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Another World Transcript Wednesday 3/2/05

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Nicole: This is crazy. What's wrong with me?

Donna: Nicole? Nicole?

Nicole: Donna, hi. I was working, trying to work.

Donna: Well, take a break. This is an emergency.

Nicole: What happened?

Donna: I need a drop-dead dress to wear for Michael.

Nicole: That's an emergency?

Donna: Nicole, seriously, you have to help me.

Nicole: Look, Donna, could you just come back? I'm really behind on my fall collection.

Donna: That's not like you.

Nicole: No, it's not. I guess I'm experiencing what they call designer's block. Now, if you could just come back tomorrow --

Donna: Actually, I came for your advice.

Nicole: My advice?

Donna: You're still my sister, aren't you?

Nicole: Well, yeah, but I usually canít figure out my own life.

Donna: Nicole, my marriage is in trouble and I donít know what to do.

Evan: Iris, I really donít care if you're angry. Well, I found out from Mac and he found out from Michael, which I think is pretty damn interesting. Again, I really donít care if you donít want to be found. Because Cass Winthrop is breathing down my neck! Yes, he wants to nail somebody other than Felicia for Jason Frame's murder. No, no, listen to me. All I'm saying is I just want you to come back here and back me up. What are you -- why the hell not? What are you talking about? What personal reasons? Iris, he served me with a subpoena, which means I am this close to being found out! Yes, and everything that I've worked for is going to go up in smoke! Iris, I've done a lot for you. Do you remember that? No, I'm not trying to blackmail you. All I'm saying -- look, all I'm saying is that I just want you to come back here. Otherwise, Jason Frame is going to get the last laugh again.

Ada: Yeah, ok. 8:00 for two. Thank you very much. We'll see you then. Bye-bye.

Singer: Well, they're putting up resistance

Sidney: Looks like it's going to be a slow night.

Ada: Looks like.

Sidney: Hope it isnít a trend, Ada. You know, the restaurant business is sink or swim. The first --

Ada: Sidney --

Sidney: Yeah?

Ada: What's going on?

Sidney: "Going on"?

Ada: With you, about you and me.

Sidney: Oh. I'm not sure. Are you?

Singer: Sitting here in limbo

Amanda: What do you say we go somewhere else? There's not much of a crowd here.

Lauren: We're meeting the date here.

[Mouths words]

Singer: Well, they're putting up resistance

Sidney: Ada?

Ada: Sidney?

Sidney: Something wrong?

Ada: Everybody's playing games.

Felicia: Hi.

Cass: Oh, am I glad you're here. Hi. Hey, Mitch.

Felicia: You know, if I didnít know better, I'd say you two were pretty ecstatic.

Stacey: Well, we are. We've got two pretty good reasons to be. Firstly, I had yet another meeting with the strongman, and he's really starting to trust me.

Felicia: Well, did you find out anything new?

Stacey: I found out that he can clear you.

Mitch: Are you sure?

Stacey: But first we have to find the gun that he took, or we have to convince him to testify.

Felicia: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- the gun he took? You mean, there are two guns?

Stacey: Cass was right.

Felicia: Honey.

Mitch: Look, you said there were two reasons. What's the second?

Cass: It's not a "what," it's a "who." I found her.

Mitch: Abigail?

Cass: As soon as I figured out Gold Street, I knew I had her.

Felicia: You mean, you've seen her already?

Cass: I have, and you're going to.

Felicia: What?

Cass: I had my secretary check her into a hotel and put her in a cab.

Felicia: You mean she's here in Bay City?

Cass: She should be knocking on that door any minute.

Felicia: No, I will not see her! No!

Cass: Honey -- hey, you have to see her!

Felicia: I canít!

Stacey: Why not?

Felicia: I donít know why not. I donít know, maybe it's because she was with me on the worst night of my life.

Cass: Maybe she'll remember something.

Felicia: I donít care what she remembers.

