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David: Angela. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long.

Angie: Actually, you have, but I understand the reason now. You've been too busy bringing people back from the dead.

David: That would be the brink of death. Come on, Angie. Who do you think I am?

Angie: I'm in no way comparing you to God, David.

David: But still, you are amazed.

Angie: So how'd you do it?

David: It all begins with research.

Angie: Lots of doctors do research, and they've never had any results like this.

David: That's because they're limited by an archaic medical establishment and their own lack of imagination.

Angie: Not to mention the brilliance of David Hayward.

David: Let's just say that I've had the ability to save people who would no longer be here right now -- and Orpheus can help you, too, Angie. By the time we're through, you will see again. You will see your daughter again. I'm gonna make sure of that.

Maya: Are you hungry, little girl? Yes, you are. Come here. What is it? Mookie?

Jesse: What the hell you doing lurking outside my door?

Ryan: How could David have been near enough Zach's plane to save him?

Greenlee: Did he know we were there, or that Zach was coming for us?

Ryan: It couldn't possibly be a coincidence. It couldn't be. Not with Hayward.

Kendall: You're alive. How?

Zach: It doesn't matter. I told you I'd never leave you. I love you too much.

Mookie: Chill, man. I was just waiting for Maya to get off work.

Jesse: It's pretty apparent I don't like you, right? Well, it should be. Maya, listen. I don't mind who you hang out with when you're not working. But when you're here working -- I'm gonna go pick up Angela from the hospital. When I get back, you are gone.

Mookie: What's his problem?

Maya: You need to go.

Mookie: It's cool. He ain't coming back for a while.

Maya: No, Mookie. I want you to leave, and I don't want you coming back. It's over.

Bianca: I'm seeing it, but I'm still not believing it. Zach is home, he's alive. I've never seen her smile like that.

Marissa: Yeah. She's not the only one.

Bianca: Um, Zach coming home isn't the only thing putting a smile on my face.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh.

Zach: What?

Kendall: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Your neck, your neck from the crash -- does it hurt?

Zach: Only when I laugh, Kendall.

Kendall: Zach, what you must've been through --

Zach: It's over now.

Kendall: What happened?

Zach: I don't know. It all went dark, and then -- nothing.

Kendall: Ryan and Greenlee saw the crash. Ryan -- he kept swimming trying to find you. Somebody else must've pulled you out of the water. Zach, where have you been this whole time? In that room that they found you in?

Zach: David Hayward.

Kendall: Yes, Zach. David was the one who kept you alive.

Ryan: Whenever something bad happens, Hayward is nearby.

Greenlee: Can't argue with that.

Ryan: Ok. So then why do I get the feeling that you're not on board with this?

Greenlee: I am, Ryan. Of all people, I know what David is capable of. And I don't have an answer as to why he was there when Zach's plane went down.

Ryan: Ok. So that's what we got to find out.

Greenlee: We don't have to.

Ryan: What are you saying? You want Hayward to skate free?

Greenlee: No, but think about it. If he was in prison, would Zach be alive today? Would Kendall and the boys have their father back again?

Ryan: So what are we supposed to do, then? Are we just supposed to forget everything else that Hayward has done?

Greenlee: I'm just tired of David Hayward being the center of our lives.

Ryan: Yeah, so am I.

Greenlee: Yeah. That's where he's gonna stay if you keep trying to get to the bottom of God knows what. Dixie's here, Zach's here, David's a miracle man, and right now I don't want to know what he did to make that happen.

Angie: Don't get me wrong, David. To say that I'm grateful for the chance to see again is an understatement.

David: But you'd also like to know my secrets, wouldn't you?

Angie: Call it professional curiosity.

David: All right. What would you like to know?

Angie: How were you able to find Zach in time to save him?

David: Right place, right time.

Angie: So you just happened to be passing through California when his plane went down?

David: Yeah, I know. Remarkable coincidence, huh?

