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Another World Transcript Monday 1/3/05

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Jason: What's up?

Evan: Now, are you sure that no one followed you in this building?

Jason: Nobody followed me.

Evan: Are you sure? I mean, you checked?

Jason: Nobody knows I'm here. Nobody knows I'm even connected to you.

Evan: Well, good. You're going to keep it that way.

Jason: What's up?

Evan: I'm just a little security conscious, that's all.

Jason: What, Iris been nosing around?

Evan: No, she's in the dark just like everybody else.

Jason: Then, why did you have to see me? What's going on?

Evan: I got a job for you.

Jason: Doing what?

Evan: Well, see today's the day I trap Amanda Cory, and you're going to help me.

["Don't worry, be happy" plays]

Sam: Amanda? Amanda, where are my shirts?

Amanda: I haven't seen them.

Sam: Well, did you pick them up from the laundry?

Amanda: I don't do that now.

Sam: What?

Amanda: We split the household chores, remember?

Sam: Yeah, I know that, but that's not one of my jobs.

Amanda: Yes, it is. I do groceries, you do dry-cleaning and laundry.

Sam: No, that's not on my list.

Amanda: Yes, Sam.

Sam: No, now, look. Here it is -- it says that I pick up the laundry.

Amanda: Right.

Sam: Great. So what am I supposed to do for shirts?

Amanda: Maybe you can get Caroline to pick up your dry-cleaning for you.

Sam: Oh, that's really cute. Amanda, I think this arrangement we've got going here is a little complicated.

Amanda: Ok, ok, ok, look. I'll do the defrosting, you do the dishes.

Singer: In every life we have some trouble

Sam: Defrosting you do once a month. You -- wait a second. Yeah, well --

[Alli cries]

Sam: Ok, Alli.

Amanda: Oh, no. And mommy's late.

Sam: What's the Matter, Alli? You upset because daddy doesn't have a shirt on?

Amanda: Hey, daddy looks good without a shirt on.

Sam: What do you think, Alli? Should daddy go to work without a shirt on?

Amanda: Caroline would love that. She'd say it's great for publicity -- "artist shows at gallery half-naked, film at 11:00."

Sam: She just lost her bottle.

Amanda: Oh, good.

Sam: Look, there's one thing that's not on that list, Amanda.

Amanda: What's that?

Sam: When we're going to see each other.

Amanda: Tonight.

Sam: Tonight.

Amanda: Tonight.

Sam: Don't you believe in being spontaneous?

Amanda: I will be tonight.

Sam: Amanda, come on --

Sam: Bye bye

Singer: Took your bed don't worry be happy

Sam: Yeah, I'll see you tonight.

[Jamie hums]

Jamie: Excuse me -- is this the right apartment?

Matt: Come on, don't make fun.

Jamie: My brother, cleaning? No! I don't believe this.

Matt: I just thought we'd fix the place up a little bit, make it look presentable.

Jamie: Oh, I'll buy that. Why?

Matt: What?

Jamie: Why?

Matt: "Why"? Well -- there's -- there's a guest going to be coming over later.

Jamie: Oh. A guest?

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: And just who is this lucky person who will see our apartment as it's never been seen before?

Matt: You know, I was wondering if you could be gone.

Jamie: Oh, don't worry, Matthew. I'll be at the hospital all day. The place is yours.

Matt: Oh, great.

Jamie: But you still haven't told me the name of this mystery guest.

Matt: Just somebody I'm going to study with, Mom.

Jamie: Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Josie?

Matt: Come on, what's with the 20 questions?

Jamie: Well, I just thought -- never mind what I thought.

Matt: Whose is this?

Jamie: Oh, that's mine. That's my tuxedo shirt for the -- for the wedding.

Matt: Is something wrong?

Felicia: Oh. I think it's just a little flu.

Lisa: Don't talk.

Felicia: It's been in for five minutes. It only takes three.

Lisa: Not if you keep talking.

Felicia: All I need is a little rest and quiet.

Lisa: I could go for the quiet part.

Felicia: Good! Would you do me a little favor, honey, please?

Lisa: I give up, I give up.

