All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/8/11


Episode #10701

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Jake: Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: How are you feeling? What happened?

Amanda: Has anyone ever told you that menopause blows?

Jake: Yes, actually, a lot. And I can explain that --

Amanda: Oh, my God. No cougar stories, please. Anyway -- jerk. Anyway, early menopause is even worse.

Jake: I know, but besides the menopause, you're in good form?

Amanda: Yep. Everything looks good. My numbers checked out.

Jake: Really? My wife is a superstar. My wife is a superstar! Want to get out of here?

Amanda: Sure -- as soon as you tell me what you're hiding.

Scott: J.R., the house is in foreclosure and has been for a while now?

J.R.: So?

Scott: So your father made this house the core of the Chandler legacy. It was supposed to be in our family forever.

J.R.: I'm not done fighting for it.

Scott: What are you talking about? With what? You got kicked out of the company, too. Now the bank wants everyone out of the house by the end of next week!

J.R.: I guess that gives me plenty of time.

Scott: No, it doesn't, and you're gonna be living on the street unless you listen to me.

Cara: So these are my appointments for the rest of the day, and tell Dr. Conway to call me if she has any questions. Thank you.

David: Hi.

Cara: Hi.

David: Since when do you unload patients?

Cara: Since when I could be one of them lying helpless on a table in a couple of weeks.

David: Let me correct you about this. First of all, you would never be helpless. And secondly, you don't yet know what's going on with the leukemia.

Cara: Yes, that's true, but either way, I'm in no condition to help anyone right now. So I'm out of here.

David: Ok. Where to?

Cara: Oh, gosh, that's cute. So you can stop me?

David: No. So I can go with you.

[Dixie laughs]

Tad: Did you get a job at the Chicken Shack? What the hell are you doing?

Dixie: No. In honor of the way that you first proposed to me, and to show you that I truly and deeply want to be with you, I have donned this fabulous garb. Also, I want you to know how incredibly sorry from the bottom of my heart that I am that I went to see David. And that I want you to know that I treasure every sweet and special and wacky moment that you ever gave me in my whole life, and all I really want to do is give you sweet, special, and wacky right back. What? What? I know. I'm pretty, right? It's the beak -- it's irresistible.

Tad: I got to get a picture.

Dixie: No, don't go anywhere. We have reservations.

Tad: Really?

Dixie: Yes, we do.

Tad: Oh, my little chickadee. So what's the flight plan?

Dixie: Oh, flight plan! You got it! We have a table, a perfect little table, at ConFusion.

Tad: ConFusion?

Dixie: Yes.

Tad: Chichi, cosmotino ConFusion?

Dixie: That's the one.

Tad: You'd really go like this?

Dixie: What? You don't want to be seen with me? Are you chicken?

Jake: And this is just boring, chief-of-staff stuff. Ok, you got me. It's just a little something we should discuss at home, in private.

Amanda: Ok. Should I be scared?

Jake: No -- if I get my way. And I usually do get my way, so you will never be scared again. Ok? Can we just discuss it at home? I think it's a private matter that we should discuss at home and not here.

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: All right? Ok.

Amanda: All right.

Cara: No, I'd like to be with you, but I don't want to bum you out.

David: That is not gonna happen. All right? So what do you say? Lunch at the club? Dinner in Manhattan? Your pick.

Cara: My pick?

David: Yes.

Cara: Then come with me.

Scott: The gatehouse is a separate entity from the main house, so it's safe from foreclosure.

J.R.: Good for you. You want to rub my nose it in a little bit more?

Scott: You're such an idiot. I'm saying it could be your answer -- temporarily, at least. You could stay there while you're trying to figure things out.

J.R.: I'm not some homeless bum desperate for whatever it is you're trying to pull.

Scott: I'm not pulling anything.

J.R.: Really? You'd just give me your house?

Scott: My father -- he would do it for yours.

J.R.: You're not Uncle Stuart, not even close, and it's pathetic when you try. So keep your busted-up house and your lame attempt at charity.

Scott: Ok, you do know what "foreclosure" means, right? Because the laws -- they apply to the great J.R. Chandler, too.

J.R.: You see, that's where you're wrong, because I'm gonna keep this house, I'm gonna keep the company and my son no matter what the law says!

Madison: Hi. Hey.

J.R.: You want to give to charity? There's a needy case.

Madison: Was he always like this?

Scott: I'm sorry. Ignore him. He's gonna crash and burn soon enough.

