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Another World Transcript Friday 1/21/05

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Felicia: Well, Felicia, you've taken the writer's block to an all-time new low. I'm sure Iíve broken all previously known barriers. Ugh! Got to take a break.

Felicia: My glamorous past. Right.

Singers: Bum, bum bum, bum cherish is the word I use to describe

Jason: I really appreciate this. I know you don't usually see patients in your office at night.

Dr. Peterson: I have a patient in labor, and you sounded so urgent on the phone.

Jason: Yeah, but you didn't have to do this. I really appreciate it. You're terrific.

Dr. Peterson: I'm happy to do it, Mr. Frame, although I'm not altogether clear as to why you're here.

Jason: Well, like I said, I have got to talk to you about the medical condition of my niece, Victoria Frame.

[Evan hums]

Caroline: So let me get this straight --

Evan: Could you put some of those pillows in that chair right there?

Caroline: You and Sam are Amandaís brother?

Evan: Yeah, they're going to be here any minute now, so --

Caroline: And Sam and Amanda are going on a double date with somebody --

Evan: I better check what's in the refrigerator.

Caroline: Hey, wait a minute, just a minute. Where do I fit into all this?

Evan: You're my date.

Caroline: But we broke up.

Evan: I know, but, see, that still doesn't mean that we can't spend time together from time to time, does it?

Caroline: I suppose so.

Evan: Besides, I really think you might enjoy yourself tonight.

Caroline: How did Amanda rope you into this charade, huh?

Evan: Because she trusts me?

Caroline: Fool that she is.

Evan: Because I'm helping her out with her career?

Caroline: And I wish I knew why, huh? So what's in it for you?

Evan: Well, see, what I have --

[Doorbell rings]

Evan: Saved by the bell. Shh. Just act normal. They're here.

[Evan hums]

Evan: It's party time! How you doing?

Amanda: Hi, Evan! How's my favorite --

Evan: Just fine, thanks. Hi.

Woman: Hi.

Evan: Did you meet my date, Caroline Stafford?

Amanda: Caroline, this is Sam and Tanya.

Caroline: Hi, everyone. Can I take your coats?

Tanya: Hi. How you doing?

Sam: Hi, Caroline.

Evan: Uh, Amanda --

Amanda: Huh?

Evan: Where's your date?

Amanda: Oh, he's parking the car. He'll be here any minute.

Evan: Oh, good.

Tanya: Oh, now, you look more like Amanda than Sam.

Evan: What?

Tanya: Yeah, you got her coloring. No, no, no. It's the hair.

Evan: The hair? Oh, the coloring? Of course, yeah!

Amanda: Right, yeah.

Tanya: So, are you anyone's sister?

Caroline: Oh, someoneís.

[Doorbell rings]

Amanda: That must be my date.

Evan: Well, I'll get it. Make yourselves at home. Dustin.

Dustin: Evan Bates. What are you doing here?

Singers: Cherish is the word I use to describe all the feeling that I have

Felicia: You did it! You got all of them!

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear father happy birthday to you isn't it beautiful? Abigail and I both picked it out, didn't we, Abigail? It plays a tune.

[Watch plays]

Felicia: The one it played at first was like a hymn or something, so I had them change it. There's this great new song, "Cherish." I thought you'd like it. I love it. I mean, it's real popular at school.

[Watch stops]

Felicia: What's wrong? You don't like it? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Knock on door]

Singers: Bum, bum to the hope in my heart each time I realize that I am not going to be the one to share your dreams

Felicia: Rachel. Hi.

Rachel: What is it? What's the matter with you?

Singer: That I am not going to be the one

Mary: No, this is the last of what I want to take.

Vince: Now, you got the photograph albums, right?

Mary: Yeah, I got all of them.

Vince: Well, I can't think of anything else I want to take. Maybe -- well, maybe the stove. Nah, nah.

Mary: No, no, we're traveling light.

Vince: The only way to travel.

Mary: We don't want to clutter up M.J.'s.

Vince: Oh, now, look, you're sure she doesn't mind our staying with her?

