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Janet: [Inhales and exhales] We celebrate the sun, and we bow to the earth.

Annie: This is not working for me.

Janet: The earth asks the chatty people to shut up. We are one with the universe.

Marian: I'm sorry you didn't have more time with Jack, Erica.

Erica: He has things to do.

Janet: Eyes, Marian. And we close the pose.

Erica: What are you doing?

Janet: Therapeutic yoga -- relieves stress, helps focus the mind. Where were we?

Erica: Focusing the mind.

Janet: Oh! Exactly. Oh, you should try it. What with everything you've been through, you're crazy not to.

Erica: More like the other way around.

Marian: There's a mat right here next to me.

Erica: No, no. I prefer not to have my back to Annie.

Annie: Here we go again. Like her stabbings are justified?

Janet: Let's "ohm" it out, ladies.

Annie: I'm just saying the only one who's been stabbing people lately is her.

Marian: I'm sure she regrets it, Annie.

Erica: No, the only thing I regret is not finishing the job.

Janet: Ohm-mmm! Ohm-mmm! Ohh-whoa-whoa-whoa.

[Janet, Marian, Annie chant]

David: This is a nice surprise.

Marissa: Are you ok?

David: I'll live, no thanks to Erica.

Marissa: From what I hear, that knife in your chest had something to do with you using her to get the hospital back.

David: You think I had this coming?

Marissa: You always push people too far.

David: If you think I deserve this, why are you here?

Marissa: Love.

Cara: Spotless, but no bag. Not doing community service? You waiting for Kendall?

Griffin: I'd be waiting a long time. We called things off.

Cara: What happened?

Griffin: She thinks I'm keeping something from her.

Cara: Are you?

J.R.: Really?! Really, you had to do that?!

Tad: Absolutely. I'd rather see you swallow half that pool than take another drink. Because if you don't get a grip, you're gonna blow your life straight to hell, and you're gonna take your son with you.

J.R.: A.J. is gonna be fine.

Tad: A.J. doesn't want to have anything to do with you. He can't stand to look at you. Wake up!

Dixie: No! No, David, no! Aah!

Marian: My back is killing me. Ohh.

Janet: All right, everybody lie down. Get ready for the corpse.

Marian: Oh, please, Janet, get over the corpse pose. We know it's your favorite. Could you try to be a little less morbid, ok?

Janet: What is so morbid about a corpse?

Annie: See? This is why I so don't belong in here.

Janet: You killed your brother.

Annie: At least I didn't kill my husband.

Marian: At least I didn't kill anybody recently.

Janet: Not for want of trying.

Erica: Oh, would you all please stop comparing body counts?

Annie: And we should listen to you because you're the sane one?

Nurse: We've got a new patient.

Erica: Oh, great. What new ghost from my past? Opal?

Opal: I got the cure for whatever ails you, ladies: Makeovers! Glamorama glamazon power will save you all!

Erica: Oh, there must be some mistake. This woman is not crazy.

Opal: Scissors? Scissors? Anybody got scissors? Who wants to be first?

Nurse: She was trying to trim the hedges at the gate, shape them into hearts?

Janet: I'm gonna sign you up for arts and crafts class.

[Chimes ring]

Nurse: Oh, I have to take care of that. Just wait here until the doctor's ready to see you.

Erica: Opal, what on earth are you doing?

Opal: I think you could use a mud mask, or maybe just some hair. Let me take a good whack at that hair! I got my snippers here someplace.

Marian: I like my hair just the way it is, Opal, ok?

Opal: What are you gawking at, girlie girl?

Annie: You're not crazy.

Opal: Oh, yeah? No complimentary blowout for you.

Annie: Oh, you think I would let you touch me?

Opal: At least I wouldn't be using a tire iron.

Annie: That was self-defense!

Opal: Oh, yeah! And I'm a natural blond!

Janet: I am really happy to see you, although I'm not entirely surprised. With the tea leaves and those woo-doo feelings that you get, it was just a matter of time.

Opal: I'm seeing a Mohawk on you, a blue Mohawk.

Janet: I will let you snip away, as long as you give me some news about my Amanda, or her Trevor, or even that doctor that she thinks she loves.

