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Episode #10702

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Greenlee: You ok?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm ok. I'd like to get the hell out of this place, though.

Greenlee: I don't blame you. I can't believe you had to spend the night in jail.

Jesse: That's what happens when you break into somebody's private property.

Ryan: Does Hayward actually classify as "someone"?

Jesse: Crimes against David Hayward are still crimes.

Ryan: Really, Jesse? Even when what he's doing in those labs is illegal?

Jesse: There's no proof of that. But you know what? We got footage of you picking the lock.

Ryan: What about footage of Zach pulling a gun on me?

Jesse: Registered firearm.

Greenlee: Zach would've shot Ryan if Brot hadn't pulled them over.

Jesse: What, he would've killed him? Come on.

Ryan: Bottom line here, Jesse -- whatever David is doing in those labs, it's illegal. Ok? Zach is helping him do it. They have to be stopped.

Jesse: You are making this way too personal.

Ryan: Am I the only one in this town that sees the big picture here? Hayward is a very dangerous man, and now that Zach is involved, that's a bad combination.

[David remembers]

Cara: I'm sick and weak, and I'm afraid the cancer's come back.

Zach: Lavery spent the night in jail. Good. Maybe now he's learned to stay away from Orpheus. Now, this is the part of the play where you thank me for keeping people away from you so you can finish your work --  whatever it takes.

David: That's the part that worries me, Zach. Cara Castillo needs her brother.

Zach: Not sure what to say about that.

David: Then let me help you. Stop jerking me around and tell me what you did with Griff.

Cara: Hi.

Jake: What you got there? Lab report?

Cara: It's Oncology results. Yeah.

Jake: Not good?

Cara: Um, I'm still actually holding onto this one. It's -- yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm gonna break the news to the patient.

Jake: Toughest part of the job sometimes.

Cara: I wish I was more than a messenger, Jake. Life is just so short, it's just so precious. I wish there was a way that I could make the time that they have left count.

Jake: I think you do that every day just being you and, of course, being a doctor.

Cara: But it's not enough, right? Just never enough.

Jake: Hi. So what happened?

Amanda: Adopting a baby is gonna be way harder than we thought.

Jake: Well, we knew that, right? We knew it wouldn't happen overnight.

Amanda: No, I know, but I feel like we have no shot at all after I talked to her. I don't know. All that hope I was feeling after my surgery, I'm just starting to think that believing in it is a big mistake.

Erica: There are no patients there? Is there someone there by the name of Mike Roy or with the initials M.R.? No, that building cannot be abandoned. I got the address from Dr. Hayward himself -- Spinnacle Street Facility, Number 25. Look, this is critically important. Hello? Hello?

Opal: Excuse me, Ms. Kane, could I have your autograph?

Erica: I'm sorry. I'm very busy. Oh, Opal? Opal! Hi! Oh, I knew you'd come! I knew you'd come to help me find Mike Roy.

Opal: Oh, now, just hold your horses about that, sugar. I just came to check up on you, actually, because I am only in La-La Land for a little stopover. In a couple of hours, we're going to Hawaii.

Erica: "We"?

Opal: We. Oh, yeah, "We." You remember Sam Brady?

Sam: Hello, Ms. Kane. Nice to see you again. Last time I saw you, I was fixing the electrical work for a photo shoot you were doing.

Opal: But he's a big shot now! Aren't you?

[Sam chuckles]

Opal: Well, hey. Aren't you happy for me?

Erica: Of course, I'm happy for you. Of course, I'm happy for you. I'm so happy for you, I could just -- 

Opal: Oh!

Erica: Ooh!

Opal: Good Lord. Now, what in the world has got your knickers in a knot?

Erica: Oh, no, Opal, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm fine.

Opal: You're fine? You're just fine? Heck, you just knocked your own block off. Come over here, now, really.

Erica: You're going to Hawaii with an old flame.

Opal: Oh, all right. Fine, then. Aloha.

Erica: Opal, look, I flew all the way out here, and I have hit an incredibly dead end. I still have absolutely no idea whether David Hayward is just playing games with me or if Mike Roy is actually alive somewhere.

Opal: Who was that on the phone?

