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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/5/05

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Iris: Oh, hi. How am I doing?

Rachel: They're beautiful.

Iris: Yeah, they're for Vickyís shower. I hope she likes them.

Rachel: I didn't realize you were so fond of Vicky.

Iris: Well, now you know.

Rachel: Can we talk?

Iris: Rachel, I love our little talks, but I really do have to get ready for the shower.

Rachel: I saw you at the Pelican the other day.

Iris: I saw you, too.

Rachel: You were with Michael Hudson.

Iris: That's right.

Rachel: Mac said that you told him that you were meeting with Michael to go over your personal finances.

Iris: Rachel... well, don't you have to freshen up or are you going to go to the shower dressed like that?

Rachel: Of course I didn't believe it.

Iris: What?

Rachel: The reason you were with Michael. What are you up to, Iris?

Amanda: You know, it's really a shame grandma can't be at the shower. She worked so hard on it.

Sam: Yeah, but you know how much she likes babysitting Alli.

Amanda: So what do you think? You think Vickyís going to like it?

Sam: I don't know.

Amanda: You don't know?

Sam: Well, it just looks like--I don't know.

Amanda: Sam, come on, I spent two hours in one store just trying to find something.

Sam: Well--hey, look, maybe it looks better on. I'll tell you what, why don't you go into the bathroom and try it and we'll see how it looks.

Amanda: Samuel.

Sam: Gotcha. Ha ha!

[Knock on door]

Matt: Hi, am I early?

Amanda: It's ok, come on in.

Matt: Hey, all right. What can I do to help out?

Sam: Not a thing. The beer was delivered an hour ago and Macís taking care of the pizza.

Amanda: Bet you guys forgot napkins.

Sam: Napkins? That's girl stuff, Amanda.

Matt: Napkins, we don't need no stinking napkins. Did you arrange some entertainment?

Sam: No, nothing special. But don't be surprised if a big cake gets rolled in. And definitely don't ask what the filling is.

Matt: A big--a really big cake?

Sam: Well, the top layer is a 42 D.

Amanda: Oh, you boys are so witty.

Matt: I remember when Amanda used to be fun.

Sam: Yeah, well, she still is. But it's just too bad that she's going to be all the way across town at Vickyís shower.

Amanda: Didn't I tell you?

Sam: Tell me what?

Amanda: Vicky's still feeling kind of tired so we decided we're going to have the shower at her place. I'm going to be right across the hall.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Gotcha.

Vicky: Here let me take that from you. I think there's room over here.

Jamie: Wait a minute. I didn't know the guest of honor was supposed to work so hard.

Vicky: Well, I'm just making room. Ada sent over enough food for an army.

Jamie: Yeah, she has a tendency to do that.

Vicky: Yeah. I'll put it here next to--

Bridget: Victoria, give it to me.

Vicky: Well, Bridget--

Bridget: Now Dr. Frame's right, you're not supposed to be doing anything now.

Jamie: That's right. Now come with me. I can put out those petit fours as well as you can.

Vicky: I am just fine.

Jamie: Well, good, good, because I don't want you getting too tired before the wedding.

Vicky: Jamie, the wedding isn't until... Friday. 3 days.

Jamie: I certainly hope so.

Vicky: Jamie, you don't seem nervous at all.

Jamie: Check me on Friday.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie, are we doing the right thing?

Jamie: I know we are. And so does this little fellow right in there. And by Friday, we're going to be a family.

Iris: Rachel, I know you've got a lot on your mind, but you don't have to be so suspicious.

Rachel: You always have your business lunches at the Pelican?

Iris: No, but what's wrong with it? I mean, you were there with daddy, weren't you?

Rachel: Your father and I happened to be in the neighborhood.

Iris: Well, I just thought it was a nice quiet place to discuss my financial affairs.

Rachel: Michael isn't an investment counselor.

Iris: No, but he's made a lot of money.

Rachel: Do you always hold hands with the person that's advising you on your finances?

Iris: Ok, Rachel. You win. Michael and I were having a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte. In fact, Michael is walking out on Donna tomorrow and I'm moving in with him.

Rachel: What are you up to, Iris?

Iris: Why are you so concerned?

Rachel: I thought you wanted to be a member of this family?

Iris: I do.

Rachel: Why are you being so mysterious?

Iris: I'm not. I'm afraid I can't live up to this paranoia you have about my ulterior motives.

Rachel: I expect you can surpass it.

Iris: You sound paranoid. Do you know what you're saying?

Rachel: Yes, I know very well what I'm saying.

Iris: Rachel, I know you've had a lot on your mind this last year, but it is ok. Everything is all right now.

