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[Amanda bends down and kisses Jake while he sleeps]

Jake: Ok. I'm up. I'm up. I'm awake. I'm good. Where am I?

Amanda: Hey. You're at the hospital. You didn't come home last night, so I got worried.

Jake: I'm so sorry. I just meant to close my eyes for a minute. I didn't --

Amanda: It's ok.

Jake: No, it's not ok. It's not ok. You have enough to deal with without having to worry about me.

Amanda: Well, maybe it'd be better dealing with everything if I could focus on somebody besides myself.

Jake: Really? Like who?

Amanda: Like you.

David: I don't think you're grasping the urgency of the situation. I need this done. Do you understand me? If you can't find Dixie, I will. I'm dealing with a bunch of idiots here. Obviously, I need to get the hell out of here.

Angie: You're not going anywhere.

David: Angie. How long have you been here?

Angie: Long enough to know that you're thinking about taking off.

David: No, no, that's not --

Angie: You promised to do everything in your power to restore my sight. Don't you even think about backing out.

Maya: You are just the sweetest little thing. Let me see that smile again, huh? Let me see that smile. Huh? Hey.

Brot's Voice: Chief. Results?

Jesse's Voice: Maya is the biological mother.

Maya: Oh, hi. I didn't realize you were still here.

Jesse: I'm still here. Listen, can I talk to you a second? About Lucy?

[Cell phone ringing]



Kendall's Voice: No. No. Did David tell you that? Did David -- did David tell you that Zach was alive?

Griffin: He implied the possibility.

Greenlee: Hey. How'd you sleep?

Ryan: Good. I was worried about you, though. You were tossing and turning all night.

Greenlee: Sorry.

Ryan: Hayward? You can't shake what he said to you about Leo, can you?

Greenlee: Yeah. But he really didn't say anything.

Ryan: He hinted that Leo might still be alive.

Greenlee: Just David being David.

Ryan: Do you believe him?

Greenlee: I know that David is just messing with my head. I'm not falling for it.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Greenlee: Yeah. I mean, it threw me. Bringing up Leo out of the blue. I never expected that David would use his dead brother.

[Knocking on door]

Ryan: Jack. Come on in.

Jack: Thanks.

Greenlee: Dad.

Jack: Hi.

Greenlee: Everything ok?

Jack: Sim, senhora.

Greenlee: You speak Spanish now?

Jack: Well, no, it's actually very badly spoken Portuguese. I'm on my way to Brazil. I have a lead on Jane Campbell.

Ryan: The woman who was supposedly impersonating --

Jack: No, not supposedly. Get this. The plastic surgeon that worked on Jane Campbell is the very same doctor that worked on Erica after her car accident.

Greenlee: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. You actually think that Erica's story is for real? That she was kidnapped by some crazy fan who took over her life?

Jack: Yes, I do. And I'm going to prove it so I can bring her back home to me, where she belongs.

Greenlee: Well, then I hope you find this Jane.

Jack: Thanks.

Ryan: Anything you need.

Jack: Actually, you've been more than generous just allowing me to use the Cambias jet, which is fueled and ready to go, as am I, so please wish me luck.

Greenlee: Good luck.

Ryan: Good luck.

Jack: Thanks, Ryan. Appreciate it. Take care, honey.

Greenlee: Bye. I wish there was something I could do to help him. He's been through so much the past few months, and once again, who's right smack dab in the middle of it all? David.

Ryan: You should go, too.

Greenlee: Where?

Ryan: To Brazil.

Greenlee: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Ryan: Uh, yeah, I am.

David: I'm in a hurry to leave this hospital. And for good reason. Feels like every person and their mother, since I'm stuck in this bed, feels the need to come here and take pot shots at me.

Angie: Seemed more urgent than that to me.

David: No, that's it, Angie. I'm just sick and tired of being Pine Valley's piņata. I want to get discharged.

Angie: And go where?

David: Back to work, obviously. There are a lot of people out there who need me.

Angie: Is that right?

David: You have no idea. There's a lot to be done, Angie, including your treatment. Unfortunately, we can't get underway until I'm 100%.

Angie: I am sick of waiting, David, being strung along. I want to see my child.

David: I understand, and you will.

Angie: When? Lucy's changing so much every day, and I am missing it.