Mary: Yeah, for the 600th time! I'm sure you heard her on the phone.

Vince: Well, we are only going to stay for a couple of days --

Mary: Yes, dear.

Vince: Because I am going to look for an apartment the minute we get there.

Mary: You and me in an apartment, just as we started.

Vince: Only this one is going to have a dishwasher, air conditioning, and no water bugs in the tub.

Mary: You know, it's like starting all over again. And I can't think of anyone I would rather do that with than you.

Vince: Hmm.

Mary: I kind of hope I don't find a job right away.

Vince: Hmm. You're going to work in no time at all.

Mary: No, no, I'm serious. I'm serious. I would like to have some time to find a place, to get it fixed up, to spend time with M.J., to spend time with you.

Vince: It's going to be great.

Mary: Yeah. It's funny, isn't it? I should be scared.

Vince: Well, it's a big move.

Mary: No, no, I'm not. I feel -- I feel that it's right.

Vince: And we don't have to sell this house and we don't have to pack up all our stuff.

Mary: Yeah. I think Jake and Marley are really happy about staying here.

Vince: Well, it's a great home for them.

Mary: It's going to be very, very strange.

Vince: What is?

Mary: Not to sit down at this table with you every morning to have breakfast.

Vince: Well, we had some good times in this room.

Mary: We had great times.

Vince: Yeah, people coming home, going away. Several times, my heart was broken when someone closed that door behind them -- Ben, Cheryl, Kathleen, yeah.

Mary: This is a good house. It's always been full of love.

Vince: Do you remember when we bought this place?

Mary: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. I was pregnant with Ben. And you had to borrow the down payment from your parents.

Vince: My old man said, "How are you going to make a house payment like that? 138 bucks a month?" I am going to miss this place.

Mary: I'm going to miss Bay City. A lot of good people here.

Vince: You're not having any second thoughts, are you?

Mary: The day that I remarried you, I truly found my family again. You're it, Vince McKinnon. Wherever you are, that's my home.

Amanda: You two know each other?

Evan: Yeah, we do.

Dustin: Evan and I met in New York.

Evan: Years ago.

Tanya: Small world, isn't it? Do you know him, too, Sam?

Sam: Uh, no, but I've heard a lot about him.

Dustin: Caroline.

Caroline: Dustin.

Dustin: You look terrific.

Tanya: I love reunions, don't you?

Dustin: So you really did move to Bay City, huh?

Evan: So you heard.

Dustin: Sure, I heard. I've been trying to track you down.

Evan: Really?

Dustin: You know how many "E. Bates" there are in the phone book? I never expected to see you here tonight.

Evan: Well, that's funny, you know, because I never, ever expected to see you, either.

Tanya: Wait a minute. That doesn't make sense.

Evan: What's that?

Tanya: Well, how can your name be Cory and your name be Bates?

Amanda: That's a good question.

Sam: Uh, different mothers.

Amanda: You mean fathers.

Sam: I mean fathers.

Amanda: Yeah, we're half sisters.

Sam: You mean half brothers.

Amanda: Yeah, that's -- no, what I mean is we're half -- what do I mean?

Caroline: You mean that you all have the same mother, but Evan has a different father.

Amanda: Right, right! That's it.

Dustin: I don't get it.

Amanda: No, what we mean is that --

Dustin: No, I heard what you said. I'm just surprised. I didn't realize you had such an interesting family.

Evan: Well, you know me. I don't like to brag.

Amanda: Sam, why don't you show Tanya the view?

Sam: Yeah! What a fun idea!

Tanya: I get a little wobbly being high up, so I might have to hang on you.

Sam: I don't mind.

Amanda: I do.

Tanya: What?

Amanda: Too. I do, too. I get wobbly, too.

Tanya: It's a drag, isn't it?

Amanda: Yeah, it's a drag.

Sam: Come, Tanya.

Tanya: Oh, wow! Look, I bet you could see the Eiffel tower from here.

Sam: No, I doubt that.

Tanya: Oh, no, wait a minute. I don't mean the Eiffel tower. I mean, um -- oh, wait a minute. What -- what's the big building that you have here? It was some tower.

