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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/9/05

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Vicky: Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Ooh. Coming. Oh, dad.

Michael: Hi.

Vicky: I'm so glad you could make it. Come in.

Michael: Well, no one would ever know that you were moving tomorrow.

Vicky: Oh, if we donít move tomorrow, we'll be standing for the rest of our lives. Let me clear you a space.

Michael: No, that's ok, really. I canít stay. I just stopped by to see Steven -- that is, if you haven't packed him.

Vicky: Afternoon -- he's sleeping.

Michael: Ah.

Vicky: Hmm.

Michael: Well, how are -- how are you holding up?

Vicky: A little exhausted, but I'm fine. Let me get you something. Coffee?

Michael: No, really, that's ok. I've got a hospital board meeting.

Vicky: Right, right, you're picking a new chief of staff.

Michael: Yes, I am, for which your husband is a prime contender.

Vicky: Oh, of course, which is why I called you over. See, I have a little favor to ask you.

John: The problem is -- how do you get the floor level?

Sharlene: Well, what happens if you go below the frost line on both sides? And -- and then you just lay in some pylons and put an I-beam underneath?

John: Listen to you.

Sharlene: What? What?

John: What? You're starting to sound like a -- a real live foreman, or is it a foreperson?

Sharlene: Wow, a really big change coming from you.

John: What is?

Sharlene: Well, weren't you the one who said that women didnít belong in construction? I think that -- that was you.

John: Was that me?

Sharlene: It was you.

John: I donít recall having said that -- not to you, anyway, but I guess I'm learning. Well, you're teaching me a lot.

Sharlene: How not to be a male chauvinist p-I-g -- pig?

John: Well, yeah. Even that.

Sharlene: Yeah? Well, you taught me some things, too.

John: Why donít we just make sure that nothing ever changes?

Sharlene: And why would anything change?

John: Well, now that Russ Matthews is back in town -- what? What's --

Sharlene: John --

John: What's the --

Sharlene: We have got to get something straight.

Sam: See? I brought my easel all the way over here so you could work with me while I do some painting.

[Alli fusses]

Sam: Oh. You donít like to work with daddy while he's painting, do you?

[Alli cries]

Sam: Oh, come on, Alli. I know you miss your mommy. Come here. Come here, Alli. I know you miss your mommy. I miss her, too.


Sam: But she had to stay away last night. She was working, ok? She had to get some stuff for her story. Right? Now, see? Ok, let's look at the painting with me. Oh -- oh, no. Oh, no. Hold on, Alli, please? Oh, man. Oh. Ok, just a second. Hold on, Alli. Ow, ow, ow. Ow. Ow. Oh, great. Ah -- huh. Alli, can you wait a little while to eat? Because this is not working out too well. Ouch. Yeah, it's a little hot.

[Knock on door]

Sam: What is that? Ah. There's your mommy, Alli. There's your mommy. Now, come on. Ok.

[Alli cries]

Sam: Amanda, where the hell have -- what the hell are you doing here?

[Door opens]

Andrews: Mr. Trent isnít going to like it that you didnít eat.

Amanda: I donít care what Mr. Trent thinks.

Andrews: Well, perhaps if I left it a little while longer?

Amanda: Would you like to wipe it off the wall? Wait a minute -- Andrews? I have to get out of here. Please, canít you help me?

Andrews: I work for Mr. Trent.

Amanda: I'll double whatever he's paying you.

Andrews: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Andrews, wait -- I'll triple it. Think of that. I'll triple whatever he's --

Dustin: That'll be all, Andrews.

Andrews: Yes, sir.

Dustin: I see you're not one of those people who wakes up in a good mood.

Amanda: I want out of here.

Dustin: You haven't even tried on the dress.

Amanda: You know what you can do with your stupid dress?

Michael: Victoria, I have a feeling I know what the direction that this is headed in.

Vicky: Oh, so you'll do it? You'll put in a good word for him?

Michael: Sweetie --

Vicky: And, you know, he's been head of the hospice for such a long time --

Michael: I know that.

Vicky: So we know he's a good administrator. Besides, he's probably the best-liked doctor in that whole hospital.

Michael: Victoria, the board has already had all of their discussion.

Vicky: What?

Michael: And I have removed myself from voting to avoid any conflict of interest.

Vicky: Well, so? You could still put in a good word and twist a few arms, couldn't you?

