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Frankie: Mr. Winthrop?

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: I'm glad you're still here. I'd like to talk to you.

Cass: Oh, I'm afraid that'll have to wait.

Frankie: I've had my eye on you.

Cass: Oh, I'm very flattered, but I'm extremely busy right now.

Frankie: I'm not a lawyer groupie, and I'm certainly no fan of yours.

Cass: Like I said, I'm very busy.

Frankie: Who do you think you are? Clarence Darrow? Now, I am Frankie Frame. Jason was my Uncle. And from the way you've been trashing him, you'd think that he was on trial here and not your precious client.

Sharlene: You can leave now.

John: No, I'm staying.

Sharlene: No. You know, I want to be alone.

John: Oh. Why? So you can feel worse?

Sharlene: I donít want to burden you with how bad I feel.

John: Oh. Come on, Sharlene.

Sharlene: It isnít fair. John -- look, you have enough things to worry about.

John: I want to worry about you. Can you get that through your head? Will you stop trying to be so damned brave? Look at me. Look at me.

John: Talk to me.

Sharlene: They talked about him like he was -- he was this problem. He died, so they have to go through all this. God, he was -- he was a person, John. He was my brother.

Sharlene: Thanks for staying. Thanks for not listening to me.

John: Remind me never to listen to you from now on.

Sharlene: Just keep holding me, ok?

John: Today's over, sweetheart.

Sharlene: Yeah, but I donít know about tomorrow.

John: Oh. Couldn't be like today, right?

Sharlene: I donít know, I donít know because tomorrow -- tomorrow you're going to be up on that stand.

Iris: Josie, what are you doing here?

Josie: Hi, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: I thought you were at the trial.

Josie: Well, it's over for today.

Iris: Oh, I see. Well, how did it go?

Josie: Could've been worse. I mean, at least they didnít show pictures.

Iris: Oh, darling, I am so sorry.

Josie: It's ok. I'll get used to it. I have to.

Iris: Hey, well, you donít have to work today. You are going to go home.

Josie: No, Mrs. Wheeler, I want to work. I need to keep busy.

Iris: I mean, if it's the money, I'll pay you anyway.

Josie: No, it's not the money.

Iris: Oh, of course. I understand.

Josie: Thanks.

Iris: All right, well, you get to it.

Josie: Ok.

Michael: Iris.

Iris: Well. This is a surprise.

Michael: I want to talk to you.

Iris: Well, donít you want to welcome me home first?

Michael: I asked you to come home for Mac. After what you told Donna, what I want is to give you a plane ticket back.

Cass: Excuse me, Miss Frame.

Frankie: I'm going to offer my services to the D.A., make sure justice is done.

Cass: Well, that's very, very nice.

Frankie: I'm a private investigator, you know.

Cass: Are you serious? You're actually a private investigator?

Frankie: Do you want to see my license?

Cass: I'll bet the ink is still wet on it.

Frankie: Well, I'm just starting out. So what?

Cass: So goodbye.

Frankie: I used to do some investigation for track down.

Cass: Oh, yeah, I've heard of that outfit. They work out of shopping malls.

Frankie: What of it?

Cass: Stick to finding lost babies and apprehending petty shoplifters, ok, honey?

Frankie: Oh. Oh, we think we're so smart, donít we?

Cass: Yeah, that's right, we do.

Frankie: Well, your defense is full of holes.

Cass: I'll fill them.

Frankie: Yeah. And I know what with.

Rachel: Cass?

Cass: Oh, Rachel. Great, I was trying to get in touch with you.

Rachel: Mac and I would love for you to join us for dinner. Your office said you were here.

Cass: Well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to settle for a hamburger at my desk tonight, but thank you anyway. I did want to talk to you, though -- alone.

Frankie: Ooh, be my guest.

Cass: Outside?

Rachel: Yeah, sure.

Man: And I am getting a daily spot on the 6:00 news.

Second man: Well, try for the 11:00, too. This Gallant dame was a household name.