Evan: Why don't I get us some drinks or something.

Caroline: No, look, I've got a better idea. Why don't you and Sam go and show everyone the apartment, huh?

Amanda: Aha!

Tanya: Sam, why don't you give me a tour? And, Amanda, why don't you give Dustin a tour?

Amanda: Well, why separate tours?

Tanya: Come on, Dustin.

Amanda: We could all go on the same tour, right?

Evan: You guys have fun. I don't believe this.

Caroline: What in hell is Dustin Trent doing in Bay City?

Evan: That's exactly what Iím going to find out.

Jason: We frames are a real close-knit family, like families used to be. You know, you look out after everybody, you enjoy the good times, and you help in the bad.

Dr. Peterson: Sounds very wholesome, Mr. Frame.

Jason: Not just old-fashioned, but that's how we are.

Dr. Peterson: I see. But I'm still not sure what you wanted to see me about.

Jason: Like I said, I got to talk to you about my niece, Vicky.

Dr. Peterson: Looking through Victoriaís records, I see nothing indicating you as a contact, Mr. Frame, or as a relative.

Jason: Well, Jamie -- Dr. Jamie Frame is my nephew. Now, Vicky is my niece through their marriage.

Dr. Peterson: Yes?

Jason: Well, if she has not mentioned me, that is probably why.

Dr. Peterson: Probably.

Jason: We're a close family. You know, we're real close. I am -- I'm kind of the spokesman, the head of the family, and there are a couple of things that really concern us Iíd like to ask you about.

Dr. Peterson: Such as?

Jason: God bless Vicky. She's a dear, sweet girl. And as you know, she's had a couple bouts with the hospital this year, and this is the first Frame baby that's come along in a long time, so we're all concerned. We want to be sure that nothing happens to it. If there's anything at all in the Love medical history that we should know about --

Dr. Peterson: I appreciate your concern, Mr. Frame, but I'm afraid all of Victoriaís records are confidential.

Jason: Oh, I realize that. If I could just, you know, ask you a couple questions --

Dr. Peterson: I'm sorry, but if you have any questions, I suggest you simply ask your niece directly. I can't tell you anything.

Jason: Ask Vicky, huh?

Dr. Peterson: Yes. Now, Iím afraid I really have to --

Jason: Oh, the other half of why I have to see you is my sister.

Dr. Peterson: Your sister?

Jason: Sharlene.

Dr. Peterson: What about her?

Jason: She needs to see a doctor real bad.

Dr. Peterson: Could you be a bit more specific?

Jason: She is not feeling good. She's -- she's not herself at all right now.

Dr. Peterson: What do you mean?

Jason: Well, she's under a lot of stress and pressure --

[Phone rings]

Jason: And tension. It's --

Dr. Peterson: Peterson. How many centimeters is she? Right, Iíll be right there. Mr. Frame, Iím sorry, I have to go.

Jason: Well, that's fine. I can just wait right here for you, and Iíll see you when you get back.

Dr. Peterson: I won't be coming back. I'm going to deliver this baby, and then Iím going home.

Jason: What do I do about Sharlene?

Dr. Peterson: Oh, have her call in the morning. I'll be glad to see her. After you.

Jason: Oh, thanks. You taking me in like this, I appreciate it. That's very nice of you.

Dr. Peterson: Quite all right, Mr. Frame.

Jason: Very kind.

Dr. Peterson: Good night.

Jason: Night.

Rachel: Look at you. You're pale.

Felicia: I really am all right, really.

Rachel: Well, what happened?

Felicia: It's -- it was that record.

Rachel: You don't like it?

Felicia: No, no, no. It's not that. It's --

Rachel: What?

Felicia: It's just I guess it brings back a lot of memories.

Rachel: Well, obviously, not very pleasant ones.

Felicia: No. In fact, you talk about your past coming back to haunt you --

Rachel: Well, I can understand why you're going through that.

Felicia: What do you mean?

Rachel: Amanda's article on you and all the publicity about your birthday.

Felicia: Yes, but you have to remember, I did agree to it.

Rachel: Don't you think Iris is going a bit overboard?

