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Angie: I don't know why you're so upset.

Jesse: You hire somebody full-time to take care of our baby, you invite her to move into our house without discussing it with me. That's why I'm upset, Angela.

Angie: You don't trust my judgment?

Jesse: Of course, I do, but we barely even know this girl.

Angie: I know enough, and I really think that Maya is going to be a wonderful nanny.

[Knocking on door]

Maya: Good morning.

Jesse: Hey, Maya. Come on in.

Angie: Hello. Bright and early. That's a good sign.

Maya: Whatever you want me to do.

Angie: Well, I have dictated this list that will let you know how our schedule usually goes. And then I thought --

Jesse: Hold on a second. Give me a minute here, all right? Before anything happens here, I have a few questions I'd like to ask Maya.

Jake: You're gonna like Dr. Hamilton.

Amanda: I know. That's what you keep saying.

Jake: Yeah. He's the best oncologist that we have on staff.

Amanda: I know. It's just scary.

Jake: Yeah. I'm scared, too. I don't know if you know this, but I'm supposed to be kind of a big-deal doctor around this place. I love you. You're gonna be fine. It's gonna be better than fine. I'm gonna go see what's taking so long, all right? Be right back.

Cara: Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Cara: How are you doing?

Amanda: Ok. Not really. The biopsy came back. Cancer.

J.R.: If you're here to lecture me about falling off the wagon, don't bother.

Tad: You know, you can take a whole bottle of those, wouldn't do a thing for what ails you.

J.R.: I got the message. I'll see you later.

Tad: I want to talk to you about something you said in your drunken stupor.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: You think I remember what I said?

Tad: That's funny to you?

J.R.: I think it is what it is, Tad. All right, all right, don't keep me in suspense. Please, tell me the words of wisdom that popped out of my mouth.

Tad: You said you saw your mother.

Brot: Ah, donuts. Mm. Mm, so good. You know, you can take two if you want. You look pretty hungry. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know the uniform can be a bit intimidating to some people. I'm not trying to hurt you, ok? Ok, all right, all right. How about I just stay right here? I promise I'll stay here. But please, go ahead and eat. I can tell it's been a while. Go ahead. Is there anyone I could call for you? I know people are worried about where you are. Just give me a name.

J.R.: I must've been drunker than I thought I was.

Tad: Probably.

J.R.: I really said that I saw my mom?

Tad: You said that she didn't want to talk to you, but that you knew that she loved you. So aside from being drunker than you thought, do you remember anything else that you did?

J.R.: Why? What happened?

Tad: You came over to my place looking for A.J.

J.R.: What's the problem with that?

Tad: The problem is you got in a fight with Krystal, and it got pretty ugly.

J.R.: He didn't see me like that?

Tad: No. As luck would have it, his mother had taken him to the movies and after that, they went back to the room at the Yacht Club.

J.R.: Good. Well, that's good. Yeah, I know I should be ashamed of myself. Go on. You're dying to say it. What? Is it about me seeing my mom? I was blind drunk.

Tad: You sounded pretty convinced.

J.R.: There was probably 12 monkeys flying around her and a couple unicorns, too. It's called alcohol-induced hallucinations, Tad.

Tad: I know what it's called, J.R.

J.R.: Why are you so rattled about it?

Tad: You mean aside from watching you kill yourself?

J.R.: Yeah, aside from that.

Tad: To tell you the truth, there have been a lot of reminders of Dixie cropping up lately.

J.R.: Like what?

Tad: Like this. Something I think you should take a look at.

Amanda: I don't really know much beyond the fact I have cervical cancer.

Cara: Do you have an oncologist?

Amanda: Dr. Hamilton.

Cara: He's the best.

Amanda: So we're just here to meet with him and see what comes next.

Cara: Ok. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. Everything that's on your mind.

Amanda: I guess it just depends on what stage I'm in, what treatment he'll prescribe.

Cara: I'm sorry.

Amanda: I know. Thanks.

Jake: Hi. How's it going, Cara? It's gonna take a little bit, so do you want to take a walk and go to the cafeteria?

Amanda: It's ok. I told Cara why we're here.

Cara: If you guys need anything, you know where to find me. So excuse me.

Amanda: Wait. I just want to say thank you for being there for me in the beginning, when I was taking the tests. You were very kind.

Cara: I'm glad I could help you.

