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Another World Transcript Friday 2/25/05

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Sam: Whoa! Look at you!

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Is that new?

Amanda: Yeah. I thought you were going to be at the studio painting all day.

Sam: Well, I came home for lunch. Turn around.

Amanda: It was on sale.

Sam: Wait a sec, isnít that just a little bit tight around --

Amanda: They said it would stretch. I've got to go. Bye, hon.

Sam: Amanda, where are you going?

Amanda: Oh, look, donít worry about Alli. I already took her over to the babysitter's, and I'll pick her up on my way home, ok?

Sam: Amanda -- hey, yo! Excuse me? Where are you going?

Amanda: To work.

Evan: Yeah, Julie Ann, listen, Iris and I had a lunch date today. Well, I donít know. You see, I've been waiting here over 30 minutes. What do you mean she hasn't shown up this morning? I mean, did she at least call you? No? Well, then that's just terrific. I guess we can assume that she is otherwise engaged. Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to call the penthouse and I'm going to disengage her. Thanks.

Josie: Mrs. Hobson? Mrs. Hobson?

Ada: Oh, Josie, hi.

Josie: How you doing? Are you busy?

Ada: Well, no, but can you hang on for a minute?

Josie: Sure.

Ada: I have to talk to the chef. I'll be right back.

Josie: Ok.

Evan: Josie?

Josie: Oh. Hello, Mr. Bates.

Evan: Well, listen, if I can call you Josie, then you can call me Evan, ok?

Josie: I guess so.

Evan: Do you have -- do you have a minute? I mean, I'd really like to talk to you.

Mitch: I thought arraignments were held in courtrooms.

Cass: Not always.

Felicia: It wouldnít make any difference.

Mitch: Well, it would've been nice if there would've been another way out of that place.

Cass: If you'd been arraigned in a courtroom, there would've been a back way out, honey.

Mitch: Yeah, we could've stayed away from the press or reporters.

Felicia: They would've gotten to us somehow.

Mitch: Do you believe that guy from television? I would've like to have busted him.

Felicia: He was just doing his job, that's all.

Mitch: Come on.

Felicia: You know, I know him. He used to work on my show. And I remember he was very ambitious.

Mitch: He was a jerk.

Cass: Well, we're going to have to get used to it. The press isnít going to let up until it's all over.

Felicia: Three weeks.

Mitch: What?

Felicia: April 14.

Cass: That's the date the trial has been set for.

Felicia: You know what, honey, I may miss your wedding.

Cass: I donít want you to give that another thought. In fact, I'm going to file for a continuance, although judge Tinkum is of the old school, so I doubt very seriously that he'll grant it.

Mitch: So we're looking at another three weeks?

Cass: What we're looking at is a lot of work, so I think we should start right now.

Felicia: Now?

Cass: Yeah. I want to start going over your testimony.

Mitch: Cass, come on.

Felicia: No, no, it's all right, Mitch.

Mitch: It's been a long day. You're exhausted. You donít need that.

Felicia: I know, but I think if that would help, then I think we should do it.

Cass: I want you to be ready for absolutely anything when you hit that stand.

Felicia: Sweetheart, it's all right, really.

Cass: I have to call the office. May I use the phone in the bedroom?

Felicia: Yes, of course.

Mitch: Look, you saw what happened. You heard what Cass is saying. And things are only going to get worse unless you stop it.

Felicia: Mitch --

Mitch: Look, all I need is your ok. Everything is set. Will you come to Honduras?

Evan: So how's everything on the farm?

Josie: The farm?

Evan: Yeah, is everything ok?

Josie: Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.

Evan: You know, I just realized -- I hope you donít think I'm, like, somebody sticking my nose in your business, trying to find out more.

Josie: No, no. I'm sorry, it's just that all those stories on TV and in the newspapers are just -- they're kind of getting to me.

Evan: It's kind of hard on you and your mom, huh?

Josie: Yeah. You know, I know my Uncle --

Evan: Your Uncle was terrific, and you loved him. And the most important thing is that you stand by your family.

Ada: Uh, excuse me.

Evan: Sure.

Ada: Josie, what can I do for you?

Josie: Well, I wanted to give you your money.

Ada: What money?

Josie: You know, the money I owe you from the time I was here with Matthew.

Ada: What are you talking about?

Josie: Remember the time that I didnít have enough money to pay the check and you said to forget it?

Ada: I still say forget it.

Josie: No, no, no, now, I promised I would treat Matthew.

Ada: So I'll treat you both.

Josie: No, Mrs. Hobson, I insist you take this money. Now, please take it. Please.