David: You want to complain, why don't you go to Erica, ok? She's the one who put me here.

Angie: No, I'm not complaining to anyone. I am telling you how it is. You bail out on me, and you will wish Erica had finished the job.

Jesse: A job opened up down at the station, and I thought you might be perfect.

Maya: What kind of job?

Jesse: It's just entry level, but it could lead to bigger things, you know. Better salary. Pension. Even a full ride at PVU.

Maya: I don't even know what to say.

Jesse: Say yes.

Maya: I'm confused. Why would you recommend me? I mean, no offense, but you haven't exactly been enthusiastic about me taking care of Lucy.

Jesse: Yeah. I apologize for that. I guess I'm just being the silly, overly protective daddy. I mean, Mary Poppins could fly in through that window, and I still would give her a tough time.

Maya: So for this other job, do I need experience or lots of references, because I don't have either.

Jesse: They're just looking for somebody smart with a strong work ethic that's looking to make something of themselves, and you got that all covered.

Maya: But I'd have to leave Lucy.

Jesse: I'm sure she'd understand. Right, Lucy?

Maya: Thanks, but no. It wouldn't be right for me to leave now. Lucy and I are finally starting to bond. Huh?

Amanda: Ever since I got my diagnosis, we have been all about me all the time.

Jake: It's ok. We need to focus on getting you better.

Amanda: Not if it makes you sick.

Jake: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Amanda: You're exhausted.

Jake: I'm a doctor. I'm used to it. I am.

Amanda: You haven't slept one night since I found out about the cancer. You barely eat. When you're not working, you're searching the Internet for information on my disease.

Jake: It's ok. It's my job. I'm trying to take care of you.

Amanda: And I love you for it, but you also need to take care of yourself.

Jake: I'm gonna sleep a lot better after we meet with the oncologist again, and we come up with a game plan to fight this thing, ok? Will you just trust me? Please? Just trust me.

Frankie: Heart rate and blood pressure are completely normal.

Kendall: Ok, so then what was all of that? The heart palpitations and the shortness of breath?

Frankie: Probably just plain, old stress, but to be sure, I'm gonna page Dr. Castillo.

Kendall: No.

Frankie: Chief cardiologist and your doctor. He should be in on this.

Kendall: No. No. I said no. I don't want to see Griffin. I don't want him to even know I was here.

Griffin: It's too late.

Frankie: I was just about to page you. Here's her latest EKG. She's all yours.

Griffin: Thanks, Frankie. Ok. What happened?

Kendall: None of your business. I asked for a new heart specialist, so I'll just discuss it with him.

Griffin: Just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean you need another doctor.

Kendall: I want another doctor.

Griffin: I'm perfectly capable of seeing you as a patient and nothing else.

Kendall: Good for you.

Griffin: What do you want me to do, Kendall? You want me to punch some walls? Get all pissed off like you?

Kendall: It's called showing human emotion. Not everyone is as capable as you are at shutting down their feelings.

Griffin: Oh, man, I never should've said anything about Zach.

Kendall: But you did. You did. You dropped it on me out of nowhere. Why would you do that?

Griffin: Because you begged me to come clean. No more secrets. That's what you asked. And you had a right to know if Zach could be alive.

Kendall: It's not a secret, ok? It's a lie. It's a cruel, vicious lie that I didn't need to hear.

Griffin: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Just go back to your research with David. I don't need you to be my doctor or anything else. Please. Just accept it and move on.

Greenlee: You want me to go to Brazil?

Ryan: You said you wanted to help your dad.

Greenlee: I can do that here.

Ryan: Yes, you could, but then you would still be near Hayward.

Greenlee: That's what this is about?

Ryan: He's after you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: He's in a hospital bed, Ryan.

Ryan: He's probably doing everything he possibly can to get out of the hospital bed, and once he does that, he's going to be after you.

Greenlee: Bring it on. I'm ready.

Ryan: Really? Even after he brought Leo into this?

Greenlee: He's playing a mind game. I told you, I know that.

Ryan: Whatever's going on here, you shouldn't be subjected to it, ok?

Greenlee: We're a team, Scooby.