Michael: I will not!

Vicky: Dad, he's your son-in-law.

Michael: That's exactly why I wouldnít use my influence.

Vicky: You donít think he'll make a good chief of staff?

Michael: I think he'd make a wonderful chief of staff, but I am not going to ask people to vote for him as a favor to me.

Vicky: Oh, please.

Michael: Victoria, the board has all the qualifications, all right? Why donít we let them decide, just see what happens, ok?

Vicky: No! That is not ok. Now, I'm his wife and I want to help him and I would expect you would do the same thing.

Michael: What do you think Jamie would think if he knew that you were trying to interfere?

Vicky: I am not interfering! I'm just being a good wife.

Michael: Some of us would disagree with that interpretation.

Vicky: All right. What about the time the emergency room didnít have enough doctors? Who volunteered?

Michael: Jamie, and the board members know that.

Vicky: Well, and he saved my life, your own daughter's life.

Michael: I'm not going to lobby for him and that's final.

Vicky: You could help him!

Michael: Hey. Ahem. Being a hospital administrator is a large responsibility and did you ever think that maybe Jamie would like to have the time just for yourselves?

Vicky: Oh, I donít want time to ourselves. I want my husband to be chief of staff!

Michael: Well, what does Jamie want?

Vicky: That, of course. Well -- why are you giving me that look?

Michael: What look?

Vicky: That one with your eyebrow up. Then you sigh.

[Michael sighs]

Vicky: Right -- look, sigh. Now you have to tell me something.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Vicky: Well, give it to me.

Michael: You are being very selfish. You're doing this for yourself.

Vicky: Oh, am I?

Michael: Yes. You just want to be able to say that your husband is chief of staff.

Vicky: I want to be proud of Jamie.

Michael: What, you're not already?

Vicky: Yes, of course I am! I just -- I want him to be better than he already is.

Michael: Whoa, whoa. Donít start down that road, Victoria. It's a dead end for everybody.

Vicky: Dad.

Michael: Look, I'm going to go to the hospital now, all right? I will stop by in a little while to see Steven -- that is, if you haven't packed him yet -- and I will tell you how the voting went, ok?

Vicky: Yeah.

Michael: You think about what I said. I donít want you to go messing with things, all right? It'll just blow up in your face.

Vicky: Thanks a lot.

Liz: Oh, Russ, Russ dear?

Russ: Yeah?

Liz: Did you see your friends?

Russ: Yes.

Liz: Did they say how'd they vote?

Russ: Honey, they're not even on the board.

Liz: Oh, Russ, I know you'll be chosen. I've already voted.

Russ: Yes, you've mentioned that already.

Jamie: Russ, hello.

Russ: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi. Hello, Liz.

Liz: Jamie, are you ready for the big vote?

Jamie: Yeah, I guess so. How about you, Russ?

Russ: I donít know. It bothers me so much that we're in competition for the same job.

Liz: Oh, now, listen, both of you -- this is going to be over very soon. Jamie, you must've been very honored to be nominated.

Russ: Yes, as I was.

Liz: No, but, you see, the position of chief of staff of the hospital really requires experience. Donít worry, Jamie, dear. You're going to have that later on in your life.

[Jamie chuckles]

Russ: Ah, Liz.

Jamie: No, I think she's right, Russ. I mean, after all, you were head of that very prestigious clinic in Switzerland.

Liz: And he wrote that huge textbook!

Russ: No, Liz. I was co-editor.

Liz: Well, whatever. Oh, look at the time. I have to call Nicole at the salon -- excuse me, dears.

Russ: Oh, boy. I'm sorry about that, Jamie.

Jamie: No, Russ, there's no need to apologize. You are a great doctor. I mean, you're the reason I went into medicine in the first place.

Russ: Me?

Jamie: I never told you that?

Russ: No.

Jamie: Yes -- Russ, you are my ideal of what a doctor should be.

[Russ chuckles]

Russ: Oh, that's very nice.

Jamie: I just hope we get a chance to work together no matter who has what job.

Russ: I'm sure we will. Thank you very much.

Jamie: Ok, you bet.

Dustin: Amanda, I realize you're upset, but if you'd just --

Amanda: Oh, it's finally penetrated. The man realizes that I am upset.

Dustin: Amanda, if you would just give me a chance to --

Amanda: You lied to me.

