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Another World Transcript Wednesday 2/9/05

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John: Whoo.

Sharlene: What?

John: Well, that zoo of yours out there in the barn is all fed.

Sharlene: Already?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: That's great.

John: I only wish I could do more.

Sharlene: Hey, you've got a construction company to run, you know.

John: Oh, that's right. Thanks for reminding me.

Sharlene: You've done more than enough already.

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: Who's that? Oh, it's Jamie. Hey.

Jamie: Hi! I hope you have enough room for us.

Vicky: Hi, hi, Sharlene.

Jamie: Yeah, we cook and we clean and we milk cows. Or at least one of us does.

Sharlene: I don't believe this. What are you --?

Jamie: Hey, we're family. It's just -- it's that simple.

Sharlene: You -- I don't know what to say.

John: You know what? You guys came at exactly the right time. The movers will be here any minute. You can help Sharlene get all the furniture in the right place.

Jamie: Fantastic. Great.

Vicky: The movers?

Sharlene: Yeah, the stuff that was repossessed. We have -- they're bringing it back today, thanks to you dropping the lawsuit.

Vicky: Well, Sharlene, I never intended it to go that far.

Sharlene: Vicky, really, it's over.

Josie: Mama? Mama, look at the font page! They're saying Uncle Jason was murdered!

Donna: You're not going in to work today?

Michael: Why, you want to get rid of me, huh?

Donna: No, never.

Michael: Ooh. What is that? Is that a new perfume you're wearing?

Donna: No.

Michael: Huh?

Donna: I'm not wearing any perfume. It's just me.

Michael: Oh. Boy, did I marry the right girl.

Donna: So, here we are. We have the whole morning to ourselves. Nothing to think about, nothing to worry about.

Michael: So what's wrong?

Donna: Nothing.

Michael: Hey.

Donna: I had a dream last night about Jason. It was a nightmare. It was horrible.

Michael: Well, why don't you -- why don't you tell me about it?

Donna: I don't want to think about it. He was an evil, terrible man.

Michael: Well, be that as it may -- I mean, whatever he was, it does makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

Donna: Think about what?

Michael: Well, a week ago, Jason was probably walking around thinking he had the whole rest of his life before him, and just like that, things changed.

Donna: Yes, things do change. You were mine once, and I never thought I'd lose you, but I did.

Michael: Well, it's -- it's all behind us now.

Donna: You never talk about that time. What were you doing all those years?

[Knock on door]

Iris: Come in.

Julie Ann: Legal called. They want all the spa contracts.

Iris: Now?

Julie Ann: They're screaming for it. If they don't get it microfilmed today, heads will roll, mine first.

Iris: Well, remind me to write a particularly nasty letter to legal. Where is this thing?

Julie Ann: Is everything in order?

Iris: No, something's missing. I left them at home.

Julie Ann: Well -- well, why don't I call Vivien? Maybe she found it?

Iris: Yes, could you -- could you call Vivien, please? Tell her I need the contract with Frame Construction.

Rachel: Is this what you're looking for?

Donna: Don't be modest. You took the business world by storm. You were a genius.

Michael: Hey, I didnít take them by storm. Well, it took a while, but after a while things clicked.

Donna: You were in Europe, right?

Michael: See?

Donna: I wish that I had been there.

Michael: I knew it. You do remember.

Donna: And you were a millionaire at 25.

Michael: Well, I didnít bother to count the money. I mean, money wasn't the important thing.

Donna: And, of course, the women found you irresistible.

Michael: Absolutely irresistible. But you were the only one I cared about.

Donna: I love you.

Michael: I love you, too.

Donna: I'm so lucky. How did I get to be so lucky? I've made so many mistakes in my life.

Michael: This house -- that's in the past, all right? We forget about mistakes around here.

Donna: Oh, you've never made any mistakes, Mr. Perfect.

Michael: Ahem -- hold on.

Donna: Where are you going? Come back here.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no.

[Music plays]

Michael: Music. There we go. Sounds smooth, eh?

Donna: You're waiting for the stock reports, aren't you?

Michael: Hey, come on, that hurts my feelings. I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world, and I just want to put on a little music and --

Donna: It's the middle of the day.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Not in Bangkok it isnít.