Ryan: I know. All right? I know. We're a team, scraps. I know that. Ok? But you gotta trust me on this. Let me handle Hayward from now on. You go with your dad. Your dad's alone right now and he's hurting. It would probably mean the world to him to have his daughter by his side, and it would mean the world to me to know that you're safe.

Greenlee: You're good, Lavery.

Ryan: Yes. That means you'll go, right?

Greenlee: Fine. But I might have to buy several very expensive, very small bikinis.

Ryan: You can take my credit card 'cause there's no limit.

David: I've already invested a tremendous amount of my own time and money to reverse your blindness. Why would I back out now?

Angie: For the reason everyone warned me about. You built up my hope for the sole purpose of destroying it.

David: As soon as I'm well enough, we will resume your treatment. You have my word.

Angie: Something is going on with you. I don't know what it is, but something isn't right.

David: Apart from Erica stabbing me in the ribs?

Angie: No, that's not it. I can hear it in your voice. You're nervous. Distracted. And this isn't the first time. What is it, David? What is going on in that scary mind of yours?

David: You know, Angie, I really need to get my rest.

Angie: I trusted you. I put my trust in you. Went against all the people who told me it was the worst mistake I could ever make. Because despite all the horrible things that you've done, I really believe in my heart that you want to help me.

David: And I do.

Angie: Then I want you to believe what I'm about to tell you. You're giving me the chance to get my sight back. And in return, I am offering you my support. Yes, you're hearing me correctly. If you're in some kind of trouble, I'm willing to help. And at this point, I am pretty much all you've got.

David: I appreciate the offer, Angie. I really do. But I'm not in trouble. However, as I said, I will have to postpone your treatment.

Angie: For how long?

David: At this point, I really can't say. I'm sorry.

Jake: Let me show you something. I was on the Internet all night, right? These are all cases that are just like yours and almost every single one of them had a positive outcome. Check this out.

Amanda: No.

Jake: Honey, I'm not just, like, trying to be, like, all pie in the sky about this. These are actual facts.

Amanda: And I believe you. It's just --

Jake: It's just what?

Amanda: Whatever -- however much time we have left, I don't want it to be all about cancer.

Jake: Whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. How much time we have left? This cancer is not forever. This is just something that we're dealing with right now.

Amanda: Well, we're always dealing with something. I mean, ever since we met, it's been one crisis after another. Fighting David over Trevor. Cara coming to town. And now this.

Jake: Look, I know it hasn't been easy with me, ok, but I just -- we have something that other people don't have. We have real love. And real love will get us through anything.

Amanda: Why is this happening?

Jake: I don't have the answer to that. But what I can tell you is it won't be long till this is all in the past. Ok? And then we'll be back to our normal routine. We'll be having pizza nights and telenovelas and making crazy love. Ok?

Amanda: And I want that more than anything, but --

Jake: "But"? No. Take the word "but" out of your vocabulary. No buts. Any challenge we have, we'll smash it. Any obstacle, we will fly over it. You just have to believe, ok? Just believe in us. Please. All right?

Amanda: You really are my hero.

Jake: I try, you know? I try.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jake: One second. Uhh. Yes, Dr. Hamilton. Yes. Yeah, ok, yes. Amanda and I will be right up. Thank you so much.

Griffin: I am not going to walk out on you.

Kendall: Fine. I'll leave.

Griffin: You don't have to speak to me. You don't even have to look at me. But I'm not gonna let you sacrifice your health.

Kendall: You care about my health so much, you're so concerned, that you've been lying to me for months. Then you blindside me with this lie about Zach.

Griffin: I wish you'd just forget about it.

Kendall: You tell me that my husband could still be alive, and you want me to forget about it? Are you kidding me? Not to mention the fact that you've been working for David this whole time.

Griffin: I'm not working for David anymore. I'm helping Ryan.

Kendall: Oh, ok. You're switching sides now? Just like that?

Griffin: David lied to me, too.

Kendall: You know what? Save it. I don't care anymore.

Griffin: I've dedicated years of my life, because I thought David was up to something good. Now I don't know anymore. So I'm gonna find out what he's really up to and make sure no one ever gets hurt again. In the meantime, I'd prefer if you didn't drop dead from stress.

Kendall: I'd prefer if you stop talking and let me get out of here.