Ada: If you insist.

Josie: I insist.

Ada: Ok.

Josie: Ok.

Ada: You're a very honest little girl. Thank you very much.

Josie: Sure.

Ada: Excuse me again.

Josie: Ok.

Ada: See you later.

Josie: Bye. It was nice seeing you. Goodbye, Mr. Bates -- I mean, Evan.

Evan: Josie, you're not leaving, are you?

Josie: Well, yeah.

Evan: Well, see, I had a lunch date, but she's very, very late, to say the least, and -- do you have a few minutes?

Josie: I donít know.

Evan: Well, if you had a date and he was, let's say, an hour late, I'd help you out. I swear I would. What do you say?

Josie: Well --

Evan: Right this way.

Josie: Sure, why not? I have a couple minutes, I guess.

Evan: Good.

Ada: Sid, it's not that I donít like your hollandaise sauce. I love your hollandaise sauce.

Sidney: Ada, that's one of my specialties.

Ada: I know that.

Sidney: In fact, you wonít find better hollandaise sauce anywhere.

Ada: Absolutely not.

Sidney: Even in the finest restaurants.

Ada: But that's not the point.

Sidney: Not four seasons, Tess, Chambourg.

Ada: The point is that the menu says "baked fillet of sole with mustard sauce." It doesn't say "hollandaise sauce."

Sidney: Well, I felt like hollandaise today.

Ada: We have to stick to the menu, Sid.

Sidney: Well, does Paul because stick to the menu? Does Wolfgang puck? Does Hung Fung Lee stick to the menu?

Ada: Who he hung Fung lee?

Sidney: Who he? He the chef at the mandarin takeout over on Broad Street.

Ada: Oh.

Sidney: He's a sauce genius. His cuisine is superb.

Ada: Well, be that as it may, it is my feeling that when a customer orders apples, a customer shouldnít get oranges.

Sidney: Now, Ada --

Ada: Delicious though those oranges may be.

Sidney: Ok, has anybody complained?

Ada: Why, yes, people have complained, and we have to put a stop to it. How, you say? Well, by you and I agreeing that the menu is an accurate description of the food to be served.

Sidney: Hmm. You mean it's mustard sauce for the duration?

Ada: I mean that if you ever want to change anything, you and I will sit down and we will rewrite the menu together. Agreed?

Sidney: Ahem. On one condition.

Ada: Which is?

Sidney: You go out with me tonight after work. Hmm?

Matt: Talking mobiles! Howdy doody! What --

Rachel: Shh. You donít wake up Vicky and the baby.

Matt: Shh, shh, shh.

[Matt whistles]

Matt: Hey, mom, did I have all this stuff when I was a kid?

Rachel: You had some of it. You didnít have all of it, thank goodness.

Matt: Wait a minute, I didnít have a jolly jumper? I didnít have a howdy doody ventriloquist play pal?

Rachel: Well, actually, you did have a jolly jumper. You didnít have a howdy doody bed, but you were deprived.

Matt: Uh-huh. How can you live with yourself knowing that I never experienced a swing in the door talking to a mobile?

Rachel: Well, you didnít have time for all that. You were too busy eating.

Matt: Eating? Wait. Wait. Oh, she canít resist bringing that up -- the fact that I was a little heavy when I was young.

Bridget: Oh, I bet you were just adorable.

Matt: I was adorable.

Rachel: Actually, he was 28 pounds when he was a year old.

Bridget: Oh, my.

Matt: How do you expect me to be in shape when I donít even have a musical swing to work off all those parade peaches?

Rachel: Well, speaking of the swing, let's get to it.

Bridget: I have to go into the kitchen. I've got my oatmeal cookies in the oven.

Matt: Ooh. Is that what smells so good?

Bridget: Oh, picky, picky. Aye.

Matt: Picky? Her, too. Ok. You know, I put Alliís together. This shouldnít be any problem. It does look a little tricky.

Rachel: Why, what's the problem?

Matt: "Para fabricar questa wunderswing prima --" how do you pronounce that one?

Rachel: Turn it over, pal.

Matt: Thank you. Mom, I donít think I can do this.

Rachel: Well, you'd better try doing it. Where will she put her --?

[Parts clatter]

Rachel: Shh!

Matt: Shh.

Rachel: Especially, you know, if you want to be a father someday. Unless, of course, you donít mind being considered utterly useless by your family.

Matt: I wouldnít mind having a kid like Steven.

Rachel: Isnít he adorable?

