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Another World Transcript Thursday 3/10/05

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Felicia: If that's supposed to be me, you really ought to put some sequins on me.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: Or a shoulder pad or two.

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Hey, you look great.

Felicia: Thank you.

Cass: No, I mean it. You look like your old self.

Felicia: Well, you know, I got a little tired of sitting around on, well, my you-know-what --

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: And moaning about the past, and I thought if I'm ever going to have a future, I really ought to do something to help myself.

Cass: Well, what did you have in mind?

Felicia: I want to help you with the case.

Cass: Oh, I can handle things here. Why donít you and Mitch take a week or so off and go someplace? Go to Palm Springs or anyplace except Honduras.

Felicia: Honey, that's very sweet of you, but do you really think I can sit around a resort and lap up the sun and wonder if I'm going to spend the rest of my life behind bars?

Cass: No, I guess you canít.

Felicia: I mean, there's only about a week left and, well, there -- there must be an awful lot still to do.

Cass: There is.

Felicia: So, where do we begin?

Singer: How sweet it is to be loved by you

[Jamie whistles]

Singer: I needed the shelter of someone's arms and there you were

Vicky: Hello, this is Mrs. Frame. Yes, I'm calling about my new house. Ok, terrific. You just tell your man to leave the key under the doormat. We would like some privacy, nobody disturbing. Yes. Thank you. Bye.

Singer: With sweet love and devotion deeply touching my emotion I want to stop

Vicky: Ahem.

Singer: And thank you, baby I want to stop and thank you, baby yes, I do

Jamie: Whoa. Whoa.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Jamie: It's not very practical.

Vicky: Oh, well, that depends on what you want to move.

Jamie: My, my, my, you sure look nice for someone who was up three times last night with the baby.

Vicky: Um, who's counting?

Jamie: Not me.

Bridget: Steven looks so cute in his new wee tub. He just -- oh, excuse me.

Vicky: Uh --

Jamie: Oops. Hello.

Vicky: No, that's ok, Bridget. Is Steven sleeping?

Bridget: Yes, almost dear, almost.

Vicky: Good.

Jamie: In the middle of all this chaos, the perfect baby.

Vicky: Oh, the perfect husband, the perfect house.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: The perfect -- oh, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Bridget: Thank you, dear. Thank you.

Vicky: Jake.

Jake: I understand that you have some babysitting that needs to be done.

Vicky: Where's Marley?

Jake: She had a last-minute appointment, something about a job interview.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: I thought she was working at the gallery.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jake: She was. She was but, well, she had to take so much time off for surgery that Caroline had to replace her.

Vicky: I didnít know you were coming.

Bridget: Look, it's just as well, Victoria.

Vicky: What?

Bridget: I've got to do some shopping, dear. I've got to go to the supermarket.

Jake: Oh, that's all right, go ahead. I'll stay with Steven, no problem.

Vicky: No, but --

Jake: I mean, the kid's going to be seeing a lot of me. He might as well get used to it, right? So, where's my Godson?

Eric: Yes, yes, I agree. I think the best thing at this point --

[Door slams]

Marley: I need to talk to you.

Eric: Just a minute. Marley --

Marley: Hang up the phone, please.

Eric: Could I get back to you, Dr. Goldman? I have a patient here with me. Thank you. We donít have an appointment.

Marley: I cannot wait for another appointment! I'm not pregnant! You tell me why!

Eric: Marley, I really donít have time to --

Marley: You make time!

Eric: You're out of control.

Marley: You bet I am! It is your turn to deal with me, doctor.

Eric: I will not deal with you when you --

Marley: Oh, yes, you will! I have put up with you, Jake has put up with you. I have followed all of your instructions! I have had two surgeries! I have made enough temperature charts to cover each and every one of these walls! I have sex when I donít want to have sex! I donít have sex when I do want to have sex! I have read these stupid books! I have gone to your fertility group sessions! I have paid you all your fees, and still nothing has changed!

Eric: Are you through?

Marley: Not quite. I have jumped through hoops these past few months because I want to be pregnant. You told me I could have a child by doing this.

Eric: I never said that.

Marley: You're right. What am I supposed to do?

Eric: Be patient.

Marley: I canít!