Felicia: Oh --

Lisa: Let me see that.

Felicia: Well?

Lisa: You have no fever.

Felicia: You're kidding.

Lisa: Well, if you say so.

Felicia: Well, I guess what I should do is just lie on this couch all day. I've got my paper and pens and tape recorder. I'll just -- I'll just do my work from here.

Lisa: Ok.

Felicia: Oh, honey, do me a favor -- call Amanda. I feel so sick. I really don't think I'm up to doing that interview today.

Lisa: Felicia, you're not really sick. You're afraid of what Amanda’s going to find out about you.

Jake: So Pilara and Reuben know you're making lunch for them?

Mary: Yep. I told her. She cried.

Jake: She's not used to saying goodbyes, huh?

Mary: It's not goodbye. She's only going to be in Chicago for a few weeks.

Jake: But then she's coming back here?

Mary: Well, I suppose actually it depends on how she feels after she's gone through this battered women's counseling and on how well her father does in therapy.

Jake: Wait a minute -- her father's here in Bay City?

Mary: Uh-huh.

Jake: So, tell me, what is Reuben going to do?

Mary: I actually don't know, but he's been just wonderful. He just keeps saying, "Please make sure Pilara is ok."

Jake: She's very lucky, you know?

Mary: Yeah, she is. She's also very strong.

Jake: I mean, Mary, she's very lucky that you got through to her.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hi.

Josie: Hi.

Sam: Josie, come on in.

Josie: Thanks. Boy! Don't you look summery?

Sam: Yeah, well -- so I hate winter. I decided to pretend it was July.

Josie: Ok. Is Alli asleep?

Sam: Yeah, like an angel on a cloud. Josie, listen, I should be back by early this afternoon, ok?

Josie: You and Amanda are so lucky.

Sam: Yeah. Alli's a great kid.

Josie: No. I mean, all that you have -- each other, family, all the love you could ever need.

Sam: Oh, so you're in favor of love, huh?

Josie: You know what I mean.

Sam: How's Matthew?

Josie: Sam.

Sam: What?

Josie: Come on.

Sam: What?

Josie: Don't tease me.

Sam: Why not? Hey, is everything ok between you and Matthew?

Josie: We're fine. Fine.

Sam: Ooh, that sounded really positive.

Josie: Sometimes things -- oh.

Sam: What?

Josie: It's just that sometimes nothing seems to go right, you know?

Sam: Such as?

Josie: Well, I don't know why, but everything will be going great and then -- oh, maybe it's my fault.

Sam: How could it be your fault? Matthew's involved, too.

Josie: Because, I don't know what I'm doing. Sam, I -- I never had a dad. I didn't grow up watching my parents talk and touch. It's just hard sometimes to know what I'm supposed to do.

Sam: Josie, Matthew’s crazy about you. Trust me on that.

Josie: I feel like I'm losing him, Sam. I'm so afraid that I've ruined everything.

Jamie: Why should anything be wrong?

Matt: Nothing. You just looked so serious.

Jamie: Marriage is a big step. A lot could go wrong. I should know.

Matt: Come on. So you've been divorced -- so what?

Jamie: Twice, Matthew. Twice I've been divorced, and if I blow this marriage, I --

Matt: You're not planning to blow it, are you?

Jamie: No.

Matt: Good.

Jamie: Oh, my goodness.

Matt: What? What's -- what's the matter?

Jamie: I can't believe what a jerk -- what a jerk!

Matt: Who?

Jamie: Me! Me. I -- talk about not planning. I -- did I -- did I ask you to be my best man?

Matt: No. No, you didn’t. You want me to be your best man?

Jamie: Yes, I do.

Matt: That's fantastic! That's great! All right, thank you!

Jamie: I gather that's a yes?

Matt: Yeah! Yeah, yeah. But would -- oh, never mind.

Jamie: What?

Matt: No, no, nothing. Never mind.

Jamie: Well, go on. Say it, Matty. If there's a problem, I have to know about it.

Matt: No, no, there's no problem with me being your best man. I was just thinking that --

Jamie: What?

Matt: I was thinking about Lisa.