Matt: I canít believe he weighs 7 1/2 pounds. I mean, that's half as big as that thanksgiving turkey we had.

Rachel: Yeah, I know. Isnít it amazing?

Matt: Yeah. I wonder if he and Alli will be friends.

Rachel: Well, certainly they will be. I mean, they'll be cousins. Cousins can be fun. You never had any cousins. Yours were always so far away.

Matt: Alliís the greatest. I mean, you look at her and she smiles. Just --

Rachel: When did you get into babies?

Matt: I'm not into babies. I'm into my niece and nephew, you know. But I'm beginning to realize why people do it.

Rachel: Do what?

Matt: Yeah. Well, me and Josie are going to have a kid. Why are you looking at me like that?

Rachel: Is there a "someday" attached to that sentence? Because if there is, would you please try to talk closer together?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: You wonít come with me?

Felicia: My love --

Mitch: Look, no, no, I'm not taking no for an answer.

Felicia: Things donít look good right now. I know that.

Mitch: They donít look good? Donít you see what is happening? The D.A. wants to wrap this up. He wants somebody to take the fall, and you're it.

Felicia: Mitch, I donít want to go to jail.

Mitch: You donít have to go to jail. You can come to Honduras.

Felicia: No, I canít! I canít do the same thing all over again. I canít!

Mitch: What are you talking about?

Felicia: When I lost the baby, when Noah was -- was out of my life, I ran. I ran! I changed my name. I became a whole new woman. Well, I like who I am now, and I canít do that again!

Mitch: Look, it's not the same thing.

Felicia: Mitch, Fanny Grady never stopped running. I canít let that happen to Felicia Gallant. I canít.

Mitch: Look, this is different. It's not the same thing. Donít you see that? Look, you didnít murder Jason.

Felicia: That's even more of a reason to stay and fight.

Mitch: No.

Felicia: Yes! Yes! What about the people that we know? What about the people we love? What about Matthew? You willing to give up Matthew again?

Mitch: I thought about that. Matthew has his mom. There's Mac.

Felicia: No, no, no. I'm talking about you. What about you?

Mitch: No, we're not talking about me.

Felicia: Mitch, listen to me, please. Cass is a wonderful lawyer.

Mitch: Yeah, and the deck is stacked against the both of you!

Felicia: No. He says he can get me out of this, and I have faith in him -- and you. God, honey, we're going to get through this. You'll see.

Cass: Well, all's quiet on the office front.

Felicia: Ok.

Cass: Should we you get to work, honey?

Felicia: Yes. Yes, I'm ready.

Cass: Ok.

Felicia: Mitch, where are you going?

Mitch: I've got a few things to take care of. I'll be back.

Felicia: Ok. Ok.

Cass: You all right?

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Cass: You're sure?

Felicia: Mm-hmm. I'm ok.

Cass: I want us to start right at the moment you began to get dressed for your birthday party, and then we'll go on from there, ok?

Felicia: Ok. I -- I just need a minute to think.

Cass: Ok. My kids are great.

Sam: Do you have any idea what you look like in that thing?

Amanda: I thought you liked this dress.

Sam: Yeah, but I didnít know you were going to go out in public in that dress.

Amanda: Where else would I wear it, Sam?

Sam: It's too tight, Amanda.

Amanda: No, it's not. I can move around. Look. See? It's not too tight. What?

Sam: Do you have any idea what you look like when you move around in this thing?

Amanda: It's comfortable, Sam.

Sam: Amanda, I really donít care about your comfort.

Amanda: Thanks.

Sam: What I care about is I donít want every man in the office turning around and trying to picture what you look like underneath that dress! Excuse me, scratch "try"! It would take no effort at all to figure out what you look like underneath that dress.

Amanda: Come on, Sam.

Sam: Oh, please, donít give me that "come on, Sam."

Amanda: What, you think a normal, mature man has nothing better to do than to stare at my body?

Sam: Name me one better thing. Come on, what's better to do?

Amanda: This is ridiculous. Besides, I'm not even going to the office.

Sam: You said you were going to work.

Amanda: I am, but I'm not going to Cory.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Sam -- I'm going to go see Auntie Rose.

Sam: Again?

Amanda: I haven't been there for a couple of days.

Sam: You have no idea how much I hate this.

Amanda: She's just going to give me some pointers.

Sam: What kind of pointers?

Amanda: That's what I'm going to find out.

Sam: Look, Amanda, if this V.I.P. Club is some sort of front for an escort service --

Amanda: Stop worrying, please?

Sam: No! Not unless I go with you.

