood closer to the door.

Rachel: I donít want to hear this.

Ada: Well, you know it's nothing. Iris goes crying to Mac every time she breaks a fingernail.

Rachel: It's not nothing, not this time. I think it might be the end.

Ada: Of what?

Rachel: Mac and Iris.

Ada: You're kidding, right?

Rachel: I wish I were. There was a time when I would've loved to see Iris ruin her relationship with Mac, but not anymore.

Ada: Why not?

Rachel: He loves her. In spite of everything, he loves her. And after she tells him what she's telling him in there --

Ada: Well, what is she telling him?

Rachel: I'm not so sure he'll recover.

Mac: Iris, darling, I've never seen you like this, dear. You're trembling.

Iris: I rehearsed it at home, but the words just wonít come out.

Mac: Now, come on. You know you can tell me anything, Iris.

Iris: I canít --

Mac: You know that by now.

Iris: I canít lose you again, Daddy.

Mac: Maybe you should just say it to me. Donít worry about it. Just tell me, huh?

Iris: I donít think I have any choice.

Mac: Please, Iris? Now, come on, what is it?

Iris: I initiated it.

Mac: What, darling?

Iris: I --

Mac: Tell me, darling. You donít have to worry about it. I'm not going to get mad.

Iris: I was Bennett Publishing.

Mac: You -- you couldn't be Bennett Publishing, darling. You weren't even in the -

Iris: I was behind the takeover.

Mac: Iris, I donít know what you're talking about.

Iris: Daddy, I was the chief!

Mac: Iris? Iris, darling, I want you to listen to me. This man, the man that we call "the chief" -- sweetheart, you canít be him. He tried to ruin me. I donít know why you're saying this to me, but, Iris --

Iris: Because it's the truth.

Mac: Iris, you're my little girl that I have loved all of your life and I still love you and I always --

Iris: I know that.

Mac: But this man, this chief -- darling, while you were still living in England, he framed me for a murder, Iris.

Iris: And I'm sorry. That wasn't meant to happen.

Mac: Wasn't -- you mean -- you mean you knew about it when it was going on?

Iris: Oh, God, I am so sorry.

Mac: "Sorry"? Listen to me, Iris. You donít understand what you're talking about. Last summer was the most hellish time in my life, Iris. Listen to me. Not only did I almost lose the company I'd spent my life trying to -- trying to build up, but listen, darling, I was actually put in a cell, charged with murder. Now, sweetheart, you didnít have anything to do with that.

Iris: Things just got out of control.

Mac: "Things"? What -- what kind of things?

Iris: The murder charge.

Mac: You're not making any sense, Iris. I want you to just calm down. I donít know if this is some kind of joke or what you're doing here, but --

Iris: I wish it was.

Mac: Darling, this is not funny, I promise you, and I'm not going to listen to it -- now, wait -- sweetheart, I just want us -- I want us to go together back to the others, all right?

Iris: Daddy -- you have to listen to my reasons.

Mac: I donít care about your reasons, Iris. Iris, please. Please donít do this to me. Please, Iris. Please donít. Please.

Sharlene: You think she'll listen to you?

John: I can be a rather imposing person when I want to be.

Sharlene: Then you just try to make her see. Tell her that I love her. You tell her that this farm is her home and that I am the same woman I was before she knew you. Tell her she's my life. Just bring her home, please.

John: I'll do my best.

[Door closes]

Sharlene: Josie, Josie, Josie!

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: Matthew.

Matt: I saw John on the way out.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Matt: I asked him if Josie was home. He told me to talk to you.

Sharlene: She's not here, Matt.

Matt: I need to see her, Mrs. Watts.

Sharlene: So do I.

Matt: What do you mean?

Sharlene: Matt, she's left home. She -- she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.

Derek: You did not kill Noah.

Felicia: But I did. I remembered it finally after all these years. You said that you remembered it, too.

Derek: I do. I know the real story.

