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Bianca: Did you hear? There's a fire at Oak Haven. The staff can't find Mom.

Kendall: Yes, yes. I've been calling the hospital to see if she's been hurt, but I haven't been able to get in touch with them. So I'm going over there right now.

Bianca: Ok. I'm coming with you.

Kendall: Ok. Let's go. Ah, Mom. Oh, my God, Mom. Oh, my God.

Ryan: Greenlee, I know you're on Brazil time, but I just want to hear from you, so I know you're ok. So give me a call. I love you.

Emma: Daddy.

Ryan: Hey, what is it?

Emma: A man on TV said there was a fire at Mommy's hospital.

Ryan: At Oak Haven? Are you sure?

Opal: They found that box of Seabone's, and she's been asking all kinds of questions. I sort of filled her in on the basics, but I think these are answers she should get from her daddy.

Tad: Hey, Sunshine, what's up? What's going on?

Kathy: My grandpa died?

Tad: Yeah. He did.

Kathy: He never got to know me, just like my mommy.

David: How is it that you can't find a woman that doesn't even know what day it is? Just find her, damn it!

Griffin: Got a minute?

David: Well, I guess that answers who broke into my safe.

Griffin: Are these the people you saved?

Greenlee: Oh, my God -- Leo. It can't be. You're --

Leo: Greens.

Ryan: Well, what can you tell me? Was anyone hurt? Was everyone accounted for?

[Knocks on door]

Annie: Honey.

Emma: Mommy? Mommy!

Ryan: Uh, never mind.

Emma: Mommy, it's you. It's you. It's you.

Annie: Oh, it's me, Sweetheart. It's really me. Hi.

Emma: I love you so much.

Annie: I love you, too. I love you, too. Look at you. You're so big and beautiful. I haven't seen you in so long. I've missed you so much.

Emma: I missed you, too.

Annie: Oh, my gosh.

Emma: I made you something. Stay there.

Annie: Ok. I'm not going anywhere. I didn't start it, the fire.

Ryan: You can't hide out here, Annie.

Annie: I know, Ryan. I just had to see her.

Ryan: She loves you so much.

Emma: Just like the books you used to make for me.

Annie: Oh, my gosh, you made this all by yourself? Oh, my gosh, we're gonna have to read it, but first, I need to hear about you. Are you ok? Are you happy? You're having fun?

Emma: Well, I was sad after you left.

Annie: I know. I was sad, too.

Emma: I was mean to Greenlee, and I didn't like her at all, but now I do. You aren't mad, are you?

Annie: Why would I be mad?

Emma: You told me Greenlee was a bad person, I shouldn't trust her.

Leo: It's about time you showed up.

Greenlee: No. This isn't real. You're not real. You died.

Leo: I guess I'm not that easy to get rid of.

Greenlee: I was there at the waterfall. I watched you fall. I called your name over and over again. You were gone.

Leo: I can't imagine what you went through. God, I missed you.

Greenlee: How did this happen? How is this even possible? How long have you been here?

Leo: Shh. I just want to look at you.

Griffin: Your brother's obituary is here. So is your mother's.

David: So what? I kept obituaries of people I knew. It's hardly a crime.

Griffin: Is that people or guinea pigs?

David: You know, Doctor, I liked you so much better when you were helping find a miracle to save lives.

Griffin: It's one thing to save lives, David, but using the promise of healing to control people?

David: Consider it one of the perks.

Griffin: You used it on Greenlee. Who else? Tell me.

David: Who the hell do you think you are coming in here making demands?

Griffin: Which one of these people did you keep alive?

Tad: I don't know why your mother died when she did. There are some people that say it was her time, you know, and everybody has a different time.

Kathy: But why?

Tad: Sweetheart, I've been asking myself the same question every day for a long, long time, and I still haven't come up with an answer.

Kathy: Are you gonna die old or young?

Tad: Don't tell anybody, but I'm already halfway there, but you're stuck with me for a long, long, long time.

Kendall: Mom, are you sure you're all right?

Erica: Oh, yes. Yes. Apart from just some ashes, yes, not a scratch.

Bianca: Well, the staff must be worried about you.

Kendall: Yeah. We should take you back.

Erica: I'm not going back. I'm not insane. I certainly did not send Oak Haven up in smoke, but I know who did.

Bianca: It wasn't -- Jane?

Erica: No. It wasn't, but it was someone who I promised to protect, protect her from the police, but I can't do that if I can't count on my daughters.

Kendall: I hate that you were even in Oak Haven in the first place.

