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Dixie: Babe? Babe, is that you? Oh! No!

Tad: Dix?

[Knock on door]

Tad: Hey. What is it, another nightmare?

Dixie: No. It's a memory. I was back in that room with David, and there was that woman. And I couldn't see who it was, but David --

Tad: David is in jail, ok, right where he belongs. He cannot hurt you anymore. It's over.

Dixie: No, it's not over. He has two other people that he's stashed away somewhere, and one of them could be Babe.

Tad: That's just what he wants Krystal to believe.

Dixie: But what if it's true?

Tad: But what if it isn't? What if it's just David being David, playing another sick game?

Dixie: I have to find out. I have to see him. Tad, it's not what you think.

Tad: I didn't say anything.

Dixie: No, you didn't have to.

Tad: Dixie, what do you expect? I know there's nothing going -- I know that's not the case, but this is the man who held you prisoner. He conducted science experiments on you and God knows how many other people. I don't want you to see him for any reason. I don't want anyone to see him. All of Pine Valley would be better off.

Brot: You have a visitor.

David: I don't want any visitors. I want a lawyer.

Liza: No self-respecting attorney would take your case -- that's why I'm here.

Maya: Hey.

Colby: Hi. Hi, Maya. What's up?

Maya: Nothing. So I heard what's been happening to your family, losing the house and everything. Uh, I'm sorry about that.

Colby: Thanks.

Maya: So is it really happening?

Colby: Yeah.

Maya: How -- how does Asher feel about that?

Colby: I don't actually really know. He's kicking his whole pill thing, and I don't want to bug him with my problems.

Maya: You miss him, don't you?

Colby: You can't really miss something that you never really had. What about you? How's your life going? Do you know what you're gonna do with your baby?

Maya: Things would be so simple if I could just leave, go somewhere, start a new life. But how do I do that to Angie and Jesse?

Jesse: Why don't you let me help you with that?

Angie: Oh, no, it's fine. I woke hoping the morning sun would be shining in my eyes, and I could see Lucy's face just once before Maya takes her.

Jesse: Hey, listen. Maybe Maya will have a change of heart. She knows she can stay here, make this her home. We can help her.

Angie: It isn't going to happen, Jesse. Lucy's hers, and she needs to be with her mother. We just have to accept that.

Jesse: Whatever happens, you will see Lucy one day.

Angie: You've been the doubter through all of this. What's changed?

Jesse: Watching you, seeing your strength, your dignity. And no matter what happens next, Angela, even if you can't forgive me for what I've done, I will always believe in you. Always.

Angie: Thanks for having such faith in me.

Jesse: Always. I just wish that there was something I could do to make --

Angie: I guess that also means that you have faith in David, too.

Jesse: Just because he can work miracles doesn't excuse him for what he does to people in order to make those miracles work.

Angie: Jesse, don't let them take him away. I mean, I'm not asking you to forgive his crimes. Just let him stay here a little while longer.

Jesse: You afraid you might need more treatment, and he's the only one that can give it to you, right?

Angie: Yes, that's part of it.

Jesse: The other part?

Angie: There are two more patients he has somewhere.

Jesse: He's not gonna give them up, Angela.

Angie: How do you know?

Jesse: He doesn't have to.

Angie: I'd like to talk to him.

Jesse: See if you can appeal to his good side? He doesn't have one of those.

Angie: I believe that you're wrong about that. One of those patients could be his daughter Babe, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't at least try to bring her back to her mother.

Maya: How am I gonna do this? I don't have a job. I don't even have a place to go with the baby.

Colby: My mom actually adopted a baby boy. His name was Stuart, after my Uncle Stuart. He was so cute. We were madly, madly in love with him.

Maya: So what happened?

Colby: We had to give him back. His birth mother wanted him back. It was absolutely miserable. My mother -- I had never seen her that unhappy in my entire life. So if you want to do Angie and Jesse a favor and you want to leave, do it quickly.

Liza: May I talk to Dr. Hayward alone, please?

Brot: I'll be right outside.

Liza: Thank you.

David: All right. Here's my defense, short and sweet. Zach, Ryan, Griff, even Greenlee and Kendall -- they all conspired against me to entrap me.