Man: Acting like she's so innocent. Eh.

Second man: The viewers are going to eat this up. "Famous author turns killer."

Cass: What? What did you say?

Stacey: Ok, soup kitchens, train and bus stations, the freight yards. What have I missed, Reuben?

Reuben: Not much, but you covered pretty much the whole city already.

Stacey: You haven't heard anything yet from your contacts?

Reuben: Nah. Nothing yet, but this -- this guy with the scar shows up, somebody will see him, because word's out on the street.

Stacey: Well, I appreciate the help.

Reuben: Oh, yeah? Well, thanks. You know this scar face, he's pretty good at hiding out.

Stacey: Uh-huh, yeah. Yeah, he is. Did you get me all the material that I need?

Reuben: You mean the law books, right?

Stacey: Uh-huh.

Reuben: There you go.

Stacey: Oh. We're going to be here all night.

[Reuben chuckles]

Reuben: Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are. Miss Stace, can I ask you something?

Stacey: Yeah, shoot.

Reuben: Do you think she's guilty?

Stacey: I know she isnít.

Reuben: Yeah? Yeah, me, too. You know, she -- she just seems like the type that if she would have plunked that guy, she would've probably stuck around just to take the rap.

Stacey: I agree with you.

Reuben: Yeah?

Stacey: It's going to take a lot of work to prove it.

Reuben: Yeah, but Winthrop, he's a pretty good lawyer, you know? He's going to do it. Watch.

Stacey: But if we just had Derek --

[Phone rings]

[Reuben sighs]

Reuben: Hello. Winthrop & Edwards. Ok, I'll take a message for him. He's not here. Uh-huh. Yes.

Derek: You're going to need something.

Stacey: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Iris: So, what did she say? What terrible things did Donna tell you about me?

Michael: Well, for starters, you told her we were engaged.

Iris: Well, that's the truth. You did ask me to marry you.

Michael: Look, you know I hadn't told her that yet.

Iris: Oh, Michael.

Michael: What's happened to you?

Iris: Apparently, your word doesn't mean very much. Or doesn't it count when you say things in the heat of passion, hmm? Oh, just like I thought.

Michael: Wait, wait. You stay away from Donna.

Iris: You think I'd seek her out for any reason unless it was a good one?

Michael: You keep your details to yourself. I donít want her hearing any more little secrets from you, all right?

Iris: That's fine. That's just fine. But do you know, I think perhaps your sweet, little Donna might have some secrets of her own.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Michael, did you lose your key again? Jake.

Jake: You alone?

Donna: This is a bad time.

Jake: Are you alone?

Donna: Yes, I am, but this is a bad time.

Jake: We have to talk.

Donna: Jake, please, I've had enough for one day.

Jake: This is about Steven.

Donna: I donít want to hear this.

Jake: Well, you're going to.

Donna: You get out of my home right now!

Jake: I think Steven is

Donna: I donít know what you're talking about.

Jake: Donít cover for her anymore, Donna! I have had enough!

Sharlene: Aren't you worried?

John: No, why? Should I be?

Sharlene: Cass is trying to make something out of anything at all.

John: I've got nothing to hide.

Sharlene: You did fight with Jason.

John: Yes, and I can explain why.

Sharlene: Well, do you think you're going to have to talk about Jason black-marketeering in Nam?

John: I didnít know anything about that, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Well, but if Cass tries to say that you did --

John: Sharlene, I did not kill Jason!

Sharlene: John, I know that. But Cass is obsessed.

John: Well, let him be obsessed! Look, Sharlene, this whole thing is going to be over soon. Let's just concentrate on the important things, ok?

Sharlene: So what are the important things?

John: Well, summertime is an important thing. This will all be behind us by then and we can have barbecues and we'll go and drink beer outside under the stars and --

Sharlene: Really?

[Knock on door]

John: We'll go to drive-in movies.

Sharlene: Ooh. Remember those. Hello, Russ.

Russ: Bad time?

Sharlene: No. No, come on in.