Dustin: If you would just --

Amanda: You lured me into your car with all these lies --

Dustin: Amanda, if you would just give me a chance to discuss --

Amanda: You end up taking me to some Godforsaken place and locking me up overnight!

Dustin: Are you finished?

Amanda: Of course I am upset!

Dustin: Are you finished?

Amanda: On top of all of that, you expect me to impersonate your wife? How do you think I'm going to feel -- grateful?

Dustin: Are you finished? You know, if you'd just think about it for a couple of minutes logically and calmly, you'd realize you donít have to stay here very long. You donít have to be uncomfortable if you just do what I tell you to do.

Amanda: I'm not doing anything for you until you tell me what's going on.

Dustin: I've already told you all you need to know.

Amanda: Where are we?

Dustin: Are you not comfortable?

Amanda: "Comfortable"? What type of house has bars on the windows?

Dustin: I feel more secure with them. After all, one canít be too safe in the country.

Amanda: You kidnapped me.

Dustin: I borrowed you. I need your help.

Amanda: You took me away from my baby and my husband. You obviously had this planned.

Dustin: That's right. This is not a game, Amanda. And I assure you, I am going to expect full cooperation.

Amanda: Well, you're not going to get it, not until you level with me.

Dustin: I have to leave for a while. By the time I return, I expect you to be in a more cooperative mood.

Amanda: Think again.

[Dustin locks door]

Amanda: Damn you, Dustin!

John: Did I say something wrong?

Sharlene: John, you have got to understand something. Russ Matthews is out of my life.

John: Well, still, the fact that he's back in town --

Sharlene: John, I am a one-man woman and you are the man.

John: You really know how to make a guy's day, donít you?

Sharlene: Good.

John: I donít know where I'd be without you.

Sharlene: You'd be fine.

John: Oh, I donít know. You've gotten me out of some pretty dark places.

Sharlene: Now you're stuck with me. Remember that?

John: How could Russ have ever let you go?

Sharlene: It was my choice. I loved him, but it was never going to work.

John: But if you -- if you loved him, then how did --

Sharlene: I -- I didnít say that it was easy.

John: You just stopped loving him?

Sharlene: Took me a long time. And I -- I didnít think that I would ever love again.

John: Well -- see? You're not right about everything, are you?

John: I got to get out to the hospice. We're putting that new roof on. God only knows what's going to happen. Listen, when I get back, we'll go and check out some other buildings, ok?

Sharlene: Ok. And -- and remember, you're on the clock, so just donít take too long.

John: Oh, well, yes, ma'am.

Jamie: That's very good. Thank you.

Michael: Jamie, donít go. Could I talk to you for a second?

Jamie: Well, sure.

Michael: I just wanted to speak with you privately before they made the official announcement.

Jamie: Oh, well -- ahem -- has the board made their decision?

Michael: They picked Russ Matthews.

Jamie: Well, he's a good man.

Michael: You're not -- you're not upset?

Jamie: No. Listen, I -- I probably would've voted for Russ myself. I -- I was just honored to have been nominated.

Michael: Well, I'm -- I'm really glad that you responded like that.

Jamie: No, seriously. I like working with my patients one-on-one, you see, and if I had taken that position, then I would have to cut back on that, you see?

Russ: Hello, Mike.

Michael: Oh, hi, Liz, Russ.

Liz: I asked Mrs. Morganstern when she came out of the boardroom, but she said you were in charge of that announcement.

Michael: Well, yes, I -- and I think it's fair to say that we had a very difficult time making the decision.

Liz: What was so difficult?

Russ: Oh, Liz.

Michael: Liz, we had a lot of very qualified people that we had to go through.

Liz: Who? I --

Michael: Ahem. But as it so happens, I might as well take this opportunity. Russ, the board would very much like it if you would accept the position of chief of staff in this hospital. Will you accept?

Liz: Oh, will he accept? Oh! I knew you'd be chosen! I knew it!

Russ: Well, I made up my mind days ago that if you made the offer, yes, I would definitely accept it. Thank you very, very much.

Liz: Oh, I knew you'd have it.

Michael: Thank you.

Liz: Oh, I knew you'd have it.

Jamie: Congratulations, Russ.

Russ: Jamie, thank you.

Jamie: I look forward to working with you.

Russ: I'm sure we will and we'll have a great time. Thank you very much.