Jamie: Oh.

Matt: Doesn't it bother you that you're marrying Vicky instead of her?

Evan: Watch out, excuse me.

Jason: All right. I short-circuit their conversation which causes Amanda to come over here.

Evan: Mm-hmm.

Jason: What next?

Evan: Well, then you call me every 10 minutes and let the phone ring three times. I will not answer if she's not here.

Jason: And if she is here?

Evan: I answer.

Jason: What do we talk about? What do I say?

Evan: Read me stock market prices, tell me old jokes -- I don't care. Just call.

Jason: You love to keep stringing me along, don't you?

Evan: Would you just do the job and I'll tell you about it later, please?

Jason: What are you going to do? You going to get drunk?

Evan: Of course not.

Jason: You play your game alone, ok? I will do, I will help, and you let me know later, all right?

Evan: Thank you.

Jason: One question -- you think it's going to work?

Evan: Oh, well, when I came to New York, you know, I didn't have any money, not a dime. Do you know I slept on the subways?

Jason: You're kidding me.

Evan: Yeah, I had one suit to my name and I went hungry day and night.

Jason: How'd you get by?

Evan: I didn't get by. I went right up the ladder, and women helped me every step of the way.

Jason: Feminine persuasion --

Evan: See, there's one thing that I do know how to do and that's handle women.

Jason: What's your secret, Romeo?

Evan: Well, women like to be needed, so I give them what they need. Besides, it's easy because I love women. I mean, I really love them.

Jason: And once they get your hot, little, hungry body out of the hotel subway --

Evan: Right, and into big penthouse suites.

Jason: Iris -- that's what you're doing for her because -- what you did for her, what she did for you. Right?

Evan: You can knock it off about Iris. Now, she put me back on the right road and she brought me back from the edge, and I love her for that.

Jason: Gratitude is a virtue. I read that.

Evan: Well, just give it 30 minutes and be at Felicia’s.

Jason: All right!

Jason: You have a lot of expensive things. You got a great pad. Nobody would ever know that you had a day hungry in your life.

Evan: Well, you make sure it stays that way. Is that clear?

Jason: Yeah. Crystal clear.

Matt: Thank you.

Jamie: You're welcome.

Matt: You still haven't answered my question.

Jamie: Sometimes life doesn't work out the way you planned. Sometimes there are two roads, Matthew, and you can only take one.

Matt: What about Lisa?

Jamie: Listen, I fully believe that Vicky and I can have a good life together. You know I've always been attracted to her.

Matt: Yeah, but it isn't the same with Vicky, is it?

Jamie: No, it's not the same, no. Vicky is full of passion and she's fun and she loves me -- I know that.

Matt: Plus she's carrying your baby.

Jamie: Yes.

Matt: So, what are you saying -- you don't love Lisa?

Jamie: No. There will always be a part of me that loves Lisa.

Matt: You can love two women at the same time?

Jamie: I know everybody thinks that I live this very safe, sane, orderly life, Matthew. And in fact, until it happened to me, I -- I guess I would've denied it, too. But, yes. I love two women.

Matt: Did you love Vicky when you slept with her?

Jamie: I don't know.

Matt: I'm just hoping you're not doing the wrong thing, Jamie.

Jamie: This isn't a shotgun wedding, Matthew.

Matt: "This isn't a shotgun wedding" -- I mean, you've already made one mistake. Forget it. I -- I have to go to the library.

Jamie: Wait a minute. Matthew? Matthew? Let's talk about this.

[Door closes]

Jamie: Great.

Lisa: I think Amanda wants more than an interview. I mean, she's writing an expose.

Felicia: I know that. I agreed to it.

Lisa: Why? Felicia, you've told me things about your life you said you didn't want people to know.

Felicia: I know. It's going to be all right.

Lisa: Amanda just wants to make a name for herself. She just wants to make Mac proud.

Felicia: Well, I certainly have the story for her, don't I?

Lisa: But you're not going to give it to her?

Felicia: No, of course I'm not. Now, would you please calm down?

Lisa: I'm sorry, I just don't trust her.