Griffin: If you don't do it for me, do it for your kids. Let me check your heart, and then you can go. Your heartbeat is slightly elevated, but no cause for concern.

Kendall: I'm sure it'll go down once I'm away from you.

Amanda: So the cancer's not that advanced?

Dr. Hamilton: In the scheme of things, we caught it pretty early.

Jake: Thank God. That's good, right?

Amanda: I feel -- what, there's something else?

Dr. Hamilton: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but I'll have to recommend a hysterectomy as your best treatment option.

Jake: You're recommending that, because you want to make sure that you get all of it. Then she's completely free of the cancer.

Dr. Hamilton: I can never give a guarantee. But yes, that's our best chance at a full recovery.

Jake: Right, well, a full recovery, honey. You hear that?

Amanda: I heard the word "hysterectomy." I won't be able to have any more children.

Jesse: So, Maya, you would really rather change diapers than go to college for free?

Maya: You really want me gone.

Jesse: I'm offering you a terrific opportunity here.

Maya: This isn't about you doing me a favor. It's about you not trusting me with Lucy.

Jesse: I never said that.

Maya: Even if you have no faith in me, your wife does, ok? And until she fires me, I'm not going anywhere. Except the park with Lucy, because that's where Angie wants me to go. Excuse me.

Jesse: You're excused.

Maya: Come on, Lucy. Thank you.

Jesse: See you, Lu-Lu.

[Lucy fussing]

Jesse: Oof! Because that's what Angie wants me to do. Oh, my God. Yeah. Brot, it's me. We need to talk about Maya.

[Door opens]

Jesse: What's wrong?

Angie: Oh! Hi, sweetie. You startled me.

Jesse: Is everything ok over at the hospital?

Angie: David's postponing my treatment.

Jesse: Why?

Angie: He claims it's because of his injuries, but I think he's leaving town.

Jesse: Going where?

Angie: No idea.

Jesse: I knew it. I knew this lowlife bastard was playing you. I knew it!

Kendall: Hey. Is Greenlee here?

Ryan: No. She's not. She's actually on her way to Brazil with her dad. He got a lead on Erica's look-alike. Probably be gone for a couple days.

Kendall: Good. I don't want Greenlee around for this. She'll probably try to talk me out of it.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Kendall: I want you to back off David.

David: Can I get a nurse in here, please? I need some damn pain meds. It's about time. What?

Greenlee: I'm going out of town, but I wanted to see you first.

David: All right. I'm intrigued.

Greenlee: I want you to think about how much we loved your brother. How much he meant to both of us.

David: I'm very well aware of that.

Greenlee: You told me you saved someone else the same way you saved me. Someone I cared about, who we lost too soon.

David: Did I really? Wow. Must be the medication. It's so hard to remember.

Greenlee: Was it Leo? Damn it, David, I want the truth. You owe me that much.

Dr. Hamilton: I'll leave you two to talk, but I'd advise scheduling surgery as soon as possible.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: I'm so sorry.

Jake: Why would you say that? You have nothing to be sorry about.

Amanda: I tried to trick you into having another baby, so maybe this is the punishment that I deserve.

Jake: Oh, my God. Don't ever say that. Please. That's just -- don't ever think that way.

Amanda: You must be so disappointed in me.

Jake: The only one I'm disappointed in -- is myself. I didn't measure up.

Amanda: I wanted to give you another child. To give Trevor a little brother or sister.

Jake: Honey, I took us for granted. I didn't focus on my family, and that will never happen again. And can I just tell you that as long as Trevor and I have you -- that's all we will ever, ever need. Ever.

Ryan: I thought you wanted to nail Hayward for what he did to your mother.

Kendall: I did.

Ryan: But now you want to back off?

Kendall: Don't you see, Ryan? We're giving him exactly what he wants. We're worrying about him. We're focusing on him all the time. We can't give him that satisfaction.

Ryan: He's planning something big, Kendall. We gotta find out what that is.

Kendall: No, we need to ignore him, ok? We need to ignore him and go on with our lives. We're letting him control us.

Ryan: Honestly? Me and Greenlee teaming up against Hayward? That's actually been kind of good for us.

Kendall: Ryan, listen to me. He has my mother at Oak Haven, ok? He got her into Oak Haven. Greenlee and Jackson are flying halfway around the world. You're chasing his every move, and he's sitting there laughing at us like it's all a big game to him. I want it over.

