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Erica: Mr. Sterling, I must say I'm very impressed.  Not only did you read my book, but you seem to have understood it, understood me.

Sterling: I'm very serious about this project.

Erica: How serious?

Sterling: You say the word, and I'll have my agent package us for the studio, and I'll have a top-rate director like that. [Snaps fingers]

Erica: And who do you have in mind to play the part?

Sterling: There's only one woman that can play Erica Kane -- that's Erica Kane.

Jesse: You said a patient told you that joke?

Frankie: A 96-year-old patient.

Jesse: God, and I thought the language at the station was bad.

Frankie: Mom, you okay?

Jesse: Hey, we got your follow-up appointment with the surgeons.  Ready to go?

Angie: I'm not.

Frankie: I could take Lucy.

Angie: No.  I don't want anyone to take her from me.

Kendall: Hey.

Cara: Thanks for letting me join you.

Kendall: Oh, of course.  Yeah.

Cara: So have you heard from Griff yet or --

Kendall: Uh, no. Not yet.

Cara: Yeah, me neither. So, you know, ever since I've been here in Pine Valley, I feel like you've been like a sister to me, you know?  So I want to tell you something.

Kendall: All right.  What you want to tell me?

Cara: I'm pregnant.

Greenlee: Ryan, stop it.  Stop it!  Both of you, stop!


Greenlee: Oh, Ryan! 0h, Ryan!

Sterling: So let's get this done.  Let's turn your life into a film, and we'll turn you into a movie star.

Erica: I'm very flattered.

Sterling: No, you're not.

Erica: Excuse me?

Sterling: Oh, you're not.  You're – – someone offer to turn your life into a movie before, and you got burned.  You're not flattered. You're skeptical, aren't you?

Erica: You're right.

Sterling: Erica, my business is about relationships. You want to have a good relationship? You have to be upfront about your needs. And you don't make promises that you can't keep, so I'm going to tell you what I can commit to you and to your project.  Then I'm gonna ask you to be honest with me.

Erica: Ok.

Sterling: Erica Kane, do you want to make this film?

Erica: Ohh! I do.

Sterling: Is there anything else going on in your life that would keep you and me from turning this dream into a reality?

Erica: Well, I do have a wedding coming up in the near future, but my fiancé is very understanding. I'm sure that he wouldn't stand in the way of my doing something this important.

Angie: I think it's time for Lucy's bottle.

Maya: I'll feed her.

Angie: You know what? Maybe I should stay, because sometimes she can get a little fussy at this time of day.

Frankie: It's ok. I know how much you want to see Lucy's face, so let's do all we can to help the doctors make that happen.

Angie: Here.

Jesse: I got you. Come on.

Cara: I was feeling very weak and nauseous, and I just automatically assumed that I was sick again. So I took a blood test, and the results came back -- no cancer.

Kendall: Which is a very good thing, yes. And, yes, baby.

Cara: Yes, baby.

Kendall: Wow!

Cara: Yeah, I know.

Kendall: So this is a good thing, yes?

Cara: God, I hope so, yeah.

Kendall: No, I think -- you know what? It is. It is because you already have this glow. You're glowing already. You are. This is great. Congratulations.

Cara: Thanks.

Kendall: Wow! I have seen you with my kids, and you are gonna make such an amazing mom. I know you are.

Cara: Thank you. That -- gosh. That means so much to me. Thank you. Ooh! Speaking of --

Kendall: Would you like some?

Cara: Can I? Is that rude?

Kendall: No. I can't -- yeah. You know what? You're eating for two. Go ahead.

Cara: Ok. And the whole, not losing my appetite thing -- that should've been a dead giveaway, but --

Kendall: Yeah. Get in there!

[Both laugh]

Kendall: So does -- I'll have a fry -- does Tad know?

Cara: No, Tad doesn't know, because I'm not thinking he's gonna be too thrilled about it.

Kendall: Oh. Right, because of the whole Dixie thing.

