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Another World Transcript Monday 3/14/05

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[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Yeah, hold on! Uh, coming. Oh, I donít like that one.


Vicky: Oh, Jake, just in the nick of time.

Jake: What the hell is all the banging?

Vicky: Well, I'm trying to hang some pictures up.

Jake: Wait a minute, that's what is so important -- pictures?

Vicky: Well, yes, of course. I want to get them done before Jamie comes. See? Now --

Jake: Whoa.

Vicky: If I put up the pictures, it'll bring the whole place together, I think.

Jake: Vicky, you bring this place together any more and you're going to outshine the Coryís. This is amazing.

Vicky: Oh, well, I thought maybe we would get a chance to talk and listen to my new C.D. player. I got a new Elvis Costello tape. It's great.

Jake: Great. So, where's my Godson?

Vicky: Oh, well, last time I peaked -- yeah, he's still sleeping. Where's Marley?

Jake: She didnít come with me.

Vicky: Well, why not?

Jake: I donít know, she wasn't feeling good. Maybe she's coming down with a cold or something, you know?

Vicky: Oh, how strange. She didnít say anything to me this morning.

Jake: So this is the new place, huh? This is amazing.

Vicky: Oh, that's right. You haven't even seen it yet.

Jake: Well, just from outside.

Vicky: Yeah. Well, what do you think?

Jake: The lobby's nice. Where's the gift shop?

Vicky: Oh, shush! Oh, it's just --

Jake: You're going to tell me it's not that big, right?

Vicky: Yeah, it's --

Jake: So how many bedrooms, four?

Vicky: Five.

Jake: Five. Two baths?

Vicky: Three. Sure beats Lassiter, huh?

Jake: Yeah. So, where are the pictures?

Vicky: Oh, right over here. See, now, I thought if we could hang three pictures maybe up there, it would do the wall good.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Or one big one?

Vicky: Hold on. One big -- yeah, that would be ok. Hello? Hi -- no, I canít right now. Yes. Uh-huh. Yeah, well, I'll call you. Uh-huh. Bye.

Jake: Yo, Vick, what do you think?

Vicky: That was Marley, Jake. She wanted to know if Bridget could baby-sit, and Marley and I could go to a movie tonight?

Jake: Oh, yeah?

Vicky: Jake, you didnít tell her that I wanted you both to come over tonight. She doesn't even know you're here!

Jake: I know that.

Vicky: Well, would you please tell me what's going on?

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Just a minute, ok?

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Hi.

Sam: I need to talk to you about Amanda.

Andrews: Would you like some more?

Amanda: I'm not hungry.

Andrews: Well, you need to keep up your strength.

Amanda: I'd like something to drink.

Dustin: Andrews, get Mrs. Fowler a glass of wine.

Amanda: No, all I want is a glass of water. I'll get it myself.

Dustin: Sit down. Andrews? Please?

Andrews: Right away, Mr. Trent.

Dustin: All right, let's begin.

Amanda: Not now, please.

Dustin: Do as I say.

Amanda: Good evening, Dustin. How was your day?

Dustin: No.

Amanda: I'm trying.

Dustin: That's not good enough. You donít sound anything like Julia.

Amanda: What was wrong?

Dustin: Everything. For one thing, she always called me "darling." And for another, she would never say "good evening." It's much too formal.

Amanda: I'm doing the best that I can!

Dustin: Well, you're not doing good enough. Now, we'll try it again until you get it right!

Evan: Amanda, where are you? Where the heck are you, Amanda?

Felicia: Thank you, Carl.

Cass: What are you doing here?

Felicia: I'm working -- and I'm looking at this.

Cass: I went by your suite. I couldn't believe there was no answer.

Felicia: Honey, I left word with the concierge that I was going to be up here.

Cass: What can you possibly be thinking?

Felicia: I cannot keep hiding in the suite! I mean, I own this place, and I am going to run it -- in spite of the stares and the whispers.