Donna: Mikeyís going to walk in, Michael.

Michael: Mikeyís on a date with Bridget.

Donna: Oh, you're a devil. You're a devil.

Radio announcer: This is WBAY. Stay tuned to our news at noon when we will update Felicia Gallant's arrest for the murder of Jason Frame. And now --

[Turns off radio]

Donna: Oh, no.

Michael: That's -- that's unbelievable. I mean, Felicia didnít murder Jason.

Donna: Oh, dear. Oh, this is awful.

Michael: Well, why would they even think that? I mean, she had nothing against Jason.

Donna: Why would she come to the party with a gun?

Michael: What?

Donna: In her purse.

Michael: How do you know that?

Donna: I saw it.

Michael: Why didnít you tell me?

Donna: I just didnít, but I told the police.

Sharlene: No, this doesn't make sense.

John: Felicia? My God.

Vicky: Felicia? What about Felicia?

Sharlene: She was accused of Jasonís murder.

Vicky: She what?

Jamie: "The latest police forensic reports confirm there was a struggle between Mr. Frame and his assailant. Police have charged Felicia Gallant, a well-known talk show host and author, with the murder."

Sharlene: I just don't believe this.

Jamie: "Bail was set for $250,000, which was immediately posted by her friend and publisher Mackenzie Cory."

Vicky: Mac and your mother didnít say a word.

Jamie: Felicia isnít capable of murder. It was an accident. It had to be an accident.

Josie: How the hell do you know?

Sharlene: Josie --

Jamie: I know Felicia, that's how I know.

Josie: She fought with him, Jamie. It says so right there. There were bruises, and then she shot him and killed him!

Vicky: No, Josie, you don't know that.

Josie: What do you care, anyway? You hated my Uncle Jason.

Sharlene: Josie.

Vicky: It's ok.

Josie: You're probably glad he's not around anymore, aren't you?

Sharlene: Josie --

Vicky: No. I'm very sorry -- for you.

Josie: Then why did you make our lives miserable?

Sharlene: Josie, stop it.

Vicky: No!

Sharlene: Just stop it!

Vicky: No. All right -- Sharlene, please, please? Josie, I know how much Jason must have meant to you. I grew up without a father, too. Without a father or a mother. We didnít have a lot of money. I really do understand what you're going through. And I guess if I were you, I wouldn't like me much, either.

Josie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Vicky.

Vicky: No, it's ok.

Jamie: I have to call mom and Mac. Excuse me.

Sharlene: Felicia. When is this going to end?

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: It's the movers. Hello. Hi. Come on in. That goes upstairs.

John: It's the room on the left up there.

Sharlene: The bedroom.

John: The first left.

Sharlene: Come on, this goes right on into the -- in the living room straight ahead.

Josie: Mama.

Sharlene: It's Jasonís chair. I hated this chair, and he just loved it. I told him to get rid of it. I told him to get rid of it, and he said, "Sharlie -- Sharlie, this chair will be around long after I'm gone." Oh, was he right.

Iris: That's the contract with Frame Construction.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Iris: What are you doing with it?

Rachel: More importantly, what did you do with it?

Iris: I don't know what you're talking about.

Rachel: I'm talking about the bonus for Jason Frame.

Iris: Bonus?

Rachel: $10,000.

Iris: Oh. Well, that wasn't a bonus.

Rachel: Oh. Well, what are we calling it today?

Iris: Nothing. Well, by "nothing," I mean, it's just adding in the cost overruns up front to be sure that Jason would finish on schedule.

Rachel: Well, I've never heard that.

Iris: Well, you have now. Jason finished on schedule.

Rachel: Adding in cost overruns up front -- does that make any sense?

Iris: If you knew anything about business, Rachel, you would know.

Rachel: And just how did you compute these cost overruns up front, Iris? Do you think I'm really naive? I ran this place during the takeover attempt.

Iris: Mm-hmm. Almost into the brink of disaster.

Rachel: Well, it never occurred to me to hand out bribes, Iris.

Iris: It was an incentive, Rachel. And it worked, didnít it?

Rachel: I think there's more to it than that.

Iris: Weren't you and I going to try and get along?