Liza: Oh, come on. David, you broke the law, and you got caught. You have played God for the umpteenth time, and you still don't realize that you can't do that.

David: I think this is what you meant to say -- I cleaned up God's mess.

Liza: Really?

David: Yes, really. I corrected his mistakes, and now everyone in this town wants to crucify me.

Liza: Some people would call that blasphemy. Why don't we talk about your conspiracy -- with Reverend Ricky Torres and those casino criminals who brought down Zach's plane? Were you cleaning up God's mess then, too?

David: I had no idea that they were gonna go that far. Anyway, there's no way that they can prove I knew anything about that, sabotaging the plane.

Liza: Ok, come on. Enough. No more lies between client and lawyer, all right? No more excuses. Stop trying to play me.

Dixie: You don't have to worry about David anymore. He doesn't have any hold on me. Come on, I'm free. He just has some people stashed away somewhere, and I'm worried. What if one of them is Babe? Think what that would mean to Krystal and to J.R. Look, I'm lucky. But if I can help get those two people home --

Tad: Then you're gonna try?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: I know. I get it. I'm still not gonna let you do it --

Dixie: Oh, Tad, come on.

Tad: Alone. Alone. You're big enough to deal with Hayward, and so am I. So what do you say we do it together?

Liza: I'm not gonna take your case.

David: You're not gonna take my -- what are you talking about? Liza, you've always been there for me in the past. Now, I know we've had our problems, but our friendship is -- it means something to me.

Liza: I'm just not that person anymore.

David: So, what, this is some kind of newfound morality?

Liza: I have been taking a really good look at my life and all the ways that I have screwed it up, and I expect more from myself.

David: Then it was nice knowing you, Liza.

Liza: You know, David, I haven't given up on you, and I am still rooting for you on the sidelines.

David: That's funny. Really? And what are you rooting for?

Liza: That after everything you've been through, you still have a chance to learn something.

Brot: Tad.

Tad: Brot. We'd like to see David Hayward.

Dixie: Just for a few minutes. I think we can get him to tell us who else he's holding.

David: Well, look at this. The gang's all here, huh?

Dixie: Hello, David.

Tad: You representing him?

Liza: No. Just one old friend giving advice to another. Good luck. I mean that.

Brot: All right. You got five minutes.

Dixie: Thank you.

David: So what can I do to enhance your lives? Oh, that's right -- I've already done that.

Tad: In so many ways. This was Dixie's idea.

David: Fascinating.

Dixie: There's no reason to hold back now. Just tell me if you have Babe.

Caleb: I'm gonna show you the best fishing hole in West Virginia. You're gonna have such a good time at my cabin that you won't even think about that stupid Internet.

Asher: I can't promise I'm not gonna search for Wi-Fi still.

Caleb: You can do that, but it might not hurt to bring some college catalogues around.

Asher: Yeah. Could I get a coffee to go?

Caleb: Colby.

Colby: Hi, Mr. Cortlandt. Hi.

Asher: Hey.

Colby: How are things?

Asher: Busy, you know?

Colby: Oh, you and Caleb?

Asher: Yeah. It's a little weird -- a good "weird." We've been getting along most of the time, but it's like he kind of just wants to snap his fingers and make everything seem ok.

Colby: I know the feeling.

Asher: Um, anyway, I'm actually heading off to a meeting.

Colby: Right, yeah. Right. A meeting.

Asher: So I better get to it.

Colby: What are you doing after?

Asher: I don't know. I've got a lot of work to do. So --

Colby: I understand. I have, like, so much stuff to do, too. It's crazy -- so much stuff.

Asher: Yeah. I guess I'll see you around.

Colby: See you around.

Asher: Yeah.

Colby: Bye.

Caleb: Teen romance.

Liza: Yeah, she just still doesn't seem happy. I don't know why I think I can rectify it. I can't seem to make anybody happy these days.

Caleb: That's not completely true.

Liza: We are getting closer. We are. It's just really slow. And my mother -- she just can't seem to stop grieving Stuart, and nothing I do helps. I wish I could make someone smile.