Stacey: Abigail spoke to Jason before he died. We could question her on that, put her on the defense.

Mitch: Felicia, they're right. Maybe you should see her.

Felicia: What, what? You're siding with them?

Mitch: No, it's not that.

Felicia: I blocked her out of my life, Mitch. I did that because I needed to survive. Now you just want me to let her back in? I canít do that.

Mitch: She might be able to help you.

Felicia: No, there has to be some other way. There has to be. Now, what about the strongman guy? What about him?

Cass: We canít count on him.

Stacey: Not yet anyway.

Cass: And Abigail can at least fill us in on the missing pieces, right? She can tell us what happened to Noah.

Felicia: That's just it. Donít you understand that?

Cass: What's just it?

Felicia: What if I donít want to know? What if I donít want to hear any of that?

Ada: The waitress will be here in a minute.

Lauren: Thanks.

Ada: Would you like something from the bar?

Lauren: I'll have a vodka martini, very dry, straight up with a twist.

Ada: And you, miss?

Amanda: I'll have a vodka and tonic, please.

Ada: A vodka and tonic?

Amanda: That's what I said, isnít it?

Ada: That's what you said, isnít it? Table four wants a vodka martini, very dry, straight up with a twist, and a plain tonic. Thank you.

Sidney: Ada?

Ada: Yes, Sidney?

Sidney: Why are you so angry?

Ada: You noticed.

Sidney: You are angry.

Ada: From the first day you started to work here, you've been pushing me to go out with you.

Sidney: I know.

Ada: "Stop hiding," you said. "Get some fresh air and have some fun," you said. I wanted to keep it strictly business.

Sidney: I know that, too.

Ada: But you just kept on pushing. You wouldnít give up, and I finally decided to go out with you. You were right, I did have fun.

Sidney: I did, too.

Ada: For about 10 minutes.

Sidney: Ada, what happened?

Ada: We talk a lot about the old days and how great they were.

Sidney: They were great.

Ada: Yes, they were great. But I'm not 17 anymore, Sid. I'm not bubbles anymore, and you're not Sharky. I'm not the great love who got away, and neither are you.

Sidney: You're right.

Ada: Then why are we kidding ourselves? Why are we trying to feel something that's been over for 40 years?

Lauren: Presentation is very important. A V.I.P. man doesn't want to go out with some dishrag. He sees enough of that in the office.

Amanda: Well, what does he want?

Lauren: To be with an attractive woman who knows that the client is always right.

Amanda: Always?

Lauren: A man wants a woman who's on his side, not a sparring partner.

Amanda: Which means that we have to get along with anyone.

Lauren: If the date doesn't work out, it's always your fault.

Amanda: Well, I hope you donít take offense to this, but you seem a little bit brainwashed.

Lauren: Oh, I'm not. I just know the bottom line, and you'd better know it, too, or you'll never work out as a V.I.P. girl.

Amanda: The bottom line?

Lauren: Our aim is to satisfy, to make the client feel special. You never take your eyes away from his and you never, ever cross him, no matter how boring or self-centered he is.

Amanda: Could be a tall order.

Lauren: You learn.

Amanda: Well, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. It would really help me to look at that list, though.

Lauren: The list?

Amanda: The list of rules, video match V.I.P. rules.

Lauren: Auntie Rose doesn't like that list to circulate too widely. You have to earn her trust.

Amanda: Oh.

Lauren: She can trust you, canít she, Amanda?

Amanda: Well, of course she can.

Singers: No one thinks no one walks tonight tonight tonight tonight

Amanda: No problem. No problem at all.

Caroline: Angry, are we?

Evan: What the hell are you doing here?

Caroline: Oh, and a happy good afternoon to you, too.

Evan: Just knock it off, ok?

Caroline: Nice office. Does Iris know you're using it?

Evan: No, she's out of town.

Caroline: Business?

Evan: No, she went to the Riviera.

Caroline: It's pretty cold there this time of year.