Angie: Yeah, you got lucky with Dixie, too. You're a man who just has a nose for folks in trouble.

David: All right, look. Here's all you need to know -- Zach and Dixie are alive, and that's thanks to me. Everything else, completely irrelevant.

Angie: You brought Greenlee back hoping she'd love you. But eventually you lost her to Ryan, and that made you very, very angry.

David: That's old news. It's not important anymore.

Angie: I wonder, because you had issues with Zach and Dixie, too -- and let's not even talk about you and me -- and yet you're still willing to help us all.

David: Are you asking me why?

Angie: You've always had this split personality -- angel on one shoulder, devil on the other -- and God knows we've experienced the devil for a very, very long time.

David: All right. And what about now?

Angie: Maybe it's the angel's turn. Maybe. But I just keep wondering when the devil's going to turn up again, or if he's already here.

David: Good and evil, huh? If only it were that simple.

Angie: Isn't it?

David: Everyone tries to analyze me, Angela, including myself. And the best answer I can come up with is this: I am incredibly selfish.

Angie: Not entirely. I've witnessed the other side -- you being selfless and giving when there was no reason to.

David: No. No. There is always a reason. You can call it a case of pride or ego. It doesn't matter. But the fact is with Orpheus, I have the power of life and death in my hands. I can do something that no one else in the world can do, and that is a pretty huge rush.

Angie: Please, David. Stop equating saving lives to being a rock star. There's more to you than that.

David: Is this Angela Hubbard extending to me the benefit of the doubt?

Angie: I just know that somewhere beyond all your paranoia and bitterness there beats a heart of a dedicated physician, a brilliant healer. What a gift you have, and how badly you've abused it over the years.

David: You're right. I have at times, but certainly not now. I told you about my father.

Angie: Yes, I remember.

David: Right. He died way before his time. It was a senseless, useless death, and I learned at a very young age just how fragile life really is. So I vowed right then and there that I would do whatever I can to protect it, no matter who the beneficiary.

Angie: Dixie, Zach, or me.

David: It really is no more complicated than that.

Angie: Except for one thing.

David: And what is that?

Angie: You left out "love." Now, you can go on and on about your talent and the fragility of life, but I believe that there's a part of you that wants what everybody else wants -- to be loved. And maybe that's why you do it, too.

Greenlee: Yes, David drugged me and he locked me up, and I would love to strangle him for that.

Ryan: He deserves that and more.

Greenlee: Yes, but can't someone else do the strangling? I am sure there's a long line of people ready to do that. We've been down that road too many times, Ryan, and it's cost us. It's cost us everything.

Ryan: I can't sit around and let him get away with all this.

Greenlee: Remember how guilty we felt when Zach's plane went down? We thought he died trying to save us.

Ryan: Of course, I remember.

Greenlee: Yeah. I would've given David anything to have saved Zach.

Ryan: Is that how you're rationalizing this?

Greenlee: I know it goes against everything we feel about David, but Zach will be coming home to Kendall and the boys. Think about that. Think about Dixie and Tad, and Kathy getting her mother back. Think about us and all the time that we've wasted on David. Please, Ryan, let it go. Just let it go.

Zach: No more talking about the crash, please. How are my boys? How are they doing?

Kendall: They're good. They've grown so much, you would hardly recognize them anymore. I'll bring them in as soon as I can.

Zach: No. That -- um, let me get better. I want to look better. I want to feel better.

Kendall: Maybe tomorrow, then.

Zach: Ok. Tomorrow's good. I'm so tired. I'm sorry. These drugs keep me tired.

Kendall: No, Zach, you can't. All right? You're still fighting an infection, ok?

Zach: I can't wait for that.

Kendall: You have to, all right? You have to, ok? It'll be ok. It'll be all right. I promise you. Just rest. Just rest right now, ok?

Zach: Ok. Tomorrow.

Maya: I want you to leave now.

Mookie: I'm not going anywhere without you. I'm not a bad guy.

Maya: Please don't hurt me again.