Erica: Ok. Then it's settled. It's all right. You can come in. Really. I mean it. Please come in. They want to help you.

Griffin: I watched the DVD that you left with these, for my eyes only. In the event that you're near death, I'm supposed to use Orpheus to save you.

David: Yeah. Well, I made that DVD back in the day when I trusted you, before the tiny minds in this town turned you against me.

Griffin: In order to save you, I have to know every detail about Orpheus -- how you used it on people, how you kept them alive.

David: Yeah. Well, you can forget about that now.

Griffin: My sister is falling in love with Tad Martin. Is this obituary wrong? Is Dixie Martin alive? What about Zach Slater?

David: Oh, ok. Now we're getting down to it. Are you afraid if Zach is still breathing, he might stand as a rival for Kendall's affections? Well, let me break this to you gently, Doctor. It would hardly be a contest.

Griffin: Is Kendall's husband alive?

Kendall: Janet from Another Planet started the fire?

Janet: I don't go by that name any longer.

Erica: Janet saved me. I owe her this.

Bianca: What, you planned this escape together?

Janet: Now, I promise you that today absolutely no one got hurt, although I have burns to show that I was hands-on. Do you know, I don't feel a thing? I think my skin must be thicker than I thought.

Erica: Janet really took a chance for me.

Bianca: It's called arson, Mom.

Erica: Oh, why don't you just say it? You think I'm crazy. You think I belong back in Oak Haven.

Bianca: Of course not, Mom.

Kendall: Listen. It's just, being kidnapped and being held against your will, of course, you would be traumatized.

Erica: Let's go.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: No, Mom. Wait.

Erica: No. It's obvious we are not welcome here.

Kendall: Of course, you are.

Bianca: It's just, you have to admit that the story, it's a little bit --

Erica: Crazy?

Janet: Actually, no. It isn't. 1991 -- or was it maybe '92? My sister Natalie, I relocated her to a well, and then I presented myself to Trevor as his blushing bride. The brass ring was mine. No one caught on for months. I had the man of my dreams, and I had my sweet baby Amanda.

Kendall: Well, except for the part where you ended up in prison.

Janet: Excuse me. Who was my cellmate? Did you forget that part? All I'm saying is that Erica's story is rock solid fact. The only nut jobs here are you for not believing her.

Erica: We can deal with that later. Right now, you need to help me. You need to help me and Janet and the others.

Bianca: Wait, wait. There are more? Who?

Erica: I think you should see them for yourselves, or else you're gonna think I'm crazy again.

Janet: Enough chitchat. I'm gonna go to the park, and I'm gonna bring them back.

Erica: Ok, but be careful, please, and if the police catch you, don't tell them where I am.

Janet: I set a 3-alarm fire with the flick of a match. I think evading a flatfooted gumshoe is gonna be a piece of pie.

Annie: Emma, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much.

Emma: You're welcome.

Annie: You are so scrumptious. Ohh!

Ryan: Hey, Ems, I bet your mom is really thirsty. You want to run to the kitchen and grab her a soda?

Emma: Of course.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: She seems happy. Are you?

Ryan: Yes.

Annie: Good. I'm sorry for so many things. I never should've turned Emma against Greenlee. I was angry at you. I wanted to hurt Greenlee, and I wanted to hurt you, and really I just ended up hurting Emma.

Ryan: Emma is fine.

Annie: Because she has her dad. Oh, I'm working really hard to get better for Emma. God, she's really growing up, isn't she?

Ryan: We have a pretty amazing little girl.

Annie: Yeah. We do. Could I stay a little longer, maybe tuck her in or listen to her prayers?

Ryan: Annie, the police are gonna be looking for you.

Annie: Ryan, with Oak Haven gone, they could send me anywhere. What if it's too far away for her to come visit me?

Ryan: I will bring her.

Annie: You didn't bring her once to Oak Haven.

Ryan: Honestly, because I did not think you were well enough.

Annie: You wanted to protect her from me.

Ryan: She needs her mommy. I know that now, and I promise you that I will bring her.

Annie: Thank you. Well, maybe you should make that call to the police, but I don't want Emma to see them take me away, ok?

Ryan: I'll make sure she doesn't.

Annie: Thank you.

Emma: I put extra ice in it the way you like it.

Annie: You are the best daughter in the whole wide world. What do you say we read this again? Yeah? Ok, but first, I want kisses and hugs and kisses and -- mwah, mwah -- more hugs, more hugs, more hugs.

Greenlee: Wait. Hold on. Are you sure you should be doing that?

Leo: I feel fine.

Greenlee: How?

Leo: What do you mean? Do I look that bad?

