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Episode #10670

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Angie: You are just so sweet letting me sleep in.

Jesse: Hey, Mommy. Are you kidding? Fair is only fair, right? You were up for the 2 a.m. feeding.

Angie: And I don't mind a bit -- gives me more time with my angel.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Ooh, hey. Can you grab your little angel for me?

Angie: Hello. Hello, Pumpkin. Hello. Hello, Pumpkin.

Jesse: Hubbard.

Brot: Hey, Chief, it's Brot. I'm at the hospital. Guess what -- Hayward made it through surgery.

Jesse: Got any good news for me?

Brot: Yeah. Those DNA results of Lucy and Maya? They should be in any minute.

Jesse: Ok. I'm on my way.

Angie: Jesse, is everything all right?

Jesse: I got to get over to the hospital. Hayward made it through surgery.

Angie: Thank goodness. If he had died, so would my hope of ever seeing my daughter.

Opal: I am telling you I hardly slept a wink last night. I've been so worried about Erica.

Amanda: They really took her to Oak Haven?

Opal: Just like that. They won't let her see her family or anything. Oh, listen to me going on about my troubles when we should be talking about you.

Amanda: I'm fine.

Opal: You're still waiting on the results of the biopsy?

Amanda: They'll be in later today. But right now I'm just focused on getting this little man to finish his breakfast.

Opal: You don't have to put on a brave face for me, Honeybunch. You can just let it out.

Amanda: Really, Opal, I'm good. I woke up this morning with a feeling that everything is gonna be ok.

Nurse: Dr. Martin? Dr. Kantor wanted me to give you these results.

Jake: Oh. Oh. Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Kendall: I don't understand. I don't get it. Why can't we just see Mom?

Jack: They're not gonna allow any visitors until they've completed the evaluation.

Kendall: I think that's ridiculous. She needs to be with her family.

Bianca: How are you doing, Uncle Jack?

Jack: Me? Huh. I'm worried. And I'm angry that instead of being with Erica, I have to stand around here waiting for news on Hayward.

Bianca: At least he survived the surgery. That's good for Mom, right?

Jack: Considering the alternatives, yes. If he dies, we have a whole --

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. Who would've ever thought that the three of us would be here rooting for David?

Jack: That son of a bitch. He used your mother's posttraumatic stress. He worked her, he rode her, and then finally he pushed her until she snapped.

Kendall: I don't care what anybody says. There's no way Mom's gonna take the blame for this.

Bianca: Ok, let's just stay calm. Ok? So far, so good. David is alive.

Jack: For now.

Griffin: Welcome back.

David: Nice work.

Griffin: It's a piece of cake. For the record, this is the second time I've saved your life.

David: But who's counting, right? I appreciate it.

Griffin: You can thank me by explaining what you said right before you went under.

David: Don't remember.

Griffin: You said if anything happens to you, they would all die. Who were you talking about? Those pain meds are strong, but I know you heard me.

David: I was concerned about the future of the project.

Griffin: You were concerned about them.

David: I made it. So everything is fine.

Griffin: You've been holding out on me. You told me Orpheus was theoretical. Now I find out you're experimenting on human beings -- Greenlee Lavery, Maria Santos. Who else is there?

David: I need to rest.

Griffin: There are others, David. Who are they? Are they from Pine Valley?

David: You don't need to know.

Opal: Oh, come on, now, Sugarplum. There must be something I can do to help keep your mind off all the waiting.

Amanda: Really, Opal, it was so nice of you to come over, but you don't have to stay. Go to the hospital. Go be with Erica's family.

Opal: They don't need me there. They got plenty of people to look after her.

Amanda: Jake said he's gonna call as soon as there's news, and I have my little guy to keep my spirits up.

Opal: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yes.

Opal: I'm gonna take you at your word, then. I don't have much choice. I'm gonna check in with you later, though. All right? Ok. Hey there, Mister. I'll see you a little bit later. You be good to your mama. Bye-bye.

Amanda: Your mommy is gonna be just fine. Ok?

Jack: I should've broken his neck for him the minute I saw him hanging around your mother at her elbow, whispering in her ear.

Kendall: Ok, something in her finally said "enough." She finally broke David's hold on her.

