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Another World Transcript Monday 2/28/05

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Sharlene: Too obvious Sharlene.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Look at this. One wonders where this generation is going to school. Look at the syntax, too.

Mac: Right.

Hilda: Excuse me.

Mac: Oh, no.

[Mac laughs]

Hilda: Excuse me. Mrs. Matthews is here to see you.

Mac: Oh, fine.

Rachel: Yes, certainly, show her in.

Liz: Hello, Rachel, Mac.

Rachel and Mac: Hello, Liz.

Liz: I hope you donít mind my coming, my inviting myself.

Mac: You're always welcome here, and that phone call of yours was very intriguing.

Liz: Oh, I hoped it would.

Rachel: Oh, you look like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Mac: Now, what is this about a surprise?

Liz: Are you ready?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Mac: You bet. What is it?

Liz: Ta-da-da-da da-da!

Mac: Russ Matthews!

Rachel: Oh, my gosh! Russ!

Russ: Hello, there!

Rachel: I canít believe this!

Russ: Hey, look at you! Hello, Mac! Good to see you guys!

Mac: Welcome, welcome.

Russ: Thank you very -- you are Ė

Ada: Ok, Jake. Hi. Here we are. Now, the waitresses put their drink orders at this end of the bar, ok, and the busboy will bring you ice whenever you need it.

Jake: Busboys, ok. Can I leave this behind the bar?

Ada: Sure, as long as it doesn't get in your way.

Jake: Great.

Ada: I'm glad we're working together again, Jake.

Jake: Thank you.

Ada: Now, the bar isnít all that different from Maryís place, but the day bartender will be in to explain the register to you, ok? He should be here soon.

Jake: Ok, well, I'm sure I can wing it until then.

Ada: All right. If you want anything, you holler.

Jake: Ok.

Ada: Welcome.

Jake: All right. Ha! Here we go. Good evening, Donna. What can I do for you?

Donna: Nothing.

Jake: Donít tell me -- you just dropped by to bug me.

Donna: As a matter of fact, I'm meeting Rachel.

Jake: Hmm, well, I'm sure one of the hostesses will be glad to seat you.

Donna: Marley told me you were working here.

Jake: Got to earn a buck, right?

Donna: I just came from visiting Victoria and the baby.

Jake: How are they?

Donna: They're fine.

Jake: Little kid gave us a scare, didnít he?

Donna: Yes, he did, but he's fine. I just wanted to tell you that.

Jake: Well, I'll find out for myself in the morning.

Donna: You will?

Jake: Yep, Marley and I are going to drop by and see them. Not too late to make the kid a cubs fan, is it?

Donna: What do you think you're doing?

Mitch: Yeah, this is Mitch Blake. Is everything ready? Where do we meet you? We'll be at the airport in less than an hour.

Felicia: Honey, why are we going to the airport?

Mitch: We're going to the airport because I found out some news that's going to make you very happy. Lisa is coming back to town.

Felicia: What?

Mitch: Yes, and we're going to have to go to the airport to pick her up.

Felicia: But I talked to her yesterday and we agreed that she would stay in London until after the trial.

Mitch: Well, she's changed her mind.

Felicia: Well, I'm not sure this is such a good idea.

Mitch: We really have to hurry if we're going to be there.

Felicia: I donít understand this.

Mitch: You will.

Felicia: Well, it will be nice to see her. I mean, I've missed her so much. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot -- Cass and Stacey are supposed to come by.

Mitch: That's all right. I'll call their office and just let them know. Are you going to change?

Felicia: Change? Why? I donít look all right?

Mitch: Well, you look beautiful, as Felicia Gallant does, and as we know, stands out in a crowd.

Felicia: Oh. Oh, yeah. All right, I understand.

Mitch: Ok, you know the press.

Felicia: Yeah, yeah.

Mitch: You donít want to take a chance.

Felicia: All right, I'll cover up some way, all right? Ok.