Russ: This being the first day of the trial, I thought you might want some company. But I see you already have company.

Cass: Responsible reporters must remain objective.

Reporter: Are you saying I'm irresponsible?

Cass: I donít want my client to be tried by the media.

Man: He's entitled to his opinion.

Cass: I'm not arguing that!

Man: So save the arguing for the judge and jury.

Reporter: Your client is going to need it.

Cass: Hey, your show is supposed to deliver the news, not distort it.

Rachel: Cass, leave it alone. They're not worth -- Cass?

Cass: You deserve to have your press passes revoked. You guys are a disgrace.

Reporter: And you're a jerk.

Cass: Oh -- I'm really getting tired of you bozos.

Reporter: Tired? You should've seen us during your opening statement.

Cass: Oh, the man is a comedian.

Reporter: No, no, no. What he's saying is that if that's the best you can do, we just hope that Felicia Gallant has no plans for the next 20 years.

Rachel: Cass, come on.

Cass: Hey.

Rachel: Cass?

Cass: Come on. Come on.

Rachel: Cass?

Frankie: Oh, damn! I got a run!

Michael: And just what are you insinuating?

Iris: Oh, surely you must know, since you and Donna are so close.

Michael: Why donít you say what you mean?

Iris: You know, I used to picture Donna all those years ago from your description as some sort of beautiful, fragile princess above reproach.

Michael: Get to the point.

Iris: You were always saying how hurt she'd been. Well, I've been hurt, Michael, and she did it.

Michael: How? How did she ever hurt you?

Iris: Oh, you mean she didnít tell you about the letter she wrote me?

Michael: What letter?

Iris: I didnít think she did. She wrote me a letter while I was in France.

Michael: So? What's wrong with that?

Iris: It was full of lies, and she signed your name -- not very well, I'm afraid.

Michael: My name?

Iris: Yes. It wasn't a very nice letter.

Michael: Well, she must have felt threatened.

Iris: Obviously.

Michael: She's very impulsive.

Iris: Doesn't that worry you? I mean, that she would do a thing like that?

Michael: Look, if I'd been honest with her from the start --

Iris: And when were you dishonest?

Michael: About you and me. If I'd have told her the truth, she would have had no reason then to retaliate.

Iris: What kind of rationale is that?

Michael: That's true.

Iris: Oh, for God's sake, Michael, stop it!

Michael: Stop what?

Iris: Stop deluding yourself.

Michael: What do you mean?

Iris: You know you didnít tell Donna, because you were frightened of the way she would behave if she thought she was losing ground!

Donna: If you donít leave, I'm going to start screaming.

Jake: No more yelling, no more threats from you.

Donna: I just want you to go.

Jake: I have to talk to you.

Donna: I donít want to hear what you have to say.

Jake: I am your son-in-law, for God's sake!

Donna: Well, you haven't been behaving like one!

Jake: No, you have never given me a chance!

Donna: Excuse me. Do you suddenly want a personal relationship with me now?

Jake: No, I think we should understand each other, though.

Donna: Why?

Jake: Well, I'll tell you, I've gone through a lot of changes since I found out that Stevenís blood type is the same as mine.

Donna: That is a coincidence.

Jake: No, that is what you want to believe.

Donna: I know that it is.

Jake: You know something? You're caught in the middle, just like me.

Donna: What do you mean?

Jake: Well, we both care about Marley and Vicky. I didnít mean for it to turn out like this.

Donna: I donít give a damn what you meant, Jake! You never once thought about how much you were going to hurt everybody! You never once thought about anything except your own needs!

Jake: I cannot believe you of all people do not understand this.

Donna: Understand what, that you're an insensitive, irresponsible --

Jake: You listen to me.

Donna: You let go of me.

Jake: I am not asking you to forgive what Vicky and I did.

Donna: Good.

Jake: I donít need your damn forgiveness.

Donna: Then do what you want.

Jake: I want your help.

Donna: Let go of me.

Jake: Not until you remember what it felt like to be deprived of your daughter.