Erica: That was somebody who was supposed to be giving me some information about this so-called facility, and now they're trying to convince me that it's nothing but an abandoned building.

Opal: Then I think you've got to see that as a clear sign, honey, a sign that you ought to fly back home to Jack.

Erica: Opal, I have only just started looking.

Opal: What is it that you expect to find?

Erica: Do not look at me like that. I am not looking to rekindle some old romance, Opal. I am just -- it's about trying to find the truth.

Opal: Honey, the truth is as plain as the nose on your face. You've got a real-life, delicious man named Jackson Montgomery back in Pine Valley who loves you more than life itself, so I suggest that you just fly on home to him and stop chasing ghosts.

Erica: Opal, I am not chasing anything.

Opal: Take it from one who knows -- do not waste this precious time.

Erica: Opal, if I don't settle this thing once and for all, I will never stop thinking about it. I have to know for sure.

Sam: Sorry for interrupting, ladies, but it turns out that I've got friends here who are electricians, and I got hold of one of them, and it turns out that the address that you mentioned -- he was working on the construction of that building, and he said that it was funded by somebody by the name of "Orpheus"?

Erica: Oh, Opal, your Sam is a genius!

Sam: Oh, thank you.

Jake: We, uh, knew that we couldn't snap our fingers, right, and just adopt overnight?

Amanda: I know. But just talking to that woman on the phone now, it seems next to impossible. I don't know. Just the feeling I had after the surgery that everything was gonna be great -- it was so strong. And now -- 

Cara: Sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, but do you remember Many Nations, One Hope?

Jake: Yeah. We worked with them when we were in Doctors Without Borders, right?

Cara: Yes. Their mission is to relocate children orphaned by war. I have a contact there. I could put you guys in touch with them.

Amanda: Those poor kids. I would love to help one of them. Honey?

Jake: Yeah, it sounds great. I know why you're doing this.

Zach: Are you going soft on me, David?

David: It's a simple question, Zach.

Zach: A simple question about a woman.

David: No, it's about her brother. Where is Griffin Castillo?

Zach: "Orpheus always comes first" -- your words, not mine.

David: My project is about helping people, all right, not making them suffer. Cara is suffering without her brother.

Zach: Oh, come on.

David: You know what? Fine. Don't tell me where he is. I'll just get him back from wherever you stashed him.

Zach: A little late for that.

David: What did you do to him?

Zach: Nothing that can be traced back to you. Don't give me that look. You asked me to take care of obstacles. That's what I did.

David: No! No. Not if it meant hurting people, all right? Not like this. I don't want to hurt Cara. I don't want to hurt her brother!

Zach: He was going to the FDA to bury Orpheus.

David: Griffin and I have had our differences, all right? We may have gone our separate ways, but I never could've done any of this without him.

Zach: He betrayed you! I'm in this partnership for good. We want the same thing, you and me, and my loyalty is not gonna be a problem.

Ryan: Hayward and Zach together, they could do a lot of damage, ok?

Jesse: Hayward is trouble and he always will be, but he has also pulled off his share of miracles.

Ryan: Are you kidding me right now, Jesse? You're gonna take Hayward's side? Why? Because of Angie?

Jesse: No. But I am gonna stop letting my personal issues with the guy get in the way with what could be a lot of help for a lot of people.

Ryan: This has nothing to do with me settling my personal issues, this has to do with justice, and if you're not gonna get it, I will.

Guard: What are you doing here?

Erica: I'm here on behalf of Project Orpheus. I'm a partner of Dr. David Hayward. He's been very concerned about a patient here in this facility who's known as "M.R." Mike Roy -- is he a patient here or not?

Guard: Hey.

Erica: Has there been a patient here, a man by the name of Mike Roy?

Guard: There's never been anyone here by that name.

Jake: It's obvious why you want to help us adopt. Because of everything that we went through, I think you feel you owe us or something.

Amanda: Jake is right. It is all in the past.

Jake: I just want to say I don't want you to feel obligated in any way.

Cara: Oh, you guys, no. Thanks, but it's actually what I was telling you earlier about life being precious, you know? And if I can help people, I -- it -- sorry.

Amanda: Cara?

Jake: You all right?

