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Cara: Hi.

Tad: Come on. You don't have to move out so quickly, do you?

Cara: You gave me a perfect marriage. I want to give you a perfect divorce.

Zach: Hey. You just missed Kendall and the boys. They're out shopping.

Erica: Oh, good -- because I came to talk to you.

Zach: Oh? What's on your mind?

Erica: You. Zach, you're not the same man as you were.

Zach: What do you mean?

Erica: I mean you're not the same man you were before. You're not the Zach I know and love.

Zach: A near-death experience changes a man.

Erica: Not you. I don't buy that.

Zach: Here's one thing that hasn't changed -- I still get annoyed about people not getting to the point. What do you want?

Erica: What you're hiding about David Hayward.

Frankie: David, I've been looking for you.

David: Been looking for me? What can I do for you, Dr. Hubbard?

Frankie: A favor.

David: You want to ask me a favor? This should be interesting.

Frankie: I'd like for you to put in a good word with Dr. Glaser for me.

David: Why would you need me to do that?

Frankie: I want to observe when he operates on her.

David: The surgery's off.

Frankie: What?

David: Jesse postponed the operation.

Frankie: Why would my father do that, David?

David: I told him about the risks of performing the surgery if Angie had high blood pressure. He told me that she has been under a lot of stress as of late.

Frankie: Stress? What kind of stress?

David: It's your family, Frankie. Maybe you should ask them.

Frankie: She wanted to see, and this was her best chance.

David: Her only chance. So tell you what, why don't you find out what's going on with your family and fix it?

Jesse: I don't even know what to say. I mean, "sorry" just seems so lame right now.

Maya: You have nothing to apologize for. I found my little girl. I found her, hmm?

Jesse: So you know everything?

Maya: Angie told me. You lost your baby the same night that I put little Lucy in the police car. I am so sorry. I can't even imagine how hard that must've been for you.

Jesse: There's no excuse for me lying to you the way I did, or to my wife.

Maya: You did it to protect Angie. And losing a baby after everything you went through? You spared her from that.

Angie: Some things you just can't be spared.

Maya: I can't be mad, not after what I did. At least I got lucky.

Jesse: "Lucky"?

Maya: I was so scared that night. I had this baby, this beautiful, little, innocent girl, and I wanted her to be safe. I knew that if I put her in a police car, that they would find her a loving home. And you did that, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Frankie: Hey, Mom, why was your surgery postponed?

Angie: "Postponed"?

Frankie: You didn't know?

Angie: This is the first I'm hearing of it. Did you do this, Jesse?

Jesse: I had no choice.

Angie: "No choice"?

Jesse: Angela, your blood pressure. I was worried about your stress level.

Frankie: Stress? What stress? What's going on?

Jesse: Have a seat, Frankie.

Cara: It's very sweet of you to ask me to stay, but the sooner I get out of here, the sooner you and Dixie can figure out where you two are and, well, the sooner I can move on from you.

Tad: I said it a million times, but I can't help it. I'm sorry. I had no idea that something like this was gonna happen.

Cara: Getting close?

Tad: Yeah, what do they say about the best laid plans? The plan was three years of playing house together, and then just on to whatever.

Cara: You shouldn't have been so wonderful.

Tad: And you could've done something about being so sweet, funny, caring, gorgeous.

Cara: Ok, not helping.

Tad: Sorry.

Cara: It's ok. Look, I totally got it. When Dixie came back, all bets were off. And obviously I didn't like it, but I got it. One soul mate per customer, right? So I think that you two need some time along together without having to worry about me. And thanks to Agnes Eckhart's friends in high places, you don't need to, because I won't be deported. It's ok.

Tad: Just for the record, I really like worrying about you. I mean, I enjoyed it, but -- I care about you. Dixie or no Dixie, nothing is gonna change that ever.

Cara: Well, I'd like us to be friends again -- like we were before, if that's possible? So I'm gonna -- I need to get this whole divorce thing started, so I think I will take the jet, all of the Picassos, and the Long Island compound.

Tad: As long as I can have the baseball cards, it's fine.

Cara: Hmm. Everything except the Mickey Mantle rookie card.

Tad: Ooh. You drive a hard bargain.

Cara: Yes, I do, don't I? Hmm. Ok, fine. How about this? How about I just take all of the beautiful memories instead?

