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Felicia: Look what's happened. Noah will be very mad.

Mitch: Felicia --

Felicia: I have to sweep it up.

Nicole: What's happened to her?

Felicia: You have to go now before my stepfather sees this.

Nicole: She thinks she's Fanny.

Mitch: Now do you see what is happening to her? She is not handling this.

Felicia: He'll be very angry.

Mitch: Felicia, it's ok. Come on, you want to go sit down?

Cass: No, Mitch.

Mitch: What do you mean, no?

Cass: Leave her alone a minute.

Mitch: What, are you crazy?

Cass: I have some questions for Fanny.

Mitch: No, no questions. I want you out of here.

John: I wish you'd say something.

Sharlene: I donít -- I donít know what to say.

John: Well, I'd really like some kind of a reaction here. You see, the thing is the longer you donít say anything, the more I think that maybe I loused things up. I guess I loused things up.

Sharlene: No, I just -- I never expected you to go to this --

John: Well, it's all I got, and when you said that you were thinking about going out and getting a job and trying to support the farm and everything --

Sharlene: And then --

John: I mean, you must think I'm a hell of a guy, I mean, to come over here and assume that a woman --

Sharlene: John, John --

John: What?

Sharlene: Would you let me talk?

John: I'm dying for you to talk.

Sharlene: I think this is wonderful.

John: You do?

Sharlene: I really do.

John: Really? Well, that's terrific!

Vicky: Oh, something's happening! Oh, I'm a --

Jake: What? What?

Vicky: This isnít right?

Jake: What isnít right?

Vicky: No, the baby! Oh!

Jake: The baby? What?

Vicky: The baby's coming. Oh, my God, Jake! The baby's coming! This is it! It's not supposed to be like this.

Stacey: Oh, you read the ad.

Man: Yeah.

Stacey: I need to know about the gun.

Man: What?

Stacey: You started to tell me about a gun. Hello? Are you still there?

Man: I'm here.

Stacey: Please, just tell me.

Man: Ok.

Stacey: Terrific.

Man: Not on the phone.

Stacey: All right.

Man: Someplace private.

Stacey: No one in my office right now.

Man: Outside.

Stacey: Outside? But it's a blizzard outside.

Man: Well, you know the place.

Stacey: Yeah, but how can we talk during a snowstorm?

Man: And this time come alone.

Stacey: Well, I wouldnít have brought anyone. I didnít bring anyone the last -- hello? Hello? Are you -- damn it.

Mitch: No questions, Cass. I want you out of here.

Cass: Why was your stepfather angry with you, Fanny?

Felicia: I disobeyed.

Cass: How?

Felicia: Disobeyed.

Cass: Tell me about it, honey. What happened that made you disobey?

Mitch: Cass, no more. Do you see what is happening to her? Just think of her.

Cass: I am thinking of her. She has all the answers. Felicia has blocked it out, but Fanny knows.

Mitch: I want to call a doctor.

Cass: The man with the scar did this, honey?

Felicia: You have to go now. I'm not allowed to have friends in.

Cass: Fanny, what about Mrs. Kramer? Do you know her?

Felicia: Of course. Of course I do.

Jamie: Oh, brother. I thought it was supposed to be sunny and warm today, mom.

Rachel: Yeah, in the Bahamas.

Jamie: Yeah, I think it's snowed another two inches in the last five minutes.

Rachel: I know, and it doesn't look like it's stopping, either.

Jamie: How the hell are we going to get home?

Rachel: Oh, we're not. Not for a while, at any rate.

Jamie: Oh, that's just great. Vickyís all alone.

Rachel: Honey, you've seen the road. There's no way you're going to get to the highway.

Jamie: Yeah, I know. I think I better call her again. I donít like this feeling of being trapped here, especially, when she's pregnant.

Rachel: She'll be fine.

Jamie: Yeah, well, even still --

[Busy signal]

Jamie: Oh, terrific, great.

Rachel: What? No answer?

Jamie: No, I'm still getting that same stupid busy signal, whatever the hell it is.

Rachel: Must be the storm.

Jamie: Yeah, what if she needs me, mom, huh?

Rachel: Honey, if she needs you, she can go -- or needs anyone, she can go right across the hall to Sam and Amandaís. She'll be ok. Donít worry about it.

