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Kendall: Well, it seems as if the boys are quietly coloring in their room.

Zach: I guess they're out of shape. They haven't had me to wrestle with for a while.

Kendall: Yeah, neither have I. You know what I'm saying?

Zach: Know what I'm saying? [Kissing]

Jack: Hey -- hey! I am so glad you're home. I missed you.

Erica: Oh, I missed you, too. I missed you, too. I have so much to talk to you about. I have so much to tell you, such really great news. It's amazing.

Jack: You're not gonna tell me that you found Mike Roy alive?

Erica: Oh, no. That was a terrible mistake. I mean, I got into the same trap that David laid for so many people in this town -- a loved one back from the dead.

Jack: So you're done looking for him, then, huh?

Erica: Absolutely. And why dwell on the past when the future is just so exciting?

Jack: I couldn't agree with you more.

Erica: Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Erica: I'm gonna be a star.

Jack: What do you mean, going to be? You already a star. You're my star.

Erica: A movie star. Jack, my book has been optioned by a major movie producer, and he insists that I play the part. And I'm gonna have director approval and script approval and final casting approval! I mean, it's a complete dream.

Jack: And nobody dreams bigger than you or deserves to have those dreams come true. I'm thrilled for you. I am. Did I mention how glad I am to have you home, huh?

Erica: I'm so glad to be home!

Jack: Hey, listen, we have our own plans to make, don't you think?

Erica: But, Jack, I can't make any plans right now, not with the movie deal.

David: You're carrying my child? Are you sure?

Cara: I'm positive.

J.R.: That's a lie. Babe's not alive. Why would you believe anything that Hayward tells you?

Dixie: Hayward did not tell me, ok? When I was recovering, I saw another patient, a woman in the room. She had blonde hair.

J.R.: Ok, a lot of women have blonde hair. And weren't you completely out of it?

Dixie: I was medicated, but I was conscious. I know what I saw. She had a bracelet. She had a bracelet on with the letter "B" on it.

J.R.: Babe didn't have a bracelet on when she died.

Dixie: Maybe David gave it to her. He certainly had somebody cut my hair.

J.R.: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Dixie: Because, J.R., I don't know. I don't know for certain. But I can't let you run off and kidnap A.J. without knowing that it's a possibility.

J.R.: Babe?

Angie: It's right there. It's dim, a glow rather than a light, but I see it. My God, Frankie, I see it.

Frankie: Oh, Mom, this is great. That is amazing. What's wrong?

Angie: It's fading. I -- I can't see -- it's gone. It's gone.

Frankie: But you saw it. That's a good sign. It wasn't supposed to happen overnight. Give it time. Your sight will come back.

Angie: Not a word of this to your father.

Frankie: What? This is great. It's the first step.

Angie: Not a word, Frankie.

Frankie: Why?

Angie: A glow -- that's all it was. And what if that's it? What if it's gone for good? I don't want to get your father's hopes up. So until I see -- if I see -- he is not to know.

Frankie: All right.

Jesse: Hey, my two favorite people.

Frankie: Yeah, and this favorite person has someplace to be.

Jesse: I just got here, man.

Frankie: Yeah, I got a shift at the hospital.

Angie: Kiss Randi for me.

Frankie: Yeah.

Jesse: That's a good kid, that son of ours.

Angie: The best.

Jesse: So, tell me, were you able to kick David Hayward's evil ass anywhere closer toward the light?

Angie: I'm hoping that I made some progress. David's a very complicated man.

David: I'm gonna be a father again?

Cara: I know it's not exactly expected.

David: You have no idea what this means to me. I -- I only had a few months with Leora. Babe and Marissa -- I didn't even know they existed until they were young adults. Babe was angry at me half the time. Marissa -- I pushed her away. I -- I never had a chance to be the father that my children needed, to be the father that they deserve. Cara, this is a beautiful gift, a second chance for me to be the father that I know I can be.