Rachel: I hope so for Macís sake.

Iris: I would never do anything to hurt my father.

Rachel: I hope not.

Iris: I would rather die first.

Mac: Oh, you two ready for the festivities?

Iris: Yes. I'm just going up to get changed. I'll be down in a jiffy.

Mac: Good. Things seemed a little frosty when I walked in.

Rachel: Well, I better get dressed.

Mac: Having trouble, you and Iris?

Rachel: Mac, I know you want me to get along with Iris.

Mac: Yes, I really do, Rachel.

Rachel: I know, but things just don't happen that way just because you want them. Not between Iris and me.

Mac: Look, you two had a rocky time in the past and it takes a long time to change those old feelings.

Rachel: Yes, a very long time.

Mac: But maybe with Iris moving out to her own apartment now, maybe after that you can see the relationship in a different perspective.

Rachel: That apartment is in the same building as Michael Hudsonís apartment, right?

Mac: Yeah. She finally found something she liked.

Rachel: I bet she did. Gotta get dressed.

Vince: Oh, what are you getting Vicky?

Mary: A beautiful penoire.

Vince: Oh, I thought shower gifts were pans, doilies, and sheets and stuff.

Mary: That's a kitchen shower. This is a lingerie shower. Most women at this point in their pregnancy feel like over-stuffed turkeys, so Marley thought it would be nice if we just got terribly, terribly feminine gifts so that Vicky would be reminded that her figure will return.

Vince: Well, I guess that's better than pots and pans.

Mary: Do you remember when I was pregnant with Kathleen?

Vince: You were beautiful.

Mary: I was a blimp.

Vince: Well, just because I had to put your shoes on for you.

Mary: I couldn't see my feet the whole last month. She was late, right?

Vince: 5 days.

Mary: You always remember.

Vince: Only the important things.

Mary: It goes so fast. Things--they just can change so quickly.

Vince: Can't they.


Mary: Gee, Vince, what is it you're not telling me?

Vince: Mary McKinnon, are you accusing me of holding something back?

Mary: Yeah, I am.

Vince: Well, I wasn't going to tell you, but keeping a secret isn't that much fun.

Mary: You're also not very good at it. It's from the insurance company.

Vince: It's a check, a rather large check. Covers 100% of our losses at Maryís place.

Mary: Vince, does it really?

Vince: Isn't that wonderful? Yes! Not bad, huh? Not bad. One less thing to worry about.

Mary: One less? A whole lot less!

Vince: I knew that Maryís place was going to take care of us and it has.

Mary: Oh, sweetheart.

Jake: Uh-oh, they're at it again. What's up?

Vince: The usual.

Jake: Where's Marley at?

Mary: She's upstairs getting ready for the shower.

Vince: I will tell her you are come home, ya.

Mary: He's a little weird. You're kind of late.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Mary: Did you go see Ada about bartending at the Paradise?

Jake: Yeah, I was running around all day. I never had a chance.

Mary: Jake.

Jake: It's amazing how busy you can get when you don't have enough work.

Mary: Jake, would you please stop trying to deal with this by yourself? Would you talk to Marley?

Jake: Mary, I don't want to worry her, not at a time like this.

Marley: What don't you want to worry me about?

Nicole: Can you believe it? Only 3 days until you're the mother of the bride.

Donna: Ah, yes, I know.

Nicole: The shower should be fun.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Oh, and Vicky hasn't had enough of the good parts of getting married.

Donna: No, she hasnít.

Nicole: And being across the hall from the guys? I think that's a great idea. It's sort of together, but it's separate.

Donna: Well, Marleyís very good with details.

Nicole: Oh, Donna, I am so pleased with how the dress turned out. You look beautiful. Did you notice that I changed the neckline a little bit?

Donna: I just think, for the baby's sake and yours, we should know.

Vicky: Know what?

Donna: Are you absolutely sure that this is Jamieís baby?

Nicole: I thought that with the shape of your face the neckline would be better the way that I--Donna?

Donna: Oh, why I--

Nicole: Are you all right?

Donna: Yes, yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking about the dress. You know, the neckline seemed different.

Nicole: I changed it. I just told you why.

Donna: Oh, right. Right, of course you did. I'm sorry. I love it, I really do.

Michael: Hey, hey. You guys about ready for the twin bashes?

Donna: Yes. Yes, of course we are. My goodness, don't you look handsome.

Michael: Thank you, I am.

Nicole: Wait till you see Donna in her dress. She's gonna be almost as pretty as the bride.

Michael: Well, well, well, it's almost zero hour, baby.