Greenlee: No. No. You look perfect.

Leo: Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself. You got a haircut.

Greenlee: Ha ha! A couple hundred haircuts.

Leo: I'm sorry that I missed them.

Greenlee: Oh, there were one or two be glad you missed.

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: Are we really having this conversation?

Leo: You always like talking about hair and clothes.

Greenlee: Yeah, when you were alive, but I should've known. I should've felt something and found you.

Leo: Right, because finding someone, that's your specialty, right? How long did it take you to find me that first time around?

Leo's voice: I can feel your heartbeat.

Greenlee: Well, you are you, right. I mean, you're not some kind of look-alike?

Leo: If I weren't me, would I remember the date with the chocolate milk and the bologna sandwiches, hmm, or the wine cellar?

Greenlee's voice: You're telling me I'm stuck in here with you, because you're a trust fund baby and you don't know how to treat the help.

Leo's voice: When you find my trust fund, you let me know.

Leo: You still need convincing?

Greenlee's voice: I am exquisitely happy this very moment, Leo. I am. You may be too good to be true.

Leo's voice: Ha ha! Never.

Greenlee's voice: Now, about that soap I dropped down here somewhere --

Leo's voice: Ah, that's not it.

Greenlee's voice: Ha ha ha!

Leo: I'm real, Greens -- no bubble bath, no soap, but it's me, and I'm even wearing the same cologne that I wore before. Smell it. No. Seriously, smell it. Hmm? [Kiss]

Greenlee: I wasted so much time pretending I didn't love you, and then when I lost you, all I wanted to do was go back to the beginning and tell you I love you the second I knew.

Leo: Yeah. Well, it wasn't easy for me to say it, either.

Greenlee: But we finally got it right.

Leo: Yeah.

Greenlee: Life raft all patched up, just like you promised, and then you died, I thought.

Leo: I'm sorry, Greenlee. I really am. I just wish there was something I could do to make it up to you.

Greenlee: Promise you'll never do it again. [Hug]

Annie: Come, come.

Emma: I love you so much, Mommy.

Annie: I love you, too. Look at me. I need you to be the good girl that you are, right, and to never ever forget how much I love you, ok?

Emma: Ok.

Annie: Ok. Could I take this?

Emma: Here you go.

Annie: Ok.

Emma: It's a reminder.

Annie: Ok.

Emma: Is Mommy gonna be ok?

Ryan: She will be, and so will we. Come here.

Leo: You're gonna have to let go eventually.

Greenlee: I never thought I'd feel this again.

Leo: We're still a perfect fit. I'm right here.

Greenlee: You didn't promise me.

Leo: I promise, huh? You know, they're easier to make than keep. All right. Why don't we just go with what we have? Ok. All that matters is the moment you have standing next to the man you love.

Greenlee: I said that at our wedding --

Leo: Mm.

Greenlee: In the boat house.

Leo: Mm. There is a promise that I broke. I promised that I would always be there for you.

Greenlee: Yeah, but what we had while we had it was kind of like a fairy tale with a twist.

Leo: Uh-uh. It was just twisted. The spoiled princess hooks up with Prince Charming's even more charming friend.

Greenlee: But they still crashed the royal ball.

Leo: Yeah. Stayed out way past midnight.

Greenlee: Made Snow White and Cinderella incredibly jealous.

Leo: Mm-hmm, and partied it up with those mice who turned into coachmen. Remember that? Except, of course, mice, they know how to party. They can have a good time anywhere.

Greenlee: So could we.

Leo: Mm.

Leo's voice: So you think we have what it takes to make it? Do you have faith that we're in it for the long haul?

Greenlee's voice: We're magic together, Leo.

Leo: Oh, it was definitely magic.

Greenlee: You pulled smiles out of thin air for me.

Leo: Ah, presto chango. A la peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Greenlee: Magic.

Leo: You feel it?

Greenlee: I always felt it with you -- until the waterfall. When I lost you, I lost myself for a really long time.

Leo: But you're not lost anymore. You're not alone, are you?

Greenlee: Ryan.

Griffin: You warned me off Kendall. Why? Because Zach is out there? He's alive somewhere out there? Is that it?

David: I really tricked myself into thinking you were one of the smart ones, Dr. Castillo, but you keep asking the same questions.

[Beep beep beep]

Griffin: Oh.

David: Go ahead. Go practice your ordinary medicine, hold their hands, lie to their faces that they're gonna live.

Griffin: Honest medicine saves lives.

David: Oh, that's sad that you think that's enough.

Griffin: I told you, I don't want to be you.