Felicia: Is that because she's best friends with Vicky Hudson?

Lisa: Maybe.

Felicia: What do you plan to do next week?

Lisa: Oh. During the wedding festivities. I don't know -- celebrate, maybe?

Felicia: Celebrate?

Lisa: Yeah -- that it's finally over. No more wondering, no more jumping up for the telephone. Of course, there is this little voice inside me that keeps whispering, "he won't really marry her."

[Doorbell rings]

Lisa: I'll get it. I know how sick you are.

Lisa: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi, Lisa. Can I come in?

Felicia: Yes. Of course you may.

[Felicia coughs]

Lisa: Felicia's not feeling well.

Amanda: Oh. Is it a cold?

Felicia: Oh, I don't know. It's something like that. Maybe we could do the interview another day, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, well, I think you're going to change your mind once you find -- find out what I know.

Felicia: Like what?

Amanda: In Chicago, Gold Street? I think when I tell you what I heard, you're going to want to tell me your side of the story.

Mary: All I'm saying is they're young and they deserve a chance.

Vince: Have I said anything?

Jake: I -- I think that's the problem, Vince. You just keep staring, you know?

Vince: Oh, sorry. It's hard, all right?

Mary: Yes, I know.

Vince: They're responsible for the fire!

Mary: Accidentally responsible.

Vince: That restaurant was all I had.

Mary: Oh, really?

Vince: All right, all right, besides my family.

Mary: And we're still here. We go on.

Vince: Sure we can. Maybe I misjudged them.

Mary: Well -- thank you.

Jake: I got to go, Mary.

Mary: Where?

Jake: I think there's somebody I misjudged, too, you know? I got to go.

Vince: Hey, Jake?

Jake: I got to go, Vince.

Vince: Listen --

[Knock on door]

Vince: I want -- if you have to --

Mary: Oh, Vince? Vince, look -- who's here.

Reuben: I don't think this was such a great idea.

Mary: Of course it is. It's a terrific idea. Come in, come in. Come on. Come on, take your coats off.

Pilara: Thanks.

Mary: Vince, you want to help me with these coats?

Vince: Sure. Hmm. Here we go.

Mary: Thank you --

Vince: Mm-hmm.

Mary: Sweetheart.

Reuben: Uh -- this is for you.

Pilara: Oh, and Mr. McKinnon.

Mary: Oh, how very nice. Oh, Vince. Look at this.

Vince: Yeah.

Mary: Well, we'll -- we'll save this for a very special dinner.

Pilara: Oh, yeah! We didn't -- we didn't mean it was for lunch or anything.

Reuben: I can take it back if you don't like it.

Pilara: Oh, yeah --

Mary: No, I love it! I love it. It's just we don't usually drink at lunch. Well, why don't you guys sit down?

Pilara: Thanks. It smells so delicious.

Mary: Thank you.

Sam: Don't worry about it, Josie.

Josie: But I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

Sam: Look, Josie, will you just listen to me for a second? You are a very pretty girl, to say the least.

Josie: Sam --

Sam: Listen, your feelings as anybody else’s. Don't worry about the fact that you're inexperienced. Just trust your instincts.

Josie: You sure?

Sam: Yeah. Hey, everybody was inexperienced once, right? Yeah.

Josie: Right.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Ok.

Matt: Sam, how you doing?

Sam: Shh -- the baby.

Matt: Oh.

Josie: Matthew, hi.

Matt: Josie. I didn't know you were going to be here.

Josie: I'm babysitting Alli.

Matt: Well, maybe I'll stick around and help out.

Sam: Well, on that note, I think I'm leaving.

Matt: Wait a minute. I have to talk to you about the bachelor party.

Sam: What about it?

Matt: Well, is it ok if we have it here?

Sam: Yeah. Amanda said it was fine. Mac is taking care of the food, so --

Matt: Great. I'm going to have to see about some entertainment.

Sam: Yeah?

Matt: Yeah.

Sam: What kind of entertainment?

Matt: I don't know. What did you have in mind?

Sam: Ooh. I don't know -- something subtle, refined. A big cake gets rolled in, a drumroll --

[Sam imitates drumroll]

Matt: I got it! Is Kenny at home?