Caleb: Right here. From the way you flatten the opposition, impress the judge -- say nothing about those four-inch heels that you wear for closing arguments.

Liza: Why don't you just stop right there?

Caleb: Why? Because you're not interested? Because you are.

Colby: Mom? Sorry. Can I talk to you for a second?

Liza: Yeah. Sure, honey, yes. What's wrong? What's going on?

Colby: Can Maya and her baby move in with us?

Angie: Do you know how much I love you, hmm? Do you know what I feel when I hear your little soft cry and just smell that sweet smell when you're fresh out of your bath, hmm? Huh? Do you know? Do you know?

[Front door closes]

Maya: I don't want to make this harder than it already is. That's why I'm moving out today with Lucy.

David: Don't you think you two are jumping to conclusions?

Tad: Are we? You've already hinted at Krystal you might be holding Babe.

David: All I ever said to anyone is that I have two more patients under my care.

Tad: And let me guess -- you won't tell us who.

David: What makes you think I owe you an exclusive?

Dixie: He's right. You don't owe us anything. You saved my life, and I'm grateful for that, but now you have a chance to save another one: J.R.

David: I'm sorry. I'm not getting the connection here.

Dixie: Listen, his world is falling apart. He's lost his company, his home. He's about to lose custody of his son.

David: Didn't I predict that a long time ago? So you think Babe is gonna be his salvation?

Dixie: Yes. That is why I am begging you. Please tell us if you have Babe.

David: Do you honestly believe that I would save my daughter only to let J.R. destroy her again?

Dixie: David, he wouldn't do that.

David: He turned her life into a living hell. I'll tell you this -- if J.R. were on fire right now, I wouldn't even hand him a glass of water. Does that answer your question?

Tad: Ok, forget about J.R. So you're not willing to do it for our son. Are you willing to do it for your daughter? Aren't you willing to do it for Babe?

Liza: So Maya wants to keep the baby, but she doesn't have a place to stay?

Colby: Yeah, that's right.

Liza: Why doesn't she just stay with Angie and Jesse?

Colby: The longer she's around there, the harder it's gonna get for them. And Maya -- she wants to go to school and she wants to get a job. I know that you don't want to hear this right now, and I totally know you don't want to deal with it, so --

Liza: No, actually, I would. Having a baby around the house? I don't know about that.

Colby: What? So I can tell Maya it's ok?

Liza: Tell her that it's ok. I think this'll be an adventure, huh?

Colby: Yeah.

Liza: Yeah.

Colby: We can do baby things. We can go to the park. It will be like a lot -- what's wrong?

Liza: Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about Angie and Jesse. I know how hard it's gonna be for them.

Maya: Is it ok if I take the stroller and stuff? I mean, I don't have any money now, but I will soon.

Angie: It's all right. Take what Lucy needs.

Maya: Thank you.

Jesse: So you do have a place to go?

Maya: Colby said that she would help me. And if not, I could just stay at a motel for a day or two.

Jesse: See, that's just the thing -- you don't have to stay at a hotel. You can stay here.

Maya: I can't. The longer I stay here, the harder it'll be for us and for you guys, too.

Jesse: All I'm saying is it doesn't have to be --

Angie: No, Jesse, she's right. The truth is we would keep Maya and Lucy here forever if we could, but that's not what Maya wants. So it's better if she makes a clean break.

Maya: Thank you. You guys have been so wonderful. I could never thank you enough for what you've done for both of us.

Angie: Please.

Maya: I just have a few more things to grab before I go.

Jesse: I guess I better get --

Angie: No, Jesse, wait. Uh, I need to say good-bye. How do I say good-bye to you, Lucy? You've brought such joy to our lives. You came into our family when you needed us and when we needed you. And we will never forget you. Not ever. And I want you to know something. If you ever need anything, anything at all, we will be here for you and your mom -- because we love you. We love you so much. And even if you are far away or on the other side of the world, I will see you in my mind and in my heart.

Maya: I think I got everything I need.

Jesse: And you'll let us know when you get settled, right?

Maya: I will.

Jesse: Even if you -- even if you decide to leave town, ok, you call us.

Maya: I will, definitely. I will let you know, I promise.