Marley: Tell me the truth. Can I ever get pregnant?

Eric: If I promise to level with you, will you at least sit down?

Eric: When we found out that Jake did not have a low sperm count, I was very hopeful.

Marley: So was I.

Eric: And with the procedures you've had, these last three months are critical.

Marley: Why?

Eric: Because the fallopian tubes are as clear as they're ever going to be. If you are going to conceive, now is the optimum time. With each ensuing month, the blockage may recur.

Marley: I had surgery three months ago. I am still not pregnant.

Eric: Well, I -- I said it might happen. Now, donít get me wrong --

Marley: Eric. False hope is worse than no hope at all. You tell me the truth. You tell me what you would tell one of your colleagues if you were discussing my case with them like I wasn't there.

Eric: I would have to say it doesn't look good.

Jake: Donít tell me you're nervous about me staying with the kid?

Vicky: No, it's just that we have to get to the new house, and I've never let Steven alone with a sitter except for Bridget.

Jamie: Then why doesn't Jake just go in and see Steven and we can all wait until Bridget gets back?

Vicky: No, we canít do that.

Jamie: Why not?

Vicky: Because the movers are coming at noon.

Jamie: So?

Vicky: So we have to get there to check things out.

Jake: So I'll stay with the kid.

Vicky: Oh, Bridget never told me she had to go to that supermarket!

Jake: Vicky, hon, it's only a half-hour, and besides, the kid's asleep, right?

Vicky: Well, he may wake up.

Jamie: Vicky --

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Jake delivered Steven. I mean, he can certainly take of him for a half an hour, right, Jake?

Jake: Sure, no problem.

Josie: No, no, Mrs. Calvert, it's no problem. I could fit you in for that facial today. A pedicure? Donít do that! Uh, no, no, no, no. I donít have anything against pedicures. It's just that I think that -- I think that you should have a -- a manicure, too. Great, great. I'll put you down for -- oh, excuse me -- for 2:00. Ok, thank you. See you then. Matthew, I was on the phone!

Matt: I'm sorry.

Josie: No, you're not.

Matt: Yes. I was overcome with passion when I heard you talk about Mrs. Calvert's toenails.

Josie: Would you stop!

Matt: It just drives me crazy.

Josie: Would you stop?

Matt: Oh -- you know what?

Josie: What?

Matt: This summer, we should go away for a weekend.

Josie: Together?

Matt: Well, I thought I'd go with the guys, you'd probably go on a retreat, and it'd be good for -- ow!

Josie: Stop it.

Matt: Would you stop?

Josie: Well, you stop making fun of me, then.

Matt: I try, I do. But you're so gosh-darn cute when you get mad. I like it.

Josie: What am I going to do with you?

Matt: I donít know.

Man: Miss Watts? Is this what you call manning the desk?

Matt: Mr. Gooding. How do you do? So -- how nice to meet you.

Mr. Gooding: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Yes.

Mr. Gooding: And aren't you supposed to be instructing a client on the exercise machines?

Matt: Well, that doesn't start till another 10 minutes.

Mr. Gooding: Just because your name is Cory doesn't mean you canít get there early, hmm?

Matt: Mr. Gooding?

Mr. Gooding: Yes?

Matt: You have a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Matt: I saw it as soon as he walked in.

Reuben: Yo, little brother. I have a little something for you, huh? Your days of worrying are over, man. Take it. Will you open that thing up?

Jesse: All right. All -- all this money, man?

Reuben: See, now you can pay the man -- you know, for those classes you was telling me about.

Jesse: Where'd you get all this money?

Reuben: What you talking about, man?

Jesse: Where did you get all this money, Reuben?

Reuben: I got it from Winthrop and Edwards.

Jesse: You said they didnít pay you very well.

Reuben: Well, they donít. You see, this is what you call an advance, man.

Jesse: Really?

Reuben: Yes.

Jesse: You did that for me?

Reuben: Yeah, well, one day when you're a famous doctor, maybe you can take out my gall bladder or something.

Jesse: You crazy -- thanks, Reuben. Hey, I'll never forget this, man. Look, I'm sorry I said what I did.

Reuben: Hey, Jesse? I'm proud of you.

Jesse: I'm proud of you, too, man. Hey, and I'm going to pay this back as soon as I can.