Cass: Honey, listen to me. You're getting more than just stares and whispers --

Felicia: I know that.

Cass: And you know that. Yes, you do.

Felicia: I can handle it. So, I suppose there's nothing new?

Cass: No, not really.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: The lab is still analyzing the carousel horse, but we're working around-the-clock.

Felicia: I know you are. Have I told you lately you're wonderful?

Cass: No, tell me.

Felicia: You're wonderful.

Cass: Thank you so much. How about you? Any luck remembering who Derek is?

Felicia: No. I mean, maybe he went under a different name? I mean, that's possible, isnít it?

Cass: I'll try to pry it out of Stacey, ok?

Stacey: Hey, we found it -- Jasonís other gun!

Felicia and Cass: What?

Stacey: We found it!

Felicia: Oh, honey, that's wonderful!

Cass: Way to go, Stace!

Stacey: Yeah, I thought we had blown it. I thought it was long gone.

Cass: Me, too. Where is it?

Stacey: What?

Cass: The gun? Where is it?

Stacey: Well, I donít have it.

Cass: But you just said --

Stacey: Oops. Sorry. No, it's not with me. It's not on my possession right now.

Cass: It's not --

Stacey: But I will have it within an hour.

Cass: Where is it?

Stacey: It's with Derek. I left it with him.

Cass: Would you mind telling me why?

Stacey: Well, he's the one who's tracked it down. He's keeping it safe while I type up a statement. Is that all right?

Cass: I guess it's going to have to be all right.

Stacey: So, have you worked on who Derek is?

Cass: She doesn't remember.

Felicia: I wish I could, no.

Cass: What has he told you about Fanny?

Stacey: Nothing. He wonít mention a word about his connection with you.

Cass: Why not? What's he hiding?

Stacey: But he found the gun, right? So --

Cass: Well, he's going to have to talk once we put him on the witness stand.

Stacey: No.

Cass: What do you mean, no?

Stacey: I mean, I promised him that he doesn't have to testify publicly.

Cass: What the hell kind of a promise was that?

Stacey: I gave him my word, Cass.

Cass: So, how are we going to get him to testify that he took the gun after Felicia fainted?

Stacey: He promised that he would sign a statement telling exactly what had happened.

Cass: We need more than a statement. The jury has to see the guy.

Stacey: No witness stand.

Felicia: I am willing to meet with him, Stacey.

Stacey: I'm afraid not, Felicia.

Felicia: Why? I mean, he could tell me his connection with me and with Noah.

Stacey: No. Maybe later, but not now. He wonít say a word. You've got to trust me on this.

Cass: What is his problem, Stace?

Stacey: He's terrified of the police, of being trapped.

Cass: Why?

Stacey: He committed a crime once.

Cass: Oh, terrific!

Stacey: What is your problem, Cass? I mean, you canít give a person a second chance?

Cass: My problem is that in order to prove Feliciaís innocence, I need Derek to be a credible witness, and I need him to testify in the courtroom. Now, I want you to take me to him right now.

Stacey: No way, Cass! You'll terrify him, and he'll never come in.

Cass: Stacey, we donít have any other choice. Our written agreement might not be admitted as evidence.

Stacey: Cass, you have to trust me on this. I know him. If he thinks for one minute that we're pulling something on him, then he's going to be out of here. Let me handle this, all right?

Cass: Ok.

Stacey: Believe me, it's the best thing.

Cass: I do, I do believe you.

Stacey: Ok. I better get back to the office and get started on this statement.

Cass: Ok.

Felicia: Thanks for everything, Stacey.

Stacey: Donít worry. We've only just started.

Felicia: Ok.

Stacey: So I'll see you later with the gun, and we can go from there, all right?

Cass: See you then.

Felicia: Bye-bye, honey.

Cass: Good work. Excuse me.

Felicia: Where are you going?

Cass: There's something I have to do.

Cass: Well, hello, Iris. Welcome home.

Jake: I donít know, man. Why would somebody want to check on a place like video match?

Vicky: Yeah?