Liz: Oh, we have a lot of phone calls to make right now.

Russ: Yes, but first, I think that I should go and talk --

Michael: No, no, no, that's all right. As long as you stop by and see the hospital administrator before you leave today, that's fine.

Liz: I think we should call Alice first, donít you, dear?

Russ: Ok, ok.

[Russ chuckles]

Michael: You handled that very well.

Jamie: Well, listen, Michael, seriously, this is no big blow to my ego, ok?

Michael: Well, that's great.

Jamie: Actually, I'm glad that Russ got the job. He deserves it and -- and I wouldnít want to be sitting behind a desk all my life instead of watching my son grow up.

Michael: You really like being a father, donít you?

Jamie: Yeah, why not? I'm a very lucky man.

Michael: My daughter is a very lucky woman. Come on.

Evan: Canít a guy even apologize?

Sam: Fine -- you've apologized. I think that's all we have to say to each other. My warning still stands, though -- you stay away from Amanda.

Evan: Look, Sam, I donít know what else to say to you. I just really thought that we could be friends.

Sam: We were never friends.

Evan: Well, then, I guess I misunderstood you.

Sam: Yeah. I guess you did. I'm not exactly in the mood to be friends with a guy who admits he kissed my wife -- clear?

Evan: Clear enough.

Sam: And when Amanda gets back, you steer clear of her.

Evan: Where'd she go?

Sam: She's on assignment.

Evan: What assignment?

Sam: That's none of your business, so why donít you just take off?

[Knock on door]

Mac: Hello, Sam. Amanda here? Oh, hi, Evan.

Evan: Hello, Mac. How are you?

Mac: Well, I wanted to check in with my granddaughter, but I did want to ask Amanda if she had heard from Iris. They were working on several articles together.

Sam: Iris hasn't called here. Isnít she at the office?

Mac: No. Well, Iris and I -- anyway, she's spending some time in France.

Sam: Yeah? What, a vacation?

Mac: Kind of like that. So, what about Amanda? Has she mentioned Iris at all?

Sam: No.

Mac: Well, I'd like to talk with her anyway. Where is she today?

Sam: She's on assignment.

Mac: Which assignment?

Sam: Uh -- the video match assignment. She called last night. She was hoping to wrap it up fairly soon.

Evan: What do you mean? She didnít come home last night?

Mac: What?

Sam: Evan, why donít you just back off, ok? She's a terrific reporter and if she's hot on the video match story, fine. It's her story.

Mac: But, Sam, why would she have to stay out all night?

Sam: Mac, she's done it before. She did it when she was doing the story on Felicia.

Mac: Oh. Well, but, you did talk to her?

Sam: Yeah, I -- I talked to her, but not very long. She was in kind of a hurry.

Evan: You know, I just remembered, I've really got to get back to Cory. If you'll excuse me.

Sam: Fine.

Mac: I'll see you at the office.

Evan: Yeah. Sam, Amanda did not mention anybody's name when she called, did she?

Sam: Evan, I've told you once and I'm not going to tell you again -- you stay out of our lives.

Andrews: Mr. Trent wants you to fix your hair in the style of his wife, Julia.

Amanda: I told him last night and I will tell you today I'm not interested.

Andrews: Well, he'd also like you to listen to her voice and learn the inflection pattern.

[Woman gasps]

Woman's voice: I did not see you. How long have you been standing there?

Dustinís voice: Not long. I just wanted to come in and surprise you.

Andrews: I'd advise you to do as Mr. Trent says, Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: I need your help.

Andrews: I thought we'd finished with that topic.

Amanda: Look, I could pay you a tremendous amount of money. My father is Mackenzie Cory, the publisher? He'll pay any amount.

Andrews: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Look, all you'd have to do is just leave me the key.

Andrews: I'd suggest you use the pins in the box for the wig.

Amanda: Andrews? Andrews, wait!

[Andrews locks door]

Amanda: Use the pins.

Vicky: Oh, sweetheart, just think -- all of these boxes are going to be in our new home tomorrow night.

Jamie: They'd better be.

Vicky: Now, why did you have to go to the hospital so early for that patient?

Jamie: Because she's my patient and she needed me.

Vicky: Yeah, but donít other doctors get residents or something?

Jamie: Well --

Vicky: I mean, you're tired.

Jamie: You're going to have to get used to my long hours.

Vicky: You got it!