Reuben: Yeah, yeah. Just get your butt out of here, all right?

[Phone rings]

Reuben: Yo, I got to answer it.

Jesse: All right, see you later.

Reuben: All right, later, man.

Cass' voice: We canít answer your call right now.

Reuben: I'm here, I'm here.

Cass' voice: But if you'll leave a message after the beep, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Reuben: Hello? Hello, Winthrop and Edwards.

[Answering machine beeps]

Duke: Hey, Reuben. What are you, the new office girl working today?

Reuben: Duke? What you doing calling me here, man?

Duke: What do you mean what am I doing calling you? You got 500 bucks of mine that says I can call you wherever and whenever I want.

Reuben: I'm going to pay that money back.

Duke: Yeah, you know you're going to pay me that money back. You're going to pay me that money back today.

Cass: All right, does this seem about right?

Felicia: It's just so hard for me to remember.

Cass: It looks pretty close to me. So you're standing right here, ok?

Felicia: Right.

Cass: And the strongman is about here. And you could see him reflected in all the mirrors, right?

Felicia: I remember.

Cass: I know this isnít easy.

Felicia: No, no, no, darling. It's all right. Just go on.

Cass: You ok?

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: All right. This is Jason, and I figure he was about here. Can you remember what direction the gun was aimed at?

Felicia: I'm not positive, but --

Cass: Yeah.

Felicia: It would seem that I pointed it right at this mirror.

Cass: Ok. And it had a lot of kick when it went off, right?

Felicia: What do you mean by "kick"?

Cass: You've never fired a gun before?

Felicia: I hate them. Remember that.

Cass: Ok. When you fired the gun, did it make your arm jerk?

Felicia: It may have. I'm not really sure.

Cass: I still donít see how you could be here and shoot Jason there.

Felicia: But if I didnít do it, then who did?

Cass: Someone standing about there. Now, you see, that guy could shoot Jason point-blank and maybe turn around a little in a struggle and, bang, Jason comes crashing through the mirror.

Felicia: So, then the voice that I heard when I came into this -- into this hall of mirrors --

Cass: Was Jason or his murderer.

Felicia: Can you prove that?

Cass: We need the damn strongman for that.

Felicia: How is Stacey doing with all that?

Cass: Oh, I donít know. She wants -- she doesn't want me to have anything to do with this guy. She's taking much too long, she's -- she's met with him I donít know how many times, and now she finally got his first name.

Felicia: What is it?

Cass: Derek. Does that ring a bell at all?

Felicia: You'd think I'd remember a name like Derek. I donít. I just donít.

Cass: He calls you Fanny.

Felicia: I know he does.

Cass: He knows all about you.

Felicia: I think it's just so strange, and I know he really is the key to this whole thing, isnít he?

Cass: Yes, he sure is.

Felicia: Honey, listen to me. Why donít you have Stacey set up a meeting with this -- this Derek and me?

Cass: Wait a sec, he was the guy who's been following you around.

Felicia: I know that.

Cass: Could you handle that?

Felicia: I donít know. We'll find out.

Cass: I wish I could just talk to the guy myself.

Felicia: There has to be some other way that we can prove who this is exactly.

Cass: Yes, there has to be, and we're going to find it.

Felicia: You know, it's -- it's funny. I look at this and for the first time I -- I think that maybe, maybe I didnít kill Jason.

Eric: Marley?

Marley: That wasn't what I expected you to say. I expected to come in here and throw this great big tantrum, and then you were going to say something.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Marley: Jake used to be all I ever wanted, and I got him. And I was so happy. And then we thought about having a child. Every morning I would look at him -- I wasn't pregnant -- and I would think, "just us?"

Eric: I know how difficult this must be for you.

Marley: This is what this does to you. It makes something you always wanted not enough.

Eric: I know.

Marley: I cannot do this anymore, Eric. All these fantasies that Jake and I created about having a child have backfired on me. The disappointment is harder to feel than anyone could ever imagine. How can I tell him? How can I tell Jake we cannot have a child?

Vicky: Now, Steven should stay asleep until Bridget gets back, but if he does wake up, he's going to be hungry, and if he gets hungry, the formula is in a bottle in the refrigerator and you will have to heat it up in a bottle, a pan of hot water, and --

Jamie: Vicky --

Vicky: You test it right on your wrist if you --

Jamie: Vicky, Vicky, you already told him all this already.