Cara: I'm just -- I'm not at the place in my life where I can accept you as a full-blown parent to this child. This is my baby, not yours.

Dixie: I did go to David and I asked him if it was Babe. Of course, he refused to tell me.

J.R.: Impossible. Babe died in my arms.

Dixie: Tad saw me die. Ok? Here I am. I'm alive, along with so many others -- Zach and Greenlee and Maria Grey. And there are others.

J.R.: Because Hayward says so? Come on, Mom, this is what he does.

Dixie: No, but I saw it.

J.R.: But it doesn't mean that it's Babe, ok? You know better than anyone how Hayward messes with people's heads, but I'm gonna tell you he's not gonna mess with mine. Babe's dead.

Dixie: If you leave now, you will never know that for sure.

Zach: Can I buy you a beer?

Kendall: No. No, thanks.

Zach: A wine cooler or something? No? Come sit. The game's about to start.

Kendall: Isn't it a little early for hockey?

Zach: It's preseason. Sit down.

Kendall: Ahem.

Zach: What?

Kendall: Your shoes -- on the couch? Really?

Zach: Oh, ok. I'm sorry. This better?

Kendall: Yeah. Thank you.

Zach: What?!

Kendall: Nothing. Nothing.

Zach: Seems like something.

Kendall: It's just -- we just got past this whole David drama. You're alive, Zach. You're actually here. We are together. I mean, it's a miracle. And I was hoping that maybe we could have some special time together. And what do you want to do? You want to pop open a beer and watch a hockey game. I mean, really, what the hell is wrong with this picture here?

Erica: Can you imagine? One minute I'm promoting my book, and the next I'm starring in a movie about my life.

Jack: And very soon you're gonna be starring in the last wedding of your life, right?

Erica: And it's gonna be spectacular, Jack. Yes, just as soon as I have time.

Jack: "As soon as you have time"?

Erica: Jack, this is one of the biggest things that's ever happened to me. As you know, it's something I've dreamed about my whole life.

Jack: I just thought marrying me would be in that category, as well.

Erica: Oh, come on. Of course, it is. You know it is. But right now I'm gonna be a movie star. Oh, and the executive producer, Kit Sterling -- I mean, he's amazing. He's brilliant, and he knows everyone. Everyone knows him. He's juggling eight projects all at the same time. He's the one who won the Oscar --

Jack: That's where I know the name from. Sure. Yeah.

Erica: And he practically begged me to have creative input. In fact, Jack, he said that he thinks maybe I will even get my own star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Jack: That wouldn't surprise me at all. Brooke?

Brooke: Hi. I don't mean to interrupt. Erica. Hi, Jack.

Jack: What a nice surprise. Good to see you. How are you?

Brooke: I'm well.

Jack: Good. When did you get back?

Brooke: Just today.

Erica: Oh, long flights can be so drying, can't they?

Jack: You look wonderful.

Erica: Yes. Oh, yes, of course, you do. Of course, you do, especially given --

Brooke: Given what?

Erica: I'm just so sorry you're home alone. I mean, Adam has obviously had his fill.

Brooke: Adam's come back with me.

Erica: Oh. So you're not --

Brooke: We're together.

Erica: Wonderful.

Jack: How is Adam? I imagine with Chandler going under, it's got to be a really tough time for him.

Erica: Oh, I can't wait to see Adam. I have so much to tell him. I have such wonderful news. I have optioned my new memoir. I am going to co-produce and star in the movie!

Brooke: [Chuckles] That's great.

Erica: Yes, it is. It's just so great. And unlike the time when Adam optioned my book "Raising Kane" and forced me to marry him in order to have the part, and then he took it away from me, this time I do not have to marry the producer in order to get the part.

Jack: It's a good thing, too, because you don't even have the time to marry a lawyer who's crazy in love with you.

Erica: Oh, Jack. Jack.

[Phone chirps]

Jack: A little reminder I need to be in court. Excuse me. I'll catch up with you later, and you --

Brooke: It's been lovely.