Rachel: Oh, it's very difficult for me to get along with anyone I find so untrustworthy. And as far as I'm concerned, since you arrived here, you've done nothing that is trustworthy.

Iris: As far as your concerned? And whenever Rachelís concerned, we're all expected to shudder.

Rachel: You're hiding something, aren't you, Iris?

Iris: Oh, and you just canít wait to run to daddy with your accusations.

Rachel: You're absolutely right -- I canít wait. But I will wait until I know exactly what they are.

Courtney: It bothers me, Rick, arresting Felicia.

Rick: Well, she had the means and the opportunity.

Courtney: I don't mean that we don't have a case against her. I mean, the evidence is conclusive. I just wish I didnít like her.

Rick: Hey, now, aren't you the one who's always telling me to stay objective?

Courtney: But what would make a person like Felicia Gallant turn into a killer? You know, we haven't nailed that down.

Rick: Ok -- what do we know? Jason was doing some work for her in her apartment.

Courtney: So they were in frequent contact. So what? What?

Rick: So, can we assume that he found out something about her? Something that would blow her whole "Felicia Gallant" image. And he tried to blackmail her. She didnít want to pay, so she decided to get rid of him.

Courtney: But Jason gave her a gun. Why would he do that?

Rick: He didnít believe she'd go through with it. He was laughing at her.

Courtney: You know, that's pretty far-fetched.

Rick: But she did go through with it. Felicia brought the gun to the party with her. She confronted him, they struggled, and she shot him.

Courtney: The D.A. Is going to want -- wonít buy that unless we know what Jason had on her.

Rick: What about this Christmas card we found in his pocket? The one that she sent to her stepfather? Now, Frame must have known the whole story.

Courtney: I don't know. And why is Felicia and Vicky in the same equation?

Rick: Well, maybe he was extorting money from Felicia to pay off Vicky.

Courtney: What about baby Frame?

Rick: I don't know. I don't know. If we could only crack this crazy code of his.

Julie Ann: Rick?

Rick: Oh, no. Lunch, right?

Julie Ann: You forgot?

Rick: I'm sorry. We just got so busy. That's not an excuse.

Julie Ann: It's ok.

Rick: No, it's not ok.

Courtney: While you two figure out whether it's ok or not, I'm going to go check something out.

Rick: This case has really got us crazy. We're going around in circles; we're bumping our heads against the wall.

Julie Ann: Listen, Rick -- Rick, you don't have to explain it to me. I understand.

Rick: Gosh, you must be hungry, huh?

Julie Ann: No, not really. Actually, I was hoping we could talk.

Rick: Oh, yeah. Well, I guess I kind of threw you for a loop the other day, huh?

Julie Ann: Kind of.

Rick: But I do mean it, Julie Ann. I want you to move in with me.

Julie Ann: Well, I was thinking about it. Actually, I canít get -- I canít stop thinking about it.

Rick: Yeah, I know. It's a big decision, I know.

Julie Ann: Well, that's only part of it.

Rick: Part of what?

Julie Ann: Well, suppose I move in. Well, then what?

Rick: Then -- I don't know what you mean.

Julie Ann: Well, would you be willing to take the next step? I mean, would you consider marriage?


Jesse: Man, this is some place.

Matt: Yeah, I bought my mom a necklace here once.

Jesse: Well, we're the only ones here. They're hardly doing a booming business. Maybe it's gone downhill since you were here.

Matt: Yeah, you know, maybe I should leave. Maybe I should wait. I mean, I'm not in a big hurry, right?

Jesse: Matt --

Matt: What?

Jesse: Are you trying to back out of this or something?

Matt: I --

Woman: Can I help you with anything, gentlemen?

Matt: I -- I need some jewelry.

Woman: Well, you're in the right place. What are you looking for? Bracelet? Earrings?

Matt: No.

Woman: Necklace?

Matt: No.

Jesse: Matt, tell her what you need.

Matt: Well, I -- I need a ring, sort of.

Woman: Sort of?

Jesse: He needs a ring.

Woman: For a special person?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah.

Jesse: He needs it for his girlfriend.

Matt: Would you let me explain, please?

Jesse: Sorry.

Matt: For my girlfriend.

Woman: Oh, an engagement ring?