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: You donít like to be away from her, do you?

Jamie: Well, ma, I'm away from her all the time. I have a job, remember?

Rachel: No, no, that's not what I asked. I meant you donít like it.

Jamie: Not even for five minutes.

Rachel: Have you told her that?

Jamie: Probably not.

Rachel: Well, do me a favor. When we get out of this, you tell her that.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jamie: You know, Vicky didnít even want to be here. She couldn't wait to get home.

Rachel: Well, honey, I can understand that. I mean, she's in her last month. It could be very uncomfortable.

Jamie: No, no, I donít think it was that. I think it was the farm, the people here going through a bad time. I think that's what made her want to leave here as soon as possible.

Rachel: Did that annoy you?

Jamie: Well, I didnít say anything about it.

Rachel: That's not what I asked you.

Jamie: Well, yeah, it kind of bothered me. You know, Sharleneís going through a real tough time here, you know, and we -- Vicky and I -- we have so much.

Rachel: But, darling, maybe she didnít understand what you expected of her.

Jamie: Well, I didnít expect her to do anything. I just wanted her to be here.

Rachel: With you?

Jamie: Yeah, with me.

Rachel: Well, honey, it's very easy for you to step into a situation like this. People and their problems donít put you off. You've always been like that.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I should have explained it to Sharlene. I should never have let Vicky go home alone.

Rachel: You thought you were needed here.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, that's right. Mr. Fix-it, that's me.

Rachel: That's a wonderful quality.

Jamie: Mom, if I was so wonderful, I would be home with my wife, who's about to deliver a baby.

Rachel: You know, she wants to please you.

Jamie: She does please me.

Rachel: Have you talked to her about -- about why she wanted to leave?

Jamie: No, not really.

Rachel: I bet I know why.

Jamie: Why?

Rachel: Well, because she grew up poor. When you grow up with not very much and you have unhappy times, sometimes you get through those times by telling yourself, "Everythingís going to be different when I grow up." So you grow up and you're not very tolerant of problems, your own or other people's, because you've had too many of them.

Jamie: Mom, you grew up without much. Are you like that?

Rachel: Uh-huh. My first instinct is to run right away from trouble.

Jamie: Yeah, but you donít do that.

Rachel: Well, not so much anymore, but I'm a lot older than Vicky.

Jamie: Hmm. Vicky -- she's so -- she's so strong. And she's so beautiful. And she has so much money.

Rachel: Jamie.

Jamie: I guess it's just hard for me to remember that she was, you know, once different.

Rachel: Well, you just keep trying to make her be honest with you.

Jamie: You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to know her like --

Rachel: Like Jake?

Jamie: Yeah.

Rachel: Well, you and Vicky have something that she and Jake will never have.

Jamie: A baby.

Rachel: Mm-hmm. And you two are looking so forward to that baby and bringing it up. You'll learn a lot about each other that way.

Jamie: Boy, do I want this to work, mom. And I donít want her to feel like she canít tell me things.

Rachel: Yeah, but just suppose someday she says to you, "well, you know, there are just some things I feel closer to Jake about."

Jamie: Well, if that's the case, then I'll just have to learn how to understand that, wonít I? And work to make her feel that close to me.

Rachel: See? You can do it.

Jamie: It's funny now, you know. I really donít -- I donít know her that well yet. And yet I feel very close to her. I guess it's the baby coming along.

Rachel: Oh, I canít wait to see that baby in your arms.

Jamie: It's all I think about.

Rachel: You know, there's something I haven't said to you.

Jamie: Hmm?

Rachel: You seem --

Jamie: What?

Rachel: Happy.

Jamie: I guess I -- well, I didnít expect it to be this good.

Rachel: Sometimes that's when it's best, when you donít expect it.

Jamie: I think I'll give her another call.

Jake: Do you want to lie down?

Vicky: I donít want to lie down.

Jake: Ok, well, what do you want to do?

Vicky: I donít know.

Jake: Just sit, stand, what? Just tell me.

Vicky: I donít know. I donít want to lie down because if I lie down, it means this is happening, and it canít be happening because if it was, Jamie would be here!

Jake: I'll call Jamie.

Vicky: Yes! He's at the Frame farm. Oh, please, please --

Jake: The phone is dead.

Vicky: Oh! Another one!