Sam: Amanda suspects it's a front for an escort service.

Vicky: They run hookers out of the place, and Amanda knows about it?

Sam: Yeah. Jake, do you know anything about a V.I.P. club?

Vicky: Oh --

Jake: V.I.P. club -- no, uh-uh.

Sam: Come on, man, think.

Jake: I never heard about it.

Sam: Are you absolutely sure?

Jake: Auntie Rose did mention that I could pick up some extra money escorting women.

Vicky: What?

Sam: And you refused, right?

Jake: Of course I refused.

Sam: Look, Vicky, did Amanda mention anything about this?

Vicky: No. But, Sam, I have been so busy with moving and Steven --

Sam: Ok, when did you talk to her last?

Vicky: Before the christening, and she took --

Sam: No, no, no, before that. When did you talk to Amanda before that?

Vicky: Ok, she called me last week. It was, like, Monday. She came over. She was asking me about Steven, and she brought me a little jacket.

Sam: But what did she talk about? Did she say anything about her work?

Vicky: Sam, we just talked about the kids.

Sam: Damn it!

Vicky: All right, all right, how long has she been gone?

Sam: I haven't seen her since the christening.

Vicky: What?

Jake: You haven't seen her since the christening?

Sam: Yeah, well, she called and said she was fine, but she hung up right away.

Vicky: All right, no, that is not like Amanda because she would not stay away from you and Alli.

Sam: Yeah, but she said she was working on something.

Vicky: No, that doesn't matter to her.

Sam: Yeah, well, why do you think I'm so worried?

Vicky: Ok --

Jake: Listen, is there anything that we can do?

Vicky: Yeah?

Sam: I wish I knew.

Jake: I mean, maybe I can talk to Auntie Rose or something.

Vicky: Yeah.

Sam: Maybe -- but, look, donít do that quite yet. I donít want to blow anything for Amanda. Look, guys, thanks.

Vicky: Ok, call if you hear anything, Sam, all right?

Sam: Yeah.

Jake: And we'll call you if we hear anything, ok?

Vicky: Yes, yes. Oh, wow.

Jake: Scary.

Vicky: I donít blame him.

Dustin: Get enough food for a week. Here.

Andrews: And what does Mrs. Fowler like for breakfast?

Dustin: Whatever you get will be fine. Go on.

Andrews: Yes, Mr. --

Dustin: And donít be too long. All right, shall we begin?

Amanda: The rain in Spain lies mainly on the plain.

Dustin: Donít be cute.

Amanda: I canít impersonate your wife.

Dustin: You can and you will impersonate my wife. Do you understand? There's no one else who can do it. All you have to do is concentrate.

Amanda: Well, I donít want to. I refuse to play your little asinine game.

Dustin: Well, it's simple. If you refuse, you will never see your daughter or your husband again. By George, I think she's got it. Ok, we'll start again. Why donít we see a show or something?

Amanda: Why donít we see a show or something?

Dustin: No, no, no, no, no. Julia was from Minnesota. It's a round o -- show.

Amanda: Why donít we see a show or something?

Dustin: Lower. Deeper. Your tone's got to be deeper, more texture in the voice. You heard the tape. Now go on.

Amanda: Why donít we see a show --?

Dustin: Go on. That's better. Go on.

Amanda: Or something?

Evan: This canít be right. I mean, I am in the middle of nowhere.

Evan: "Z-b-o-6-6-1." "Z-b-o-6-6-1." I donít know, it's a worth a shot. Yeah, it's lieutenant Bates. Bates, third precinct. Listen, my butt's on the line because my computer's down and my captain's on my back. Can you do a make on a license plate for me? Yeah, z as in "zebra," b as in "boy," o as in "Oliver," 661. Right. What's that? Dustin Trent? What kind of name is that? What's your name? I owe you one, pal. That's 10-4. Man!

Vicky: Jake, why did you keep Marley from coming here tonight?

Jake: Vicky, donít go getting crazy on me, all right?