Amanda: I thought you were supposed to be painting today.

Sam: I make my own hours, remember? I'll work tonight! I'll paint tonight.

Amanda: Oh, come on, Sam. Donít you trust me?

Sam: I trust you. It's those idiots at video match I donít trust.

Amanda: I can take care of myself.

Sam: Not in that thing.

Amanda: It's my job, Sam.

Sam: If I hear that one more time, I am going to scream.

Amanda: I'm a journalist.

Sam: I know what you are.

Amanda: I know what I'm doing. Please try to understand?

Sam: Amanda, is there any other way to get this article done?

Amanda: There isnít, Sam. Come on. It's not going to be forever.

Sam: Ok. Ok, fine.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: Yeah, but if you're not back in an hour, I'm coming after you.

Amanda: I'll be back long before that, I promise.

Amanda: You're the best person in the world.

Sam: And you in this dress -- it's the best dress I've ever felt you in. Hmm. All right.

Amanda: It doesn't look too bad, does it?

Sam: No, it looks a little too good. You'd better get out of here before I canít let you leave, before it's impossible to let you leave.

Amanda: I lied. This dress really isnít that comfortable. I was kind of hoping when I come home that you could help get me out of it?

Sam: With my teeth.

Amanda: You're good at that.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Mom, all I'm saying is that I want to have a baby someday.

Rachel: With Josie?

Matt: Maybe.

Rachel: You didnít say maybe before.

Matt: Ok, yes, with Josie, mom. Why are you getting so technical with me?

Rachel: I'm not getting technical. Canít I care?

Matt: You donít sound like you care.

Rachel: Well, what do I sound like?

Matt: Worried, disappointed.

Rachel: I'm not worried. I'm not disappointed.

[Matt sighs]

Rachel: Aghast, maybe. A little nauseous, lightheaded. Matthew, I donít want you to rush into anything.

Matt: Does it look like I'm rushing? I'm sitting in here with you building this thing!

Rachel: Ok, all right.

Matt: Now, is this screw a or screw b?

Rachel: Matthew -- no, Matthew, come on, look at me. It's your life I'm worried about. I mean, I want you to take a chance to find out what you want out of life, what you want to do with your life before you run out and get pregnant.

Matt: I'm not going to run out and get pregnant! Not in 1989.

Rachel: Shh.

Matt: Me and Josie are not ever married. We're not even engaged.

Rachel: Yeah, I know, but sometimes babies happen without much planning, you know.

Matt: Donít you think I know that?

Rachel: Well, sometimes knowing it doesn't make any difference.

Matt: Not in our family, anyway, right?

Rachel: I donít think I would've put it that way, no, but, yes, that's what I'm --

Matt: You're worried that Josie and I are going to end up like Sam and Amanda, like Jamie and Vicky. That we're going to have to get married.

Rachel: Yes, that's exactly what I'm worried about.

Matt: Why? I mean, they turned out ok. They're happy.

Rachel: Matthew! Yes, they love each other now, but that's a terrible reason to come together. It's a terrible burden to put on a relationship, to get married because you have to.

Matt: Ok, fine, mom. Fine, I agree.

Rachel: Good.

Matt: I just want to let you know that I plan to be with Josie forever.

Rachel: I still say you're too young to talk about forever.

Matt: And I know how I feel.

Evan: You see, I like living in the city. It's just that I think that it can wear you out.

Josie: I could see how it might. I mean, the city's so exciting.

Evan: Well, see, that's why I feel that what you have to do is you've got to get away sometimes, you've got to get a new attitude, you've got to go somewhere and breathe fresh air. That's why I really like coming out to your farm. You see, it was -- well, I donít know, it was peaceful.

Josie: Really?

Evan: Donít tell me you donít like your farm.

Josie: No, I like the farm. I just never thought of it that way.

Evan: Well, you're not thinking of giving it up, are you?

Josie: I donít know. That's kind of up to my mom.

Evan: Does she talk about that?

Josie: Well, I mean, I know she wants to keep the farm, but it's a lot of work, and it's just the two of us now.

Evan: Yeah, but you two are making a go of it, right?

Josie: Well, John Hudson helps out sometimes.

Evan: No, I'm talking about financial -- I'm sorry, that's a little too personal.

Josie: You donít want to talk about my family and the farm, anyway.

Evan: Why not?

Josie: Because, it's -- it's boring.

Evan: Ok, then let's talk about school. Let's see. What's this? It looks like you're a terrific student.

Josie: Oh, I wish I were. This class was so hard. I donít think I'm ever going to pass it.