Cara: No, because of David.

Kendall: Oh. What does David have to do with you being pregnant?

Cara: Well, David's the father.

David: Don't try to move. Ok, so the first-aid kit --

Ryan: I don't want your help.

Greenlee: Ryan, let David help you.

Ryan: No!

David: If you don't let me stop the bleeding --

Ryan: I'm gonna die, Hayward? I would rather die than turn into one of the monsters that you create, like him.

David: I don't turn people into monsters.

Greenlee: Stay with me. I'm not gonna lose you. Somebody get some help!

Zach: He already said he doesn't want any help.

Ryan: Promise me that you won't let Hayward touch --

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: Promise me!

Greenlee: I can't.

Zach: What are you doing?

David: I'm calling an ambulance.

Zach: No, you're not.

David: He has a gunshot wound to his abdomen! If he doesn't get medical attention in 15 minutes, he's gonna bleed to death right on the floor!

Zach: He was trespassing! This is private property!

Greenlee: How could you do this to him?

David: What the hell is wrong with you, Slater?

Ryan: Orpheus did this to him.

Zach: Shh! And even if you called the authorities, it's a long shot. He's not gonna make it. All they're gonna do is come and close down this project.

Greenlee: How could you do this to him?

Zach: What did I do?! He saw me standing here with a gun, and he wouldn't play nice!

Ryan: You go to hell.

Zach: See?

David: You took this too far. First Griffin?

Zach: Castillo was a threat.

David: You didn't need to kill him!

Zach: Someone had to get their hands dirty, David. I'm sorry!

Ryan: I'm gonna be ok.

Greenlee: You're cold. He's freezing.

David: He's probably going into shock. You got to let me help you, ok? Let me -- for crying out loud, listen to me! The project was meant to save lives! I'm not about to have another death on my hands, even if it is Lavery's!

Zach: Calm down. What about the others? What's gonna happen to them? You said yourself they're not ready. So you're gonna let them die just for this guy, so he can live?

David: Why are you doing this?

Zach: The same reason you are -- to save lives.

David: "To save lives"? There's a man dead right here! Another one is dying on the floor!

Zach: They were willing to let people die just to stop you.

Greenlee: Ryan, Ryan, Ryan --

Zach: I think he made it very clear he doesn't want any help!

David: This is wrong!

Zach: A little late in the game to develop a conscience, David.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: He can't get rid of me that easy. Don't worry. None of you can get rid of me this easily.

Zach: As far as I'm concerned, you're already gone.

Ryan: You see what you've done here, Hayward? You see what you've created, this cold-blooded maniac?

David: No, I didn't want any of this.

Greenlee: Yes, hi? This is an emergency. A man was shot --

Zach: Now, that was stupid.

Kendall: You might want to think twice before telling David Hayward that you're having his child.

Cara: Why would you say that?

Kendall: All right. You're close with Jake, right? I mean, you trust his judgment?

Cara: Yeah, I know there were some issues concerning Trevor's paternity.

Kendall: There was only one issue -- it was David. Amanda thought that he was the father, and she was so afraid of what he might do that you don't even want to know what Jake had to do to protect her during her pregnancy.

Cara: Yeah, that's Jake -- always looking out to take care of someone. Look, here's the deal, all right? David has lost two children, Kendall, all right? And he's got a difficult relationship with the third child.

Kendall: All right. I know you think you understand David, but you don't. Believe me, you are not the first woman to make that mistake. Just do yourself a favor. Talk to Krystal or Greenlee or Dixie.

Cara: Are they gonna tell me that he eats his young?

Kendall: No. Come on, Cara. I'm being serious here. You know that David can be controlling.

Cara: Ok. But he's a surgeon, and by nature and necessity, he's got to be focused.

Kendall: Right. Ok. Well, when it comes to David's children, that focus that you're talking about? It turns into an obsession.

Sterling: So if you decide to commit to me, let me tell you what I'll commit to you. No matter what it takes, I will get this film made.