Mitch: That's the spirit. Just hurry.

Felicia: I will. I'll only be a minute.

Mac: You are a sight for sore eyes, Russ.

Liz: Oh, doesn't he look wonderful?

Mac: Marvelous.

Russ: And so do you two. I canít believe it. My God.

Rachel: Oh, it's been so many years since you've been to Bay City.

Liz: Too many years. I told him that.

Russ: Yes, you did, several times. But, you know, I wouldnít be here now except I have a job interview.

Rachel: Oh.

Liz: Interview? Well, you can have the job if you want it.

Rachel: What?

Liz: Chief of staff at Bay City General.

Mac: Well --

Rachel: You're up for that, too?

Liz: Who else is?

Rachel: Jamie.

Liz: Jamie?

Russ: Wait a minute. Jamie is a doctor?

Mac: We didnít write you?

Rachel: Oh, he's not only a doctor, he's a father, a very proud father of Steven, who is 10 days old.

Russ: Oh, I see. He named his son Steven, did he?

Rachel: Yes. He never thought of any other name.

Russ: Ah. Well, Rachel, Rachel, that's just -- it's wonderful. Congratulations.

Liz: Oh, but I've been encouraging Russ to take the position. I didnít know he'd be competing with Jamie.

Mac: Oh, it's all right, Liz. Healthy competition. Let's sit down, shall we?

Rachel: Yes, please, sit down.

Mac: Thank you.

Liz: It was like the answer to a prayer, you know, a member of my family coming back to town.

Mac: Yes.

Russ: Liz, but just remember I do love what I'm doing now, living in Europe and all, and I'm not exactly certain that I want to uproot myself again.

Liz: Russ, your roots are here.

[Matt hums]

Rachel: Matthew.

Mac: Hello, Matthew.

Matt: Hi.

Russ: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. This is Matthew?

Liz: Yes.

Russ: This is the little baby?

Liz: Well, that adorable baby grew into that adorable young man. That's how long you've been gone.

Russ: Wait a minute. You are not a doctor also?

Matt: Hardly.

Rachel: Darling, this is Dr. Russ Matthews.

Matt: Ok, wait a minute. You look familiar. I've seen some of your pictures in the old albums.

Russ: Uh-huh. I hope I haven't changed as much as you have.

Rachel: Sweetheart, you were named after Russ and his family.

Matt: Oh.

Russ: And now aren't you glad we donít have one of those great long names with no vowels in it?

Matt: Well, it's great to meet you. I've heard a lot of great things about you.

Russ: I haven't heard a thing about you.

Mac: Matthewís a freshman at B.C.U.

Rachel: Now, Russ, you have a daughter, donít you, Olivia?

Russ: Yes, I do. Mm-hmm, that's right.

Rachel: Did you bring her?

Russ: No, no, I didnít. I didnít want to take her out of school just yet.

Liz: I'm dying to see her.

Russ: Well, I know you are, but maybe next time, Liz.

Rachel: She would be Matthewís age. Is that correct?

Russ: Yeah, just about, sure. She is the light of my life.

Mac: I can understand that.

Russ: Oh, Mac, of course. I'm sorry, I didnít even ask. How is Amanda?

Mac: Marvelous. She's married to a wonderful young artist, Sam Fowler.

Rachel: And she works at "Brava."

Russ: Oh.

Rachel: She's a writer, and she's also a mother, a very proud mother of a baby daughter, Alexandra.

Matt: That's them right there.

Russ: Oh, that's them. Look at that. They're beautiful, just beautiful, the two of them. Unfortunately, it reminds me of how much time has passed.

Liz: Well, things have changed. You know, believe it or not, I'm the last Matthews left in Bay City -- unless Russ gets over this expatriate nonsense and moves back here.

Russ: Now, Liz, come on.

Liz: Everyone wants you to.

Russ: Everyone? As far as I can tell, everybody I still know in Bay City is right here in this room.