Madison: I looked for you at the gatehouse. I figured you might be up here. Housewarming gift.

Scott: For me? Oh, wow. A microwave? Wow. Thank you very much.

Madison: You're welcome.

Scott: You want to go check out the progress?

Madison: Yes. Definitely.

Scott: Let's go out the front. The terrace is covered in scaffolding.

Marissa: Hey.

Madison: Hi.

Marissa: Hello.

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: How are you?

Scott: Would you give us a minute? I'll meet you outside?

Madison: Yeah. Good to see you, Marissa.

Marissa: Good to see you, too. So -- is she the reason you've been dodging my calls?

Tad: Hello. Hello. Ooh! Here. Allow me.

Dixie: Oh, thank you!

Tad: Ba-caw. Or, as we say, ba-caw! Sorry -- force of habit. What do we have here?

Dixie: I thought to celebrate and commemorate the occasion, we might have a bit of sparkling cider.

Tad: Ooh. Does my baby have lips or what?

Dixie: Mwah.

Tad: So I tell you what, what shall we drink to?

Dixie: To our first date -- our first date this time around.

Tad: And maybe our last. I mean, no, not our last date. I'm just saying I'm thrilled for the first-time-around thing, but --

Dixie: Tad? Cheers.

Tad: Here's how. Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm!

Dixie: Hmm?

Tad: I still can't get over it! You look so -- you look so -- I hope you know that I'm interested in a lot more than a date?

Dixie: I hope you know I'm interested in a lot more, too, but I think that we should take it slow.

Tad: Not being married to another woman is a good start.

Dixie: Very true.

Tad: So -- slow, huh?

Dixie: You think you can handle it?

Tad: I don't know. You look pretty hot.

Dixie: I'm feeling pretty hot, too.

Tad: Hot? How hot? Like feisty?

Dixie: No, "hot" as in hot. It's like 1,000 degrees in this thing, itchy.

Tad: Ha ha ha ha!

Dixie: Ok, next time you wear the chicken suit.

Tad: No. No, you're doing great. Besides, I think I'm a little too mature at this point.

Dixie: Oh, are you, now?

Tad: Yeah.

Dixie: Ho ho ho ho!

Tad: So really, is it -- it's that bad, huh?

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: Why didn't you say something?

Dixie: I don't know. I mean, I didn't want to give up the chance to make a fool of myself in front of the entire town. And besides, nothing is more romantic than a sweating, itching chicken. Ok, this has got to come off. I'm sorry.

Tad: Nothing says "do me" like feathers.

Dixie: Ha ha ha! What's wrong?

Tad: It's -- actually, it's stuck.

Dixie: "Stuck" as in how stuck?

Tad: How many variations of "stuck" are there? It won't move. I can't budge it.

Dixie: Ow!

Tad: God, Dixie, I hope the people who rented it last didn't have bedbugs.

Dixie: I don't know. Ow!

Tad: You stupid, metal --

Dixie: Ok, now you got to get it off. Get it off! Get it off! Oh, God! Ow!

Scott: Madison is my friend. That's it. She came by to check on the work that I've been doing on the gatehouse, period.

Marissa: Oh, ok. Good. Great.

Scott: What are you doing here? You came by to talk to J.R.?

Marissa: Yes. Is he here?

Scott: He is, and he is in a mood, so be careful -- very careful.

Marissa: Always. Thank you. Hi.

J.R.: What the hell are you doing here?

Marissa: I came by because A.J. wants to see you.

Tad: I give up.

Dixie: Don't give up! You can't give up! Do something. Go to the kitchen. They've got knives or poultry shears.

Tad: Perfect! Fitting! I got a better idea. You stay here. Don't move. I'll be right back.

Dixie: Tad? Tad, hurry up, please! Ahh. Oh, oh.

David: You do realize I was serious about going to New York City for dinner, don't you? We could be there in a couple hours.

Cara: Yeah, I just -- I got to do something, and I got the spot, so it's perfect.

David: I'm pretty sure defacing public property is frowned upon here in this park.

Cara: Um, I'm pretty sure no one's gonna say no to a dying woman, so --

David: Please don't talk like that. What are you doing?

Cara: Uh -- have you ever seen these before?

David: No. I can't say I have. What are they?

Cara: They are called trouble dolls, and each one represents my troubles. That's cancer.

David: Your "maybe" cancer.

Cara: You'd think she'd be uglier. And this one is for me missing my brother, but it's actually probably a good thing that he's not here, because he'd just be worrying about me. And this one is for my living situation, as in I don't have one because I'm out of Tad's house. So --

David: And what about this last one?