Felicia: What do you mean, "The real story"?

Derek: Sit. Please?

Felicia: Yes.

Derek: I'll tell you.

Felicia: Ok.

Derek: I heard you and Noah fighting. I heard it a lot, after you found out --

Felicia: After Noah found out I was pregnant, yes.

Derek: Yeah, and that's why I was always near your house. I wanted to make sure that there was somebody there who could take care of you. That night, it sounded worse than ever, but I knew I couldn't come in because Noah would throw me out.

Felicia: Right.

Derek: And then I heard you screaming. It was the most terrible sound in the world. So I ran in the room and you were lying on the floor and Noah, too, and broken glass everywhere.

Felicia: But, you see, that's what I was telling you. That's exactly what happened. I -- and I fainted after I killed him.

Derek: No!

Felicia: What?

Derek: Sorry.

Felicia: What else could it be, then?

Derek: I couldn't move. I thought you were both dead.

Felicia: You were only 10. You must have been so frightened.

Derek: I didnít know what to do.

Felicia: Did Abigail come into the room? I mean, did she see you?

Derek: No. Fanny, Noah wasn't dead. I stood there in the doorway frozen and he got up. He didnít see me yet, but he saw you lying there and he started to go towards you.

Felicia: He didnít die?

Derek: I donít know what happened before I got there. I thought he pushed you. I thought he was trying to kill you, Fanny.

Felicia: My God.

Derek: When I saw him standing over you, he looked so mad. He was trying to help you. I donít know what I was thinking. I ran at him. I pushed him away from you. I screamed at him. He raised his hand above my head and I saw he had a piece of glass. He brought it down at me.

Felicia: Your -- your face.

Derek: That's why I carry that night with me every second of my life. It's my reminder of how I almost lost you, Fanny.

Felicia: But you did lose me. I didnít see you after that.

Derek: I had to leave -- after what I did?

Felicia: Dear God, Derek, what did you do? Tell me.

Derek: He came at me again. I reached behind me, I grabbed a poker. I hit him as hard as I could. I didnít know what else to do. I thought he was going to kill us both. He fell backwards. He didnít get up again.

Felicia: Then it was you?

Derek: It wasn't you, Fanny. I killed your stepfather. Noah Grady is dead because I killed him.

Iris: When I left Bay City, I thought I'd lost you completely.

Mac: But I never said that, Iris.

Iris: But nothing made any sense if I wasn't your daughter, Iris Cory.

Mac: I told you then that made no difference to me. You're my daughter no matter what happens, Iris. I --

Iris: But it made a difference to me! I felt as if I'd lost the one thing that had kept me grounded all my life!

Mac: Iris, I'm not going to listen to any more of this.

Iris: Daddy, please! You have to listen!

Mac: We're both going to regret it for the rest of our lives!

Iris: Daddy, all I've ever wanted ever since I was a little girl was to please you, to make you happy.

Mac: Then how could you do what you said that you've done?

Iris: Because I wanted to do something for you. I wanted to do something grand. I wanted you to see that your life was so much better with me in it.

Mac: Iris, I died last summer when I was in that jail cell. I just thought I'd lost everything of value in my whole life.

Iris: And I would never have let that happen. I would've stopped them. I saved you, Daddy. Donít you see? I saved you.

Mac: Oh, my God. Oh, my God in heaven. What kind of monster have I raised and loved and cherished? Oh, God in heaven. I canít stand it.

[Knock on door]

Josie: Oh. What?

John: Next time you open that door, find out who's there first.

Josie: How'd you know where to find me?

John: Does it matter?

Josie: Look, I've got nothing to say to you.

John: Yeah, I figured you'd say that.

Josie: You're just wasting your time. And this is my place. If I want you to go, you have to go.

John: Josie, I came here because your mother is very worried about you and you're too angry to see things right now.

Josie: Oh, come on. Things seem pretty clear to me.

John: Shut the door.

