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Another World Transcript Friday 3/11/05

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Josie: I'll just take that, thanks. Thanks, Lee.

Lee: You're welcome.

Sharlene: Excuse me, miss.

Josie: Mama!

Sharlene: I wonder if you could help me. I need a perfect figure by Saturday night.

Josie: Oh, well, could you turn around, please?

Sharlene: Oh, certainly.

Josie: Oh, dear. I'm sorry. But you already have a perfect figure. There's nothing we can do for you.

Sharlene: How about maybe just a hug?

Josie: Well, I guess I can manage that.

Sharlene: Come over here. Hi, you.

Josie: Hi. I'm so glad you came by.

Sharlene: This isnít a bad time, is it?

Josie: No, we're not busy.

Sharlene: Well, I was just around the corner, I was running errands, and I thought, "Well, good, the spa is right here."

Josie: I'm glad. So what do you think of the place?

Sharlene: Well, I think this is very fancy.

Josie: Yes, it is, isnít it?

Sharlene: It certainly is. And this is your desk?

Josie: Well, you can usually find me there.

Sharlene: Answering phones?

Josie: Mm-hmm, and telling people where to go and helping them fill out applications -- stuff like that.

Sharlene: Keeping very busy.

Josie: Yeah, that and keeping out of Mr. Gooding's way.

Sharlene: Who's he?

Josie: Oh, he's just the assistant manager. He lurks in the shadows and waits for me to make a mistake.

Sharlene: Well, where is he right now?

Josie: It's his day off. Why do you think I'm in such a good mood?

Sharlene: Well, good, then I guess I picked a good time to visit.

Josie: Yeah. Why donít I give you back my birth certificate before I forget?

Sharlene: Oh, right. Good.

Josie: Let's see. Did you know it was a copy?

Sharlene: What?

Josie: Mr. Gooding happened to notice that it wasn't the original.

Sharlene: Right, it's not.

Josie: Well, then why did you tell me it was?

Caroline: Do you like this, Evan?

Evan: Caroline, do you know what I think? I think it would be really nice if you would listen to me instead of babbling on about these stupid paintings.

Caroline: First, I donít babble. And second, I think you're being pretty silly about all this.

Evan: No, I'm worried about Amanda because I've got good reason.

Caroline: Listen, you said so yourself that she's been on assignment before. It is her job.

Evan: Well, then she should be in touch with me, right?

Caroline: Why? She called Sam, right?

Evan: Yeah, she called him, but something was strange about the phone call.

Caroline: Look, I think everything is going to be fine. She's going to come back with a brilliant story, and you're going to feel pretty silly for worrying so much.

Evan: Yeah, maybe and maybe not. But I think I just saw a way to find out.

Stacey: Derek?

Derek: I was just leaving.

Stacey: I want to talk to you, all right?

Derek: You should have called.

Stacey: I did call. I called about a dozen times. But you weren't answering your phone.

Derek: Look, I got to be going.

Stacey: Well, wait a second. Look, we're running out of time. The trial starts next week.

Derek: I know.

Stacey: Well, if we donít come up with something to help Felicia --

Derek: I've got another idea.

Stacey: The gun? Terrific, what is it?

Derek: I was just going to check it out.

Stacey: All right. I'll go with you.

Derek: No way.

Donna: It's not my doing.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Angela, could you get that, please? All right, well, let me know on that. Thank you.

Angela? Oh, it's her day off. I've got get somebody on Thursdays. This is ridiculous. Iris.

Iris: Hello, Donna.

Donna: You're back.

Iris: Yes. I thought it was time we had a little talk. About Michael.

Donna: Come in.

Iris: Donna, you look wonderful.

Donna: Oh, thank you. I've been waiting for this.

Iris: Really? For what?

Donna: I know all about it, Iris.

Iris: What exactly do you mean by "it"?

Donna: Your involvement with Michael. Your previous involvement.

Iris: Oh, I see.

Donna: You have some gall prancing in here like this.

Iris: Why, darling, you're upset.

Donna: How terribly perceptive of you.

Iris: Well, I'm sorry.

Donna: Iris, you lied to me.

Iris: I didnít lie. I just didnít tell you the whole truth.