Cara: Yeah, I'm good. I just --

David: Can I speak to you for a minute?

Cara: Yes. That would be great, actually.

Jake: Cara, you don't have to go with him.

Cara: No, I'm really good.

Jake: I guess then we'll go.

Cara: Ok, wait a second. Hold on. My number here, the contact -- Many Nations, One Hope. Call that number, please. Oh.

Jake: You all right?

Cara: Yeah, I'm good. Keep me posted.

Jake: You sure you're all right?

Cara: I'm good. Thanks, guys. Ok.

David: I heard what you said about life being precious. Does that mean that you've read the test results?

Cara: It's right here. I haven't quite opened it up yet.

David: Oh. Ok.

Cara: I'm struggling because the last time the cancer came back, my brother was with me. He's been with me every test, every procedure. He's my rock.

David: Yeah, I'm doing everything I can to help find him.

Cara: What are you talking about? I thought he went back to Doctors Without Borders. What do you mean, you're trying to find him? Do you know something I don't?

Ryan: Jesse. You still tailing me?

Jesse: No.

Greenlee: He paid his bail.

Jesse: I'm just trying to be a friend here. You need to let this beef you've got with Zach go.

Ryan: And I appreciate you being a friend, ok? Thanks for the advice.

Jesse: You keep this up, you're gonna end up right back in jail -- and you could lose your friendship with Kendall. Is it worth it?

Greenlee: Kendall isn't exactly on the same page with her husband.

Jesse: What does that mean?

Greenlee: She won't tell Zach, but she isn't happy about his decision to partner with David. I think she feels the same way that we do, that somehow David is controlling Zach.

Jesse: Then why is she going along with this whole thing?

Greenlee: She thought her husband was dead. Maybe because he's back, she doesn't care what he does or who he does it with.

Ryan: We tried talking to her, ok? She just won't hear us. She insists that if this is the way Zach wants to show his gratitude, then she's gonna stand with him.

Greenlee: And I am standing with Ryan.

Zach: Hi. How was your night in jail? You learn anything?

Ryan: It's funny -- I did. I did. I learned that Hayward is definitely hiding something in that lab of his, and the way I learned that is when you pulled the gun on me.

Zach: You were trespassing.

Ryan: What's he hiding, Zach? What is it? I got a little too close, didn't I? I got too close to that piece of evidence that would put Hayward away for good, and if that happens, of course, this whole freaky human experiment comes to an end. And it drives you crazy knowing that I am gonna keep on coming until this whole thing goes away.

Zach: That's a bad idea.

Ryan: What is he hiding, Zach?

Zach: Walk away before you get hurt, Ryan.

Ryan: "Before I get hurt"? Did you hear that, Jesse, because that sounded a lot like a threat to me. Was that a threat?

Zach: You have a nice day.

Ryan: If you were smart, you would tell me what he's hiding, Zach. Otherwise, you're gonna be right there beside him when we take him down.

Zach: Hey, Greenlee? Take your husband back home before he ends up back in jail.

Ryan: Me back in jail? The only criminals here are you and Hayward. Why am I the only person that sees this?

Jesse: Don't push this again, please?

Greenlee: Hey, Ryan's not the one who pulled a gun.

Ryan: Zach is ready to take anybody out at David's command.

Zach: There are laws against slander, no?

Ryan: There's also laws against committing crimes against humanity, which you and David are doing.

Jesse: Let's get out.

Zach: Listen to the chief.

Ryan: You've lost it, Zach, getting behind Hayward and his demented project. You have completely and totally lost it.

Zach: Don't criticize what you can't understand.

Greenlee: Hey, listen. I promised I'd get you home to your wife and your boys, and I did, and now I'm thinking it was a huge mistake. If you're this far gone, maybe it would've been better for everyone -- especially Kendall -- if you'd never come back.

Zach: You know what's better for everyone? If you hadn't ended up with this guy.

Ryan: You get your hands off my wife right now.

Cara: Did something happen to my brother? Did he not go back to D.W.B.?

David: No, I have no reason to believe that.

Cara: Why did you say that you were trying to find him?

David: I simply meant that I was trying to get a fix on his exact location. He never specified where he was going, did he?

Cara: No.