Jack: Beautiful as ever. Take care.

Brooke: Thank you. Ahem. So things are -- things are going well for you?

Erica: Oh, they certainly are.

Brooke: So no wedding date yet?

Erica: I mean, the book tour is about to start, and then -- well, I have this movie script to write, and, my goodness, I want to marry Jack when I can devote myself to every single detail.

Brooke: Hmm. You were always good at the old duck-and-weave.

Erica: Excuse me?

Brooke: I thought I would've read about the wedding of the century by now.

Erica: We've been a little busy.

Brooke: Jack just wants to marry you, and it seems to me it's gonna be in the 22nd century before it ever happens -- if it happens.

Erica: I don't see a ring on your finger.

Brooke: Maybe I don't need a ring.

Erica: Or maybe Adam has realized that he can get all the cotton candy he wants without having to buy the circus.

Cara: I don't want to hurt you. You understand that?

David: Yes. Yes, I understand. I've been a control-freak father who's done more damage to my children than good, but not anymore. You're an amazing woman, Cara. This baby is gonna be one very lucky child.

Cara: Who comes from a brilliant father -- which means we made one remarkable baby.

Dixie: J.R., what if it's true? Just think about it. David reminded me the other day that he never approved of your marriage to Babe. What if he faked her death in order to get her away from you and got her out of Pine Valley? What if I "died" because I somehow or other got the drug that was meant for Babe?

J.R.: Mom, your theory needs work.

Dixie: Just hear me out. It explains why David was right there at the right time for me. What if he just waited for another chance with Babe, and then the tornado hit?

J.R.: We've been through this, ok? Babe died in my arms in the chapel at the hospital.

Dixie: But did David show up? Was he ever alone with her?

J.R.: No, he kept her body. They took it to -- they took her body to the roof. They wouldn't let anyone see her.

Dixie: Maybe that was the moment. Maybe that's when he started the process.

J.R.: No.

Dixie: What if it's possible? What if Babe is really alive?

Zach: Can you move, please?

Kendall: Oh, ok. Excuse me. I'm so sorry. Would you prefer if maybe I go to the kitchen and make you a little sandwich to go with that beer, be a nice little wifey?

Zach: Would you? And get me another beer, maybe.

Kendall: You are impossible.

Zach: What? Hey, look at me. I'm happy. Hayward's going away. Everything's right with the world. I'm here with my beautiful kids, my beautiful wife, my beautiful Red Wings. Just move to the right or the left just a little bit more.

Kendall: You know what? Fine. Watch your hockey.

Zach: I kind of want to watch it with you.

Kendall: I don't want to watch a hockey game, Zach.

Zach: Just sit down. Come on.

Kendall: Don't tell me what to do.

Zach: I asked you very nicely and it didn't work, so --

Kendall: No, Zach, I have better things to do than to sit here with you and watch -- I don't want to sit here and watch this.

Zach: Than this? [Turns on a tape]

Spike's voice: I'm ready to go to the playground.

Zach: Preseason starts next week.

Spike: Look, Mommy, what I made. It matches my clothes. See? I love you.

Ian: Bye.

Zach: It's good to be home.

Erica: You can be honest with me, Brooke. I'm guessing that Adam just isn't the marrying kind anymore. Obviously he got spoiled being married to me twice.

Brooke: Hmm. Well, being husband number four and husband number seven, I think that can sour any man on marriage.

Erica: Brooke, please. Adam was so desperate to marry me the second time that he blackmailed me into it.

Brooke: That is true love.

Erica: Jack is my true love.

Brooke: Hmm -- along with Jeff Martin, Phil Brent, Dimitri, Tom --

Erica: Well, at least what you can say about my loves is that they weren't somebody else's castoffs. Oh, come on. Please, Brooke. Everybody knows that you always helped yourself to my leftovers.

Angie: I've never seen him so vulnerable.

Jesse: Yeah, that kind of happens to a man when he's facing life in prison.