Jamie: What?

Vicky: The job!

Jamie: What? No.

Vicky: You got the chief of staff!

Jamie: No, no, no.

Vicky: Honey, that's terrific!

Jamie: No, no -- no, time-out. Time-out, time-out, time-out. No, no, no.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: No, they didnít pick me for chief of staff. They chose Russ Matthews.

Vicky: No!

Jamie: Oh, honey, I was never really in the running anyway.

Vicky: Of course you were.

Jamie: No, honey, I really donít have his kind of experience, and besides, he's a great doctor, a good one. And I guarantee you, he'll handle the red tape a hell of a lot better than I would.

Vicky: Oh. I still should've pushed my father.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: My own dad and he didnít do anything.

Jamie: What are you talking about?

Vicky: Oh, I asked Michael to put in a good word for you, and what did he do? Nothing.

Jamie: You asked Michael to swing the vote?

Vicky: Yes, and he said no.

Jamie: Why would you do that?

Vicky: Why? So you could get the job, of course.

Jamie: I wouldnít have wanted the job if you'd pulled strings to get it for me.

Vicky: Oh, honey, you deserve it.

Jamie: No, Russ Matthews deserved it and they gave it to him.

Vicky: Well, I wanted you to have it!

Jamie: I canít believe you did that.

Vicky: Why shouldnít I? Honey, you wanted it, didnít you?

Jamie: That's not the issue. It wasn't your place to interfere.

Vicky: I just talked to my father, Jamie.

Jamie: I donít want you trying to fix things!

Vicky: I just talked to my dad.

Jamie: Wait! Oh, God, I donít want to hear this. I donít want to hear this at all!

Vicky: Jamie, now, wait a --

Jamie: You know, I thought you'd changed, but you haven't changed one bit.

Vicky: Jamie, donít go -- Jamie.

Michael: So Sharlene helped you through it?

John: Yeah. Yeah, when it all started coming back, all of the -- the horror of it, I -- I just wanted to push it all away.

Michael: Hmm. Well, that makes sense to me.

John: But Sharlene wouldnít let me. She stayed by me. She made me face it.

Michael: That's great, John.

John: No, Sharlene was great. She listened. She was there for me. She helped me get through it all.

Michael: When I think about Vietnam, I think about how it poisoned all of us.

John: Yeah, but so many guys got through it, it --

Michael: Well, some guys needed more time than others, though.

John: It's just weird, isnít it, I mean, how it affected some of us so differently. I mean, you saw your share of fighting and dying and killing and you seem to have come out of it just fine. I mean, it took me 20 years to realize how angry I was, how much I kept blaming myself for things that I didnít have any control over.

Michael: Well, now, you donít want to start blaming yourself for blaming yourself, do you?

John: Well, you know, that's a good point, Mike.

Michael: So, what's next?

John: I donít know. I'm just now starting to realize how much of my life I gave up 20 years ago.

Michael: Oh, like what?

John: Like medicine. There were more than just a -- a few courses that I'd taken. But I donít know -- at some point, that all seemed useless and I just gave it up and starting drifting.

Michael: And the drifting is over now?

John: Maybe.

Michael: Well, you're going to have to thank Sharlene for me.

John: For what?

Michael: For doing what I couldn't do.

John: I donít get you. What do you mean?

Michael: Welcome home.

Sharlene: Well, are -- then just have Jerry -- just have Jerry pick it up on his way back in. Ok. Thanks, mort. Wait -- Mort, listen. If John comes in, donít tell him, ok, because I want to tell him. Yeah. Thanks, bye. Yes!

[Knock on door]

Russ: Hello, Sharlene. May I come in?

Russ: This is where you live. Very nice.

Sharlene: I hear you've been traveling all over the world, so an old farmhouse probably isnít like the places that you've --

Russ: Now, Sharlene, Sharlene, it is very good. It feels good. It's a -- it's a home.

Sharlene: Did you miss the states?

Russ: Ah -- I missed home. Liz mentioned that Jason bought this place a while back.

Sharlene: Yeah. Yeah. Um -- Josie and I moved out here last year.

Russ: Hmm.

[Russ chuckles]

Russ: I was just thinking, the -- the wallpaper reminds me of that stuff that you used to have in your sewing room.

Sharlene: Well, I guess I have a weakness for prints, huh?

Russ: Yeah. What made you come back to Bay City, Sharlene?