Evan: Caroline, did you come all the way over here just to talk to me about the weather?

Caroline: No, love, I miss you. I closed the gallery early and I thought perhaps we might --

Evan: That's really very sweet. Ok, so how are things between you and Sam?

Caroline: Fine, but why do you ask? Oh, why do I even ask? I should've guessed.

Evan: Well, I guess because you just spend so much time with him.

Caroline: I'm hardly spending any time there at all.

Evan: That's a change.

Caroline: Yeah, well, I find it's better dealing with my client without a jealous wife hanging around. I'm keeping my distance from Amanda.

Evan: Huh.

Caroline: You seem disappointed.

Evan: No. I'm just wondering -- have you seen much of Dustin at Sam and Amandaís?

Caroline: No, and as I was saying, I --

Evan: See, there's just something about that guy -- I mean, I donít trust him as far as I can throw him.

Caroline: We are in a bad mood, aren't we?

Evan: Maybe.

Caroline: Be careful, love.

Evan: Of Dustin? I can handle that clown.

Caroline: No, I'm actually talking about Amanda. You're so protective. Your feelings are pretty obvious.

Evan: Knock it off, Caroline. I'm going to go get something from the fax machine.

Caroline: Well, I'll stay here if you donít mind.

Caroline: Dustin? What are you --?

Dustin: Why are you here?

Caroline: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Dustin: Well, Amandaís not in her office, she's not at home. I thought she might be here.

Caroline: Well, I'm sorry, I haven't seen her. But Sam says she was working late.

Dustin: Oh, a little extra field work, huh? Well, thanks. I'll track her down.

Caroline: Dustin, what are you doing?

Dustin: Doing?

Caroline: All this interest in Amanda. What's going on?

Dustin: Come on, Caroline. We all have our little secrets. You ought to know that better than anyone else.

Donna: Michael had an affair with Iris.

Nicole: What?

Donna: Unbelievable, isnít it?

Nicole: And he just now told you about it?

Donna: He didnít even tell me. I found a tortured love letter from her in his coat pocket.

Nicole: Oh, no. He's not still involved with her?

Donna: No, it's all in the past. At least for Michael it's in the past. This was -- this was before he came back to Bay City, but it must have been serious or he would've told me about it. I had to force him to talk about this, Nicole, and that's what has me worried.

Nicole: Hmm. So, Michael knew Iris.

Donna: Yes, in the biblical sense.

Nicole: Well, how long before he came back to Bay City?

Donna: Right before. He went from Iris to me.

Nicole: Donna, he never looked back.

Donna: I hope he never looked back.

Nicole: I have never seen a man more in love with anyone than Michael is with you, and you knew he wasn't celibate all those years.

Donna: I'm not talking about celibacy. I'm talking about Iris. And I wondered why she was so anxious to be my friend.

Nicole: Well, maybe she's on the level.

Donna: Fine. Then why did she buy the penthouse upstairs? Why did she use every flimsy excuse to come to our apartment, and why did she write that lovesick letter to Michael?

Nicole: Well, how does Michael react to all of it?

Donna: Oh, he's fine. Now that he's been honest about it, he thinks everything is all right.

Nicole: Maybe it is.

Donna: Nicole, the woman is a vampire in couturier clothing. She's not going to give up.

Nicole: Well, have you told her that you know?

Donna: I canít tell her. She's in the south of France, and I hope she never comes back.

Nicole: Well, who cares what she does? Michael loves you.

Donna: Then why wasn't he honest about this in the first place? Why didnít he tell me when she came back to Bay City?

Nicole: I donít know.

Donna: I feel like such a fool.

Nicole: Oh, Donna. I know Michael never meant that to happen.

Donna: But it did. When somebody that you love keeps a secret, especially a secret like this, there's nothing worse.

Caroline: Dustin, you have more secrets than I ever could.

Dustin: I canít imagine why you'd say that.

Caroline: What are you doing in Bay City? Nobody loved New York more than you did. The nightlife, your business, your high-roller friends.