John: Josie, I care about your mother. I care about her a great deal. In fact --

Josie: Donít bother. I -- I already know.

John: You know what?

Josie: I saw the deed to your boat in our kitchen one day.

John: When?

Josie: Right after Uncle -- it doesn't matter when. I saw it.

John: Well, so what? Your mother needed help.

Josie: "Help"? "Help"? She needed money, John, and we both know she knows where to get that.

John: Now, you wait a minute, Josie.

Josie: It's a nice little arrangement you two have, you know? She sleeps with you and you give her money.

Felicia: A little boy killed Noah.

Derek: I didnít mean to.

Felicia: You've been carrying this around with you for all these years?

Derek: I was sure he was going to kill us both. I'll never forget the look in his eyes.

Felicia: And no one else knew this?

Derek: I thought you did.

Felicia: No.

Derek: Just before I took off, you were starting to come to. You were moaning and your eyes were opening. I started running and I didnít stop, not for a long, long time.

Felicia: Well, I guess we've both been running, then, haven't we?

Derek: I'm used to it now.

Felicia: What have you been doing? I mean, how do you live?

Derek: Like I did then. I have to.

Felicia: Because of one night?

Derek: No one would believe me. They'd lock me up for life.

Felicia: But, Derek, you were just 10.

Derek: It wouldnít matter. I scare people. Sometimes I donít mean to. You wouldnít understand that. You never scared anybody.

Felicia: And you came back here because you saw the articles on my life? You thought that I knew about them and that I would tell them? Is that -- that's what you meant, isnít it, when you said "keep our secret"?

Derek: I thought you knew. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry you thought it was you.

Felicia: Derek, let me help you.

Derek: You canít.

Felicia: Yes, I can, and people will believe you now.

Derek: Do they believe you?

Felicia: Sometimes the truth gets twisted. That's all.

Derek: I try to help you and it all gets turned around.

Felicia: The gun that I fired -- you took that gun?

Derek: Yeah, I'll tell them. I'll tell them the gun they found wasn't your gun. You'll go free.

Felicia: And what happens to you then?

Derek: Does it matter?

Felicia: I mean, so many people have been hurt from this trial -- John and Sharlene and my husband. I mean, they tell the truth and it changes their lives.

Derek: Fanny, in my life, anything I know about kindness I learned from you. I'll do anything you want. I donít care what happens to me.

John: I donít expect you to know what kind of a person I am, but I would think that you would know your mother.

Josie: She was a hooker, John.

John: Was, Josie. She made a mistake years ago when she was young and desperate, long before she had you.

Josie: Maybe.

John: You're just not going to let her off the hook, are you?

Josie: Well, what am I supposed to do, just forget about it?

John: Well, I guess it's hard finding out that someone like your mother isnít perfect.

Josie: Oh, now, that's a bit of an understatement, isnít it?

John: She took the stand to clear my name. She risked everything for me.

Josie: And I hope you two will be very happy together.

John: Now, you listen to me, Josie. Cass tried to make me out as some kind of a psychopath. A lot of people in this town think that he succeeded, but your mother stepped forward. She stepped forward because she knew that what Cass was saying wasn't true!

Josie: I donít care!

John: If you need to be mad at somebody, be mad at me. I know what you're feeling.

Josie: You donít know anything about me.

John: Oh, but I do. You see, after Vietnam, I felt very betrayed just like you do now. I didnít want anything to do with anybody or anything, so I just dropped out. I spent 20 years living without my family because I was so incredibly bitter, and you know what it got me? It got me emptiness, emptiness and a lost chunk of time that I can never have back.

Josie: It's not the same.

John: It is the same, Josie. I let my mother think that I was dead all those years. I caused her grief that she just didnít deserve, and no matter what I do now, I can never, never fix that. Josie, donít make the same mistake.

Josie: Look, I'm not -- I'm not going with you. I'm not going home with you.

John: No. No, I didnít think so.

John: You know, Josie, there's a very special kind of love between a parent and a child. When you realize that, you'll come home on your own.