David: Right. So you know what it's like out there. It's chaotic. It's unstable. Locations change from one moment to the next. But I just felt that once the results came in, that you would want to be in touch with your brother.

Cara: Wow. I can't believe you can read me so well.

David: You're not that hard to read when it comes to your brother. It's obvious how much you mean to each other. But you have to remember I was also there the last time that you went out of remission.

Cara: Of course, I remember. You were the one who got me in contact with the oncologist who saved my life. So -- just, David, it's my brother. He's just -- he's always been there, you know? Since I was a little girl, he's just right by my side.

David: I'm gonna find him. I am.

Cara: He doesn't have to come home. If I could hear his voice, that'd be great.

David: I care about you, Cara, but not just as a colleague. I know that you don't want this to be anything but purely professional, but I had to tell you that.

Cara: You better be careful, Doctor. Hanging out with me, you're starting to lose your edge.

David: I'm happy to take my chances.

Jesse: I don't know what's going on between the two of you, but it needs to stop.

Ryan: You don't know what's going on? Zach is siding with Hayward.

Zach: Lock this guy up. He's out of control.

Jesse: All right, that's it. We're going for a walk -- unless you want me to arrest you again?

Greenlee: Ryan. I know what I need to do.

Zach: Didn't I tell you? Don't mess with what you don't understand.

Ryan: I hate to break it to you and Hayward, but this really isn't so hard to understand. I know what you're doing, perfectly.

Jesse: Come on. Let's go.

Photographer: Ms. Kane.

Cara: Ohh. I guess I need to go do this.

David: Ok, wait a minute. You shouldn't be alone, all right? So why don't we go to my office? I'll sit while you open it.

[Phone rings]

David: I don't have to answer that.

Cara: You know what? You should. It could be important. I'll wait for you right here. Ok?


David: Erica, this isn't a good time to talk.

Erica: Make time. I'm in Los Angeles, but you already know that, don't you --  just as you know that my coming out here to promote my book was only part of the reason I came out here. I came out here to Los Angeles also because I was looking to see if Mike Roy is alive.

David: I'm gonna have to call you back.

Erica: You must be so proud of yourself -- dropping all those phony clues, sending me on a wild goose chase across this country? We both know that there is absolutely nothing in that facility, don't we? Damn it, David, for once in that miserable life of yours, be honest -- if you have one ounce of human decency in you.

David: Mike Roy is dead.

Erica: What are you telling me?

David: Mike Roy is not one of my patients. He never was.

Erica: What kind of a monster are you -- toying with people's minds and their emotions, feeding them cruel and hateful lies?

David: I never lied to you, Erica.

Erica: You told me that you saved someone I loved very much.

David: Yes, that's true. That part is true. It's just not one of your many ex-lovers.

Erica: Stop. Just stop right there. I will never believe another word that comes out of your vile mouth. I disrupted my entire life, so you could just have a laugh at my expense.

David: You know what, Erica? You don't have to worry about it. It's never gonna happen again, all right? It's the last time I ever do anything nice for you.

Erica: "Nice"? You call that being nice? I'll tell you what would really be nice -- if someone just as sick and disturbed as you came along to give you a taste of your own medicine. He would plant little seeds of hope in the dark recesses of that twisted brain of yours just for the sake of torturing you so you could be awake day and night wondering what is true and what isn't -- and you would never, never find the answers. And so you would be tortured the way you have tortured the rest of us for the rest of your life! That's what would be nice! That's what would be very, very nice!

Opal: Well, bravo. Let David put that in his pipe and smoke it. Oh, sugarplum, what's with the long face?

Erica: I wanted it to be good news, but it wasn't. It was just more of David's dirty tricks.

Opal: I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you.

Erica: I'm done. No more distractions, and no more detours. I'm going home. I'm going home, home to my family and to Jack, and I'm gonna live the life I was supposed to live.

Sterling: You know, you almost sound like Erica Kane.

Opal: Maybe that's because she is Erica Kane.

Sterling: I know that. For a moment, I thought she'd forgotten.

Erica: Do I know you?

Sterling: You should, because I'm the man that's about to make all of your dreams come true.

