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Krystal: Beach souvenirs? You already been to Cape Cod and back, huh?

Tad: Oh. Huh. No. This here -- this was Dixie's. Cara and I are having a -- bit of a problem getting out of town.

Krystal: What, or who, is stopping you?

Tad: I'll give you three guesses. Yeah. J.R. got drunk, got arrested again. Honey, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I mean, Jesse gave me a chance. He said I could've made the whole thing go away, and I decided a little bit of tough love was the only thing that I could do this time around. The problem is it's -- I think it's tougher on me than it is on J.R. Then I started thinking, you know, maybe it's some kind of sign, maybe I'm not supposed to leave, maybe I'm supposed to stay close to home.

Krystal: Tad, if you do that, I will kick your butt all the way to Cape Cod and back.

Cara: Hey, hey, hey!

Griffin: You're giving me all your patients because -- thank you.

Cara: You're covering for me.

Griffin: You going somewhere?

Cara: Mm-hmm. Yep. I am with Tad -- Martha's Vineyard.

Griffin: Well, well, well. Look at you -- out of state, overnight. That's a big step.

Cara: It's huge.

Griffin: I'm happy for you.

Cara: Thanks. Oh, you know what? Next year the four of us could a rent a cottage there. What do you think? What do you think?

Griffin: Don't forget your sunscreen, SPF at 30 or higher. You don't want to burn.

Cara: So you didn't patch things up with Kendall?

Griffin: You better head out if you're gonna beat the traffic.

Cara: What's with you, Griff? I know you want to be with her. What's stopping you?

Ryan: Greenlee, hey. Listen, call me as soon as you and Jack land in Rio. All right? Look, I hope you guys have a lot of luck finding this Jane. I love you a lot, so be safe.

David: That long drive wasn't the best thing for my stab wound. The sooner we start your treatment the better.

Greenlee: This is nothing like the room you had me in last time.

David: You make it sound like you were held prisoner.

Greenlee: Wasn't I?

David: You were my patient, Greenlee. I saved your life.

Greenlee: I wasn't the only one. So is Leo here?

Jake: I just want to say that Trevor's got a play date, right? Transportation's all been set up, so it's just you and me all day, and I don't have work or anything. Oh, and look at this. What's this, my phone, the thing that rings all the time? Boom. Battery, phone -- not together, not gonna ring.

Amanda: You don't have to do this.

Jake: Honey, of course, I do. What do you mean?

Amanda: I know what's ahead. I have to have a hysterectomy, and I won't be able to have any more children, and I'm ok with that, but are you?

Jake: It's -- when you ask something like that, it's not about me.

Amanda: I think we should talk about it.

Opal: Oh, there you are. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I found you. I need you. Listen, as the doctor and the chief of the hospital, you've got to help me save Erica from Oak Haven.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Janet: Ah. They always give you so many pieces. You have got to stop pacing. I did not sweet-talk Ralph into letting you out of the rubber room, so that you could wear a hole in the linoleum.

Erica: I'm working on a puzzle of my own: Dixie Martin. Everyone thought she was dead once before, and David was somehow involved then. What if he's involved again this time? And now Dixie is terrified of David. And the knocking on the pipes -- it's the same is the knocking on the pipes in the quarry where I was held captive by Jane. Was that Dixie? Was David there?

Janet: Don't ask me. I was never one of their favorite people. Hey! Did you take some of these pieces? I am missing a few.

Erica: So am I, but I know exactly where to find them.


Dixie: Home. Home.

Opal: Wait a minute. You're the chief of the hospital. Are you telling me there's nobody you can call?

Jake: What I'm telling you is I don't have any pull at Oak Haven. I just don't. That's one, and, "B," Erica stabbed somebody, right?

Opal: It was David Hayward.

Jake: Yeah, but he's still a person, I guess. And although she did a lot of us a favor, in the eyes of the law, she is at least considered unstable.

Opal: So there's nothing you can do?

Jake: I will look into it. Is that ok? And let me just say you're getting me on a day that I wanted to spend with my wife. So --

Opal: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Actually, I had an appointment with Opal. She was gonna give me the Glamorama treatment.

Opal: That's right.

Jake: Ok. I tell you what, I'll take a hike. But you want to meet in the park later, maybe?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: All right. Put my phone back together again. I'll look into it.

Opal: All right. Thanks. Is this about you being -- about your health?