Rachel: Evan, Mac and I welcomed you into this house once before. I want you to know the offer still stands. You have a very special place in our hearts.

Sam: Speech.

Vivien: Yeah, speech.

Amanda and Ada: Speech.

Evan: There's so much I want to say to you, Rachel, especially to you.

Amanda: Evan, are you all right?

Sam: Why donít you sit down, man?

Evan: I should've -- I should've stopped this a long time ago. Ahem.

Rachel: Stopped what?

Evan: You've been so good to me right from the start. I just -- I donít know. I never thought --

Ada: Rachel, he really doesn't look well.

Rachel: I know.

Evan: I thought you'd be a bunch of snobs and a bunch of bores. And with all this money, it would really make you ruthless, but -- if -- ahem -- if you had, it would've made it -- ahem -- so much easier.

Amanda: Evan -- Evan!

Sam: Ok, watch his shoulder. Watch his shoulder.

Ada: We better call a doctor.

Vivien: Where's Mac?

Reuben: Who's that guy?

Josie: I thought we weren't going to bother each other anymore.

Reuben: I heard all this yelling coming from the place. That's another thing -- the walls are very thin around --

Josie: We may live in the same building, but I donít have to answer to anyone anymore, anyone. You got that?

Reuben: All right, all right, fine, I got that.

Josie: Fine. You deal with your life and I'll deal with mine.

Reuben: That's fine with me!

Reuben: Only it's my fault that you're here in the first place. You know, I donít want some farm girl's breakdown on my conscience. I got enough problems as it is right now.

Josie: Yeah. Yeah, you do. You got thugs waiting to break your kneecaps. Who is going to bother me?

Reuben: Oh, you just couldn't wait to say that, now, could you?

Josie: If I hadn't scared those guys off, you'd be in traction right now.

Reuben: You know, I donít need some kung fu farm girl to fight for me.

Josie: And that's another thing -- I am sick and tired of hearing you call me "farm girl".

Reuben: Well, isnít that what you is?

Josie: Look, Reuben, this -- this macho routine you got going, it's -- it's very unattractive.

Reuben: Now, what would you know about that?

Josie: Times have changed, Reuben. Women donít need men to get by anymore.

Reuben: Oh, do tell, Gloria Steinem.

Josie: I am not my mother. I'm not. And I'm not going to let anyone walk all over me, you got that?

Reuben: Ok, all right. All right, I'm going right now, all right?

Josie: Fine.

Reuben: Just donít call me every time you see a cockroach tonight, all right?

Josie: Cockroach?

Reuben: Yeah. Big, brown shiny things with wings on them.

Josie: I -- I can handle it. And cockroaches donít have wings.

Reuben: Oh, these do. Big ones, too. You know, if I were you, I would think about investing in a stun gun because bug repellent ain't going to do it.

Josie: You know, you're the only pest I have to worry about.

Reuben: Ok. All right. Well, sleep tight. Donít let the bedbugs bite. And will you please lock the door!

Josie: Ugh! God.

Felicia: You know, I really have some thinking to do. Do you think you could keep our secret for just a little longer?

Derek: Whatever you want, Fanny.

Felicia: You know, I'm -- I'm starting to remember more now.

Derek: About what?

Felicia: You used to wear a baseball cap, right? It was a Cubs' cap.

Derek: Yeah, I wore it all the time. I found it in the garbage bin.

Felicia: Right. It was filthy and you used to wear it really down low on your eyes.

Derek: And you used to say, "Derek, how can you see where you're going with that dirty old cap over your face?"

Felicia: Oh, right.

Derek: "If you donít watch out, you're going to wander in traffic one day if you're not more careful."

Felicia: I remember.

Derek: It's so good to talk to you, see you again. I haven't been able to talk about that night with anyone.

Felicia: Oh. You saved my life. Thank you.

Derek: Best thing I ever did.

Felicia: Look how you've had to live because of it.