Jake: Thank you, Jamie.

Vicky: You know how to burp him?

Jake: Sure.

Vicky: Ok, because he has to be burped every two ounces.

Jake: Why?

Vicky: Because if he gets a bubble in his stomach and you feed him the whole bottle, then he could just blurt the whole thing up.

Jake: "Blurt" it up?

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Throw up, throw up.

Vicky: Right. Now, there is a cloth diaper on the changing table, ok? And you put it over your shoulder when you have to burp him.

Jake: Why will I need that?

Vicky: You need it because he may spit up.

Jake: Spit up?

Jamie: Jake, Jake, donít worry. Bridget will be right back and Steven probably wonít even wake up.

Vicky: Right.

Jake: Hey, I can handle it. It's no problem, all right?

Jamie: Come on, honey. Let's go.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Come on.

Vicky: Goodbye.

Jake: Goodbye.

Vicky: And thank you, Jake.

Jake: It's just a little baby. Jeez.

Vicky: Oh! Oh, there's a whole list of emergency numbers. It's over his crib and you can just call --

Jake: Goodbye, Vicky. Goodbye.

Vicky: Goodbye. Jake.

Jake: Get out. Whew.

[Steven cries]

Jake: He's just going to go back to sleep, right? Wrong. Please let spitting up be different than throwing up. That's all I ask. Coming, baby.

Reuben: Look, Duke, listen to me, man!

Duke: No, "man," you listen to me, pal. You donít start paying that money back today with the interest you promised me, then I'm going to maybe have a talk with your little brother. Hey, I got a better idea -- how about your little sister, the singer?

Reuben: All right, look, look, just leave my family alone, all right? I will get you the damn money today, all right?

Duke: Oh. All of a sudden now, there's money from somewhere.

Reuben: Man, I can get it.

Duke: You better get it, pal.

[Duke hangs up]

Zack: Oh, Reuben. Glad to see you in early for a change.

Reuben: I'm leaving.

Zack: Hold up, man. We got a lot of work here. Look --

Reuben: I'll do it later, all right?

Zack: Tape's still running. Thought you were supposed to be such a mechanical genius, Reuben.

[Tape winds] 

Josie: Yes, Mrs. Wilson, I'll put that in the mail for you today. I'll send you a brochure. Great. Bye. Aren't you supposed to be helping someone on nautilus equipment?

Matt: Yeah, I was. She's working away.

Josie: "She"?

Matt: I canít understand why a girl like -- who's built like that has to -- has to think that she has to work out, you know.

Josie: "Built"?

Matt: Well, I haven't seen a set of pectorals like that since 19--

Josie: Matthew, I really donít think that you should be helping the women on the nautilus equipment.

Matt: Josie --

Josie: No, I mean it. I think that the women clients would feel much more comfortable with women -- women instructors.

Matt: You're jealous!

Josie: I am not.

Matt: Yes, you are.

Josie: I'm not!

Matt: Come on, admit it.

Josie: No, I'm not. Jesse! Hi.

Matt: Hey, how you doing?

Jesse: When do you guys get off work?

Matt: Not for a little while. Why?

Jesse: I just came back from the bursar's office and I feel like celebrating.

Josie: You got the money for the lab fee?

Jesse: Yeah.

Josie: That's great.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey, all right.

Reuben: Yo, Jesse. What you doing here, man?

Jake: "A 1967 corvette with a 435-horsepower 427 survived. Now, it was able to reassert itself as the very best of an American legend, the first generation corvette stingray." See? Yeah. You're ok, you know that? A little bottle, a little conversation. You're cool. Listen, I really want to thank you for not -- not throwing up on me. I mean, I hate to admit it, but that really gets to me. I'll make you a deal -- you donít barf on me, and someday I'll take you to all the old great movies and the car shows. I'll even give you a ride on my motorcycle, but you got to wear a helmet. You're great, no arguments. Nothing's ever going to happen to you, kid, not as long as I'm around.

Marley: Uh, no, this is not like me, Eric.

Eric: Well, I do want to help.

Marley: Why?