Angie: No, it's more than that. David gloats and fights back harder, and he never admits to being less than perfect.

Jesse: You know what? You need to step away from the feelings for David Hayward.

Angie: He's such a brilliant doctor. He has such a gift, but he has just suffered so much loss.

Jesse: That does not excuse him for raining down the hell on this town the way he has.

Angie: No, it doesn't. But I understand him better now, why he's the man he is. Such a tortured soul.

Jesse: Yeah, that "tortured soul" is now an accessory to murder.

Angie: David did not participate in the plot against Zach.

Jesse: Hayward knew about the hit on Zach. He said nothing about it.

Angie: I know the evil David's capable of, but he has saved so many lives.

Jesse: I'm really happy for Ryan, Kendall, and Tad. But I'll be much happier when Hayward finally pays for the damage that he has done.

Angie: But there are others. There are two more of David's patients out there. They deserve to be reunited with their families, and they need to have David to be healthy enough to do that. If you put David in prison, it could be their death sentence.

David: Look at you, cancer-free, reunited with your brother, a baby on the way. Hmm.

Cara: Do you know what I see?

David: What do you see?

Cara: I see a man who got me through a cancer scare. I see kindness and generosity.

David: Let's hope that our child has better character judgment than you.

Cara: Ah-ha-ha!

David: You're gonna be a wonderful mother, Cara. A wonderful mother.

Cara: Thanks.

Guard: You have a visitor.

David: I'm not interested.

J.R.: You better get interested.

David: We have nothing to talk about.

Cara: I'm gonna go.

David: No. No need. Let this punk leave.

J.R.: I'm not going anywhere.

Cara: Talk to him.

David: Five minutes. Stay in touch.

Cara: I will.

David: Thank you, for everything. Please take care of yourself. Did you come all this way to say thank you? Your mommy's here to scrape you out of the gutter, because you're too spineless to do it yourself?

J.R.: Is Babe alive?

David: You have a short memory, Junior. She died in that tornado. Don't you remember? And why did that happen? Because you dragged her back to town.

J.R.: My mother died from poison; Greenlee, a motorcycle accident; Zach, an airplane crash -- all alive because of you.

David: You got your answer. Go away.

J.R.: My mother saw another woman, a patient of yours on a gurney.

David: So what?

J.R.: She had blondE hair.

David: Not a very distinctive feature, now, is it?

J.R.: Damn it! Was it Babe? Are you keeping her from me?

David: You turned my daughter's life into a living hell. I would keep her from you forever if I had the chance.

J.R.: I loved her.

David: You gutted her -- more than once.

J.R.: I've made mistakes. Babe and I were -- we were gonna get married again.

David: If my daughter could see you now -- the bankrupt, homeless drunk that you really are.

J.R.: All right, hate me, punish me, but what about A.J.? You love A.J. If Babe is alive, would you really deny your own grandson of a life with his mother?

Jesse: He broke the law.

Angie: Please, Jesse, just try. Someone's wife, daughter, brother might be out there -- and not dead at all, very much alive. Miracles -- there aren't many of those.

Jesse: What can I do?

Angie: It's so quiet without her -- so empty. I feel it to my bones, Jesse. I'm so afraid it's going to crush me.

Jesse: It's just gonna take some time, ok?

Angie: Until I get used to this, the silence? No more Lucy in my arms and no sweet baby smell? No singing her a lullaby to go to sleep and no kissing her in the morning? How do I get used to that? Is there a magic cure, a timeline? One morning I'm gonna wake up, and I will forget that I've lost my daughter -- two daughters? If there is, I'm going to mark that morning on my calendar: The morning when I feel that my life is whole again, when I feel that my heart is whole again.

Jesse: I will do whatever I can to help you get through this. We'll do this together, ok? I'm so sorry.

Angie: I need to find my own way through this.

Erica: And the producer, Kit Sterling, who won the Oscar this past year? Kit has such vision.

Brooke: And a great sense of humor.

Erica: Was that supposed to be a dig?