Jack: By plunging a knife in his chest, Kendall. Seeing her like that, listening to her tell that bizarre story about being kidnapped by an evil twin?

Bianca: That does sound --

Jack: Crazy? Is that the word you're looking for, "Crazy"?

Bianca: But Kendall is right. She finally had her breaking point, and, you know, we just have to stay positive.

Jack: I appreciate that. I do. I appreciate your optimism. Things are spinning very badly out of our control.

Maya: Hi.

Angie: Hi, Maya. Right on time, as usual.

Maya: I got a ride here from --

Mookie: Hi, Dr. Hubbard. We haven't officially met. I'm Mookie, Maya's boyfriend.

Angie: I've heard a lot about you. Please come in.

Mookie: Nice apartment, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: Thank you. We try to keep it neat, so I hope there's not baby stuff everywhere.

Mookie: I love babies.

Angie: So, Mookie, where are you from?

Mookie: NYC. The Big Apple.

Angie: New York? I used to live there.

Mookie: Greatest city in the world.

Angie: Well, Pine Valley's not bad either.

Mookie: It's, uh, cute.

Angie: Yeah, there would be some people who would find this town a little slow.

Mookie: Maybe it is a little. But Maya's here, so I'm sticking around.

[Sculpture scrapes]

Angie: We've had that ugly sculpture in my family for years.

Brot: Chief? Results?

Jesse: Maya is the biological mother. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Brot: We're gonna stay cool, because we're gonna figure this out.

Jesse: She works for us, Brot. She's over at the house right now.

Brot: That doesn't mean she knows anything.

Jesse: So it's a coincidence that she got a job looking after her own kid?

Brot: Yeah, maybe.

Jesse: She knows that we took her baby, and she's gonna want that baby back.

Brot: Chief, calm down. No one is going to take your daughter away.

Jesse: But she's not our daughter legally, and Maya must've found out.

Brot: But how?

Jesse: Maternal instinct -- I don't know, man.

Brot: Exactly. You don't know. We don't know. We're cops. We don't just jump to conclusions. We find proof. And the truth is we don't even know if Maya knows Lucy's her baby or that she even wants her back.

Jesse: So what are we gonna do? Just keep on keeping on, business as usual?

Brot: If this were any other case, we'd be asking questions and getting evidence.

Jesse: We don't have time for that.

Brot: Did Maya come to you asking for a nanny job? Chief, did Maya come to you --

Jesse: No, no, no. Frankie recommended her.

Brot: Ok. So it wasn't her idea. That's good.

Jesse: This can't be happening. I can't -- we can't lose another baby girl. She's become a part of our family, a part of our life. I -- this can't be happening.

Brot: I'm here for you, Chief. Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

Jesse: You know what? If Angela finds out that our baby died, and I kept it from her, there's nothing anybody could do to help. Nothing.

Angie: It's all right. I don't mind you looking at it.

Mookie: I don't get it. How did you --

Angie: Being blind tends to heighten the other senses.

Mookie: Huh. That was like some superhero stuff right there.

Maya: Mookie, shut up.

Angie: I've also memorized this room, and I know where everything is down to the last coaster. That sculpture's pretty heavy, so I heard it scratch the table when you picked it up.

Maya: Mookie's very sorry, Dr. Hubbard, and he's leaving now.

Mookie: No disrespect, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: No apology necessary.

Mookie: Thanks. I'm gonna get going.

Angie: There's no need to rush off.

Mookie: I got to get to work, and so does Maya. Don't mess up. Your boss is sharp, doesn't let anything get by her.

Maya: Ok.

Mookie: I'll pick you up later. Make sure you answer your phone.

Maya: I will.

Mookie: I'm serious. I hate when I can't reach you. Nice meeting you, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Mookie: Sorry again.

Maya: I'm gonna go take care --

Angie: Tell me some more about your boyfriend first.

Griffin: I'm getting really sick of being shut out.

David: I've been protecting you.

Griffin: By keeping me in the dark?

David: The less you know, the less chance you'd be implicated if something goes wrong.

Griffin: What could go wrong? Damn it, David, stop jerking me around. If you used me and my work to hurt people --

David: Of course not.

