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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/12/05

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Jason: Is her ladyship there?

Evan: You might say that.

Jason: I hope she's enjoying her new penthouse.

Evan: Why do you say that?

Jason: Because once we're through with her, that little ivory tower of hers is going to come tumbling right down on top of her. 3,000 cubic yards? No -- no, there is no way that that's enough. Well, when you refigure it, get back to me. Fine.

Sharlene: This won't do.

Jason: What won't do?

Sharlene: I wasn't talking to you.

Jason: Is there somebody else here in the kitchen I don't see?

Sharlene: I'm putting together a family album for Vicky.

Jason: Well, I think that's nice.

Sharlene: It's the least I can do after what you did at Jamie’s reception.

Jason: Sharlie, you're blowing the whole thing way out of proportion. Trust me.

Sharlene: This really won't do. I'm going to have to find one that is much, much prettier.

Jason: It's the thought that counts.

Sharlene: Are you trying to be funny, Jason? Did you think what you did was funny?

Jason: Don't be mad at me. Please, Sharlie, don’t.

Sharlene: Mad? Jason, I am furious.

Mac: Well, you're up early today.

Rachel: I didn't sleep.

Mac: I know. You were tossing and turning.

Rachel: Every time I started to drift off, all I could think of was last night.

Mac: It was a beautiful ceremony, Rachel.

Rachel: I didn't say it wasn’t.

Mac: Let's concentrate on what went right with it.

Rachel: And forget that Jason tried to ruin the reception?

Mac: No, he didn't really ruin it, darling.

Rachel: He did for me.

Mac: Well, don't let him. Laugh in his face. That's what we should all do.

Rachel: He seems to live to upset us all.

Mac: I won't let him have that satisfaction any longer.

Rachel: I hope the kids are all right.

Mac: They're probably just getting to Majorca by now.

Rachel: I'm --

Mac: They certainly aren't thinking about Jason Frame.

Rachel: I'm so sick of seeing Jamie unhappy.

Mac: Darling, he wasn't unhappy when he took his vows.

Rachel: I think he really does love her.

Mac: I think so, Rachel.

Rachel: And if he does love her, maybe I've been wrong about her.

Jamie: How many hours were we on that plane, anyway?

Vicky: Oh, well, I'm never going to sit down again.

Jamie: Some wedding package.

Vicky: Oh, wow! Look at this view! Whoo!

Jamie: Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's beautiful.

Vicky: Oh, my.

Man: Senor?

Jamie: Yeah?

Man: Ok?

Jamie: Oh, yeah, yeah, si. Muchas gracias.

Vicky: I should've known you were going to bring me back to this place.

Man: Oh, you've been here before?

Vicky: Mm-hmm, and we had a fabulous time.

Man: Eight months ago, maybe a little more, eh? Majorca is for lovers.

Jamie: You're absolutely right. So gracias and adios.

Jamie: And now for something completely different. A little romance?

Vicky: Jamie, we haven't even really talked.

Jamie: We just talked for eight hours.

Vicky: Yeah, I know, but -- but that was about macadamia nuts and whether my ankles were swelling.

Jamie: What do you want to talk about now?

Vicky: Jamie, are you glad you married me?

[Knock on door]


Lisa: Just a second!

[Vacuum stops]

Matt: Hi.

Lisa: Matt, hi.

Matt: You're out of breath.

Lisa: Oh, I was just vacuuming.

Matt: So that's what all the noise was.

Lisa: Yeah, actually, I'm doing this huge pre-spring cleaning. What do you think?

Matt: Impeccable.

Lisa: Hmm. Yeah. The best part is how quick I am. I've only been at it for 6 1/2 hours.

Matt: Incredible.

Lisa: Well, come on, sit down.

Matt: On what?

Lisa: Oh, over here under this chair, these clothes I haven't worn since 1981.

Matt: Thank you.

Lisa: So, what I can do for you?

Matt: Oh, uh, I was wondering --

Lisa: What?

Matt: Do you have a copy of "Anna Karenina"?

Lisa: "Anna Karenina"? Oh, I don't think so.

Matt: Yeah, I have a book report due and -- I hate this.