Jake: Another what?

Vicky: A contraction! It's not supposed to be like this! Jake, the books never said it would be like this! Oh!

Jake: I'm going to get you out of here, Vicky. I've got to get you out of here.

Vicky: Oh, yes, where's your car? Your car's in here?

Jake: Uh -- I took a cab.

[Vicky screams]

Vicky: What?

Jake: Vicky, relax.

Vicky: Oh, easy for you to say. Ok. Ok. All right.

Jake: Listen, try to remember the Lamaze technique.

Vicky: Never heard of it.

Jake: Come on, Vicky, breathe. Remember, breathe.

Vicky: I donít feel like breathing. Oh!

Jake: It'll help.

Vicky: Yeah, hit me over the head with something. That'll help.

Jake: Vick --

Vicky: Oh --

Jake: Come on, breathe.

Vicky: Ok. Ok.

Jake: Vicky, you have to lie down!

Vicky: Stop telling me what do to do! Did you ever have a baby?

Jake: No.

Vicky: Oh, well, then stop acting like a damn know-it-all!

Jake: Sam and Amanda.

Vicky: What about them?

Jake: I'll go over to Sam and Amandaís, I'll get their car, we'll take you to the hospital.

Vicky: No, they already left! I heard them leave!

Jake: Vicky --

[Vicky screams]

Jake: I'm right here.

Vicky: Help! Oh, God!

Jake: If you would just tell me what to do?

Vicky: Ok, the contractions -- time them. Get a watch and time the contractions!

Sharlene: John, you cannot sell your boat for me. Where are you going to live?

John: Well, donít you think we're ready?

Sharlene: Ready for what?

John: Well, I thought that I, you know, might move out here.

Sharlene: Here? Out here? With Josie and me?

John: Here, with you and Josie?

Sharlene: Well, no, I -- this is a little sudden.

John: No.

Sharlene: Do you think this is a little sudden?

John: No, no. You thought that I meant out here? Here here, like --

Sharlene: I know that I said I needed a man around the house and I liked that.

John: No, my mother's farm. I could throw a rock and hit the farm from here, it's that close --

Sharlene: John, you said --

John: I thought -- I mean, I'd come over here and help you out, is what I meant.

Sharlene: Oh.

John: There is where I would stay.

Sharlene: This was for -- this is just the money.

John: For -- sure, for the money.

Sharlene: What are you thinking? Are you going to be a farmer or something?

John: No, I'm not going -- no, I donít know anything about farming. I have a business to run.

Sharlene: John, I have another idea.

John: Better than mine?

Sharlene: Yeah. You know those papers that Jason made me sign?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Everything that was his is now mine -- all of his debts and his half of Frame construction.

John: So?

Sharlene: So -- so, Frame construction has a new partner now, one who is going to help you make this business a success. So keep your old boat. Partner.

Cass: Fanny, who is Mrs. Kramer?

Felicia: Abigail.

Cass: What?

Felicia: Abigail Kramer. My stepfather's sister.

Cass: Noahís sister?

Nicole: Shh, keep your voice down. You donít want to jar her.

Felicia: She was married to Mr. Kramer, but I never met him.

Cass: Good going, Felicia. That-a-girl.

Felicia: What?

Nicole: Are you back with us, Felicia?

Mitch: Darling? Darling, are you ok? I'm right here.

Felicia: Mitch?

Cass: Damn it!

Mitch: Yeah, you're fine.

Felicia: What happened? Did I faint or something?

Cass: So the one that we saw Christmas Eve at the boarding house was Noahís sister, Mitch.

Felicia: What? What are you talking about? What?

Mitch: Do you remember anything you just said?

Cass: And Jason must have called her after he found Feliciaís Christmas card to Noah.

Nicole: What do you think he wanted?

Cass: I donít know, but there's one thing that's certain. Jason must have scared the hell out of Mrs. Kramer.

Nicole: But why?

Cass: Because he knew about the past, or he bluffed her into thinking that he knew about the past.

Felicia: Would you please tell me what's going on here?

Cass: This is a real breakthrough, Mitch.

Mitch: Yeah, I want to see what a doctor has to say.

Felicia: Please, can somebody talk to me?

Cass: Honey, honey, we're really getting somewhere.

Felicia: What happened?

Cass: You told us who Mrs. Kramer is.