Eric: Because I -- I see what you have with Jake and I know how badly you want a baby.

Marley: But that's not possible, right?

Eric: Well, I said the chances were slim. I didnít say it was impossible.

Marley: Oh, Jake and I have a hard enough time talking about it anyway.

Eric: Why is that?

Marley: I think you have to know Jake. He would do anything to make me happy, but he sees me in this situation and -- and he canít do anything, so he gets real frustrated and angry.

Eric: I suppose that's understandable.

Marley: And that's why I barged in here today. I had so much bottled up inside me, I didnít know who else to come to.

Eric: Well, you come to see me whenever -- whenever you want to do some talking or yelling.

Marley: Thank you. I know we are supposed to keep some sort of professional distance. But --

Eric: What?

Marley: I feel very close to you. I have to go. I have so many things to think about.

Eric: Well, if you need me, I'm here.

Cass: The only person I canít get a subpoena to is Iris Wheeler. You've got to do this. Now, here's the script. I want you to stick to it.

Felicia: You are out of your mind!

Cass: Take this.

Felicia: You think I'm going to sound like Vivien?

Cass: Take this script. And, look, put this over the mouthpiece -- they do it in all the movies -- and tell her you have laryngitis. Hoke it up. She'll buy it.

Felicia: In your dreams, she's going to buy this.

Cass: I'm telling you, she will. She wants to think you're Vivien. She wants to think that nobody else knows where she is. Now, come on.

Felicia: How do you know where she is anyway?

Cass: [French accent] The little gray cells -- I have more of them than most other people.

Felicia: Shut up. All right. I donít know why I'm doing this, but I'm doing it. Dial the phone.

Cass: [Normal voice] You ready?

Felicia: Not really.

Cass: Ok. Ready or not --

Felicia: Let's see now -- laryngitis, laryngitis.

Cass: I want everybody back in town for this.

Felicia: Hello, Mrs. Wheeler? Hello, Mrs. Wheeler?

Cass: I want --

Felicia: Hello, Mrs. Wheeler?

Cass: The courtroom packed with people who could've killed Jason Frame.

Felicia: This is Vivien. Hello, Mrs. Wheeler, this is Vivien.

Cass: And this guy Derek, I'm going to get him if it's the last thing --

Felicia: Hello, Mrs. Wheeler?

Cass: Hello? Madame Wheeler?

Felicia: Oh.

Cass: S'il vous plait.

Felicia: Oh, Lord.

Cass: Talulah? Hey!

Felicia: Ok, ok.

Cass: Get it together.

Felicia: Ok, ok.

Cass: You're on.

Felicia: [As Vivien] Hello, Mrs. Wheeler? This is Vivien.

Felicia: [As Vivien] Sorry, Mrs. Wheeler. I canít speak any louder. Laryngitis.

Cass: Yes!

Felicia: I -- I think you should come home. Mr. Cory is very worried about you. He calls every day. I feel very sorry for him. Right. Felicia Gallant's trial.

Cass: Huskier, husky --

Felicia: [Deep voice] No, Mr. Winthrop hasn't called at all. No, no. On the streets, they say he's a loser. Right. Right -- no, Felicia Gallant is going to the big house.

[Normal voice] What?

[Deep voice] Yes. I miss you, Mrs. Wheeler. Yes. Sorry, Mrs. Wheeler. Yes, right. Right. Thank you, Mrs. Wheeler. Bye!

Cass: Ugh. I donít think you'll get an Oscar for that, but somehow I think that it might have worked.

Felicia: [Normal voice] You know that she's either very stupid or lonely. I think she may have bought this.

Cass: Did she say she's coming back?

Felicia: No. But I think she's thinking about it. I could tell.

Cass: Well, honey, I figured returning to Bay City would be more appealing to her if she knew she was off the hook, right? But, honey, really -- "the big house"?

Felicia: Oh, shut up.

Cass: Did you have to?

Felicia: I couldn't think of anything else.

Cass: You've got a lot of guts, that's all I can say.

[Phone rings]

Cass: Yeah?

Zack: Look, have you heard anything from Reuben?

Cass: No, not a word. Why? It's Zack.

Zack: I got a stack of messaging here a foot high, and he just ran out of here. Guess I'm going to have to call a service.