Donna: Oh, if you would excuse me. I would love to use your phone, make a quick call to Cafe Paradise. I want to make sure all the food is there for Victoriaís party.

Michael: Ok.

Nicole: Michael, how long have you been back?

Michael: Uh--I don't know, a couple of days. Why?

Nicole: Do you notice anything out of the ordinary about Donna lately?

Michael: Well, no. Like what?

Nicole: Well, I don't know. She just seems so preoccupied.

Michael: Well, it's probably because of the wedding.

Nicole: You're right, that's probably it. Well, I just need to go finish wrapping Vickyís gift and then I'll be ready to take off.

Donna: Oh, well, everything's under control.

Michael: Good. You know, I want to apologize for just leaving so much of this stuff in your hands.

Donna: Are you kidding? Don't be silly.

Michael: No, no, no, really.

Donna: You have a company to run.

Michael: I know, but there's just been so many details for this. Maybe too many details that you've had to handle.

Donna: Why would you say something like that?

Michael: Dinner last night, actually. You just seemed preoccupied. You know, your mind was a million miles away. I thought maybe something was wrong.

Donna: No, no, of course not. Look, we better get going--

Michael: No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Is there something going on here with the wedding?

Donna: Michael, I guess I just didn't realize. I think things were a lot more complicated than I thought they would be.

Michael: What things? I mean, things for the wedding or things of something else?

Donna: It's not important now.

Michael: Donna, wait a minute. Is there something going on here I don't know about?

Donna: Michael, please--

Michael: Donna, is there a reason that Jamie shouldn't marry Vicky?

Donna: Of course Victoria should marry Jamie.

Michael: Then what's going on?

Donna: Uh--well... well, you're going to be furious with me when you hear the reason.

Michael: Donna... what?

Donna: I've really been thinking about this and I just don't know if a big wedding is such a good idea.

Michael: Why?

Donna: Well, because--I didn't--I mean, Victoria, she's so--

Michael: Pregnant.

Donna: Yes. Yes, she's pregnant. And I just didn't realize that she would be--

Michael: So big, so big.

Donna: So, so big. You know? Oh, I'm awful, aren't I?

Michael: No. No, you're not awful. No. But you know, you were the one who insisted that Jamie and Vicky have this large wedding.

Donna: I know.

Michael: Come hell or high water, you said--

Donna: I know. I know. And sometimes I just overestimate things. Do you forgive me?

Michael: Sure. Sure.

Donna: Good. Thank you for understanding.

Michael: Yeah, I understand.

Donna: Well, honey, it's just that I want the best for Victoria. I want her to be happy. I want all of her dreams to come true.

Michael: Right, ok. Ok.

Donna: All right.

Michael: Right. You know, I have something that I think you might like. I was actually going to give it to you later, but--

Donna: You're kidding?

Michael: It's a little--this here--

Donna: Oh, Michael.

Michael: Now what we have here--wait a minute, wait a minute. I know it's pretty, but inside--you have given me two beautiful daughters and so much happiness and I just wanted you to know that I love you very much.

Donna: Oh, Michael.

Michael: What? Hey, what is it? I give you a little present and you get my jacket all wet?

Donna: I know.

Michael: Aw.

Jake: It's amazing. I can never, never, never keep a secret from this woman.

Marley: What don't you want to worry me about?

Jake: Ok, nosy, Mary and I were just talking about we're gonna need more room if--when you get pregnant. Right, Mary?

Mary: Right.

Marley: A room for a child that hasn't even been conceived--

Jake: As a Matter of fact, I think we should probably get our own apartment. I mean, you know, Vince and Mary, they're not gonna want to listen to a little baby crying all the time.

Marley: Sweetheart, I don't think it's a good idea that we jump ahead of ourselves so much here.

Jake: Honey, why don't you just let me take care of this, huh?

Marley: Am I a lucky lady or what?

Mary: I think you're both lucky.

Marley: Well, are we all ready to go here?

Mary: We are. Vince will be down in a minute.

Marley: Ok. I left my present upstairs.

Mary: I'll go get it because I can put this stuff away and then I can hurry Vince along at the same time.

Marley: All right.

Jake: You've been over at Vickyís all day getting ready for a party, you must be beat.

Marley: Well, Ada did all the cooking. All I had to do was boss around Vicky and Bridget. It was so wonderful seeing her so happy.

Jake: Yeah, I'll bet.

Marley: You know, I used to think that I was the one who would want a husband and children--the simple life. And Vicky was always the real exciting one.

Jake: Oh, honey, you both are very exciting.

Vicky: But when she talks about Jamie and their baby... she just--just glows.