Felicia: No. I mean, she's trying to sell magazines. It's really her job.

Rachel: Felicia, Mac wouldn't want to hurt you.

Felicia: I know.

Rachel: I'm sure that if we were to go to him, he'd pull the article.

Felicia: No, no. No, really, thank you.

Rachel: You sure?

Felicia: Yeah, I gave my word. I can't go back on it now.

Rachel: He'd understand.

Felicia: No, I know he would. It's just that I don't want to be silly about all of this.

Rachel: You're not being silly. You're reacting the way anyone would to that kind of exposure.

Felicia: You know what's funny?

Rachel: What?

Felicia: It's like Iíve suddenly realized that I have a lot in my childhood that I really have never come to terms with.

Rachel: Have you told Iris the way you're feeling?

Felicia: No.

Rachel: Honey, she's not going to back off if you don't do something.

Felicia: Well, I am going to do something. I'm going to really try and face all those ghosts. Wish me luck.

Rachel: Felicia --

Felicia: Let's talk about Vince and Mary.

Rachel: Don't change the subject.

Felicia: Actually, I wasn't. I just think that this is a rotten time for Mary to move.

Woman: Night, James. See you tomorrow.

Vince: Oh, hey! Look who it is, Mary!

Mary: Hey, Felicia!

Felicia: Hi, Mary. Hi.

Mary: Hi! Hi, sweetie.

Felicia: Well, you guys -- gee, I hope I don't cry here.

Mary: Don't you dare. You'll get me started.

Felicia: I'm not going to cry. I'm not.

Vince: Good.

Felicia: Good.

Vince: Because I think I packed all the tissues.

Felicia: Packed? You've already started packing?

Mary: A few things.

Vince: Yeah, we leave tomorrow.

Felicia: I think I am going to cry. All right, Iím not. I'm not, I promise.

Vince: While you make up your mind, Iím going to go get some gas for the car. I'll be back.

Mary: You'd better be.

Vince: Yeah.

Felicia: Minneapolis?

Mary: So you'll visit?

Felicia: Yeah, keep me away.

Mary: Uh-huh. M.J. says the springtime is really good.

Felicia: I'm going to miss you. You know that? I'm really going to miss you.

Mary: Something's wrong.

Felicia: Yes, you're leaving. That's what's wrong.

Mary: No, it's something else. What is it?

Felicia: Look, I came by to see if there was anything at all that I could do for you for this, you know --

Mary: Yes, there is.

Felicia: Good. Name it.

Mary: Tell me what's wrong.

Felicia: You're too busy.

Mary: Well, you're right. I mean, who are you, after all? You're just the person who took me in when I was lost and had nowhere to turn, took me into your home, took me into your heart --

Felicia: Ok.

Mary: Helped me get my life back together, helped me get Vince back. You have a hell of a nerve, Felicia.

Felicia: Ok, ok. This just isn't very easy for me.

Mary: Take your time.

Felicia: You think I could ask you a question first?

Mary: Sure.

Felicia: Ok, um, you think you can do a psychological profile on somebody that you didn't know?

Mary: Somebody you know?

Felicia: Yes. I think so. Somebody I believe who I knew a long time ago has come to Bay City, and he's following me.

Mary: Following you?

Felicia: Yeah. All the time, actually. When Iím at home, I get phone calls. He sent me notes and flowers and a book, and once he even talked to me in the dark at Tops, and he won't let me see him. It's sort of -- it's sort of like some game he's playing.

Mary: Doesn't sound like a game to me.

Felicia: No, it's not. You're right, it's not. But he's hiding himself from me, and I just don't know why.

Mary: Do you know who this is?

Felicia: Yes. I believe that it's my stepfather, Noah Grady.

Dustin: Having fun?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, it's great.

Tanya: Are you having fun?

Sam: Yeah, it's terrific.

[Evan hums]

Evan: Here you go, sweetheart.

Caroline: Having fun?

Evan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a real nightmare.

Sam: So, how about a game of charades?

Amanda: What a great idea.

Evan: You know, it's funny -- why didn't I think of this?