Donna: You left out some fairly pertinent information.

Iris: Oh, Donna, Michael and I -- it was years ago.

Donna: I know when it was, and I know what it was.

Iris: Do you know, this might sound funny, but I really wanted us to be friends.

Donna: Excuse me?

Iris: Well, I did. The first day I met you, I said to myself, "Here is a woman with whom I can form a true friendship."

Donna: Spare me. Spare me!

Iris: Well, it's the truth anyway. I did. I liked you immediately.

Donna: And you always betray the people that you like?

Iris: How did I betray you?

Donna: How did you betray me? You ingratiated yourself to me. You became oh, so terrible friendly to me. You even bought the penthouse upstairs, all the while neglecting to tell me that you had had an affair with my husband!

Iris: I'm sorry. I -- I know now that was a mistake.

Donna: You used me.

Iris: I did not!

Donna: Well, what would you call it, then, Iris?

Iris: Michael and I thought it was the best thing not to tell you.

Donna: I donít believe that.

Iris: Well, we thought you might get upset. And we were right, weren't we?

Donna: For you to insinuate that you and Michael have continued this closeness --

Iris: I am not insinuating anything.

Donna: Well, I happen to know for a fact that your affair with Michael is a closed chapter in his life.

Iris: Oh. You know for a fact, do you?

Donna: Yes, I do. Michael told me.

Iris: Uh-huh. Well, while you're collecting facts, here's one for you, dear. Since I arrived back in Bay City, Michael and I have formed a new friendship. This is one that I donít think will end.

Donna: Oh, no, you donít, dear. I've got your number, Iris, and this little game wonít work.

Iris: But, Donna, I donít ever play games.

Donna: Well, you came here to see Michael, obviously. You're out of luck. He's not here. He's away.

Iris: In Munich. You seem surprised. The reason I know he's away is because he called me.

Donna: He called you?

Iris: Mm-hmm. In Sans Souci. Sans souci cafe. That was Michael -- that was our favorite restaurant. The waiter said there was a telephone call for me. Just guess who it was.

Stacey: What do you mean?

Derek: I'm going alone.

Stacey: But I can help.

Derek: The place I'm going -- it's not for you.

Stacey: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Derek: You'll hear from me.

Stacey: Wait a second. I'm involved in this, too. I happen to be one of Feliciaís attorneys. This is my business.

Derek: There's word on the street. There's this homeless guy, Pete. He's been seen with a gun.

Stacey: A derringer?

Derek: A gun -- all I know. He keeps it in this little brown paper bag and he never lets it out of his sight.

Stacey: Well, do you know who this man is?

Derek: I donít know him. He's a face. I'm a face.

Stacey: Right. So how do we get in touch with him?

Derek: You donít get in touch with guys like him. You go to places where they're likely to turn up.

Stacey: So do you know where these places are?

Derek: One of them is a soup kitchen. This guy Pete -- he hangs out there.

Stacey: All right. So let's go.

Derek: You're going home.

Stacey: I donít understand why you have a problem with me going with you.

Derek: You go to a soup kitchen dressed like that, and everybody will figure out that there's something going on.

Stacey: All right, so I'll stay out of the way.

Derek: And if this guy does have a gun, it could be dangerous.

Stacey: You let me worry about that when the time comes.

Derek: This guy is not right upstairs.

Stacey: I promise that I will be careful. Besides, if you find the gun, my eyewitness testimony is going to be key in Fanny's defense.

Derek: You got to be alive to give testimony, right?

Stacey: Look, Derek, I have worked long and hard. I have worked as hard as you. So you canít shut me out of this.

Derek: "Derek."

Stacey: What?

Derek: You called me by my name. It's been a long time since anybody's done that.

Stacey: Why is that? People know who you are, right?

Derek: Who am I?

Stacey: I donít know. But I'd like to.

Derek: Ok, you can come with me. But you got to stick close.

Stacey: I will.

Derek: And I do the talking.

Stacey: All right, not a word, absolutely.

Derek: And you got to wear these. They're mine, so they're big. But that's good for where you're going.

Stacey: You got to be kidding. You want me to wear this stuff?

Derek: Well, it might help you look like one of us.