Jake: Great.

Marley: Isn't it just so wonderful that Vickyís life is coming together so perfectly?

Vicky: I can't believe this all is happening--my bridal shower, your bachelor party.

Jamie: Our wedding.

Vicky: We're going to be together for the rest of our lives, Jamie.

Jamie: Forever and ever.

Vicky: Oh, Dr. Frame, remember my blood pressure now.

Jamie: I'll do my best. Is that caviar?

Bridget: Well, of course it is. Ms. Joanna sent it over. I mean, she really has thought of everything, you know?

Jamie: Well, she certainly has. Well, however impressive this may be, it's nothing compared to the epicurean splendor we gentleman will be experiencing at our celebration across the hall.

Vicky: I'll bet.

Bridget: Yes. You don't say now.

Jamie: No, Bridget, it's true. My brother-in-law has prepared a menu extraordinaire. Yes, yes.

Vicky: Oh, really.

Jamie: Uh-huh. No, indeed, he really has. We men will be dining on pizza avec la works to beer imported from la Cleveland.

Bridget: Oh, go on with you now.

Matt: Ok. The rest of the beer and soda are in the fridge, so be careful when you open it there. My next assignment, sir?

Sam: Eat these. Amanda!

Amanda: What? I'm doing my hair.

Sam: Well, eat these while you're doing your hair.

Amanda: Why?

Sam: Because I figure if we start eating the beer nuts now, and everybody at the party eats their fair share, we should be done with the beer nuts by next Tuesday. Your dad sent 22 pounds.

Amanda: 22 pounds of beer nuts?

Matt: Well, you know how thorough Mac is.

Sam: Yeah, well, it was kind of a surprise to me, too. I told him to send us lots of beer nuts, though.

Amanda: How did he do on the beer?

Sam: Actually, he kind of surprised me. He bought this week's special instead of that fancy imported stuff.

Amanda: Matthew, you stay away from the beer.

Sam: Don't worry, that's why I got the soda.

Matt: I'm so glad she's gonna be right across the hall, you know?

Amanda: So am I.

Sam: If those cable guys don't get here to fix this television set so we can watch the game, I'm going to end up eating all those beer nuts by myself.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: That's probably the cable guys.

Matt: Or the cake.

Evan: Oh, Amanda, I'm so glad you're here.

Amanda: Evan, what's wrong?

Evan: No, I need to talk to you about the other night. I wanted to apologize for the way I behaved.

Amanda: Evan, no look--

Evan: No, no, I'm really sorry.

Amanda: Evan?

Sam: What are you sorry for?

Evan: Sam, I didn't know you were here. And Matt.

Sam: What are you apologizing to Amanda for?

Amanda: I told you, the woman that raised him died yesterday.

Sam: Yeah, right.

Evan: Well, she was kind of like a mother to me. It was--came as quite a blow.

Sam: Well, I'm sorry about that.

Evan: And when Amanda came over I had--well, I had been drinking and so it just--

Amanda: Look, it's ok, I told Sam everything.

Evan: You did?

Amanda: You just needed somebody to be there with you, that's all. So are you here for the infamous bachelor party?

Evan: Well, yeah, I guess, if it's ok.

Sam: Sure. Do you know anything about TV repair?

Evan: Um--I wish I did.

Amanda: It's all right. Sam and I talked everything out. We'd like to see more of you.

Evan: Really?

Amanda: Sure.

Evan: Well, I guess I'd like that.

Amanda: Ok, well, I guess it's my turn to join the female contingent across the hall.

Matt: Au revoir.

Amanda: You men are officially on your own.

Rachel: Thank you, darling.

Vicky: Oh, good, I'm so glad you haven't left yet.

Mac: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Oh, I'm sorry, Vivien said just come on in.

Mac: Oh, sure, it's all right.

Rachel: Is there something I can help you with?

Donna: Well, actually I'm here to help you with something. That is you specifically, Rachel.

Rachel: Me? Why?

Donna: Yes, I thought that we could drive you to the shower.

Rachel: Now?

Donna: Well, yes. Michael's waiting out in the car with the driver. It just occurred to me that it would be really lovely for us to walk in together.

Rachel: Oh, to make an entrance.

Donna: Well, sort of. I just thought it would be a nice gesture for Victoria to see us walk in together.

Rachel: Yes, you're right, it would be. It's just that I haven't seen Mac all day. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.

Donna: Rachel, please? It would mean so much to me. And I think it would really help to make Victoria more comfortable.

Mac: Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt anything, honey. I mean, for us all to walk in together.

Rachel: Yes, but what about afterwards? Some of us might want to go--

Iris: Donna, what are you doing here? Why aren't you with your wonderful daughter?