Amanda: The first rule is that everybody has to keep her hands off everyone.

Tanya: What?

Dustin: That's the first rule of charades?

Amanda: Absolutely. It's a very important rule.

Caroline: I've never heard of it.

Dustin: How come I never heard of that rule?

Amanda: Well, maybe you're not playing it properly. Come on, everybody, get up. Get in a circle.

Caroline: All right, everybody.

Amanda: No touching.

Tanya: Not us.

Amanda: Excuse me?

Sam: Why not?

Tanya: Well, I stink at charades.

Amanda: Well, not all of us are that good, are we?

Sam: Come on, Tanya, be a sport, ok?

Tanya: No. The last time I played, I ended up with 22 stitches. You see, I was giving the clue for "Rocky III," right, so naturally, I started doing, like, all these punching movements, and my hand went through a glass door. No.

Caroline: Any more ideas, Sam?

Sam: I'm not exactly what you would call a party animal.

Caroline: Oh, actually -- ooh, look at that. All the hors d'oeuvres are gone.

Evan: You know, there is some more in the refrigerator.

Caroline: Tanya, would you do me a favor? I'll freshen up the drinks. Would you go and get some more cheese balls?

Tanya: I hate those cheese balls.

Caroline: Oh, come on, love.

Tanya: They're so dry.

Caroline: Just come on and serve them, hmm?

Tanya: Why can't his sister do it?

Amanda: What?

Caroline: She's going to help me get the drinks, right, Amanda, hmm? Amanda?

Amanda: I may just help one of those drinks right onto somebody's lap.

Tanya: What did she say?

Sam: It's been a problem since childhood. She doesn't enunciate very well.

Tanya: She doesn't speak too clearly, either. I'll be right back.

Sam: Yeah.

Dustin: And I'll help Amanda.

Sam: She can help herself.

Dustin: Let her tell me that.

Sam: I'm telling you that.

Amanda: Sam, please.

Evan: Sam --

Amanda: I happen to be her brother.

Evan: Anybody care for nuts?

Amanda: Drink?

Evan: Good nuts.

Amanda: Dustin, excuse us.

Sam: He's got his arm around her.

Caroline: It's almost unheard of.

Sam: How well do you know this guy?

Caroline: Know? Hardly at all. It was mainly business. You know, I'm really impressed with what you're doing to advance Amandaís career.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'm beginning to believe it was a bad idea.

Caroline: Come on, Sam. I've never seen such an act of true devotion.

Tanya: Is this the cheese ball she was talking about?

Evan: Yes, thank you very much. Here you go.

Tanya: Mmm. You know, I got to say, I really like your apartment.

Evan: Yeah?

Tanya: Yeah, well, except for the wallpaper.

Evan: You know, there is no wallpaper.

Tanya: That's what I mean. I hope you're not insulted.

Evan: No, not at all. You can come back anytime.

Tanya: Oh, really? Why?

Evan: Why? Because -- why? Well, because you're more than welcome, that's why.

Tanya: Huh. Unbelievable.

Evan: What's that?

Tanya: You. I mean, hitting on your own brother's date?

Evan: I --

Tanya: The least you could've done was wait until he wasn't looking.

Evan: He's not looking.

Tanya: You're kidding. Why is he looking at her again? She's his sister, for God's sake.

Amanda: So tell me, why does somebody as handsome and as charming as you --

Dustin: Have to resort to a video dating service? I thought you might ask that at some point.

Amanda: Well, it is a valid question, don't you think?

Dustin: It's efficient. I get to meet the kind of woman I want -- someone who's personable, intelligent, and beautiful.

Amanda: Thank you. That's very sweet.

Dustin: Definitely worth the money.

Amanda: The money?

Dustin: Yeah, I've been very successful in Wall Street. Maybe your brother's told you?

Amanda: No. No, he hasnít.

Dustin: Hmm.

Amanda: So, you think video match is expensive?

Dustin: Yeah, when you add in all the hidden costs.

Amanda: Oh, like -- well, like what exactly?

Evan: Cheese ball, anybody?

Amanda: No, thanks.