Lisa: What?

Matt: Lying. I don't have a report due. I don't have to read "Anna Karenina."

Lisa: Oh.

Matt: I came to see how you were doing.

Lisa: Well, why didn't you say that?

Matt: I didn't want you to think I was making a big deal about yesterday.

Lisa: Well, it is a big deal. I mean, your brother got married.

Matt: Yeah, it is. It is, yeah. Uh, were you ok? Did you get through it ok?

Lisa: Oh, I was very busy. I hardly thought about the wedding at all.

Matt: Oh, no?

Lisa: Well, it may have crossed my mind once or twice. How was it?

Matt: It was ok.

Lisa: How was Jamie?

Matt: He seemed calm.

Lisa: Just calm?

Matt: Uh, seemed to be having a decent time.

Lisa: Did he look happy?

Matt: Yeah, I guess he did.

Lisa: And Vicky?

Matt: She seemed pretty happy, too.

Lisa: Well, good. I hope things go well for them.

Matt: You know what I'm really good at?

Lisa: What?

Matt: Putting things back where they don't belong.

Lisa: What do you mean?

Matt: For example, I could take everything you have lying around here, put it in a perfectly good place where you'd never find it.

Lisa: Wait, you're not going to help me clean my house.

Matt: Why not? I got some time, and I figure we could make a great team.

Lisa: Yeah, right.

Matt: Between the two of us, we'll have this place such a mess, you'll have to move out.

Lisa: Wait, where are you going with that? Matthew!

Sharlene: I couldn't believe you showed up.

Jason: What, to my own nephew's wedding reception?

Sharlene: You weren't invited.

Jason: That's because the Cory's got no class!

Sharlene: You promised you would try to get alone with the Cory’s for Josie’s sake.

Jason: I have been trying.

Sharlene: How? By crashing Jamie’s wedding reception?

Jason: I had to see Vicky before she left town.

Sharlene: Oh, and you had to say all those awful things?

Jason: I said I was sorry about that.

Sharlene: Josie was very upset. So was Jamie, so was I.

Jason: Well, I didn't mean to upset anybody, but I am Jamie’s uncle and I had every right to be there!

Sharlene: Oh, how much time did you spend with him before that wedding?

Jason: Hey, I've been real busy lately. You know that.

Sharlene: No, you saw an opportunity to humiliate the Cory’s and you ran with it.

Jason: The Cory’s will do anything to stop me.

Sharlene: What?

Jason: They're afraid.

Sharlene: Of what?

Jason: That I'll be like Steve and I'll amount to something.

Sharlene: Oh, Jason --

Jason: Hey, from the day I first got back here to Bay City, they have done that, they have look down their nose at me. They have treated us like dirt, all of us, and I hate them for it!

Josie: And they hate us, all of us.

Sharlene: No, Josie, not you.

Josie: And I heard what you said about Uncle Steven. It's no wonder you never turned out like him. You're nothing like him.

Iris: Who were you talking to?

Evan: What?

Iris: On the phone?

Evan: Oh. It was my stock analyst telling me about a new issue. It's nothing important.

Iris: Last night was important to me.

Evan: Well, I'm glad you asked me to stay.

Iris: I was in such a rage about Jason.

Evan: What exactly did Jason do?

Iris: Well, he ruined Jamie’s wedding. That man has no breeding.

Evan: Correction. He has some breeding -- Frame breeding.

Iris: I didn't mean it --

Evan: No, it's ok, Iris. Don't worry about it.

Iris: But I do worry about it.

Evan: No, I completely understand. You're a Cory and I'm a Frame.

Iris: I just -- I just keep forgetting.

Evan: I don’t.

Iris: Well, it's never come between us before.

Evan: You love your family. I understand that. And mine, well, it means a lot to me, too. And I do not want Jason messing things up, either.

Iris: Jason is so unpredictable. He could ruin it for both of us. He could ruin everything.

Evan: I suppose he could.

Iris: Well, maybe -- maybe you could talk to him, hmm?

Evan: Me?

Iris: Yeah. You know how.