Opal: Oh, my Lord. Oh, my Lord, I can't believe that.

Krystal: What is it?

Opal: Here. Read this. Sam Brady is coming to Pine Valley for his high school reunion.

Krystal: Ah. Who's Sam Brady?

Opal: "Who's Sam Brady?" Ohh. Sam Brady was my first true love in Pine Valley after I moved here with Jenny.

Krystal: Ooh.

Opal: Yeah, I know. I thought we were gonna turn into something really solid, but --

Krystal: But what? What happened?

Opal: Verla Grubbs is what happened. She gave Sam a tango lesson. Things went south between us after that. But I don't care. I got the last laugh. I ended up with Palmer.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. So why are you so upset?

Opal: Sam wants to see me.

Krystal: That's great. I mean, you obviously still have feelings for him. I don't see a problem.

Opal: The problem is I promised Erica I would go to L.A. with her this weekend.

Krystal: Just tell her you can't go now. She'll understand.

Opal: No, it isn't that simple. She thinks she's got a lead on somebody else that David Hayward has rescued from the long dirt nap.

Krystal: Who does she think that is?

Opal: Mike Roy. He helped her write her first book. Personally, I think she's absolutely crazy to go on a wild-goose chase like this, but you know Erica. Once she gets something in her head, there is no holding her back.

Erica: Zach, I understand your being grateful to David Hayward for saving your life.

Zach: Not just my life -- Ian's life, Kendall's life.

Erica: Yeah, I know. He's a wonderful doctor, but he's also a creep. He's a diabolical human being who very well may be behind my kidnapping.

Zach: And that's why you're here, because you got some proof of that?

Erica: David dropped some hints that maybe he has somebody that I used to care about stashed away somewhere.

Zach: And you think I know who that is.

Erica: You seem to be David Hayward's number one fan these days. You are investing heavily in his research.

Zach: He doesn't tell me everything.

Erica: I found a lead on this person, Zach, someone I did once care about very, very much, and I plan to follow up on this when I'm in L.A., so all I'm asking from you is some confirmation that indeed there could be others out there that David Hayward has saved or is in the process of saving. Surely you must know that much.

Zach: I think you should let it go.

Erica: Give me one good reason why.

Zach: Because it's only gonna end up hurting people -- you, Jack.

Erica: Why are you protecting David?

Zach: I'm not protecting David. I'm protecting you.

Erica: How can you protect David Hayward in one breath and then warn me against him in the next? You used to hate him without question, and now you're his champion. Does he have something on you?

Zach: No.

Erica: Kendall and the boys -- are they safe?

Zach: Yeah, the family's safe.

Erica: I'm beginning to wonder about that.

Zach: I know you're trying to get a rise out of me. It's not gonna happen, so just drop it. It's a lot bigger than you realize.

Krystal: Wow. If you ask me, I think you're the one that's crazy, not Erica.

Opal: Why?

Krystal: You are missing a chance to see an old flame, who obviously still cares about you, so that you can go off to L.A. and look for one of Erica's dead exes?

Opal: Yeah, but she is convinced that David has Mike Roy stashed someplace.

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. And I thought that he saved Babe, too, until I realized that he is just playing mind games with everyone, because that's what he does. Frankly, I'm just a little bit surprised that Erica fell for it.

Opal: I'm not saying I disagree, but I can't cut and run on Erica now. We've been best buds for too long.

Krystal: Ohh. Yes, I know that. But, frankly, it seems to me that you're the one that does all the heavy lifting in that friendship of yours.

Opal: Oh, that's not true.

Krystal: Really? When was the last time that Erica went out of her way for you? Think about it.

Opal: You know, Krystal -- you are right.

Tad: Jackson's a really good friend and he's very trustworthy. I'm sure he could draw up the divorce papers for us.

Cara: Ok. Thank you.

Tad: You're welcome, I guess. And thank you.

Cara: I really didn't do anything.

Tad: Yeah, you did. You saved my life.

Cara: Actually, that's what you did for me.

Tad: No, I mean -- come on. Seriously, being married to you? Piece of cake. Heh heh! If the rest of my life was like that, I'd die of happiness. You have any idea what you did for my street cred? I mean, the truth is you saved my life. You taught me to live again.

Cara: I think you're a pro at living life.