Donna: Well, I'm trying to get there.

Iris: So am I, if I can only find my scarf. I don't know where I left it. Oh, Rachel, why don't you and daddy go on ahead and I can get a lift with Michael and Donna, if that's all right with you.

Donna: Oh, yes, yes, that's fine. Actually I probably am being too silly and fussy about all of this.

Mac: Hey, wait a minute. Still, we could all arrive separately, go in together. How about that?

Donna: That would be wonderful.

Mac: Great!

Iris: Amanda tells me that the shower is gonna be wonderful.

Donna: Oh, yes. Marley and I want this to be very special for Victoria.

Iris: Ada's catering I hear?

Donna: Oh, absolutely. Wouldn't have anyone else.

Iris: Who's catering the bachelor party?

Mac: Oh, that's Gino and Dom's. Yeah.

Iris: Who?

Mac: Gino and Dom, you know them.

Donna: You know, the Gino and Domís.

Iris: Are they a good catering--?

Mac: Fantastic, marvelous.

Rachel: Yes, if you like beer and pizza.

Mac: Yeah, and spending an evening watching basketball with the Bay City bombers, right? Love that Iris, wouldn't you like to?

Iris: Pizza?

Mac: [Italian accent] That's a right, Iris. Neapolitano pizza with all the works, huh? Hey, anna-chovy?

[Laughs] Pepperoni. Mozzarella, Iris. Mozzarella, mozzarella

Donna: I have never seen him act like that.

Iris: Oh, it's Rachelís influence. She likes to reduce everyone to her level.

Donna: Really? That's amazing.

Iris: Tell me, are you happy?

Donna: Oh, Iris, yes. You know, all of this just brings back such memories. In fact, Michael and I were just remembering our wedding.

Iris: Which one? I thought that you--

Donna: I know, I know. We've been married 3 times, can you believe that? But you know, we've had our share of problems, but despite all of that we've realized them and been able to work through them.

Iris: How sweet.

Donna: I do have to say that our last wedding is nothing like Victoria and Jamieís is going to be. I mean, it was very simple. You know, just very simple and very beautiful. We just had family and friends there. Oh, Nicole, she designed me the most gorgeous wedding dress. And if I do say so myself, I don't think Michael has ever, ever looked more handsome. And I didn't--I didn't have any doubts. I knew that Michael was the only man in the world for me. Oh--oh, I have to show you this. Look what he just gave me. Isn't that beautiful? It was just totally unexpected.

Iris: It's beautiful.

Donna: Yes. You know, I am so lucky. I have the most thoughtful and romantic husband in the world.

Iris: Yes. I'm sure you do.

Michael: I was just kind of wondering what's going on. We've been waiting for 15 minutes. Mac and Rachel have already left.

Donna: I know, I know, it's all my fault. I couldn't help it, I was reminiscing and I was telling Iris all about our wedding.

Michael: Oh.

Iris: Very interesting.

Donna: Yes. Well, I certainly know it was almost perfect day of my life.

Michael: Mine, too.

Iris: You must tell me about it some time.

Michael: Look, I think it's time we go, don't you?

Donna: Oh, yes, Iris?

Iris: Well, why don't you two go on ahead and I'll just find my scarf and join you.

Donna: All right, all right. I do apologize, this was all my fault. But you know how it is when Iris and I get together. We just start talking and we find things to talk about...

Iris: I should be tired, but I'm not.

Michael: Tired? Tired from what? All we did was walk around Cannes for 3 hours.

Iris: Oh, yes. And go swimming, which I haven't done in years.

Michael: And you did very, very well, if I may say.

Iris: Well, you should have warned me.

Michael: Warned you? In giving you the opportunity to think about bringing along a bathing suit?

Iris: Don't look so pleased with yourself.

Michael: Ooh, why not? Henri? Would you like the usual?

Iris: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Could we have two cappuccinos?

Henri: Oui, monsieur.

Michael: Merci. All right, admit it.

Iris: Admit what?

Michael: You are beginning to have feelings for me, aren't you?

Iris: I suppose I am.

Michael: Aah! I knew it, I knew it. I knew that.

Iris: Don't crow about it.

Michael: And why not?

Iris: Because I'm frightened. Because I've already lost so much.

Michael: That won't happen with me, Iris. Don't be afraid. You don't ever have to be afraid with me. Is this what you were looking for?

Iris: Yes. Do you remember that day we walked all over Cannes and found our secret cove?

Michael: I think we should go, Iris. Donna's waiting in the car.