Amanda: Yeah. But it's not me I'm worried about. It's Jake.

Janet: You know what your problem is? You don't know how to relax. Every girl needs a hobby. You should really try it, maybe a jigsaw puzzle.

Erica: Let's try to keep everything stable and calm when she gets here.

Janet: I wasn't thinking about opening with a crack about crowbarring her brother, if that's what you're worried about.

Erica: Good. So where is he? I thought you said that Ralph --

Janet: I tell Ralph how to jump, and he asks, "How high?" He'll be here. I promise you he's --

[Door opens]

Janet: There he is. Hi, Dixie. It's really nice to see you breathing again. Ralph? Have you ever seen my tattoo?

Ralph: You have a tattoo?

Janet: I don't yet, but would like to help me decide where to put it?

Erica: Hi, Dixie. I got you out of your room. This is so much better, isn't it? Nothing like that room at the quarry. Do you remember being held in that room at the quarry by Jane? I know. You don't know who to trust. But I'm telling you you can trust me.

Dixie: I don't know you.

Krystal: Tad, for the first time in a long time there is a smile on your face. See? Just like that one.

Tad: Stop it.

Krystal: No. Listen to me. I don't know what it is that you've got with Cara, but from where I stand, it's the real deal.

Tad: It's pretty good.

Krystal: Yeah. But for some reason you're afraid somebody's gonna get hurt -- either Jake or Cara or you.

Tad: Or J.R.

Krystal: J.R.'s problems are gonna keep, ok? I promise you that. Trust me, that boy is gonna get back up on his feet. And if you're smart, you will sweep Cara off of hers.

Tad: Ha ha ha!

Griffin: Kendall and I are over. What else do you want to know?

Cara: You could start with why.

Griffin: Let's just say when I was working for David, I found something out, and it's better that Kendall and I keep our distance from one another.

Cara: Could you be any more vague?

Griffin: Cara, you're just gonna have to trust me when I tell you it's better that I keep my personal and professional lives separate.

Cara: But I'm tired of that line.

Griffin: You got a shot at something real with Tad, so go. Go to Martha's Vineyard, be happy -- I am for both of you.

Cara: Ok. I'll go. But when I get back, we're gonna pick this up right where we left off.

Griffin: Awesome.

Cara: I love you.

Griffin: I love you, too.

David: If you think this is some kind of game for me, you're dead wrong.

Greenlee: You promised me if I came here with you, you'd tell me who was in that room with me.

David: I also promised that I would take care of you, and I intend to keep my word on both counts. I'm also still recovering from Erica's attack, which means I don't have a lot of energy right now. And since you took the time to convey to me the seriousness of your symptoms, I am choosing to alleviate them first. Now, I need to draw some blood. So why don't you hop up on the table, and let's get started.

Greenlee: Is it cold in here?

David: I can assure you you have nothing to be afraid of.

Greenlee: Except you.

David: Do you have any idea how close you were to death's door when I brought you back? And Ryan thinks that I did it just to control you. Huh. What a joke. Yeah, if that was true, how'd that work out for me? Hmm? You did end up with him, right?

Greenlee: I won't apologize for that.

David: Maybe you should. I've accepted that I won't have you, but the fact that you're even around at all to be with someone else is a miracle that belongs to me and me alone.

Greenlee: After all that's happened, you can't honestly expect me to trust you.

David: That's exactly what I expect. So if I'm gonna do this, I want to make sure that we're very clear right now. I want to know that you are here right now by your own choice.

Greenlee: I am.

David: And?

Greenlee: And I'm putting my life in your hands. You're bleeding. Maybe we shouldn't do this.

David: No, I'm fine. You're the one I'm worried about right now. I'm not gonna lose you, Greenlee. That life that's coursing through your veins right now? I gave it to you.

Greenlee: David --

David: And I'm not gonna let anyone take it away.

Griffin: You want to tell me where you picked up this particular set of skills?

Ryan: What do you mean? They didn't teach safecracking at Stanford?

Tad: Jake.

Jake: Hey.

Tad: Hey. You ok?

Jake: I have a full picnic basket. German potato salad, vanilla pudding -- they're all of Amanda's favorite things. She's gonna have a hysterectomy.

Tad: I'm sorry.

Jake: So we're not gonna have any more kids or anything.

Tad: Is she ok?