Felicia: Who is she?

Cass: Abigail. You remembered that she was Noahís sister.

Felicia: Noahís sister, Abigail, yes.

Cass: Yeah, but she was also the woman who ran the boarding house in Boston.

Mitch: Do you remember? Cass and I went and met her?

Felicia: That woman was Abigail?

Cass: Yes.

Mitch: Ok, enough. Enough, it's ok.

Nicole: Cass?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: Can I talk to you?

Cass: Yeah.

Nicole: If Abigail Kramer left town --

Cass: She went to a retirement home, remember?

Nicole: Yeah, but does that mean she has something to hide?

Cass: What do you think?

Nicole: The fact that Noahís been dead all this time?

Cass: That's a good question.

Nicole: Well, what else would she be hiding?

Cass: She was a very nervous woman. So Jason must have had no trouble at all scaring her off. I mean, she had a tough enough time with just Mitch and me talking to her.

Nicole: Well, what exactly did she say?

Cass: Nothing exactly. She was very vague.

Nicole: What did she say?

Cass: Well, she said that she was the one that was sending all of Feliciaís letters back.

Nicole: That's it?

Cass: And that Noah had moved out.

Nicole: Moved out?

Cass: Wait a second. Felicia said that Abigail was the one who was at the hospital when she was having the baby.

Nicole: So?

Cass: And later on, she's the one who took Felicia to the boarding house, and she must have split for Boston after that.

Nicole: Where was Noah?

Cass: Felicia thinks that he was already dead.

Nicole: Do you?

Cass: I donít want to.

Nicole: Why?

Cass: Because that would mean that Felicia was responsible for two accidental murders. The D.A. would have a field day with that.

Jake: Ok, it's been 30 seconds since the last one.

Vicky: Oh, why canít I remember how to breathe? All those classes for nothing.

Jake: 36 --

Vicky: And it's not as if I didnít practice. I did practice. I breathed. I blew. I efflorized.

Jake: 45 seconds.

Vicky: Stop counting.

Jake: You asked me to time the contractions.

Vicky: Not out loud. Oh, Jake!

Jake: A minute. That's a minute on the dot.

Vicky: I need Jamie!

Jake: Ok, Vicky, you stay right here.

Vicky: Where the hell do you think I'm going to go?

Jake: I need to get you some help, all right?

Vicky: Oh, no, donít go! Donít go!

Jake: Vicky, listen, I am not going to let anything happen to you. I promise. Ok? Is it over?

Vicky: I'm not ready for this.

Jake: Honey, listen to me. You are doing fine.

Vicky: No. I've done so many bad things in my life. And now I'm happy and I'm with Jamie and the baby. And it's all got to end. I donít deserve this.

Jake: Donít you talk like that.

Vicky: What if something happens to my baby? Huh? Huh?

Jake: Listen to me. Nothing is going to happen to your baby. Everything's going to be fine, ok? You're just going into labor, that's all.

Vicky: "That's all." "That's all."

Jake: Hey, everything that is happening to you is natural.

Vicky: Then why do I feel like this? Why am I so scared?

Jake: All right, I got to --

Vicky: No, Jake! Donít go!

Jake: I will be right back, ok?

Vicky: Oh! Oh! Oh! Jake, please! 

[Phone rings]

Stacey: Stacey Winthrop.

Man: Change of plans.

Stacey: What?

Man: Donít go where we met before.

Stacey: Well, why not?

Man: I wonít be there.

Stacey: You have to stop this. I've been completely open and honest with you the entire time.

Man: Well, how do I know that?

Stacey: You canít keep testing me, making me jump through hoops to get information that you may or may not even have.

Man: Meet me at the corner of Peliman Bay.

Stacey: Ok, and you'll give me all the information?

Man: Maybe.

Stacey: You have to stop playing games with me, if you care about Felicia or not. I mean, she could go to prison. She's an innocent woman.

Man: I know the truth about Fanny, but nobody -- not you or all your fancy lawyers -- would believe me.

Rachel: I didnít get everybody. John, come here.

Sharlene: Make sure. Here, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Rachel: All right, with a very hot chocolate, we're going to toast the two new partners, John and Sharlene, and the success of Frame construction.

Jamie: Hear, hear.

John: Yeah, let's just hope we get along.