Iris: Oh, yes. We mustn't be late for your daughter's shower, must we?

Marley: Oh, everything looks just wonderful! Hi, Bridget!

Bridget: Hello, darling.

Marley: Hi, Amanda. Vicky, what are you doing?

Vicky: My doctor insisted I get off my feet.

Jamie: Hello, Jake.

Jake: Jamie.

Marley: Now didn't you take a nap after I left here?

Jamie: No, she hasn't stopped.

Marley: Oh.

Jake: Hey, kid, how you feeling?

Vicky: I am feeling wonderful.

Marley: Wow, I can't wait to see your presents. And you know what else I can't wait for? The wedding.

Jamie: I've talked her into going through with it.

Marley: Oh, 3 days, how can you stand it?

Vicky: I canít. I heard Fridayís a big day for you, too. Good luck. I mean that.

Jake: Thank you.

Vicky: Now may I please get up so I am standing when my guests come?

Jamie: Well, maybe I'll give you a couple of minutes on your feet.

Vicky: Oh, what a doctor.

Jamie: Come on.

Vicky: Oh, thank you, sir.

Jamie: You're welcome.

Marley: I told Vicky about our meeting with Dr. Jansen on Friday. Honey, you don't mind that, do you?

Jake: No, I guess not.

Marley: Well, I talked to the nurse this morning and she said that we're going to go through everything. We're gonna look at the results from my surgery, your fertility tests, my weekly charts, everything. And then we'll plot a course of action. Jake, do you hear me?

Jake: Sure, that sounds great.

Marley: Sweetheart, this Friday could change our whole lives.

Jake: Honey, I hope so. I hope so.

Vicky: Hi!

Jamie: Well, hello.

Vicky: Nicole, come in, come in. Hi.

Nicole: Hey, Jamie, I thought this shower was for the women.

Jamie: Nice to see you.

Marley: When Vicky told me that she was pregnant, I certainly thought it would never work. But they look so happy. Jake, what is the Matter?

Jake: I'm sorry. I just hope he's good to her.

Marley: Of course he will be good to her.

Jake: I don't trust him.

Jake: Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jake: You're in an awfully good mood today, aren't you?

Jamie: Well, why not? I'm about to be married.

Jake: Listen, about what I said yesterday.

Jamie: Yeah?

Jake: I wasn't trying to cause trouble. Vicky's my best friend.

Jamie: I know that, Jake.

Jake: It's only natural that I'd want what's best for her.

Jamie: Good, because that's what I want, too, Jake.

Jake: I hope so, Jamie. I hope you want to make her happy, because I know you can.

Jamie: Well, it's about time you got here. Hello.

Donna: Hello, there.

Jamie: Mac! What have you got there, Mac? Pizza!

Iris: I'm afraid daddy's losing his mind.

Jamie: Oh, you can have all the caviar you want, I'll take Gino's pizza any day.

Iris: Oh, come on, Jamie, I know you're dying to come to our party.

Rachel: If the bombers are up to their regular tricks, those guys will be asleep at the end of the first quarter.

Jamie: Boo! Please!

Donna: Oh, oh, Rachel, wait. Why don't we go in together? We won't make a big deal out of it.

Mac: Arriverderci, cara!

Michael: Hey, come on, you guys! Tonight the bombers are gonna make history with our help.

Jamie: If you get bored you can always tune the game in, ok? Pizza's here!

Sam: Hey, Jamie! All right, you can put the pizza over there. And keep the change.

Mac: Oh, thank you, sir.

Sam: Hey, Mac. How you been?

Michael: What's the score here?

Matt: We don't know.

Michael: You don't know? What do you mean you don't know?

Sam: We're having a little bit of a problem with this thing.

Jamie: I can't handle problems in my state, guys. I'm leaving.

Evan: Well, you know--we've got a picture. We've got a picture.

Sam: You call that a picture?

Mac: If things don't work out for you at Cory, you got a great future as a TV repairman.

Jake: Get out of my way, get out of my way.

Michael: Be my hero, Jake. Come on!

Jake: I'll try, my friend.

Michael: There's a guy that can do it all.

Jake: Ok, this is the one.

Jamie: I really appreciate the bachelor party.

Matt: Oh, sure.

Jamie: And listen, I'm really sorry about what I said yesterday. I didn't mean that you couldn't be friends with Lisa.

Jamie: Good, because that's not going to change. Listen, have a good time at your party, all right?

Jamie: Thanks, I will.

Matt: All right, what's going on here?

Sam: Argh!

Jamie: Hey, Sam, would you not worry about the TV?

Sam: Well, look, I told those cable guys to get here an hour ago to fix that thing.