Evan: You know something?

Josie: What?

Evan: I was a lousy student. No, listen --

Josie: No, you werenít.

Evan: Yes, I was. I must've flunked about half my courses. You know, they literally had to throw me out of school.

Josie: I donít believe you.

Evan: I'm telling you the truth, and everything I learned in life was through life's experiences. So donít you worry about this one little course. You'll be just fine.

Josie: That's really nice of you to say, but you and I are very different.

Evan: What do you mean?

Josie: Well, our situations. I mean, I come from farm people. You come from wealthy people.

Evan: Well --

Josie: I donít mean to be rude, but when you have money, things are just a whole lot easier. It just seems that way to me, anyway. I really should get going.

Evan: Going so soon?

Josie: Oh. I canít believe I did that. It was really nice talking to you.

Evan: Oh, it was really nice talking to you, and I hope that we run into each other again, maybe at the spa, maybe out at the farm?

Josie: The farm?

Evan: Yeah, I would really like to stop by there sometime, if that's ok.

Josie: Well -- well, sure. Uh, I'd better go.

Evan: Ok, bye.

Josie: Bye.

Sidney: You're not saying anything, Ada.

Ada: I know.

Sidney: Does that mean you wonít go out with me?

Ada: Sid, I donít think it's a good idea.

Sidney: But we went out before.

Ada: Yeah, but before, we were just friends.

Sidney: Ah. So now I'm not your friend? I'm just the help, huh?

Cass: Rachel, hi.

Rachel: Hi, Cass. Is this a bad time?

Cass: Well, actually, we were just going over Feliciaís testimony.

Felicia: No, no, this is a great time. I could use a break.

Cass: As I was saying, come on in.

Rachel: Ok.

Felicia: Hi.

Rachel: Hi. How'd it go this afternoon?

Felicia: Oh, arraignments are a real barrel of laughs.

Rachel: Yeah.

Felicia: Come on in.

Rachel: I was furious that they didnít let Mac and I go.

Cass: Well, you wouldnít have fit. The room was only five-by-five.

Felicia: Yeah, and they take all the air out of it so you canít breathe at all. Anyway, it's over, at least until April 14.

Rachel: Oh, honey. If there's anything we can do, Mac and I or Cory Publishing --

Cass: Speaking of Cory, did anybody ever find out for sure who the sweetheart was that was responsible for the early release of Feliciaís book?

Rachel: Oh, that wasn't any sweetheart. That was Iris.

Felicia: It was Iris?

Cass: Then you were right.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: You're absolutely sure?

Rachel: She thought it would boost sales.

Felicia: Well, I would certainly like to boost her!

Rachel: Oh, well, you'll have to get in a long line.

Felicia: Where is she now? Is she in her office?

Rachel: Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for you, she has disappeared. She's left town.

Cass: When?

Rachel: Yesterday. When Mac found out what she'd done with the book, he really let her have it. She couldn't take it, so she left town for a few days.

Cass: Yeah, right.

Felicia: What?

Cass: That's not the only reason Iris blew town.

Rachel: Jason?

Cass: Would you ladies excuse me? I just thought of something that I have to do.

Sam: Mitch.

Mitch: You busy?

Sam: No, I'm waiting for Amanda. She's only been gone 20 minutes.

Mitch: So where is she?

Sam: At work.

Mitch: What's the worry?

Sam: It's this investigative reporting she does. It kind of drives -- never mind. That's not your problem. Come on in. Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink, eat, what?

Mitch: Nah.

Sam: So how you doing?

Mitch: I'm all right. It's been kind of rough on Felicia, especially.

Sam: Yeah. Man, I'm sorry. I should call more often.

Mitch: No, no. It's all right.

Sam: Look, is there anything I can do?

Mitch: No, no. Look, I know sometimes, it's not easy to -- to know exactly what to say. I understand that. No, everything's fine.

Sam: Listen, since the accident, Amandaís pulled those articles on Felicia.

Mitch: I know.

Sam: Amanda wouldnít do anything to hurt Felicia. Look, you donít have to worry about that, ok?

Mitch: It's all right. That's not why I stopped by.

Sam: Yeah, well, what?

Mitch: It's not easy.

Sam: What's not easy?

Mitch: Nothing. I just wanted to, uh, just let you know that I love you and I'm proud of you. Give it to me.

Sam: Whoa, Mitch.

Mitch: Give it to me.

Sam: You've closed all your bank accounts? Mitch? What's going on? Hey, why'd you do that?

[Music plays]

Amanda: So where is everybody?