Evan: I was raised by Jason’s brother. I virtually didn't meet Jason until about a year ago.

Iris: But he knows you're his nephew, doesn't he?

Evan: Yeah, he knows.

Iris: Well, couldn't you explain to him that it would be in the family's interests?

Evan: Look, the problem is between you and Jason.

Iris: We've always worked as a team.

Evan: Well, I don't think that's such a good idea. Not anymore.

Iris: What?

Evan: I think we should cool it.

Iris: I hate that phrase. I wish -- I wish you hadn't said that. Listen, I can give you everything. I can give you money, I can give you power. Or doesn't that mean very much to you anymore?

Evan: You know how much success means to me.

Iris: And you've come a long way, baby. It's a long way from that little farm boy in Washington.

Evan: Yeah, well, it's not far enough.

Iris: Was growing up for you that hard?

Evan: I didn't grow up. You see, when you're as poor as we were, you don't grow up. You're born, then the next minute you know, you're an adult. About the only thing that you remember in between all that is the scrapping, I mean, this insatiable desire for things, never having enough.

Iris: Wasn't Willis a good provider?

Evan: Yeah, he tried. But he blew it. He had a lot of money when we left Bay City, but he blew all of it.

Iris: Well, you won't fall into that trap.

Evan: Hmm. Could you see me working at a gas station?

Iris: No. Everyone at "Brava" thinks you're the real Ivy League.

Evan: Yeah, well, I worked really hard on that image. I don't want anyone to think that I used to come home at night and I used to just scrub my hands raw to get the grease off of them. But I made this little promise to myself. I said one day, I'm going to get off that lousy farm, and I did! Yeah, I saved up just enough money for this one-way bus ticket to New York and I took off!

Iris: And I'm so glad that you did.

Evan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The big apple. I didn't know anybody, no place to stay. But I had $37 and my favorite pair of jeans.

Iris: What did you do then?

Evan: Huh. I found this -- it was a used clothing store. And I walked in and I bought myself a suit, and I walked right down to wall street.

Iris: You never told me that before.

Evan: Yeah? Well, I found the exchange and I walked right through those doors and I walked up to the first fat cat I could find and I introduced myself. Well, in 10 minutes, I had myself a job. And do you know that 10 months later, I was a player? I mean, I was a player on a roll. And do you know that everything that I touched turned to platinum?

Iris: Then came black Monday.

Evan: Yeah. Blew me right out of the saddle. And I lost everything.

[Evan sighs]

Evan: That's when I met you.

Iris: Yeah. Oh, you were pretty hungry then. Are you still hungry?

Matt: Did you inherit all this garbage -- I mean, collector's items?

Lisa: All right, smart aleck, you just watch. You'll have a lot of junk someday, too.

Matt: Never.

Lisa: Yeah, well, the older you get, the more you accumulate.

Matt: Oh, and you're very old, Lisa.

Lisa: Older than you.

Matt: That's horrible.

Lisa: Actually, I've been thinking a lot about age lately.

Matt: I tell you, I would, too. If I was your age, I'd set up a little retirement plan --

Lisa: No, I mean really. I think it's because Felicia’s about to turn 40.

Matt: She is?

Lisa: You didn't know that?

Matt: I must -- I heard it. Yeah, I must have. She looks so young.

Lisa: 40's not young?

Matt: 40 is young.

Lisa: No, no, see, see, you're so young, you think 40 is old, and I'm old enough to think 40 is something I should prepare for.

Matt: How do you prepare to be 40?

Lisa: By taking responsibility for your life. By not wanting to be 25.

Matt: I'm not sure I'm getting this.

Lisa: What do you think you'll be doing at 40?

Matt: What do I think I'll be doing at 40? Let's see. Married, a few kids, perhaps.

Lisa: Mm-hmm?

Matt: Nobel peace prize.

[Lisa laughs]

Matt: What about you?

Lisa: Well, I used to think the same thing -- I mean, marriage and kids.

Matt: What, you don't anymore?

Lisa: Well, not really. Not that I wouldn't like it. It's just that I have other priorities now.

Matt: Well, you could have both if you wanted.

Lisa: I wanted Jamie.

