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Amanda: This is it. This is finally what I need. Wait till I tell Sam.

Amanda: No, he'll worry. I'll tell you when I get the list.

Evan: Working late, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi, Evan.

Evan: How are you? Looks like some pretty hot copy.

Amanda: Yeah, well, my piece on video match is finally coming together.

Evan: Can I take a look?

Amanda: Here.

Evan: Thank you.

Amanda: Some of my best work. I think it may even get me the Devilbiss award, thanks to Dustin.

Evan: I wouldnít be too quick to thank Dustin Trent for anything.

Amanda: Why not?

Evan: Because I just donít trust the guy at all, that's why.

Stacey: Oh, hurry up and come. This is too creepy down here.

Man: I'm here.

Stacey: Hi. It's kind of cold out, huh?

Man: Yeah.

Stacey: Listen, I'm glad you called. I was hoping I'd get another chance to see you. I really wanted to thank you again for what you did for me the other day. So why did you pick this place for us to come back down here?

Man: I want to show you something.

Stacey: Feliciaís gun?

Man: I know where it is.

Stacey: Where?

Man: Follow me.

Felicia: Cass, hi.

Cass: Hi.

Felicia: Mitch said you were coming back.

Cass: Where is he?

Felicia: He went on an assignment. I made him go. It's all right.

Cass: Are you all right?

Felicia: Yes, I am.

Cass: Did Abigail leave?

Felicia: No, not yet. She's still here.

Cass: What happened?

Felicia: It was awful.

Cass: You talked about Noah?

Felicia: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she told me everything. I did kill him.

Cass: Honey, it was an accident.

Felicia: Why do you think I do these things? I mean, do you think it's some part of me that I just canít control?

Cass: Will you stop that? Stop it! I know you! You're the best person in the world. Now, I donít know about Noah, but you didnít kill Jason Frame. Honey.

Ada: Are you sure you want to add three new desserts?

Sidney: Why not?

Ada: Raspberry tart mousse flambť, baked Alaska, and zabaione?

Sidney: They're delicious.

Ada: No kidding. They're also very rich. You know, most people donít even eat dessert anymore.

Sidney: Well, they donít know what they're missing. Now, Sylvia and I finished every dinner with --

Ada: Is that why you didnít talk to me about this first?

Sidney: Ada -- Ada, you told me I'd have complete freedom in the kitchen. Am I suppose to clear everything with you?

Ada: Now, donít get upset.

Sidney: You think I'm out of touch with what people want to eat, is that it?

Ada: No. But we're talking a lot of calories and cholesterol here.

Sidney: Ok, ok, I'll take the desserts off the menu.

Ada: Sid, I know how much you miss Sylvia.

Sidney: 42 years of marriage is --

Ada: A long time, I know.

Sidney: I donít know what to say.

Ada: Say "good night, Sid."

Sidney: Good night, Sid.

Ada: Why donít you go home early tonight, get some rest?

Sidney: Yeah.

Ada: Ok?

Sidney: Yeah.

Sam: Hey, Ada.

Ada: Ah, here he is, my favorite painter. Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

Sam: Fine. Hey, Sid, what's good?

Sidney: Well --

Ada: Everything. Why?

Sam: Well, I'm going to surprise Amanda tonight with your cooking.

Ada: Aha. A little romantic dinner for two?

Sam: I'm handling everything except the food.

Sidney: Well, I'm sure Ada can help you select something. She's so much better at that sort of thing than I am.

Cass: Why donít you sit down, Mrs. Kramer.

Abigail: I really have to be on my way.

Cass: I have just a few questions that I would like to ask you, as Feliciaís lawyer.

Felicia: I'm sure that aunt Abby is very tired, Cass.

Cass: We all are, Felicia. I promise you it wonít take long.

Abigail: Very well.

Cass: Thank you. Sit down, too.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: Felicia tells me that you covered up her stepfather's death.