Vicky: Would you tell me?

Jake: Because I was afraid.

Vicky: Of what?

Jake: The baby.

Vicky: What does Steven have to do with this?

Jake: I donít know. Marleyís just nuts about him.

Vicky: Well, what does that matter?

Jake: It's not good for her, Vicky. It's not good for her.

Vicky: "Not good for her"? He's her nephew!

Jake: Yeah, well, sometimes I'm wondering if that's the way she sees it, you know?

Vicky: I'm not getting this here.

Jake: Things have changed, Vick.

Vicky: What "things"?

Jake: Marley had an appointment the other day with Dr. Janssen.

Vicky: Yeah?

Jake: He doesn't think she's ever going to be able to have children.

Vicky: What?

Jake: She just told me that last night.

Vicky: Why didnít she say anything to me?

Jake: I had to pry it out of her.

Vicky: Yeah, well, she's been acting like everything's going so well, and --

Jake: Things were going well, now they're not.

Vicky: All right, well, then you see, now, the doctor -- that clown Janssen doesn't know everything.

Jake: Dr. Janssen is a good doctor, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Jake. You're not going to give up like that, are you?

Jake: We have to give up.

Vicky: No, you donít! Because you've always told me not to be pessimistic. Now, why donít you --

Jake: Vicky, we have to face reality, ok? It is hurting Marley too much to keep hoping like this. Man, I know -- I know this is going to hurt her, too, but it's the best way. Marley and I are not going to have a baby. That's just not going to happen.

Vicky: I'm sorry.

Jake: That's why I was wondering if you could have -- keep some distance between the kid and Marley for the next couple of weeks, you know?

Vicky: I just -- I wish there was something I could do.

Jake: So do I.

Vicky: Must be really hard on you.

Jake: It's like when we were kids, remember, on your birthday? We hiked all the way up that mountain to go swimming at that lake, and -- and we got there, the water was all gone, you know? It's like when we got to the end, there was nothing there. Nothing at all.

[Doorbell rings]

Woman: Package for Master Steven Frame?

Vicky: Yeah, that's my son. Ok, hold on --

Woman: No, really, it's fine. She took care of it already.

Vicky: Ok -- ok.

Vicky and woman: Bye.

Vicky: Um, it's -- it's for Steven. "To my darling baby, saw this in a store window, and I couldn't resist. I love you, and canít wait to hold you in my arms again. Love, your aunt Marley."

Mac: His name is Von Schilla, and he can be reached at the grand hotel in Rotterdam. No, no. Not at all. I hope we can do business together. He's a good man. Well, I'm the one who should be thanking you for calling Iris for me in France. Michael, I know it was something you didnít want to do, and I'm really very grateful. Yeah. You, too. It was good talking to you. Be seeing you.

[Waltz plays]

Iris: Daddy, why doesn't anybody ever love me the way I love them?

Mac: I love you, sweetheart. I'll always love you.

Iris: Daddy!

Iris' voice: Daddy, why doesn't anybody ever love me the way I love you?

Cass: The old town hasn't changed all that much, has it, Iris?

Iris: Are you going down, Cass?

Cass: Well, I was, Iris, but I could stay up for you.

Iris: Oh. Well, in that case, I'm all yours.

Cass: Well, in that case, this is all yours.

Iris: What is it? It's a little late for Valentineís Day, isnít it?

Cass: I think it's so serendipitously wonderful, our meeting like this. I didnít even know you were back in town.

Iris: How nice -- a subpoena.

Cass: Requesting the pleasure of your testimony at Feliciaís trial.

Iris: Well, it's not unexpected.

Cass: I'm sure it's not.

Iris: No, and I return from France to hear that you -- Vivien hadn't called me. I thought, "Who would pull a little joke like that? Cass?"

Cass: You thought that, did you? I'm so flattered.

Iris: Another stunt? My.

Cass: I assure you, it's not a stunt.

Iris: Whatever it is, Cass, I've got nothing to hide.