Tad: Used to be. That's what people used to say, anyway. And then, you know, the last few years around this place before you came along, things were getting pretty small. And then boom. This wife I neither wanted or expected shows up -- and she picks me up and dusts me off and scares the hell out of me, teaches me how to get excited about life all over again. And for that, you have no idea how grateful I am.

Cara: Whoa.

Tad: I know.

Cara: Whoa. Wow! You just had to bust that word. You did. That's our bad word. Ha ha! I thought you wanted more from me than just gratitude.

Tad: Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes you get it.

Cara: Me, too.

Frankie: Wow.

Jesse: Yeah. I guess I thought God stepped in to make things right when Ellie died. Waved his hand, and there's this brand-new baby that we could love, raise as our own.

Frankie: Only you had no idea it was Maya's.

Jesse: No, not at the time. But I should've told you guys -- everybody -- this as soon as I found out, but I didn't.

Frankie: I want to see her. Where'd you bury her?

Jesse: I'll take you.

Frankie: I am so sorry, Mom.

Angie: I know, baby. I know. Maya, please take Lucy into the bedroom. I need to speak to Jesse for a moment.

Maya: Ok.

Angie: Why did you cancel the surgery without asking me first?

Jesse: I told you, babe. I was concerned about your health.

Angie: Don't you think I deserve a say in this?

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: Don't you think that you have made enough life-changing decisions for me already? I need something good to happen in my life, Jesse. My little girl, my baby, is dead, and the child I thought was mine belongs to someone else. I didn't lose one child today, I lost two. I need something to get me through all that! Don't I deserve that, or should I just go swallow a bottle of sleeping pills?!

Jesse: Of course, you deserve that, babe. I wish I could make miracles for you.

Angie: I just want to see again.

Jesse: And risk your life?

Angie: My life! My decision. The surgery is back on.

Jesse: Frankie, would you talk to your mother? Maybe she'll listen to another doctor?

Frankie: I'm with Mom on this one.

Jesse: Look, she's upset -- we're all upset. I get that. I understand that.

Frankie: David won't clear Mom for the surgery unless he thinks she's healthy enough.

Jesse: So we just put your mother's life in David Hayward's hands now?

Angie: Not you. I am. Now, will one of you drive me, or do I need to call a cab?

Tad: What are you gonna do?

Cara: Well, there's always work.

Tad: That's what I'm talking about -- Hayward.

Cara: We're gonna agree to disagree on that one, all right?

Tad: Just promise me, swear to me that you will keep your eyes open.

Cara: I promise. As far as the future goes, I don't know what's gonna happen. For the longest time I really didn't think I was gonna have one, and now I am. I am excited to know what's out there, and that's because of you. Ok? So I got to get this thing going. Oh, boy.

Tad: Cara? Do me a favor.

Cara: Yes?

Tad: Would you let me drive you to the Yacht Club, please? I mean, I don't want to give you up just yet. And it's on the way to the hospital. I got to get over there -- it's Angela's surgery today.

Cara: Actually, Krystal's gonna take me. So --

Tad: Ok.

Cara: Hug? Heh heh.

David: I have Dr. Glaser standing by, but I want to be absolutely certain that you're up for this.

Angie: I'm ready, David.

David: Jesse seemed to think that this wasn't the best time. What's changed?

Angie: He didn't ask me first. That's what's changed.

David: I'd like to examine Angie alone, please.

Jesse: I won't get in the way.

Angie: Jesse, please. How's my blood pressure?

David: Slightly elevated.

Angie: But not significantly.

David: Not yet, no. But I'm not about to green-light any procedure until I know what's going on. Obviously something is.

Angie: My baby died.

Frankie: This is crazy. I pushed you to be Lucy's nanny, and she was yours. So you told my parents that you would stick around for now. What does that really mean?

Maya: That -- it's just I don't know for how long.

Frankie: But, eventually, do you plan on taking Lucy away with you?

Erica: Thank you for the warning, but I don't like mysteries. I never have.

Zach: Meaning what?

Erica: Meaning I'm gonna take my chances. I'm gonna find out everything David Hayward is up to, and you can trust me on that.

Zach: Sit down.

Erica: No, thank you. I have a mystery to solve.

Zach: Please sit down. You have no idea what's happening out there. Just know that I'm on top of it.