Dustin: So?

Caroline: You really expect me to believe that you'd toss all this aside to come to Bay City to use a dating service?

Dustin: I moved to Bay City because I thought there were some interesting opportunities here.

Caroline: More than New York?

Dustin: Why are you making such a big deal of this? You left New York to come here.

Caroline: Darling, it was a stepping stone. You were already at the top. So what's the story with Amanda?

Dustin: I like her.

Caroline: Everybody does.

Dustin: She's a good writer.

Caroline: If you wanted the company of good writers, you could have your regular table at Elaineís.

Dustin: Is there some reason behind this inquisition?

Caroline: Just curious.

Dustin: You know what curiosity did to the kitty cat.

Caroline: Ow.

Dustin: Remember it, kitten. And you tell Evan if he tries to pull what he pulled on me in New York, if he tries to cross me, if he even sticks his little paws into my business, I'll tear out his whiskers and stuff his tail down his throat.

Caroline: Oh.

Dustin: Meow.

Caroline: Meow.

Evan: What the hell are you doing here?

Dustin: Curiosity killed the cat.

Evan: Caroline, what was all that about?

Caroline: You better be careful of him. You better back off.

Evan: What are you talking about? I haven't done anything to him.

Caroline: What about -- what was that thing with his wife? What was her name?

Evan: Julia? That was nothing.

Caroline: Well, it obviously wasn't nothing to Dustin.

Evan: I donít believe it. He actually got to you, didnít he?

Caroline: Yes, well, he's going to get to you, too. And I'm only saying this because I care about you. Leave Dustin alone.

Singer: You can get it if you really want it you can get it if you really want

Lauren: Must have been a long line for the ladies' room.

Amanda: Oh, well, I had to use the telephone, too.

Lauren: Well, get that all out of the way now. Once the client arrives, you have to be all ears.

Amanda: Right. Put up or shut up.

Lauren: You have to take this job seriously, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, I do. That's why I'm so anxious to get that list. I just want to make sure that I do everything right.

Lauren: Just watch me tonight. That's all the training you need.

Amanda: Well, you must be very good at it.

Lauren: I am. That's why Auntie Rose sent the two of us out together. Well, that and the fact that she knows that she can trust me.

Amanda: Well, I guess there really is a lot more to this than I realized. I'm glad I get to watch you in action.

Lauren: You might have to do more than just watch.

Amanda: What?

Lauren: Didnít Rose tell you?

Amanda: Tell me what?

Lauren: That's the arrangement. The client has agreed to meet with us both because he can have whomever he wants.

Amanda: "Have"? You're kidding, right?

Lauren: Do I look like I'm kidding? The one he likes best goes home with him tonight. Oh. There he is now.

Singer: Opposition will come your way but the hotter the battle, you see it's the sweeter the victory now

Nicole: I know how you feel, Donna, but I really think you should just put it out of your mind.

Donna: I try to, but when I think of her hovering up there in that penthouse --

Nicole: Let her hover. Michael loves you.

Donna: I was so sure of that, that I'd completely taken it for granted.

Nicole: Well, you can take it for granted. It's true.

Donna: She must've thought I was such a stupid cow, smiling placidly at her giving all these come-hitherto looks at my husband.

Nicole: Who cares? He didnít come hither, did he?

Donna: But how long is he supposed to hold out?

Nicole: Forever.

Donna: Nicole, he's only human, and you donít know Iris like I do.

Nicole: But I know Michael.

Donna: She's beautiful, she's rich, she understands the business world, and he was in love with her once. He admitted that.

Nicole: Well, if she's so perfect, why did he leave? Hmm?

Donna: Well, he said --

Nicole: What?

Donna: That the reason he left her is because he could never forget me.

Nicole: See?

Donna: He said that he couldn't pursue things with her until he saw me again, and that's when he came back to Bay City.

Nicole: And he never left.