Brooke: No, not at all -- I dated kit.

Erica: You did not.

Brooke: I did.

Erica: Kit Sterling? Academy Award-winning producer?

Brooke: That's the one.

Erica: It must've been one of the most outstanding evenings of your life.

Brooke: Ha ha ha! Well, actually, months.

Erica: You must've been crushed when he dumped you.

Brooke: I was the one who ended it. My work was just taking me all over the world, and I didn't have the time or the energy to invest in a serious relationship. So I guess times have changed, and now you're taking my leftovers.

Erica: Brooke, we're hardly dating. It's a purely professional relationship.

Brooke: That never stopped you before.

Erica: You know very well that Jack is the only man in the world for me.

Brooke: You've married all the others. Ha ha! Look at us.

Erica: Old habits. You look good.

Brooke: Oh, but what? I'm wearing a bad color? It's the wrong year? My hair's too long? My hair's too short?

Erica: No, you look good.

Brooke: So do you.

Erica: I hesitate to say this because you blow everything I say out of proportion, and if I say even something a little bit kind, it immediately goes to your head.

Brooke: Just say it.

Erica: Pine Valley has not been the same since you left.

Brooke: You missed me.

Erica: I don't like you very much, because you have a very superior attitude, and I hate that about you. And, also, you have a very irritating way of --

Brooke: Of telling the truth?

Erica: Of provoking me for no reason at all. But I do respect you.

Brooke: Did you ever think that maybe you and I are more alike than either one of us wants to admit?

Erica: Oh, God, don't even go there.

Brooke: The one thing is we both have excellent taste in men, I mean, even if it's cost us some blood -- Adam, Jack, Tom.

Erica: How is Adam?

Brooke: He's all right.

Erica: You two have not even been back to visit Pine Valley, not even once. You must be having quite the time.

Brooke: Things have been different for Adam since he left Pine Valley.

Erica: Unlike me, Brooke, you've never been good at the old duck-and-weave. What aren't you telling me about Adam?

Kendall: Those photos, the boys, the boat, that beautiful sunset in Mallorca. Hmm. Did you put that whole thing together yourself?

Zach: Every bit of it.

Kendall: My husband, the romantic.

Zach: You happy?

Kendall: Very. You are really back.

Zach: We're back. [Kissing]

J.R.: You got Babe away from me. Congratulations. You got your wish, David.

David: Not quite. You're still here, aren't you?

J.R.: I've got nothing, so I've got nothing to lose.

David: Ah. Here come the threats -- big surprise.

J.R.: No, not threats, promises. You either give Babe up, or you'll be rotting in hell long before I ever will, and I'll make sure of that.

David: Yeah, yeah. Bye-bye.

[Door closes]

Angie: She loved this.

Jesse: Maybe we should pack it up, huh?

Angie: Yes. Yes.

[Jesse cries as he looks at a portrait of his family as they once were]

Erica: What's going on, Brooke?

Brooke: Erica, it was great to see you, and I wish you luck with the film. I hope it just doesn't cost you Jack.

Erica: No, Jack and I are fine. Brooke? Just in case you're wondering, you're not in my movie.

Brooke: Oh, bummer.

Kendall: Hold that thought.

Zach: What just happened? Hey? What just hap -- I thought we were back.

Kendall: Yeah, um, not yet. Not yet. To replace the one that you lost. [Places a wedding ring on Zach's hand.] Now we're back.

Zach: Come here.

Griffin: You called. I'm here. What do you want? What is that?

David: A doctor never abandons his patients. Obviously, I'm not gonna be able to finish my work. You can. You know what to do, and you're the only one. Lives are counting on you, doctor.

Griffin: My God.

David: Now you understand.

J.R.: [Sees David hand Griff a piece of paper] I need a tail on someone. Dr. Griffin Castillo.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: You're crying.

Jesse: No, I'm just packing up the crib, baby.

Angie: Stop lying, Jesse Hubbard. You were crying. I can see it.

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