Sharlene: Wait till you see what kind of tyrant I am.

Jamie: Oh, boy, I can imagine that.

Sharlene: Especially since I know nothing about building, I know nothing about running a company.

Rachel: You've got a good teacher.

John: Thank you.

Sharlene: I just want to carry on the family name for my brothers.

Rachel: Frame Construction meant an awful lot to Steve. He was a terrific businessman.

Sharlene: I know that. I know. He had such drive. When he wanted something, he went after it, and he worked day and night.

Rachel: And with any luck at all, we're going to have a new little Steve.

Jamie: Only if it's a boy.

Sharlene: And this man has been so wonderful about being helpful around here. I canít --

Jamie: Well, I've enjoyed doing it, Sharlene. But I really must get back to Vicky, you know?

Sharlene: In this weather?

Jamie: Well, I think it's letting up a little bit, Sharlene.

Rachel: Oh, sure.

Jamie: I think we can make it.

Sharlene: Jamie, they still have to plow that lane.

Rachel: What do you think, John?

John: I donít know, Rachel. The car's pretty heavy. It ought to be able to make it.

Jamie: It's worth a try, I think.

John: You can always turn around and come back.

Jamie: Listen, I want to scrape the windshields off, mom, and I'll be right back.

John: I'll give you a hand.

Jamie: Thanks a lot.

Sharlene: You've talked to Josie and Matthew?

Rachel: Yes, they're safe and sound at our house. Helen's making them supper.

Sharlene: Good.

Rachel: Josie get along with John?

Sharlene: Yeah, sure.

Rachel: I'm sure she does. He's so charming. I guess you've noticed that.

Sharlene: Yes, I have.

Rachel: And he's available. You're really going to make me ask this, aren't you?

Sharlene: Ask what? Wait. My cookies are in the oven. I donít want to burn them.

Rachel: Oh, no! Not so fast, Sharlene.

Jake: Can anyone hear me? This is an emergency! Can anyone hear me? This is an emergency! There's a woman in labor. Contact Dr. Jamie Frame at Bay City general. Tell him -- tell him his wife is in labor at her apartment and Jake McKinnon is with her. Damn!

Sharlene: John and I are friends, Rachel.

Rachel: Oh, I could have sworn by the way he looked at you.

Sharlene: What way?

Rachel: Oh, come on. You didnít notice that?

Sharlene: No, not really.

Rachel: Sharlene, it's obvious he's very attracted to you.

Sharlene: Well, look, I am -- I have no time to get involved with anyone right now.

Rachel: Well, maybe you should make some time.

Sharlene: No, I have a farm to run. I have a daughter.

Rachel: But that doesn't mean that you canít take time for yourself.

Sharlene: You're a little better at that than I am, Rachel.

Rachel: Oh, come on, Sharlene, you're a fighter.

Sharlene: And I fight for certain things.

Rachel: Not for love?

Sharlene: Nope. Gave up on that one. I lost too many times.

Rachel: Oh, I donít think you'd lose this time, not with John.

Sharlene: He doesn't know about me, Rachel. He doesn't know.

Rachel: Well, maybe you ought to explain it to him, then.

Sharlene: How do I do that? How do I tell him that I slept with men for money?

Rachel: Sharlene, all of us have things in our past that we would like to forget.

Sharlene: How can I forget? There are constant reminders. Even Jason.

Rachel: What about Jason?

Sharlene: He couldn't let it alone.

Rachel: What do you mean?

Sharlene: He was going to tell John about me.

Rachel: But he didnít?

Sharlene: No.

Rachel: So you didnít?

Sharlene: No. You think that's a mistake?

Rachel: It could be, if he were to find it out through somebody else.

Felicia: I told you about Abigail.

Cass: Can you tell us any more?

Felicia: Other than she was with me that night, she was really my support.

Cass: Which night, honey?

Felicia: The night I went to the hospital, I had the baby. I was drugged, and Abigail was really all I had.

Nicole: What did she do?

Felicia: She got me through it somehow.

Cass: So you trusted Abigail.

Felicia: Of course I did. I mean, I wouldnít be here right now if it weren't for her.

Mitch: How do you mean?

Felicia: Noah. She covered for me. I mean, she must have, right?

Cass: How?