Marian: And Liza and Colby -- any news of them? Have you heard anything about Liza and Colby at all?

Nurse: You'll have to get reacquainted later, ladies. Yoga hour is over. Back to your rooms.

Janet: But we didn't do our savasana!

Marian: Don't say "shiv" anything in front of Annie.

Nurse: Ladies, please.

Erica: Opal, what are you doing?

Opal: I'm busting you out of here.

David: Thank you, Marissa. I love you, too.

Marissa: I'm here out of love for Bianca. You've been so busy playing master of the universe, maybe you haven't heard. We're together. Does that shock you?

David: The only thing that shocks me is how little Americans are willing to pay for health care. Are you happy?

Marissa: Very.

David: Then I wish you all the best.

Marissa: If you mean that, I need your help. Bianca's very upset about her mother.

David: Erica stabs me, and she gets the sympathy?

Marissa: You drove her to it.

David: I didn't put the knife in her hand.

Marissa: You took advantage of her.

David: I'm tired of everyone saying that. No one takes advantage of Erica Kane, believe me.

Marissa: She is locked up in Oak Haven.

David: Really? Maybe that's where she belongs for her own safety and everyone else's.

Marissa: Maybe this is where you belong for everyone else's safety. Too bad it's not permanent.

Cara: What are you keeping from her?

Griffin: It's about David.

Cara: Don't stop there.

Griffin: It doesn't matter.

Cara: It matters to me. I'm gonna keep hounding you until you tell me, so go ahead. Spill it.

Griffin: You're not the only one that Ryan questioned about David. He's been trying to dig up anything he can on Hayward.

Cara: Is there something I should know?

Griffin: No. Nothing.

Cara: That you're gonna tell me. Just give me a clue, Griff. Please?

Griffin: Whatever David's rep is, he's been a hell of a friend to us.

Cara: I know. If he hadn't introduced us to that oncologist, I would probably be dead.

Griffin: David was so determined that you live, he would've gone even further, Cara. He would've --

Cara: He would've what?

Griffin: Hayward's brilliant. He's ahead of his time -- off-the-scale research, cutting-edge. He would've done anything he could, no matter how experimental, to save your life.

Cara: Ok. Ok. So all you need to do is tell Kendall this and get back to the romantic part.

Griffin: What's up with you and Tad, hmm?

Cara: Oh, no, you're not changing the subject. No, no.

Griffin: I want you happy.

Cara: You know how I'll be happy? You tell me the secret that you've got going on with David.

Griffin: Stop it, Cara. I can't tell you any more.

Cara: You're protecting me again, right? Because every time you do, you take a big hit. Not this time.

J.R.: I was at Krystal's when you were talking about Mom.

Tad: Why didn't you say something? You could've joined us.

J.R.: I didn't want to intrude.

Tad: Come on, J.R., you're family. Don't be ridiculous.

J.R.: I was -- you know. The things that you said about Mom and me --

Tad: What about them?

J.R.: I think sometimes you have too much faith in me.

Tad: I disagree.

J.R.: My son hates me, just like I hated my dad.

Tad: J.R., it's not true. He doesn't hate you. Far from it. What's more, he knows how much you love him. You can turn this around.

J.R.: I'm not you, Tad. I've got too much Adam Chandler in me. I just don't take rejection very well.

Tad: He's not rejecting you. He's scared. He's confused.

J.R.: What about Marissa?

Tad: Forget Marissa! For God sakes, J.R., do you think you're the only person who's ever lost somebody, who's ever had their heart broken? The only thing that should matter to you is that little boy. If you want to, you can fix this.

J.R.: I'd just screw it up again.

Tad: If you'd stuck around Krystal's long enough, you would've heard me tell everybody that you're every bit the man that Dixie always dreamed you would be. You just don't know it, but I do. I'm not saying you're perfect, but you do have your mother's heart. If you start listening to that, you'll come through this just fine. And what's more, you won't have to do it on your own.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hang on. Yeah? Yeah. Why? She what? That -- no. No, don't do anything. I'll be right there.

J.R.: Bad news?

Tad: Yeah. That was Oak Haven. They've just admitted Opal.