Cass: Is that why you called?

Zack: No, no. Look, I got a call from an investigator. He found a little junk shop on the north side. They've got some circus paraphernalia.

Cass: All right, give me the address. Yeah? Ok. No, no, no, let me handle this. I'll follow up on this myself. Thanks a lot, Zack. Right, bye.

Felicia: What is it?

Cass: Another lead. Hey, listen, you've been lucky for me so far today. Do you want to come along?

Felicia: Why not?

Cass: Let's go.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: Here, catch.

Felicia: Come on. Oh, you.

Cass: You're crazy, you know that?

Felicia: Not nearly as crazy as you are.

Staceyís voice: So I'll call you later when you're in the office.

[Answering machine beeps]

Reubenís voice: Hello, Winthrop and Edwards.

Duke's voice: Hey, Reuben. What are you, the new office girl?

Reubenís voice: Duke? I told you not to call me here, man.

Duke's voice: You got $500 says I can call or do whatever I want to do.

Reubenís voice: I'm going to give you that money back.

Duke's voice: I know you are, Reuben.

[Tape stops]

Zack: Reuben, when will you ever learn?

Josie: Jesse told us what you did for him, Reuben. That's -- that's great.

Matt: Yeah, that really is, man. Hey, remember I promised to show you the weight room? You want to go see it now?

Jesse: Sure. Hey, Reuben, want to come along?

Reuben: No, that's all right, man. I want to stay here and keep Josie company, all right?

Jesse: Ok.

Matt: All right.

Jesse: Hey, thanks again, man.

Reuben: No problem.

Matt: This way, monsieur.

Reuben: So, you like working here?

Josie: Yeah, it's -- it's ok. Sometimes some of the rich people kind of get to me, though.

Reuben: Bet you get a lot of them, donít you?

Josie: Oh, yeah. And you wouldnít believe the way they dress just to come here.

Reuben: What you mean?

Josie: I donít know -- fur coats, expensive jewelry. I mean, you wouldnít believe it.


Reuben: I bet I would.

Josie: Excuse me. Reception. Yes, Mr. Gooding, I'll be right in. My boss awaits me.

Reuben: Bad news, huh?

Josie: Ugh, he is the worst. I'll see you later, Reuben, ok?

Reuben: Right.

Mr. Gooding: Miss Watts, I --

Josie: Yes, sir --

Mr. Gooding: Excuse me. Are you a member here?

Reuben: What?

Mr. Gooding: I've never seen you around here before. What's in that bag?

Josie: He's here to see me.

Mr. Gooding: Miss Watts, I have told you about entertaining your friends during working hours. Now, if you want to continue working here --

Josie: Mrs. Wheeler said something about security guards, right?

Mr. Gooding: That's right.

Josie: Well, Mr. Lawrence is here to fill out an application. Aren't you, Mr. Lawrence?

Reuben: Um, yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Mr. Gooding: Oh. I see.

Josie: So, anything else?

Mr. Gooding: No, that's all. Oh, I forgot -- I have to give you your birth certificate. I sent your forms to the social security office. I can give that back to you now.

Josie: Ok, thanks.

Mr. Gooding: Mm-hmm.

Reuben: I know what you mean now. That guy is a great big pain in my behind.

Josie: What were you doing in the locker room, Reuben?

Reuben: What you talking about?

Josie: Come on, I saw you come out of the locker room carrying that bag.

Reuben: Oh. I was looking for the bathroom.

Josie: I lied for you, Reuben. Come on, man, donít lie to me.

Reuben: I need money, Josie.

Josie: That's no way to go about it. If you need a job, we are hiring a security guard. Jesse looks up to you so much. Donít let him down. Come on. And why donít I hold that bag for you -- it looks a little heavy -- while you fill this out.

Reuben: You might want to put it by locker 106. I got this funny feeling that the door might be open.

Josie: You wonít regret this, Reuben.

Reuben: Yeah, right.

Josie: Fill that out.

Reuben: Yeah, Duke. Hey, it's Reuben. Duke, I canít get that money today, man. I tried, man! Duke, I swear to you I will give you the money, all right?

Jamie: All right, now when can I take this thing off?

Vicky: Not until I tell you.