Mookie: Why do you keep saying that?

Maya: Because I know you will. You always do.

Mookie: Shut up! Stop listening to the Hubbards. They don't know me.

Maya: This isn't about the Hubbards.

Mookie: Yes, it is.

Maya: This started way before then.

Mookie: Don't make excuses for them, ok? Things were great. Let's just get out of this place --

Maya: No, they weren't!

Mookie: They got you so scared of nothing!

Maya: It's not nothing, ok?! You hurt me, and you scare me, and that's why I gave my baby up! Uh oh!!

Mookie: What'd you just say?

Maya: Nothing. Just please go.

Mookie: No, you said you gave away a baby? Was it mine?

Maya: No.

Mookie: Don't you lie to me.

Maya: There is no baby, ok? I just made it all up.

Mookie: No. Uh-uh. No. You didn't just make it up. Uh-uh. It all makes sense now -- the weight you put on, the baggy clothes you kept wearing right before you left New York. Hmm. Where's the kid now?

Maya: I don't know.

Mookie: Like hell you don't know.

Maya: Why do you even care? You didn't even want kids anyway.

Mookie: You lied to me, and now I want the truth. Where is the kid?

Maya: I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.

Mookie: Oh, you're gonna tell me, all right. You're gonna tell me, or --

Maya: Or what? You gonna beat it out of me?

Mookie: You make me do this.

Maya: No, Mookie. This is who you are and who you would've been to our kid, too, and that's exactly why I gave her away -- so she wouldn't get hurt the way I have. But you're not hurting me anymore.

Mookie: Yeah?

Maya: Ugh! Ah! Ah! Ohh!

Jesse: What the --

David: Hi.

Marissa: David.

David: Congratulations.

Marissa: For?

David: Finding love is a rare thing. Believe me, I know. Clearly, you found it, so I'm happy for you -- both of you.

Marissa: Thank you.

Bianca: So how did you do it?

David: Um, I'm sorry. What?

Bianca: Dixie and Zach -- how did you bring them back?

David: I'm sure the details will all come out shortly.

Marissa: Which means he's not gonna tell us.

David: Right now just isn't the time. But when they do, I'm hoping that you'll have a better opinion of me.

Marissa: All I'm gonna say is thank you for saving Zach -- and for giving me and Bianca your blessing.

David: Ok.

Ryan: So David worked another miracle, right? Yeah, except there's always, always strings attached.

Greenlee: Can't we just celebrate Zach for a little while?

Ryan: If David knew anything about that plane crash, when Zach is back on his feet --

Greenlee: I know. There are a lot of people who can go after him. Can we please just go home now? I want to spend the rest of the night in your arms.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: Mm-hmm?

Kendall: You're awake. I just wanted to show you something. You remember this?

Zach: Looks like some kind of journal.

Kendall: It's your journal. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I read it all the time. Makes me feel closer to you, like you're still with me.

Zach: Real men don't keep journals, Kendall.

Kendall: Ha ha ha! Oh, really? Um, well, why don't you see if this rings a bell? Ok? Page one. "I have been thinking about what to get you for Christmas for a long time. Nothing seemed like enough, and then it hit me. I'd give you the one thing you told me you always wanted, the one thing I've had the hardest time giving you: Me." There's another really good one. This is a good one. This -- this you wrote right before we sailed home. "Our time at sea is almost over, but our time together will go on -- no beginning, no end -- always. Always, only you." That kept me going. That's the one thing that kept me going. And now you're here. You're here. Always.

Jesse: You lost your mind? You keep your hands off of her!

Angie: Where's Lucy?

Maya: She's safe in her crib.

Mookie: It was nothing. Maya fell.

Angie: Is that what happened, Maya?

Maya: He pushed me.

Mookie: You're lying.

Jesse: Shut up! Why are you still here?

Mookie: She gave away my kid! She had no right to do that!

Angie: No, you had no right to hit her for any reason!