Auntie Rose: Who's everybody?

Amanda: The other V.I.P. girls. On the phone, you said that they were all going to be here.

Auntie Rose: Hmm, there's been a change of plans.

Amanda: Oh, that's too bad. I was kind of looking forward to getting some tips.

Auntie Rose: You know, you were a big hit.

Amanda: What?

Auntie Rose: Mm-hmm, with Mr. Trent.

Amanda: Oh, right.

Auntie Rose: I wrote down some of his comments.

Amanda: Well, what did he say?

Auntie Rose: He said that you were sexy, intelligent, energetic, a perfect companion. I was impressed.

Amanda: Well, then you're going to let me work for you?

Auntie Rose: Oh, no. One trial run does not a V.I.P. girl make. But I do want you to meet one of my girls.

Amanda: Oh, great.

Auntie Rose: Lauren? Lauren, dear, could you come here? She's here now.

Lauren: Hi. I'm Lauren Phillips.

Amanda: Hi. It's nice to meet you.

Auntie Rose: Well, I'll just leave the two of you alone; let you get to know one another.

Lauren: So, you're trying to break into this business?

Amanda: Right.

Lauren: For the money?

Amanda: I guess so.

Lauren: Oh, you guess so? Why else would anyone want to get involved in this?

Amanda: Well, I donít know -- the excitement, fun. No?

Lauren: No.

Amanda: So you donít like the work?

Lauren: I like the money. So will you.

Amanda: Right. Well, Rose said that you could give me some -- some tips.

Lauren: Yeah, well, the dress is too much.

Amanda: What?

Lauren: It doesn't work.

Amanda: But Rose said that --

Lauren: Rose has no taste.

Amanda: Oh.

Lauren: I mean, the whole look is just overstated, like you're trying too hard. If you're really hot, you donít have to prove it.

Amanda: Right.

Lauren: You know, or it might work in the neck size. No, or else -- let's lose the belt. Yeah. Now, that's better. Much better.

Amanda: Anything else?

Lauren: What do you want to know?

Amanda: How do I get bigger tips?

Lauren: Well, you just be yourself. Donít push anything, and you be a good listener. And you make sure the evening is about him, not you. Nobody wants to hear your problems, especially when they're picking up the tab.

Amanda: Right. So how did you get started in this business?

Lauren: The same way you did. I needed money, so I made some calls.

Amanda: But who told you about this place?

Lauren: A friend.

Amanda: A man or a woman?

Lauren: What difference does it make?

Amanda: I was just curious.

Lauren: A guy. Someone I knew from back home.

Amanda: Oh, where's "back home"?

Lauren: What's it to you?

Amanda: I was just --

Lauren: Just curious, yeah, I thought so.

Amanda: So have you been doing this long?

Lauren: Long enough to see through your crap.

Amanda: What?

Lauren: I am going for my master's in psychology at B.C.U., Amanda. I am hardly the fool that you're playing me for.

Amanda: Oh, a master's?

Lauren: And you are not the airhead socialite that Rose thinks you are.

Amanda: Look, uh --

Lauren: What is your angle? Why are you really here?

Amanda: You go to B.C.U.?

Lauren: You still haven't answered my question.

Amanda: You know, that's a great school. I have a lot of friends that go there.

Lauren: Why are you here?

Amanda: Ok, you're right. I'm not as big an airhead as I led Rose to believe.

Lauren: Go on.

Amanda: I thought it was the only way I could get a job.

Lauren: What, you think she doesn't hire intelligent women?

Amanda: I didnít know.

Lauren: Why all the questions about my personal life, huh?

Amanda: I was just looking for some tips so that I can keep this secret. I donít want my family to find out.

Lauren: What if they did?

Amanda: They would disown me.

Lauren: Then why risk it?

Amanda: Because I really need the money. And I know that I can pull in the business. Just donít ruin it for me. Please?

Auntie Rose: Well, are you two getting acquainted?

Amanda: Yes, it's been really helpful.

Auntie Rose: Good. Lauren? Could I speak to you a moment, please? Well? What do you think of her?

Sam: Why?

Mitch: It's not important.

Sam: Hey, Mitch, come on. Donít give me that.

Mitch: We needed the money.

Sam: So you closed out all your bank accounts?

Mitch: This trial is going to be expensive. We needed to consolidate our resources, that's all.

Sam: Ok. Yeah. Listen, is there anything I can do?

Mitch: No, no. Yeah, there is.

Sam: Name it.

Mitch: Well, just watch out for Matthew, during the trial, I mean.