Sharlene: We didnít have any place else to go. You said you had something to tell me.

Russ: Yeah. Yeah, I had mentioned the job at the hospital, chief of staff. I've decided to accept it.

Sharlene: Congratulations.

Russ: Thank you. Thank you very much, but the point is I'm going to be living here in Bay City again and in all probability, we will be seeing a lot of each other.

Sharlene: Oh. You know, I suppose so.

Russ: I just -- I just wanted you to know.

Sharlene: Well, thank you.

Russ: Doesn't it occur to you, Sharlene, that we have a lot of unfinished business to discuss?

Mac: Well, I'm really not on top of the details of Amandaís assignment. As you know, Iris has been handling it.

Sam: Yeah, well, Amanda should be calling soon.

Mac: I hope so.

Sam: She'd better.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Look, I should be going. I told Jamie I'd stop by over there.

Sam: Going from grandkid to grandkid, huh?

Mac: Something like that. You'll keep me posted about Amanda?

Sam: Yeah. Mac, as soon as she calls, I'll let you know.

Mac: And I'll let you know if I hear anything at the office.

Sam: Thanks.

Mac: Oh, hello, Caroline.

Caroline: Hello, Mac. How are you doing?

Mac: It's nice to see you.

Caroline: Nice to see you.

Mac: Would you excuse me? I was just leaving.

Caroline: Oh, certainly.

Mac: So long, Sam.

Sam: Yeah. I know, I know -- I'm supposed to be at the gallery looking at slides, but Amandaís not here, so --

Caroline: So you're the babysitter?

Sam: Yeah.

Caroline: Yeah. A little domestic, hmm?

Sam: Uh -- no, no. Look, would you like something?

Caroline: I'd like you to come to the gallery. What happened to the regular babysitter?

Sam: I told the babysitter to take the day off today because I'd like to stay here by the phone in case Amanda calls.

Caroline: Sam, I donít want to be a nag, but how many more times are you going to upset your work just to stay home --

Sam: Look, Caroli - -- Caroline, look, I'm just a little worried about Amanda, ok? She didnít come home last night.

Caroline: Really?

Sam: Yeah. She's hot on the trail of this story. She called me last night and she's hoping to be done with it soon.

Caroline: Well, you should understand that. She's obsessed with her work the way artists sometimes are.

Sam: Yeah.

Caroline: Hmm.

Sam: Look, I'm trying to give her as much space as possible --

Caroline: Hmm.

Sam: Although, I really donít like it when she's not here.

Caroline: Well, anyway, I brought some slides. I thought we might be able to get some work done. Setting up the gallery in Texas -- they're only going to show your work for one week, so I thought that -- Sam?

Sam: Yeah, yeah. What? I'm sorry.

Caroline: Look, you've got a little bit of time on your hands, the baby's asleep, your agent is here. Perhaps we could do some work?

Sam: Right. Sorry.

Caroline: Hmm.

Sam: So, we're doing a show in Boston, huh?

Caroline: Texas.

Sam: Texas -- right, Texas. It's a lot like Boston, but different.

Caroline: Yeah. Oh, God.

Dustin: Good afternoon.

Lauren: Afternoon. Boy, we sure slept late.

Dustin: We had a long night.

Lauren: Did we?

Dustin: Hmm.

Lauren: Oh, gosh. I guess I drank too much.

Dustin: How's your head?

Lauren: Oh, it's not good. I swear we only had one bottle of champagne.

Dustin: Oh, one is all you remember. How about a nice hot shower, make you feel better? Hmm?

Lauren: Ok. Sure.

Dustin: Here you go.

Lauren: Thanks.

Dustin: Hope you remember how wonderful you were last night.

Lauren: I donít remember anything.

Dustin: Thanks a lot!

Lauren: No, no, no. It's not you. Just too much champagne.

Dustin: Ok. Here's a little bonus. I like a girl who knows how to have fun.

Lauren: Right. Thank you. I sure could use a few more jobs like this. I better take that shower.

Dustin: Yeah. Take all the time you want.

Dustin: These things are stronger than I expected.

[Shower runs]

[Knock on door]

Evan: Where's Amanda?

Dustin: Good afternoon, Evan.

Evan: I said where is she?

Dustin: Evan, we've got to stop meeting like this.

Evan: I want to know where Amanda is.