Felicia: I blocked out killing Noah. I mean, she never really told anybody what happened, did she?

Cass: How did she cover it up?

Felicia: I donít know, really. I mean, it had to really take some planning. I mean, she had to get the body out of the house.

Cass: Yeah, she did manage that, didnít she?

Felicia: Yes, she did manage that.

Cass: And she told the people that Noah had gone away.

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: That he had gone off to do some charitable work.

Felicia: Yes.

Mitch: All right. Honey, she let you think that Noah turned away from you.

Nicole: Rejected you.

Mitch: She ended up putting you in a boarding house and leaving you there.

Nicole: Mitch is right, Felicia. I donít think this Abigail was a friend of yours.

Felicia: No.

Mitch: I mean, do you really think that she --

Felicia: No, you're wrong.

Mitch: I mean, do you think that she cared about you? I mean, after doing what she did, lying to you?

Felicia: Yes. I mean, she protected me, and certainly Noahís memory.

Nicole: I wonder where she is now.

Felicia: It's funny, isnít it? I -- I always wanted somebody to take care of me. And she did. In her own way, she really did.

Nicole: But if she came forward, maybe she could explain Noahís accident --

Felicia: No, no. It wouldnít make any difference.

Cass: Why not?

Felicia: Because she wasn't even in the room when Noah and I fought.

Nicole: But I thought you said she was.

Felicia: No, no. She came in later. I had passed out then. I had gone into labor by then.

Cass: Did she know how Noah had been treating you?

Felicia: She knew.

Cass: Did she know that he was abusive?

Felicia: I donít think she ever really believed he was abusive.

Nicole: And this woman was your great support?

Felicia: I know it's complicated, Nicole. But Abigail -- she loved Noah. It was her big brother. You understand? He was like a saint to her. To drag his name through the mud, to dirty his memory, I believe it would probably kill her.

Cass: Is that it, or is she afraid of being named an accomplice?

Mitch: Cass, we donít even know that Noah is dead.

Felicia: You're never going to see her again.

Cass: Because she's afraid?

Felicia: She's afraid, all right. She's afraid of all of this coming out now, all this ugliness, especially that I killed Noah. No, you're never going to see her again.

[Vicky moans]

Dr. Peterson: You're not sure that Jamie is the father?

Vicky: I'm almost sure.

Dr. Peterson: Almost?

Vicky: There was one night, and that's why I need proof.

Dr. Peterson: Does your husband know about this one night?

Vicky: No, of course he doesn't know about this.

Dr. Peterson: I see.

Vicky: Is there something you can do?

Dr. Peterson: I wish there was, Vicky.

Vicky: What do you mean, you wish there was? You have to do something!

Dr. Peterson: There is really nothing I can do.

Vicky: Well, what about a paternity test?

Dr. Peterson: It's not that simple.

Vicky: I donít care. I'll do anything.

Dr. Peterson: Will you jeopardize the life of your child?

Vicky: What do you mean by that?

Dr. Peterson: That test involves drawing blood out of the fetus while it's in utero. A lot of doctors wonít perform it. I know I wonít.

Vicky: I never thought of it being dangerous before.

Dr. Peterson: Think about this, too. What if you found out that the baby was not your husband's? Would you tell him?

Vicky: I just want to prove that this baby is Jamieís.

Dr. Peterson: And if it isnít?

Vicky: I donít know. I donít know.

Jake: Vicky, I'm back.

Vicky: Oh, thank God. Please donít go away again.

Jake: All the phone lines are down.

Vicky: They're going so fast. It hurts so much.

Jake: I got a hold of a radio. I sent a message out. I'm sure somebody's going to get it.

Vicky: Ah! Ah! Another one!

Jake: Vicky, what can I do?

Vicky: Get me something to concentrate on, something to concentrate on! Hurry! Oh, oh -- help! Jake! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes.

Jake: It's your wedding picture. You remember how happy you were that day, huh?

Vicky: Yes.

Jake: You're going to have it all, Vick. You're going to have it all. You're going to have a baby and a family. Everything you always wanted, Vick. You're going to have a house, a white picket fence, two kids, big backyard. You're going to have it all, honey. You're going to have it all. Is it over? Hmm?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Mm-hmm. Ok?

Vicky: Thank you. It's just you and me. It's just you and me again.