Rachel: Oh, no, that's not true. Sharleneís back.

Ada: I told him once, I've told him a thousand times -- the salad fork goes on the outside.

Sidney: How do you like my veal chops Valdestana?

Ada: They were terrific.

Sidney: Hope I'm not using too much mozzarella.

Ada: Haven't had any complaints.

Sidney: Well, I want to know what you think.

Ada: I think that was a pretty nasty crack you made yesterday.

Sidney: Which one?

Ada: About me being too old for you. We're exactly the same age.

Sidney: Oh. Sure, sure -- if you're speaking chronologically.

Ada: What else is there?

Sidney: The age of our spirits. Mine is younger.

Ada: How do you figure that?

Sidney: Ada, when we were younger, you were unstoppable. You had an answer for everything. You were the funniest, liveliest woman I knew.

Ada: I were, but I'm not now?

Sidney: Bubbles, you've lost your fizz.

Jake: This is my first day on the job. I donít need this, all right?

Donna: I donít approve of what you're doing.

Jake: I am going to visit my Godson. That is all. Look, I know you donít approve of your daughter being married to a bartender, but --

Donna: Your occupation is not the issue here, Jake. Victoria is the problem.

Jake: Vicky is a friend of mine, Donna. She always has been.

Donna: Well, you were a lot more than friends just a few months ago.

Jake: It was one night. How long are you going to hold this over my head?

Donna: Old love affairs die hard, Jake. I know.

Jake: I wouldnít do anything to hurt Vicky. You know that.

Donna: What about Marley?

Jake: I love Marley. I am breaking my backside to make sure this marriage works.

Donna: Yes, I can see that, and I think you could use a little help.

Jake: What are you doing?

Donna: Now, Jake, donít go all macho on me here. You're holding down two jobs. You've got a lot of medical bills to pay.

Jake: So what? That's none of your business.

Donna: I would like to help. This should enable you to stay at home, where you belong.

Jake: I donít want your money.

Donna: Then donít think of it as your money. Think of it as money for my daughter.

Jake: Which one?

Donna: I'm just looking out for Marleyís best interests.

Jake: Like hell. This is a payoff.

Donna: Jake --

Jake: You think I know when I'm not being bought off? Look, I know you think I'm the father of Vickyís baby.

Donna: I never said --

Jake: Drop it, Donna. I mean it. You think I want Marley to find out about this? You think I need your money to keep my mouth shut? This is none of your business. Donít you ever, ever bring this up again. Do you understand?

Donna: I was just trying to help.

Jake: I donít care what you were trying to do.

Cass: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Hey, Cass.

Cass: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hi. How are you?

Cass: Do you mind if Jake and I had a private talk for a few minutes?

Donna: No, of course not.

Cass: Thank you. Excuse me.

Jake: Some woman. What can I do for you today, bud?

Cass: You can talk about the night Jason Frame died. Can I talk to you for a second? Sure.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: You look great.

Sharlene: Thanks. Josie made me pass inspection before she went off to the library.

John: Ah. That mean we're going to be alone for a while?

Sharlene: Uh -- yeah. Would you like some wine?

John: Yeah, good idea.

Sharlene: I hope it's good. Monsieur.

John: Thanks.

Sharlene: I think maybe we should -- we should toast to our new partnership.

John: Great.

John: What?

Sharlene: You do it, ok?

John: Oh, ok. To a new beginning that heals old wounds. Rather pithy, wouldnít you say?

Sharlene: Yes, very.

John: Listen, Sharlene, I -- I brought something for you.

Sharlene: John, you're always doing that. I wish you wouldnít.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: John, I really mean it. I donít want you spending your money on me.

John: This is different.

John: Open it.

Sharlene: It's your medal.

Russ: Sharlene is back in Bay City?

Rachel: I'm sorry, Russ. I thought you already knew.

Russ: No, I didnít know. When did she come back?

Liz: I think we should talk about something a little more pleasant.