Erica: You mean you and David Hayward are on top of it.

Zach: I meant what I said. I don't want anything to happen to you, but you keep pushing and pushing, and it's gonna risk everything -- you, me, Kendall, the boys. So please drop it.

Erica: You certainly know how to add to the mystery, don't you?

Zach: I'm sorry. I just need you to trust me.

Erica: By that, do you really mean I should just do as you say or else?

Zach: No. I mean go to L.A., look for your lost lover if you have to. It would be a good idea if you left town for a little while, but just stay away from David. That's clear, right?

Erica: Very.

Maya: I know that Angie and Jesse love her so much, and I couldn't have asked for better parents to have taken care of her.

Frankie: But you love her, too.

Maya: And now Mookie's out of town, and there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. But I don't want to do anything to hurt your parents, or you, Frankie. But now that I've found her again, how could I give her up?

Angie: So it was the placental abruption. There was no miracle. Jesse couldn't save her.

David: I'm very sorry.

Angie: Lucy had been abandoned, so to Jesse, it seemed like it was all part of God's plan: Raising this little girl as our own to replace the baby that we lost.

David: So when Jesse toys with human lives, it's misinterpreting God's plan. But me, I'm committing some great sin, daring to play God myself.

Angie: He was trying to spare me the pain.

David: I know what he was trying to do, but he ended up hurting you anyway -- much worse than if he'd just told you the truth.

Angie: Would you have done any different?

David: I know all about grief, anger, loss, only my little girl didn't die of natural causes. Leora was killed by medical incompetence.

Angie: She had a very serious heart defect, all kinds of complications.

David: Yes, thanks to Joe Martin.

Angie: He did everything he could to save her.

David: No, he didn't. He kept me out of that operating room. He wouldn't bend the rules, even for a moment, just to give me a chance to save my daughter's life. He didn't want to damage his God-almighty reputation. My daughter took her last breaths on that operating table. And as a parent, I needed to know that my child was gone. If somebody had placed a substitute baby in my arms, that would've been an insult to her memory. I'm sorry. I know you're -- this is still fresh, and I'm going on --

Angie: I understand, David.

Cara: Thank you.

Krystal: You look tired.

Cara: I'm exhausted.

Krystal: Maybe the doctor should see a doctor.

Cara: No, the past few weeks have just worn me out, you know?

Krystal: Yeah. Listen, I wasn't really so keen on this whole situation in the beginning. And maybe I was just a little bit jealous, too. But I want to thank you, because you really put a spark back in Tad's eye.

Cara: Thanks.

Tad: Am I late, huh? Is Angela already in surgery?

Jesse: Not yet. Hayward's checking her out to make sure she can physically handle the surgery.

Tad: What? Why wouldn't she be?

Jesse: I told her everything about Ellie, Lucy -- all of it. Ahem.

Tad: No wonder. It must've been rough.

Jesse: Hmm. Yeah. She says that she knows I did it to protect her, but --

Tad: But nothing. It's the truth, right? It's the truth. That's all there is to it. She's gonna recover, you'll see, and so will you.

Jesse: I don't think we'll ever be the same after this.

Tad: Jesse, look, you and Angela are solid, all right? You're as solid as it gets. Look at what you've already been through.

Jesse: This is different, Tad.

Tad: Oh, yeah? You think?

Jesse: I don't know if she's even gonna want me to help her through this. I lied to her, man. I -- our baby died. I kept it a secret. She wasn't there when the baby was buried. I personally would never forgive me for something like this. [Sighs]

Tad: That's because you have no idea how special you are, what a good man you are, and I should know. I have known you since -- hell, since right after you and Angela met. I always looked up to you, respected you because you -- both of you had something that I simply didn't think existed. I couldn't believe it. Because it's real. It's as real as it gets, and it's gonna stay that way.

Jesse: Thanks.

Tad: Don't thank me. Just stick with me, babe. Come on. Have a little faith, all right? Try to believe. You did what you did because you love her -- Angela -- so much, and somewhere inside she has got to know that.

Jesse: What she needs right now is a win, Tad. She's pinning every hope that she has on getting her sight back -- and that depends on Dr. David Hayward. I hate the hell out of that.

Angie: So you still believe you could've saved Leora?

David: Yes, I do.