Matt: No, no! No. No, it's more like a -- you know, something you give to somebody to say that being engaged to them someday wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Jesse: Yeah.

Woman: Of course.

Matt: Do you have anything like that?

Woman: A pre-engagement ring?

Matt: There is such a thing?

Woman: Well, let me see what I can show you.

Jesse: I don't know what you're so nervous about.

Matt: Neither do I. I -- it's not as though I don't know how I feel, right?

Jesse: Hey, look, Josieís going to love whatever you pick out. I mean, especially after everything she's been through these last few days.

Matt: Hey, don't tell her, ok? I want to surprise her with it.

Jesse: Oh, yeah, sure. Come on.

Woman: Ok. It's a lovely selection of what I call our pre-engagement rings. Different colored stones, white gold, yellow gold -- it's all a matter of taste.

Jesse: Wow. Going to be hard to make a choice, huh, man?

Matt: Nope.

Jesse: No?

Matt: No. This is it. This is Josie.

[Jamie groans]

Jamie: Did I hit your foot?

Josie: No.

Jamie: Oh, good, good.

Sharlene: Well, I don't believe it. This place is finally starting to look like home.

Josie: Yeah, I wish it felt that way.

Sharlene: It will, in time.

John: I'm going to go out and show these characters where the farm equipment goes.

Sharlene: Thank you. Jamie, thank you so much for all your help.

Jamie: This table stays right here, correct?

Sharlene: Yeah, that's perfect.

Vicky: Hey, do you want this on top of it?

Sharlene: Yeah, Josie and I can get that, really.

Jamie: And this thing belongs over here.

Sharlene: Jamie, please! You all have done enough. I want you to go on home now.

Jamie: Are you trying to kick us out of here? Huh?

Sharlene: Vicky is due any day now. She needs her rest.

Vicky: Oh, no, no, I'm fine.

Jamie: She's fine.

Sharlene: You remind me of Steven so much sometimes.

Jamie: Oh.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Vicky: I have an idea. Why don't you I buy you a new couch?

Sharlene: What?

Vicky: Well, this one looks like it's just a little beat up, and I've got this great furniture store. Maybe something in leather?

Jamie: Vick, I --

Vicky: Oh. Nubby tweed?

Sharlene: Oh, Vicky, I -- you know, I really don't want a new couch. Thank you.

Jamie: You know what we could do, though? We could get some food together for everybody. I, for one, am hungry.

Sharlene: That'd be --

Vicky: Oh, yes! Great! I know a great Thai restaurant on Magnolia Street. I'll just have them deliver right --

Sharlene: They wonít deliver out here. Nobody does. It's too far.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I guess then I could make sandwiches. That would be fun.

Jamie: Come on, I'll help you.

Vicky: Oh, you will?

Jamie: Yeah, come on.

Vicky: Oh, great.

Jamie: Let's go. We'll make a farm girl out of her yet.

Sharlene: He loved you so much. He wanted you to have everything.

Josie: And what did he have?

Sharlene: Us.

Josie: No. No, it wasn't enough. I didnít do enough for him. I -- I don't think that he knew that I loved him.

Sharlene: Josie, look at me. You were wonderful to Jason. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Josie: I miss him. I miss him so much.

Sharlene: I know.

Josie: You know, if it wasn't for Matthew, I don't know what I would have done.

Sharlene: I know he helped you through that funeral.

Josie: Mama, he -- he said he loved me. Aren't you going to say anything?

Sharlene: I'm happy for you.

Josie: You don't sound too happy.

Sharlene: I want you to be smart, that's -- that's all.

Josie: I will. I will, I promise. You know I'll be there for you, always.

Sharlene: Honey, you always are.

Josie: We're not going to have to leave this farm, are we?

Sharlene: I don't care what we have to do, we are not going to lose this place. I promise you that.

Josie: I love you.

Sharlene: I love you, too.

[Door opens]

Sharlene: And I'll tell you what. No matter what happens -- no matter what -- I'll take care of you.

Woman: And how did you wish to pay for this today? Cash or charge?

Matt: I -- I thought I'd write a check, if that's ok.

Woman: Certainly. I'll need two pieces of I.D., please.