Erica: And you want me to play the part?

Sterling: You know the difference between an actress and a star?

Erica: I'm pretty sure you're gonna tell me.

Sterling: You gonna be in L.A. long?

Erica: I -- I don't know.

Sterling: There's a place you should see. It's called Griffith Observatory. It's up there in the hills -- you stand there, and the whole city is right there at your feet. And at night they have this telescope. Now, this guy once showed me this celestial body. It was called AN12101927 -- I think the "A.N." Stands for "Astrological Number." Maybe it doesn't. I don't know.

Erica: I don't know what this has to do with me or my book or that question you just asked me.

Sterling: That star has burnt out, and it burnt out thousands of years ago. But here's the crazy thing -- because it's so far away, we're still gonna see its light for another 400 years. It's like actresses are in the moment, and stars share the same talent, but --

Erica: Their light shines for many years after they're gone.

Sterling: Yeah. Erica, I think you are a star, and you have the brightest light I have ever seen.

Jesse: The doctor said that you might start seeing something?

Angie: Shadows.

Jesse: Really?

Angie: Not in my eyes. They are all I see in this -- what our whole life has become now -- a shadow of what it once was. And I don't see any light coming anytime soon.

Sterling: Have you got a name for the movie?

Erica: "Erica Kane: Uncensored."

Sterling: Hmm. Wow. That's smart. We have to go with something a little different for the film, though. How about "Kane is able"?

Erica: Really?

Sterling: Ok. "Citizen Kane" is taken, so we'll just have to put it in front of a focus group and let them do their work.

Erica: No. I'm not gonna put my life in front of a focus group.

Sterling: So you're going to want some creative control as well, huh?

Erica: Final script, director, casting approval, and I will co-produce. I don't mean just some little vanity title; I mean I will co-produce. I want this film to reflect who I am.

Sterling: So do we have a deal?

Erica: Mr. Sterling, I've heard you talk the talk.

Sterling: You're right. Let's go.

Erica: Where?

Sterling: I want to show you that I can also walk the walk. Think you can keep up?

Erica: Try me.

Frankie: Hey, let me help you with that.

Maya: I got it.

Frankie: Lucy's already down for her nap?

Maya: Yeah. I remember when it used to take her forever to fall asleep.

Frankie: Yeah. Well, that girl -- she doesn't like to miss anything. Nothing.

Maya: Like the way I missed the first couple weeks of her life? Oh, I told you. I got it.

Frankie: Hey, I get it. You want to prove you can do this alone, but there's nothing wrong with taking help while you still got it.

Maya: Your mom thinks that I'm just gonna leave with Lucy. That's why she left you here to watch me.

Frankie: Hey, I'm just folding laundry here. Hey, look at this. Look how small it is. It's tiny!

Maya: She's already outgrown that one.

Frankie: Yeah, babies -- they keep getting bigger every day. It won't be long before none of this fits her anymore.

Maya: I know how much you guys love her.

Frankie: So why go?

Maya: I need to see if I can do this.

Frankie: You're doing this now.

Maya: By myself.

Frankie: Hey, this is a good home -- for Lucy and for you. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being selfish here.

Maya: You are, everyone is. But it's ok. Because that little girl is the most precious treasure on this planet, and I can't blame you guys for wanting her close.

Frankie: You gave up your baby once because you didn't know how you were gonna take care of her alone -- where you're gonna live, how you're gonna get a job and still watch her?

Maya: It's different now.

Frankie: Is it? I'm not seeing that. I don't see you having any more answers now than you did back then.

Maya: I know my baby now. Ok? I've held her. I've watched her sleep. I've heard her laugh. Look, when I gave Lucy up, I was just a kid. Now I'm a mother.

Frankie: And you're still a kid.

Maya: Why are you making this so hard for me? Why?

Frankie: When I look at my mom, and I see how broken she is at the loss of one child, I'm scared to death she can't survive losing another.