Jamie: But how can I -- how can I carry you across the threshold if I canít see what I'm doing?

Vicky: You're not supposed to do that. You've already done that. Now, it's time for me to do something for you.

Jamie: And I canít wait.

Vicky: Ok. Ta-da!

Jamie: Oh -- this is beautiful!

Vicky: You like it?

Jamie: Like it? What's not to like? You did all this?

Vicky: Well, me, four movers, 12 stores, one caterer, and one guy who didnít quite do what I wanted him to do, but he'll get it all finished tomorrow.

Jamie: This is beautiful. I love this room.

Vicky: Well, good because, you see, I wanted us to have a little time alone in our new house, and I just wanted one room to be just perfect.

Jamie: Oh, you donít seem to understand something.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Well, moving is supposed to make you crabby and nervous and grumpy.

Vicky: Oh, well, I forgot that part.

Jamie: Want to know something else?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: I am so happy I'm moving into this house with you.

Vicky: Me, too.

Cass: Oh. He must be getting a job lot rate for this stuff.

[Calliope music plays]

Cass: Want to wait in the car?

Felicia: Yes. But I'm not going to.

Cass: Honey --

Felicia: I canít get crazy every time I see something from the circus.

Cass: Ok, if you're sure.

Felicia: Just donít sing anything from "Pagliacci," ok?

Cass: It's a deal.

Felicia: All right, let's look around, shall we?

Cass: Ok. Now, tell me if any of this junk, you know, triggers something.

Felicia: A poor use of words, please.

Cass: Oh. Ooh, sorry.

Felicia: Yeah.

Man: Are you looking for anything in particular?

Cass: No, we're just a couple of circus buffs.

Man: Give you a good price on a lot of this stuff. Look, my name's Larry. I'm glad to help you if you're interested in anything.

Cass: Thank you, Larry.

Larry: Ok.

Cass: So, any of this stuff ring a bell, look familiar?

Felicia: I donít know. I mean, maybe this was a waste of time.

Cass: It's really getting to you, isnít it?

Felicia: Yeah, I really think I should --

Cass: What?

Felicia: Cass?

Cass: What?

Felicia: This horse over here --

Cass: What about it?

Felicia: I think it might have been in the tent that night, or at least one like it.

Cass: Ok, I want to take a closer look. You keep Larry occupied, ok?

Felicia: Why?

Cass: Because if there's a bullet hole in that, we could be home free.

Felicia: Oh, Larry? Larry, do you happen to have any Victorian jewelry?

Larry: Well, just a few pieces --

Felicia: Oh, great, I'd love to see them.

Larry: But I'd be glad to show them to you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Larry: Look, if you like this sort of thing --

Felicia: Yes?

Larry: I could put your name on my mailing list.

Felicia: Oh, I'd love that. Oh, isnít that a wonderful brooch.

Larry: See, you have a good eye.

Felicia: Thank you.

Larry: Yeah.

Cass: Ok. Larry? How much is this carousel horse over there?

Larry: What?

Cass: The horse over there, the carousel horse. We'd like to buy that.

Larry: Oh, that horse? It isnít for sale. Sorry.

Reuben: What's that for?

Zack: Keys to my apartment -- give them to me.

Reuben: Why?

Zack: Look, donít hand me that, Reuben. You know what you did.

Reuben: Well, if you're mad about this morning --

Zack: Look, I thought you learned your lesson after that fire. Damn it, Reuben, you're on parole!

Reuben: You donít think I know that?

Zack: Look, your sister loves you so much, man. She wants so much more for you than she does for herself.

Reuben: If you would just tell me what this is about --

Zack: Look, I've had it with your lies, Reuben! Now, the court assigned you to this office, so I canít fire you, but I sure as hell can get you out of my house.

Reuben: All right, man. All right. If that's the way you want it, then fine!

Zack: That's not the way I want it. That's the way it has to be. I want your stuff out of my place tonight.

Josie: You know what's really weird? When Mr. Gooding gave me back my birth certificate, he said that it was a copy.

Matt: Donít tell me that guy has to have the original.

Josie: No, no, no, that's not it.

Matt: Is something wrong?

Josie: Yeah. Today when my mom gave me my birth certificate, she said, "Be really careful with it because it's an original," but Mr. Gooding is sure that it's a copy.