Jake: Yeah. She's good. She's a rock.

Tad: How are you?

Jake: When I moved to Pine Valley, I never thought I was gonna stick around, you know?

Tad: I know. But I, for one, am glad you did.

Jake: Then I met Amanda, and after Amanda -- even after our son -- I always had one foot out the door. But you know that. I think it's true what people say: You don't really know what you have until you lose it.

Tad: You're not gonna lose it. Amanda's not going anywhere. She'll beat this.

Jake: And my job is just to stay strong, right?

Cara: Wrong.

Amanda: I'm scared, but I know that Jake is scared, too.

Opal: Of course, he is.

Amanda: It's like there's this voice inside my head, and it just keeps telling me that I'm not good enough or that it's never gonna work, and no matter what I do, I can't get it to just shut up.

Opal: I think if that really is your voice, that it would listen to what you're telling it.

Amanda: You're right. Maybe it's not my voice. Maybe it's my mother's.

Opal: Speaking of which, I saw her yesterday at Oak Haven.

Amanda: How is she?

Opal: The same -- still trying to put square pegs in round holes.

Amanda: I know that feeling.

Opal: Oh, Amanda. You are nothing like your mother, and you're never gonna be. If you can just stop listening to that voice, you might be able to hear what Jake is trying to tell you.

Amanda: That I'm good enough for him?

Opal: Yeah. And that he is nothing without you, honey.

Erica: You and I have known each other for years. We were even married to the same man: Adam. Adam Chandler? Do you even know who you are? You're Dixie Martin, and everyone thinks you're dead.

Dixie: Dead?

Erica: Yes. You ate poisoned pancakes that were meant for Babe Chandler.

Dixie: Pancakes?

Erica: Someone must've saved you. Maybe someone didn't want you to be near J.R.? That's right, J.R., your son. He needs you now.

Dixie: He's my baby.

Erica: Dixie, we don't have much time. How did you get here? What happened after everyone thought you were dead?

Dixie: Pancakes? No.

Erica: Who put you here? Was it David Hayward? David always hated the fact that you were with Tad. Dixie, I know it's hard, but please concentrate. Maybe if you can't say it, can you write it?

Ralph: I've never had my name tattooed on somebody before.

Janet: Oh, Ralph! I bet you say that to all the girls.

Erica: Hurry.

Ralph: Come on, you. Time's up.

Erica: What does it say?

Janet: Nothing. Your friend drew a picture, and she's not a very good artist. Hope she doesn't give up her day job.

Erica: A star? What does that mean?

Krystal: Hey. How you ladies doing?

Opal: Hey there.

Amanda: I'm good. Thank you, Opal. Can you do me one more favor?

Opal: You name it.

Amanda: If something happens to me, promise me that you won't let my mom get her hands on my little boy.

Opal: Honey, she'd have to go through me, around me, up and over me. That's a promise, ok?

Krystal: Me, too.

Amanda: Thank you. Thank you.

Cara: It's not about you not being strong enough for her.

Jake: You want to tell me what it is about?

Cara: Sure. It's about you sharing your fears with her. Cancer -- it's God-awful, Jake. It leaves you feeling powerless. And if you deny her the right to make you feel better, it's gonna add to that, and she's gonna feel like she can't do anything right.

Tad: As the more sensitive of the two Martin brothers, I have to concur with my wife.

Jake: It's just as a doctor, I -- I fix things.

Cara: And when you can't?

Jake: And when I can't, I feel useless.

Cara: So this time, you don't need to protect her. Support her. And the way you love, it'll be more than enough.

Jake: Wow, Dr. Castillo. You always were good at telling me when I needed a swift kick in the ass.

Cara: Anytime. We'll always be here, right? And when we get back from Martha's Vineyard --

Jake: You guys are going away together?

Cara: Yeah. We are.

Ryan: You know what I don't get? If this guy seriously is bringing people back from the dead, I mean literally saving them on death's door, then why is he staying so private with this? It sounds like Nobel Prize stuff to me.

Griffin: The FDA has strict guidelines on research, experimenting on human beings especially. He'd never get approval.

Ryan: That makes sense to me, because Hayward could care less about getting approval. He does what he wants, when he wants. He doesn't care who gets in the way. That is what I'm talking about.

[Ryan punches safe code]

Griffin: What do we got?

Ryan: He certainly wasn't collecting baseball cards.