Matt: I know.

Lisa: But that didn't happen.

Matt: Because he's a fool.

Lisa: Matthew, don't say that.

Ma Lisa, anyone who gives you up is a fool.

Lisa: Matt, how are you and Josie doing?

Matt: Ok, I guess.

Lisa: Just ok?

Matt: I just -- I just wish I knew what she wanted.

Lisa: What do you mean?

Matt: As a matter of fact, that's not true. I wish I knew what I wanted.

Lisa: Uh, you lost me there.

Matt: I'm not making much sense, am I?

Lisa: Well, you don't have to talk about it.

Matt: No, no, that's ok. The problem with me and Josie is -- is me. See, I've never made love to anyone. And don't repeat that or I'll deny every word of it.

Lisa: I won't tell anyone.

Matt: Thanks. I don't know. Making love to Josie -- it's kind of --

Lisa: Scary?

Matt: Yeah. How'd you know that?

Lisa: Well, I know she's special to you.

Matt: She is.

[Matt sighs]

Lisa: So, what scares you?

Matt: Lots of things.

Lisa: Commitment?

Matt: Yeah, that.

Lisa: What else?

Matt: I don't know. I'm afraid I might disappoint her.

Lisa: You worry too much.

Matt: Well, how do I stop? Tell me!

Lisa: By knowing that you are a terrific person. By trusting self, relaxing.

Matt: Wish I could.

Lisa: I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all about all this, because, believe me, I was a wreck the first time I got involved with someone.

Matt: Did you get over it?

Lisa: Eventually.

Matt: So if it isn't -- the first time, if it isn't --

Lisa: Perfection?

Matt: Yeah.

Lisa: It doesn't ruin everything.

Matt: I just wish I knew what girls wanted.

Lisa: They want to feel wanted. They want to be loved, just like men.

Matt: So as soon as you felt wanted --

Lisa: Things started to fall into place. Ugh. I know I sound like I'm oversimplifying the whole thing, but things will work out for you and Josie. Just be patient.

Jamie: Of course I'm glad I married you. What kind of a question is that?

Vicky: Because of the baby?

Jamie: The baby's a part of it, but I love you.

Vicky: And what if it wasn't here?

Jamie: What's the matter?

Vicky: Oh, Jamie. Jason accused me of trapping you.

Jamie: When?

Vicky: At the reception.

Jamie: Oh, that son of a -- listen, who cares what Jason thinks or says?

Vicky: Yeah, I know. It's a real good time to be bringing all this up, isn't it?

Jamie: Vicky?

Vicky: Hmm?

Jamie: Honey, I want the baby and I want you. Forget about Jason and everybody else.

Vicky: I'll try.

Vicky: Uh, why don't we go out?

Jamie: Now?

Vicky: Yeah! We're in Majorca! Come on, let's go have some fun! Let's go!

Jamie: Ok, let's go!

Sharlene: Josie! Can you help me with these?

Josie: I'm right here, Mama.

Sharlene: Well, what -- what are you doing over there?

Josie: I'm waiting for Matthew.

Sharlene: I didn't know he was coming over.

Josie: He was supposed to be here an hour ago.

Sharlene: Well, hasn't he called?

Josie: Of course he hasn't called, Mama! Do you think that I'd be worried if he'd called?

Sharlene: Don't take this out on me.

Josie: Well, it's all Uncle Jason’s fault! I can't believe that scene like that at the wedding!

Sharlene: Josie, that didn't have anything to do with you and matt.

Josie: Oh, no? You don't think Matthew’s embarrassed to be seen with me after Uncle Jason ruined Jamie’s wedding?

Sharlene: Well, if Matthew can't accept you and your family --

Josie: Then I'll lose him.

Sharlene: I wasn't going to say that.

Josie: No, Mama. But that's what's going to happen.

Sharlene: No, not if he is as wonderful a person as you say he is.

Josie: People get fed up.

Sharlene: Jason takes a lot of understanding.

Josie: Too much.

Sharlene: Look, I know how you feel. John was angry, too.

Josie: Yeah, I'll bet he was. Vicky is his niece.