Rachel: Liz --

Matt: You donít like Mrs. Watts, Aunt Liz?

Liz: Matthew, you know, you haven't told me about any of the courses you're taking. Have you chosen your major?

Matt: Aunt Liz, I happen to love Josie. Now, if you know something that's going to drive a wedge between our two families, I would greatly appreciate you telling me. He was married to my mother. He was married to Josieís mother. Come on, it's important to me.

Liz: Sometimes it's best just to leave the past alone.

Rachel: I'm sorry. I shouldnít have brought it up.

Russ: No, it's all right, Rachel. It's all right. I'm just being too sensitive, I suppose. I donít have a really great track record where marriage is concerned. I suppose Liz told you I am divorced from Oliviaís mother?

Rachel: No, she didnít say that. I'm sorry.

Russ: Well, it happens.

Rachel: Yeah.

Hilda: Excuse me, Mrs. Cory. Could I see you a moment?

Rachel: Oh, yes, Hilda. What is it?

Hilda: A delivery man just brought this for you.

Mac: So I'm very sorry to hear that.

Rachel: Did he say anything?

Hilda: No. Why? Is there a problem?

Rachel: Well, it was supposed to be delivered on March 25. That's tomorrow. Somebody made a mistake. Thank you. Oh, no, Mitch.

[Knock on door]

Stacey: Felicia? Mitch? Hello. Is anybody home? Leave me a note somewhere?

[Phone rings]

Stacey: Uh --


Stacey: Hello.

Man: I want to speak to Fanny.

Stacey: It's you!

Man: Fanny. I want to talk to Fanny.

Stacey: Fanny isnít around right now, but you can talk to me. It's Stacey, Stacey Winthrop.

Man: No.

Stacey: Listen, I'm sorry about the other day. That woman, the mother of the kid, she was worried about something --

Man: Hey, I saw the newspaper.

Stacey: I didnít leave you any message in the newspaper.

Man: No. I read what that woman said.

Stacey: Woman? Who?

Man: That woman that wants to put Fanny in jail, that district attorney. What's --

Stacey: The assistant D.A., Morgan Graves.

Man: Yeah. She's lying about Fanny.

Stacey: Well, I know she is, but I canít prove it.

Man: I can.

(Whimsical music playing)

Stacey: You have proof?

Man: Meet me in the alley.

Stacey: Wait, the alley where we first met?

Man: Meet me in the alley, now.

Stacey: Hello? Hello?

Ada: I have a very busy, very active life.

Sidney: Sure, you do, work-wise.

Ada: And otherwise.

Sidney: Otherwise you donít, not in my opinion.

Ada: What opinion?

Sidney: Ada, you kill yourself here at the restaurant, then you go back to the big mansion to take care of everybody else.

Ada: They're my family.

Sidney: Great, great. I think it's great they're such an important part of your life, but they shouldnít be your life and they are, except for the time you put in here.

Ada: Sid, I'm a working woman. I always have been. What's wrong with that?

Sidney: You're hiding, Ada.

Ada: That's baloney.

Sidney: Is it?

Ada: Hiding from what?

Sidney: You donít leave any time for yourself just to cut loose, just to have fun, and I think that's pretty sad.

Ada: If anybody wants me, I'll be back in about an hour, ok? Thank you.

Jake: This is my first day on the job. I wish somebody would give me a break.

Cass: According to your statement to the police, you were alone at the time of the shooting.

Jake: I was. What difference does it make?

Cass: Well, it depends. Was there any reason you had for wanting to hurt Jason?

Jake: I hardly knew the guy. A rusty nail, rusty nail.

Cass: Two parts scotch, one part drambuie.

Jake: Thanks.

Cass: Donít mention it. But you knew that Vicky had a lawsuit against Jason.

Jake: Sure, I knew.

Cass: Is that all?

Jake: What do you mean?

Cass: Is there a reason Vicky wanted to --

Jake: What are you getting at, man? You want to ask me something, Cass, why donít you just ask?