J.R.: What? You better go.

Tad: You gonna be ok?

J.R.: I'm gonna get dry. Yeah. Dry.

Tad: Good. I meant what I said. You're not alone.

Erica: You're out of your mind.

Opal: How else was I supposed to get inside these walls? Now all I got to do is get you over them.

Erica: You don't think I'm insane?

Opal: Insane? A woman wanting to be Erica Kane so bad that she turned herself into the bus-and-truck version of you. She kept you prisoner while she lived your life. She slept with David, she got engaged to him, and then she had a change of heart and she let you go. Seems perfectly clear to me.

Erica: You believe me. You really believe me.

Erica: And I should've known. If one person in Pine Valley would know what it's like to envy my life, it would be you.

Opal: That isn't exactly what I was --

Erica: No, I'm not saying that you would actually go and have plastic surgery and steal it.

Opal: Good, because I wouldn't. And besides, there is a height thing.

Erica: And Jack finally believes me, and he's gonna find Jane and he's gonna prove I'm not crazy. Though, if I have to spend one more minute in this place with this downward-facing death squad, I will be.

Opal: That is exactly why we got to get you out of this cracker farm. We're gonna hide you from the police and the straitjackets until Jack can prove that you are of sound mind.

Erica: But I still stabbed David.

Opal: It felt good, though, didn't it?

Erica: Very.

Opal: That proves it -- sane as they come. It's why you deserve to get out of here pronto.

Erica: You'd do this for me?

Opal: You'd do it for me, wouldn't you? Ho-ho-ho! That's my girl.

Annie: Take me with you, or I'll tell.

Marissa: Hey! Two of my favorite people.

Bianca: A.J. is making a picture for Miranda and Gaby for when they get back from camp.

Marissa: Oh. Are you ok?

A.J.: Uh-huh.

Bianca: We were just talking about dads.

Marissa: Oh. You know your dad loves you, right, A.J.? He's just going through a really hard time right now.

A.J.: Am I in trouble?

Marissa: Why would you be in trouble?

A.J.: For not wanting to go see Dad.

Marissa: Can I tell you a little secret? Sometimes my dad makes me so mad that I could scream.

A.J.: Really?

Marissa: Yeah. He does things that make me upset, things that I don't like. But then I remember that he's an adult. He can take care of himself. It's not up to me to take care of him. Just remember that your daddy loves you, and I love you. Come here. And Bianca loves you, and Miranda and Gaby love you, and your grandparents love you, and your aunts and uncles love you, and --

A.J.: Wow. That's a lot of people.

Marissa: It is. It's a lot of people. That's why everything's gonna be ok.

J.R.: Ugh! Agh!

Cara: Does David have you involved in something illegal, or dangerous?

Griffin: Our research could save lives, Cara. Isn't that what we've dedicated ourselves to?

Cara: We took an oath to do no harm. Are you honoring that, Griff, because David didn't. That's why he lost his license. That's why he's lost everyone he's ever loved. Is that what you want? Is that why you stuck around Pine Valley?

Griffin: Maybe I should've left as planned.

Cara: No, she's the one for you.

Griffin: This is exactly what I wanted to avoid -- having to choose between my work and my personal life.

Cara: Sooner or later, everyone has to make that choice. Now it's your turn.

David: Have you found her yet? Damn it! No more excuses. Listen to me. I didn't cheat death again to let my life's work fall apart around me. Do you understand me? Find her!

Tad: There's got to be some kind of mistake. My mother might not drive with both hands on the wheel, if you know what I mean, but she's not crazy. She's as sane as I am.

Nurse: I'm glad to hear it because we're running out of accommodations. If you wait here, I'll get your mother cleared for release.

Tad: Ok. Thank you. Thank you.

Marian: Oh, my God. Tad! Oh, darling, I knew you'd come! I knew it! I knew you'd come! Oh, darling, you made me so happy. Oh, darling, I knew you wouldn't forget me.

Tad: You're so hard to forget.

Marian: Oh, I'm going home, aren't I? That's why you're here.

Tad: No, Marian, I'm here for my mother.

Marian: Oh, darling, she's a mess. She's not ready to leave.