Donna: Well, I just want him to make sure he made the right decision.

Nicole: The dress.

Donna: The dress. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Nicole: You know what? I do have something. I have something that will absolutely knock his socks off.

Donna: That's the effect.

Nicole: I'll have Sophie alter it and then --

Donna: Oh, good.

Nicole: You can take it home tonight.

Donna: Thank you.

Nicole: Ok. I'll be right back.

Donna: All right.

Donna: Oh, where's the switch? Where's the switch? I knew I should've taken typing instead of fourth-year French.

Donna: "Dear Iris --"

Ada: Donít, Sid, please.

Sidney: Ada. Ada, when you called me after all these years, I -- I felt things I never thought I'd feel again. It was like a bolt out of the blue. Gosh, I almost felt --

Ada: Young again?

Sidney: Yeah. Yeah, young again. And after everything that's happened lately, it was a pretty darn good feeling. I told my boy about your call and about the job here, and he said, "Pop -- pop, go for it. It's just what you need."

Ada: That's why you took the job here? That's why you conned me into going out with you? To please your son?

Sidney: Partially, yes.

Ada: Oh, great. Look, you can quit the job right now and you can walk out that door and not look back. Believe me, I'll survive.

Sidney: Ada, I said "partially."

Ada: What's the rest of it?

Sidney: You asked me if what we felt for each other all those years ago was real. I know now that it was. I loved you, Ada. That was very real. It still is. But I loved Sylvia, too. She was my wife for 42 years.

Ada: Then what you think you feel for me now really isnít the point at all, is it?

Man: We'll have the soft-shell crab for three and a bottle of the pouilly fuisse from the wine list.

Waitress: Very good.

Lauren: Those are wonderful choices.

Man: We'll just have an appetizer here, then we'll go somewhere a little more private for dinner.

Lauren: Sounds perfect.

Man: Is that all right, Amanda?

Amanda: The crab -- I'm allergic to it. Ow.

Man: Oh, I'm sorry.

Lauren: No, donít be, Daniel. Amanda doesn't mind.

Amanda: I canít eat those things. I end up with big, red welts all over.

Daniel: On your body? Oh, that must be something to see.

Amanda: Oh, gross.

Lauren: Daniel, I understand you work with the Bayside Development company.

Daniel: Yes, I'm a managing partner.

Lauren: Well, that must be fascinating work.

Daniel: Well, it's very lucrative.

Amanda: Well, I guess it is since you tear down low-income housing to put up high-rise condos.

Lauren: Amanda, you must be --

Daniel: No, no, no. She's right. We did do that.

Amanda: And just where do you expect the poor people of the city to live?

Lauren: Amanda.

Daniel: You really are concerned about the poor.

Amanda: You tore down people's homes. Donít you feel any obligation to people that are a little less fortunate than you?

Daniel: You know something? I couldn't agree more.

Amanda: You couldn't?

Lauren: You couldn't?

Daniel: That's why I persuaded my company to build alternative housing. Those people we forced out because of our development will be on the list first when the new building is finished.

Amanda: You did that?

Daniel: Well, the city gave us some funds, but, yes, we did. And we threw in a playground at our own expense.

Amanda: A playground.

Daniel: You know, I'm glad you share my concern for the needy. I like that about you. It shows you're not just a beautiful woman.

Amanda: Oh, boy.

Lauren: Daniel, why donít I go? You and Amanda can get to know each other better.

Amanda: No! I mean, I'm sure Daniel was still thinking, aren't you?

Daniel: Actually, I'm going to have to leave both of you for a minute. I have to call the office. I'll be right back.

Lauren: I donít know how you do it.

Amanda: Oh, neither do I.

Daniel: Oh, excuse me.

Dustin: It's perfectly all right.

Felicia: All right. All right. If she's in Bay City, then I -- I guess I should see her. But donít expect any miracles because you're not going to get any.

[Doorbell rings]

Cass: That must be her. Would you like me to get it? Take it easy.