Felicia: Iris, hi.

Iris: Hi.

Felicia: Do you think we could have a few words together?

Iris: Yes, of course, Felicia.

Felicia: Good.

Cass: I'll leave her all to you, Felicia.

Felicia: Thank you.

Cass: Excuse me, please. I'll see you soon, Iris -- in court, in fact.

Felicia: Why donít we find a nice, quiet spot --?

Iris: Whatever you like. But are you sure you should be out in the public eye like this? I mean, you could be the target for all sorts of malicious gossip.

Felicia: Do me a favor, Iris. Cut the phony concern. You and I have a score to settle. Shall we?

Felicia: Iris, please.

Iris: "A score"? I'm sorry, I donít understand.

Felicia: Rachel told me.

Iris: Told you what?

Felicia: That you were the one to release my book early.

Iris: Huh.

Felicia: Because you wanted to capitalize on the sensationalism.

Iris: Trust Rachel to distort the truth.

Felicia: Donít dance around this, Iris.

Iris: Oh, I'm not.

Felicia: How dare you. How dare you use me to boost your sales! Tell me something -- when did you figure all this out? Was it the night before or was it the next morning? When did you stop thinking about everybody else but the money?

Iris: Maybe you'll thank me when the royalty checks start rolling in.

Felicia: Thank you?

Iris: Yes.

Felicia: I suppose it never dawned on you that you might just be hurting me, that you might turn public opinion against me.

Iris: Oh, come on, Felicia, the public adore you. You're exaggerating. You're just -- you're just overreacting.

Felicia: Am I? Really?

Iris: Yes.

Felicia: You know, I kind of think Mac wouldnít think that way. I mean, isnít that why he got so angry at you? Isnít that why you left town?

Iris: Listen, whatever happened between my father and myself is private. And so is the reason why I left town. But here's some information for you -- daddy and I have never been closer.

Felicia: Ah. Nice. Well, I personally am thrilled to death that you're back. Tickled pink. Now Cass can ask you all sorts of interesting questions.

Iris: Cass can ask what he likes. But the answers will be a whole lot less than interesting.

Felicia: Hmm, I donít know about that. Cass is pretty positive that you were more involved with Jason than -- well, any of us ever knew.

Iris: Oh, God. I know Cass' theory -- that somebody else killed Jason. Quite frankly, I think it's absurd.

Felicia: Absurd? Really?

Iris: Uh-huh.

Felicia: Hmm.

Iris: Well, you took the responsibility right from the beginning. Didnít you? You think it was an accidental shooting, donít you? What it all boils down to is the fact that you donít want to live with the thought that you were responsible for Jasonís death.

Felicia: You're right, I donít.

Iris: Isnít it a pity the police donít accept that accidental-shooting story?

Felicia: Get out of here, Iris. Stay away from me. Get out of here or I'll --

Iris: You'll what? Hmm? Push me over the balcony? Or shoot me -- accidentally, of course.

Felicia: Damn.

Stacey: So the statement is finished. All you have to do is sign it.

Derek: That's all?

Stacey: Yeah. You haven't changed your mind, have you? I mean, you're still going to sign it?

Derek: No. I'll sign it.

Stacey: All right, then I'll see you soon.

Derek: Soon.

Stacey: Cass! What are you doing here? My God, you scared the living daylights out of me.

Dustin: Julia's father was from Boston.

Amanda: Who cares?

Dustin: He was a fifth-generation American. He was an engineer. He had two brothers, one who died about five years ago. That I've got to find out about. The other brother --

Amanda: I donít care. I donít care about any of it!

Dustin: Her mother's family was from Scotland.

Amanda: I donít give a damn!

Dustin: Well, you better start giving a damn or you'll never get out of here. Do you understand?

Amanda: I'm tired, Dustin. I canít memorize any more names. I canít imitate Juliaís speech pattern anymore, or her walk, or her posture. I just want to go home.

Dustin: And you will. You just have to calm down and work with me!