Josie: I don't think so. Why?

Matt: We have got to get in touch with him. I went to the "beat the winter blues" party or something at the student union?

Josie: Oh?

Matt: Kenny arranged the whole thing. It was a bathing suit contest.

Sam: I'd like to meet this guy Kenny.

Matt: Well, you should've seen the girls --

Sam: Yeah, I wish I had.

Matt: Especially this one. I mean, she would jump out of any cake, any time --

Josie: That's not true! She would not!

Lisa: Now, you took two aspirin?

Felicia: Yes, doctor.

Lisa: And you're going to be all right?

Felicia: Yes. I'll be fine.

Lisa: Don't be too long.

Amanda: I'm leaving it completely up to Felicia.

Lisa: Right. Well, I --

Felicia: Oh, maybe you --

Lisa: Ooh. Of course.

Felicia: Yeah.

Lisa: I'll call you later.

Felicia: Ok.

Amanda: Bye, Lisa.

Lisa: Bye.

Amanda: Oh --

Felicia: So, good old Chicago, huh?

Amanda: I visited your old neighborhood.

Felicia: Gold Street? I bet it's changed.

Amanda: A little maybe.

Felicia: Hmm. "Gold Street," that's -- that's very ironic, isn't it?

Amanda: Your father's church is still there.

Felicia: Stepfather.

Amanda: Stepfather, right. Sorry. I even talked to some of the parishioners.

Felicia: Did you?

Amanda: Noah Grady was very well-thought-of.

Felicia: Yes, he was.

Amanda: He worked very hard for the church. He must've led an awful strict life, though.

Felicia: That was his decision.

Amanda: Hmm. And the people that I talked to -- um -- told me that he set very high standards for everyone.

Felicia: Yes, he did. His family had to be above reproach.

Amanda: Felicia, I know about the scandal.

Felicia: Amanda, I -- I hope you understand about the facts about all of this.

Amanda: I think I do.

Felicia: It was a very difficult time for me.

Amanda: I know it must have been. But here, let me -- let me double-check a few things. Now, the money, the $1,000 was never really missing.

Felicia: What?

Amanda: The money was never really missing. It was just an accounting error, right?

Felicia: Right. It was -- it was the missionary fund.

Amanda: All right. $1,000, though, right?

Felicia: Right.

Amanda: Ok. And your stepfather didn't want anyone to think that it had come from the church funds, so he --

Felicia: Right.

Amanda: Made it up through his personal budget?

Felicia: Well, we all made it up. I mean, you might say that we -- we had to change our diet a little.

Amanda: You went without food?

Felicia: Well, no, we didn't starve or anything like that, but, well, that's the reason I don't eat a lot of potatoes now.

Amanda: You know, $1,000 was a tremendous amount of money back then.

Felicia: Yes, it was, enough to go to college for a semester. Anyway, please, I don't want to sound like a martyr or anything like that.

Amanda: That must have been hard.

Felicia: Well, we got through it.

Amanda: No, I mean, being the daughter -- stepdaughter -- of a pastor. You said that he had very strict rules for you.

Felicia: Yes, he did. And as long as I did what he said and made him happy, everything was wonderful.

Amanda: And when you didn't?

Felicia: Well, I think that parents always discipline their children. Nothing special for me.

Amanda: All right. Um -- one more question, though.

Felicia: Sure.

Amanda: Noah Grady seemed to be so well-thought-of in the community; I couldn't understand why he would leave town so abruptly.

Felicia: He --

Amanda: It was the one question I couldn't really seem to get anyone to answer. He just seemed to disappear. Why?

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: You think that you could get that for me?

Amanda: Sure.

Felicia: Thank you.

Jason: Amanda. You're here again, huh?

Amanda: Felicia isn't feeling very well.

Jason: Oh, sorry to hear that. I'm here to measure the walls for the molding you wanted.

Felicia: Jason, come on in. It's all right.

Jason: Thanks.

Amanda: Uh -- Felicia and I were really just in the middle of working right now.