Dustin: So, Evan --

Evan: Yes?

Dustin: How come you never told me about your beautiful sister?

Evan: Well, I guess it just never came up.

Dustin: But you never even mentioned her.

Amanda: See, it's kind of a funny thing -- I don't like it when they talk about me. So we've made a pact -- I don't talk about them, they don't talk about me.

Evan: Yeah, right.

Dustin: Guess you keep a lot of secrets.

Evan: What do you mean by that?

Dustin: Well, I remember when you used to love living in New York. Then all of a sudden, I turned around and you weren't there.

Evan: Yes, I -- I do miss it.

Dustin: I can understand that. I know all about loss.

Tanya: Hmm, a hot tub? You're kidding. Oh, will you show it to me? Pretty please?

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: Excuse me, I think I'm just going to help them show Tanya the hot tub.

Dustin: Mm-hmm.

Evan: So, Dusty, what are you doing?

Evan: Answer me.

Dustin: Keep your voice down.

Evan: Why'd you come to Bay City?

Dustin: Same reason as you.

Evan: Come on.

Dustin: You don't think I was surprised to see you here tonight?

Evan: I live here.

Dustin: So do I.

Evan: Really?

Dustin: I got tired of New York. You can understand that. Bad memories, which you know all about.

Evan: So you followed me here, huh?

Dustin: Don't flatter yourself.

Evan: Why else would you come to Bay City?

Dustin: Why the hell should I tell you after what you pulled on me?

Tanya: Hey, Evan, do you have any bathing suits we could borrow?

Dustin: I have to go. Forgot about the time.

Amanda: Well, then I think we should all leave.

Tanya: Oh, no, I'm going to stay for the hot tub.

Amanda: I really don't think that's a good idea, Tanya.

Tanya: Well, if you could just show me how it works --

Amanda: Evan has to get up early tomorrow, don't you?

Evan: Yes, I have an appointment early -- very early.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. So Iíll get the coats.

Tanya: What? Wait a minute. You're not going to go, too, are you, Sam?

Sam: Look, Tanya, we don't want to wear out our welcome.

Tanya: But I've never been in a hot tub before.

Evan: Some other time, ok?

Sam: Come on, Tanya.

Tanya: What a bunch of party poopers.

Dustin: Caroline, it was very nice to see you again.

Caroline: And you, too, Dustin.

Dustin: Evan, you have a terrific family.

Evan: Thank you.

Dustin: You ready?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Tanya: I've never even seen a hot tub before.

Sam: Let's go, Tanya. Come on.

Tanya: Hey, Evan, how much does one of those hot tubs cost?

Evan: More than you can afford.

Tanya: Well, you know what -- if you ever have, like, a hot tub party or anything like that, will you give me a call, because I'd really like to come. My name is in the book, Tanya Tabachnik. That's with a ďkĒ, ok?

Caroline: I thought you said tonight was going to be fun?

Evan: I never thought it'd end like this.

Caroline: I mean, Sam turns up with that creature, and you should've seen your face when Dustin Trent walked in.

Evan: What the hell is he doing here?

Mary: You saw him at Tops?

Felicia: But only in the shadows.

Mary: Then you didn't really see him?

Felicia: Well, no, I mean, I didn't see his face. I didn't see him clearly, but he called me "Fanny."

Mary: You're sure?

Felicia: Oh, yes, as clear as a bell. Only somebody that knew me as a kid would know to call me that.

Mary: And you recognized the voice?

Felicia: Yes. I think so, yes.

Mary: Ok. Ok, so let's assume it is Noah.

Felicia: Ok.

Mary: Why would he not let you see him?

Felicia: Well, we had a problem. It was so many years ago, and I never saw him or spoke to him after that.

Mary: So why would he show up just now?

Felicia: I don't know. Mary, what really concerns me is I need to know from you if -- if he could be dangerous.

Mary: To give you a professional opinion on that, I would need to know more.

Felicia: Right, I thought so.

Mary: But I don't think you can discount the possibility.

Felicia: That he might be dangerous?

Mary: Mm-hmm. Have you talked to the police?