Donna: That was entirely different.

Jake: Losing your child for all those years, having someone else care for her, love them. That is exactly what I am facing.

Donna: You donít know that that baby is yours.

Jake: No, no, you're right, I donít. And I told Vicky that I wouldnít push for a paternity test.

Donna: You did?

Jake: When I start to think about Steven, how do I let him go without a fight? You tell me how.

Russ: I just wondered if I could help.

Sharlene: Thank you.

John: Yes. Thank you, Russ, but we're doing just fine.

Russ: Are you?

Sharlene: Yes, yeah.

Russ: Well, if there's anything, anything at all --

John: She's fine.

Sharlene: John Ė

Frankie: Oh, what a day! Those damn reporters and that Cass Winthrop. I mean, who the hell does he think he is? Nobody talks to me that way. Is this really noticeable?

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: The run in my stockings. You pay 99 cents for them, they last a month. These, I paid six bucks for them, and look. Wait a minute. I know who you are.

Russ: You do?

Frankie: Russ Matthews, right?

Russ: Have we met?

Frankie: No, no. I just recognize you from a picture, my mom's family album? You and Sharlene at that party.

Sharlene: Frankie Frame, this is Russ Matthews. This is Emmaís oldest girl.

Russ: How is Emma?

Frankie: Oh, fit as a fiddle, same as always. You look exactly the same, I swear. I mean, men, right? I mean, let's face it, they just never age.

Sharlene: Frankie, we were right in the middle of a --

Frankie: Ooh, I am so sorry. I didnít mean to interrupt. I just need to borrow John for a minute. You donít mind, do you? I need to get the straight goods on this Winthrop fellow.

John: The straight goods?

Frankie: I read Raymond Chandler -- sue me. So, could we go? Excuse us for just a few minutes?

John: Frankie, look, I think it's more important that I stay here.

Sharlene: John, it's ok, because I'd like to talk to Russ.

Frankie: Personally, I donít trust the guy, and I mean, what gives him the right to talk to me that way, do you know? I mean --

Sharlene: Why did you come here?

Russ: I told you.

Sharlene: No. The real reason.

Russ: I was thinking about you.

Sharlene: Why?

Russ: This trial.

Sharlene: What about it?

Russ: Sharlene, this is me, remember? Now, I know you. You are a very private person. You hate for people to know things about you.

Sharlene: Like you did, you mean?

Russ: Listen, I have always felt very bad about that.

Sharlene: You?

Russ: Sharlene, when I found out, I didnít want it to change everything.

Sharlene: But it did and --

Russ: Does John know?

Sharlene: Why?

Russ: Well, I just wondered.

Sharlene: No, he doesn't know, no.

Russ: Oh, and do you really think that that's wise?

Sharlene: No -- well, Russ, I've never been known for my wisdom, really.

Russ: Sharlene, donít let him find out from somebody else.

Sharlene: Like you did?

Russ: Yes, yes, just like I did. And to this very day I can still remember the moment when Willis told me about it.

Sharlene: Donít, donít.

Russ: Oh, I know, it was all in your past, and the way I felt about you, what I knew about you was the real truth, but --

Sharlene: Stop it! Just --

Russ: Sharlene, donít make the same mistake with John.

Sharlene: Haven't I paid enough already? Do I have to relive that nightmare over and over again, first Willis, then Jason --

Russ: Wait a minute. Jason?

Sharlene: Why donít you just go, Russ, please?

Russ: No, no, Sharlene, Sharlene, was he threatening to tell John just as Willis told me?

Sharlene: Please, Russ, no, please, please, if you ever cared about me before, then just leave me in peace, all right?

Stacey: There's got to be something --

Cass: The thing is, I knew I was losing and I couldn't stop myself...

Rachel: No, they were baiting you.

Cass: And I took it, hook, line, and sinker.

Stacey: Hi, Rachel, hi.

Cass: Hello.

Rachel: Hi, Stacey.

Stacey: What did Cass do?