Jake: And I'm going to be there to help you.

Vicky: Thanks. Thanks, Jake. Jake! Agh!

Sharlene: I sure hope Rachel and Jamie get out.

John: Yeah, me, too. He's real anxious to get home to Vicky.

Sharlene: Yeah. It's nice, isnít it? They're so happy.

John: Yeah, especially for Vicky. There was a time there when she was really going nowhere.

Sharlene: Oh, yeah?

John: Oh, yeah, trying to hide all the hurt by being the baddest thing around. Of course, I donít relate to that at all.

Sharlene: Me, either.

John: Well, you're not like that.

Sharlene: I'm not?

John: No. If you have a problem, you face it head on. You missed a spot.

Sharlene: Yeah, I did.

John: What, did I say something wrong?

Sharlene: You know, you donít have to help me with this. You really donít. I can dry.

John: I said something wrong, didnít I? What is it?

Sharlene: John, when I hesitated earlier on accepting your offer with the boat and all that --

John: Listen --

Sharlene: There were a lot of reasons why.

John: We donít have to talk about it.

Sharlene: I'd like to. I mean, if there's anyone whose help I could accept -- anyone's -- and anyone that I could trust, you know it's you.

John: I understand.

Sharlene: But you see, you have this image of me, and I'm not sure I live up to it. I mean, I know I donít live up to it.

John: Sharlene, I know what you're trying to tell me.

Sharlene: You do?

John: You're trying to tell me that you snore. That's it, isnít it? You snore.

Sharlene: I snore, that's --

John: Is that it?

Sharlene: I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I donít want to end up making another one with you.

John: You couldnít.

Sharlene: No, you know what? You've got Vietnam to work out, and I have a few things of my own.

John: Well, I can wait.

Sharlene: I hope you can. I really do.

John: Well, I guess we donít need this anymore, huh?

Sharlene: What are you -- donít -- what are you going to do? Give me that.

John: What are you going to do with it? Frame it?

Sharlene: I'm going to hang on to it.

John: Why?

Sharlene: To remind me.

John: Of what?

Sharlene: That maybe you like me just a little bit.

John: Oh, yeah?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Come here. You know something?

Sharlene: Uh-uh.

John: For the first time in an awfully long time, I wake up every day looking forward to the future.

Sharlene: You do? Really?

John: You're the best thing that's ever happened in my life.

Sharlene: Jamie?

John: Oh, what's up?

Sharlene: Whoa.

John: Close the door, man.

Jamie: I almost got stuck. I need to use your phone.

Sharlene: Sure. Go ahead.

Jamie: My beeper went off. Hi, it's Dr. Frame. What? No way. Are you sure?

Sharlene: Jamie, what's wrong? What's wrong?

Jamie: Vickyís gone into labor.

Rachel: What? What's going on?

Jamie: I canít believe this.

John: It's Vicky. She's having the baby.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Come on, ring now! Ring, damn it!

Rachel: Is anyone with her?

Jamie: Yeah. Jake.

Jake: Now, thank God you had all these candles, huh?

Vicky: I had a nice, romantic dinner planned for Jamie tonight.

Jake: Well, it's safe to say that those plans have changed, haven't they?

Vicky: Oh, Jake. Please tell me everything's going to be ok.

Jake: Oh, honey, everything's going to be ok, I promise.

Vicky: Oh -- oh! All right! Oh! Oh!

Cass: Ok, so we canít count on Abigail, so we're going to do it without her.

Nicole: How?

Cass: By steering clear of Noahís story completely.

Mitch: And then what?

Cass: Ram my theory down the D.A.ís throat.

Felicia: What theory?

Cass: That someone else killed Jason Frame. I mean, half the people in this town had something against him, and it's snowballing. The D.A. canít ignore that.

Nicole: Can you prove anything?

Cass: I donít have to. The burden of proof is on the district attorney. All I have to do is raise a reasonable doubt, and I will do that.

Mitch: And it still has to go to trial?

Cass: Well, not if I can help it, although I did hear this morning that the arraignment is set for two weeks.

Felicia: Two weeks? Really?

Cass: Yeah, well, that gives us some time to do some real digging.

Nicole: Yes, but why canít you just prove it was an accident?

Felicia: Because I had the gun, Nicole, remember? I fired it.