Stacey: Sure, yeah, I'll put it on.

Sharlene: Josie, I never said that it was --

Josie: Yes, you did, mama. You said, "Be very careful with it because it's the original."

Sharlene: Did you have a problem getting your social security number?

Josie: No.

Sharlene: Well, then I guess it didnít matter. So what's the big deal?

Josie: It's no big deal, it's just that when Mr. Gooding told me it was a copy I was just surprised.

Sharlene: Well, I forgot.

Josie: What?

Sharlene: Sweetheart, when you were a baby, I had lost the original, so I had a duplicate made.

Josie: Oh.

Sharlene: So, are we going to spend this entire visit talking about a piece of paper? I would like to see --

Josie: No.

Sharlene: Where you work. How do you like it?

Josie: I do. I really like it, mama. It's interesting. I'm meeting people. I'm making money.

Sharlene: And what about Matthew? Is he here today?

Josie: Yeah, he's here. He's around here somewhere. We have a lot of fun working together.

Sharlene: I like seeing my baby happy.

Josie: Mama, please, donít call me that here.

Sharlene: Nobody heard. I've got to go. Ok? I'm proud of you. I like this. This is good.

Josie: Mama? Thanks.

Sharlene: For what?

Josie: I know I've been kind of hard to live with these past few months, and you've been really understanding.

Sharlene: It's been a rough time.

Josie: For both of us.

Sharlene: Hey, you've been a big help to me, too. You know that.

Josie: I still miss Uncle Jason. But for the first time, I -- for the first time since he died, I think I can handle it.

Sharlene: Good. Good. I love you.

Josie: I love you, too.

Sharlene: Get to work.

Josie: Yes, ma'am.

Russ: Sharlene. I gave this party for like, 100 people.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: Oh, Mr. John.

John: Hi, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, my, isnít that a beautiful plant.

John: Well, I hope you donít have too many of these.

Bridget: Oh, you never can have too many of these. Oh, they will just love it. Well, come on. Come inside.

John: Oh, well, thank you. How does it feel to be back with Vicky and the new baby?

Bridget: Oh, it's just wonderful. Well, you know me. All you have to do is give me a wee bairn and I'm in heaven. Oh, and now I've got Steven Michael.

John: Yeah.

Bridget: Oh, my. Well, sit down.

John: Thank you, thank you. Are Vicky and Jamie enjoying their new digs here?

Bridget: Oh, yes. I think that they needed to get out of the loft, you know.

John: What do you mean?

Bridget: Well, so many bad memories.

John: Ah, yeah, with Stevenís illness and everything.

Bridget: Yes, well, you see, I donít think Victoria was ever really happy in that loft. I think --

John: Come on, Bridget, you can tell me. She is my niece.

Bridget: Well, to be honest with you, I'm very worried about her.

John: Why?

Bridget: Well, she seems to be so upset.

John: Oh, well, I imagine the adjustment to motherhood can be rather tough, especially to somebody like Vicky.

Bridget: Oh, aye, indeed. You see, I think -- I think it's Mr. Winthrop.

John: Cass. I know what you mean.

Bridget: Well, I've heard, you know, that you're a little nervous around him yourself. You see, there's been so many problems in the Hudson family in the past two years. I just hope that Mr. Frame's death doesn't bring more trouble.

Caroline: That your new piece of fluff?

Evan: No, it's Dustinís.

Caroline: Really?

Evan: Yeah -- live-in fluff, I donít know. But she spent the night with Dustin in his hotel room the same night that Amanda left.

Caroline: Naughty Dustin.

Evan: Come on, she claims she's a college student.

Caroline: I wonder what she's studying, then.

Evan: What do you mean?

Caroline: She was in here a month ago and she bought a fairly expensive piece.

Evan: It's interesting, I guess.

Caroline: In fact, she put a third down on something very expensive. I bet she's in here to pick it up.

Evan: A college girl collecting art? I mean, it's --

Caroline: Look at the way she's dressed. That's no college student on a coed budget.

Evan: But Dustin always had a weakness for girls from very wealthy families.

Caroline: That's not her story either.

Evan: What do you mean?

Caroline: I can usually tell ladies like that a mile off.