Griffin: Then what's with all the secrecy?

David: Look, I've been planning on revealing everything very soon. But there may have been a minor setback.

Griffin: What happened?

David: Greenlee appears to be having numbness in her legs.

Griffin: Is that a relapse from her accident?

David: I don't know. She may just be playing me, trying to get some information for Ryan. But if it's true, obviously I'm in no position to treat her right now.

Griffin: Ok, but you think that that Orpheus trial you worked on her might be wearing off?

David: I'm concerned there might be some side effects that I wasn't aware of, all right?

Griffin: That's why you don't experiment on human beings, David.

David: Everything is under control.

Griffin: If that were true, you wouldn't have panicked before I put you under. Now, you're gonna be stuck in this bed for a while. If there are others out there, I need to know. Are there others?

David: Yes. But don't ask me who, because I won't tell you.

Griffin: You need to tell me.

David: You need to back off.

Griffin: You made Maria Santos' family believe she was dead while you kept her hidden away. You did the same with Greenlee. Now you're telling me they're not the only two you worked on. Damn it, David, who else is there?! Look at me! You're acting all cool, but I know you're scared to death.

David: What could I possibly have to be scared of? Trust me, I have a plan.

Griffin: If things are going wrong with Greenlee, they may be going wrong with others, too. You didn't plan on that.

Jesse: Hey. Any word on Hayward?

Frankie: Unfortunately, still alive.

Jesse: Prognosis?

Frankie: He's a lucky man. Knife nicked an artery, but Castillo got him in there on time. He should make a full recovery.

Jesse: This day just keeps getting better.

Frankie: What's going on?

Jesse: Oh, nothing.

Frankie: Come on, man. You look kind of stressed. What's up?

Jesse: I just keep thinking about your mother and this whole nanny situation. Does Maya have any other references beside you?

Frankie: Did something happen to Lucy?

Jesse: No. She's doing a great job. It's just I'm trying to be the responsible parent.

Frankie: Oh. I don't know her employment history, so --

Jesse: What else do you know about her?

Frankie: We talked about this, right?

Jesse: Yeah. She was your patient.

Frankie: Yeah.

Jesse: What was wrong with her?

Frankie: You know I can't tell you that.

Jesse: Come on. She's taking care of your little sister.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, but I'm not gonna break confidentiality.

Jesse: Franklin, if this girl was sick --

Frankie: She's in perfect health.

Jesse: First time I saw her holding the baby, she looked a little tense. I don't know. And you said that she had some issues, family problems?

Frankie: What's with all the questions? What's up?

Jesse: I just want to make sure we didn't make a mistake hiring this girl.

Frankie: You said she was doing a great job, so how can it be a mistake?

Maya: I already told you about Mookie the other day.

Angie: Tell me more.

Maya: Like what?

Angie: The way he talks to you -- what do you think about that?

Maya: I'm not really sure what you mean by that.

Angie: I may be overstepping by saying this, but I'm going to say it anyway. There is something in the tone of his voice that just strikes me, because it sounds so much like the way my father used to talk to me, and my father was a very controlling man.

Maya: Is this about the phone calls? Mookie just likes to know where I am.

Angie: We didn't have GPS when I was your age, but if we did, my father would've tracked me night and day.

Maya: Most boyfriends don't even care that much.

Angie: Yeah, but, Maya, you just seem tense when he's around -- pretty much like the way I was with my father. I never wanted to get him angry, and I did whatever I could to please him, even if it wasn't what pleased me.

Maya: I should go check on Lucy.

Angie: Jesse and I, we got married when I was very young, and my father thought that Jesse was not good enough for me -- certainly not good enough to be the father of my child.

Maya: He said that to you?

Angie: He did whatever he could to split us up. And he was very powerful, domineering. Fighting him took everything that I had, and sometimes I just didn't have any more strength. And when I got pregnant with Frankie, my father convinced me to give him up for adoption, and it was the biggest mistake that I ever made. Maya, why are you crying?

David: I'll tell you everything when it's safe.

Griffin: You're losing control.

David: No, I am not losing control. But if any of the ignorant fools in this town find out that I've been doing experimental research, the entire project would be jeopardized.