Abigail: Yes. Yes, I did.

Cass: Why did you decide to do that?

Abigail: To protect my brother's good name. He -- he was a minister. I mean, to have it come up that he died the way he did, I -- why, the scandal --

Cass: And there was already another scandal in the house, wasn't there?

Abigail: Yes, Fanny's condition.

Cass: So you kept her pregnancy a secret, also?

Abigail: Of course.

Cass: For Noahís sake?

Abigail: Yes, and for Fanny's, too, of course.

Cass: Of course. Covering up your brother's death, aside from being very traumatic, must have been difficult. After all, there was a body to contend with.

Felicia: Cass --

Cass: You must have had some help.

Abigail: Yes, I did.

Cass: Who helped you?

Abigail: I have to go.

Cass: Mrs. Kramer, do you have more to cover up?

Felicia: Cass.

Cass: Donít you think Felicia -- Fanny should understand the burden you suffered?

Abigail: Donít mock me! It was a burden!

Cass: But you did have some help?

Abigail: One of Noahís parishioners! He tried to help protect the family from any more pain. He was an old friend.

Cass: With connections?

Abigail: He was the chief of police. He's dead now, God rest his soul.

Cass: Mrs. Kramer, how did you handle it?

Abigail: He -- he helped me take Noah to a private hospital as a John Doe. And then he destroyed the records.

Cass: And since he was the police chief, that was the end of that?

Abigail: I told -- I told everybody that he'd been called away overseas on missionary work. When I took Fanny to a boarding house, nobody questioned it.

Felicia: But you didnít tell me?

Abigail: It would have been too much for you to handle.

Felicia: But I had a right to know, aunt Abby! I've wondered about it all these years! All these years I've wondered about it!

Abigail: And now you know. And so does he. What are you going to do about it?

Stacey: Is this thing safe?

Man: The people that live here chance it.

Stacey: Canít imagine anybody actually lives here.

Man: They got no place else to live. There's word on the street that one of the residents below was seen with a small pistol.

Stacey: Feliciaís?

Man: Maybe.


Stacey: Whoa. Not exactly state-of-the-art. Let's just hope we find what we're looking for soon.

Sam: Well, what's wrong? I thought you and Sid were a hot item.

Ada: That's the problem.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Ada: Men! Men! They say they're interested in you, that they canít live without you, and then you get a little bit interested and they're out of there.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Ada: I'm sorry for Sid. He's having a tough time dating again after all these years. You know, things have changed a lot.

Sam: Ada, um, are you talking about Sid or yourself?

Ada: You know what nobody likes, donít you?

Sam: Come on, what do you want, Ada? I think that's what you have to figure out.

Ada: I'm not sure I know. I haven't dated in a long time, either.

Sam: And that makes it twice as hard because you probably have a lot of high expectations.

Ada: Or none. At least I didnít until Sid got me to thinking that maybe it could work out.

Sam: Whoa. You canít force things.

Ada: Am I forcing anything? Am I? Oh, china, thank you. Here's your stuff.

Sam: Thanks. Look, you can learn something different from every relationship, no matter how it turns out.

Ada: Well, thank you, "dear Abby." I'll keep that in mind.

Sam: Ok, on that note, I think I'd better get home before Amanda gets there. I want tonight to be perfect.

Ada: I'm sure it will.

Sam: Oh, yeah -- the bill.

Ada: Hey, paint me a new picture, ok?

Sam: You got a deal. Ada, I hope things work out for you.

Ada: So do I, grandson-in-law. So do I.

Amanda: Are you going to tell me why you donít trust Dustin?

Evan: I just have a feeling.

Amanda: No, it's more than that. You knew each other when you lived in New York. What happened?

Evan: Nothing. I mean, I didnít know him that well.

Amanda: Well, then you shouldnít pass judgment.

Evan: But we have mutual friends and they tell me he's a snake, and I haven't seen anything to contradict that.