Dustin: Actually, I was hoping you could help me with that. We had an appointment and she never arrived.

Evan: What do you mean, she never arrived?

Dustin: Which was surprising considering how eager she was to get some information I had on a story.

Evan: What story?

Dustin: Amanda told me to keep it confidential and I'm going to do just that.

Evan: Wait a second. Now, we both work for the same magazine. Now, I need to know.

Dustin: She told me it was confidential. I'm not going to go telling every gigolo that knocks on my door.

Evan: Dustin, I'm worried about her. She just might be in trouble.

Dustin: What?

Evan: Well, see, she called her husband last night. They spoke for two minutes. She hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Dustin: How do you know this? Because you work for the same magazine?

Evan: No, because Sam told me.

Dustin: Ah. Making friends with the husbands, huh? True to form.

Evan: She said she was working with you on the video match story, Dustin.

Dustin: Well, she was, but obviously she didnít need me, now, did she?

Evan: Wait a second. What were you doing last night?

Dustin: Partying.

Evan: You were partying all night long?

Dustin: All night long.

Evan: Yeah? Can you prove it?

Dustin: If need be.

Lauren: Oh, I just realized I'm going to be late for class. Hi.

Dustin: Lauren, darling, I'd like you to meet Mr. Bates.

Evan: Hello.

Lauren: Hi.

Dustin: Mr. Bates has a question for you. It might not be a gentlemanly one, but Mr. Bates isnít much of a gentleman.

Lauren: Ok.

Evan: Were you with this guy all night long last night?

Lauren: I sure was. And I hope we can do it again sometime.

Dustin: I'm sure you've heard all you need to hear. And maybe you'll leave now?

Liz: Oh. Victoria, hello.

Vicky: Hi.

Liz: How are you?

Vicky: Oh, just fine.

Liz: How is that -- that baby boy?

Vicky: Just fine.

Liz: I imagine that you've heard the news about Russ.

Vicky: Yes. Oh, congratulations.

Liz: Thank you, thank you.

Vicky: I know -- I know Jamie was pleased.

Liz: Oh, they've always been close.

Vicky: I hadn't realized that until today.

Liz: Russ always had a special feeling for Jamie.

Vicky: When Russ was married to Rachel, right?

Liz: Oh, more than that. You see, Russ raised Jamie as if he were his own son. Oh, well, actually, he thought that was the truth. Uh --

Vicky: Excuse me?

Liz: Oh, dear. I thought -- wouldnít -- didnít Rachel or Jamie talk to you about this?

Vicky: Oh, yes. Jamie told me.

Liz: Well, Rachel was very, very young -- your age, really -- and Rachel lied to him and -- and she let him believe that Jamie was his son and, of course, she knew that he was Steven Frameís.

Vicky: I see.

Liz: When the truth came out, of course, the marriage was ended. I mean, it is a tribute to both Rachel and Russ that things have worked out. Otherwise, it would've been disastrous for everyone. Well, I -- I have to get back to the salon. Excuse me.

Michael: Say, is Rachel coming over later?

Mac: No. She's handling some business for us in South America, but --

Michael: Oh.

Mac: Thank goodness she will be back in just a few days.

Michael: Well, that must make things kind of lonely around your house.

Mac: Very lonely -- Rachel away, Iris abroad.

Michael: Have you heard from Iris?

Mac: No, I havenít. Michael, I was wondering -- would you call her for me?

Michael: Me?

Mac: She's still terribly upset with me and she refuses to speak to me.

Michael: Mac --

Mac: You know, ordinarily I wouldnít ask anyone outside the family to intervene like this, but obviously, Iris thinks very highly of you. I mean, she -- she asked you to help her to start that new magazine of hers and you are the only one she told where she was going. Michael, maybe she would listen to you.

Michael: What would you like me to say?

Mac: Well, she just canít stay away like this. I mean, we'll never get this thing straightened out with her hidden away someplace in France.

Michael: Mac, if I ask her to come home, she might read something into it.

Mac: I donít understand.

Michael: You -- you remember that conversation we started to have the other day at the hospital?

Mac: Oh, about Iris.

Michael: We were in Europe at the same time.

Mac: This was several years ago --

Michael: Right.

Mac: That you're talking --

Michael: We actually met on the Riviera.

Mac: Uh-huh.