Matt: Ok. Check. And, let's see -- one, two.

Woman: Thank you.

Jesse: Boy, she's going to love that, man.

Matt: Oh, yeah, that is definitely it.

Matt: I changed my mind.

Jesse: What?

Matt: I don't want to buy her a ring!

Jesse: Look, you already picked the ring out.

Matt: No, no, I made a mistake.

Jesse: It's a great idea. Trust me, ok?

Matt: What if she doesn't like it?

Jesse: She'll love it.

Matt: What if I canít thing of something to say to her?

Jesse: Well, fine! Don't say anything.

Matt: What if I'm moving too fast?

Jesse: Look, what if you just calm down and listen to me for a minute, all right?

Matt: Ok. Well, talk, talk, talk.

Jesse: Look --

Matt: Quick before she comes back.

Jesse: You like Josie, right?

Matt: Right.

Jesse: She makes you happy, right?

Matt: Right.

Jesse: And you told her that you love her, right?

Matt: Right.

Jesse: Well, there you are, fine. So you lay a little jewelry on her. So what? You already took the big step. Look, what's a ring compared to telling her that you love her? And you don't feel bad about that, right? Right?

Matt: Right. Oh -- how did you get so mature for your age?

Jesse: Amazing, isnít it?

Matt: What's amazing is that you don't have a girlfriend of your own.

Jesse: Look, right now I just feel good about being around my friends, especially you and Josie. I mean, you guys always make me feel like I belong, man.

Woman: Here we are. And I hope your girlfriend enjoys her ring.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Woman: You're welcome. Ahem.

Jesse: Try not to believe everything you read.

Michael: Why would you go to the police and tell them that Felicia had a gun?

Donna: I thought it was the proper thing to do at the time.

Michael: Proper?

Donna: But besides that, she had already told the police when I had gotten there.

Michael: She did?

Donna: Yes. I suppose she thought they'd find out anyway.

Michael: But she's not a murderer. It was an accident.

Donna: Well, but I don't know that.

Michael: She obviously didnít have anything to hide, Donna. I mean, why would she go and tell them about the gun, then?

Donna: Why would Felicia have a reason to kill Jason?

Michael: Exactly. There's a lot of people in Bay City who had a much better reason to kill Jason.

Donna: He's just a -- he was a terrible man. I'm glad that nobody I love was near him that night. When I saw you and Jamie going to find him --

Michael: Wait a minute.

Donna: What?

Michael: Vicky.

Donna: What are you talking about?

Michael: When I went to look for Jason, I saw Vicky go into the house of mirrors.

Donna: Well, for heaven's sakes, Michael! Victoria didnít have a reason to kill Jason.

Michael: No. No, of course not, she didnít. I was just thinking that it was a close call, that maybe -- you know, she could have been hit.

Donna: I want her luck to change.

Michael: Honey, her luck has changed. Come on, she's got Jamie now. She's going to have a baby.

Donna: Do you think she still resents Marley?

Michael: What makes you think of that?

Donna: I don't know. It's just that Victoria has so much now, but she's still so needy.

Michael: Well, come on, you know Victoria. She's -- she's always needed more than others.

Donna: I'll do anything for her. Anything.

Michael: I think I'd better call Mitch. He might need my help.

Donna: Well, I --

Michael: By the way, you didnít tell Mitch that you had called the police, did you?

Donna: Oh, heavens no, and I hope he doesn't know about it. This is just terrible. But Iris was so --

Michael: Iris? Iris? What, Iris?

Donna: She was frantic about this. She insisted. I don't know why.

Iris: Oh, Michael, thank God you've come. I need you so much.

Donna: What's wrong?

Michael: Uh -- nothing. I have to go out for a little while.

Donna: I thought we were going to spend a quiet morning together.

Michael: Well, we are, honey. We will. I promise. Look, I just got to go for a little while. I'll be back soon.

Rick: I'm -- I'm not saying no.

Julie Ann: Rick, I wasn't proposing to you.

Rick: No, of course not. I know that. I'm not going to discount the possibility of marriage.

Julie Ann: Not discount? That sounds a little business-like.

Rick: I don't mean it to. I don't want to put any limits on our relationship.

Julie Ann: Well, I guess that's all I really needed to know.