Rachel: Oh, well, there were these television reporters, and they were talking about Felicia.

Cass: And I went after them.

Reuben: Cass, you got to learn how to chill out, man.

Cass: This is true. This is very true. Rachel, I'd like you to meet Reuben Lawrence. He's our --

Reuben: Executive assistant. How you doing?

Cass: Yeah, that's right.

Rachel: Jesseís brother, right?

Reuben: Yeah.

Rachel: Hey, nice to meet you.

Cass: This is Mrs. Cory. Listen, would you two mind if we talked privately for a couple of minutes?

Reuben: Oh, perhaps we should confer in the outer office, huh?

Stacey: Oh. It's time you spring for the pizza.

Reuben: No, donít worry about Felicia, man. You're going to get her off, just like you got me off, right?

Cass: Hey, this isnít just magic, you know.

Reuben: All right, all right.

Cass: I'm sorry.

Reuben: That's all right, man. Look, I kind of like your hateful disposition, you know? It comes with the package.

Cass: Get out of here.

Stacey: Hey, donít worry about those reporters. You were terrific today.

Cass: Thanks, Stace. Listen, bring me back a slice, ok?

Stacey: Two

Cass: Ok.

Rachel: What?

Cass: Ok. I got a tip today, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

Rachel: Something that can help Felicia?

Cass: Something that might possibly link someone else to Jason and to blackmail.

Rachel: What is it?

Cass: You remember the chief?

Rachel: The chief? Of course, I remember the chief. He practically ruined our lives and the company. What? What do you have on him?

Cass: Well, I have reason to believe that the chief isnít a him, it's a her.

Rachel: A woman?

Cass: What if the chief were Iris?

Matt: I know the trial's upsetting you.

Josie: Cass is making my family sound awful.

Matt: Jason did have a dark side, Josie.

Josie: Because people didnít understand him, Matt, people like Cass and your --

Matt: My mom. Yeah. They didnít really get along too well, did they?

Josie: Yeah. Your mother, she hates me.

Matt: You are not your Uncle.

Josie: Matthew, if your mother held a grudge for that many years against my Uncle, she probably wonít forgive me for those parties until I'm a grandmother.

Matt: My mom is fair. She's cautious, but she's fair. All mothers are. It's part of their upbringing.

Josie: If we get married --

Matt: When. When we get married.

Josie: Oh, come on, Matt, your mother would probably block-tackle me on the way up the aisle.

Matt: She just wants us to wait.

Josie: Oh, it's not easy.

Matt: I know.

Josie: I just wish we could go away together.

Matt: That could be arranged.

Josie: No, it's just wishful thinking. Besides, my mom needs me.

Frankie: So how far would this guy go?

John: Cass is Feliciaís best friend.

Frankie: Well, are they doing it?

John: Are they what?

Frankie: Are they an item?

John: No, no. Cass is engaged to Nicole Love.

Frankie: Ah, yeah? Oh, I saw her. Oh, this Cass is a real social climber, huh?

John: No, I wouldnít say that.

Frankie: Well, he seems to have a lot of friends in high places.

John: There are a lot of people who like Cass. He's known to be intensely -- well, let's just say that he wouldnít back away from a risk, especially if it involved a friend.

Frankie: Yeah, well, if you ask me, he should have backed a little farther away from this Gallant dame.

John: He wouldnít do that.

Frankie: But he is going to mess up. You watch. And in the meantime, the creep owes me a pair of stockings. I mean, would you look at this. These are shot. They're going right down my leg.

John: Interesting.

Frankie: Yeah, well, anyway, I'm going to do some investigating on my own.

John: What kind of investigating?

Frankie: I donít know. Once I get started, you canít stop me.

John: Oh, I can imagine.

Frankie: Yeah, well, that Winthrop, he can grandstand all he wants, but I'm going to get the facts.

John: Good for you.

Frankie: And my Uncle may not have been much, but he didnít deserve to get bumped off, and I came to this town to avenge his death, and I'm not leaving until I accomplish that, John. You mark my words. You just mark my words.