Jesse: Look, I -- I know there are a lot of things broken here, and I'm the one -- that broke it -- and I broke it while I was trying to fix everything, so maybe I should stop trying to fix things.

Angie: It doesn't matter if you try. You can't fix any of this. Nobody can.

Jesse: Well, that's pretty hard on me, baby. I can't make you see again. I can't -- ahem -- bring Ellie back. I can't make Maya not go with Lucy.

Angie: And I can't make that ok for you. Not now.

Cara: Why are you telling me all these horror stories? You trying to scare me?

Kendall: Yeah, actually, I am.

Cara: Ok. You know what? I get it. Everyone thinks he's the devil, ok, but let's talk about the good things that he's done.

Kendall: Ok.

Cara: He saved your life, your husband's, your child's, your mother's.

Kendall: You're right. I owe David so much. But he has taken advantage of any goodwill his work as a doctor would have brought, and in the end, it always ends up bad. Do you have feelings for him? You do, don't you?

Cara: You know what? I think he's healed too many people to find himself suffering alone in his pain.

Kendall: All right. So what would you call David? What is David to you?

Cara: Um, a colleague.

Kendall: Mm-hmm?

Cara: A friend.

Kendall: And now the father of your child.

Cara: Ok. All right. You've given me a lot to think about, ok, and I appreciate it very much, but I'm --

Kendall: No, listen. Ok, I'm sorry, Cara. No, listen, you're my friend. You're my friend, and I want to be happy for you. I do, but I don't think this is gonna end up pretty. If there is one thing that I'm absolutely 100% sure of is that when it comes to David Hayward, there are no happy endings. Someone always ends up getting hurt.

Ryan: Don't -- agh!

David: This stops right now!

Zach: Someone's got to clean up this mess.

David: Not like this!

Zach: You want to have them walk out of here?

David: What are you gonna do? You gonna let Ryan die, and then you're gonna kill Greenlee?

Zach: Yeah. It's the only way.

David: Just put down the damn gun! Put it down! No! No! God. Your partners were right to want you dead, you know that? I should've let that plane sink the second I knew Greenlee wasn't on it! I knew they were right when they hired Ricky Torres.

Sterling: I don't just make deals, Erica, I make movies. How big is your TV?

Erica: I don't know.

Sterling: I've got an 82-inch projection-screen TV. You've been on TV before. A close-up of that gorgeous face of yours would be, what, maybe 4 feet high? In that movie theater in there, it would be 40 feet high. It would be larger than life.

Erica: I could see that.

Sterling: Of course, you can -- you've got vision. You should be out here, on this coast. You should be in this town. Can I ask you a personal question?

Erica: And if I say no?

Sterling: I'm gonna ask it anyway. What's keeping you in Pine Valley?

Erica: Pine Valley is my home. It's where my family is.

Sterling: Family is important. Did I mention that I have a private jet?

Erica: Did I mention that I could use one of those?

Erica: Oh, ha ha!

Sterling: Something funny?

Erica: I used to stomp around my old living room and tell my mother that I was meant to be in someplace far more glamorous than Pine Valley -- someplace like the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Sterling: Here you are.

Angie: All this time I believed in things I couldn't see. And now that my sight might be coming back, I'm just so damn scared.

Jesse: Scared of what, babe? Tell me.

Angie: What if it wasn't just my eyes that were making me blind?

Jesse: Angela, whatever happens, you will see that the people that love you are all still here, and we're not going anywhere.

Angie: Ellie left. I carried her for 9 months, and she left me.

Jesse: Sometimes there's just no sense to be made of things. It doesn't matter how hard you try to find it. One thing I do know, that Ellie lived inside you for 9 months. She listened to every breath you took, she felt your heartbeat. Now, that's forever. That's love.

Angie: But she's gone now.

Jesse: Yeah, she is. But there's a huge part of her that's still inside of you.

Angie: A part that hurts.

Jesse: Angela, you gave up your eyesight for this baby.

Angie: Did it matter?