Evan: Well, then if that's not what she is, what is she?

Caroline: Why donít I find out? Hello. You're back.

Lauren: Hi. I'm here to pick up that other piece.

Caroline: I've had so many inquiries since you've been here.

Lauren: But you held it for me, didnít you? I mean, I did put down a lot of money.

Caroline: Oh, it's in the back. I had to turn down offers -- lots of them.

Lauren: Well, I have a check for the balance.

Caroline: Oh, great. Now I'll just need a reference to verify your check. Then we'll wrap up the piece.

Lauren: A reference?

Caroline: A business association, somebody you've worked for?

Lauren: A business?

Caroline: Yeah, somebody you're working for now, or in the past?

Lauren: Video match.

Caroline: Video match. Very good. Isnít that a dating service?

Lauren: I do some modeling for them.

Caroline: They employ models?

Lauren: Yes, for their ads.

Caroline: Well, you're certainly pretty enough. Why donít you have a little browse around, and I'll wrap up the piece. She works for video match and she models.

Donna: Lovely try, Iris.

Iris: Well, call Michael if you'd like. But he and I did speak.

Donna: At the sans souci?

Iris: Mm-hmm, on the Riviera.

Donna: You're so incredibly transparent.

Iris: Perhaps, but the truth of the matter is that it was talking to Michael that made me decide to return to Bay City.

Donna: I never understood why you left.

Iris: Well, we canít expect you to understand everything, can we?

Donna: This couldn't have had anything to do with Jason, could it?

Iris: What on earth are you talking about?

Donna: Cass, the police. I seem to remember them sniffing around your penthouse asking a lot of questions after the murder.

Iris: Well, you remember wrong.

Donna: I donít think so. Of course, that doesn't surprise me. You never had any luck with men.

Iris: I'm sorry. Perhaps I was stupid. But that does that make sense, or have I missed something?

Donna: You've missed a great deal, Iris, especially in the romance department. Michael never wanted you.

Iris: Oh?

Donna: No. Even when you were together, it was only because he'd lost me.

Iris: I can understand why you need to believe that.

Donna: Iris, you're just a nuisance to him. Haven't you gotten that message yet?

Iris: Oh, that reminds me -- talking of messages, there is something I do wish to return to you.

Donna: What's that?

Iris: That's the letter that you sent me.

Donna: I never sent you a letter.

Iris: Oh, come off it, Donna. Of course you sent it. If Michael had sent it, he would have told me on the phone.

Donna: I haven't the vaguest idea what you're talking about.

Iris: You see, I know Michael is not that vicious. That letter was sent by someone who is very vindictive, terribly, terribly insecure. I wonder what Michael would think about you if he knew what you'd done. Good afternoon.

Sharlene: Well, I'm surprised to see you.

Russ: Yes. Well, my daughter refuses to move here until I find her a good health club.

Sharlene: Oh, well, I know how that can be.

Russ: Yeah. She'll be arriving next week. Unless, of course, this place doesn't pass muster.

Sharlene: Well, good luck. Good luck.

Russ: Thank you. Sharlene, are you a member here?

Sharlene: No, no. I was just here. I was visiting my daughter, Josie. She works here.

Russ: Oh, wait, wait a minute. I'd like very much to meet her.

Sharlene: Well -- well, sure. Josie? Josie?

Josie: Oh -- mama. I thought you'd left.

Sharlene: I know, I'm sorry. I ran into someone that I had told you about.

Russ: I'm Russ Matthews, Josie.

Josie: Hello.

Russ: Hi.

Josie: Hi.

Russ: I've been very much looking forward to meeting you.

Sharlene: Russ has a daughter now who is looking into joining a health spa.

Josie: Oh -- oh, fine. I'll get an application.

Russ: Thank you. She's just beautiful, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Josie: Here you go.

Russ: Oh, great.

Josie: And if you have any questions, you can just ask me.

Russ: I think I'll stay right here, just in case.

Josie: Ok.

Sharlene: Well, I'm off. It's nice to see you.

Russ: You, too.

Sharlene: See you.

Josie: Bye, mama.

Russ: Is there anything in particular I need to know about this? It looks like an awful lot.

