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[Machine beeping]

Greenlee: Zach? Zach, can you hear me? Your pulse is strong. That's good. You really scared me last night. Ok, but no more seizures. You take it easy. I'm gonna get us out of here. Damn it, David, open this door! Who's out there?

Griffin: Any word on Greenlee?

Ryan: Nothing. And I've been searching nonstop, too. Is there any chance that Hayward has got her stashed someplace in the hospital?

Griffin: No. It's doubtful. Are you still tracking him?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, but it hasn't led me to her yet.

Griffin: You think maybe there's a possibility that he doesn't have Greenlee?

Ryan: No. No. Hayward definitely has her someplace.

David: I assume you're not picking up because you're caring for my guests. Just let the two of them get reacquainted. I need to find Dixie. The moment for me to shock the world has come, and I'm not gonna let her ruin it.

Kendall: Jesse. Hi. Can I help you?

Jesse: Yeah. I've been rounding up patients from Oak Haven, still no sign of Erica. Has she contacted you at all?

Kendall: No. No, and I'm really worried about her.

Jesse: Kendall, why you got to stand there and lie to me?

Angie: Thanks for offering to drive me to the hospital.

Cara: My pleasure.

Angie: I was surprised you called. I thought you and Tad were going out of town.

Cara: Something came up.

Angie: Oh. What happened?

Cara: He didn't come home last night.

Krystal: What do you want?

David: I'm looking for Cara -- hospital business.

Krystal: Well, you're out of luck, because she's not here.

David: Hmm.

Krystal: What are you looking at?

David: I was just noticing that you've done some new things with the place.

Krystal: Why are you really here?

Tad: Good morning.

Dixie: I fell asleep.

Tad: I know, been watching over you all night.

Dixie: No stars.

Tad: Oh, sure there are. They're there. They're always there --  like you. All those years wasted, all those years that Hayward took from us.

Dixie: No. No David. I want to know about you, about your life. Tell me everything.

[Pounding on door]

Greenlee: Damn it, David, open this door! I can hear you! Let us out! Don't you want everyone to see all the incredible work you've done? Zach is alive because of you! You'll be a hero! You need to wake up.

[Beeping machine]

Ryan: Still nothing on Greenlee. Damn it!

Griffin: Hey, listen. You're running on fumes, all right? I'm ordering you, as your friend and your doctor, go home and get some rest.

Ryan: I can't do that until I find Greenlee. Unless, of course, you don't want me to find her.

Griffin: What are you talking about?

Ryan: If I find Greenlee, then maybe I find some other of Hayward's patients that he's brought back from the dead, like Zach. I'm sorry.

Griffin: It's cool.

Ryan: No, it's not cool, ok? I know that you don't want Greenlee hurt. I know that you are committed to seeing this through. I know that.

Griffin: Yeah. Wherever it leads and whatever it costs me.

Jesse: That's a lot of food.

Kendall: Growing boys -- you know how it is.

Jesse: Yeah, growing boys. Do one of those growing boys happen to have a little growing girlfriend that wears lipstick? I know about the secret room, Kendall. I was in on it when Zach stashed you there, remember?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, of course, I do. I did not kill Stuart Chandler then. I was innocent -- you know that -- and my mother is innocent now, too.

Jesse: So you believe Erica's story?

Kendall: Yes. I do now, and so does Jackson. He's actually in Brazil right now meeting with Mom's plastic surgeon to prove that what she says is true.

David: Wow. Martin has quite the setup here, huh, surrounded by all these women?

Krystal: Look, just tell me what you want, ok, or get out of my house.

David: Just give me a moment there, Krystal. I'm enjoying reminiscing. I saved your life here, remember, when you almost burned the place to the ground?

Krystal: Yeah, I remember. I remember you took advantage of our daughter's death to get me hooked on drugs. Is that how you roped Erica in?

David: That's funny. Erica Kane won't allow herself to be manipulated by any man.