Cass: No. No, I've got no more questions for now. I'll wait until you're under oath.

Jake: What's this?

Cass: Subpoena.

Jake: You're kidding.

Cass: Donít plan on going anyplace.

Jake: Oh, I wasnít.

Cass: Good. Oh, and, Jake, no twist unless they ask for it.

Donna: What was that all about?

Jake: Cass has some crazy idea that I -- that I know something about Jasonís death.

Jakeís voice: I donít care what she says --

Donnaís voice: I know.

Jakeís voice: No, no, Donna. I'm going to find Jason and take care of him myself, all right?

Cass: Rachel.

Rachel: Oh, Cass, thank goodness I found you. Your office said you might be here. I just hope it's not too late.

Felicia: Mitch, what are we doing here? This is a freight hangar. What?

Man: Mitch Blake?

Mitch: Yeah. Jones?

Jones: Yeah, you talked to me.

Mitch: It's in cash. It's all there.

Jones: Let's take off in a few minutes.

Felicia: What's going on?

Mitch: I lied to you.

Felicia: Lisaís not coming here, is she?

Mitch: No, I said that to get you here.

Felicia: Oh, God, honey, what are you doing?

Mitch: Look, I've chartered a plane. It's ready to take us to Honduras.

Felicia: We talked about this. We agreed that we wouldnít do this.

Mitch: I've thought about it, but I donít agree, not after the arraignment, not after they railroaded you.

Felicia: Honey, I canít jump bail.

Mitch: You canít go to prison!

Felicia: It was an accident! I didnít mean to hurt anybody. No one will send me to prison for that.

Mitch: No, they're not, because I'm going to see to it that they donít.

Felicia: Honey, please donít ask me this. I canít run away. I canít.

Mitch: Look, I donít think you realize what's happening. We're talking about jail. I've been there. You're not going to survive that.

Felicia: Mitch, please --

Mitch: Look, I know you think that Cass is going to get you off --

Felicia: You really think this is a lost cause, donít you?

Mitch: Look, I think this is an answer.

Felicia: And we can never come back. You know that.

Mitch: Look, look, I know we donít see family, I know we donít see friends, but I donít want to live without you, and I donít want to see you in a prison, away from everything that you ever loved.

Felicia: God, I donít know.

Mitch: If you love me, come with me.

Felicia: I want to be with you, always. You know that. Mitch, I canít do this. I have to stay here. I have to face this.

Mitch: You already have. You know what happened.

Felicia: Do I?

Mitch: Yes. Do you trust me?

Felicia: Yes, of course I do. This -- this just isnít right.

Mitch: And what is right, being put away in a prison because of a crime you didnít commit?

Felicia: It may not turn out like that.

Mitch: Listen to me. The cops, the D.A., they donít care about their truth. They have their case. They want it closed. They have their evidence. They donít care. You donít have anything to stand on..

Felicia: I do. I have my word.

Mitch: Look, I know that, but they donít. I'm trying to protect you.

Felicia: I know you are. I know you are.

Mitch: Look, look, I donít want to live without you. We made a promise.

Felicia: Right. Ok. I guess -- I guess we should keep that promise, then, huh?

Mitch: You'll go?

Felicia: Yes. I'll go. For better, for worse.

Cass: I should have seen this coming. Mitch is so paranoid about the legal system.

Rachel: I called the suite, and there wasn't an answer. I'm worried they've already left.

Cass: There may still be time. Here you go.

Rachel: Yeah, but how are you going to find them?

Cass: Well, they've got to be at the airport, right, a private plane or a cargo plane.

Rachel: And once you find them, how are you going to stop them?

Cass: I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Rachel: I mean, we canít very well bring in the police or anything.

Cass: No, no, no cops. I think I know a way. You wait here for me, all right?

Rachel: Cass --

Donna: Rachel, hi. I'm glad you're early. We have a million things to do before Stevenís christening.