Jason: Well, hey, you go ahead. I'll just measure and I'll be real quiet and I'll keep my ears shut, ok?

Amanda: Look, maybe I better call and make an appointment to finish the interview some other time.

Felicia: Yes, that would be fine.

Amanda: I hope you feel better.

Felicia: Thank you. I'll talk to you soon.

Amanda: Right.

Jason: Bye, Amanda.

Amanda: Bye, Felicia.

Jason: I seem to intimidate her a lot, don't I?

Felicia: Yeah, you seem to.

Jason: Well, you looked pretty happy when you saw me walk in.

Felicia: Oh, Jason. Look, if you came here to measure the walls, then just measure them, all right?

Jason: Yeah. Sorry if I scared her away or anything.

Evan: This goes there. This goes there.

Evan: Ok.

Evan: Ok, right here. Hmm -- that is -- ooh. Ah.

Ah. Ok. And there. She walks in, she's going to see it -- right there, that's perfect. These go everywhere. Ok. All right. I'm ready for you, Amanda.

Matt: Josie, did you know the girl at the party, the one who won the bathing suit contest?

Josie: No! I just don't think you should be so quick to judge.

Sam: Whoa, guys. Listen, I'm going to leave now. Um -- I'll call you, Josie, if I'm going to be late.

Josie: Ok, Sam.

Sam: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, so long, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, see you.

[Door opens and closes]

Matt: What was that all about?

Josie: What?

Matt: I implied that this girl was supposed to be some sort of loose wire and you practically took my head off.

Josie: Why do all guys assume that a girl is either wild or she's a virgin?

Matt: Do I do that?

Josie: Well, you act like you do.

Matt: I do?

Josie: Yes. Which do you want?

Matt: Want? What --

Josie: I'm confused, Matt.

Matt: You mean about me.

Josie: And about me. I feel like -- I feel like when I say no, you want me to say yes, and when I say yes, you want me to say no. Whatever I say, I feel like it's the wrong answer.

Matt: Yeah, well, the old sex drive can be a little confusing.

Josie: It sure is on everyone's mind all the time.

Matt: True.

Josie: And when I look at Alli -- when you hold me or when I see the way that Jamie looks at Vicky, I know sex is good.

Matt: Sure.

Josie: But then you start talking about a girl like she's a loose wire just because you saw her in a bathing suit!

Matt: I was just trying to arrange some sort of entertainment for the party.

Josie: But you always joke about girls like that, you and your friends. Just because a girl is proud of her body, you think she's a -- you -- you act like it's dirty or something.

Matt: I do not. Josie -- sex isn't wrong or right. There are just right and wrong times. That's all.

Josie: I'm so mixed up.

Matt: You're not the only one.

Josie: I just want you to care about me.

Matt: I do.

Jamie: Jake, hi.

Jake: Hi. You -- you got a minute?

Jamie: Sure, come on in.

Jake: Thanks.

Jamie: I'm just making some lists up so I don't forget anything about the wedding.

Jake: Right, your big day.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jake: Yeah. Vicky's very happy, you know?

Jamie: Yeah, I know. I just talked to her. Hey, grab a seat.

Jake: Thanks. It's good you talked to her. She's -- she's a funny kid, you know?

Jamie: Funny? Yeah.

Jake: Yeah. I mean, she's got all this money and everything now, but I don't know. Sometimes she acts like she's still back in Lassiter.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jake: She didn't like it there very much. You know, Jamie, when Vicky and I were in Lassiter, we were close. Real close.

Jamie: Yeah, I know.

Jake: Yeah. I mean, she was always like some kid in a candy store with her nose pressed against the window. She wanted always something that she couldn't have.

Jamie: Yeah, I understand.

Jake: Yeah. Like I said, we were close. Then last summer, you know, when you guys broke it off, the -- at the end of June like that -- um -- we got close again.

Jamie: What is this about, Jake?

Jake: Hell, Jamie, man, I got to get this off of my chest before you guys walk down the aisle, you know? 

Jamie: Go ahead, Jake.

Jake: This isn't easy, Jamie.

Jamie: Take your time.