Michael: We were both unattached. Look, I had no idea she was your daughter. Her name was Iris Wheeler -- she never mentioned Bay City.

[Michael sighs]

Mac: It's all right, I understand, but I -- I guess then when you came back to Bay City --

Michael: Well, it was over. And then I found Donna, I found my daughters. We started our life together.

Mac: Needless to say, I'm absolutely -- I mean, I never would've expected you to go into all this with me, but Iris never even mentioned a word about having known you before.

Michael: Well, it's a very delicate situation. Mac, it -- it was not just a casual affair.

Mac: No, no, I'm sure it wasn't, at least I'd certainly hope not. Well, I hope Iris will tell me all about it when she gets back -- if she ever gets back.

Michael: Do you think she's going to be gone forever?

Mac: I simply donít know. She wonít speak to me, Michael.

Michael: Mac, I'm so sorry.

Mac: Well, at least now I can understand your reticence about calling her, but it sure leaves me at a complete loss at this moment.

Michael: Mac, I'm just afraid she might misinterpret.

Mac: Well, naturally, I'd expect you to tell her that I'm the one who's doing the asking. Could you do just that much maybe?

Michael: Well, I could. I would -- I just told Donna.

Mac: Oh.

Michael: Of course she didnít know. It's -- she's very sensitive right now.

Mac: Well, listen, it's all right. I certainly donít want you to jeopardize your family life in any way -- you know that.

Michael: I'm going to Munich in a few days. How about if I let you know one way or the other?

Jamie: Vicky?

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, I've been waiting for you.

Jamie: My secretary told me.

Vicky: I have something to say.

Jamie: All right.

Vicky: I'm sorry. I shouldnít have done what I did -- actually, I didnít do anything yet. I just tried --

Jamie: Ahem.

Vicky: So I shouldnít have tried. I was wrong.

Jamie: What's that?

Vicky: It's a gourmet picnic lunch.

Jamie: Did you make it?

Vicky: No. I bought it but I'm still really sorry.

[Jamie coughs]

Vicky: Jamie, come on. Donít be mad at me. I'm not going to do it again and we're going to move into our new house and I really donít want things to be screwed up with us.

Jamie: Neither do I.

Vicky: I love you.

Jamie: I love you, too. But you donít have to go around arranging things, you little knucklehead.

Vicky: Ok, I wonít. I swear.

Jamie: Good.

Vicky: I guess it's official.

Jamie: What?

Vicky: We have had our first fight as a married couple.

Jamie: Hmm. You know, one nice things about fights --

Vicky: What?

Jamie: You get to go home and make up.

Vicky: Ooh! Let's go.

Jamie: Let's go.

Vicky: Oh, donít forget that lunch, hon.

Jamie: Absolutely.

[Vicky chuckles]

Vicky: Whoo!

[Jamie chuckles]

Russ: All I'm trying to say is -- I mean, we never even said goodbye! You simply upped, you walked out.

Sharlene: And you got married, right away.

Russ: Yes! I did! I went through a lot of changes. I had a daughter and so, by the way, did you.

Sharlene: Josie.

Russ: Josie, yes. It occurs to me that she and Olivia should be just about the same age.

Sharlene: I guess so.

Russ: Yeah. Well, then perhaps one day, they can be good friends.

Sharlene: Maybe. Maybe -- maybe we'll all be good friends someday.

Russ: Yeah, well, I would like that, Sharlene. I really would like that.

[Door opens]

Sharlene: Excuse me. John. Oh. You remember Russ.

John: Sure.

Russ: Hello, John.

John: Didnít expect to see you here.

Russ: Just dropped by with a little news for Sharlene. Good to see you again.

Sharlene: Bye.

Russ: Goodbye.

John: Mike told me that the board named Russ chief of staff.

Sharlene: That's what he just dropped by to tell me. So, he'll -- he'll be staying on in Bay City.

John: Yeah. Well, I May be wrong, but my guess is he's staying on for more than the job.

Sharlene: What do you mean?

John: It's not over for him, Sharlene.

Sam: It's ok, Alli. I know you miss your mama. So do I. Yeah. Shh.

Amanda: Come on! Oh, please.

Dustin: What are you doing?

[Amanda screams]

Amanda: I'm getting out. Get out of my way!

Dustin: No, you're not. You're staying here.

Amanda: No!

Dustin: You're staying here and you're going to do everything I say -- everything!

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