David: Oh, my gosh. When am I ever gonna learn? No good deed ever goes unpunished in this town. Listen to me. Next time I get the impulse to do anything nice for Erica again, please slap me silly.

Cara: I will slap you silly.

David: All right. Thank you, but you don't have to look like you're gonna enjoy it. Come on. Let's go to my office. We're gonna open this together.

Cara: That's sweet of you, but I'm gonna do this one on my own.

David: Why? You don't have to -- 

Greenlee: Zach is completely out of control.

David: Greenlee, this isn't a good time, ok?

Greenlee: It can't wait.

Cara: I'll keep you posted.

David: Cara, wait.

Cara: Either way, I will let you know.

Greenlee: Hey, my husband and your business partner are about to rip each other's heads off.

David: What else is new?

Greenlee: No, this is bad. This is really, really bad. You have to find Zach and call him off or give him a sedative -- whatever. Just get him to stop.

David: Zach is very passionate about protecting Orpheus.

Greenlee: This isn't about passion. Zach held Ryan at gunpoint. Are you even listening to me?

David: Greenlee, this isn't a good time, ok?

Greenlee: If you care about me at all, I am begging you, make this stop before it's too late.

Jesse: If Hayward is breaking the law, I will deal with it.

Ryan: Not fast enough, Jesse.

Jesse: Think about what you're doing here, Ryan. Breaking and entering? Accusing Zach of crimes you cannot prove, incriminating yourself in the process -- do you see how this is not working out for you?

Ryan: Ok. All right. I guess I lost it a little bit.

Jesse: You tend to do that a lot.

Ryan: Ok. I get it, all right? I understand. I'll back off.

Jesse: Really? Just like that?

Ryan: No, not "just like that." I recognize that my anger towards Hayward has gotten a little bit out of control, ok, trying to stop him and Orpheus and everything else. I know Greenlee needs me, and I know my kids need me, and I don't want this to get worse, so yeah, I'll get back on track. Ok?

Jesse: Something tells me that that track leads straight back to Hayward's lab.

Ryan: I'm serious, Jesse. I'm gonna let this go.

Jesse: Just to be sure, let's take you back to the station, ok?

Ryan: Come on.

Jesse: Just until you calm down. Please. Are you kidding me?! Lavery!

Sterling: It's Sterling.

Erica: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Sterling. And this is my friend Opal Cortlandt.

Sterling: Pleasure to meet you.

Erica: Mr. Sterling is a movie producer -- actually, the movie producer.

Opal: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Mr. Sterling, I have been reading your name quite frequently in the business pages lately. If I remember correctly, your last film grossed over $300 million.

Sterling: Actually, it was 320, but what's an extra 20 million between friends?

Erica: So are you here to buy a book?

Sterling: Yes, I am. I want to buy your book.

Erica: Thank you very much. I'm afraid it's not out quite yet, but I'm sure we could arrange for the publishers to send you --

Sterling: I've already read your book. I read it from the galleys. I think it's spectacular, Erica. I couldn't put it down.

Erica: Well, thank you.

Sterling: I want to buy the film rights.

Erica: You want to make a movie out of my life?

Opal: Hold on. Ahem. Hold on. If you recall, you have been down this road before when Adam Chandler made a movie out of "Raising Kane," and if you recall, that didn't end up so good.

Erica: That was a very long time ago.

Opal: Uh-huh. Ms. Kane appreciates the offer, but I'm afraid she's gonna have to pass.

Sterling: Your friend here is a very tough negotiator.

Opal: Yeah, I'm looking out for the best interests of my gal pal, ok, and she doesn't need this kind of trouble.

Erica: Opal, I appreciate it, but I can take it from here.

Amanda: Oh.

Jake: There she is.

Amanda: Cara, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cara: You're welcome. For what?

Jake: We called your number, the contact -- 

Amanda: And she couldn't have been nicer.

Jake: So we got the ball rolling on the whole adoption thing. It's not gonna happen overnight or anything, but -- 

Amanda: But eventually Trevor will have a little brother or sister, thanks to you.

Cara: Oh, come on. I just gave you guys a number.

Amanda: No, you did way more than that. I mean, the thought of hoping and waiting for months, even years, with no guarantee -- and that positive feeling I had after my surgery? It's back, and I know everything's gonna work out.