John: I will, I will.

Russ: Tell Sharlene not to worry. I've upset her by coming here, but this will be the last time.

Frankie: Something tells me you donít believe a word of that.

Donna: I do know what you're going through.

Jake: Then you understand.

Donna: The feelings, yes, I know all about that. And you will, too.

Jake: What if I canít take it, Donna?

Donna: You have to take it! You promised Victoria. This is all your own fault, Jake.

Jake: Just like it was your fault when you had Marley and Vicky, just like it was your fault when they took one of them away from you and you had to pretend like the other one was your sister?

Donna: I was grateful that I could be with her at all, and I still felt the same feelings of pride and joy that a mother feels --

Jake: And she never knew!

Donna: But I did, and I was watching over her the whole time and loving her.

Jake: That's not the same thing, Donna. That's not the same thing.

Donna: Why? Because she couldn't call me "mummy"? Because I couldn't tell people that she was mine? It didnít mean that we loved each other any less.

Jake: It shouldnít have been that way, Donna!

Donna: No, it shouldnít have been, but it was! It was done so as not to cause a scandal, but it's different in your situation.

Jake: Oh, yeah, right. What are you trying to say?

Donna: Jake, if you pursue this, you will cause Marley irreparable damage.

Jake: That's what Vicky says.

Donna: Victoria's right. You're the baby's Godfather. You're the baby's Uncle. If by some remote chance you happen to be his father, you'll be nearby. You'll have a hand in raising him. And you will be protecting Marley.

Jake: I have thought about this a million times, and it always comes back to the same thing -- how can I stand by and do nothing?

Donna: You donít have any choice.

[Door slams]

Frankie: You ok?

Sharlene: Yeah. Where's John?

Frankie: Taking a walk. He said he needed to think about a few things.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I know what things.

Frankie: Hmm. Russ Matthews.

Sharlene: Yeah, he keeps showing up here, and I donít know why.

Frankie: Want a quick lecture on the birds and the bees?

Sharlene: No, it is not that. It's not that, not anymore. I donít know, I just think he wants to -- I think he wants to get a little of his own back. He just canít forget.

Frankie: What?

Sharlene: I'm sure that your mama has told you about my days in L.A.

Frankie: Yeah. So what?

Sharlene: Well, donít say "so what?" It's followed me around all of my life.

Frankie: You know, that is what really gets me. If a man did the same thing you did after his wife or lover died, everybody'd be saying, "great, let him get it out of his system."

Sharlene: You know, the first time I took money from someone, I went numb. And then I thought of the food that it could bye, the rent it could pay.

Frankie: Yeah. You did. But you know what? That's all over now, and you have a terrific guy and a beautiful daughter.

Sharlene: Vietnam is what brought John and I together. It nearly destroyed both our lives. You know that? So how can I tell him that while he was over there fighting, while he was over there risking his life, I was taking money from a bunch of boys stateside?

Frankie: You are telling it to yourself again.

Sharlene: I cannot let it ruin what we have. I canít do it. I canít do it. I wonít.

Frankie: Well, then --

Sharlene: We worked too hard for it, Frankie, I --

Frankie: Donít tell him. I mean, there is no law that says you have to tell everybody everything all the time, right?

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: The way I see things is, if it doesn't do any good to tell anybody something, just keep your mouth shut and enjoy yourself. Life is too short, right?

Sharlene: Right. How'd you get to be so smart, Frankie?

Frankie: I guess it comes from seeing a lot of people do a lot of strange things. And if there's one thing that teaches you, it's not to be a judge.

Sharlene: Bless your heart.

Frankie: Yeah. Well, you never know when you could be in the same place, right?

Sharlene: Uh-uh, hmm.

Michael: Well, does this mean you're not mad at me anymore?

Donna: Let's make a deal.

Michael: Hmm.

Donna: Let's forget about all of our mistakes.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Let's make all of that history and put it in the past.