Cara: That one is family. For the children I probably won't have. Ok. Hold that thought. Your turn.

David: "My turn"?

Cara: Your turn.

David: As in me?

Cara: As in you, yes.

David: I don't have any troubles.

Cara: Oh, come on.

David: No, my life is grand. It's perfect. Everything's great.

Jake: That's a blatant lie. Karmic justice alone says you're probably gonna need a couple dozen of those bad boys at least. That pledge you have does more than polish wood.

J.R.: I didn't know about this father/son breakfast. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Marissa: Why did I even come over here?

J.R.: For A.J., so you claim.

Marissa: I thought there was a chance that you'd cleaned up your act, but I should've known when I read about what was going on with the company that --

J.R.: Nothing is going on with the company.

Marissa: The board kicked you out.

J.R.: You know nothing about business, do you? It's a power play, trust me. The Chandler name will be coming back bigger and better, so you'd best watch your back.

Marissa: There was a time you could get me to believe almost anything.

J.R.: There was a time you knew which bed to sleep in.

Marissa: You're in trouble. If you want to see A.J. again --

J.R.: Don't tell me that I'm not fit to see my son, because I'm perfectly fine.

Colby: No, you're the opposite of fine.

J.R.: Not now, Colby.

Colby: Were you gonna fill me in, or was I just gonna show up one day with a giant padlock on our front door?

J.R.: Marissa and I were in the middle of something.

Colby: You know what? The bank contacted my mother. Apparently, our house is in foreclosure, and we have to be out by next week.

Tad: I got it. Stop that. I'm gonna take this, I'm gonna stick it in the back here, and it'll help me get this sucker down. It'll give me a little more leverage, and the best part is it won't ruin the suit.

Dixie: That's the best part?

Tad: Yeah. It's a rental.

Dixie: Oh, Tad, where did you even get that, anyway? It's not even raining out.

Officer: According to the owner, he stole it.

Jake: You might want to add a little doll there for yourself if you decide to keep hanging out with this guy.

David: That's hysterical, considering you've caused more trouble for Cara than I ever could, right?

Cara: We should just take a time-out. What do you think?

Jake: Watch your back. Come on, Trev.

David: So what, you need to get your digs in, too?

Amanda: So has it happened yet -- that feeling I got after my surgery that something good was gonna happen.

Cara: No, it hasn't. You sure it was something good?

Amanda: I think maybe it's already happened, you just don't know it yet. But it will -- and, yeah, it's good.

Cara: I'll be on the lookout.

David: What was that about? "A feeling"?

[Phone rings]

Cara: It's the hospital. What if the results are in?

Jake: Tell us this one. What color is this one, Trev? He's ignoring me.

[Trevor babbles]

Jake: So can I just say something without you getting upset with me?

Amanda: What?

Jake: I just can't --

Amanda: Hold on. Honey, stay where Mommy can see you, ok? Right there.

Jake: Sorry.

Amanda: What, babe?

Jake: I was just saying I can't believe that Cara hasn't seen through him yet, you know? She's over there burying little dolls to get rid of her troubles? I mean, the biggest trouble is staring her right in the face. I'm just saying.

Amanda: She's lucky, if you ask me.

Jake: To have a troll as a potential boyfriend? I guess so.

Amanda: But at least she can have a baby. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- I said if I got through the surgery and it got all the cancer, that I would stop with the whole pity-party thing.

Jake: It's understandable. You're allowed to be angry. You gave up a lot.

Amanda: But I still have you, I still have Trevor, so I'm the lucky one.

Jake: It's not easy to always remember that. You're going through hot flashes and God knows what else. How are you feeling, by the way?

Amanda: I'm good, thank you.

Jake: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Jake: But?

Amanda: No more pity parties, remember?

Jake: There's no right way to do this. Just talk to me.

Amanda: It's like every symptom of this early menopause is a slap in the face, just a reminder that I can't have any more kids.

Jake: I say that just because you had a hysterectomy doesn't mean that we can't have the big family that we always dreamed of.

Cara: Yeah, no problem. Just call me if anything else pops up. Thanks.

David: Not your test results, huh?

Cara: No. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

David: Maybe it's a little of both.

Cara: Yeah. Maybe. Why don't you lie down with me?

David: What? What are you talking about?

Cara: Lie down. Find one.

David: "Find one" what?

Cara: Right there. I see a dog with a tube sock in his mouth in the clouds.