Sam: Watch out for Matthew?

Mitch: Just be there if he needs you. I mean, he respects you a lot, and I think since I might not be available sometimes, if you were there for him to bounce some things off of, I think it would mean a lot to him.

Sam: I'll be there for him.

Mitch: It would mean a lot to me.

Sam: Mitch, I'll be there for him. Look, Amanda and I will spend as much time as we can with him.

Mitch: Ok. That's all I wanted to hear.

Sam: Sure.

Mitch: I know he's got Mac and Rachel, but sometimes you need somebody else, just a different point of view.

Sam: Yeah. Whoa, listen, hey, he's right across the hall at Vickyís putting together some baby stuff. Why donít you go talk to him?

Mitch: I canít now.

Sam: You canít?

Mitch: Well, look, we've -- we've already talked.

Sam: Hey, Mitch, Mitch, wait a second, ok? Look, are you sure you're ok?

Mitch: Yes, I'm sure. I'm sure. I love him. I really do.

Ada: What do you mean I'm a snob? Do you really think I'm a snob?

Sidney: Well, what was that crack about -- what was that crack about me being the help?

Ada: I didnít make that crack, you made that crack.

Sidney: Oh. But you still wonít go out with me, huh?

Ada: I'm very tired at the end of the day.

Sidney: Ada, did I invite you to enter a mambo contest?

Ada: I've been on my feet all day long.

Sidney: So we'll go somewhere and sit.

Ada: I am going to sit. I am going home and I'm going to sit in a hot tub.

Sidney: You know what the problem is, Ada? It's not that you're a snob. You're too old for me.

Ada: Thanks a lot!

Cass: I hope you're not leaving, Evan. You and I need to have a talk, a long talk.

Bridget: Well, you finished it, I see.

Matt: Yeah. Three hours and 40 minutes. The amazing thing is I only cursed twice.

Bridget: I didnít hear you curse at all.

Matt: Well, the first time was when I put the swing on backwards. The second time was when I put the swing on backwards again.

Bridget: Well, you've done a grand job.

Matt: Well, thank you.

Bridget: Victoria's going to be so pleased.

Matt: That's good.

Bridget: I'm on my way to the supermarket.

Matt: Wait, wait, wait. You were going to help me put the activity center on the crib. Remember?

Bridget: Oh, well, you're doing such a beautiful job, you know. I wouldnít dream of interfering.

Matt: Thank you.

Bridget: Oh, yes. I'll see you later.

Matt: Bye.

Bridget: Oh, Josie. Matthewís been waiting for you, dear.

Josie: I'm sorry I'm late.

Matt: Hey, no problem.

Josie: Thanks.

Matt: Have you seen my handiwork? I did it all myself, right, Bridget?

Bridget: Oh, yes. You know, he's very handy.

Josie: Matthew?

Bridget: Yes, he really is.

Matt: What do you mean, "Matthew?" I happen to be a brilliant technician when it comes to these things.

Josie: Well, I donít know, you did this all by -- I donít believe you did this, no.

Matt: O, ye of little faith. Show her your ring.

Josie: Matthew.

Matt: Come on, show it to her.

Bridget: Oh, yes, Josie, please. I'd love to see your ring, dear.

Josie: Ok.

Bridget: Now, Matthew, donít forget, there's plenty of milk and cookies. Just help yourself.

Matt: Oh, fantastic.

Bridget: And mind that there's a baby here now. Keep your voices down.

Matt: Yeah, thanks.

Josie: Well, here's my ring.

Matt: Shh.

Bridget: Oh, my, isnít that beautiful.

Josie: Thank you.

Bridget: Matthew, you've got such wonderful taste.

Matt: Well, thank you very much.

Bridget: I've got to go now.

Josie: Ok.

Bridget: Yes. Help yourself.

Josie: Ok.

Matt: Ok.

Bridget: Donít mind the baby. Tell Victoria that I'll be back soon, ok?

Josie: Ok.

Bridget: Bye-bye.

Josie: Bye.

Matt: Bye, bye, bye.

Josie: Hi.

Matt: Hi. Well, let's see. We have soda.

Josie: Mm-hmm?

Matt: We have milk.

Josie: Mm-hmm?

Matt: We have cookies. What would you like?

Josie: Well, I guess I'm kind of thirsty.

Matt: Thirsty. I'll get it.

Josie: Oh, no, no, no, you've been working so hard. Oh, shh. I donít want you to strain yourself.

Matt: That's true.

Josie: What can I get you?

Matt: Let's see, I'll take some milk --

Josie: Yes?