Michael: Wait a minute. How come the change of heart here?

Donna: Canít I be a woman of mystery?

Michael: You can be anything you want.

Donna: I want to be yours right now.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: Come on.

Michael: Uh -- uh, wait just a second here.

Donna: What?

Michael: I have something I have to tell you.

Donna: What?

Michael: I went to see Iris.

Donna: You did?

Michael: Mm-hmm. I told her to lay off. I donít want her bothering you anymore.

Donna: You didnít have to tell me that.

Michael: I didnít?

Donna: No. I have a feeling that Iris is not going to be hurting us anymore, and I think we should concentrate on us.

Michael: Ok.

[Michael laughs]

Rachel: Iris? The chief?

Cass: Hard to believe, I know.

Rachel: Mac almost lost his company. And then there was all that stuff with Amanda. Mac almost went to jail!

Cass: I know. I kept trying to think why she might do it.

Rachel: My gosh. You just think about it for a few minutes, it makes perfect sense.

Cass: When she left Bay City and went to Texas, she and Mac weren't on very good terms, right?

Rachel: Wasn't on good terms with anybody.

Cass: So maybe she wanted to come back to town a hero.

Rachel: Her timing was so perfect, I kept wondering about that.

Cass: She set it all up so that Mac was on the verge of disaster, and all she had to do was ride in and ride to the rescue.

Rachel: Showing her undying devotion and her love.

Cass: And saving her daddy.

Rachel: And trying to push me out of the picture once again.

Cass: It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Rachel: I knew she was up to something! But this is pretty low. This is pretty low even for Iris.

Cass: Rachel, I need your help.

Rachel: Yeah? To do what?

Cass: Verify that she is the chief.

Rachel: You let me handle this.

Cass: By yourself?

Rachel: I will find out, believe me.

Cass: All right, and I'll try to find out what Jason knew.

Rachel: Cass --

Cass: What?

Rachel: I need a favor from you.

Cass: Ok. What?

Rachel: You canít use this information yet.

Cass: Why not?

Rachel: For Mac. This will devastate Mac.

Cass: You're not going to tell him?

Rachel: I have to know more. Please just keep it out of the courtroom, ok?

Cass: I'll be questioning Iris about Jason.

Rachel: I need time! It's for Mac. Please.

Cass: Well, I'll wait as long as I can, but I canít promise that --

Rachel: I've got to figure it out. He loves her. I'm not sure what this will do to him.

Cass: All right, I'll do what I can, and I'll do my best.

Rachel: Thank you. Man, I canít believe this. I didnít think she could surprise me anymore.

[Cass whistles]

Stacey: Whew. Rachel was in some hurry.

Cass: Yeah. I hope she's not making a big mistake. Ok, there, Reuben, we got work to do.

Reuben: Ok. Can I do it while I eat?

Cass: Where are those copies of the papers found in Jasonís safe?

[Reuben speaks unintelligibly]

Stacey: Hey --

Cass: And, Stacey, any word on Derek?

Stacey: A last name, maybe.

Cass: Well, that's good news. What is it?

Stacey: I think it's Derek Dane.

Reuben: It's Josieís birth certificate. This is weird.

Iris: Russell, we have got to stop meeting like this.

Russ: Did I tell you you look fantastic? I mean, you're more beautiful than I remember.

Iris: Oh, boy, am I going to enjoy having you around in town again.

Russ: Oh, and I never did thank you for recommending me for the job.

Iris: That was the easiest selling job I've ever done. Hey, did I tell you you've got another fan on the board?

Russ: Oh? Who?

Iris: Michael Hudson.

Russ: Ah, well, why donít the three of us sit down-- we'll have lunch, dinner, or something -- and you guys can fill me in on everything that's going on.

Iris: I'd be delighted.

Russ: Good, and that's enough of the chitchat. Now, come over here and give me the real lowdown.

Iris: On what?

Russ: Iris Wheeler, of course. I mean, she looks fantastic, but how is her life?

Iris: Busy.