Felicia: I was scared. I didn't know really what else to do.

Mary: I think you did absolutely the right thing, and I think you must keep in very close contact with them from now on.

Felicia: Oh, Mary, I don't know. I don't think that's possible, really.

Mary: Why not?

Felicia: Because I can't really prove anything that Iím saying. I mean, they were very nice to me, but they think that Iím -- Iím under a lot of stress. Mary, I'm scared.

Jason: Sharlie? Josie? Sharl? Jos?

[Knock on door]

Jason: Shoot.

Jason: Rachel.

Rachel: Hello, Jason. May I come in?

Jason: What for?

Rachel: Is Sharlene here?

Jason: Why?

Rachel: I would like to talk to her.

Jason: I don't know where she is.

Rachel: Well, I'll wait.

Jason: I don't know when she's coming back.

Rachel: I've got time, Jason.

Jason: What's so important?

Rachel: Nothing's important. I just would like to talk to Sharlene.

Jason: All right, what's your real story?

Rachel: There is no "real story," Jason. I just came over to talk to Sharlene and tell her that in spite of what went on at the wedding reception, there are no hard feelings.

Jason: Because of me, huh?

Rachel: Yes, because of you.

Jason: Oh, gee, that is real swell of you. Big girl.

Rachel: I don't want to go into this with you, Jason.

Jason: You are so high and faulting mighty. There was a time when a Frame came to your front door -- well, actually, if any man came to your front door --

Rachel: Not you, Jason.

Jason: There was a time when you would be tickled if a Frame looked at you. You'd come running, missy.

Rachel: I wouldn't group yourself in with Steve. There's no comparison, Jason.

Jason: Ever since Iíve come back to Bay City, you've been trying to put the knife to me.

Rachel: Well, this is getting tiresome.

Jason: You were the one who had Mac cancel the spa contract.

Rachel: No, actually, I didn't, Jason. I wish I had.

Jason: And now you're just going to sit back and watch your new daughter-in-law sue me for everything I got, right?

Rachel: I guess I'd better be going.

Jason: No. No. You think I'm going to stand here and twist slow in the wind, you got another thing coming. I got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Rachel: Like what?

Jason: Like this farm, for one thing. It's mine.

Rachel: Fine.

Jason: Yeah, I outbid you for it once. You're not getting your hands on it now.

Rachel: What did you mean, "tricks up your sleeve"?

Jason: Oh, now you want to know? Now you're interested? Well, fine, you can go now.

Rachel: Jason --

Jason: Hey, you're on my property! You're trespassing! Get out!

Rachel: If you do anything to hurt the children --

Jason: You'll what?

Rachel: You know, every time I deal with you, Iím reduced to empty threats, Jason.

Jason: Gee, is that my fault?

Rachel: No, I'm not talking about anybody's fault. I would like it to end.

Jason: Then you Cory's shape up.

Rachel: Jason, why don't you just drop this vendetta, this revenge bit, for the children, please?

Sam: It was just a little kiss.

Amanda: A little kiss? Looked like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to me.

Sam: Well, what do you want me to do, shake her hand?

Amanda: Why not?

Sam: It was in her pocket.

Amanda: You think that's some kind of excuse?

Sam: Wait a minute, now. Let's talk about the little kissy-face going on between you and Dustin.

Amanda: He gave me a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek.

Sam: That's because I told him you had malaria.

Amanda: I can't believe you said that.

Sam: I can't believe he believed me.

Amanda: I don't think he even heard you. Did you see how preoccupied that guy was?

Sam: Yeah. It was after that little discussion he had with Evan.

Amanda: I wonder what that was about.

Sam: I don't know, but it was intense.

Amanda: You know, there's something I don't understand. If he and Evan supposedly know each other so well, why would he think that Evan had a brother and sister?

Sam: I don't know, maybe he didn't believe you.

Amanda: I know. So why was he pretending?

Evan: You know, I still don't get it.

Caroline: You know, this could have all just purely been coincidental.

Evan: Aw, come on, Caroline. Out of the blue, he moves to Bay City?

Caroline: Yeah.