Krystal: Good for her. But I'm warning you, if you hurt anybody that I care about, you're gonna have to answer to me.

David: Where is all this hostility coming from, Krystal?

Krystal: I know that you're treating Angie, David, and you're making all kinds of promises about getting her eyesight back. You best not be playing her.

David: I'm not. And even if I were, Angie is certainly tough enough to take me on --  unlike you.

Krystal: You take one more step, and you're gonna see just how tough I am.

David: What happened to you, Krystal? You used to be such a spitfire -- exciting, sexy -- and look at you. Ever since we broke up, what are you doing? You're living here with your loser ex-husband and his kind-of-hot wife? That's pretty pathetic.

Krystal: I'll tell you what "pathetic" is. It's knowing for the rest of your life you're gonna be alone, no friends and no family, because the only thing you've ever done is bring people misery and pain.

David: Wow. You couldn't be more wrong about that. I have done more for the people of Pine Valley -- for all of humankind, frankly -- than you could possibly do in a thousand lifetimes.

Krystal: No. The only good things you've brought into this world are Marissa and Babe, God rest her soul.

David: And what makes you think God is caring for Babe?

Krystal: What's that supposed to mean?

[Door closes]

David: Where the hell are you, Dixie?

Tad: My life? Well, my life has been kind of interesting since you've been gone. A lot's happened, good and bad.

Dixie: Tell me.

Tad: For one thing, I'm still on the job -- you know, the old P.I. business.

Dixie: Yes.

Tad: I was involved in something big a while ago. It was this huge case about five years back.

Dixie: Oh?

Tad: Yeah. Missing persons, a child.

Dixie: A child?

Tad: Yeah. Actually, not such a child anymore. She's 9 years old, a little girl. Beautiful, amazing, terrific little girl. A little girl that has your eyes. It's the truth. I found her. Our baby girl is home and safe and sound in Pine Valley with me.

Dixie: Our baby?

Tad: No. I'm afraid she's not such a baby anymore.

Dixie: Is she ok?

Tad: She's perfect.

Dixie: Kate.

Tad: Kathy. I started calling her "Kathy."

Dixie: I want to see her. I want to see her.

Tad: You can see her right now, if you think you're ready.

Dixie: And J.R.? Is he ok?

Tad: J.R. is busy. He's running Chandler. He's got A.J. to take care of and -- 

Dixie: "A.J."?

Tad: Adam Jr. He decided he was old enough for a big-boy name.

Dixie: Ha ha! Is J.R. a good father?

Tad: He does his best. I'll tell you all about it. Right now, we've been out all night. I think it's time to get home.

Dixie: Home?

Tad: Yeah. Home.

Ryan: Kendall, have you seen -- hey. Jesse, what's going on? Is Erica ok? Any word?

Jesse: Actually, Jackson is working on that. Tell him I said good luck. Glass?

Ryan: Yeah. Sure. Any progress on the search? Did your mom call you?

Kendall: She's safe. She's safe. So what's going on with you?

Ryan: Greenlee is missing.

Kendall: Let's get Jesse back here.

Ryan: No. No cops. Not yet.

[Phone rings]

David: Hello? Hello? Damn it. Angela, I need a few minutes.

Angie: Postponing my treatment again?

David: It would serve you right for siccing your husband on me.

Angie: You lied and said Dr. Lurie wasn't available. If you're even thinking about backing out of my treatment --

David: No, I'm not, ok? I said I wasn't. Now if you can please just wait outside -- 

Angie: What is going on with you? I felt the same thing the other day. What is it?

Griffin: That is an excellent question.

Opal: Boy, oh, boy. I cannot believe that that rodent had the gall to show up here!

Krystal: Yeah, I think he was looking for something.

Opal: I'll bet you it was Erica. I'll bet you anything. Oh, Lord, please keep my little gal pal safe and sound. Don't let that rodent David hurt her or anyone else ever again.

Tad: Amen to that.

Krystal: Where have you been?