Jesse: Did it?

Angie: Yes.

Jesse: You're damn straight it did.

Angie: And Lucy?

Jesse: Well, that's gonna be up to Maya. All we can do is just love the people that are around us while they are around us. And you know something? There is nobody that's better at that than you.

Nurse: The doctor will see you now.

Zach: So you were a part of this? This whole casino mess, laundering money, sabotaging my plane, all that so you wouldn't lose your sweet deal, your sweet deal?

David: I didn't crash your plane. I was a silent partner.

Zach: So why you talking now?

David: It's not like I don't have anything on you. You're leaving a trail of dead bodies in your wake. But we can claim that you shot Ryan in self-defense.

Greenlee: That's not what happened.

David: You're gonna need someone to back up your story. It'll be our word against Greenlee's.

Greenlee: What?

Zach: You knew they were gonna kill me. You knew that. But you thought that Greenlee was on that plane, and you were there to save her.

David: But I did save you.

Zach: Yeah. Well, that leaves one question, doesn't it?

David: What's that?

Zach: Who's gonna save you?

Sterling: We started our conversation by looking up.

Erica: At the stars in the sky.

Sterling: Which are now at our feet.

Erica: Well, so they are.

Sterling: I think I see a space for you right there between Marilyn and Nicole Kidman. Or maybe I could squeeze you in over there between Cary Grant and Harrison Ford?

Erica: There's a place any woman would like to be.

Sterling: Erica, I can help you get one of these.

Erica: I'm already famous.

Sterling: But fame is fleeting. Film --

Erica: Is forever.

Sterling: One can only hope.

Erica: What's in it for you?

Sterling: Oh, I have all the money I need. If I told you the reason that I do what I do, you'd probably laugh.

Erica: Try me.

Sterling: I like to tell stories. As simple as that. And, Erica, you have a great story. All I'm asking you is to allow me the privilege of being one of the people who gets to tell it.

Cara: I guess I have a decision to make, huh?

Kendall: Yeah. I know you usually lean on Griff.

Cara: Who knows where he is, right? Halfway around the world.

Kendall: Well, you have me. I mean, I'm here. Whatever you decide, whatever you need.

Cara: Thanks. Can I ask you one more thing?

Kendall: Yes. Ok, I know what you're gonna ask.

Cara: Yes.

Kendall: I won't say a thing. I won't tell anybody.

Cara: Ok. Even Zach? Because he and David seem to be joined at the hip lately, and -- ?

Kendall: Yeah. No, you have my word, ok?

Cara: Thanks.

Kendall: Ok.

Cara: I'll talk to you later.

Kendall: Right. Yes. For sure.

[Cell phone chirps]

Kendall: Wait. Wait. Wait. Cara, wait, wait, wait. If you're about to make a decision about David, I think there's something you might want to see.

Maya: I know it's different, ok, but it's not right for me to stay.

Frankie: Why?

Maya: I'm not helping her. The way she's holding Lucy now, it's like she's afraid to let her go.

Frankie: So you think my mom is gonna take Lucy away from you?

Maya: No. No, that is not what I meant. Your mom lost a baby. And now it's like she's scared. The other night, she was standing over Lucy's crib. She was making sure she was breathing.

Frankie: All parents do that.

Maya: For two hours? Angie lost Ellie. And it is so hard for her to be around Lucy.

Frankie: So you're doing us all a favor by leaving?

Maya: Why are you so angry at me?

Frankie: It's not you. It's me. I pushed this on to you. You didn't even want this job. I brought you to this place.

Maya: And back to my little girl, right? Are you really gonna let yourself feel bad about this?

Frankie: I guess I am.

Maya: I would have found her without you, Frankie. The way I hold her now, if there is one thing that I'm absolutely sure of, it's that I would never have stopped looking for her. Ever.

Frankie: I know it's not fair of me to ask this of you.

Maya: Then don't.

Frankie: Please do not take this baby away from my mother.

Jesse: That doctor sure didn't pull any punches, did he?