Amanda: Well, I have. He's been wonderful for me. In fact, tonight he's giving me the last bit of information that I need to close my story on video match.

Evan: Is he?

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: So you're meeting him tonight?

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: Where?

Amanda: Evan, what is with you?

Evan: What, you going to his hotel?

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: What, are you going to meet him at the bar?

Amanda: I'll be fine.

Evan: Donít tell me you're going to go up to his room.

Amanda: I thought you weren't going to interfere with my work.

Evan: That's it, that's it, I'm coming along.

Amanda: What? What is it? You donít think I can cut it? Is that it? You used to believe in me, Evan.

Evan: There's just a lot of things out there that you know nothing about. Amanda, you've led a very sheltered life.

Amanda: Well, then why donít you stop babying me?

Evan: Ok.

Evan: Donít say I didnít try and warn you.

Amanda: I've got to take some stuff down to the copy room. I'll see you later.

Evan: Can I help you?

Woman: Is Amanda Fowler in there?

Evan: Do you see her anywhere?

Woman: Well, I donít know. I'm just the temp. Here's some messages for her.

Evan: You can just leave them right here. Thanks. Would you do me a favor? No, never mind. I can do it myself.

Woman: No, no, no, it's ok. I'll do anything.

Evan: Ok. I got a call for Mrs. Fowler. Would you be kind enough to write down the message? Because, see, I'm putting some things together here, and I would be very grateful.

Woman: Just tell me what to write.

Evan: Ok, would you just say that Dustin Trent called and he says he's sorry that he has to cancel tonight.

Woman: "Dustin Trent called, has to --"

Evan: Cancel.

Woman: "Cancel."

Man: Too late.

Stacey: But that woman said that she saw a man with a small, white-handled gun.

Man: He's gone now.

Stacey: Someone's got to know where it is.

Man: We're back where we started.

Stacey: No, we have to find that gun. It's the only thing that's going to prove that Felicia didnít shoot Jason -- except, of course, your testimony.


Man: What's that?

Stacey: Oh, who knows? This thing probably hasn't been serviced in years.

Man: What's going on? We're not moving.

Stacey: I think we're stuck.

Man: No.

Stacey: It's ok, maybe it'll go back down to the basement. Try the --

Man: Oh, no. Ugh!

Cass: Mrs. Kramer, please, I'm not going to do anything.

Abigail: Are you sure?

Felicia: Yes, you can trust Cass, really.

Cass: But I would like to suggest that you continue to remain silent about Noahís death, especially to our local police department. They've already had the Boston police stop by the boarding house to question you.

Abigail: The police were trying to find me?

Cass: They probably still are.

Abigail: Oh, why canít those outsiders stop prying?

Felicia: Aunt Abby, I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this, that I've caused you any trouble at all.

Abigail: What's done is done. You canít rewrite the past.

Cass: Most of us canít.

Abigail: What do you mean by that?

Cass: We all made mistakes when we were kids, Mrs. Kramer.

Abigail: Not like this.

Cass: Noahís death was an accident!

Abigail: I chose to believe it was!

Cass: You chose for Felicia to believe something else, though, didnít you? That Noah was still alive and carrying a grudge all these years!

Abigail: It wouldnít have done any good to tell her or the world!

Cass: You believed that! That was your decision! What about justice?

Abigail: Justice was served! It usually is.

Felicia: Canít you try to forgive me, please?

Abigail: It's between you and the Lord, Fanny.

Cass: You did what was best for you, Mrs. Kramer, not Felicia, and I think you're doing it again.

Felicia: Cass, please.

Cass: Well, for Feliciaís sake this time, for your niece's sake, tell me what Jason Frame said to you when he called you. It was right after he contacted you that you left the boarding house and returned to Gold Street?

Abigail: That -- that man -- he frightened me. He wasn't right. He was -- he was shouting, and threatened --

Felicia: Miss -- I know you're exhausted. Would you like to stay here tonight?