Josie: No, no, it's pretty simple. But just donít fill out this area. We do that. And if you -- if your daughter has a -- if she doesn't have a driver's license -- is something wrong?

Russ: No. No, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. It's just -- I was just thinking how very much you remind me of your mother when I first met her.

Lauren: Oh --

Evan: Ooh. I'm sorry. Are you ok?

Lauren: Yeah, sure.

Evan: I really should watch where I'm going. I apologize.

Lauren: Yeah, it's no problem.

Evan: Good. Wait, wait a minute. Haven't we met somewhere?

Lauren: Yes, I think so.

Evan: Yeah, at Dustinís.

Lauren: Right.

Evan: My name's Evan.

Lauren: I'm Lauren.

Evan: Nice to meet you. You're a college student.

Lauren: Uh-huh.

Evan: Are you an art student?

Lauren: No. I just like browsing.

Evan: Buying?

Lauren: What?

Evan: Well, what I mean is -- I mean, how does a college student afford such expensive pieces of art? She works. That's how. I mean, being a V.I.P. girl must pay pretty well, huh?

Lauren: Who are you, the police?

Evan: No, no, but I think they'd be very interested in talking to you about your line of work.

Lauren: Please --

Evan: Do your family know what you do for a living?

Lauren: Why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to hurt me?

Evan: Oh, I donít, I donít. And I wonít if you will just cooperate with me.

Lauren: How?

Evan: Just answer a couple questions.

Derek: What's wrong?

Stacey: Nothing.

Derek: I do the talking.

Stacey: All right.

Derek: You donít say nothing.

Stacey: Ok, yeah.

Derek: Let's get in line. They're serving now.

Stacey: There's a child here.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Is she here every day?

Derek: Donít worry about it.

Stacey: But she's so thin. She canít have just a bowl of soup.

Derek: That's all there is, once a day. If she's lucky, her mother will give her half.

Stacey: Which one is her mother?

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Because I want to give them some money.

Derek: Put that away.

Stacey: Why? It's going to give them a decent meal.

Derek: Put that away now!

Stacey: I canít help?

Derek: You start flashing money around here, and people are going to know that you're not one of them.

Stacey: I know, but it's --

Derek: They donít like outsiders. You wanted to come here. You donít like it here, you canít take it, you get out.

Stacey: All right, I want to stay.

Derek: There's Pete. You stay here, and you donít talk to nobody.

Derek: Pete? That's your name, isnít it, Pete?

Pete: Who wants to know?

Derek: Me.

Pete: Why?

Derek: I need your help, man.

Pete: I donít help nobody I donít know.

Derek: Name's Derek.

Pete: So long, Derek.

Derek: Hey, I got a score to settle with a guy.

Pete: So settle it.

Derek: Well, I heard you could help me do that.

Pete: You heard wrong.

Derek: Why wonít you help me, man?

Pete: I donít know you.

Man: Hey, man, you're picking my pocket!

Second man: You're nuts! Get out of here.

Derek: Hey --

Man: I'd say you're picking my pocket.

Second man: Get lost, Twinkie!

Derek: They're not going to allow that, man. Hey! Hey, knock it off!

Woman: Oh!

Man: Hey, man, I wasn't doing nothing. He was picking my pocket.

Second man: Ow!

Derek: Going a little too far, didnít you?

Man: Break his arm!

Derek: You donít know how to behave indoors, maybe you ought to go outside, huh? Outside!

Stacey: Hey, are you all right? You ok?

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: God, I donít know how these people can live like this!

Derek: "These people"? Sometimes we donít know how you can live the way you do.

Pete: Hey, you.

Derek: Yeah?

Pete: You might be somebody I should get to know.

Stacey: He is. As you can see, Pete, pretty useful friend.

Derek: Did I ask you to talk for me?

Stacey: No.

Derek: Keep your mouth shut! Let's talk.

Pete: How do you figure I can help you?

Derek: Word is you got something in that little bag.

Pete: Word is right.

Derek: Maybe I could borrow it.

Pete: I donít just loan it out for nothing, you know.

Derek: Why would you?

Pete: Exactly. What have you got to give me?

Derek: Name it.

Pete: Well. This your old lady?