Jake: Ok, like I said, Vicky and I are real close, you know? And then when you dumped her -- I'm sorry -- when you broke it off or whatever it is that you did, I said a lot of things about you that I shouldn't have said. I'm sorry, ok?

Jamie: It's no problem, Jake.

Jake: It's just you always seemed like such a --

Jamie: Boring guy?

Jake: Such a straight-arrow type.

Jamie: Yeah, I know that, Jake.

Jake: I mean, I just didn't think you'd be good for her. I thought you'd drag her down, you know?

Jamie: Well, I'll try to keep pace with her, Jake, ok?

Jake: I didn't want you blaming her for --

Jamie: All the decisions were mine, Jake.

Jake: Well, I just wanted to say that I think you're good for her, Jamie. There's just one thing.

Jamie: What?

Jake: When Vicky falls for someone, man, she falls real hard. That's just the way she is.

Jamie: I know that.

Jake: Nothing would make me happier than to see Vicky happy with you.

Jamie: But?

Jake: The situation didn't exactly come about under ideal circumstances.

Jamie: I know that, Jake. So why don't you just come out and say what you're trying to get at?

Jake: Man, if you're going to resent her for the way this all came down, you should just call the wedding off.

Pilara: This was really delicious.

Mary: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Vince: How about fourths?

Reuben: Hmm. Uh -- no. I thought it was good.

Mary: That's the thing about tuna casserole -- you never seem to run out.

Vince: Well, help yourself.

Reuben: No, I better not. I'm -- I'm stuffed.

Vince: I got an idea. Reuben, why don't you and I go in the living room and check out this V.C.R. I got for Christmas?

Reuben: I can wire it for you. I know how to wire and rewire anything.

Vince: Hmm. Ok. Well, let's -- let's go do it. Come on.

Reuben: Ok.

Mary: See you later.

Vince: Yeah, right.

Mary: I'm so glad you're going through with this.

Pilara: Hmm. Kind of scary, going to Chicago and everything.

Mary: Oh, but, honey, I think you really need this counseling and you really need a chance to live somewhere other than your father's house. I think it's a perfect answer. You should take it.

Pilara: Oh, yeah. Hmm. You taught me that.

Mary: What?

Pilara: That when somebody reaches out to give you a hand, you don't have to run. You can take it. You gave me a lot, Mrs. McKinnon.

Mary: Thank you. I got a lot back.

Pilara: You know, I -- I am so sorry about your restaurant.

Mary: We all are, but we will survive.

Pilara: You think you'll build another one?

Mary: I don't know. Vince hasn't said anything.

Pilara: I just wish there was something that I -- that I could do.

Mary: Honey, it was an accident. But, you know, it taught me something important.

Pilara: Yeah?

Mary: Yeah -- good things really can come out of unhappy circumstances.

Evan: Oh, I completely forgot you were coming over, Amanda.

Amanda: Are you all right?

Evan: I'm sorry. I -- I guess I should take your coat.

Amanda: No. Don't worry about that. What's wrong?

Evan: Um -- I just -- I got some bad news, that's all.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Usually, I'm really in control, but this has just really knocked me for a loop.

Amanda: Why? What happened?

Amanda: Look, why don't you let me make you a pot of coffee?

Evan: I don't want any coffee. Just -- I just want you to stay with me, Amanda. Please?

Amanda: Yeah, sure. Look, sit down. Sit down. Come on, tell me what's wrong.

Evan: Sometimes I feel like you're the only one I can ever talk to.

Amanda: All right, look, start at the beginning, ok?

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Just tell me, what -- what's -- what is all this?

Evan: Hello?

Evan: No. No -- don't tell me it isn't true. No. No, no, no, no.

Jason: Yeah, yeah.

Felicia: That was quick.

Jason: A difficult customer.

Felicia: Yeah, I guess so.

Jason: How's the cold?

Felicia: I'll live.

Jason: Hey, you ought to do something -- I mean, you should be comfortable at least when you're sick. Maybe -- maybe I can do something for you. Ice pack?

Felicia: No. No, thank you.

Jason: Aspirin?