Griffin: I won't say anything to anyone. You have my word.

David: Oh. You know, back in the day, I would've believed you. But now that you've developed this crush on Kendall --

Griffin: This is between you and me.

David: Oh, right. So you say. If even a hint of this slipped out during pillow talk, every one of my patients would be in danger. Ryan would hunt me down with the rest of his lynch mob. I can't help anyone if I'm behind bars.

Griffin: You've kept these people hidden away, did God knows what to them in the name of revolutionary science. Now it's backfiring.

David: No, nothing is backfiring. I just need time to make sure that everything is ok.

Griffin: And what if it's not? What if these side effects are getting worse?

David: All the more reason to keep it under wraps. Why build up all their hopes only to have them dashed again?

Griffin: This is so wrong. You can't just step into people's lives like this.

David: Unbelievable. You were singing a very different tune when you asked me to step into your sister's life. You practically begged me to get involved, do whatever it took.

Griffin: If I'd have known --

David: What? What? What, you would've refused the brilliant oncologist I brought in? You would've stood on your high moral ground and let Cara die? All right. I really need to get some rest.

Griffin: Ryan Lavery is hot on your trail. What do you suggest I tell him?

David: Just tell him to get a life.

Griffin: I'm serious.

David: Tell him the truth. Tell him you wish you knew more, and you keep going after me to get it out of me.

Griffin: You're right about that. That is the truth.

[Kendall sneaks into the room]

David: Did you bring your pillow?

Kendall: I warned you not to mess with my mother.

David: "Mess with her"? She almost killed me.

Kendall: And I almost killed you. So this is revenge, right? You come after my mother, you push her so hard that she stabs you.

David: You think I wanted this?

Kendall: I can't even begin to guess what it is you really want. All I know is you pounced on my mother when she was at her most vulnerable, and now she's completely losing her mind. If you're doing it to get back at me, I want to know.

David: You couldn't be more wrong, Kendall. I have done so much to help you, more than you could ever imagine.

Jack: Thank you for letting me know.

Bianca: What did they say?

Jack: They've completed the initial interview with your mother, but they want to keep her for a more complete evaluation.

Bianca: Keep her? For how long?

Jack: I don't know. The judge is not gonna let her out of Oak Haven, and they're not gonna let us in to see her.

Opal: That is ridiculous. Erica has not lost her marbles. We have got to get her out of that hellhole pronto.

Amanda: Hey. I thought you were gonna call when -- it's cancer. How bad is it?

Jake: They're gonna want to do more tests, obviously, to see what stage it's at. Dr. Kantor wants to see us together later. Listen. We're gonna beat this thing. We're gonna do it together, right?

Amanda: All right. Come, sit, eat, and I am going to make you breakfast. Please. Please don't hug me right now because if you do, I'm gonna completely lose it, and we have a lot to talk about.

Angie: Maya, I didn't mean to upset you.

Maya: I know. It's just your story made me really sad.

Angie: It all worked out in the end. We got Frankie back. And, listen, the only reason I told you this story was because --

Maya: I know that Mookie can be very controlling and possessive and sometimes jealous, too. But he's been so good to me, especially since --

Angie: Since what?

Maya: Since I've been working at the Chandlers'.

Angie: Has J.R. been giving you a hard time?

Maya: No. It's just at first, it was fine. But lately there's been a lot of fighting and people keeping secrets from each other, which means I have to keep secrets.

Jesse: Look, Maya seems like a nice girl, but you can't be too sure these days. You've heard the stories, right?

Frankie: Yeah. I wish I could tell you more, but --

Jesse: Confidentiality.

Frankie: Listen, you can trust Maya. She's not gonna cause you any problems, all right? I promise.

Opal: Come on. We've got to go. We got a damsel in distress. She needs to be rescued.

Jack: Opal, let's just let the doctors check her out, ok?

Opal: Jackson, my best gal pal may be a lot of things, but cuckoo is not one of them. I don't need a doctor to tell me that, and I don't think you do either.

Bianca: Opal, she stabbed David.

Opal: For good reason. Look what he did to her life.

Jack: Look, let's be honest here, Opal. We may just have to accept that for right now, Oak Haven is exactly the right place for Erica.