David: That is fascinating. Oh, my gosh. Really? Right there in the clouds?

Cara: Yes. Come on, sit down.

David: I think I'm gonna skip lying down in the dirt, ok? Thank you.

Cara: Doc, this is grass. And if you're worried about the dry-cleaning bill, I got it covered. Come on.

David: All right. Fine, fine, fine, I'll do it.

Cara: Quickly before the clouds move.

David: Oh, yeah, we don't want to miss that. Where is this Fido with a sock fetish? Show me.

Cara: Right there.

David: Hmm. All right. Ok, sort of.

Cara: Ha ha ha!

David: So you do this a lot -- lie in the dirt, look at clouds in the sky for animals?

Cara: Actually, no. I haven't done this since I was a little girl. My brother made up this game, and it's sort of to help us take our mind off of what's really going on.

David: All right. You got me.

Cara: Yeah?

David: Yeah. All right. I can't believe I'm about to do this.

Cara: I am excited. Ok, what do we see?

David: How did you miss it? Look at that. It's obvious. It's an alligator with a walking stick at 10 o'clock, right over there. You see that?

Cara: No, it's a pool cue.

David: What are you looking at? No. That's 1 o'clock; that's 10 o'clock right over there. You see it?

J.R.: Can't believe everything you hear, Colby. I know you're a lot smarter than that.

Colby: I'm not making this up, J.R., all right? The bank contacted --

J.R.: Enough with the damn bank! And don't you think about using this to keep A.J. from me.

Marissa: You are clearly not in a good state of mind to be seeing him right now.

J.R.: You don't get to decide that, do you?

Colby: According to the judge, she does.

J.R.: Then I'll just have to deal with the judge.

Colby: Just like you did last time, huh?

J.R.: Yeah. This time I'll be a lot more forceful.

Marissa: A.J. was scared of you before. You don't seem any less scary right now.

J.R.: You want scary? I'll give you scary.

Colby: J.R., stop, all right? Stop it.

J.R.: She won't let me see my son. So, no, I will not stop! I will never stop!

Marissa: This was clearly a terrible idea.

J.R.: The only ideas that you've had lately are terrible, and the worst one yet is trying to fight me.

Marissa: I'll see you later, Colby.

J.R.: What the hell is wrong with you?

Colby: "What's wrong with me?"

J.R.: Dropping the bomb in front of Marissa like that? You don't live here, Colby. What do you even care?

Colby: I'm gonna call Dad.

J.R.: No.

Colby: Maybe there's something that he can --

J.R.: And I said no!

Colby: J.R., stop it!

Scott: J.R.'s mother coming back from wherever she was? It's great, but it's a lot for anyone to take, let alone an alcoholic.

Madison: You handled it all ok -- not the Dixie part, but -- Scott, I know how attached you got to Sara, and how close we were before -- I'm really sorry.

Scott: You don't have to say anything --

Madison: No, just let me apologize. I shut you out, and it was wrong.

Scott: Ok, look, after I lied to you, you had every right --

Madison: You're really not gonna let me do this, are you?

Scott: Yes. Yes, I am, and I accept your apology.

Madison: Thank you.

Scott: But, really, there's nothing that you need to be forgiven for or anything.

Madison: You couldn't just leave it, could you?

Scott: No, I guess not. It's one of my many weaknesses.

Madison: Yeah, I wouldn't call being a good guy a weakness. It blows my mind how you and J.R. grew up in practically the same house, and yet you turned out so differently.

Scott: When it comes to role models, mine was one of the best -- my dad. J.R. -- he had Uncle Adam, so --

Madison: I wish I could've known your father.

Scott: Yeah? Oh, you would've loved him. Because once Stuart Chandler got under your skin, all that talk about beauty, positivity -- pretty hard to shake.

Madison: I guess that's why I bailed on my date.

Scott: You had a date?

Madison: But I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Dixie: Oh, oh, bliss. Pure bliss.

Krystal: Oh, man. What kind of bugs were in this thing, anyway?

Tad: Hopefully, the kind that don't have to be fumigated.

Dixie: Ha ha ha!

Officer: Umbrella theft charges are being dropped.

Dixie: Thank you, Officer.

Officer: You two are free to go. Now get out of here.

Tad: Such a nice man.

Dixie: Wow. Thank you for coming all the way over here and helping me out of that suit.

Krystal: No problem. I would ask you why you're in that thing in the first place, but I think I have an idea.