Abigail: No, I'm staying at the hotel. I've already paid for it.

Felicia: Please. We could talk. We could -- we could catch up.

Abigail: We've already caught up. I haven't anything more to say to you.

Felicia: But after all these years --

Cass: Honey. Honey. At least allow us to arrange a cab for you?

Abigail: If you insist.

Cass: You're staying at the Westgate?

Abigail: Right.

Cass: I'll be right back.

Felicia: Aunt Abby, there are things about that night -- that night that I lost my baby.

Abigail: Fanny, what happened was God's will.

Felicia: No, no --

Abigail: Donít dwell on it.

Felicia: No, no, I need to know these things. I donít remember everything very well, and --

Abigail: Fanny, Fanny, please. Just accept God's will.

Cass: The taxi's on its way. Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask you, Mrs. Kramer, when was the last time you saw Jason Frame?

Abigail: I never -- I never saw him. I talked to him on the telephone.

Cass: Oh, you're lying, Mrs. Kramer.

Felicia: Cass!

Abigail: How dare you!

Cass: Oh, I happen to know for a fact that you did see Jason Frame right here in Bay City, and it was the night that he died.

Stacey: Maybe there's an emergency cord in here somewhere.

Man: I have to get out of here.

Stacey: It's all right, we'll get out of here, donít worry.

Man: Now! It has to be now!

Stacey: Listen, the elevator went down before. It'll go down again. Just relax.

Man: I canít stay here!

Stacey: Stop it. You're going to hurt yourself! Just relax. Try to breathe. Take a deep --

Man: I canít breathe!

Stacey: Try to think of something else. Relax! Hold on a second! Hold it! I think I hear a click.

Man: Ugh!


Stacey: There.

Man: We're moving.

Stacey: Yeah. It's ok. It's all right.

Ada: China, good, thank you. Table three, ok? Thanks, hon.

Singer: I donít wanna wait in vain for your love from the very first time I blessed my eyes on you, girl

Sidney: We just served the entrees to the Ness' anniversary party in the backroom. Everything went very smoothly, Ada. I just thought maybe you might want to check on them.

Ada: Well, it sounds like you've got everything under control.

Sidney: Ada, I owe you an explanation.

Ada: No, you donít.

Sidney: I've been acting like a kid.

Ada: I've been acting like a kid, too. You know why?

Sidney: Why?

Ada: It feels good. I've always wanted to know what it would be like if we ran into each other. I thought it would never happen. Then all of a sudden -- boom! -- There you were.

Sidney: I get it. I thought about you, too. You were my first love.

Ada: You were mine.

Sidney: That was very special what we had.

Ada: That's why I was so nervous about going out with you. That memory is important to me.

Sidney: So you said no.

Ada: You said I was too old for you.

Sidney: You know the big sautť pan out in the kitchen?

Ada: Yeah?

Sidney: Well, you should've flattened me with it.

Ada: Why? Going out with you made me feel young again.

Sidney: It did?

Ada: Yes, it did. And I donít want to lose the feeling. You know, maybe we're trying too hard. Maybe we shouldnít have to if it was meant to be.

Sidney: Do you forgive me?

Ada: For what? You gave me back my life.

[Romantic music plays]

Sam: Surprise.

Amanda: Sam, this is so perfect.

Sam: May I have this dance?

[Knock on door]

Dustin: Amanda.

Evan: Hi, Dusty.

Dustin: Get out of here.

Evan: What for? You've got the whole evening free. Amanda wonít be coming over now. I made sure of that. It's just you and me.

Dustin: I said get out of here!

Evan: Not till we clear up a few things.

Dustin: What things?

Evan: I want you to leave Amanda alone.

Dustin: What are you talking about?

Evan: Why are you feeding her information about video match?

Dustin: She's a dedicated reporter. I want her to get a true story.