David: Oh, trust me, there's no danger there. There is only one me.

Griffin: All this power and control you think you have, it's all you have. You're alone.

David: All right. You know something? Why don't you hold on to those values, those ethics that mean so much to you? My prediction -- in the end, you're the one who's gonna be alone.

Tad: So we all good?

Kathy: Can I take this upstairs and put it next to my mommy's picture next to my bed?

Tad: I think that's a grand idea.

Opal: Come on, sweet pea. I'll help you, huh? What a good girl.

Cara: You're a great dad.

Tad: Oh, come on. There's nothing to it when you got a child like that --

Cara: Mm.

Tad: And you know what? You're not so bad yourself. Thank you for being here. I mean it.

Cara: Sure. Now, no one can replace her mom. I just hope I can help Kathy miss Dixie just a little less.

[Cell phone rings]

Tad: You already do. Don't.

Cara: Oh, I have to.

Tad: No, no. Don't. Come on.

Cara: I know. I'm sorry. It's the hospital.

Tad: The hospital. Perfect.

Cara: Yes? I'll be right there.

Tad: No. No. You can't.

Cara: I have to.

Tad: We have a date, remember -- you, me, Martha's Vineyard.

Cara: There was a fire at Oak Haven, and PVH is handling all the incoming. I'm sorry.

Tad: No, no, no, no. Go, go. We'll just -- when you get back --

Cara: Ok. We'll talk. All right.

Opal: Oh, boy, Erica, she can survive a lot of things, but a fire -- I just hope she got out of there alive.

[Cell phone rings]

Kendall: It's Opal.

Erica: Don't.

Kendall: Mom, I'm sure it's about you. She's probably worried about the fire.

Erica: But the police may have already tapped our lines. We can't take that chance. I'll call her later when it's safe. Oh, please don't analyze every word I say. You know, maybe Janet was right. Maybe you two could use some therapy. You actually believed that a perfect stranger was your mother.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: All right. Stay over there. Mom, stay over there. Marian.

Erica: Oh, thank heavens.

Marian: Thank you.

Erica: Come in. Yes. Oh, thank God you're all right. Please come in. Come on. It's all right. No one will hurt you, I promise. Why don't you come right around here, Dixie? It's ok. Come right around here to the sofa.

Kendall: How is this possible?

Erica: Yes. Why don't you sit down? It's all right, really. Marian, where's Janet?

Marian: Oh, darling, she was in so much pain, she couldn't walk another step.

Erica: So you left her?

Marian: No. No, no, no. I called the paramedics to take her to the hospital.

Kendall: Pinch me now because this is not happening. This is not possible.

Bianca: Does Tad know? J.R.?

Erica: No.

Kendall: Well, we have to tell them.

Erica: We can't risk it.

Bianca: Well, they have to know.

Erica: And they will, just not yet.

Kendall: Dixie back from the dead. I guess your kidnapping story is not so farfetched. I'm sorry.

Bianca: None of this makes any sense.

Kendall: You said that David is involved?

Erica: Come with me. I am very sure that Dixie was held at the same place I was.

Kendall: When you were kidnapped?

Bianca: You think David held Dixie prisoner this whole time?

Erica: Well, she wouldn't be the first person he brought back from the brink of death and kept hidden.

Bianca: Wow, Dixie is alive. That's incredible. It's a miracle.

Tad: Oak Haven in ashes. I can't believe it. You know what it makes me think of? When Adam had Dixie locked up all those years ago trying to make her think she was crazy.

Opal: Yeah. Lucky for her, you rode to the rescue. As far as Dixie was concerned, from that day forward, you were her hero.

Tad: No, it was the other way around, Ma. She ended up rescuing me.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Hey, jack, I'm glad you called. Um, no. I haven't seen her. Yeah. Well, you know, Greenlee, she probably got her phone turned off or something. I'll -- I'll tell her to call you as soon as she gets in, ok? Ok.

Leo: That's funny, huh, because when I met you were crazy about Ryan. Now you're finally with him.

Greenlee: David gave me your medallion, and I never take it off, and I went back to that waterfall practically every day. I'd go to sleep at night, and I didn't care about waking up.

Leo: Yeah, but you pulled yourself out of bed every day. You didn't give up.

Greenlee: I wanted to for a long time, and days turned into weeks, turned into months, turned into years.

Leo: And you lived. You fell in love. You found your happily ever after with Ryan.

Greenlee: It hasn't all been happily ever after.

Leo: But you care about waking up again, right?

Greenlee: Yeah. I do.

Leo: I'm glad.