Ryan: It's gonna be over once we find out the truth.

Kendall: The last time I got this worked up about David, I almost killed him. My mother just stabbed him in the chest. I don't want him pushing anyone else this far.

Ryan: Where is this all coming from?

Kendall: Please, Ryan, just do what I'm asking, ok? Please. Just back off. Please.

Ryan: I can't without a reason.

Kendall: Zach. Alive. That's the latest rumor that David is throwing out there to mess with my head. He wants to torture me. He wants to torture all of us. And we can't let him. We have to shut him down and show him that it won't work. Did you just hear what I said? David is trying to convince me that he saved Zach.

Ryan: Griffin told me.

Kendall: Oh, is that what you guys were talking about when I came over here yesterday?

Ryan: Hayward's God complex has been taken to a whole new level with Project Orpheus, ok? Griffin thinks that he may be experimenting on other people from Pine Valley, and because of that, he's on board with this. He wants to nail Hayward as much as we do.

Kendall: I don't care. I don't care. Let him do his research. We are moving on with our lives.

Ryan: How many people does David have to mess with?

Kendall: Who else?

Ryan: Greenlee. Hayward hinted that Leo may still be alive.

David: Do you really think I'd let the world believe that my brother was dead, that I would let them watch me mourn his death while I marry his widow?

Greenlee: You faked your own death, and then you waltzed back to town with a smile on your face. I wouldn't put anything past you.

David: You've already decided I'm a monster. So there's no point in this conversation.

Greenlee: All I want is an answer. Is Leo alive?

David: No matter what I say, you're not gonna believe it. So I guess there's only one solution, Greenlee. Come with me and see for yourself.

Jesse: I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, ok? Do you need anything?

Angie: Yeah. My baby. I really need to hold Lucy.

Jesse: Maya took her to the park. She said you asked her to. If she is lying --

Angie: No, Jesse, she's not lying. I just wasn't sure how I would feel after my first treatment. Turns out they didn't even have to go.

Jesse: You should've left the baby with me.

Angie: Jesse, are you still second-guessing our decision to hire Maya?

Jesse: She's a sweet enough kid, but -- we barely know her.

Angie: We've actually been talking a lot lately.

Jesse: About what?

Angie: Life. Love. Babies.

Jesse: Babies?

Angie: Maya is head over heels for Lucy. And they have just taken to each other in such a magical way. And I really like her, too. She's a lovely, young woman.

Jesse: I'm just saying there are other options.

Angie: Jesse. Do you know how lucky we are? Finding the perfect nanny isn't easy. I don't want another option. We are sticking with Maya.

Maya: You shouldn't be here. I need to focus on Lucy, ok?

Mookie: What's your problem?

Maya: I'm trying to do my job.

Mookie: I want to be with you.

Maya: I want to be with you, too.

Mookie: No, you don't, or you wouldn't keep running away. You want to break up with me.

Maya: I don't want to do this right here.

Mookie: There you go. Running away again.

Maya: Let go of me.

Mookie: Say it. You want to break up because you don't love me anymore.

Maya: I don't want to love you.

Kendall: David actually had the nerve to bring up Leo?

Ryan: He did.

Kendall: Please tell me she didn't believe it.

Ryan: She says she doesn't.

Kendall: But you're not sure.

Ryan: Part of her has got to want to believe it. I would want to believe it if he hinted that Gillian was still alive.

Kendall: How could David do that to her? How could he bring that up? And open up a new wound that Greenlee worked so hard to heal? Bringing up Zach is sick enough, but his own brother?

Ryan: I gotta make sure Hayward doesn't do any more damage. That's why I told Greenlee to go to Brazil with her dad, and you know what? I should've told you to go, too.

Kendall: No. Uh-uh. I am not running from David. I'm not.

Ryan: And I am not backing away.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Ryan. Ryan --

Ryan: You don't want our lives to revolve around Hayward. Neither do I. Ok? So while Greenlee is out of town, I am gonna put an end to this. For good.

Greenlee: You're insane if you think that I would go anywhere with you.

David: Fine. Then do me a favor -- get out.

Greenlee: How could I have ever thought there was any good in you?