Rick: But I do think we should just take this one step at a time.

Julie Ann: Well, that's what I think, and living together is an awfully big step.

Rick: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Julie Ann: No. But you're right about our schedule, and it's probably the only way we'll get to see one another.

Rick: Oh, and I do need to see you. Tell you what -- don't decide now. You just take your time, as long as the answer is yes.

Courtney: Oh, sorry to bother you two. I got something.

Julie Ann: Well, I was leaving.

Rick: It's ok.

Julie Ann: We'll talk later.

Rick: Yeah, I'll talk to you at home, ok? What's that look for?

Courtney: Nothing.

Rick: You don't think it works between her and I, huh?

Courtney: I don't want to talk about it, ok?

Rick: I don't see why you don't --

Courtney: I don't want to get into it. Let's get back to business. There's something that we missed in the ledger -- a reference to a safe. Look at this.

Rick: Oh. Could be a bank safe.

Courtney: Yeah.

Rick: Safety deposit box?

Courtney: I think we'd better get out to the farm and talk to Sharlene again. Maybe she knows what it's about.

Rick: Ok.

Sharlene: All right, well, maybe I should put this here.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Or maybe I should put it back where it was before.

John: Sharlene, why don't you just leave it where it is?

Sharlene: Because it just -- it doesn't seem right here.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Yeah?

John: I need to talk to you.

Sharlene: About what?

John: About this.

Sharlene: What?

John: It fell out of Jasonís pocket when we were arguing the night of Feliciaís party.

Sharlene: It's the key to Jasonís safe.

John: Where is Jasonís safe?

Sharlene: Well, it's right over here. Maybe we should take a look at it.

John: Are you sure you want to?

Sharlene: Well, there could be some stuff inside, something about the farm, papers that I might need.

John: What is it? Sharlene, what? What's wrong?

Sharlene: I don't know. I don't know, I got a chill. Maybe we shouldnít.

John: Well, like you said, there might be some important papers inside. I think we should.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Vicky: Now -- now, Jamie, I am really fine!

Jamie: Well, are you sure now? She was feeling a little queasy, you guys.

Vicky: No, I am fine. Do you know what a worrier your nephew is?

Sharlene: A worrier. Let me show you something.

Jamie: Why don't you sit down?

Sharlene: No, Jamie --

Jamie: Hmm?

Sharlene: Have you heard of ginger ale?

Jamie: Ginger ale?

Vicky: Ginger ale would be perfect.

Jamie: That's a good idea. Ginger ale.

Sharlene: I hate to tell you this -- I was so nauseous in my ninth month.

Vicky: You know, so am I.

Sharlene: Yes, yes.

Jamie: You know, I think they're starting to get along.

John: Doc, can I talk to you for a minute?

Vicky: I canít believe you did that.

Donna: Darling --

Vicky: How could you tell him? How could you tell Jake the baby was his?

Donna: I thought it was for the best.

Vicky: The best? You thought it was for the best? Now Marley is raising my baby, and Jamieís left me!

Donna: I'm so sorry.

Vicky: You're sorry? You're sorry? I'm all alone because of you, just like I was in Lassiter!

Donna: No, no.

Vicky: Yes! I'm alone. I'm all alone with no one to love, no one to love of my own! How could you do this to me? You gave me away when I was a baby. Wasn't that enough for you, mommy? How could you let them take my baby from me? I hate you. I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

Iris: Yes, Julie Ann. Mr. Michael Hudson? Well, yes, show him in.

Michael: Hello, Iris.

Iris: Well, hello, Michael. I don't believe you're here.

Michael: Why not?

Iris: Well, you don't usually arrive unless you're invited.

Michael: Well, in a way, you did invite me.

Iris: What do you mean?

Michael: You invited me the other night when you said you had something to -- you wanted to talk about. You said you needed my help.

Iris: There's nothing strange about that. I always need your help.

Michael: Oh, this was a little bit different, though, Iris. You said that you would not be in this situation if we had gotten married.

Iris: Oh, yeah. Well, I was -- I was nervous about the party.

Michael: Iris, you've never been worried about a party in your life, so what is this about?

Iris: It's ok. I've taken care of it.