Tad: No, she's here by mistake.

Marian: So am I. I admit I was wrong to shoot at Kendall, and I'm sorry I hit Marissa by mistake -- she's a really lovely girl -- but losing Stuart like that just pushed me right over the edge. But that doesn't make me certifiable, darling. It just makes me human, right?

Tad: Marian, everybody remembers how much you loved Stuart.

Marian: Oh, darling, I knew you'd understand. Oh, thank you, God, I'm going home!

Tad: No, it's not that easy.

Marian: Yes, it is, darling. You take me home, I get to see Liza, Colby.

Tad: Marian, I can't.

Marian: Yes, you can. Oh, darling, darling, do it for old times' sake, Tad. Please? And I'll just go back, ok?

Tad: Marian?

Marian: Tad, thank you for rescuing me. Ohh. I'll be right back.

J.R.: Hey, bud. Heh. You don't have to be afraid of me. I was a jerk, and I'm sorry.

Marissa: It's all right.

J.R.: I know a lot about dads being jerks. My dad was a jerk, but he loved me, and I loved him.

Marissa: Maybe we should do this another time, huh?

J.R.: I got an idea. How about we go to the park? We'll go fly a kite.

A.J.: I don't want to.

J.R.: Are you sure? Because I know where we could go get a monster kite, one that's got a real long tail on it and all sorts of crazy colors.

Bianca: He was actually falling asleep before his food came. He's feeling really tired.

J.R.: Don't tell me how my kid feels!

Marissa: J.R., lower your voice.

J.R.: What? You don't like how I'm talking to your girlfriend?

Marissa: You're making a scene.

J.R.: You're the one who's a bad influence. Come on. Let's go, A.J.

David: That should've been delivered 20 minutes ago.

Cara: They're right on time.

David: Is it really that difficult for patients in my hospital to get adequate care? The pills, please. What?

Cara: First, I have a question.

David: It's been over four hours since my last meds. The time is now. Give me the pills.

Cara: What the hell are you doing with my brother?

David's voice: Keep your eyes focused on the goal, Dr. Castillo. Compartmentalize. You want to achieve unparalleled professional success? Don't get personally involved.

Griffin's voice: It's about saving lives.

Ryan's voice: Hayward is just using you to do his dirty work.

Griffin's voice: No, this is medical science, the importance of which you can't even begin to understand.

Ryan: I know the difference between good and evil. Do you?

Kendall's voice: You're choosing David over me.

Griffin's voice: It's not that simple.

Kendall: Well, if your secrets are more important than this relationship, then from here on out, there is no relationship.

Erica: You most certainly are not coming with us.

Annie: Oh, then I will sing like a bird.

Opal: Now, listen here, chickadee. You have to stay here. They need to pour a little more sanity into your head.

Annie: I am perfectly sane.

Erica: I'm sure you feel better.

Annie: No, don't you use that tippy-toe tone with me.

Erica: You need to stay here for Emma.

Annie: No, I need to get out of here for Emma.

Opal: I feel for you, honeybunch. I really do, being away from your baby for so long, but you're gonna have to find another getaway car because this one is just for me and Erica.

Annie: The hell it is!

Erica: Don't be crazy, Annie.

Annie: This is because I stabbed you, isn't it? I said I was sorry. Where is the forgiveness? You still hate me, don't you? Fine. Then I hate you, too, times 10, so there is no way in hell I am letting you two waltz on out of here without me.

Janet: Oh, do I hear a waltz? Oh, dance therapy is my very favorite class. Jazz hands -- nothing like them to bring out the sun. Oh, try it!

Annie: Do you see what I am dealing with? This is why I need to get out of here. I want out. No, you're not coming with us.

Marian: I have a ride of my own, thank you very much.

Annie: Come on. We got to go.

Erica: You're not going anywhere.

Annie: Then I will take you down.

Janet: No! You cannot leave. They do not understand us out in the world. They call us names. Even your own child will look at you like you're from another planet.

Annie: Ok. You can stay here and do all the jazz hands that you want, but I am going to be free.

Janet: No! It is for your own good!

Erica: Stop this!