Amanda: But you didn't have to, especially after what I did to you.

Jake: It's all in the past, right?

Amanda: Come on, Jake. I tried to have her deported.

Cara: It's like Jake said. It's all in the past.

Jake: Just want us to concentrate on meeting with the doctor and --

Amanda: I just want to say this.

Jake: Sure.

Amanda: All my life, I've been a pretty insecure mess. And I was so jealous of what you and Jake had together. And I guess deep down, I never thought that I really deserved a man like you.

Jake: Honey --

Amanda: It's ok. I just want Cara to know where my apology is coming from.

Cara: I appreciate that, Amanda. But I'm the one that owes you the apology.

Jesse: And have you had any experience with children?

Maya: Like I said, I did a lot of baby-sitting.

Jesse: With babies this young?

Maya: Some really young babies, yeah.

Angie: You know, Maya and I have had this discussion. Maya, would you mind going and checking on Lucy? I was just going to change her diaper. And then you can drop your bags off in the spare room.

Maya: Of course.

Angie: What's with all the questions, Chief Hubbard?

Jesse: They're all questions that need to be asked.

Angie: No, it's more than that. And I want you to tell me the truth. Why are you behaving like this? Why were you giving Maya the third degree?

Jesse: When it comes to hiring somebody full-time to live in your house, take care of your baby, you gotta be extra careful.

Angie: I believe I have.

Jesse: Really? Have you gone over this girl's background with a fine-tooth comb?

Angie: I have.

Jesse: And she's squeaky clean?

Angie: Nothing that causes me any real concern.

Jesse: What about mild concern?

Angie: No. Well, I think she's been in an unhealthy relationship.

Jesse: That's not a good thing.

Angie: It's a relationship that she's trying to get out of, and moving in here will only help that situation.

Jesse: It could also make problems for us around here.

Angie: No, Jesse. I see this as winning for all of us. We get a sweet, wonderful nanny. And in the process, we help Maya get back on her feet.

Jesse: Baby, I understand. You like this girl. All right? We barely know her. And I guess I do have a problem with bringing somebody into the house who's got relationship problems.

Angie: I should never be --

[Frankie humming]

Jesse: Hey, Frankie.

Angie: Would you talk to your father?

Frankie: Ooh. I don't like the sound of that one, Dad.

Jesse: Your mother's being completely unreasonable.

Angie: And he's being ridiculously overprotective.

Jesse: I'm just trying to avoid a possible disaster.

Frankie: Ok. Somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Angie: Just talk to your father before I lose my new nanny.

Maya: Diaper changed, a little playtime, and she's fallen back asleep.

Angie: That's perfect.

Maya: Hey.

Frankie: Hey. What's up?

Maya: Anyway, I was thinking I should go over to the Chandlers'.

Angie: You know what? I'll go with you.

Maya: No, no, no. You don't have to.

Angie: No, I think you need some moral support when you tell J.R. that you're quitting.

Maya: True.

Angie: Maya, would you get my purse? I think it's on the table.

Frankie: Here's your cane.

Angie: Thank you. Got your purse? Listen, will you two be ok keeping an eye on Lucy?

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: And maybe the two of you should -- catch up.

Frankie: Yeah. What did I just walk into?

Jesse: I have a few reservations about bringing Maya into the house as a live-in nanny.

Frankie: Why? Mom loves her.

Jesse: Yeah, she does. But I did a background check on her.

Frankie: Ok. And?

Jesse: Well, I found something that kind of bothered me. Made me question if I hired the right person to do this job.

Frankie: What is it? Spit it out.

Jesse: Maya recently gave up a baby.

Jake: I don't think we need to rehash a whole bunch of history. You know what I mean, ladies?

Cara: I --

Jake: What?

Cara: Before I came to Pine Valley, you guys were in such a great place.

Jake: I know, and I'm not -- I'm just saying that I want us to concentrate on talking to Dr. Hamilton. We don't need to get sidetracked.

Amanda: But maybe this will help me get ready for that. I really want to hear what she has to say. It's important.

Jake: Ok. All right. Sorry.

Cara: You'd been through hell and back. You got through it more in love than ever, with a little boy. And who shows up but the ex-wife? I come rolling in to blow it all up for you. I just couldn't believe that you couldn't really be in love with another woman. It's crazy, right? So you freaked out. You know what? I would've done exactly the same thing.