Amanda: Why wonít you let me go? All I want is to see my baby and my husband.

Dustin: Do your imitation. Do it.

Amanda: My name is Julia. I was born in Minnesota.

Dustin: Minnesota.

Amanda: Minnesota. I have two sisters, Ellen and Margaret. My favorite hobbies are playing the flute and skiing. My father is a fifth-generation American.

Dustin: God.

Amanda: What?

Dustin: Keep going, keep going, keep trying.

Amanda: A fifth-generation American. He's from Boston. My mother's side of the family came -- what? What's wrong?

Dustin: I just closed my eyes for a second. You sounded like Julia. It's amazing, Amanda. You are wonderful.

Evan: That's got to be it. It has to be.

(Whimsical music playing)

Dustin: Say it again.

Amanda: What?

Dustin: "My mother's family --"

Amanda: My mother's family came from Scotland.

Dustin: Yes. Yes, that's it. You're talking like her. You're becoming Julia. I knew it was just a matter of time.

Amanda: I thought I was so far off.

Dustin: No, no, you're making wonderful progress. I'm going to give you a reward. You can rest.

[Opera music plays]

Dustin: It's "La Traviata." It's Juliaís favorite opera. She probably identified with the heroine. Do you like it?

Amanda: All I want is to go home to my husband and my baby.

Dustin: And you will, soon. Just take advantage of your reward. Lie down, close your eyes.

Amanda: Where are you going?

Dustin: I'm going to leave you so you can rest and listen to the music. We have a lot of work to do.

Amanda: Help. Help me! What am I going to do? What am I going to do?

[Car approaches]

Cass: Oh, hey, hey, take it easy, Stacey. I just came by to check up on a couple of things. Any messages?

Stacey: Uh, just what's on your desk over there.

Cass: Oh. These are it, huh?

Stacey: I phoned Derek, and he's going to sign the statement.

Cass: Good.

Stacey: So I'm going over there later.

Cass: You finished the statement, then?

Stacey: Yeah. Tell me what you think.

Cass: Oh, this looks fine. That looks fine.

Stacey: Well, I know you donít think it's enough.

Cass: No, it might work.

Stacey: Cass, I want to thank you for letting me handle this my way. I mean, I appreciate it.

Cass: You're welcome.

Stacey: Ok, I better run. I'll see you in a couple hours, then.

Cass: You bet.

Stacey: Ok.

Cass: Hey, listen, good luck.

Stacey: Yeah.

Cass: Extension 249, please. Sweetheart, hi, it's Cass. The law business is just fine, thank you very much. And how's everything going over there at the phone company? Good. Listen, I just wanted to check with you. Did you trace that address that I asked you -- what do you mean, you canít? Didnít I give you enough cash? The phone number I -- I gave you is illegal. I see. And of course, you canít trace an illegal hookup, right? No, no, no, you earned it, you keep it, it's ok. I'll -- I'll handle it another way. Thanks, doll. Bye.

Jake: You think he's hungry?

Vicky: No, he'd be crying.

Jake: Maybe we should change his diaper, huh?

Vicky: No, I already did.

Jake: When?

Vicky: 10 minutes ago.

Jake: Then we'll change it again. Where are the diapers at?

Vicky: No, Jake -- Jake, he doesn't need to be changed.

Jake: How do you know that? Look, he's -- he's not doing it now, but he was just screwing his face all around and making these little noises.

Vicky: Well, all you have to do is you bounce him a little and you just walk and bounce. He likes that.

Jake: Ok. Sounds like a good idea. Here we go, Steven.

Vicky: All right.

Jake: Beginning motorcycle training 101.

Vicky: Yeah. Careful.

Jake: Take a look at his face. Tell me if he's happy.

Vicky: Oh, he's happy.

Jake: How can you tell that?

Vicky: Oh, because he's comfortable with you.

Jake: Oh, get out of here.

Vicky: He is. And why do you act so surprised, huh?

Jake: Because the kid hardly knows me.

Vicky: You are his Godfather.