Sharlene: But John was angry at Jason, not me. We are not responsible for what Jason does, honey. Josie? Josie, just -- sweetheart, just look at me, please? You are such a beautiful, wonderful young woman. And you're right -- you know something? Matthew would be a fool to let you go.

Josie: Then -- then where is he, Mama?

Sharlene: Oh, sweetheart.

Josie: Why isn't he here?

Lisa: I can't believe it.

Matt: Where do want this? Whoo.

Lisa: Garbage?

Matt: Good choice.

Lisa: This place is really starting to shape up.

Matt: That's because I've taught you the secrets of efficient cleaning.

Lisa: Throw everything out.

Matt: Works like magic.

Lisa: So does a pepperoni pizza.

Matt: A what?

Lisa: I'm starving, aren't you? We can't keep up this work on so little nourishment.

Matt: 'Tis true.

Lisa: Um --

Matt: What are you looking for?

Lisa: The phone book. I'm going to call Geno & Dom's and order. They deliver.

Matt: Mmm. How long will it take?

Lisa: About 20 minutes, so it should be here by noon.

Matt: Ooh. Noon?

Lisa: Yeah, it's 11:35.

Matt: Oh! I can't believe this!

Lisa: What?

Matt: I'm late! I -- I told Josie I would meet her this morning. I'm really late.

Lisa: Oh, Matthew, I'm sorry.

Matt: Listen, I'll give you a call sometime, ok?

Lisa: Ok, yeah. Thanks for the help!

Iris: Whoo, whoo, whoo! We're are all dressed.

Evan: Yeah, I've got to get going. I've got a very busy day.

Iris: Well, I was going to throw you out anyway. Betty and Rachel are coming around.

Evan: Well, why didn't you tell me sooner? I would've left several hours ago.

Iris: Yeah, we've still got some time. They won't be here for half an hour, so you can give me a little update on the Amanda situation.

Evan: There is no update.

Iris: Hmm. Now, hang on. You told me you had a new angle on this.

Evan: It backfired.

Iris: Oh, I see. Perhaps you have lost your touch, Evan.

Evan: Amanda isn't that way.

Iris: What?

Evan: It's very hard to take a very happily married woman to bed. Now, I did not think that rape was part of the agreement!

Iris: Oh, boy. She's really got to you, hasn't she?

Evan: Don't be so ridiculous! Anyway, this thing is aimed at Rachel, not at Amanda!

Iris: The way to Rachel is through Amanda!


Iris: Yes?

What? Oh, my God. Uh -- yes, yes, yes, send them up. It's Rachel. They're here early. The doorman didn't say anything about daddy.

Evan: Well, she cannot see me here with you dressed like that.

Iris: Just like her to turn up early.

Evan: Listen, I left my coat in the bedroom.

Iris: Well --

Rachel: Hello.

Iris: You're here nice and early.

Vicky: Oh, I love the leather here! It's so soft, like butter.

Jamie: What leather? There's no more leather left in Spain. You've bought it all.

Vicky: Well, I hope Michael likes his briefcase.

Jamie: And Donna likes her skirt and Bridget likes her gloves --

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: And Marley likes her boots and everybody else likes everything else.

Vicky: Well, I didn't want to leave anybody out.

Jamie: You left one person out. Who?

Jamie: You.

Vicky: Oh.

Jamie: Why don't you ever buy anything for yourself?

Vicky: Because I have everything I want right here.

Jamie: Yeah, this does pretty much cover it, doesn't t?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: We have a room with a view and room service --

Vicky: Right.

Jamie: And a feather bed.

Vicky: Are there really feathers in that bed?

Jamie: There's millions of them.

Vicky: Oh?

Jamie: Do you think I'd let my bride sleep on anything harder?

Vicky: Oh, you're right.

Jamie: Try it.

Vicky: The mattress?

Jamie: Mm-hmm, you must be tired.

Vicky: Uh, no! You know, actually, I am not tired at all, Jamie.

Jamie: Vicky.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Ooh.

Jamie: Must be a traveling leather salesman. Word's got out.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Yes? Who is it?

Man: Senorita?