Amanda: What I did was inexcusable.

Cara: Then it makes us even.

Jake: I just want to say that I could live to be 100 years old, and I would never really understand the way that the female mind works. We just took a little history and change it -- it's fascinating to me.

Amanda: So you think we should what? Slug it out instead?

Jake: Ok. No. No, of course not.

Amanda: We both behaved terribly. But what I did could've cost you your life, and so I'm pretty sure that makes me ahead. Or behind.

Cara: What you did actually led me to Tad. And for that I will always be grateful.

J.R.: What is this?

Tad: Your Grandfather Seabone died.

J.R.: How come no one told me?

Tad: I'm telling you now.

J.R.: We weren't exactly close.

Tad: I know. The executor of his will sent me a box of Dixie's things. Personal things like a diary. There was a doll. And what you're holding in your hand. Turns out she saved a lot more than just your clothes and your toys. She saved drawings and cards you made for her when you were a boy in Pigeon Hollow.

J.R.: Wow.

Tad: I don't expect you'll remember it, but there it is.

J.R.: I sort of remember making a Mother's Day card.

Tad: It's probably in there. Mother's Day. Birthdays. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I'm just making too much of it.

J.R.: Of what? What are you talking about?

Tad: You're not the only one. Kathy says she swears she saw Dixie, and now you say you saw her, and out of the blue, I get a package full of her cherished possessions. I thought maybe something was going on. Maybe she wanted me to -- I don't know.

J.R.: What? As if she's communicating with you from the grave? Come on, Tad. My mom's gone. I miss her every day, especially now. She's not sending you any messages. In fact, she collapsed right there. Right there is where she couldn't breathe.

Tad: You think I don't know that?

J.R.: Then why are you trying to dig up her ghost? Everyone's telling me I need to get my act together. You're the one who needs the help.

Tad: Maybe I do need help. I don't know. But I do know that I love you, and I'm praying you find the motivation to get the help you need.

J.R.: Only motivation you're giving me is to head to the nearest bar.

Tad: That makes sense. You get angry at me so you're gonna hit the bottle again? Blame everybody else but yourself?

J.R.: You know what you can do with your 12 steps?

Tad: J.R., I know what you can do with them.

J.R.: While you're at it, just drop this whole mysterious Dixie crap.

Tad: Nice way to talk about your mother.

J.R.: Why don't you say it? She'd be more disappointed in me than she's ever been.

Tad: No, J.R. She'd just be worried sick about you. The way I am. I'll be here if you need me.

J.R.: Don't wait for my call, ok?

Frankie: How did you find out about Maya giving up her baby?

Jesse: I'm the chief of police. Sometimes that comes in handy.

Frankie: Doesn't answer my question.

Jesse: I have my ways.

Frankie: And I have a problem with people, even chief of police, getting into medical records.

Jesse: I didn't say I did that.

Frankie: And so what if she gave her baby up for adoption? That's a brave thing to do for a young girl who's down on her luck. It's nothing to be suspicious of.

Jesse: She gives up her own baby and then she wants to take care of ours?

Frankie: It's a job, Dad. That's all it is. I'm in Mom's corner on this one.

Jesse: I'm just saying she should've told us.

Frankie: Why are you being so hard on her?

Jesse: She could get too attached to Lucy because she misses her own baby. She could start having second thoughts about giving that baby up. You know babies have been kidnapped for lesser reasons.

J.R.: You're late.

Angie: It won't happen again. She's come to quit.

J.R.: Huh?

Maya: I'm going to work for the Hubbards.

J.R.: Don't I get a chance to make a counteroffer?

Maya: It's not about the money.

J.R.: Then what the hell is it about?

Maya: I'm sorry it worked out this way --

J.R.: You know, I don't really want to hear any of your sob stories. You want to quit? Leave. Go. Might as well join the party. Everyone's jumping ship.

Mookie: Sorry to interrupt. I've been trying to get in touch with you.

J.R.: Well, now you're in touch -- just in time, too, to help her out the door.

Mookie: What's going on?

Maya: I quit. I'm going to work for the Hubbards full-time.

Mookie: Since when?

Angie: She's moving in with us starting today.

Mookie: I don't understand.

Maya: I'll explain later, ok? I just have a few things to grab upstairs.