Griffin: What, then?

Ryan: Obituaries. And every single one of these people is from Pine Valley.

David: I'm gonna take a look at these. Hopefully, it'll give us some answers.

Greenlee: I want some answers, too. I came here with you. I didn't tell Ryan.

David: Look, are we back on the control thing again? It's up to me whether or not you live or die. How much more control could I want?

Greenlee: Is that why you saved Leo and you kept him here? To control him?

David: I never said my brother was alive.

Greenlee: You never said he wasn't. So where is he? Is he in another room here, or is this just a game?

David: Why don't you tell me?

Greenlee: Tell you what?

David: When I got out of that car after the long drive, I had pins and needles in my legs. But you? You just hopped right on out without any problem whatsoever. You're not feeling any numbness, are you, Greenlee? So tell me, who's playing games? This was Ryan's idea, wasn't it? Getting you to pretend that you needed my help so that I would help you, so that you can get closer to me, spy on me? Is that it? Heh heh. Leave it to Lavery to get a woman to do his dirty work.

Greenlee: I came here on my own.

David: Of course, you did. You still pretend for him, don't you, give him the impression that he still has a say in what you do?

Greenlee: I wouldn't expect you to understand my relationship with Ryan, but we're equals.

David: Yeah, right. Believe me, I have spent many a sleepless night trying to figure out why you chose Ryan over me, and the only answer I can come up with is you're afraid.

Greenlee: I'm not scared of you, David.

David: Not of me, of yourself -- afraid of what you could be. I could've given you the world, Greenlee, anything you wanted.

Greenlee: There's nothing I want from you.

David: Oh. We both know that's not true. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now. There is something -- no, I should say "someone" that you want, and you feel only I can give you.

Ryan: So many people we've lost.

Griffin: Babe Chandler, Julia Santos Keefer, Leo duPres, Dixie Martin, Vanessa Cortlandt? Dixie Martin -- do you know these people?

Ryan: Yeah, I know all of them. Myrtle Fargate, Palmer Cortlandt, Zach Slater -- Leora Hayward and Mike Roy? Some of these people are Hayward's family.

Griffin: There's no way he saved all these people.

Ryan: Even if he did, where would they be? You're worried about Cara.

Griffin: Her and Tad are getting pretty close.

Ryan: Yeah. Tad and Dixie were very, very close, but they weren't together when she died.

Griffin: If she died. We also got this. What do you think?

Ryan: Let's find out. Here it is. Ok.

David: Hello, Dr. Castillo.

Jake: So this is like a honeymoon type of thing?

Tad: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Is that ok with you?

Jake: Congratulations.

Tad: Come here.

Amanda: Hey. Did I miss the sign "Free hugs" on the way in?

Jake: No. You're in time to say bon voyage to these two.

Amanda: Oh. Somebody going somewhere?

Cara: We are, actually. But we'll be back in time for your surgery.

Amanda: I've been meaning to ask you guys. It would really mean a lot to me if you would help look after Trevor while Jake helps me recover.

Cara: We'd be honored. Right?

Tad: Done.

Jake: Thank you.

Tad: Hey, you know what? Got this really fancy picnic set up. It's a picnic, so we're gonna go, and the rumor has it that there's champagne and vanilla pudding.

Amanda: Wait, wait, wait.

Jake: That's good.

Amanda: Oh, ok. There's only two glasses, but we can share, if you'll do the honors?

Tad: Really?

Cara: Thanks.

Tad: Wow. Ok. I think it's a terrific idea. With pleasure. Um -- I got it. I got it.

Cara: He's not usually very good at that, but I guess --

Tad: As long as I get to make -- watch out, honey -- a toast. Ok?

Amanda: Me first.

Tad: Really? All right.

Jake: There you go.

Tad: You're on.

Amanda: To family.

Tad: I don't think I could've said it better. La familia.

Cara: You tempting me with this?

Janet: Hey. Didn't Tad and Dixie have some kind of a star thingy?

Erica: You're right. They did. She used to wear that star necklace around her neck, and maybe that's it. We were talking about Tad when she drew this picture. Oh, if only I could get Tad here.

Janet: Visiting hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. till noon, and then Fridays --

Erica: No. Even if I could make a phone call, it would just be one more of those crazy stories that no one would believe.

Janet: Then you'll have to bring Dixie to Tad.