Michael: It -- did it have anything to do with Jason Frame?

Iris: Why on earth would it have anything to do with Jason Frame? No, it was something -- it was something personal, and it's something that has been resolved. Is that the only reason why you came to see me?

Michael: No. Iris, I am -- I'm tired of all this hostility.

Iris: I've never felt hostile toward you, Michael. You must know that.

Michael: Iris, you got to let us go. It's over.

Iris: Yeah, well, you made sure of that, didnít you?

Michael: I always told you I still had feelings for Donna.

Iris: Were you thinking about -- about Donna when you were making love to me?

Michael: Look, you were the one that said I had to decide between you and she.

Iris: You don't like remembering those nights, do you?

Michael: No.

Iris: How dare you come in here and just -- and just pretend that you care about me!

Michael: Iris, I'm not pretending anything.

Iris: Oh, no, you just wanted to find out what happened at the party because you were afraid that I might make your little life messy!

Michael: You're angry with me because you lost something that you wanted.

Iris: Of course I'm angry with you. And I'm hurt! I'm very hurt! Is that so difficult for you to understand?

Michael: Iris, love to you is -- is possessing. It's not simple.

Iris: Well, love isnít simple. Passion isnít simple. It's -- it's crazy and it's -- and it's wonderful, and it's powerful!

Michael: Fine! Then be passionate and be powerful. But not with me.

Iris: Michael, I didnít want to fall in love with you. I was frightened of my feelings. I was frightened of your feelings. But you encouraged me. You said, "Donít be frightened." Everything that happened, Michael -- it was of your doing. You know that as well as I do!

Michael: Iris, I did not come here to argue with you. I came here because you had a problem.

Iris: Well, the problem has been solved.

Michael: You're holding out on me.

Iris: Well, I learned from the master, didnít I? You held out on me from the very first day we met.

Michael: I told you the truth! I told you about Donna. I wanted to be fair.

Iris: Oh, yes, and it was such a sweet little story, wasn't it? The story about the stable boy and the heiress, and the wicked father who had to separate you.

Michael: That was the truth. I never forgot about her.

Iris: Oh, I know that. I certainly know that.

Michael: But I loved you.

Iris: Yes, but not enough!

Michael: She was there first. I couldn't forget her.

Iris: Well, it was all my fault, anyway. It was all my stupid fault!

Michael: What? What was your fault?

Iris: Oh, that night -- that last night that we spent together. I told you to go back to Donna, I told you to talk to her.

Michael: Yes.

Iris: I was so sure you'd come back to me. Oh, I should -- I should keep my gambling for the casino.

Michael: I found out about Marley and Victoria.

Iris: That's why it's all my fault. It's my stupid ego! I wanted -- I wanted you to myself. I wanted that woman, that ghost exorcised. If I could only go back to that night, I would never have let you out of my bed. Never.

John: Uh -- doc, you've had an opportunity to take a look at Sharleneís books. What do you think?

Jamie: Well, John, I am no accountant, but --

John: It's going to be kind of rough on her, isnít it?

Jamie: Well, we will try to do everything we can to help out.

John: Yeah, well, so will I.

Jamie: Listen, you've been a really big help to Sharlene.

John: I want her to know that she can depend on me.

Jamie: I think she already does.

Sharlene: All right.

Vicky: Oh, yes!

Sharlene: We fixed her --

Jamie: Well --

Vicky: Oh, yeah, a little ginger ale --

Jamie: Yeah?

Sharlene: Cheesecake.

Vicky: Oh, you weren't supposed to say that part.

Sharlene: Sorry.

Jamie: Oh, cheesecake, huh?

Sharlene: John, give me that key. Let's go ahead and open up the safe. Let's go ahead and --

Vicky: The safe? What safe?

Matt: Is everything cool at home? I mean, is Reuben all straightened out?

Jesse: I guess, but you never know with him. I mean, Reubenís just got a nose for trouble, you know?

Matt: Yeah. Must be rough on your family, huh?

Jesse: Well, we're used to it, I guess. I mean, I wouldn't know how to live in a house like this. I mean, your family's really terrific.

Matt: Yeah, they are -- most of the time. But when it comes to my life, they have very strong opinions.