Mookie: I'll go with you.

Angie: Mookie, let her go herself. It's important to her.

Mookie: You don't have to grab me like that, Dr. Hubbard.

Amanda: I'm glad you and Tad are getting along so well.

Cara: Who would've thought we would've all wound up related?

Jake: Yeah. Who would've thought it?

Cara: I'm not gonna pretend having cancer is easy. If you ever need someone to talk to who's been through it --

Amanda: Thanks.

Cara: Sure. Excuse me, guys.

Jake: Get over here. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Brot: I know the weather has been nice lately, so the park seems like a safe place to stay, but actually, it's not. Especially for a woman. So why don't you just let -- ok. I'll stay right here. I promise. But at least let me know if you have any family. Any parents? Children? Ok. If you could tell me where you were living before you decided to stay in the park, that could be helpful. Hey! Come --

Frankie: You know, I think you're going overboard. Like, overboard.

Jesse: I'm a cop, Frank. Asking questions is part of the job description.

Frankie: Yeah, but you're driving Mom crazy.

Jesse: I'm trying to protect my family here.

Frankie: From what? From Maya kidnapping Lucy? Come on, Dad. You know that sounds a little paranoid.

Jesse: You do know what a miracle this baby has been for your mother, right?

Frankie: Of course, I do. I know what she sacrificed for Lucy.

Jesse: Then you should know what I'm going through. You should know. You should get this.

Frankie: Ok. All right. Let me ease your fears. I think I'm a pretty good judge of character.

Jesse: No argument there.

Frankie: I say Maya's a sweet kid, so trust me on this.

Jesse: I know that's what you think --

Frankie: She'll take good care of Lucy. I know she will. I shouldn't be doing this. But since you already know about Maya giving up the baby, I wouldn't be breaking confidentiality.

Jesse: What? You know more about Maya than you're telling?

Frankie: I treated her after she had her baby. She knew she wouldn't be able to take care of the baby girl on her own, so she believed giving the baby to a good family was the best idea.

Jesse: What about the father?

Frankie: He doesn't even know the baby exists.

Jesse: That's a good thing. I mean --

Frankie: So you, sir, no longer have to worry about Maya suddenly snatching Lucy. She's just a kid looking for a fresh start.

Jesse: Listen, I appreciate you telling me what you could. I gotta get back to work. All right? You mind staying here, taking care of the baby?

Frankie: No problem. You want to check my references first?

Jesse: Yeah. That's very funny.

Frankie: I'm just trying to put all this into perspective.

Jesse: All right. Whatever.

Angie: This hasn't been a healthy place for Maya to work.

Mookie: That's what you think. I know Maya better than you do. I came all the way here from New York for her.

Angie: That was your choice.

Mookie: And it was Maya's choice to work for J.R. Chandler.

Angie: At the time, it was her only option.

Mookie: She had a good thing going here. Flex hours. We could hang together. Now you've gone and talked her out of it.

Angie: No one is stopping you from seeing Maya.

Mookie: But she'll be living with you.

Angie: And whatever she chooses to do with her free time is up to her.

Mookie: What are you getting at?

Angie: Exactly what I said. It will be up to Maya who she sees and who she doesn't. Understood?

Jesse: Brot. What's the problem?

Brot: There was this woman. She was completely out of it. I don't know how the hell I lost her. She must know, like, every trail in these woods. Anyways, I was thinking maybe you could take the north section. I could take -- yo, Chief. What is it?

Jesse: I'm sorry. It's Maya. Things just keep getting more and more complicated.

Brot: What do you mean?

Jesse: Angela. She is dead set on having Maya move into the house as a full-time nanny.

Brot: Wow. You couldn't talk her out of that?

Jesse: Now she's got Frankie on her side. On top of that, Frankie was the one that treated her after she gave birth to the baby, and he swears out that she ain't even trying to look for the baby.

Brot: You know, maybe -- it is a small town, so maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe she's not out to get Lucy.

Jesse: Doesn't really matter, man. They can't be in the same house together. I gotta figure out something before it's too late.

Cara: What a morning. I'm exhausted.

Tad: I know what you mean.

Cara: You do?

Tad: Yeah. I just came from seeing J.R. He hasn't just fallen off the wagon, he's been run over by it.

Cara: I'm sorry.