Erica: Yes, I'll just stroll her out to the front door, and I'll ask them very nicely if they'll let us out.

Janet: Or we could just escape. I have a plan.

Cara: Sunscreen.

Tad: For the third time, it's at the house.

Cara: Oh, ok.

Tad: Towels, at the house.

Cara: Yep. We need an umbrella. That's the big deal: Umbrella.

Krystal: I got the umbrella.

Tad: Awesome!

Cara: Perfect. This is great! What else?

Tad: Beach chairs?

Krystal: I have those, too. They're in the back. Need them?

Cara: Thank you. Yes, we do. That's perfect.

Tad: Here comes my favorite --

Cara: Tequila?

Tad: That, too.

Cara: What?

Tad: Bikini.

Cara: Ree-er. Ok, I will pick out a few.

Tad: There are options?

[Phone rings]

Cara: Yes. You need to get that.

Tad: I don't want to get it.

Cara: I'm gonna get it, then.

Tad: No. If it's J.R., I don't want to talk to him, ok?

Cara: It's your mom.

Tad: Yeah, Ma?

Opal: I know you two are just on your way out the door.

Tad: But?

Opal: It's Kathy. Yeah, she needs her daddy.

Jake: I haven't been completely fair to you.

Amanda: Yes, you -- ok. Tell me why.

Jake: I -- I joined Doctors Without Borders, because they had no borders, meaning that there was nothing to stop you from moving forward at any time. And, honestly, to me, the same thing goes for relationships. Settling down meant like you're settling. Even when I gave myself to you and to Trevor, I kind of kept a little piece of myself back.

Amanda: We didn't notice.

Jake: I don't know if that's true, but maybe you just overlooked it, because you love me? And I think I let Cara back into my life, because it was easier for me, really, to look backwards into the past than to face the idea of being tied to one person, to a wife or to a son for the rest of my life. But I was a fool, really. And if you feel like you can forgive me, I mean really forgive me, I will tie myself so tight to you. I will put a border around our family just to keep us safe, because I just want to give my whole self to you.

Amanda: I pushed you away, too.

Jake: Maybe it does take something like this, like cancer, you know, to --

Amanda: To let us see how beautiful what we have is? [Kiss]

David's voice: Griffin, if you're watching this right now, I am most likely at death's door in need of special expertise, the kind that only you and I can provide. I have to finish my work. The world must know what I've been able to achieve. Therefore, I'm leaving myself in your hands, doctor. Do what you have to do.

Greenlee: Get out of my way, David, or I swear to God I'll hurt you.

David: You already have, more than you'll ever know. I gave you life. Do you have any idea how precious that is? Obviously you don't, otherwise you wouldn't be throwing it away. Now you are gonna understand.

Greenlee: Leo is dead. He's dead and no one can change that. No, no, David! No -- agh, agh, ah!

David: [Injects Greenlee] Don't fight it, Greenlee. I've always been the one who knows what you really need. Now, finally, you're gonna thank me for what I'm giving you.

Janet: Friend for life. You ready to escape?

Erica: Now?

Janet: If you want to wait until after bingo, I'm ok with that.

Erica: How are we gonna do this? Want shampoo? Ooh. Gasoline? Where did you get that?

Janet: Every field trip, on the way back I would siphon off small amounts from the cars in the parking lot -- I told you, a girl has got to have a hobby. Son we're gonna s a fire, and then in the confusion that follows, we're going to escape.

Erica: How are you gonna light it?

Janet: I got them from Ralph along with his keys. I put my hand in his jacket, and he thought I was getting fresh. Are you in, or are you out?

Erica: I'm in.

Dixie: Tad.

Singer: If only knew --

Tad: It's unbelievable. At the rate we're going, what if this the third time have to postpone this trip?

Cara: I grew up without my father. If your daughter needs you, you would go to her. Can I come with?

Tad: I wouldn't have it any other way -- you and your umbrella.

Cara: Yay.

[David runs into his office and finds his safe has been opened]

Griffin: I'm not sure what all this proves. Besides, we already know the fact that Hayward is a maniac. Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah. I was just thinking how happy I am that Greenlee is thousands of miles away from Pine Valley right now before we take the next step.

Griffin: What's that?

Ryan: Finding out the truth from Hayward himself?

[Greenlee wakes up on the floor of a room where Leo lies on a bed with his eyes closed]

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