Vicky: Oh, Jamie! Thank you!

Jamie: Listen, muchas gracias again, senor. Here you go.

Man: Gracias.

Vicky: Well, who do you think they could be from, huh?

Jamie: I'm sure there's a card, but I'd be willing to wager that it's from a couple of your relatives.

Vicky: Yep, you're right. Oh, it's from Donna and Michael. "For our beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband. We love you." Oh, aren't they sweet?

Jamie: Yeah, very sweet, but their timing's lousy.

Vicky: Why?

Jamie: The -- ahem -- feather bed, remember?

Vicky: Oh. Yeah.

Jamie: Oh, yeah.

Vicky: Uh -- my stomach --

Jamie: Your stomach? What's the matter?

Vicky: Well, we haven't eaten in hours.

Jamie: I'll call room service.

Vicky: No, no, no, don't do that! That'll take too much time! Um, why don't we go to that lovely little restaurant that was overlooking the plaza?

Jamie: You mean go out again?

Vicky: Well, yeah! It's -- it's a gorgeous evening, and after all, we are in --

Jamie: I know, we're in Majorca.

Vicky: Yeah! Well, come on, let's go! Oh, my purse. Ok.

Jamie: Next time -- next time, next honeymoon we have, we go to Bayonne.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie.

Rachel: Well, Mac said he had something important, or that's what it seemed like.

Iris: Well, I'm sure it was.

Vivien: So I volunteered to take Mr. Cory's place.

Iris: Oh, that was very good of you, Vivien. We've still got some, you know, reconstruction work to do and stuff like that, but, look, come over here. Why don't you look at the view? I mean, it's just so crystal-clear on a day like today.

Vivien: Oh, Mrs. Wheeler! It's like being on top of the world!

Rachel: Well, you'll like it here, Iris. You can look down on everyone.

Iris: Hmm. You can see the -- the complex and the love tower.

Vivien: They should wash their windows.

Rachel: Oh, on my way out, the movers called. They're on their way.

Iris: Good, good.

Rachel: And I told the doorman to send them up.

Vivien: Now, which way is Chicago?

Rachel: Oh, that's all right, isn't it?

Iris: Oh, yeah, fine, fine.

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler! I bet if I went into your bedroom, I could see all the way to Chicago from it!

Iris: No.

Vivien: On a day like today?

Iris: Uh-uh. No, it's -- it's -- it's in a terrible mess. You know, I just got up and the bedroom is strictly off-limits.

Rachel: Oh.

Iris: Do you like it?

Rachel: It's excellent.

Iris: Yes, I had it commissioned.

Rachel: It's a really good artist.

Iris: Perhaps I should've got Sam to do it. Vivien, look, just -- just come over here. I -- I want to show you.

Vivien: I think I could straighten up your bedroom pretty good.

Iris: No, I wouldn't -- I wouldn't dream of it.

Vivien: I don't mind.

Iris: Vivien, I want your opinion. Come over here. Just see this.

Rachel: How long have you had this?

Iris: Um, well, I just -- just had it delivered.

Vivien: A vivid likeness.

Iris: Oh, I know! I meant to show you. Here, Rachel, come look. If you look right down there, just past the marina, you can see the Cory mansion!

Vivien: Where?

Iris: Past the marina. Just keep looking straight down.

Rachel: Oh, yes.

Iris: If you look right down there past --

Rachel: I see it.

Iris: The right, and then over there. It's -- see? Oh! I just love this place. I just love it.

Sharlene: It isn't going to help.

Josie: What?

Sharlene: Staring out that window is not going to bring him here any faster.

Josie: I just don't understand why he hasn't called.

Sharlene: Honey, maybe he got held up.

Josie: Yeah. Maybe he doesn't care.

Sharlene: No. Come on, don't say that. Of course he cares.

Josie: I'm going to go upstairs.

Sharlene: I'll let you know as soon as he gets here.

Josie: Yeah, if he gets here.

Jason: What's with Josie?

Sharlene: Matthew was supposed to be here and he's late.

Jason: Well, I'll go up and talk to her.

Sharlene: No.

Jason: Why not? I'm just going to help.