Matt: And a few of those oatmeal cookies that she made.

Josie: Is that what smells so good?

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Josie: Ok. You think she made enough of them?

Matt: She knew you were coming over.

Josie: You're so funny.

Matt: Economics. Ugh. Economics.

[Matt whistles]

Matt: Josie? Josie, why didnít you tell me about this?

Rachel: So, with the second gun missing, it gives a certain amount of credence to Cass' theory.

Felicia: Yeah, that somebody else did shoot Jason.

Rachel: So Cass might be on the right track after all.

Felicia: I just -- I'm so frustrated because I canít really help him. You know, after I pulled that trigger, I fainted and, of course, I donít remember a thing that happened after that.

Rachel: Yes, but somebody knows what happened, and Cass will find them, whoever it is.

Felicia: Do you really think that Iris might be involved somehow?

Rachel: Cass does.

Felicia: You think she's capable of murder?

Evan: Look, I told you all that I know and there's nothing more to say.

Cass: You know what fascinates me, Evan?

Evan: You know, I really donít care what fascinates you, Cass.

Cass: That you and Iris so conveniently verified each other's whereabouts at the time of the shooting.

Evan: Great, that's probably why it works out, isnít it? Because I was where I was supposed to be and so was Iris.

Cass: Something was going on with Iris and Jason.

Evan: What does that have to do with me?

Cass: She was paying him off for some reason, and I think you know why.

Evan: You're playing games with me, pal. I really donít have the time.

Cass: Well, make the time.

Evan: Look, if you're so interested in Iris' relationship with Jason, why donít you just walk over and talk to her?

Cass: I canít. She left town.

Evan: What?

Cass: Oh, you didnít know that, did you? Yeah, she ran out, left you holding the proverbial bag.

Singer: Let me know wonít you tell me?

Singers: Are you attracted to me?

Singer: Please I got to know

Singers: Are you the way that you used to be? Are you attracted to me?

Amanda: So what's the verdict?

Auntie Rose: Lauren thinks you're quite bright.

Amanda: Oh, I'm glad.

Auntie Rose: She thinks that you will do well working for me.

Amanda: So that's it? I can be a V.I.P. girl?

Auntie Rose: I think we can work something out. I'll be in touch.

Amanda: Well, great. Great. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Auntie Rose: It wonít be long.

Singer: Tell me, tell me

Singers: Are you attracted to me?

Matt: Josie, I thought you were doing well in that subject.

Josie: Maybe I just didnít want you to know how stupid I am, ok?

Matt: You're not stupid. You did poorly in one term paper. Donít you think I ever do bad in a test?

Josie: Probably not.

Matt: Well, I do. Then I get some help, you know? That's all you need.

Josie: Well, yeah, that's what I did. I got a study partner.

Matt: Well, great. See?

Josie: Richard's going to help me.

Matt: Richard?

Josie: Yeah, Richard. He's going to tutor me a couple times a week.

Matt: Yeah, I bet he will.

Josie: Matthew, he's just a friend.

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Josie: He knows that we're seeing each other.

Matt: Well, he'd better not forget.

Josie: I wonít let him.

Matt: Neither will I. I might drop in on some of these little study sessions.

Josie: You're not even taking economics.

Matt: I find economics fascinating.

Josie: Right.

Matt: I do.

Josie: Right.

Matt: But I find you more fascinating.

Matt: I love you, Josie.

Evan: When's she coming back?

Cass: Hard to say.

Evan: All right, where'd she go?

Cass: Actually, the whole thing is kind of a mystery. Nobody seems to know anything.

Evan: Well, I mean, she must have left word.

Cass: Nope. I get the distinct feeling that she just doesn't want to be around during Feliciaís trial.

Evan: Well, we were supposed to have lunch today.

Cass: I know. I called your office. That's how I found you.

Evan: Whatever. I'm sure we'll hear from her sooner or later.

Cass: Just a minute, Evan. Here you go.

Evan: What's this?

Cass: Just in case you're considering duplicating Iris' disappearing routine.

Evan: This is a subpoena, Cass.

Cass: That's exactly what it is. You're to appear as a witness at the trial of Felicia Gallant.

Evan: Why me?

Cass: I'm going to establish reasonable doubt as to her guilt, and anyone who I suspect had the opportunity to kill Jason Frame is going to appear.

Evan: This is a big waste of time.

Cass: No, I donít think so. You're holding something back, something big. And when I get you on that witness stand, that something is going to come out. I'll see you in court.

Evan: Yeah. Thanks for the warning.

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