Angie: How, David? Even you have limitations -- we all do.

David: I don't believe in limitations, Angie.

Angie: And that's what's driven you, haunted you ever since she died.

David: Well, wait till the loss sinks in. Then we'll talk.

Angie: I know I'm going to have to find some way to deal with my grief, but I can't right now. But I do have faith that one day I'll be able to.

David: Faith, huh? I never really put much stock in that. I always believed in controlling my own destiny.

Angie: I prefer putting mine in something that is bigger than myself. You should try it sometime.

David: Heh heh. And you really think God would have me?

Angie: I think you'd be a challenge, but, yes, I do.

David: I envy you, Angie, your faith.

Angie: Right now I don't need your envy, David, I need your talent. Give me my eyes back. My body can handle the surgery.

Erica: Opal, you're late. We have to get to the airport right away.

Opal: Um, I'm not going.

Erica: What? What do you mean? Why not?

Opal: Something has kind of come up and -- actually, no, it's someone did.

Erica: "Someone"? Who could possibly be more important?

Opal: Uh, Sam Brady.

Erica: Sam who?

Opal: You remember Sam Brady, that hunk-a-lunka handyman that I dated about -- years ago? He's coming to town for a visit and he wants to see me, and I don't know. Maybe he's been thinking about me all these years, or I -- but it's gotten me thinking about him --

Erica: Opal, you have to slow down.

Opal: I'm sorry. I'm so excited.

Erica: Obviously. But listen. Can't this reunion wait just a few days?

Opal: No, no. He'd be here and gone by the time we'd got back.

Erica: But this trip is so important to me.

Opal: I know it is, but don't you see? This is the first time in a million years, since I can remember, that I felt this way about a guy -- and I know it could just turn out to be absolutely nothing. But when I got Sam's message, I got that same sort of flippity-flopping feeling in my stomach that I used to get when Sam was rewiring my sockets.

Erica: But, Opal, I was counting on you.

Opal: I know you were. I know, but you got to realize I may not have press junkets like you do or people trying to steal my life, but I do still have a life. And at least the man that is coming to visit I know is actually alive.

Erica: All right. Fine. If you've made up your mind and everything, fine.

Opal: You're not real mad, are you?

Erica: No. No. Just listen to me. Do not even whisper a word to Jack about my other reason for going to L.A.

Opal: No, my lips are sealed -- and with any luck at all, they'll be locked on somebody else's.

Tad: I spoke to Jesse. I hope you're not mad at me. I mean, I hope you understand why I couldn't be the one to tell you the truth.

Maya: You're his best friend.

Tad: For almost longer than I can remember. I knew Jesse would do the right thing. I meant what I said -- he's a good man, one of the best.

Maya: Yeah, I know that. If they weren't such nice people, it would be so much easier for me to just --

Tad: Take your daughter and leave?

Maya: I know that that's what everyone wants to know: "What is she gonna do now?" It's not easy.

Tad: Don't I know it. I'm sorry, Maya, it never is.

Maya: The same thing happened to you, right? You went off searching for your daughter?

Tad: Kathy. That's right.

Maya: How long did it take for you to find her?

Tad: A long time. Years. Maya, if you're asking me if it's ok for you to take your daughter, go somewhere else, and make a home for yourself, I'm sorry. I can't answer that question. Only you can -- and only you.

Angie: David feels confident that I'll be able to go through the surgery.

Jesse: I'll call Frankie and tell him it's back on.

Angie: Good. He wanted to be here.

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: I was listening to David just now talking about his little girl who died when she was just a baby. He's still so angry even after all this time, carrying around all this blame and bitterness when really there was nothing anyone could do.

Jesse: I tried to save Ellie. God knows I did. And I tried to save you from living through all that pain, Angela, and I did everything I did because I -- I love you so much.

Angie: I know you do. And I, too, you.

David: What's going on?

Cara: I'm running a CBC test on myself. I've been sick and weak, and I'm afraid the cancer's come back.

Erica: Are you following me now?

Zach: Just making sure you don't miss your flight.

Erica: That's it? That's all you're gonna say? You're not gonna tell me anything more?

Zach: I told you everything you need to know.

Erica: You really don't trust me, do you?

Zach: This is more a matter of you trusting me. Don't stay away too long. You're gonna miss all the fun.

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