Dixie: Right. So you know, um, I didn't get to talk to J.R. at the house. So why don't I go back there and see if I can find him?

Tad: I'll talk to you later.

Dixie: Ok. Cool. Ooh, I better take this to the dry cleaners. Ugh.

Tad: Put it in the trunk.

Dixie: Ha ha ha!

Krystal: Heh heh heh! Ohh. I'm glad Marissa is out of the house -- and A.J., too.

Tad: I guess it's best for everybody, but I have to admit I'm kind of -- I feel sorry for J.R. I mean, if some judge told me I couldn't see my children, I'd lose my mind.

Krystal: Speaking of which, um, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

Tad: That doesn't sound good.

Krystal: No, it's not that it's not good. It's different. I'm thinking of changing things up, you know, taking the plunge.

Tad: And by "plunge," you mean --

Krystal: Moving out.

Jake: Trev? That's right. Back it up a little closer, please.

Amanda: Wow. You are really serious about this adoption thing.

Jake: It's not like it hasn't come up. Right?

Amanda: Yeah, but in a "maybe someday" kind of way. I mean, all of this makes it seem so real.

Jake: This is good, don't you think? This is a good thing.

Amanda: Are you sure that you're ok with not having any more kids of your own?

Jake: They would be our own. I thought about this. I thought about it while I was sitting in the recovery room. I thought -- yes, they're not gonna get your smile or not gonna get my hair, but they're still gonna get the best part of us.

Amanda: Our hearts.

Jake: And it is kind of a bummer that they might not get my hair, because I was kind of blessed in that department. You know, you know. What?

Amanda: I just don't want you to do this to make me feel better.

Jake: Oh, no, no, I'm doing this for me. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for us. I'm doing it for us. I'm doing it for Little Master T.

Amanda: Oh, that name is sticking, isn't it?

Jake: No. Forget that name because we'll have more, right? Wouldn't you love to have another one, or another two, another three?

Amanda: Ok, let's take this one at a time.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: Ooh. This is a big step.

Jake: As long as I have you, it's a step I can't wait to take.

Cara: That's a total hippopotamus.

David: It looks nothing like a hippopotamus.

Cara: You need to get your eyes checked.

David: No, absolutely not. I'm sticking by my diagnosis. That looks like a ferret with a stethoscope.

Cara: A ferret? No. Oh, my God, with the doctor terminology. We are in the outdoors. You got to bring it here, too?

David: Don't start throwing that stuff at me now. Yes. We're having fun out here, right?

Cara: Yeah.

David: Yeah.

Cara: Ok. Whew. We should go.

David: Really?

Cara: Yeah. I need to face the facts. I'm about to get some news that's gonna change my life.

Krystal: Look, I thought long and hard about this, ok? I need a place of my own. It's time. It's time to move on for all of us.

Tad: How far is "a few houses"?

Krystal: It's a couple minutes' walk, tops. Really, I think if we work at this, then it'll be an easy transition for us and the girls. Kathy and Jenny can go back and forth, and so can we.

Tad: If anybody deserves a life after everything I've asked you to endure, it's you.

Krystal: Oh, pfft.

Tad: I'm just gonna miss you so damn much.

Krystal: I'm gonna miss you, too.

Tad: I'm not just saying that, I mean it. You're the best friend/roommate/shoulder to cry on I've ever had. If you hadn't been around to prop me up these last few years, I don't know what would've happened.

Krystal: Hey, if you ever need to talk, want a cup of coffee or a beer, if you just need me to come over and fold laundry, just call me, ok, and I'll be right over. All right?

Tad: Cool. Been quite a journey, hasn't it?

Krystal: It's not near over yet.

J.R.: Getting Dad involved -- that'd be the worst mistake that you can make.

Colby: You lost the company, ok? The house is in foreclosure. How can things possibly get any worse?

J.R.: Don't be stupid, Colby. I'm gonna get it back.

Colby: Ok. Just like you tried to get Marissa and A.J. back, but, J.R., look how that turned out for you.

Dixie: Hi.

Colby: Hi. Uh, you might want to think about packing up your stuff before the bank takes over and demolishes this house.

Dixie: What?

Colby: Ask J.R. You might be the one person that he doesn't lie to. Hi. I'm trying to reach Adam Chandler.

Dixie: Sweetie, is it true? Did you lose the house?

J.R.: Minor setback. Don't worry. I'll put you up at the club.

Dixie: The only person I'm worried about is you. Can you even afford a hotel room?