Rachel: Oh, hi, guys. I didnít know you guys were here.

Matt: Mom.

Rachel: How are you?

Jesse: Good.

Rachel: Good.

Matt: Yeah, I just wanted to use some of Macís books, and Jesse was helping me with my philosophy.

Rachel: Well, that's nice.

Jesse: We were helping each other.

Matt: Ah, but using your brain.

Jesse: Hey, look, I've got to get to my bio lab, so I'll talk to you later, ok? Hey --

Matt: See you later.

Jesse: Nice to see you again, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Nice to see you, Jesse.

Jesse: Ok.

Rachel: Honey, did I get any calls while I was out?

Matt: Not since I've been here.

Rachel: I was hoping I'd hear something new about Felicia.

Matt: No, nothing new.

Rachel: Have you talked to Mitch?

Matt: Earlier. I'm going to go over there later.

Rachel: I know that Sharlene and Josie must be very upset. I hope they're not believing everything they're hearing about Felicia.

Matt: Well, I called Josie. And she's on her way over. I'm going to talk to her.

Rachel: Good.

Matt: Mom --

Rachel: Hmm?

Matt: I want to show you something.

Rachel: What?

Matt: Well, I just got it for Josie.

Matt: What do you think?

Rachel: A ring?

Matt: Well, don't panic. It's not an engagement ring.

Rachel: Well, sweetie, it's very beautiful. But --

Matt: Here it comes.

Rachel: Well, I just hope you're sure, that's all.

Matt: I love Josie, mom.

Rachel: I see.

Matt: And I know about the frat parties. You know, she needed the money. There's nothing wrong with that.

Rachel: Well, I'm really relieved she told you about it, honey.

Matt: Well, I understand, mom. I wish you did.

Rachel: Honey, I love you. I just think you're sort of young to get so serious about somebody.

Matt: I love Josie, mom. She loves me. We need each other.

Rachel: Yeah, but there's a difference between loving someone and needing them.

Matt: We've been over this time and time again, mom.

Rachel: I just want what's best for you, that's all.

Matt: And you don't think it's Josie, is that what you're trying to say?

Rachel: Darling, I canít and wonít tell you what's best for you. That's your responsibility. I just want to make sure you understand the responsibility.

Matt: I've given this a lot of thought, mom, and this is what I want. Canít you understand that? This is what I want. Josie.

Josie: Am I -- am I interrupting? Hilda told me to come in.

Matt: No, no.

Josie: Hi, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie.

Matt: I'm glad you came over. I need to talk to you.

Josie: About what?

Matt: I have a surprise for you.

Josie: Matthew.

Matt: No, I think I'll wait.

Josie: What?

Matt: I have to wait for the right time.

Josie: Come on, what is it?

Matt: Not yet. But I'm not going to change my mind.

Iris: I want you to leave now, Michael!

Michael: I never meant to hurt you.

Iris: Oh, there's just one more thing. The reason you left -- Donna was the only reason, wasn't she? I mean, there was nothing else, was there?

Michael: We were just never meant to be.

Iris: Dredging up the past can be very painful for me. Please go.

Michael: I'm sorry.

Iris: Goodbye.

Michael: I think it would be best if you got on with your own life.

Iris: Thank you for that word of advice.

Iris: My love.

Sharlene: Jason kept all sorts of important papers in here, and John and I just thought we should see what was in it.

Jamie: Well, I think you should.

Vicky: No!

Sharlene: Why?

Vicky: I wouldn't want you to get upset, Sharlene.

[Knock on door]

Sharlene: Excuse me just a second.

John: Who is it?

Sharlene: It's the police. I can tell. I wonder what they want.

Rick: Hi, Sharlene.

Courtney: Hello, Mrs. Watts. I'm sorry to bother you, but we have some new information.

Sharlene: What kind of information?

Rick: Well, it seems in Jasonís ledger, he wrote about a safe. Do you know anything about that?

Sharlene: A safe? Well, yeah, actually --

John: I was just asking about it myself. I need some papers from Frame Construction. It seems that Jason kept a lot of things locked up.

Sharlene: Personal stuff, too.

Courtney: If you could open it, we would like to take the contents back as evidence.

Sharlene: Sure. It's right over here.

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