Opal: That's hogwash. There is something else behind all of this, and I would bet you anything that it's that rat Hayward. She would never have let him use her the way he did, and she certainly never would've fallen in love with him!

Bianca: Mom says she didn't.

Opal: What are you talking about? You were there. We witnessed it. I think that Hayward is drugging her again.

Bianca: Mom says that the woman who's been running around with David isn't her, that it's a look-alike.

Jack: And that this woman kidnapped her and has been holding her hostage all this time, and that she only just now escaped.

Kendall: I don't have time for your stupid games. I want you to stay away from my mother. If you need to come after someone, come after me.

David: I've always had a great deal of affection for your mother. Our bond goes back years. I thought we could recapture a little of that old magic.

Kendall: No, you wanted the hospital back, so you drugged her -- or whatever it was you did. But you can't touch her anymore, David. It's over.

David: No. It's far from over, Kendall, especially for you.

Kendall: Stop it. Ok? Just stop trying to mess with my head. If you want to press charges against someone, then do it. Press charges against me, but leave my family alone.

David: You have no idea what you're asking right now, but in time, you will.

Kendall: You're a sick freak.

David: No. No. It appears your mother is the sick one. Clearly, her passion for me runs a little too high.

Kendall: Yeah, it's called hate.

David: Regardless, she needs help, and she needs Jack. I can see that now, so I'm not gonna stand in their way.

Kendall: You ruin their relationship, and then you just say you're gonna leave it alone?

David: You have my word.

Kendall: If you think I believe one word out of your vile mouth, you're an absolute idiot. Me, Ryan, all of us -- we will be on you day and night.

David: Yeah? Then you're just gonna be wasting your time.

Kendall: You're up to something, something twisted, even for you. You hurt my mother, you hurt Jackson, and now somehow you've gotten Griffin involved.

David: Oh, yes, your lover boy. There was a time he was gonna be a brilliant surgeon -- till his loyalty started wavering.

Kendall: We'll be watching you. That is a promise. A promise.

Griffin: Hey. I tried calling you. I know we were supposed to have dinner at ConFusion, but this whole thing with your mom went down --

Kendall: Ryan told me.

Griffin: Told you what?

Kendall: About your involvement with David, how you've been working with him this entire time. And now my mother is in a mental institution, because of him. How could you do this to me? You told me that David was your mentor in medical school.

Griffin: He was.

Kendall: Yes. He was also your boss with this Project Orpheus. Now, I asked you point-blank if you knew anything about that, and you lied to my face.

Griffin: After medical school, I did research. I told you that.

Kendall: You didn't tell me it was with David.

Griffin: Because it was confidential.

Kendall: Did you help him hurt my mother?

Griffin: What? No.

Kendall: Maybe it's not a big deal for you to do research with David Hayward, but around here, it's a very big deal.

Griffin: Kendall, the man's done more for me than any --

Kendall: I know that, ok? I know he is your idol. I understand that. But I have seen firsthand what he is capable of. He's got a God complex. He loves to mess with people's lives. He keeps families apart out of spite. How are you helping him?

Griffin: What kind of question is that?

Kendall: It's one I still need an answer to. What have you been doing to help David? Where? When? I need to know everything. I need you to tell me everything.

Griffin: I can't. I'm sorry. Maybe down the line, but not now.

Kendall: It is now or never.

Angie: I don't know you that well, Maya, but I can tell that you are a good person, a kind person.

Maya: Thank you.

Angie: And I'm sorry that you've been having such a hard time at the Chandlers'. I could sense that you're unhappy, and I didn't want to ignore it.

Maya: I really appreciate you caring, but I'll be fine.

Angie: Are you sure there isn't something I could do to make things easier?

Maya: You've already given me a great job.

Angie: I think I can do one better.

Brot: You talk to Frankie?

Jesse: Yep. He didn't tell me much. He doesn't think we're gonna have a problem with Maya.

Brot: Ok. He knows her. There's no reason not to believe him.

Jesse: Unless she's playing him.

Brot: Do you really think this girl's that shrewd?

Jesse: To get her kid back?