J.R.: That's a joke, right?

Dixie: Don't worry about it. I'm gonna call Tad, and he'll put you up in his house for sure.

J.R.: No, I'm not staying with Tad. This house is my birthright, and I'm not giving up. Let them try to kick me out of here.

Dixie: Come here. I know I haven't been there for you before, but I am here now, ok? Don't forget that.

J.R.: I won't.

Tad: The house? The whole house? Adam's gonna lose his mind.

Dixie: Don't worry. J.R.'s not giving this up without a fight, but it's gonna be an ugly one.

Tad: Another fight? Another fight -- that's exactly what he needs.

Dixie: I hope you don't mind? I offered him your house. I mean, I felt bad. I just -- not that he's gonna take you up on it or me up on it. I mean, he refuses to budge.

Tad: Don't be ridiculous, ok? You did the right thing. You don't even have to ask. Our door is always open. He knows that. What?

Dixie: "Our door"?

Tad: Did I say that out loud?

Dixie: I'm afraid you did.

Tad: Yeah, I guess I did. As long as it's out there, I'm not taking it back. Don't grin at me. Come on, Dixie, you're back. You're here. We're together -- that means you should be here. We should be together here. I want this, don't you?

Dixie: Of course, I do.

Tad: I think it's important.

Dixie: Of course, I want it. It's just -- it's Opal and Krystal's house, too. They're camped out here. They're upstairs.

Tad: Let's review, shall we, just for a second? Because if Mama finds out about this, she's gonna be thrilled. We'll be lucky if she doesn't throw you some bizarre-themed welcome-home party.

Dixie: And what about Krystal?

Tad: Krystal's moving out.

Dixie: Oh, Tad, I'm sorry. I could tell that she had something to talk to you about.

Tad: Yeah, it's gonna be an adjustment, that's for sure. But she'll be a few houses down, that's it. We're gonna see each other all the time for Jenny. I mean, that's the deal.

Dixie: Baby, I'm still not sure I should be moving in.

Tad: Don't move.

Jake: Hey, hey! I have a question for you. How would you feel about having another brother or a sister, hmm? Would you like that?

Trevor: Yes.

Jake: I take that as a "yes."

Amanda: Yes, I think that was a "yes."

Jake: What do you think? Is that a "yes" from you, also?

Amanda: Let's do it.

Jake: Yes?

Amanda: Yes, let's do it! Yes!

Cara: Oh, my God. I've got no problem leaving you down there. Is this some kind of protest or something?

David: Your results aren't due till tomorrow, right?

Cara: Right.

David: And the likelihood of them coming in early?

Cara: Slim.

David: Right.

Cara: But I can't get it out of my head.

David: Yes, this could turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Cara: Thanks.

David: But it could also turn out to be nothing. And since it's not tomorrow -- at least not yet -- why don't we enjoy today? Come on. Come back in the dirt with me, woman. What do you say?

Cara: I thought you'd never ask!

David: You all right?

Cara: Yes.

David: Cool.

[Tad clucks]

Dixie: Oh! Ha ha! What are you doing? Why?

Tad: Huh? What do you mean, why? I can't believe you have to ask -- because of you. Yeah, because of you. Because you reminded me of something really, really important. The first time I asked you something important -- first time I proposed in a flurry of feathers: Humor and love. Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna make a total jerk out of myself every time I have an important question to ask you regarding our relationship, but this is fairly important. So the --

Dixie: Ho ho ho!

Tad: Dixie, please come home. From the bottom of my heart, please, please move in with me.

Dixie: A first date to moving in?

Tad: Yeah. You remember what Chicken Little said?

Dixie: "The sky is falling"?

Tad: No, after that. After that. "It's a new day." And that's exactly how I'd like to wake up every day, every morning for the rest of our lives together -- with humor and with love.

Dixie: Oh, baby, there is no other way I would like to wake up.

Tad: You know you want to.

Dixie: Hee hee hee hee! Ooh! Is that an egg in your basket or you just happy to see me?

Tad: Kiss me. Come on, stop it.

J.R.: You must be loving this. How much more do I have to lose before you're finally finished with me?

Colby: I wouldn't be calling you if it wasn't important, ok? The company is bankrupt and the house is in foreclosure, and J.R. -- he's a mess. He was drinking, and then he stopped. I'm just -- I'm scared, Brooke, ok? Thank you. Hi, Dad. We really need you.

J.R.: You got more? Huh? Bring it on -- because I'm not gonna go out that easy -- or alone.

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