Mitch: It's ok, it's ok. I'm here.

Stacey: We're all here for you, Felicia.

Cass: Hello, Mrs. Kramer. Thank you for coming. Yes, please come in.

Felicia: Aunt Abby.

Abigail: Hello, Fanny. It's been a long time.

Felicia: I've changed my mind. I'd like to talk to my aunt Abby alone, please.

Cass: If you're sure that's what you want.

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Ok.

Mitch: I'll walk you to the door.

Felicia: Would you like to sit down?

Abigail: No, I can stand.

Felicia: Of course.

Mitch: Felicia, would you like for me to stay?

Felicia: No, no, I'm fine.

Mitch: If you need anything --

Felicia: All right. I love him very much.

Abigail: He calls you by that other name.

Felicia: Felicia, yes. That's how he knows me.

Abigail: Seems as though most everyone knows you by that name, except me, of course.

Felicia: May I take your coat, please? Or perhaps something to eat or drink or --

Abigail: No, I -- I donít need anything to eat. I'll just stay in my coat.

Felicia: You know, I remember that you always had a problem about staying warm. When I'd come over to the apartment, you would have the thermometer cranked up to 80 and I'd be wilting but you'd still have your sweater on.

Abigail: My circulation.

Felicia: How have you been?

Abigail: Oh, I get along.

Felicia: Good.

Abigail: You -- you're so different.

Felicia: Well, I'm a little different to myself these days. I mean, I've just changed my hairstyle.

Abigail: You always were one for those fads.

Felicia: You haven't changed at all. Please, couldn't we sit down? Please? Good. Please.

Felicia: Well, you have been well, really?

Abigail: I'm an old woman. How should I be?

Felicia: I donít know. I --

Abigail: I remember it so clearly. That last time I saw you, it was a very sad day.

Felicia: Yeah. My baby.

Abigail: Fanny, children always pay for the mistakes of their elders.

Felicia: That's so odd you would say that. That's what you said then.

Abigail: Now you know why I said it. You do remember, donít you? That's why your lawyer came to get me.

Felicia: Yes, of course. I remember.

Abigail: I've been so afraid of this day ever since it happened. 20 -- 20 years ago.

Felicia: I never thought you were afraid of anything, Abby.

Abigail: No. That night changed me. It changed everything. And then when you woke up in the hospital and asked what had happened, I said to myself, "well, let it be. It'll come to her in time." I guess it has.

Felicia: Aunt Abby, please, can you tell me what did happen?

Abigail: I thought you knew.

Felicia: I need to hear it from you. Please, tell me.

Abigail: All right, Fanny, if that's what you want. You killed him. You killed Noah.

Daniel: Well, actually, I like someone who's not that much into the nightlife, someone who can come back to my place and have a brandy, kick back, relax, and listen to a little bit of Keith Jarrett. Am I boring you?

Amanda: No. I guess I'm just not into jazz, that's all.

Lauren: Oh, it sounds like a wonderful evening, Daniel.

Daniel: Then why donít I pay the bill, you and I can go have dinner, and then we'll see about the brandy.

Lauren: Oh, I'd like that very much.

Daniel: I enjoyed meeting you, Amanda, really.

Amanda: Thanks.

Daniel: I wonít forget you.

Amanda: Oh. Good.

Daniel: I'll be right back.

Lauren: You almost had him, you know.

Amanda: Well, I guess experience wins out.

Lauren: Do you know when you lost him? When you started eyeing that guy over there at the bar. That is bad form to look at other men when you're entertaining a client.

Amanda: I didnít even realize I was looking at him.

Lauren: Well, Daniel did. You got to get your priorities straight, Amanda, if you want to do well in this business.

Amanda: Oh, I will. I will. It's just that guy and I -- we used to go out.

Lauren: When you are out with a client, you donít have a past. You donít have allergies or opinions. All of it has to be about him. Oh, there he is. He's ready to leave. See you.