Sharlene: If you really wanted to help, you could've kept your mouth shut at the Cory’s' yesterday.

[Door closes]

Jason: Bills, bills, more bills.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Yeah? Great.

Mac: You're here. Good.

Jason: Yeah, well, I don't need you here.

Mac: I don't care what you need! I've got something to say, and you're going to listen!

Jason: You don't talk to me, not like this, not in my house.

Mac: Ok, let's step out of your house!

Jason: Step out and you keep going!

Mac: I'm going nowhere! Are Sharlene and Josie here?

Jason: That's none of your business.

Mac: Are they home?

Jason: Yeah! So what?

Mac: I don't want them to hear this, that's what!

Jason: Oh, Mac, what you want around here doesn't count!

Mac: Listen to me -- I told you, I warned you the next time you pulled anything this was going to happen, and you said -- you swore to me that you were going to change!

Jason: Well, you haven't changed. You still treat me like dirt!

Mac: How else should I treat a man who does nothing but try to hurt my family?

Jason: Your precious family.

Mac: It's going to stop, Jason! Now! You understand?

Evan: Sharlene.

Sharlene: Hi, Evan.

Evan: You need a hand?

Sharlene: Uh, no, thank you. It looks heavier than it is. It's photographs.

Evan: Family photographs?

Sharlene: Yeah. Yeah, we sure took some ugly pictures.

Evan: Well, I don't believe that for a minute. May I see?

Sharlene: Yeah, sure.

Evan: That's a pretty picture of you. Now, this little girl -- is that Josie?

Sharlene: Did you want to see Jason?

Evan: Yeah. I did. This woman --

Sharlene: Oh, that's -- that's Janice. That's me and my sister Janice. She died.

Evan: What was she like?

Sharlene: Janice?

Evan: Yeah.

Sharlene: She was beautiful. She was the beauty in the family. She -- she loved life, she loved her family. Janice had a passion for things.

Evan: She looks like you.

Sharlene: You think so, huh?

Jason: You think you can dictate to everybody!

Sharlene: What is that?

Jason: Well, you can't, Mackenzie Cory, not in this house!

Mac: But you don't give a damn what you do in mine!

Sharlene: Mac, Mac, what are you doing here?

Jason: Nothing. He's just leaving.

Mac: I'm sorry you had to hear this, Sharlene.

Sharlene: What was this about?

Mac: Evan, what are you doing here?

Evan: I just came to talk to Jason about work on the spa.

Mac: Well, it's a wasted trip! As of this minute, he's fired from that job!

Jason: You can't --

Mac: I've consulted Cass. It's in his hands. Sharlene, I sincerely apologize. Come on, Evan, let's go!

Lisa: Rachel, hi.

Rachel: I tried calling, but your phone was busy.

Lisa: Oh, you know what? I knocked it off the hook in the bedroom for hours.

Rachel: Oh.

Lisa: I've been doing a lot of cleaning. Come on in.

Rachel: Yeah, it looks like you're really getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Lisa: Yeah, getting rid of, throwing away, giving away. Your son has cured me of my saving mania.

Rachel: Jamie?

Lisa: No, Matthew. He was here before.

Rachel: Oh.

Lisa: Yeah, he's been very sweet.

Rachel: Oh. Well, that's nice.

Lisa: Well, sit down.

Rachel: No, no, I don't want to stay, not if you're busy. Can I get you something?

Rachel: No. I really can't stay. I just -- I just came by because I wanted to say to you that I hope we can go on being friends even though Jamie and Vicky have gotten married.

Lisa: Well, thank you. I'd like that. I hope Jamie will be happy.

Rachel: I do, too.

Lisa: I mean, maybe Vicky will change, right?

Rachel: I think maybe she's staring to.

Lisa: Yeah, well, I -- I have a hard time believing that.

Rachel: Yeah, I know, but --

Lisa: I mean, when a person goes after something, you know, traps a man like the way she did --

Rachel: By getting pregnant?

Lisa: Well, yeah, I'd -- oh, Rachel, I'm sorry.

Rachel: No, it's all right.

Lisa: I didn't realize what I was saying.