Opal: And why have you got that funny look on your face? What gives?

Tad: Ma, Krystal, um -- I've got something to show you. But before I do, just promise me you'll brace yourself.

Krystal: Uh-oh.

Tad: No, it's good. No, believe me, it's really, really good. It's so good, I don't think words are gonna cut it. So you just -- you're gonna have to see it with your own eyes. It's all right. It's not a trick. It's really her. Dixie's back.

Dixie: Hello. Hello, Opal.

Opal: Is it really you?

Dixie: Yes. Yes, it's really me.

Opal: You're -- 

Dixie: Alive.

Opal: Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Oh, honey, I've prayed for this -- that somehow, some way, you'd come back. Just -- I hardly believe it.

Tad: Dixie was at Oak Haven when the fire started. Then she got away, and that's when I found her.

Dixie: We found each other.

Dixie: Hi, Krystal.

Krystal: Wow. Wow. Welcome home.

Tad: Yeah, Cara, it's me. Um, listen. I really hope you're getting my texts. Would you check in? I'm starting to get a little worried.

Opal: Honey, where on earth have you been all this time? You couldn't have been at Oak Haven.

Dixie: I'm sorry. I'm not exactly sure.

Opal: Were you in a hospital or in Switzerland or at the bottom of another crevasse?

Tad: Ma, easy.

Opal: I'm just trying to understand.

Tad: We all are. Dixie just got back, so let's take it slow.

Kathy: Daddy, today was amazing! It was so fun!

David: I'm busy, Dr. Castillo. I don't have time for another interrogation.

Angie: You're interrogating David? About what?

David: The once-good doctor has teamed up with Lavery to bring me down. Apparently after all this time, Ryan hasn't gotten past his personal vendetta against me.

Griffin: This isn't personal. The research you're doing with Orpheus is illegal.

Angie: What kind of research?

Griffin: Definitely not the FDA-approved kind.

Jesse: Sounds like a crime to me.

Angie: Wait a minute, honey. Just hang on a minute, ok?

Jesse: Wait. You're still defending him?

Angie: Look, I'm not saying that I approve of breaking the law, but sometimes you have to push the envelope to make real progress in medicine. That's how David was able to come up with my treatment plan.

Griffin: And this is all based on the same research. But what he's doing to others goes way beyond restoring eyesight.

Angie: "Others"? You're treating other patients?

Ryan: My guy found Greenlee's cell phone in a garbage can. That's got to be Hayward.

Kendall: Why would David want to hurt her?

Ryan: To hurt me.

Kendall: No, Ryan, that doesn't make any sense. The whole reason that Greenlee faked her relapse in the first place was to get David's attention, because she knew he wouldn't be able to ignore her. The whole idea of him being the miracle worker is to keep her healthy.

Ryan: Unless he's got some backup miracles. Janet Dillon claims she saw Dixie Martin at Oak Haven. How crazy is that?

Kendall: Not so crazy. I saw Dixie. Mom brought her and Janet here.

Ryan: Dixie's alive?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Did she say anything about Hayward or about Greenlee?

Kendall: No. She didn't say a word. She said nothing. At the sound of David's name, she completely freaked out, and then she took off.

Ryan: Dixie could be our key to take us to Greenlee and to whoever else Hayward's got stashed there.

Kendall: Like Zach?

[Machine beeping]

Greenlee: Kendall's been through hell since she lost you. And for a while there, I didn't think she'd pull through it, but she knew she had to -- not just for herself, but for the boys. Your family needs you, Zach. Your wife, those two incredible children -- they miss you, and they want to see you. I know you want to see them. So please open your eyes. Come back to all the people who love you. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're awake. You're awake.

[Zach groans]

Greenlee: Are you all right? Just take it easy. No, no, no, stay with me. Oh, my God. What's happening? Oh, my God, we need -- help! Help! David, we need help! Oh, my God. This must be some kind of withdrawal from the drugs. Come on! Come on! Just take it easy. Come on, Zach, just take it easy. I'm right here. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Zach: Greenlee.