David: Hey, nobody's perfect, right? Except Ryan, of course.

Greenlee: Yeah. We all get it. You hate us. You want revenge for all the ways we've done you wrong. But this? How can you live with yourself?

David: I'm very proud of everything I've done.

Greenlee: Using Leo? You should be ashamed.

David: You're the one that says she wants the truth. I'm simply offering you a chance to get it. If you're not interested, there's no point in this conversation.

Greenlee: You almost died. There's no way you can even leave the hospital right now.

David: Yeah, you're right. But for you, I'd risk it. You say you want answers, Greenlee. I'm prepared to give them to you. So I guess the choice is yours. Do you want to come with me or not?

Jake: Can't believe there was actually a time that I didn't know if he was mine or not.

Amanda: You promised to love him as yours, no matter what.

Jake: No, of course. Even if he was David's, we were destined to be a family.

Amanda: Finding out Trevor was yours -- the best day of my life.

Jake: [Chuckles] Well, back then, when we weren't sure, I privately asked God a big favor. I said, "Please, if this works out, I will not ask for one more thing for the rest of my life." And it did. It worked out. We're the perfect family, and nothing can take that away from us. Ever.

Jesse: I offered her a job down at the station. Entry level. Administrative. Benefits. A full ride at PVU.

Brot: That's nice. And?

Jesse: And she turned it down. She wants to keep taking care of the baby.

Brot: Ok, so that just means she likes where she is.

Jesse: Or she knows [Whispering] we took the baby.

Brot: Oh, come on, Chief. We already discussed this. Let's just say she wanted to take Lucy. Why wouldn't she just go ahead and do it and run?

Jesse: Maybe she just hasn't found the right time.

Brot: Or, or she just likes where she is, and she wants to stay put.

Jesse: Either way, the longer she stays with that baby -- the truth is gonna come out eventually. Angela will be destroyed. That cannot happen.

Brot: So what are you gonna do?

Jesse: I don't know. I wish I could think of something that -- fix this for all of us. [Whispering] I don't know what to do. [Regular voice] How?

Maya: How did you get in here?

Mookie: Door was open.

Maya: You need to leave.

Mookie: How can you say you don't want to love me? You know how good we are together.

Maya: We're not good. If we were good, then I wouldn't have bruises all over my body.

Mookie: I said I was sorry.

Maya: Leave. Now. I mean it.

Mookie: You're with somebody else, aren't you?

Maya: No.

Mookie: Don't lie to me. Is it that Asher kid? Huh?

Maya: Let go of me. You're hurting my arm.

Mookie: I'm not letting you walk away. I said I would stop. I mean it this time.

Maya: You said that before. And you just keep hurting me over and over again. Ok? Let go of me.

Angie: You take your hands off her and get out of my house.

Brot: Ok, so let's just say she knows Lucy's hers, right? Doesn't mean she wants her back. Remember, she put her in my squad car for a reason. So she could have a better life with another family.

Jesse: She could've changed her mind. It happens all the time.

Brot: Or she just wants to know her baby's in good hands.

Jesse: I don't know. It's just still too risky. I gotta do something. Right now, I gotta deal with Hayward, ok?

Jesse: Where the hell is he?

Griffin: That's a good question.

Jesse: He wasn't discharged, was he?

Griffin: No way. He wasn't even close to getting let go.

Ryan: You're angry.

Kendall: Oh, I'm angry, but not at you. David will not get to me again.

Ryan: He's gonna try, Kendall. So the best thing that you can do is just stay away.

Kendall: Oh, ok, I have to stay away, but you don't?

Ryan: Just trust your instincts, ok? They're right. Stay away from the guy. Protect yourself. Don't let him into your head or your life. Anything, ok? Let me handle him for now.

Kendall: All right.  But I hate this. I hate David jerking us around like this.

Ryan: It's gonna be over soon.

Kendall: Yeah, well, not soon enough. I should have killed him on that rooftop when I had the chance. 

David: Wait. Give me your cell phone.

Greenlee: Why? 

David: Because I don't want your hubby following us on his high horse. 

Greenlee: Following us where? Where are you taking me?

David: You'll find out soon enough, but I don't want Ryan tagging along. And in the end, you won't, either.

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