Jake: You know, something very special about this kid. Oop!

Vicky: Yeah, yeah, you're not the only one who thinks so.

Jake: You're upset that Marley sent you another present?

Vicky: No, it's not the present. It's --

Jake: There's something going on with her.

Vicky: I know. What do you think it is?

Jake: I donít know. It started when she talked to Janssen the other day.

Vicky: And he told her she canít have kids. So what'd she do?

Jake: Nothing at first. She didnít even tell me. She met me over at your place, and the next day -- I donít know. All the stuff was gone.

Vicky: What -- what stuff?

Jake: All the fertility books and the temperature charts and the thermometers and all the baby stuff -- it was just gone.

Vicky: Yeah, well, is that how she told you?

Jake: No, we came home, and she had this fancy dinner in the oven and she was wearing this great-looking dress and she kept telling me how much she loved me and -- I donít know. She started saying how sorry she was about getting all crazy about the baby. Then finally I just asked her what was wrong.

Vicky: Yeah, and did she tell you?

Jake: Yeah. Then she started to cry.

Vicky: What'd you do?

Jake: What could I do? I told her it didnít matter, that she was the only one that I wanted, and that's the truth.

Vicky: Did that make her feel better?

Jake: She said it did, and then that's when she started talking about Steven.

Vicky: Ok, yeah. What'd she say about him, huh?

Jake: She talked about him a lot that night, about --

[Steven fusses]

Jake: How lucky we were to have him in our -- hmm.

Vicky: Oh, boy.

Jake: I didnít know what to do. She was upset. I didnít want to start lecturing her or anything, you know?

Vicky: Jake, how do you feel about this? I mean, tell me the truth. Are you upset that Marley canít have kids?

Jake: No.

Vicky: Come on. Now, this is me you're talking to, ok?

Jake: I donít know, Vick. I was there when this guy came into the world, you know? Something changed. It just --

Vicky: What are you going to do?

Jake: If she thought I was disappointed, it would kill her.

Vicky: What about adoption, huh?

Jake: Yeah. I donít think Marleyís ready to talk about adoption yet. She's still into having her own baby, you know? Our baby, that's -- maybe I'll think about it.

Vicky: Maybe.

Jake: I mean, if I can feel the way I do about Steven -- I donít know, maybe I should think about adoption, just as long as I could get somebody just like him.

Vicky: Sure. Um, it's getting a little chilly in here, so I'm going to go get another blanket for him, ok?

Jake: Come on, kiddo. You just like bouncing, donít you?

[Boy] Mooooom!

Iris: Ahem. Daddy?

Mac: Iris.

Iris: I'm -- are you busy?

Mac: No. When did you get back?

Iris: Last night. It's good to see you.

Mac: You, too. You're looking well.

Iris: Oh, yes, I'm fine. I, uh -- well, I'm fine now.

Mac: How was France?

Iris: Gallic.

Mac: Yes, they do tend to be unique, donít they?

Iris: Yeah. Where's Rachel?

Mac: Oh, she was handling some business in South America. She'll be flying home tonight.

Iris: That's good. I hear "Brava" sales have been terrific.

Mac: Yeah. Last month was a record breaker, and this month shouldnít be far behind.

Iris: That's wonderful. Congratulations.

Mac: I missed you, Iris. I missed you very much.

Iris: Oh, daddy, I missed you. I just -- I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.

Mac: You're no sorrier than I am, Iris. But releasing Feliciaís book early like that, that --

Iris: I know, I know. I know I shouldnít have done it. And I know I shouldnít have gone away without telling anyone, but, daddy, I was really upset, and I just thought if I disappointed you again --

Mac: Iris, being disappointed in what you did, that doesn't have anything to do with how much I love you, my daughter.

Iris: Oh, thank you. That means so much to me. I -- I broke away from you before, and I was determined not to do it again.

Mac: We'll both make sure of that this time.

Iris: Daddy, I love you!

Mac: I love you, too.