Brot: Chief, I think it's a major stretch. Like I said, I don't think she knows Lucy is her baby. I definitely don't think she's out to get her baby back.

Jesse: Maybe not, but I'm gonna make sure.

Amanda: Waiting for the results, I've had a lot of time to think about everything, and I think that it's very important for Trevor to have a happy, normal childhood.

Jake: Right. I don't think he needs to know about any of this.

Amanda: I'm not talking about the diagnosis. I'm talking about the future.

Jake: Let's just take it one step at a time, ok, because we don't even have the facts yet.

Amanda: We know that I have cancer, and we need to be realistic about what that means.

Jake: Except it doesn't mean it has to be something bad.

Amanda: Please, can I just get this out? I just -- if I can't -- if it gets to a point where I'm not able -- I want you to find someone, someone that you really love, and I want you to marry them. Because it's very important that Trevor have a mother in his life.

Jake: Ok, I'm not doing this. I'm not gonna let you go there. Here's the real game plan: You fight, you win, and I'll be by your side every step of the way. This is the hard part, not knowing what's in store, but here's what I do know. We have been up against some pretty tough-ass dragons before, right, and we've crushed them all. I don't think this is any different.

Amanda: I'm scared.

Jake: I know. But you're also strong and you're brave. You have a fortress of support behind you. You've got me, you've got your son, you've got Tad, and you've got Opal. And more than that, you got love. Love will get us through anything, right?

Amanda: I'm not ready. I don't want it to end yet. I don't want to die.

Jake: I'm not gonna let that happen. I'd never let that happen.

Maya: Hi.

Jesse: Hey. How's it going?

Maya: Great. Angie's just changing Lucy. I'm just grabbing some more diapers.

Jesse: Great. Listen, do you think you have a second to talk?

Angie: Hi, Darling.

Jesse: Hey, Babe. How you doing?

Angie: I am just fine, and you're gonna be, too. Guess what -- you know how much Lucy has taken to Maya, and Maya has certainly taken to Lucy, and Maya has agreed to be our full-time, live-in nanny. Isn't that fantastic?

Jack: She says this woman Jane kidnapped her in St. Barts.

Bianca: Some crazed fan who made herself look just like Mom, so she could steal her life.

Opal: Oh, my.

Jack: Indeed. There's more. Somehow Hayward figured out that Jane wasn't the real Erica.

Bianca: Soon enough, he seduced her, and Jane fell for it. We all thought Mom fell in love with him.

Jack: Jane realizes that Hayward is playing her, Erica convinces her to set her free, and then she lets Jane go.

Opal: Erica told you all this?

Jack: Right before she stabbed Hayward. Opal, she was talking in circles. She was making no sense. Hayward kept pressing her, and she finally lost it.

Opal: What else could she have done? What would you do if you had survived all that?

Bianca: Opal, I know how much you care about my mom, but --

Opal: Listen, it's all crystal clear now. Erica hadn't been acting like herself, because she wasn't herself. It wasn't her!

Jack: Opal, are you telling me that you believe all this?

Opal: Jack, I may not know everything there is to know about Erica Kane, but falling off the wagon and into David's bed? Not a snowball's chance in hell.

Bianca: We don't like it any more than you do, but it happened.

Opal: I -- I don't see how you can say that. The woman that you pulled out of the rubble was a fake. She's out there somewhere, and Erica is bouncing around in a rubber room. Now, we got to make this right.

Kendall: I need you to tell me everything about David.

Griffin: I can't.

Kendall: After everything that we've been through, are you seriously doing this?

Griffin: I wish I could tell you, but it's not possible, not now.

Kendall: Then we can't see each other anymore.

Griffin: Is that what you want?

Kendall: It's how it has to be.

Griffin: Ok. You need complete honesty, and I cannot give that to you. Not now, at least. So you're right. We can't be together.

Kendall: You're choosing David over me.

Griffin: It's not that simple.

Kendall: Well, if your secrets are more important than this relationship, then from here on out, there is no relationship.

Griffin: I understand. I'm sorry.

David: Where the hell is Ben now, damn it? All right. Ok. Just listen to me. Forget Ben for now. Find Dixie. Do you hear me? You find her, and you find her fast.

[Dixie continues to lurk about the park]

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