Dustin: Hi.

Amanda: You almost blew the whole thing. What are you doing here?

Sidney: Ada, do you understand?

Ada: I told you I've been there. I know what it's like.

Sidney: I thought I was ready. I told myself it's time to stop living with memories.

Ada: Was it a good marriage?

Sidney: Well, it wasn't like in the movies -- you know, champagne and flowers every day of the week. And it wasn't like when we were kids, that kind of stuff. Sylvie and I had something very special, but -- oh, we had a good life. Now, the last time -- the last time she got sick, she said, "Sidney, you're not an old man. I donít want you to be alone after I'm gone. Move on with your life." And I said, "sure, Syl, take your pills" or "sure, Syl, try to eat something." But moving on with my life means leaving her behind, and I donít know if I'm ready to do that just yet.

Donnaís voice: "Dear Iris -- I'm saying this in a letter so that you will know how serious I am. It's over, Iris. It's been for a very long time. I love my beautiful wife more than anything in the entire world. She fulfills me in every way, and nothing can come between us."

Donna: Perfect.

Donnaís voice: "And none of your conniving or scheming could ever change our love. I never loved you the way I love Donna, so I think it's best that you stay away. Donít come back to Bay City ever. Stay out of my life. I've found my happiness without you. Cordially --"

Donna: "Cordially, Michael." Now, where is that card he gave me? Where is that little card?

Donna: There. Lovely. 

Cass: There you are. Hi.

Nicole: Hi. You're home early.

Cass: What? It's almost 6:00.

Nicole: Well, yeah, but that's early for you these days.

Cass: Did Felicia call, or Mitch?

Nicole: Uh-uh.

Cass: Abigail's been over there for almost two hours. I wonder what's happening.

Nicole: You didnít stay?

Cass: No, Felicia didnít want us to, so Stacey and I went back to the office to try to get some work done, but I'm too keyed up.

Nicole: Did Stacey come back with you?

Cass: No, she stayed at the office to try to get something done.

Nicole: Oh. Well, nobody called. I'm sorry.

Cass: Well, that's ok. Tell me about your day.

Nicole: Well, I didnít accomplish much, unless you count a wastebasket full of crumpled-up paper.

Cass: Well, that'll pass, wonít it? That's happened before.

Nicole: No, that's just the thing. It never has.

Cass: Honey, you're nervous about the wedding, that's all -- putting on the old ball and chain.

Nicole: No, that's not it at all. But I've been thinking -- maybe we should postpone it.

Cass: No. No way. Absol--

Nicole: No, I mean it, Cass. Your mind is on Felicia right now, and that's where it should be.

Cass: But our wedding is --

Nicole: It'll wait. You know I'm right.

Cass: Are you sure you understand?

Nicole: Of course I do. You just have to make sure that Felicia is found innocent. You have to.

Amanda: Actually, I'm kind of glad that you showed up. If I would've had to go home with that guy --

Dustin: What would you have done?

Amanda: I would've blown the whole story before -- oh. You should've seen this girl Lauren. The minute the client walks in, she turns into some kind of robot.

Dustin: That's terrible.

Amanda: I am so close to blowing this thing wide open. All I need is concrete proof. I need that list. I know, I know that it says on that list that a V.I.P. girl is supposed to sleep with a client.

Dustin: That's why I was looking for you. I can help you.

Amanda: You can? You really mean it?

Dustin: But you have to trust me. You do trust me, donít you?

Felicia: I need to know everything. I need to know exactly what happened that night.

Mitch: Felicia, come on. Just let it go for now.

Felicia: No, no, I canít. She knows. She knows. She knows what happened the night Noah died.

Abigail: You mean, the night he was killed!

Felicia: Please, aunt Abby! I know it was his 40th birthday party, right?