Annie: Is that what you told your pork chop husband before you put him in the deep freeze?

Janet: Of course not! He was dead already.

Annie: My God. This is why I have to get out of here. Let's go.

Marian: I've changed my mind. I'm coming with you.

Annie: No, you're not.

Marian: I have every right.

Janet: Then I'm coming, too.

Erica: Get me out of here!

Opal: [Whistles] You all have got to shut your traps or nobody is going anywhere. That's enough out of all of you! Now, listen up. You all belong here. She does not. So she goes, and you stay.

Annie: I never liked you either.

Janet: Erica can belong.

Marian: I just want to go home!

Annie: To what? A daughter who doesn't remember you and an ex-husband who's married to some bitch of a green butterfly?

Marian: Oh, my God, Annie, that's your life, not mine.

[All shouting at once]

Nurse: What's going on here?!

Annie: It was her.

Erica: They're just arguing over who had tuna.

J.R.: Let's go. Come on. It's gonna be fun.

A.J.: Mommy!

J.R.: Look at me. I am not hurting you.

A.J.: Let me go!

J.R.: It's just a damn kite, all right? It's gonna be fun.

Marissa: J.R., he doesn't want to go.

J.R.: Really? Way to put words in his mouth.

Marissa: Look at him. He's upset.

J.R.: If you didn't tell him what to think, he'd be just fine.

A.J.: Let me go, Daddy.

Marissa: No, J.R., stop.

J.R.: Back off.

Bianca: What are you doing?

J.R.: You stay out of this! It's gonna be fun, ok? Let's go.

A.J.: Get away from me! I hate you! I don't want you to be my dad anymore.

David: I think you have a very short memory, Dr. Martin. I think what you mean is, what have I done for your brother, and for you.

Cara: Really? You're gonna break out the "I was there when you had cancer" card?

David: I guess finding a doctor to save your life was no biggie, right?

Cara: I appreciate what you did. In fact, I survived to become a pretty great doctor myself, so I think the debt's been paid.

David: Then I don't know what you're asking or why.

Cara: You know exactly what I'm talking about. My brother has the chance to have a solid relationship with a wonderful person, and you are screwing it up for him.

David: That's interesting, since I'm lying in a hospital bed with an I.V. in my arm.

Cara: He defends you to everyone.

David: That's because he understands the importance of the work.

Cara: And is the work more important than his life?

Griffin: Cara, I got this. Go.

David: That was very impressive, really, the way she has your back. But she doesn't understand the meaning of our work. No one does.

Griffin: I do.

David: Then you've made the right decision.

Griffin: I have. I quit. 

David: You can't be serious. We're changing the world here!

Griffin: Saving humanity?

David: Yes!

Griffin: The price is too high.

David: How could you put a price on the chance to relieve suffering on a global scale?

Griffin: Too many secrets. Too many gray areas.

David: This is Ryan's work, isn't it? He's been pouring his poison into Kendall's ear, using her to turn you against me.

Griffin: I'm making this decision on my own.

David: How can you not get this? The poor slobs of the world -- they put in their 40-hour workweeks. They take their two weeks' paid vacation. They pay their taxes. Life seems great until death comes knocking at the door, as it always does, staring them right in the face. And what do they do? They pray. They put their hopes in cures that won't work, they pray some more. But in the end, death wins out, as it always does. But it doesn't have to happen like that, Griff. The only secret that we have that counts, the only secret that every healer, every shaman, every prophet since time in memoriam has searched for: Literally raising Lazarus from the dead! That's what we can do, Griff, you and I. So how could you turn away from that? How can you give up that gift, that power? How could you do that? To have a picnic with Kendall?

J.R.: I'm not a monster.

Marissa: I know that.

J.R.: I love you, A.J. One day you'll understand that.

J.R.: Ahh. You can tell Krystal to put this on my tab.

Marissa: I'll be right back.

Bianca: No, we still have his keys. He'll walk it off, and then he'll sleep it off.

Marissa: But when he wakes up, who will be there to take care of him?

Bianca: The only person who can help J.R. is J.R.

[All talking at once]

Tad: Ma! The gang's all here -- everything but the Cheshire cat. Nice try.