Rachel: Yeah.

Donna: I just saw you talking to Cass. Anything wrong?

Rachel: No, nothing we canít fix, I hope.

Donna: Good, then let's sit down. I have a table right over here.

Rachel: Right, ok, good.

Donna: I took the liberty of ordering some coffee and a platter of those fattening little pastries that we should not be eating, but I figure we need something to sustain ourselves since this is liable to take a couple of hours.

Rachel: Well, coffee's just fine for me, thank you.

Donna: You seem a little distracted. You sure you're up to this?

Rachel: Oh, absolutely.

Donna: Oh, oh. Oh, these look so lethal. Thank you.

Waitress: Mm-hmm.

Rachel: Oh, mom sure has a weakness for sweets.

Donna: Yes.

Rachel: Thank you very much.

Donna: Excuse me while I indulge myself here.

Rachel: No, go right ahead. Thank you.

Donna: Mike tells me that Russ Matthews is in town, that he's being considered for the new chief of staff at the hospital.

Rachel: Yes, I know. He dropped by today.

Donna: He did?

Rachel: Hmm.

Donna: But he's your ex-husband. Are you two friends?

Rachel: Well, yes. That was all years ago.

Donna: Oh.

Rachel: Took us a while to get over it, but mostly we had to wait until I grew up.

Donna: Were you that young when you got married?

Rachel: Both of us were very young, but that wasn't the problem. I made a mistake. Anyway, that's all history.

Donna: Did you have an affair?

Rachel: No. No, I -- I got pregnant and I told Russ that it was his child and it wasnít.

Donna: And Russ found out?

Rachel: Yes.

Donna: But surely he forgave you. It's not as if you did it on purpose.

Rachel: He left me, Donna.

Donna: It ended your marriage?

Rachel: Donna, this was a terrible thing I did. It's the worst thing you could possibly do to a husband.

Donna: Yes, I guess you're right.

Rachel: I hurt a lot of people. Steve was devastated.

Donna: Steven Frame? Jamie was the baby?

Rachel: Yes. We all paid dearly for what I did. It would have been better had I been honest.

Donna: And that didnít occur to you at the time?

Rachel: No, Donna, it did not. And the person who paid the worst for that was Jamie.

Donna: But that's all in the past now.

Rachel: I donít think something like that is ever quite in the past. As far as Jamie is concerned, any child of his is going to be given a stable, uncomplicated environment.

Donna: Well, that's what we all want for this baby.

Rachel: That's true. And in spite of my initial misgivings, I think that Vicky and Jamie can provide that for this baby, and I'm very grateful for that.

Donna: I am, too.

Matt: Well, I have a sociology quiz tomorrow. I got to do some cramming tonight, so I'd better take my leave.

Mac: I'm glad you stopped by, Matthew.

Matt: Me, too. Hey, nice seeing you.

Russ: My pleasure, Matthew. My pleasure.

Liz: Oh, Matthew, would you do me a little favor?

Matt: Of course.

Liz: I have a slight headache. There's a package of aspirin in the pocket of my coat. Would you get it?

Matt: Oh. No problem.

Liz: Why donít you show Russ where the front hall closet is and he can bring it back with a little glass of water.

Russ: You sure you're all right, Liz?

Liz: Oh, yes, dear.

Russ: Ok, I'll be right back.

Liz: Oh, no, no reason to hurry, dear.

Matt: Right this way.

Mac: Are you ill, Liz?

Liz: No. I'll be fine. It's too bad that Rachel had to leave.

Mac: All right, Liz. Let's have it.

Liz: How could Rachel talk about Sharlene in Russ' presence? What could she be thinking?

Mac: Well, she thought he already knew.

Liz: But it isnít like her to be thoughtless like that.

Mac: Well, Russ handled it, so there's no harm done.