Russ: Oh, yes, you're running "Brava" now.

Iris: Yep, I'm running that place and this place.

Russ: And no time to play?

Iris: Well, I still get out and around occasionally.

Russ: Anyone special?

Iris: Gee, you are still so nosy.

Russ: Ah, so there is someone special.

Iris: Yeah, he is special, but very elusive.

Russ: He doesn't stand a chance.

Iris: I hope not. So, how's Sharlene?

Russ: Oh, come on. Now, that is one heck of a segue.

Iris: Well? Have you seen her?

Russ: Yeah. We were civil, barely.

Iris: Yeah, well, she's been under a lot of strain lately with the trial. I donít know -- violence and scandal just seem to follow her around.

Russ: No, no, now, donít put it like that. She has had a lot of bad breaks, and she didnít deserve them.

Iris: Bad breaks, do you think, or mistakes?

Russ: Sharlene has had one bad break after another, Iris, and you know it.

Josie: Hi, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Hi.

Russ: Oh, hello.

Iris: Well, why donít you kiddie winks take the day off and have some fun.

Matt: Are you sure?

Iris: Absolutely. You just go and enjoy yourself. Josieís been under a lot of pressure with this trial.

Josie: Thanks, Mrs. Wheeler. Nice seeing you.

Russ: Yeah, see you.

Iris: Oh, they are in love.

Russ: You're up to something, Iris.

Iris: Moi?

Russ: Yeah. I mean, you know that Rachel is not very keen on Josie and Matt.

Iris: Well, you know, Rachel and I just donít see eye-to-eye on that.

Russ: Oh, you and Rachel donít see eye-to-eye? Some things never do change, do they, Iris?

Sharlene: You're back.

John: You weren't worried about me, were you?

Sharlene: No, Frankie told me you were out walking.

John: Getting a little restless.

Sharlene: So, you feel better now?

John: What did Russ want?

Sharlene: He just wanted to know about the trial. I think he just wanted to be a friend, I guess.

John: It's strange.

Sharlene: What is?

John: Here's this man that you were once married to, who's a pillar of the community, chief of staff at Bay City general, and --

Sharlene: So? What?

John: Here you are with me.

Sharlene: The finest man I have ever been lucky enough to know, and donít you forget it.

John: Well, I -- I just meant that --

Sharlene: No, I know what you meant, and I'm not going to listen to it. Why are you always selling yourself short?

John: I donít do that. Do I? Sometimes I get the feeling that whenever my life is going well, something is going to come along and mess things up.

Sharlene: I wonít let it. I promise, not this time.

Cass: "The defense calls John Hudson to the witness stand."

Stacey: Hmm? What?

Cass: Oh, nothing, I'm just thinking out loud. John Hudson. John Hudson. What could have happened?

[Carnival music plays]

Jason: We got to stop meeting like this.

John: I'm not finished with you, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, I'm finished with you, ok? We had our fight for the night, all right?

John: How could you? We were trying to end a war!

Jason: Back to Vietnam, huh?

John: You sold guns to the V.C., didnít you?

Jason: Hey, it was business. You understand that.

John: You are scum, Jason. No, you're worse than that. You're a traitor. How many men died because of you?

Jason: I know one who didnít -- you.

John: How could you be so damned indifferent?

Jason: Back off! Back -- John!


[Felicia screams]

Stacey: That's it, I've had it.

Cass: Did you say something?

Stacey: I've been at this computer and this phone all afternoon, and nothing. It's as if this guy Derek Dane doesn't even exist.

Judge: You are charged with being reckless --

Young Derek: No!

Officer: No talking!

Judge: Being homeless, stealing food!

Young Derek: I was going to pay!

Officer: Yeah? With what? He had no money on him, your honor.

Judge: Of course he didnít. He's a bad boy. He gets into fights. You love to fight, donít you, boy?

Young Derek: No!

Judge: Reform school is too good for you!

Young Derek: Please!

Officer: God help you.

Young Derek: Let me go! Let me go!

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