Tad: Yeah. I am, too. So -- how's by you? Hmm? Have a tough morning at the hospital?

Cara: I spent time with Jake and Amanda, and her tests came back. She's got cervical cancer. Yep.

Tad: How long -- how long have they known? Should I call Jake?

Cara: I think they're gonna be with the oncologist most of the morning.

Tad: How is she taking it?

Cara: They don't even know if it's spread yet, so --

Tad: How's Jake?

Cara: Loving, supportive. Trying not to worry.

Tad: For sure. I can't do a damn thing to help anybody. I'm useless. Not J.R. Not Amanda. Not Jake.

Cara: It's hard not having the answers.

Tad: Bone crushing.

Cara: Why don't you and your bones stay right there.

Tad: Why? Where are you going?

Cara: We are going to the beach. I think you should lose the jacket and the shoes for this.

Tad: I don't know. You sure we're on the beach? Is that the idea -- if I can't go to the beach, you're gonna bring the beach to me?

Cara: Yes, yes. This is the beach. This is gonna -- we're gonna meditate.

Tad: We're gonna -- we're --

Cara: Yes.

Tad: We're gonna meditate?

Cara: That's why we're here.

Tad: Did you bring any suntan oil? Because I burn easily. It's just, I get fried.

Cara: This is gonna relieve our stress.

Tad: I feel like an idiot. There are other ways to relieve stress.

Cara: Shh.

Tad: Ok, fine. I'm in the mood. I'm gonna get in the mood. Do I need a tie-dyed shirt?

Cara: Ohh!

Tad: Maybe some incense? Sacrifice a small chicken?

Cara: Oh, gosh, no.

Tad: Got any Grateful Dead? Because I think this will really round out the moment. Ok. No. I'm in the -- I'm in the --

Cara: Yes. You know why? Because -- good. You're feeling it now. Because I learned this when I was in Doctors Without Borders from a very respected yogi.

[Tad laughs]

Cara: Don't laugh.

Tad: No, no. Violence is not very yoga-like.

Cara: No, actually, it's not. You're right. Ok, so let's just get back to -- we're gonna concentrate on just breathing, ok? Just --

Tad: How about I concentrate on you breathing?

Cara: You know what? I need you to pay attention.

Tad: I am paying attention. I'm riveted.

Cara: Ha! Stop it! Empty the mind.

Tad: Before I empty my mind, can I tell you what I was thinking?

Cara: No thinking. Just feeling.

Tad: Got anything in mind?

Cara: Good.

Tad: What do you mean, good?

Cara: You had your eyes closed.

Tad: Oh. I thought that went with the dinner.

Cara: Close your eyes. Ok. Mm-hmm. I saw that. Now imagine -- the most beautiful beach you've ever been on. It's a perfect day. The sky is so blue. Let that just fill your mind. You can smell the ocean. You can hear --

[Tad snoring]

Cara: Timing's just fabulous.

Tad: That's the ocean.

Cara: I --

Tad: That was my ocean.

Cara: You can hear the snoring.

[Tad giggling]

Cara: That's really lovely. Goes well with the music, don't you think? Just breathe.

Dr. Hamilton: Now that your biopsy came back positive for cancer, it's important for you to understand what we're gonna be doing from here on out.

Amanda: Ok.

Dr. Hamilton: So the next step is to determine what stage cancer we're dealing with.

Jake: Doc, there is a chance that we caught it early.

Dr. Hamilton: A chance, yes, Dr. Martin, but we won't know for sure until we do a complete workup.

Jake: Of course.

Amanda: Well, I don't want you to hold anything back. I want to know exactly where I stand, so just be completely honest with me.

Dr. Hamilton: Good. Good. The idea is even if the cancer is in an early stage, we want to treat it aggressively. Ok?

Amanda: So you're going to have to take more tests?

Dr. Hamilton: Yeah, quite a few. We don't want to leave anything up to chance. So we'll do a chest X-ray, CT scan, cystoscopy, IVP, MRI.

Amanda: Wow.

Dr. Hamilton: Again, just to make sure that the cancerous cells have remained localized. And then when we get all those results, we can start talking about a plan of action.

Angie: I understand that you were very happy with Maya's arrangement here. But the fact is, she was not happy.

Mookie: She was, until you needed her to work for you.

Angie: Nobody planned any of this. It just turned out this way.