Matt: So what? What does he know?

Josie: What if he's right? What if it is a copy? Why would my mom tell me it was an original?

Cass: Larry, bubbie, we're talking cash here -- not plastic, not checks. We're talking cash.

Larry: Ah, that horse shouldnít even be in the shop.

Felicia: Well, then we'll just carry it out of here for you.

Cass: Yeah.

Larry: No, no, I mean, I collect carousel horses, a funny thing with me. Yeah, I got them all over my yard. Lois -- that's my wife --

Cass: Lois and Larry -- that's cute, yeah!

Larry: Yeah. Well, you know, she's always saying -- she goes, "Larry, if you bring another one of those damn horses home while I'm gone" -- so I always say, at least she doesn't have to feed them or clean up after them.

Cass: I'm willing to up my offer, Larry.

Larry: Oh, sorry.

Felicia: Larry, honey, have you ever been on a talk show?

Larry: Me?

Felicia: Yeah.

Larry: No.

Felicia: Would you like to be on one?

Larry: Well, I -- I never thought I'd be asked. Wait a minute! You're -- um -- uh -- oh --

Felicia: Yes, I am.

Cass: Yeah, that's her, all right.

Felicia: You know, I bet we could do a wonderful show on -- on you and your wonderful shop.

Larry: You could?

Felicia: Yes, I'm sure we could.

Larry: You know, this place -- excuse me.

Cass: Sure.

Larry: This place has never gotten the recognition it deserves.

Felicia: I'm sure. Except there is just one little problem.

Larry: What?

Felicia: Well, you know, on air, there's such a thing as simpatico between an interviewer and a guest and, well, you know, if you refuse to sell us this horse, I'm -- well, I'm just afraid that maybe the chemistry between you and me wonít be right, you know, on camera?

Larry: Oh. Yeah, I get it now.

Felicia: Oh. I knew you would. So, I mean, it's just -- it's silly, but we just really want this horse.

Larry: Um, you -- you said something about upping your offer?

Cass: Oh, gee, Larry, you drive a hard bargain. I mean, the talk show, the horse --

Larry: Well, you want the horse, right?

Felicia: Right.

Cass: Right.

Felicia: Here's my card, Larry.

Cass: And here's my money, Larry.

Felicia: You just call anyone here and tell them that you talked to me, use my name, and we'll get you on very soon.

Larry: Well, I'll just write up your receipt.

Cass: Ok, great. That's great.

Felicia: Thank you, Larry.

Cass: Nice doing business with you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Cass: Calm down. You never fail to amaze me.

Felicia: I hope you're still amazed when I have to do a whole show on junk shops.

Cass: It'll be worth it, especially if trigger here tests out the way I think --

Felicia and Cass: She will.

Felicia: I hope you're right.

Cass: We're on to something, honey. I can feel it.

Singer: I can see beyond your smile I think that I can show you that what we have is still worthwhile donít you know that love's just like the thread that keeps unraveling, but then it ties us back together in the end in your eyes I can see my dream's reflections in your eyes found the answers to my questions in your eyes I can see the reasons why our love's alive in your eyes we're drifting safely back to shore I think I've finally learned to love you more you warned me that life changes that no one

Jake: You know something? I should probably put you to bed. You look like you might be getting a little tired. Huh? Hey, if your Godfather canít spoil you, who can, right?

Marley: Hi.

Jake: I'm sorry, I didnít even hear you come in.

Marley: I know. Is anybody else here?

Jake: No. Jamie and Vicky went to check out the new pad, and Bridgetís buying killer some more food.

Marley: Oh. So you and Steven were just here alone, hmm?

Jake: Yep. Yep. We get along fine, I realized -- after I mastered diapering, that is.

Marley: Isnít he a miracle?

Jake: Something I just realized about baby here.

Marley: What?

Jake: He has, like, his own little personality, you know?

Marley: Yeah. They -- they really know how to make you love them, donít they?

Jake: Uh-huh. I want one. I never realized how much I wanted one until just now.

Marley: I know, honey. But in the meantime, we have Steven. Did Uncle Jake take care of you?

Jake: Better say yes.

Marley: I know he did. We will always take care of you. Always.

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