Angie: I want you to make sure that you remember to sing her -- play her lullaby for her before she goes to sleep.

Maya: I won't forget.

Angie: And her favorite blanket.

Maya: I will. Angie?

Angie: God bless you, Maya. God bless both of you. Bye. [Sniffles]

[Door closes]

Angie: Uh, you know what? Maya will do just fine. She is such a brave, strong young lady, and she loves Lucy so much. This will all work out, you know? It was -- it was meant to be this way. Oh -- no. I don't want to start to cry, because if I do, I won't stop. Uh, I have to do something.

Jesse: What do you need to do?

Angie: I have to talk to David. I want to see him right now.

Tad: Just tell us whether or not Babe is alive.

David: And why should I do that, Tad? Because we're such good friends?

Tad: No. Because Krystal's a good woman, and she deserves to know whether or not she's ever gonna get a chance to see her daughter again, you arrogant son of a bitch. Who do you think you are to torture a person like that with false hope?

David: I don't owe you or anyone else any answers here.

Tad: Maybe not, but what do say I send you back to your cell with a makeover? Answer the question --

David: Guard!

Brot: What the hell is going on in here?

David: This lovely conversation is over.

Brot: I think it's best if the two of you leave.

Tad: You only got one shot, one last chance to do something righteous in your life.

David: Why couldn't you just be grateful? If you really cared about the people I've helped, why couldn't you just support me? Why couldn't you defend me against Ryan and Zach when they set me up?

Dixie: Nobody did this to you. This is your fault. You are responsible for everything that's happening right now in your life -- just like always.

Colby: So you're not representing David?

Liza: No, no. But I think what I said to him actually got through.

Colby: Oh, I doubt that.

Liza: Colby, honey, he's not a monster.

Colby: He's done some monstrous things.

Liza: Yeah, he's also performed some miracles.

Colby: Miracles?

Liza: Yes, and hopefully he's got a couple more of those where they came from. What?

Colby: This is so weird.

Liza: What's weird?

Colby: You're, like -- you're so --

Liza: What, nice?

Colby: You're nice, I guess. And I guess if there's hope for David, there's hope for --

Liza: Even for your mother?

Colby: Yeah, my mother.

Liza: Hmm. Ohh, look at that cute little face. Hi! Hello!

Colby: Ok, Mom, that's good. I know. It's great. So how'd it go?

Maya: It was absolutely terrible watching Angie and Jesse faces when I took Lucy away, but they were great. I mean, they didn't try to fight me at all. I think they really want what's best for Lucy.

Liza: So do we. Colby told me that you don't have a place to stay. You do now -- with us.

Maya: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. And thank you. I promise that it's only temporary. Did you hear that, little Lucy? We have such amazing friends.

Jesse: Babe, this is not gonna work.

Angie: Frankie's coming by. He'll take me to the station if you won't.

Jesse: But David is facing a long stretch in prison. He's not gonna volunteer information that he can use as a bargaining chip.

Angie: He'll talk to me.

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: Look, Jesse, don't you -- don't you get it? I have to make something, something good out of this. Losing my sight, Ellie, and now Lucy -- it just cannot be all darkness and death. I have to bring some light into the world. I have to. Oh, God, it just hurts. It just hurts so bad! We've just lost so much, Jesse. So much.

Jesse: Yeah, we have lost a lot. But one thing we still have is our family, the strength of our family. We've had to be strong with what we've had to face, and we will get through this, Angela. You will see again. I promise you that. You will see again. You have to keep believing that, ok?

Angie: Thank you.

Jesse: No, don't thank me. I don't deserve it. I've got a long way to go before I make things right.

Angie: I have to make something right come out of all of this, too.

Jesse: Listen, if you still want to go see David, at least let me go with you.

Angie: Jesse, he won't talk if you're there. You know that.

[Horn beeps]

Angie: Oh, listen, that's Frankie outside. Let me do this my way, please.

Jesse: Ok.

Maya: Do you want to go to the park with us and feed the ducks? Rain check on that. I will see you at home. Hey.

Asher: Hey.

Maya: See you.

Colby: Bye.

Maya: Thank you.