Mookie: You're really doing this? You're really leaving me again to live with her?

Maya: It's just a job, Mookie.

Mookie: Is it?

Maya: I am so sorry. He's not usually like this. It's just he wanted to work close by --

Angie: It's ok, Maya. It's ok.

Maya: Maybe I should go look for him.

Angie: Do you really think that's a good idea?

Maya: No.

Angie: Ok then. Come on. Let's go home.

Brot: Maybe you should just take a step back for a second.

Jesse: Are you kidding? I cannot risk Maya living in the same house as the baby.

Brot: But if she's not trying to take Lucy, then why risk stirring up things between you and Angie? Because if you try to get rid of Maya, that's the only thing that's gonna happen.

Jesse: I need to be home 24/7. That's the only way I'm gonna stop worrying about this mess. Every time I see Maya holding the baby, I actually get this feeling that -- the bond between them. I can feel it growing stronger and stronger.

Brot: That's only natural. It's natural.

Jesse: You know what? One day she's gonna hear Lucy's birthday, and she's gonna realize it's the same as her own baby girl's. She's gonna start asking questions. She's gonna put two and two together. Finally she's gonna figure out that this is her baby. That cannot happen.

Brot: Ok. All right. So this is gonna go down, but what do you need me to do?

Jesse: I gotta go.

Amanda: So we're all hoping the cancer hasn't spread.

Jake: We're praying that we caught it early.

Amanda: But I still want to know, even if it hasn't spread, how do we get rid of it? The cancer cells? And does that mean I can't have any more children?

Dr. Hamilton: Assuming it is localized, there are ways to destroy the cancer cells without removing your uterus.

Amanda: So we could still have children.

Jake: Yes. Absolutely.

Amanda: And -- and if it has spread?

Jake: Well, let's not even go down that road until we know --

Amanda: Jake, I need to know.

Dr. Hamilton: Again, there would be many ways that we could attack the malignant cells, depending on where they're located.

Amanda: But bottom line, as far as me getting pregnant again?

Dr. Hamilton: If the disease has progressed at all, a hysterectomy might be necessary.

Jake: That's a mighty big "if," honey.

Amanda: I heard him. But all I really heard was no more children.

Maya: I want you to know how grateful I am. I'm so glad that you came with me to tell Mr. Chandler I was quitting.

Angie: I didn't want you to have to face J.R. alone.

Maya: I wasn't happy working there.

Angie: I know. But you know what? This is going to be a good opportunity for the both of us. Especially because I do want to go back to work eventually.

Maya: You know, living here with you and your family, it means a lot to me that you trust me with Lucy.

Angie: Oh, Maya. I do trust you. And I know how comfortable Lucy is with you. So let's go in and get you set up in your new home.

Maya: Ok.

[Door closes]

Cara: Just keep breathing.

Tad: Before we go any further, I just got one question. Are we -- we're on this beach. Are we supposed to be, like, alone? Because there's a guy over there taking pictures of you.

Cara: Ha! Um, no. This one's just you and me.

Tad: Told you not to wear that suit. Shameless, man. One piece would've been fine.

Cara: Ok.

Tad: Because it's just you and me.

Cara: Yeah, it's just you and me. Exactly.

Tad: Feeling much better already.

Cara: Now feel that warm sand between your toes. Warm breeze across your face.

Tad: Feeling pretty good.

Cara: Good. And there's a picnic basket. And some wine chilling.

Tad: Oh! You have mad skills. This is, like, this is impressive. I just have a question. Is this, like, is this you? Just something out of your imagination -- the sun and the sand. Chardonnay. Is this something -- something you would actually do?

Cara: Yeah, this is something I would do.

Tad: I had my eyes closed the entire time. Why didn't you tell me to just open my eyes?

Cara: I was watching.

Tad: So you would --

Cara: I would like to -- yeah, go on the beach with you. Alone.

Brot: It's gonna be ok. You're gonna be safe here.

Orderly: Psychiatric hold?

Brot: Yeah. I'm really concerned about her. I want to make sure she goes to the top of the list and gets a psychiatric evaluation ASAP. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Orderly: Don't worry, Officer. We got you covered.

Brot: Hey. You have my word. Nobody's gonna hurt you, ok?

Dixie: No. No. No. No hospitals. No, no needles. No, no, no! No!

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