Derek: I told you.

Felicia: And now you're willing to come forward about Jason even if it means --

Derek: Confessing to Noahís -- I'm ready, Fanny. I'd do anything for you.

Amanda: Didnít we have this the other way around just a few days ago?

Evan: You were the one that was sick.

Amanda: You should never have left the hospital so soon.

Evan: Well, I hate to miss a party.

Amanda: No more partying. They're bringing my father's car around. We're going to take you back to the hospital.

Evan: Ok.

Amanda: I'm going with you.

Evan: No.

Amanda: Somebody has to go with you.

Evan: No, I want you to stay here.

Amanda: Why wonít you let me help you?

Evan: Because I canít.

Amanda: You know, you're being a real pain about this.

Evan: There's Sam. Would you call him over here? I want to tell him something.

Amanda: Sam? Come here.

Evan: Could you leave us alone for a minute, please?

Amanda: I donít know why you're being so stubborn.

Evan: Come on. Ahem.

Evan: Um -- would you do me a favor?

Sam: What?

Evan: Donít let Amanda go back to the hospital with me tonight, and donít let her come visit me here.

Sam: Evan, I donít think Amandaís going to buy that.

Evan: Promise me.

Sam: Why?

Evan: Because she has to get on with her life and with you.

Sam: Ok, I'll tell her, but I really donít think that she's going to listen.

Evan: Make her listen.

Sam: Evan, Amanda feels responsible for what happened to you. She wants to help you.

Evan: Yeah, but I can do it on my own. I need to. Ok? I donít need any help.

Sam: All right. I'll tell her.

Iris: Daddy? Look at me, please.

Mac: I canít, Iris. Just go.

Iris: Look, I know it was a stupid thing to do. I just -- I wish I could take it all back.

Mac: Did it never occur to you to just come to me and tell me that you needed me?

Iris: Well, I didnít think that would work.

Mac: That's what it all boils down to, isnít it? What works for you, what gets you what you want.

Iris: I thought it was what you wanted, too. I mean, everything would've been all right if I hadn't had to tell you.

Mac: You frighten me, Iris. You really do. You donít know right from wrong, do you? Right is when you get what you want, wrong is when you donít.

Iris: Well, yes --

Mac: Iris, your whole life -- you see it like some giant chessboard. Everybody that comes into it is just a pawn for you to manipulate, darling, for you to -- to use to get your advantage and the terrible, terrible thing is you're not capable of caring how much you hurt anybody else in the process.

Iris: I care about you. I tried so hard to please you.

Mac: I think I understand now for the very first time what all the others went through.

Iris: Who? What others?

Mac: Well, Rachel. Well, all the people that have loved you in your life, the people whose love you could only see as a weapon to bludgeon them with all in the name of your great love. Iris, you donít know the meaning of the word "love." Iris, love is trust. You love no one but yourself.

Iris: Daddy, I loved you. Daddy? It's over. Canít we please just -- just, you know, go back to the beginning? Please? I needed you to know how much I loved you!

Mac: But I donít even know you.

Iris: Oh, Daddy, it's me. It's Iris! I'm your daughter. Donít hate. Donít hate that. Oh.

Mac: No, Iris. The daughter I knew, the daughter I loved -- she's dead, Iris. Dead. Dead.

Iris: No.

Singer: In my mind I've got it all figured out but the head it does not always rule the heart and I try to place him out of body and soul just when I thought I've made it his images start taking their toll on me I feel his memory haunting me time and again I feel weak because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I cry there you rest inside the walls of a flame hurts so bad I can almost feel your eyes calling out my name so out of body and soul you're everywhere I go illusion or reality I donít know I feel your memory haunting me time and again I feel weak because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I cry oh

Singer: Because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I oh, I yes, I cry because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I cry

Singer: Because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I oh, I yes, I cry because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: And I learn to get over you one more time because every time I see your picture

Singers: I cry

Singer: Oh, I cry

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