Derek: Yeah.

Pete: I could use her for a couple of days.

Derek: For what?

Pete: You kidding?

Derek: Well, if that's what you want. Of course, I got something better.

Pete: Better?

Derek: Army knife. Swiss steel. Did you ever see anything like that?

Pete: Uh-uh.

Derek: It's yours for the loan of what's in that bag. Deal?

Pete: Deal.

Stacey: See, that's it! It's the gun! All right.

Lauren: What do you want to know?

Evan: Just tell me about the other night with Dustin, ok?

Lauren: I canít do that.

Evan: Sure, you can.

Lauren: No, you donít understand.

Evan: Ok, I guess -- I think the cops would like to know. I got a great idea. Why donít I call them.

Lauren: Wait, wait, wait.

Evan: Now, that's what I call a smart girl. Now, the other night with Dustin was no ordinary date, was it? Huh?

Lauren: What do you mean?

Evan: Well, just fill me in on what happened.

Lauren: Nothing. I mean, nothing went on. He just phoned up Auntie Rose and she turned him on to me, and then he just offered to pay me a good deal of money to spend the night.

Evan: That's it?

Lauren: That's it.

Evan: So you two were together all night?

Lauren: Yeah, I guess.

Evan: What do you mean, you guess?

Lauren: Well, we had some champagne, and then I -- I fell asleep. But he was there when I woke up the next morning.

Evan: When was that?

Lauren: The next morning. Please, I mean, you have to believe me. I am telling the truth.

Evan: No, no, listen, I do believe you. But if you breathe a word of this to Dusty or Auntie Rose, I'm going to be a very unhappy man.

Lauren: I wonít, I promise.

Caroline: Here. I'm going to be sorry to part with this.

Lauren: Thanks.

Caroline: You're welcome. Evan?

Evan: Yes, Mr. Dustin Trent's room, please. There's no answer? Ok, great. Thank you.

Bridget: Oh, my, another beautiful plant.

Sharlene: Oh, no, is that what everyone's given?

John: No, no, not everyone. Only me.

Sharlene: John.

John: Great minds, huh?

Sharlene: I didnít know you were here.

John: Well, I just stopped over to drop my plant off, and the next thing I knew, Bridget brought out these incredible cinnamon cookies.

Bridget: Oh --

Sharlene: So that's what I smell all the way --

Bridget: Well, there's lots more where those came from.

Sharlene: Oh.

Bridget: Why donít I put out another pot of tea, hmm? Would you like a cup, huh?

Sharlene: I'd love a cup.

Bridget: Oh, well, donít you run away, now.

Sharlene: I wonít.

John: Thanks, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, yes, of course.

Sharlene: Oh, what good taste you have.

John: Isnít she great?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

John: I missed you.

Sharlene: You just saw me yesterday.

John: It's been too long.

Sharlene: What if Bridget comes in?

John: Who cares?

Sharlene: I do, I do.

John: What's the matter?

Sharlene: Nothing's the matter.

John: Sharlene?

Sharlene: You know me too well. I ran into Russ. At the spa. I was visiting Josie and -- and he just showed up.

John: Quite a coincidence.

Sharlene: That's all it was. He was signing his daughter up for a membership.

John: Uh-huh.

Sharlene: John, he didnít follow me there.

John: I didnít say that he did.

Sharlene: Well, you didnít have to.

John: It's just that Bay City isnít that small, and you and Russ keep bumping into each other.

Sharlene: John, he doesn't have feelings for me.

John: I donít care what he feels for you. I'm only interested in how you feel.

Sharlene: I told you how I feel.

John: Well, whenever his name comes up, you change.

Sharlene: No, I --

John: What is it with Russ? Why are you so affected by him?

Sharlene: It ended badly between Russ and me.

John: So, he didnít want it to end? Or was it you?

Sharlene: It just -- no, it just -- it just wasn't all that neat and tidy, ok? It just wasnít. And so seeing him brings back some bad memories. You donít mind if we donít talk about this right now, please?

John: All right.

Sharlene: You're right. You are right. You know, seeing him does upset me, but it's not what you think.

John: Well, I'm not going to badger you about it anymore, ok?