Rachel: No, you were saying what you feel.

Lisa: Well, it's not just the pregnancy, you know? It's just -- it's the way she goes after what she wants. You know, just that way she has, that ruthlessness, that she doesn't care who she hurts or how it affects other people's lives.

Rachel: I don't think it's really that simple, you know? I think she probably feels that ultimately what she's doing is going to be best for everybody.

Lisa: No, she's totally self-involved.

Rachel: Yeah, that may be, but she is trying to change.

Lisa: Yeah, well, I'd be surprised.

Rachel: Well, it's over, and I think we have to try and be fair.

Lisa: "Fair"? Rachel, that would've been my wedding yesterday if it wasn't for Vicky. And I'm supposed to be fair?

Rachel: I didn't want to get into this.

Lisa: Well, you have. You love your new daughter-in-law and you think she'll make your son a wonderful wife, and --

Rachel: Well, I think maybe I'd better go.

Lisa: Rachel, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Rachel: I'm sorry, too.

Lisa: Uh, maybe we can get together sometime.

Iris: Where on earth are those movers?

Vivien: Stuck in traffic.

Iris: Oh, yeah, that'll be their excuse. They probably stopped for beer somewhere.

Vivien: They'll be here.

Iris: Well, they'd better be here sober and they'd better be here soon because I've got a lot of antiques and a lot of works of art in that shipment.

Vivien: I'm glad Mrs. Cory had to leave early.

Iris: Why?

Vivien: Because now we can have a chance to chat.

Iris: Oh, I see.

Vivien: This is certainly a nice place.

Iris: Cut to the chase, Vivien.

Vivien: I'll bet Mr. Bates loves it.

Iris: What -- what on earth does that mean?

Vivien: I am looking for new employment, as you know, and you will have to search far and wide before you find another maid companion who looks after you as well as I do.

Iris: Thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: Now, there is that little matter of back wages, and I will be needing a raise and a new uniform, which I get to choose myself.

Iris: Well, as a matter of fact, I was looking for someone, and there is a possibility that -- that we can discuss it later.

Vivien: Ha!

Iris: What the hell do you want?

Jason: Well, happy to see you, too, chief.

Rachel: Ok, I'll call him later, or maybe he could call me if you ever find out where he is. Thanks.

Mac: Oh.

Rachel: Hi! There you are! I've called the office five times.

Mac: I was at the Frame farm. I fired Jason from that spa job.

Rachel: You what?

Mac: You didn't expect me to let him keep working for us, did you?

Rachel: No, of course not.

Mac: Well, you're not upset just because I didn't talk to you about it beforehand?

Rachel: No, I'm just upset in general.

Mac: Well, did something happen?

Rachel: I went over to see Lisa. I wanted to tell her that I was hoping we could be friends.

Mac: That's a good idea.

Rachel: It wasn't a good idea. She got upset. She's so angry about Vicky. I mean, I went over to try and do the right thing, you know, and it wasn't the right thing at all. She just got -- I made it worse.

Mac: Well, you didn't mean to, sweetheart.

Rachel: No, I know, but it did the same thing. She went on and on about Vicky, and all I could think about is the way I used to be when I was that age.

Mac: What do you mean?

Rachel: Oh, how desperate I was. I wanted so many things. And how I thought Steve Frame could give me all of those things.

Mac: And he couldn't?

Rachel: No man can. You have to find your way yourself.

Mac: Well, you did that, sweetheart.

Rachel: No, I found you. And through loving you, my life was changed. Oh, Mac, I hope Jamie can do that for Vicky.

Jamie: Was a big day, huh?

Vicky: Beautiful day.

Jamie: And we have a beautiful night ahead of us.

Vicky: I'll be right back, ok?

Vicky: Jamie?

Vicky: Do you like it?

Jamie: You look beautiful.

Vicky: Well, I got a lot of negligees at my shower, and I wore black because it makes you look thinner. I mean, it's supposed to. Who am I kidding?

Jamie: Aw.

Vicky: Jamie, I wanted this night to be so perfect for you.

Jamie: Come here. Look at me. This is perfect.

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