Kendall: Zach is gone. He's not coming back, ok? So, please, can you just drop it?

Ryan: Ok. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, ok? I really want to find Greenlee.

David: I'm not answering to a mob.

Jesse: You will answer to me if I arrest you.

David: Really, Chief? On what charge?

Jesse: Practicing without a license on my wife, for one.

Griffin: Yeah, and experimenting on whoever else.

Angie: Listen, excuse me. But I am not, nor will I ever be, David's guinea pig. He hasn't forced me to do anything. I agreed to let him treat me, because I believe he can restore my sight.

Griffin: He's hiding information people have a right to know about.

David: When you say "people," you mean your girlfriend Kendall, am I right?

Angie: Listen, that's enough. I'd like to talk to David alone.

Jesse: No, I don't want to leave you alone with him.

Angie: Jesse, I'll be fine.

Jesse: I'll be right out here.

David: Thank you for defending me, Angela. You have my word. I'm not gonna let you down. The work I'm doing is gonna make it possible for you to see again.

Angie: Save the sales pitch. I want the truth, all of it.

David: All right. Then you better sit down for this one.

Opal: Listen, can somebody find me Jake Martin pronto? He needs to make a very important house call.

Cara: Hi. Hi. Jake's with Amanda at the house, probably with the phone turned off. I can help you with something.

Opal: Um, well, uh, could you call in a refill for my prescription? I'll wait at the pharmacy downstairs, ok?

Cara: Who needs the house call?

Opal: Me and my big mouth. I'm so sorry, honey.

Cara: It's true, huh? Dixie's alive?

Tad: Easy. Kathy, listen for a second. I want you to meet somebody. It's all right. This is your mom. See? You weren't imagining things the other day. You really did see your mother in the park.

Kathy: You look just like your pictures.

Dixie: My beautiful, beautiful little girl. [Hug]

Greenlee: Take it easy, Zach.

Zach: You shouldn't be here.

Greenlee: Neither should you, but David didn't give us a choice. Listen, I don't think it was a good idea to take that I.V. bag out. I'm gonna try and find another bag.

Zach: No! No more.

Greenlee: But the pain could get worse.

Zach: I don't care. I've got to go. I got to get back to her.

Ryan: It's Hayward that I don't trust. The guy is not done fighting. He pulled -- he dangles Leo in front of Greenlee's face. My wife is out there wondering whether or not Leo is still alive. Don't get me wrong. She's a strong woman -- we know that she's a strong woman, but that's not something you can just shake off. So I got to find her and keep her away from that son of a bitch.

Kendall: Ok. First things first: Where is David?

Ryan: He's at the hospital.

Kendall: Maybe that's where Dixie is.

Ryan: I'm gonna call Griff and give him a heads-up.

Griffin: I think Angie can more than hold her own with David.

[Phone rings]

Griffin: I got it. Castillo.

Ryan: You at the hospital?

Griffin: Uh-huh.

Ryan: Hayward there?

Griffin: Yep.

Ryan: What about Dixie? Any sign of her?

Griffin: No. Why?

Ryan: What Janet Dillon told you was true. Dixie is alive. Kendall saw her.

Griffin: Ok.

Ryan: Dixie was here at Kendall's house, and she left frantically. I think if we find Dixie, she could point us right to Greenlee.

Griffin: All right, you stay put. I'll handle everything on this end.

Jesse: What's that about?

Griffin: Hypochondriac -- calls all the time.

Jesse: You know what? No wonder you and Kendall get along so well. You got a lot in common. You're both really bad liars.

David: This goes way beyond restoring your vision, Angela. I've discovered a way to regenerate the building blocks of life.

Angie: Your work in stem cells is cutting-edge, I'll give you that, but the results you're talking about are years away -- decades probably.