Sharlene: I just need a little time. I just have to get used to his being back here again.

John: I understand.

Sharlene: And then everything's going to be back to normal, I promise you.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: I'm taking odds on whether this is another plant.

[John laughs]

Donna: Hi, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, Ms. Donna --

Donna: Is my daughter here? I need to talk to her.

Bridget: No, she's not. Well, I expect her back soon.

Donna: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: Donna.

Donna: Hi. I didnít know you two were here.

Bridget: I'll go and get that pot of tea. Excuse me.

Donna: I thought Victoria would be here.

John: Well, Bridget said that she was at some exercise class.

Donna: She's so vain about her figure.

Sharlene: Look, you know, I really ought to go, John.

Donna: How's the company coming?

John: Great. Sharlene and I are partners now, you know.

Donna: Oh, yes, I heard.

John: It's going great, isnít it, Sharlene?

Donna: John, Michael said to make sure and invite you to dinner as soon as he got back from his business trip, because we miss you. And, of course, darling little Michael keeps asking for his Uncle John. John is marvelous with children.

John: Well, I think that we'd better get going. Come on, Sharlene.

Donna: But Bridgetís bringing the tea out.

John: Tell her we're sorry. Come on, Sharlene.

Donna: John --

John: Yes?

Donna: Could you just -- could I speak with you for a few minutes?

John: Fine.

Donna: Alone?

John: No.

Donna: Please?

Sharlene: No, John, it's ok.

John: No, it's not ok. Anything you have to say, you can say in front of Sharlene.

Sharlene: No, John, really, it's ok. I really got to get going.

John: Then I'll go with you.

Sharlene: No, just give me a call. All right?

Donna: Thank you.

Sharlene: Good to see you.

John: What's the matter with you?

Donna: What? What did I do?

John: Well, first, you ignore her, and then you practically push her out the door! Where the hell are your manners, Donna?

Donna: She understood.

John: I didnít!

Donna: John, please, this is important!

John: It had better be.

Donna: Did you see Michael before he went away on this business trip?

John: Yeah.

Donna: And did he mention that he might be taking any special side trips?

John: No, not that I know of.

Donna: Was he acting peculiar at all?

John: Why? Is there trouble?

Donna: Yes. Her name is Iris.

Russ: Oh, here you are, Josie. I think I have it. How'd I do?

Josie: Let's see. It's perfect.

Russ: Good. Then Olivia is officially a member of the --

Josie: Of the hottest spa in town.

Iris: Hello, Josie!

Josie: Mrs. Wheeler!

Iris: Hi.

Josie: Hi, I didnít think you'd be back today!

Iris: Oh, it's so good to see you. So, how is everything?

Josie: Everything's great. But I am with a customer.

Iris: Oh, he can wait. So, did you miss me?

Josie: A lot.

Iris: Ah, that's what I like to hear.

Russ: Well, now, if I am going to be totally ignored, I'm just going to leave.

Iris: Russ! Russ --

Russ: Hiya, gorgeous!

Josie: You two know each other?

Russ and Iris: Oh, yes.

Iris: We sure do. I didnít see you standing there.

Russ: Well, gosh, how are you, Iris?

Iris: I'm very well. And you look just wonderful.

Russ: It's been a long time.

Iris: Yes, it has. You haven't changed a bit.

Russ: Oh, I donít know. See, there's two new gray hairs right there.

Iris: Uh-uh, I refuse to see them.

Russ: Look at you. You've gotten even more beautiful.

Iris: Oh, come on.

Josie: I think I should get back to work.

Iris: All right, darling.

Russ: Josie, thank you very much for everything. It was really good to meet you, and I'm sure I'll see you again very soon.

Josie: It was nice meeting you.

Iris: Now, listen, I want you to tell me all the gossip.

Josie: Oh, I hope I can think of some.

Iris: You'd better. I'm relying on you.

Josie: Ok.

Russ: She is a darling girl.

Iris: Yes, she is. So, tell me, how does it feel to be back?

Russ: Oh, it feels strange. But it feels right.

Iris: Of course it's right. This is where your history is -- your family, your friends. It's where you belong.

Russ: Well, it certainly took me long enough to figure that out, donít you think?