Evan: He goes to the video service and he ends up in my apartment? No.

Caroline: The guy seemed pretty lost to me.

Evan: Don't tell me that you actually feel sorry for that guy.

Caroline: Well, he's obviously very lonely.

Evan: But that doesn't explain why he's in Bay City.

Caroline: No, but it certainly explains the video match business.

Evan: Not to me.

Caroline: You don't want me to stay?

Evan: No, I think I'd just like to be alone.

Caroline: Well, we could be alone together, darling, hmm?

Evan: I don't think that's such a good idea, Caroline.

Caroline: But the hot tub looked so interesting.

Evan: I know, but we made a decision.

Caroline: Just friends.

Evan: Yeah. It's better that way.

Caroline: Yeah.

Evan: Thanks for coming over. Bye.

Evan's voice: I hate her so much. It's the way she's so condescending to everybody.

Evan: See, that's why I wanted to come by today, just to let you know that I will never forget. And hey, I don't care how long it takes, but I'm going to even the score. I mean, she's going to pay for what she did to you, what she did to us. Rachel Coryís going to pay big-time.

Evan: Yes, she will. Yes, she will. Then she's going to see it, like, right there. That's perfect. Yeah. Throw everything. Ok. All right. I'm ready for you, Amanda.

Amanda: Stop.

Evan: I'm sorry.

Amanda: You really shouldn't have done that, Evan.

Evan: You're right.

Amanda: I want you to understand.

Evan: You don't think I do?

Amanda: I'm not sure anymore.

Evan: You just want to be friends.

Amanda: Right, that's all.

Evan: I tell you, I am just sick of the hating. I'm sick and tired of the hating! I want peace!

Jason: I don't believe Iím hearing you say that.

Evan: Well, I'm just not so sure about this whole thing.

Jason: You better get sure, and you'd better make sure right now.

Evan: Oh, ruining more lives, that's worth it?

Jason: Amanda got to you. She really got to you, is that it?

Evan: She's a kid. See, she's just a nice, gentle kid.

Jason: She is a Cory.

Evan: Yeah, well, I felt like scum. You should've seen me with the big crocodile tears, lying my head off while she just sat there.

Jason: Yeah, she didn't buy your story, did she? That's it.

Evan: She's not like her mother.

Jason: She's just like her. She is a carbon copy of her mother. You don't get her first, she will nail you. Have you forgotten what the Frames have done for you? Or have you forgotten what the Coryís have done to you?

Amanda: I am so happy that you are not my brother.

Sam: Hmm.

Amanda: It was so hard pretending that I wasn't madly attracted to you.

Sam: Wait a second. How about how I felt? You know, I had to keep saying to myself, "You know, you're her brother, she's your sister. You do not want to take her home and jump into bed with her!"

Amanda: Oh, but you did all along, right?

Sam: Always! I always do, especially when the bed is so close! Ah!

Amanda: It is!

Sam: Yes, and the baby is over at grandma's all night long!

[Sam growls]

Amanda: Oh, my God!

Sam: What?

Amanda: Sam, all my research on my video dating and Felicia -- it's gone!

Mary: Surely, if you explain to the police --

Felicia: Oh, they think it's all in my head, Mary, and I can't give them any proof that it isnít. Thank you.

Mary: Have you told them that you suspect it's your stepfather?

Felicia: No.

Mary: Why not?

Felicia: Because I don't think they'd believe me, and I don't know why all of a sudden he's come after me.

Mary: But if that's who you think it is --

Felicia: Mary, it's hard to explain Noah to somebody. He's capable of almost anything. If I go to the police --

Mary: You're afraid of what he might do to you? Well, then I think you'd better figure out some way to get the police convinced, and I think you'd better do it very quickly.

Jason: "We therefore conclude that the first sonogram was in error and that the baby was one full month less fully developed than we originally felt." Well, I couldn't agree with that more, Dr. Peterson. Now -- "therefore, the conception must have occurred the first week in July." July 4. That's when Jamie proposed to Lisa and he was having absolutely nothing to do with Vicky. It's got to be Jake. Gotcha.

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