Abigail: It all started because of that silly watch. If you hadn't given him that expression of foolish vanity, he probably wouldnít have lost his patience. That's why I left. I went across the -- I went across the hall to my room. I'd heard arguments between you before, but this was different. This was worse. Oh, and just the fury in Noahís voice, and you answering him back, answering and answering. And then I heard a scream and a crash, and I ran across -- I ran across the hall. The door was open to the apartment, and there you were both, lying there, both of you lying on the floor. And Noahís eyes were open, but he was still. There was no life in him. And you were lying there on the floor, groaning and clutching your belly. And I was trying to think, "What should I do?"

Felicia: It really did happen. Noah and my baby.

Abigail: What happened to that baby was God's will. What you did to my brother wasn't!

Mitch: All right, that is enough. That is enough. Do you understand?

Felicia: I didnít mean to hurt him, Abigail.

Mitch: Come on, Felicia.

Felicia: I didnít. He was trying to take my baby from me!

Abigail: He was trying to do the best he could for you, and look how you paid him back!

Mitch: That is enough. Just -- let's just break away for a minute. Come on now.

Abigail: I need -- I need my medication. I need -- where's some water?

Mitch: Ok, there is a bathroom down the hall. It's the second door to the right.

Felicia: No, Abigail -- Abigail, please. Please, please, canít you try and forgive me? Please.

Abigail: I canít do that, Fanny. Only God can do that. Some sins -- you canít forgive them.

Mitch: It's ok. It's ok. It's all right. She's just trying to hurt you. Look, she just wants to do anything to hurt you and blame it on you. It's all right. It's ok.

Felicia: I was hoping it wasn't true. I was hoping it wasn't true, but it is. My God, what have I done?

Mitch: It's all right.

Amanda: Of course I trust you. You've helped -- you've helped me a lot with this story.

Dustin: Just checking.

Amanda: Why would you ask?

Dustin: Because I've sort of gone out on a limb for you.

Amanda: You have?

Dustin: I have the list.

Amanda: You what? How did you get it? Can I see it?

Dustin: Just -- just calm down.

Amanda: Calm down? This list gives me my whole story.

Dustin: I didnít know if I was going to see you, so I left it back at the hotel.

Amanda: Ok, great. Let's go get it now.

Dustin: I -- I just have to make a quick business call first.

Amanda: Ok, ok. Look, I can get some things from the office myself. So I'll go to the office, then I'll go to your hotel. Does that give you enough time?

Dustin: Yes, that should just about be perfect.

Cass: You've been so great. You really are the best. I'm going to make this up to you, I promise.

Nicole: No, you donít have to. You just make sure that Felicia doesn't get convicted of something she didnít do.

Cass: I wish Felicia was as sure of her innocence as you are.

Nicole: Yeah, so do I. Oh, I love you, Cass.

Mitch: I know that I haven't been available, but it's just that my wife -- that's what I said. Why donít you just find somebody else?

Felicia: Mitch, who were you talking to?

Mitch: It's nobody. Are you all right?

Felicia: Honey, what was that call?

Mitch: Where's Abigail?

Felicia: She's in the other room lying down.

Mitch: She's lying down after what she did to you?

Felicia: She didnít do anything to me. I did it all myself, believe me.

Mitch: Look, I heard her. How does she know what happened? She wasn't even in the room.

Felicia: Well, that just leaves Noah and me, then, doesn't it, and he's dead.

Mitch: Look, look -- ok, ok, but all this stuff about your sins and God's punishment -- that is all in her head.

Felicia: I killed a man. That we know is certain. Donít we?

Mitch: It's the worst of it. You just start now, start to accept it. It's going to be all right. I'll be here, I'll help you.

Felicia: I'm afraid I canít do what you want, Mitch. You see, they raised me. They taught me about sin and about shame, and I donít quite know what to do with that. I donít know how to get out from under it.

Felicia: I did kill my stepfather. I've been telling myself that -- that nothing happened, but -- but now we know that's not true. We know that for sure now. I did kill him. I'm going to have to live with that for the rest of my life. And I -- I donít know how.

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