Liz: No, maybe not tonight. The real harm was done years ago by Sharlene. Mac, I didnít think he'd ever, ever get over it. Now he's put it behind him. He's thinking of coming back. Why did Sharlene have to come back now? Why did Rachel have to tell him about it?

Mac: Now, you're overreacting.

Liz: Well, he may turn down the position at Bay City general. It would be Rachelís fault.

Mac: Liz, stop it. He had to find out sooner or later.

Liz: Oh, yes, but why did it have to happen tonight?

Mac: I'm sure Russ will make the right decision about the hospital.

Liz: Well, if he decides to take the position at Bay City general, I hope that Sharlene has the sense to stay as far away as possible.

Sharlene: John --

John: Donít worry. You donít have to wear it.

Sharlene: I canít take this.

John: Why?

Sharlene: Because it belongs to you.

John: It does, it does. You're right. But for a lot of years, it didnít.

Sharlene: I donít understand.

John: For a lot of years, I couldn't live with the worst of what happened over there, I couldn't take any pride in anything that I'd accomplished, and when I looked at this, all I thought about were the guys that didnít make it. And since I've met you and you've been so damn pushy and got me to face it all, well, I -- what I'm trying to say is I can give this away now, because for the first time it really is mine. For the first time, I can look back, because of you.

Sharlene: It's because of you.

John: No. No, you see, for 20 years, I couldn't do it. Now, I figure the variable in there is you.

Sharlene: I didnít do anything.

John: You stuck around.

Sharlene: Who wouldnít?

John: A lot of people. There are very few people who really want to know what happened over there. But you had the courage to ask the questions, and you had the strength to stick around when you knew the truth. This is yours. You deserve it.

Sharlene: Well, I guess I donít think I do, because I canít imagine anybody leaving you, no matter what. 

Donna: Now, I was thinking of a yellow tiered cake with white frosting and little blue violets, but the pastry chef suggested that we have chocolate icing on a cake that's shaped like a child's building block with little letters on the sides of different colors. Thank you. Rachel?

Rachel: Sorry.

Donna: What do you think, chocolate or white icing?

Rachel: I wasn't listening.

Donna: Rachel, I'm having trouble getting you involved in this.

Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. I just am a little distracted.

Donna: Do you have your guest list?

Rachel: I think so. Yep. Here it is.

Donna: Iris is on the guest list?

Rachel: Well, yes, Donna. She's family.

Donna: I mean, I want her to be here. It's just that Michael said that she was away. And do you think she's going to be home in time for the christening?

Rachel: I donít know. I just know that Mac will be upset if she's not invited.

Donna: Do you know why she went away?

Rachel: No.

Donna: Oh. Well, maybe she decided she made a mistake in coming back to Bay City and perhaps she's planning to stay away.

Rachel: Oh, I wouldnít count on that. No, Iris isnít apt to ever stay away from her father for very long.

Donna: Really? Is she really that attached to him?

Rachel: Oh, it's more than that. He's her life. She will tell you that the loneliest days in her life are the ones that she spends away from him.

Donna: But she was married. What about all of her husbands?

Rachel: I donít think any of them measured up.

Donna: No one?

Rachel: Not as far as I know.

Donna: That must make it kind of difficult for you.

Rachel: Oh, she's never accepted my marriage to Mac.

Donna: But you and Mac have been married all these years.

Rachel: Time has nothing to do with it. She's obsessive. Somebody's who's obsessive isnít going to give up.

Sidney: Bye.

Ada: I got something to show you.

Sidney: Ahem -- you look -- you look stunning.

Ada: And ready for a night on the town.

Sidney: Trying to make me eat my words?

Ada: Well, is the invitation still open or not? So, Sid, you want to go bowling?

Man: You come alone?

Stacey: Yes, I have always come alone, even the other day when I was with that little boy. If I had known his mother was coming --

Man: Shh. Quiet. Come on.

Man: I just want to help Fanny, that's all.

Stacey: I know, and I hope you can. Now, you were saying something about the D.A. lying.

Man: Yeah, she is.