Evan: Oh, would you cut the crap, Dustin? The only person that you've ever been interested in helping is just yourself.

Dustin: What I do or donít do with Amanda Cory is none of your business.

Evan: Well.

Dustin: You put that picture down.

Evan: What do you know. Now I get it.

Dustin: Get what?

Evan: Julie and Amanda. I mean, donít tell you haven't noticed the resemblance.

Dustin: You put that picture down.

Evan: Ok. And you leave Amanda alone.

Dustin: Oh? And what interest do you have in her?

Evan: She's a friend.

Dustin: A friend? Like Julia was a friend?

Evan: You still believe that I was involved with your wife?

Dustin: "Involved." That's a lovely way to put it.

Evan: She was lonely, Dustin. Sad and lonely, and your jealousy made her that way. You see, every time she looked at a guy, you got nuts.

Dustin: You leave Julie out of this!

Evan: Ok, and you leave Amanda out of this or I'm going to tell her all about you, pal!

Dustin: I donít think you'll do that.

Evan: And why wouldnít I?

Dustin: Because if you do, I'll tell Amanda about all your doings with your Wall Street mentor, Iris Wheeler.

Abigail: You're mistaken, Mr. Winthrop. I didnít see Mr. Frame the day he died or any other day.

Cass: Oh, Mrs. Kramer --

Abigail: Donít.

Cass: I have proof that you did.

Felicia: Aunt Abby?

Cass: When I called your hotel, I asked them when you'd registered. They were most cooperative. They told me the exact dates you'd stayed there before. In fact, you were registered there the night that Jason Frame was killed.

Felicia: Is that true?

Cass: I also called on of the clerks there and he seems to remember seeing you with a man who matches Jasonís description.

Abigail: Well, that doesn't mean anything.

Cass: What about your phone record from your room? Incoming and outgoing phone calls, right there in black and white.

Abigail: All right. I did see him. But I never went anywhere near where he was killed.

Felicia: You saw Jason?

Abigail: It's better you know the truth.

Cass: Which truth is this, Mrs. Kramer?

Abigail: Mr. Frame tried to blackmail me. He said that he had letters. He had a letter from Fanny to Noah. He kept insinuating that he knew something, and I was -- I was afraid. I agreed.

Cass: Then what happened?

Abigail: He came to the hotel. He said that he just wanted to meet face to face. That's all. He didnít say anything else, and then he said -- he said he would contact me. Then, of course, he didnít.

Cass: No, I guess he couldn't have because he was killed that night.

Abigail: What are you staring at? You think I murdered Mr. Frame?

Sidney: You know, it's funny how things turned out, Ada. I was always so sure that Sylvia would outlive me.

Ada: I know the feeling.

Sidney: I was always putting money away to take care of her after I was gone. I just -- I just wish I had done more for her when I had the chance.

Ada: I'm sure you did everything a man could do. Sid, you were married to her for 42 years. She must have thought you were doing something right.

Sidney: You know, sometimes I turn and I start to talk to her. It's crazy.

Ada: No, it isnít. You still have a lot of life ahead of you. We both do.

Sidney: Yeah, I just donít think I'm ready to start all over again.

Ada: You'll work it out.

Sidney: Sure. I just donít think I can work it out here, Ada.

Ada: Because of me? Donít worry about it.

Sidney: My boy has been asking me to come stay with him and his family.

Ada: Give you a chance to think.

Sidney: Yeah, well, it wonít be forever. I'm used to having my own place.

Ada: Whatever works for you.

Sidney: Yeah, right. Oh, listen, I wonít leave you without a chef. That sous-chef that you hired is very good. He can replace me.

Ada: Nobody can ever replace you, Sharky.

Sidney: Still friends, bubbles?

Ada: Always.

Stacey: You all right? What happened to you in there?

Man: You donít understand.

Stacey: So talk to me. Make me understand.