Iris: I love you.

Sam: Uh, Mac? Look, I really need to talk to you.

Iris: Sam, you're interrupting.

Sam: I'm sorry, Iris, it's important.

Iris: What I was saying to my father was important, too.

Sam: Mac, it's Amanda. I think she's in trouble.

Felicia: Why donít I know who you are? You seem to know so much about me, Derek. Who are you?

Stacey: So, here it is. All you have to do is read it and -- what's this?

Derek: I want to see what you wrote.

Stacey: Why are your bags packed?

Derek: I'm taking off.

Stacey: To where?

Derek: I haven't decided yet.

Stacey: But you're leaving Bay City?

Derek: There's no reason to stay.

Stacey: You canít go!

Derek: I found the gun. I'll the sign the paper. That's all I can do for Fanny.

Stacey: No, that's not all you can do.

Derek: Where do you sign this thing?

Stacey: Derek, you can testify.

Derek: What do you mean? Go into court?

Stacey: If you told your story to the jury --

Derek: They wouldnít listen. They'll put me away!

Stacey: But it would make such a difference, believe me!

Derek: I thought you understood.

Stacey: I do understand.

Derek: Couldn't take that again, being fenced in.

Stacey: Ok, I'm sorry. I -- I should never have asked.

Derek: Damn. I need a pen.

Stacey: I got a pen. Here -- here's a pen. And, listen, I've been meaning to -- I mean, I want to tell you thank you for everything that you've done. It's meant a lot to me, and I know --

[Stacey gasps]

Cass: If everybody takes it easy, nobody will get hurt.

Stacey: Cass! What are you doing here?

Derek: You know him?

Cass: I'm her brother.

Derek: You did this!

Iris: Sam, what on earth are you talking about?

Sam: She still isnít home yet, Mac.

Mac: She hasn't called you again?

Sam: No, not a thing. I've got this feeling.

Iris: What? What feeling?

Sam: Something to do with that phone call.

Mac: But she did say that she would be a while?

Sam: Yeah, but not for this long.

Iris: Where did she call from?

Mac: You said she was on assignment?

Sam: Yeah, that's what I thought, but something was wrong from the beginning, and that phone call was definitely weird.

Mac: How?

Sam: She sounded strange, and she called me "Sammy." She never calls me that.

Iris: Well, you still haven't told me. Where was the assignment?

Sam: I have no idea, Iris. She didnít specify a place.

Mac: And there was only that one single call?

Sam: Yeah, and that's not like Amanda. None of this is like Amanda.

Iris: All right, what about her friends? I mean, her friends at "Brava," have you talked to any of them?

Sam: The people I've talked to donít know a thing.

Iris: What about Evan?

Sam: Him I canít get a hold of. I left him a message so he could call me.

Mac: I'm going to alert the police.

Sam: Mac, I already did that. I called them before I got here.

Mac: What'd they say?

Sam: Not a thing. I canít give them a whole hell of a lot to go on, and they refuse to classify her as missing because I've talked to her. Look, I hate to ask this, but could you call the commissioner? I know if you talk to him, they'll give it top priority.

Iris: Of course they would.

Sam: Yeah, the Cory influence. Look, I never thought I'd have to ask to use this, but, please, Mac, I need your help with this. It's Amanda.

Mac: I'll put in a call to him right now.

Iris: Welcome home, Iris.

[Opera music plays]

Evan: Amanda? Amanda?

Amanda: Evan? Is that you?

Evan: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Quiet, keep your voice down. Shh.

Amanda: Get me out of here. Please help me!

Evan: Shh.

Jake: Some people are just silly, aren't they? Is that Jake? Yeah! Oh, you're bored with that? Time to read to you, huh? Ok. What do we got here? We have an "in the beginning" book. This is your life story so far, pal.

Jake: "March 14, 1989." Your favorite part. "Steven Michael Frame. Blond hair, blue eyes, delivery at home."

Jake: "Blood type A-B." Which is very rare and also the same as mine.

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