Jamie: So we'll catch the game on the radio or we'll go next door to Vickyís.

Sam: Oh, yeah, the ladies will really love that.

[Cheers] All right! Give that man all the beer he can drink!

Jamie: Hold on. Come here. Hold on a second.

Sam: Sure. What's up?

Jamie: Listen, I really haven't done a whole lot about the wedding, you know?

Sam: Yeah, well, Vickyís mom seems like the kind of lady who'd take care of all that stuff.

Jamie: Well, what I mean is I left all the arrangements to Vicky and her family and I'm beginning to realize that's my wedding, too, you know?

Sam: Wasn't that what you wanted?

Jamie: Yes, it is. But what I'm trying to say is can you get yourself a tux fitted by Friday?

Sam: Yes, sure. Of course.

Jamie: Great, because I want all of my brothers in the wedding.

Sam: All right, great.

[Cheers and applause]

Mary: Oh, I hate being late.

Vince: Relax, relax. The game is only in the first quarter.

Mary: I don't care about the game.

Vince: Oh, that's right, that's right. You're in a different league.

Mary: Personally I have never understood the attraction of basketball for guys.

Vince: I, on the other hand, have always understood the attraction women have for lingerie.

Mary: That is because you are an extremely...

Vince: Extremely what?

Mary: Sensitive man.

Vince: Well, mare, here's where we part company.

Mary: Are you absolutely sure you want to go in there?

Vince: No, I am not absolutely sure.

Mary: Well then.

Vince: Well then what?

Mary: Well, then Vicky is not the only one for whom I bought a sexy negligee.

Vince: You mean...

Mary: I'll see you at home later.

Vince: I hope that game doesn't go into overtime.

Mary: I love you.

Vince: That's just because I'm a wealthy guy.

Mary: You're absolutely right.

Vince: What are we going to do with that money?

Mary: I don't care. I don't care about the money. I just want to be with you... as long as you've got the money to spend.

Vince: Why, I...

Mary: I'll see you at home.

Vince: Bye-bye.

Mary: I've got to go in before the party's over. Ta-da!

Vicky: Oh, hi!

Bridget: Let me take your coat.

Mary: Thank you. Hi, how are you?

Bridget: I'm going to put it on the bedroom.

Mary: Thank you very much, Bridget. Give me a hug.

Vicky: Oh, hi!

Mary: Hi! You look radiant.

Vicky: Do I really?

Mary: Yes. Where's your sister?

Vicky: Oh, she's trying to unfold something that my mom brought. I don't know.

Mary: Ok.

Vicky: Please, would you come in and join us?

Mary: Surely.

Nicole: That's a fabulous outfit, Iris.

Iris: Well, thank you.

Nicole: It's very striking. Do you mind telling me who designed it?

Iris: Uh--no. It's uh--oh, Marco somebody. I don't know. I've had it for a million years. You know, I've been meaning to talk to you about designing some special things for me.

Nicole: Business clothes?

Iris: Oh, no. No, something for after hours.

Nicole: Really? Is there a certain somebody in your life?

Iris: Yes and no.

Nicole: Sounds promising.

Iris: Well, it is, as far as I'm concerned.

Rachel: Mom's present is the one with the little hearts on it.

Vicky: Well, she did so much, preparing all this food for the party. I really wish she could be here.

Rachel: Well, she would have liked to be here, too, but one of these days you'll understand how important it is to have a trustworthy babysitter. And then you'll understand why she's not here.

Vicky: I'm sure I'll learn that soon. She's been such a help to me. Could you just excuse me, please?

Rachel: Sure.

Vicky: Thanks. Mother, would you please try to lighten up?

Donna: Victoria--

Vicky: Stop worrying.

Donna: I wish I could.

Vicky: This baby is Jamieís, not Jakeís. There's no chance. Jamie and I are going to be married and everything is going to be just fine.

Donna: I hope so. I want everything to be just right for you.

Vicky: Wow. This is just gorgeous, Nicole! Everything has been just wonderful. I can't thank you guys enough.

Nicole: I think it's time we have a toast, don't you?

Vicky: A toast! Ok.

Nicole: To Vicky, the beautiful bride to be.

Vicky: Oh, thanks. And Mama, don't forget, Mama!

Donna: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. There you are.

Amanda: So, you look happy?

Rachel: I am.

Amanda: Mind if I say I told you so?

Rachel: Not at all. You were right. I think she really loves Jamie.

Vicky: You really think I'm ever gonna be able to fit into this thing?

Nicole: Oh, you'll be surprised how quickly.

Vicky: Is Cass over across the hall?