Cara: Good. I'm happy for you guys.

Jake: Did you break that news to the patient yet?

Cara: Uh, I'm about to.

Amanda: Oh. Then we won't keep you. But you gave me my hope back, so I want to pass it on and pay it forward and give it back to you.

Cara: Thank you, guys.

Amanda: Thanks.

Cara: Bye.

Greenlee: What are you doing?

Zach: Why is she here?

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

David: You need to leave.

Greenlee: What did David do to you?

Zach: Get her out of here.

David: Greenlee, go.

Greenlee: Who is under that sheet?

Zach: Now, David!

David: I don't want you to see this.

Greenlee: See what?

David: Things got out of control. I never intended for any of this to happen.

Zach: What? Sure, you did. You wanted me to believe in your work, now I do, and no one can stop us.

Greenlee: Oh!

Sam: Sorry to break up the party, ladies, but according to my watch, Opal, we've got a flight to catch.

Opal: Oh, yes, and so does Erica. You are flying home to your own true love, remember?

Photographer: Mr. Sterling, you bringing Ms. Kane's new book to the screen?

Sterling: No comment. All right, you got your shot. Move along, please.

Opal: Ok. So we better skedaddle. Why don't you just say your good-byes?

Erica: Why don't you and Sam "skedaddle" to the airport, and I'll catch up with you before our flights?

Sam: Boots and saddles, baby.

Erica: [Chuckles] My friend is right. I have been down that road before, and it wasn't very pleasant.

Sterling: Adam Chandler bought the rights to your first autobiography, promised to make you the leading lady, and then he didn't come through.

Erica: That's true -- and I'm not very anxious to relive that experience.

Sterling: When I was a little boy, all I ever wanted to do was be in the movie business. That was it. That was my dream. And then finally, after what seemed like years, I was just about to shoot my first picture. It's like I was walking on air. You know what happened? At the very last minute, the big money panicked. They got cold feet and they pulled out.

Erica: Oh, how awful.

Sterling: Yeah. All I'm saying to you is don't deny yourself your dream, because you had one bad experience. Let me show you what happens when you get it right. Because when you get it right, it's like magic.

Erica: I'm sure that you've won over many, many people with that speech. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Sterling: I understand your hesitation -- there's a lot of slimy people in this town. There's a lot of carnage of projects that never happened, right?

Erica: Why should I believe that working with you would be any different?

Sterling: Because you're different. I read it in every page of that book. I heard it in every word that you used to cuss out whoever that was on the cell phone.

Erica: Then I guess you missed the part where I said I was going home to my fiancÚ.

Sterling: No, I caught that. But something tells me you're not too anxious to leave.

Erica: That's quite presumptuous of you. You don't know me.

Sterling: I know your drive. I know your hunger. I know your ambition. You're one of the most successful women that has walked this planet. But you're not done yet, not by a long shot, and your star could shine even brighter up there on the silver screen. And believe me when I tell you this -- I'm the one who knows how to make that happen.

Cara: Here we go. Oh, my God. I'm pregnant.

Greenlee: He killed Griffin.

Ryan: Did you do this, Hayward?

David: No. No!

Ryan: You're lying, you sick son of a bitch.

Zach: He didn't kill him; I killed him.

Ryan: You're insane. You've completely -- you see what you've done here, Hayward? Was your little project worth the life of an innocent man? This man was your friend, ok, and, what, because he wanted you to face the law, you had Zach kill --

David: No. I didn't know, all right?

Ryan: A man is dead. The least you can do is finally tell the truth, Hayward.

David: Zach did it! If I knew what he was about to do, of course, I would've stopped him!

Zach: See? That's why I had to handle it.

Ryan: "Handle it"? By murdering him?

Zach: One man, Ryan. Castillo's one man. We're gonna save millions of lives with these projects.

Greenlee: He's really dead.

David: No, listen to me! You took this way too far!

Zach: What?! You wanted protection, and you wanted loyalty -- now you have it. The work comes first, David. It always comes first -- no matter who has to be sacrificed.

David: Put it down.

Greenlee: Ryan, no! Stop it! Both of you, stop it! Stop!


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