Iris: Well, the important thing is that you're here now. You know, I'm so thrilled that you accepted that job at Bay City general.

Russ: Well, thank you very much. However, I am disappointed you were not there to make the announcement.

Iris: Oh, yeah. Who did?

Russ: Michael Hudson.

Iris: Oh.

Russ: He seems an interesting man.

Iris: Yeah, I think Michael would appreciate you and your vision of what you want to do at the hospital.

Russ: Oh, I hardly have a vision just yet.

Iris: Oh, come on, Russ. We all have our visions. You know, I talked to someone while I was away, and they made me realize what a -- what a unique opportunity I've got here. If I can get what I want, well, all my problems will seem insignificant in comparison.

Russ: Well, I must say, I'm intrigued.

Iris: Well, the main thing is I can assure you that Iris Wheeler is here to stay.

Evan: Here you go. Thank you very much.

Evan: Doesn't look like you've been here too long, Dusty. Nice flowers.

[Phone rings]

Evan: Hello. Yes? Yes, this is Dustin Trent. The house. Oh, the house. Yeah -- oh, I love the house. Yes, it's a great house. But I have one question. I'm a little concerned about the traffic at the intersection right before the turnoff. Yeah -- yeah, which turnoff is that? You know, you are going to think that I'm really crazy and out of my mind, but I donít know any of the streets around here. I donít even know my own address yet. Sure. Can you hold on one second? Thank you.

Evan: Sorry about that. Ok, go ahead. Ok, that's 531 west -- I'm sorry, what was that? West what? I beg your pardon. This is Dustin Trent. Hello? Hello? Damn. Sorry about that, real estate lady. You didnít buy that. But you may have given me just enough of what I need to know.

John: Michael and Iris?

Donna: He had an affair with her.

John: When?

Donna: Before he came back to Bay City. Four years, five years ago, or something like that.

John: No wonder you didnít want to say anything in front of Sharlene.

Donna: Well, of course. It's very personal to me, John, and I'm worried.

John: Well, Michael never said anything to me about Iris.

Donna: That's because Michaelís so private. He's too private.

John: Michael also loves you. He's very devoted to you, Donna. You ought to know that.

Donna: I know he loves me. But you and I, of all people, should know that sometimes feelings linger for a long, long time.

John: And then they change. You and I, of all people, ought to know that.

Donna: But you and I are different than Michael and Iris.

John: How do you mean?

Donna: Because we resisted our attraction to one another.

John: But Michael doesn't have any attraction --

Donna: I know! I trust Michael. It's Iris I'm worried about. When it comes to Michael, she's not planning to resist anything.

Josie: So, did you meet anyone interesting while you were away?

Iris: If you mean, men, no. I read and I read and I read.

Josie: Oh. Well, how was the weather?

Iris: It rained every single day.

Josie: Hmm.

Iris: So enough about me and my boring trip. Tell me about you and Matthew. Any news?

Josie: Maybe.

Iris: Well, come on, come on, tell me.

Josie: He gave me this.

Iris: Oh, Josie, that's lovely.

Josie: You know, it was your advice. It really worked.

Iris: Well, I'm so glad for you.

Josie: We're back together now, and -- and he even --

Iris: Yeah, what? What? Tell me.

Josie: He even told me he loved me.

Iris: Oh, I'm so glad for you. You see? I told you. You know what you want, and you go after it.

Josie: Sometimes that's all it takes, huh?

Iris: Yeah. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Stacey: Swiss Army knife. And he took that over me?

Derek: He made a good deal.

Stacey: Thanks a lot.

Derek: We made a better deal. We got the gun.

Stacey: Yeah, the gun. I canít believe it. We finally got a break.

Derek: So now Fanny can go free, right?

Stacey: Actually, it's a little bit more complicated than that.

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Two things. First of all, we have to prove that this is the second gun, and, secondly, that this is the gun she used in the hall of mirrors. And to prove it, we're going to need more.

Derek: What more?

Stacey: Your testimony.

Derek: Damn!

Stacey: Derek, look, I wouldnít let them harm you. You got to believe me. I wouldnít let anything happen to you. Nothing. Will you testify for Fanny?

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