Stacey: So how do you know?

Man: She says she has the gun, the gun Fanny used to shoot the dead man?

Stacey: Right. They're holding it as evidence.

Man: Not true.

Stacey: What do you mean? How do you know?

Man: Because I have it. I have Fanny's gun.


Mitch: Let me get the last of these bags.

Jones: We donít take off in five minutes, we're going to lose our spot in line.

Man: She who honors her father is gladdened by children.

Felicia: No. No. I'm not going to be afraid of you. You're not going to have any power over me. Not now. Agh! Noah? Why are you doing this? Does it bother you that I've had a good life in spite of you, that I'm happy? Is that it?

Felicia: Go away. Please.

Noah: Fanny? Fanny? Fanny?

Felicia: My God. I killed this man.

Mitch: Felicia, come on.

Stacey: Felicia, it was an accident.

Felicia: It's no wonder the press is treating me like a monster.

Judge: Have the suspect step over here, please. What's the charge?

Prosecutor: Murder in the second degree. Murder in the second degree. Murder in the second degree.

Felicia: It's ironic, isnít it?

Stacey: What is?

Felicia: I killed my stepfather accidentally. That's why this is happening now, because whatever happens, I deserve it. Wouldnít Noah just love this.

Mitch: The plane is ready. Are you?

Felicia: I guess.

Mitch: No change of heart?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: Let's go.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: Stop! Felicia, please, donít do it.

John: You happy?

Sharlene: Very.

John: Remember when I first started coming out to the farm?

[Sharlene laughs]

Sharlene: I couldn't -- I couldn't look you in the face.

John: You were always looking at those damn preserves, that's why.

Sharlene: Come on, I was so flustered. I was so afraid that you'd realize that I --

John: What?

Sharlene: That I liked you.

John: Hmm. We've come a long way since then, haven't we?

Sharlene: I wonder if you realize how much you did for me.

John: Of course I do. I built your greenhouse. I painted your porch.

Sharlene: No. I'm serious. You know, you weren't the only one who put away their feelings.

John: I guess we both needed a friend. A real friend.

Sharlene: It's a nice way to start, huh?

John: Even nicer that it's come to this.

Sharlene: Hey. The medal. Thank you.

John: 'Tweren't nothing, ma'am. 'Tweren't nothing at all.

[Phone rings]

Sharlene: I'm sorry, but --


Sharlene: It could be Josie. Will you hold that thought?

John: Go ahead.

Sharlene: Hello.

Russ: Sharlene. Sharlene, is that you?

Sharlene: Russ?

Stacey: You have the gun, Feliciaís gun?

Man: Yes.

Stacey: How did you get it?

Man: I picked it up after she fainted.

Stacey: What for?

Man: I wanted to help.

Stacey: Yeah, but she was trying to shoot you.

Man: Well, she didnít understand. She didnít know I wouldnít hurt her.

Stacey: So you still have the gun?

Man: Yeah.

Stacey: Then Cass is right, there's two guns.

Man: Yeah, I hid it.

Stacey: Will you show it to me? Please?

Man: All right. Come on.

Man: It's gone.

Felicia: Cass?

Mitch: We're getting out of here, so just stay out of it.

Cass: Think about what you're doing, Mitch!

Mitch: I have! This is our decision. Just stay out of it.

Cass: I canít! Felicia, you're jumping bail! You gave your word!

Mitch: This is the best way.

Cass: You'll never be free! You'll be fugitives from justice for the rest of your lives!

Mitch: It's better than her going to jail, unless you can guarantee that she wonít.

Cass: I guarantee that she's innocent, and I also guarantee that the real killer is out there somewhere! Is that what you want? Is that your idea of justice? Honey, use your head! Come on!

Felicia: I'm just so scared, Cass.

Cass: I know!

Mitch: Cass, we're getting out of here and nobody's going to stop us.

Cass: Matthew.

Matt: Dad, donít go, please.

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