Greenlee: I love you.

Leo: And?

Greenlee: I love Ryan.

Cara: Hey, you're on duty, too?

Griffin: Yeah. The Oak Haven's fire brought most of the staff in. Mrs. Dillon, hi. The EMTs brought me up-to-date on your burns. How are you feeling?

Janet: Oh, better now.

Griffin: Ok. She's got second-degree burns on the front of her legs. We'll refresh the bandages, get you something for the pain. We might need to get you a tetanus shot.

Janet: No. No needles, please. No. No needles, please. Whatever you do, don't do anything about needles. I cannot do needles.

Cara: Are you related to Amanda Dillon?

Janet: Do you know my baby girl?

Cara: We do.

Janet: And do you know her husband Jake Martin?

Griffin: Yes. Yes. He's a very good doctor.

Janet: Yeah. He's a Martin. They're good at everything they do, but I know something that is gonna rock the Martin universe all the way to the stars. Dixie Martin -- you know who she is, you've heard of her -- she's not dead. She is as alive as you and I.

Cara: Really?

Janet: I've seen her. I talked to her. Well, she's not all there, if you know what I mean. Oh, I mean, she's here breathing. It's just, you know, she's not all -- yeah. Ok. You got right ahead and give me the eyes if you want to, but you will see. Dixie is alive.

Cara: Ok. So I will get the pain medication, and I will have a nurse come in and change your bandages. Excuse us. Griffin?

Janet: Ohh --

Griffin: Excuse me one moment.

Cara: Poor woman, she's delusional.

Griffin: Maybe she isn't. What she said about Dixie could be true.

Erica: Well, David performed a miracle, but whatever he did, he completely traumatized Dixie.

Kendall: Ok. Can we just not talk about it anymore, all right, please?

Erica: Why is she so upset?

Bianca: I don't know.

Kendall: Here.

Marian: Thank you. Kendall, I am not unbalanced anymore.

Kendall: Glad to hear it.

Marian: I mean, when I tried to shoot you, it wasn't me. I mean, it was me, but it was the grief, you know, losing Stuart the way that I did, so suddenly.

Kendall: I felt the same way when Zach died.

Marian: Well, yeah, but you didn't try to kill somebody.

Kendall: Actually, I did -- David Hayward.

Marian: Well, I'm sure there are quite a few people in this town who wished you'd succeeded.

Erica: No, Dixie. Dixie, don't. Dixie, wait.

Tad: Well, life is getting complicated, Dixie. Yeah. Your daughter has started asking questions, the tough kind, like, "Why did my mother die?" Hell, I haven't got an answer for that, not one that would make sense to her, anyway. She's too smart. She's growing up so fast, changing every day. Yeah. Everything is changing. I'm going away tonight, Dixie, on a vacation with Cara, my wife, and I don't know why that should make me feel guilty, but it does. Before I do, I just want you to know that you were my best and my brightest. I'll never forget you, never.

Ryan: Where the hell is Greenlee, Hayward? You know what? Don't bother calling me back, because I'm gonna come and find you in person.

David: What the hell are you doing? Oh!

Ryan: Tell me what the hell you did with Greenlee, you son of a bitch, before I kill you.

Greenlee: I didn't think I could ever love anyone after you. What we had, how often does that happen?

Leo: But Ryan was there, too, and he understood, remember? He lost someone, too. He knew how to take care of you. I just want you to be happy, Greenlee. That's all I ever wanted, and if you can't be with me in Bhutan, then why not right here in Pine Valley with Ryan? [Kiss]

Greenlee: [Wakes up] Oh -- Leo --

Tad: You'd like her, Dixie. Cara. I know you would. She's somebody I can -- somebody I can love, somebody I can be happy with, but before I try, I'd really, really appreciate it if I could have your blessing. So if you can send me a sign, you know, anything -- little twinkle maybe, a shooting star, you know, comet in the back yard, nothing major, nothing over the top, just something, anything -- lets me know you understand.

Cara: Dixie's obituary was in the safe -- and Zach's.

Griffin: That's why I have to find out the truth.

Cara: So Dixie and Zach could be alive.

David: I just got out of the hospital. I'm barely able to walk a flight of stairs, let alone kidnap Greenlee.

Ryan: You can rain down hell with a dozen knife wounds, both hands tied behind your back, so start talking, or I will send you downstairs the hard way. Do you understand me?

David: All right. You know something? I came here to discuss something with you, but why don't I come back later when you can be more civil?

Ryan: You are not going anywhere.

Greenlee: Leo. [Sees Zach sleeping on the cot] It can't be.

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