Angie: He knows that I would have seen right through it.

Jesse: So this week -- ?

Angie: Is critical. Jesse, if we don't see any signs, then we're going to know that the cell implantation didn't take.

Jesse: Either way, we --

Angie: I will not accept any other outcome. I will see again.

Jesse: Yes, you will.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Hold on one second. It's work. Hubbard. What? Where? Slow down! I'm on my way. Hey, listen, I'm gonna have to get Frankie to come, pick you up --

Angie: Jesse, your voice. You're scaring me. What is this? Something horrible has happened, hasn't it?

David's voice: Your partners were right to want you dead, you know that? I knew they were right when they hired Ricky Torres.

Ryan: Well, personally I think that went even better that we rehearsed it.

Greenlee: I thought you two were a little over the top, but that's just me.

Zach: Come on. Hey, naptime is over.

Griffin: Thank God. This playing dead sucks.

Greenlee: Yeah. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Zach was never on your side. It was all an act from the minute he got back.

Zach: I heard you talking during my recovery. And I put those bits and pieces together with the fact that -- you knew exactly where to be --

Ryan: The exact time that Zach's plane went down. Oh, I had the same question.

Zach: So great minds, right?

Greenlee: Somebody's awfully quiet.

David: What do you want me to say?

Ryan: Think we have all we need.

David: You're all so proud of yourselves, aren't you?

Ryan: Shouldn't we be?

Griffin: I am.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Zach: I'm good.

David: It's painfully obvious how you can't see past your own petty grievances with me to see the amazing work that I've been able to do with Orpheus. Now, that, that is the real tragedy that's played out here today.

Zach: Where do you think you're going?

David: What are you going to do to me, Zach, shoot me?

Erica: Thank you so much. Thank you for a very nice walk.

Sterling: Promise me that you'll think it over.

Erica: I will.

Sterling: It was a pleasure.

Erica: For me as well.

Sterling: Erica, let me leave you with one final thought. People have been watching you for a long, long time. Don't you think that a life like yours deserves a larger audience?

Erica: Mr. Sterling?

Sterling: Call me Kit.

Erica: Kit. I'm in.

Maya: Frankie?

Angie: He's parking the car.

Maya: How did your appointment go?

Angie: We'll know soon.

Maya: Well, I should get back to --

Angie: Your baby? You can say it.

Maya: Angie, I --

Angie: Maya, you know what? I really don't want things to be awkward between us.

Maya: Frankie tried to talk me into not leaving with Lucy.

Angie: Did he have any luck?

Maya: I don't know. He loves you very much.

Angie: Well, they do that, you know? Kids.

Maya: I'm finding that out.

Angie: That's a good thing.

Maya: Lucy loves you, too. She lights up when she hears your voice.

Angie: I wish I could see that.

Maya: You will.

Angie: Does that mean -- ?

Maya: What?

Angie: Does that mean that you're gonna go ahead and stay a little while longer? I didn't ask that question, so you don't have to answer it. Maya, I am not going to go round and round on this. It's your decision. You just let me know when you've made it.

Maya: You've helped me so much. How am I supposed to decide something important without having you to talk to?

Angie: Forget about my voice and listen to your heart, because a mother always knows what's best for her kids.

Maya: Well, then you would know what I need right now. I know you're not my mother, but --

Cara: So you're here, huh? You've been home.

Griffin: And I'm safe.

Cara: That's good.

Griffin: And I'd love to fill you in, but I think David wants to tell you all about it.

Cara: Actually Kendall told me the whole story on my way over here. So --

David: You know how they're all against me, how they're trying to destroy our work. Just let me take you somewhere where I can explain to you --

Greenlee: It's over, David.

David: Orpheus saved your life, Greenlee.

Greenlee: And I'll always be grateful for that. Just tell us who else you have. Who are the other two?

David: I guess I'll be taking that secret to the grave now, won't I?

Jesse: Not if I have something to say about it.

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