Jesse: So far, we're looking at assault and battery. You hear that, Mookie? You hear me?!

Mookie: I hear you.

Jesse: Good. So this is what's gonna happen. You are gonna leave my house. You're gonna leave Maya alone for good, because you're leaving town for good -- in that order. You got one hour.

Mookie: You can't kick me out of town.

Jesse: Yeah, I can. As a matter of fact, if I see you -- or if any of my officers see you around -- your ass is going straight to jail. Tick tock.

Griffin: Hey. Ahem. Time for Zach's meds.

Zach: Castillo.

Griffin: You're looking better already.

Zach: Hmm. No more drugs, please.

Kendall: He's having a hard time staying awake.

Griffin: That's good. He needs the rest. All I'm giving you are a course of antibiotics, Zach.

Zach: I feel fine.

Griffin: Uh-huh.

Zach: I just don't want to sleep. I've got --

Griffin: Stop fighting the meds, ok? It'd be a damn shame to lose you to a stupid infection after what you survived. Hey. You ok?

Kendall: Yeah. No, I'm fine. Just seeing him close his eyes and slip away like that -- I don't know. It just seemed like --

Griffin: Like he was leaving you again?

Kendall: I guess. I don't know. I'm still getting used to the idea that he's actually here.

Griffin: He's gonna survive. But I need you to take care of your heart, Kendall.

Kendall: My heart is great. My heart is soaring.

Ryan: You've been pretty quiet. Hmm? Why do you look like you're about to cry?

Greenlee: I don't know. I was just -- I was thinking about how David lured me away in the first place.

Ryan: By making you think that Leo was still alive?

Greenlee: He knew that would get to me. He always knows.

Ryan: Which is another reason that we need -- never mind.

Ryan: Ok. You were saying?

Greenlee: After David drugged me, I saw Leo. It was just a dream, but he was standing there with me in that room, and it felt so real. He was alive, and I was so happy to see him, and we talked about everything -- even you.

Ryan: That must've been so intense.

Greenlee: It was, some of it. You know, Leo will forever be a part of my life. I loved him very much. But you and me? This is where I'm meant to be.

David: So maybe we can get together for lunch sometime. I don't want to push.

Marissa: Yeah, we'll make a plan for next week.

David: Next week it is, then. Bye.

Krystal: Well, if it isn't the man of the hour.

David: Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Krystal?

Krystal: No. No. Actually, when I see you like this, a caring father and saving people's lives, it just reminds me that there really is a good person in there somewhere.

Bianca: Uh, so what do you want to do now?

Marissa: Well, the kids are already staying with Opal.

Bianca: Ok. Maybe we should get dinner.

Marissa: I was thinking -- I mean, I was wondering -- ahem. Oh, my God, what is wrong with me?

Bianca: What? Just say it.

Marissa: Um, you want to go back to the hotel with me?

Bianca: I -- you mean --

Marissa: Yeah. Yeah, I want to spend the night with you.

Jesse: What, exactly, did you say to Mookie about your baby?

Maya: I don't know. Just that I gave her up.

Jesse: That's it? No details? Nothing else?

Angie: Why you asking her those questions, Jesse?

Jesse: I need to know what Mookie knows in case he decides to come sniffing around. Are you sure you didn't give him any more information?

Maya: No. Nothing.

Angie: Listen. Maya told me about the baby, but she didn't want anyone else to know.

Jesse: That's completely understandable.

Maya: I did what I thought was best for her. I wanted her to be raised in a happy and loving family, that's all.

Jesse: I think you made a really brave and smart decision. Now that Mookie is gone, you can move on with the rest of your life. Ok?

Maya: Thank you.

Jesse: All right. Listen. I got to go check in with Brot on a case. You guys gonna be ok here?

Angie: We'll be fine, baby. We'll be fine. Kiss. And you are a wonderful man, Jesse Hubbard. Isn't he, sweet pea?

Jesse: I won't be long.

Angie: Ok.

David: So I've revealed myself once again to be a normal human being? Is that what you're saying?