Liza: So you wanted to know if I'm interested?

Dixie: I just can't believe him!

Tad: He's nothing if not unbelievable.

Dixie: Not only does he refuse to tell anybody who he's got hidden away in those medical dungeons of his, but he blames everybody else for his problems! "It's Zach's fault. It's Ryan's fault." It's poor, pitiful David. What a jerk! What? What's so funny?

Tad: "What a jerk!"

Dixie: Shut up!

Tad: You getting so wound up.

Dixie: Come on. Aren't you mad?

Tad: No! No. Actually, I got to tell you, I really liked our good cop/bad cop routine.

Dixie: How can you say that? David didn't tell us anything.

Tad: Not yet, but you got to give it time to work. Have faith. We planted the seed. He's got a lot to think about, like a prison sentence stretching out before him into the horizon. I'm still kind of digging on the fact that despite everything, despite everything we've been through, we're still a pretty damn good team.

Dixie: Yeah, we did ok -- kind of like old times.

Tad: No, no, no. Niente on the old times. That's why they call them old times: They're old. They're behind us. I'm looking forward to the new, improved times.

Dixie: Hmm. Really?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: Care to share some of that optimism with me?

Tad: Thought you'd never ask.

Dixie: Ha ha ha! Oh. Oh. Oh, Tad. Oh. Oh.

Tad: Dixie?

Dixie: Yes?

Tad: You remember when you said you wanted to take it slow?

Dixie: Yes. That's because I don't want us to hurt each other.

Tad: Depends on what you're talking about. Sometimes a little bit of -- no. Um, I understand. What you were talking about is that we are two strong personalities, and we're bound to argue and fight sometimes.

Dixie: That's right. But we have lot of fun now, don't we, chicken to chicken?

Tad: Chicken to chicken. You're the love of my life. You always have been, you always will be, no matter what. Today reminded me of how good we are together, how meant we are to be together, and you can't blame a guy for wanting, you know, a little more of that. And I mean -- "more." You know? A lot more. Outfits. Instead of that chicken outfit -- what, too soon?

Dixie: Ahh.

Tad: Too quick?

[Dixie kisses Tad, then they go into the bedroom]

Tad: So?

Dixie: So -- hmm. Ah!

Tad: Mm-hmm. [Does a little happy dance]

Dixie: Get over here. Ha ha!

Colby: Look -- ahem -- I know that you have a lot of stuff going on, which is great. You're doing a really good job. And we were on the verge of something really great, and I don't want to give up on that. And I --

Asher: Neither do I.

Colby: And if you want to walk away and just -- and go do your thing -- What did you just say?

Asher: I said I don't want to give up on that either.

Colby: I thought you said you didn't care.

Asher: I never stopped. I've really missed you.

Colby: I've missed you, too.

Colby: PVU?

Asher: Yeah. Caleb -- or my dad's kind of been bugging me about coming back to school, so I figured I'd pick up a few courses. It can't hurt, right?

Colby: Those are actually the same courses that I'm taking.

Asher: Really? What a coincidence. Maybe if you have time, you could talk to me about a few of the professors?

Colby: Yeah, I think I can squeeze you in.

Caleb: I'm sorry. I was pushy before, and I hate that kind of thing, but it's really Asher's fault. He's been encouraging me to speak my mind and express myself.

Liza: Caleb, stop. I'm interested.

Caleb: You are?

Liza: Wow, look at that. I got two smiles in one day. Why don't you pick me up at 8:00.

Maya: Oh, no! We're all out of breadcrumbs, Lucy. But I promise that the ducks will be here tomorrow, ok? There's no more. We've got all the time in the world now, just you and me. Yeah? Oh. I hope Angie and Jesse will be ok. I hope I did the right thing.

Jesse: Well, Ellie, we had to give Lucy up today. I knew it was coming, but it didn't make it any easier. And I tried to stay strong for Mommy, but the truth of the matter is it was just as tough losing Lucy as it was losing you. I love you both so much!

David: Brot? Come on, open the door. I want to go back to my cell. It's about time. Angie. Have you seen any light yet?

Angie: No, I haven't, but I hope you're about to.

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