Man: You canít. You had a home, a family. I had a rooftop, a park bench. But I was free. Do you know what it's like to be trapped?

Stacey: Why donít you tell me?

Man: There was no one to talk to. I --

Stacey: Then talk to me.

Man: That canít happen again!

Stacey: It wonít, it wonít. It will not happen again.

Man: I've got to be free! It's all I've ever had!

Stacey: What about -- what about when you were a kid? You must've had something.

Man: I was never a kid. I swore I'd never be trapped again. And I never had much. But at least I could always leave when I wanted.

Stacey: Sometimes you canít leave. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, or for someone.

Man: Fanny.

Stacey: You want to sit down and rest for a little while?

Man: No. We have to find Fanny's gun.

Stacey: But if you would just testify --

Man: I canít. You saw what just happened. I canít go to jail.

Stacey: Why? What did you do? I mean, you say that you're guilty by my laws. What does that mean? Are the police looking for you? Because if they are, you know, I could cut a deal with them.

Man: No deals.

Stacey: All I mean to say --

Man: I canít go to jail! I'll die there.

Stacey: But you donít understand. You might not have to --

Man: Just stop! Just forget it.

Abigail: I've had enough, Fanny.

Cass: I have more questions for you, Mrs. Kramer.

Abigail: No more, not tonight.

Felicia: It's been such a hard day, Cass. Why donít we let her go back to her hotel? We can talk again tomorrow. You are welcome to stay with me. You know that?

Abigail: I wouldnít be comfortable here. Goodbye, Fanny.

Felicia: Well, you can forget 40. When I'm around her, I -- oh, Lord, I feel like I'm 14 again.

Cass: Maybe she's counting on that.

Felicia: Where are you going?

Cass: I donít trust your old auntie. I'm going to follow her.

Felicia: Cass?

Evan: You canít threaten me with Iris.

Dustin: Says who?

Evan: She's not even in Bay City.

Dustin: That's right. She left you here to take the fire.

Evan: No, I just say she went on a little sabbatical.

Dustin: Very convenient.

Evan: Cut the games, Dustin. What are you trying to get at here?

Dustin: Remember black Monday? You lost your shirt? Remember?

Evan: Just get to the point.

Dustin: You met Iris Wheeler, then suddenly you disappear. Nobody can find you. Then you pop up in Bay City, right before Iris. Surprise, surprise.

Evan: So?

Dustin: So you and Iris show up right when Bennett Publishing is moving in on Cory. You work hand in hand. Very cozy.

Evan: It's business, that's all.

Dustin: I wonder if Amandaís inquiring mind would see it that way.

Evan: Well, I would tell her the whole thing if it would keep you away from her.

Dustin: How heroic. You really going to give up your cushy job and your plush life for Amanda Cory? I doubt it.

Evan: You bet I would.

Dustin: Evan, what do you get out of it? I donít think Amanda goes for your act the way my wife did.

Evan: Shut up.

Dustin: No, you listen. You stay out of my way. I donít care what you do.

Evan: You know, I'm going to watch you like a hawk. But I want you to remember -- you startle a bee, he's going to come at you with the force of a dragon. So donít you even try anything with Amanda, or you'll regret it.

Evan: Understand?

[Music plays]

Singer: I get lost in your eyes and I feel my spirits rise and soar like the wind is it love that I am in? I get weak in a glance isnít this what's called romance? And now I know 'cause when I'm lost I canít let go I donít mind not knowing what I'm headed for you can take me to the skies it's like being lost in heaven when I'm lost in your eyes I just fell donít know why something's there we canít deny and when I first knew was when I first looked at you and if I canít find my way if salvation seems worlds away oh, I'll be found when I am lost in your eyes whoa I donít mind not knowing what I'm headed for you can take me to the skies it's like being lost in heaven when I'm lost in your eyes I get weak in a glance isnít this what's called romance? Oh, I'll be found when I am lost in your eyes oh, oh

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