Felicia: No, thanks. Really.

Jason: Hot toddy?

Felicia: No.

Jason: Then I got the perfect thing, what always works --

Felicia: Jason.

Jason: A nice back rub, a nice neck --

Felicia: For heaven's sakes. If you've come here to measure the walls, just measure the walls and leave me alone, please?

Jason: I was trying to be helpful, friendly.

Felicia: Ok, ok. Look, you want to be helpful? You can. You can open the door just a crack. I need a little fresh air. It's a little stuffy in here.

Jason: Why don't I open the window?

Felicia: I don't want to freeze. I just want a little air, all right? Please, the door.

Jason: Sure. Got it.

Felicia: Jason!

Felicia: Thank you.

Vince: Mary, let's -- let's warm up the car.

Mary: Yeah. You're going to have to leave soon so you don't miss your bus.

Reuben: You know, while you're away, I'm going to be working out stuff here, you know, like to get a job and money.

Pilara: Just take care of yourself.

Reuben: Well, you, too.

Pilara: Reuben, what you did for me meant a lot to me.

Reuben: I'd do it again, Pilara.

Pilara: I know you would.

Reuben: You know, this Chicago thing -- it's going to be rough.

Pilara: Don't worry. I'll make it.

Reuben: Yeah, sure you will. Big, tough lady, right?

Mary: Ahem, ahem. Sorry -- Vince thinks you ought to leave in case there's traffic.

Pilara: Oh, yeah. Bye.

Reuben: Bye.

Mary: Goodbye, sweetie. You call me and tell me how everything is going, ok?

Pilara: I will.

Mary: All right.

Pilara: Bye.

Mary: Bye. Going to be fine!

Reuben: I mean, she acts tough, but she's still scared.

Mary: I know.

Reuben: Um -- I'm really glad that you decided to help her.

Mary: So am I. And I'm really, really glad that I was wrong about you.

Reuben: Huh. I was wrong about you, too.

Mary: Right. So, what are your plans?

Reuben: I don't know. I mean, I got to work down at that law firm for community service. I got a lot of stuff to work on. We're going to make it, though -- I hope.

Jamie: There's no reason to call the wedding off, Jake.

Jake: You're positive, man?

Jamie: Absolutely positive. What Lisa and I had is over.

Jake: Well, I just don't want to see Vicky get hurt.

Jamie: Neither do I. She comes first to me now. You can count on that.

Jake: Good.

[Knock on door]

Jamie: Excuse me.

Jake: Oh, man.

Jamie: Lisa.

Lisa: Hi. Um -- is Matt here?

Jamie: No, he's not, but come on in.

Lisa: I guess I must be early. Oh -- hi, Jake.

Jamie: Early about what?

Lisa: Matt and I are going to study here.

Jamie: Oh, I -- I had no idea.

Jake: I don't believe this. You two guys have been at this all along!

Evan: She's gone.

Amanda: She's dead?

Evan: Yeah. I just got word. I can't believe it.

Amanda: Is this your mother?

Evan: No, no. She's the woman who raised me. She -- she worked for my family. Oh, I just --

Amanda: You must've really been close.

Evan: God. She was the only one who ever really loved me. Listen, Amanda, I'm sorry. I can't work. Why don't you just go?

Amanda: No, I'm not going to leave you like this.

Evan: I was supporting her all these years and now she's gone.

Amanda: Look, it's going to be ok. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her.

Evan: My parents were hardly ever at home. It was just me and Meg.

Amanda: Look -- um -- maybe the best thing for you to do right now is just to try and get some sleep, ok?

Evan: I don't want any sleep.

Amanda: Evan, you've had an awful lot to drink.

Evan: I want you to stay with me, Amanda. Please?

Amanda: Ok, I'm here.

Evan: I want you to stay with me. I need you, Amanda. I need you.

Jason: All right, I'll get back to you as soon as I get the price worked up.

Felicia: Fine.

Jason: Would you like me to -- to leave your door open?

Felicia: Yes.

Jason: Bye.

Felicia: Bye.

Felicia: I'm going to just close my eyes for a minute. Oh, yes.

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