Nicole: But you didnít mean to kill Jason. You didnít have a motive.

Mitch: Right.

Cass: They say that Jason was killed in a struggle. You say you weren't even close to the guy. It had to be someone else.

Felicia: Except for the small fact that the police donít believe me.

Cass: Well, we've got two weeks, and I'm going to use every minute of it.

Felicia: I really donít know how any of this happened.

Mitch: Ok, you know what you need to do? Maybe go lie down.

Felicia: No, I donít want to.

Mitch: Come on, no argument.

Cass: Hey, hey, hey. Mitch is absolutely right. You got to get some rest.

Felicia: Oh, Cass.

Cass: Donít worry. We're going to beat this thing.

Felicia: Well, we have to. I mean, you've been batting a thousand with your cases. Wally would never forgive me if I made you blow this one.

Cass: Wally would be the first to admit that I've had tougher cases than this.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: I promise you we will turn up some evidence. Somewhere, somehow, we'll find a lead.

Mitch: Come on.

Cass: I promise you. We'll beat it. We'll beat it together.

Felicia: Cass.

Nicole: The people you're going to be pointing your finger at are your friends.

Cass: Most of them are. You're right.

Nicole: Doesn't that bother you?

Cass: Felicia is innocent. She has to get off. That's the only thing that matters to me.

Nicole: I see.

Cass: Do you have a problem with that?

Nicole: No, of course not. It's just --

Cass: What?

Nicole: People's lives could be permanently damaged -- friends of ours.

Cass: Felicia could permanently go to prison. And she's my best friend.

Nicole: Well, what about temporary insanity?

Cass: No.

Nicole: But you have reason now.

Cass: How do you mean that?

Nicole: Well, these moments when she thinks she's Fanny.

Cass: But that's because of all that she's been through -- the stress, the anxiety.

Nicole: And you could use it.

Cass: I'd have to delve back into her past. I'm not going to risk that, not unless I know more. Besides, Felicia will never be free until she fights this and vindicates herself.

Nicole: You will get Felicia out of this, wonít you?

Cass: I'll die before I let them send her to prison. Whatever it takes to win. Whatever.

Jake: All right, listen, we'll just walk to the street --

Vicky: Ok.

Jake: Hail a cab, somebody passing by, we'll get a ride, ok?

Vicky: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're just going to get a --

Jake: And if you canít walk, I'll carry you.

Vicky: Right.

Jake: Right?

Vicky: Aah! I canít walk!

Jake: Honey -- honey --

Vicky: I'm going to have the baby!

Jake: No, no, you canít have the baby! Hold it!

[Phone rings]

Vicky: It's coming! It's coming.

Jake: Oh, thank God. Come in. Sit down, lie down. Donít do anything, right? Donít have the baby. Just wait.


Jake: Hold on! I'll be right there!

Vicky: It's coming.

Jake: Hold on. You ok? Yes!

Jamie: Jake!

Jake: Jamie! Oh, God, thank you! Vickyís, it's Jamie.

Vicky: Jamie -- where is he?

Jamie: Hey, what was the matter with the phone?

Jake: The phones have been down. She's going into labor, Jamie.

Jamie: All right, tell me, how far apart are the contractions?

Jake: They're less than a minute. It's going fast, man.

Jamie: Damn it!

Jake: What do I do?

Jamie: Jake, you deliver a baby, that's what you do.

Jake: What?

Jamie: Jake, I called the paramedics, Jake, and I'm not sure that they'll get there on time.

Vicky: Jamie!

Jake: Jamie, she wants you. She is asking for you.

Jamie: Jake, I'm stuck here at Sharleneís because of the snow. Now, listen to me. Jake, you are not going to panic. Do you understand? You are going to stay calm and focused and do exactly as I say.

Jake: Calm, focused. Calm and focused, honey.

[Vicky screams]

Jamie: Jake! Jake, listen to me! I'm going to talk you through this!

Jake: Ja-- I canít have a baby.

Jamie: Jake, you're not having the baby. Vicky is. Now, listen, you're going to have to deliver it, Jake. It's up to you. Do you understand? The ambulance is on the way, but because of the snow, it might not make it. It's up to you, Jake. It's up to you.

Jake: All right, Vicky, honey, you're going to have a baby.

Vicky: No!

Jake: Jamie --

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