Nicole: No, he couldn't make it. He's meeting with a client tonight.

Vicky: Oh.

Nicole: Something wrong?

Vicky: Well, I suppose Cass told you that I lent Jason Frame $250,000?

Nicole: He said he was trying to get back some money from Jason for you. I didn't know how much.

Vicky: Yeah. Well, I know he's really busy, but if you could just ask him--

Nicole: Vicky... he's not meeting with a client tonight. He's meeting with Jason.

Vicky: Oh, really.

Nicole: I'm going to be meeting with him at the Pelican later. I'll tell him that you want to talk to him.

Vicky: Great. I mean, it's so stupid lending Jason Frame all that money.

Nicole: Well, if anyone can get it back, he will.

Vicky: I'm sure he can.

Nicole: Here's to that.

Amanda: So how's the bride?

Vicky: Oh, the bride is just wonderful. Just a little upset the party's dwindling down.

Amanda: Don't you ever get tired?

Vicky: No, not when there's a party. I just miss Jamie little bit.

Amanda: Aw.

Sam: Come on! Wait a minute. Aw, man!

Michael: He didn't foul! He didn't foul.

Jake: Missed the shot.

Jamie: Looks to me like the bombers are continuing their perfect losing streak.

Michael: Thanks a lot!

Jake: So stupid!

Sam: I don't believe this.

Jake: I mean, it's obviously the guy didn't foul him. Where do they get these refs at? Come on!

Vince: Wait a second--

Evan: That's not the cable. That's the set!

Michael: Hey, hey, hey!

Evan: That's the set!

Sam: What's going on? The game's not over yet!

Jamie: Calm down.

Michael: We don't have a picture, we don't have sound, we don't have a buzz.

Jamie: Listen, I'll see you later, ok?

Matt: Where are you going?

Jamie: Just never mind. I just want to slip out of here real quiet like. Bye!

Sam: Is it the cable? Are we getting anything here?

Jamie: Vicky.

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: I couldn't stand the segregation any longer.

Vicky: Me neither. Did you really miss me?

Jamie: Oh, yes, I really did.

Vicky: Well, that is the best present of all.

Jamie: You know, I can hardly wait to get you by my lonesome.

Vicky: Oh, well! Aren't you going to tell me where we're gonna go for our honeymoon?

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Oh, just a teensy, weensy little bit.

Jamie: I'm sorry, but my lips are sealed.

Vicky: Oh. Well, I'll have to do something to change that.

[Men talking and yelling]

That's where the groom went.

Amanda: Hi. How's the party going?

Sam: Great. It's going great.

Amanda: Oh, good. Good.

Sam: There's lots of beer and good game and food. It's lots of fun.

Amanda: Good. I guess you'd better get back inside, huh?

Sam: You, too, huh?

Amanda: Yeah. Have fun.

Donna: Victoria...

Vicky: Wait a minute.

Donna: Right. Oh, Jake, hi.

Jake: Could you tell Marley I'm ready to go?

Donna: Oh. What, is something wrong?

Jake: No, nothing's wrong. I just want to get Marley and get out of here, all right?

Donna: Well...

Michael: Donna? Oh.

Iris: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Hi. I'm sorry, I thought I heard Donnaís voice.

Iris: Well, she was out here, but I think she's gone inside. Why don't you come in and see if she's there?

Michael: No, that's all right, I'll wait.

Iris: Fine. But you know, come next week it's going to be extremely difficult to avoid me.

Michael: Why is that?

Iris: Have you forgotten? I'm moving into my new penthouse. We'll be neighbors.

Michael: Great, just great.

Evan: Oh, Amanda, I was just looking for you.

Amanda: Me, why?

Evan: Yeah, I just wanted to talk some more about what happened.

Amanda: Did you hear something? Sam, what are you doing?

Sam: Well, Amanda, the party's a flop.

Amanda: Aw.

Sam: Yeah, the beer went flat, the TV broke, there's too many beer nuts, and there's no women.

Amanda: What about the one in the cake?

Sam: Hey, I couldn't find anybody who would quite compare. Hmm? Come here. All right, folks, it's party time. Let's go. Let's go.

["Do You Love Me" plays]

Michael: Hey!

Mac: Where's mine?

Vince: Looking for a wealthy guy! Hey! I have a little spot picked out over there. Would you like to-- oh, you want pizza? You'll love it.


Jake: Cheer up, will you? You threw a great party. Vicky loved it.

Marley: You care about her a lot, don't you?

Jake: I always will.

Marley: Jake, did it ever occur to you that if you had never met me that it would be your baby that Vickyís carrying?

[Cheers and applause]

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