David: For the timid and cautious, yes. But not for me, and not for you. Hold out your hands, please. Here's some new eye drops I want you to start using, all right? You keep using them until we're ready to perform your surgery.

Angie: Don't disappoint me, David. I am counting on you.

David: You and so many others.

Angie: Who are they? Names.

David: You just keep taking these eye drops, you won't need any names. You'll be able to see them with your very own eyes.

Opal: I couldn't believe my eyes. When Dixie walked into that room -- oh, I'm sorry.

Cara: Oh, please. I'm happy for you and Tad and Kathy -- all of you. Really.

Opal: As far as surprises go, this one was a doozie. But, you know, that doesn't mean that Tad doesn't care for you.

Cara: Oh, you really don't need to go there.

Dixie: You have no idea how good it is to see you. Look at that smile.

Kathy: Why didn't you come home sooner?

Dixie: I'm sorry, baby. I would have if I could've. I would.

Kathy: Daddy told me all about you.

Dixie: He did?

Kathy: He said that you have the prettiest singing voice and that you make really good cookies -- chocolate chips, no nuts.

Dixie: Ha! Your daddy is a pretty special guy.

Kathy: And he calls me "Sunshine."

Dixie: Do you mind if I called you that? Not all the time, but would that be ok with you?

Kathy: Sure. Can I call you "Mommy"?

Dixie: I would like that more than anything, yeah. [Hug] Now I want to know all about you. Tell me everything about your friends, your school, your life. Please, everything.

Tad: Wait, Dixie. We can get into that after we have a little something to eat. I think it's a good idea. You must be starving.

Kathy: I am so hungry.

Tad: Why am I not surprised? Come on. Let's see what you and me can whip up, ok? Go on in. Start looking. I'll be right back.

Dixie: Ok. [Holds Tad and Cara's wedding photo]

Krystal: Uh, Dixie?

Dixie: Oh, thank you. I'm sorry. I'm not very hungry right now.

Krystal: Oh, sure. I'll just put them right down here, and whenever you want one -- 

Dixie: Thank you. Kathy's incredible.

Krystal: Yeah, she is.

Dixie: I -- thank you so much for taking care of her when I was away. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Krystal: It's my pleasure. And I know somebody who is just dying to tell all of her friends that her mommy's back, right?

Kathy: Can I call them now?

Krystal: I don't see why not.

Dixie: I was just thanking Krystal for being such a good mommy to you while I was away.

Kathy: You should thank Cara, too.

Krystal: Uh, excuse me.

Dixie: Who's Cara?

Cara: Hi.

[Phone chirps]

Griffin: Hi. Your thingy's buzzing. Yeah, it's Tad.

Cara: Yeah, it's -- he's been texting me.

Griffin: Oh, wow. You heard about Dixie.

Cara: He's with her right now.

Jesse: So what is this?

Angie: David gave me some new drops to help prep me for surgery. Go ahead. Tell me all the reasons that I'd be out of my mind to take it.

Jesse: I'm not gonna say a word. I'm just gonna focus on us, make sure my wife knows that I'm crazy in love with her. We're taking a road trip.

Angie: Where are we going?

Jesse: Somewhere where we can be alone.

Kendall: So?

Ryan: So Dixie was never admitted to P.V.H.

Kendall: So where's David?

Ryan: He is at the hospital. He's been in a long appointment with Angie.

Kendall: It's blinking.

Ryan: David's on the move.

Kendall: What?

Ryan: Looks like he's headed out of town -- hopefully straight to Greenlee.

Greenlee: No. Ok, look, we're gonna find the drugs.

Zach: Mom, no more drugs. Just you.

Greenlee: "Mom"?

Zach: I will protect you. He'll never hurt you again. I swear.

Greenlee: You talking about your father?

Zach: I'll help you. I swear.

Greenlee: Zach, it's Greenlee. Your mother's gone. Your father's locked up. He's not gonna hurt anyone ever again.

Zach: I'll never let you go, Mom. I won't let you die.

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