Krystal: Oh, no, you're not a normal anything. It's just that I do remember that you've shown your more compassionate side from time to time -- a couple of times I remember quite well.

David: Is that so?

Krystal: The night that Babe and Marissa were conceived, for one.

David: Where is this coming from, Krystal?

Krystal: The heart. That one night led to my -- our precious girls, and I'll always be grateful to you for that.

Kendall: This really isn't necessary.

Griffin: Humor me. You should be happy -- more than just happy. You should be soaring. But I'm worried about all the stress this is putting on your heart.

Kendall: Ok, I get it. I get it.

Griffin: You never make this easy for me.

Kendall: I know this isn't easy.

Griffin: I'm happy for you.

Kendall: I know you are. I appreciate that.

Griffin: But I need you to take care of yourself.

Kendall: Ok. I will.

Griffin: Don't forget that promise that I made to you. I will not let you die.

Jesse: Our boy Mookie just found out about Maya's baby.

Brot: Oh, damn.

Jesse: No, no, this is good. This is real good.

Brot: What do you mean?

Jesse: Angela and I, we walked in on him about to smack her around the house. I intervened. I gave him two choices: Get out of town or jail.

Brot: Hopefully, that fool made the right choice.

Jesse: Yeah, he got the message. And Maya also told us that she thinks she made the right decision giving the baby up. She just wanted to make sure she found the right home, a good home.

Brot: That's great, Chief.

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: What are you thinking?

Maya: I guess when I hold Lucy, it reminds me of the last time I held my own baby. I wonder who's holding her now.

Marissa: So --

Bianca: So --

Marissa: Here we are.

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Marissa: Is this ok? Being here -- is that ok?

Bianca: Yeah. It's -- it's great. It's perfect. If you don't want to do this --

Marissa: Oh, no, no, no.

Bianca: I would understand.

Marissa: Just listen to me, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Marissa: I have never been so sure of anything in my life than being right here with you and loving you. Never. This is where I belong.

Singer: A fragile face with a scarlet smile is what you say that I wear hmm, and you are precious, rare, and bleeding in my veins a feeling that I've never ever shared don't wanna leave this moment pass the present, where we are I have been longing for this day to finally speak its sound 'cause only love is allowed

David: Wow. You're being uncharacteristically sweet.

Krystal: That's because I know how important those girls are to you, David. I will never, ever forget the night -- the night that Babe was killed. And you -- you were holding her in your arms, and you wouldn't let anyone else touch her.

David: You can stop.

Krystal: Stop what?

David: Playing me.

Krystal: I'm not -- I'm not playing you, David.

David: Of course, you are. First Dixie, then Zach. You want to know if I was able to save Babe. That's it, isn't it? The reason for all this phony praise?

Krystal: Were you? Were you -- were you able to save Babe? David?

Ryan: It's ok, you know?

Greenlee: What is?

Ryan: To carry your past along with you. All your loves and your heartbreaks -- everything.

Greenlee: It was just a dream.

Ryan: The past does have its place. But what really matters is the present and the future, and for me, those words will always mean you.

Kendall: I will never forget everything that you've done for me and all that you mean to me.

Griffin: Kendall --

Kendall: No. Just let me finish. You took care of me in a way that no one else could. I owe you everything.

Griffin: You make it pretty easy to care about you. It must be that smile. You need to rest, though.

Kendall: Griff, I'm fine. I'm just gonna crawl into bed with Zach.

Griffin: Did you forget who I am? I'm your doctor. Sit down. Come over here.

Kendall: Really? I have to go over there?

Griffin: Yes. Sorry.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Just for a little bit.

Griffin: Yeah.

Kendall: A blanket, too? Really?

Griffin: Yeah. It's gonna keep you warm.

Kendall: Ok. Thank you. I'm fine. I'm cozy enough.

Griffin: You good?

Kendall: I'm good.

Griffin: Good night.

Kendall: Good night.

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