Opal: Uh, who are you?

Janet: Thaddeus.

Tad: Uh, Janet.

Janet: Tepid response. I see you still haven't forgiven me for kidnapping Jenny. That was Adam's idea, it was not mine -- although he never really did have any good ideas.

Annie: Like marrying me? Was that a slam?

Marian: Tad, darling, can we go now? Hmm?

Tad: You have no idea. How you hanging in?

Erica: Oh, how would you be?

Tad: Jack's working on it, ok? It won't be long. Just keep the faith. Come on.

Opal: Unhand me, stranger!

Tad: Fine! You want to play it that way? Ladies, do you think my mother is crazy?

Janet: Crackers.

Opal: You heard them!

Tad: Absolutely. Considering the sources, if they agree on anything, what does that tell you?

Opal: No, no! I cannot go! I am starkers!

Tad: You are leaving! Come on! Say good-bye!

Opal: I won't quit until you're free.

Erica: Thanks for trying, Opal.

Annie: Ooh. Yikes. Poor you -- lost your best friend.

Janet: No, she still has me.

Annie: Maybe we should be roommates. Neither one of us belongs in here.

Erica: I'd rather be kidnapped again than room with you.

Annie: You think you are so much better than us. You are not, and you are gonna discover that in here. Don't you think so, roomie?

Erica: Oh, stay away from me!

Annie: Oh! Ow! Did you guys see that? She attacked me! You are crazy and violent.

Erica: I barely touched you.

Annie: You broke my arm!

Erica: I did no such thing.

Nurse: What's going on?

Annie: She attacked me, and she broke my arm!

Erica: I didn't even touch her!

Janet: You did, actually.

Marian: Yeah, she did.

Nurse: You're coming with me.

Erica: Where are we going?

Nurse: It's obvious you can't handle group situations, so you're going to isolation.

Griffin: You want to be God? You go ahead. I'm a man, a man who honors the oath that I took.

David: I took the same oath.

Griffin: Then be straight with me. Who else is part of the project? Greenlee, Maria Santos. Who else?

David: We've already had this conversation a number of times, but this time I can practically smell the desperation. What's the matter, Griff? Afraid the answer might cost you Kendall? You're right to worry. It just might.

Bianca: We can still fly a kite.

Marissa: Yes. Yes, we can. I know exactly where we can get one. You want to do that?

A.J.: All right.

Bianca: Let's do it.

Marissa: Best idea you've had -- what's wrong?

Bianca: My car keys are not here.

[Car starts]


[Engine revs]

[Beeping stops]

Tad: You had everything going except for the wad of spittle and screaming about socialism.

Opal: I was just about to spring Erica, and what did you do? You spoiled my whole plan!

Tad: This is a plan?

Opal: You managed to get Dixie out of Oak Haven when Adam put her in. What's the diff?

Tad: Mom, the big difference is I didn't do it dressed like somebody who'd won a bronze medal at a village idiots convention.

Opal: It would've worked.

Tad: It would've worked?

Opal: Somehow.

Tad: You get big points for imagination. I love you for trying.

Opal: I love you, too, but I'm really mad at you right now.

Tad: I'm sorry. Listen. While you were at Oak Haven, did you -- did you see anything or anyone unusual?

Opal: It's Oak Haven. Everyone is "unusual." Why?

Tad: Never mind.

Opal: What are you looking at?

Tad: Ohh!

Cara: Wow! Hi.

Tad: Hi.

Cara: You look like you could use an abrazo.

Tad: Only if it's, like, 120 proof. With my luck, it'd probably be a kick in the teeth, and I've had enough of those today. What's this?

Cara: Come here. That's better.

Tad: Oh, God, that's nice. What's it for?

Cara: Because it's been real stressful around here lately.

Tad: You think?

Cara: Yes. So I think that we should have a time-out.

Tad: You're not gonna try and make me meditate again, are you?

Cara: Hey. That worked, all right, and no. I'm thinking about, like, really going away. Alone -- like, right now.

Erica: Really, you can't be doing this. Please, it's Annie who belongs in isolation, not me. I'm Erica Kane. Please, no -- oh, my God. Dixie? Dixie?

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