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Erica: What is taking so long? Jane should be done by now.

Ben: Try to be patient.

Erica: Patient? Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to dictate my memoirs, how really painful it was to reveal the most personal, the most painful things about myself?

Ben: Yes, I do.

Erica: I didn't do it for fun. I did it so that you and Jane would finally recognize who Erica Kane really is. Not the tabloid sensation, but the real me. And then I thought maybe if Jane understands that, maybe then she would come to her senses and let me go.

Ben: I hope so. You deserve to be free.

Erica: You can stop pretending you're on my side, Ben. I know you're in love with her.

Ben: Yeah. But you don't deserve to be held prisoner. It could only end badly for Jane. You convinced me of that.

Erica: It doesn't seem to be working on Jane.

Ben: Give her time.

Erica: She's had enough time to memorize it by now. What if she never even listened to the recording? Or what if she did and it's had no effect on her at all?

Erica's Voice: Even as I look around this room, this prison, I really would need him to tell me that I'm ok, to show me that he cares. I need my father to rescue me.

Greenlee: We are so going to nail David. He never even suspected that I was faking the pain, and then, of course, he's insisted he's the only who can fix me. Ego never quits.

Ryan: You're doing great. Just keep it up. Just get as much information as you can possibly get from him.

Greenlee: Thank you for not fighting me on this.

Ryan: I'll protect you, but I'm not gonna fight you, because we're a team now. Right?

Greenlee: You think your angle is gonna pay off first, don't you?

Ryan: I think Griffin knows a whole lot more about Project Orpheus than he's letting on.

Greenlee: But he hasn't given it up yet?

Ryan: Not to me, but I bet you he's told somebody. She's my way in.

David: I want you out of here!

Griffin: When I started working on Orpheus, you said that it was a research project. You said that it would take years before that research was ready to be implemented.

David: So what? Spit it out, Griff! Get it off your chest!

Griffin: Is Project Orpheus pure research, or have you been experimenting on humans? Greenlee Lavery's medical records? Have you been using Orpheus on her? Is that why she remembered the logo? Damn it, David, is she your guinea pig?!

David: Greenlee is no guinea pig. She was a blazing success, a living, breathing, walking testament to my brilliance!

Griffin: So you took it that far? Was she the only one, huh? Was she the only one you worked on?

David: That's correct.

Griffin: Then who is Maria Santos?

David: You've been listening to Kendall. What else did she tell you?

Griffin: Leave Kendall out of this.

David: You're the one who dragged her into it -- against my repeated advice to cut all ties!

Griffin: Answer me! Was Greenlee the only one you brought into Orpheus, or are there others?

Kendall's voice: She couldn't remember her friends, her whole life, her family, her children.

Griffin: Tell me more about Maria. When she was missing, how did everybody think that she died?

Kendall: It was an accident.

Griffin: Ok, what kind of accident? Like a car accident? Was David at the scene?

Kendall: It was a plane crash, like Zach.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: Sorry I was so -- tense. Hi.

Bianca: Hi. Let me guess -- you and Griff's first fight as a couple?

Kendall: Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead.

Ryan: If Griffin told anybody about David's secret project, it's definitely Cara.

Greenlee: Good luck getting her to talk. She's very protective of her brother.

Ryan: I don't need luck. You see, the trick is getting her to say something that she doesn't even know that she knows.

Greenlee: Hey, Dad.

Jack: Hi. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Ryan: No, it's fine. You two talk. I'm gonna go and take care of some stuff. Ok? Love you.

Greenlee: How you doing?

Jack: If I told you I was ok, would you believe me? You saw the woman I love put a dagger in my heart and give it a twist. I'm definitely not ok.

Bianca: Give up? That doesn't sound like you.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm just sick of beating my head against the wall.

Bianca: But you and Griff just started.

Kendall: No, not exactly. We've been friends -- or whatever you want to call it -- for a while now, but there's always been this wall between us.

Bianca: Griff's wall?

Kendall: Not exactly. I've been bringing up Zach a lot lately, so that hasn't exactly helped us move forward.

Bianca: But Griffin understands that, right?

Kendall: Yeah. He's been amazing. He's completely understanding and respectful. He doesn't push at all, which is why this is just so frustrating. I'm finally ready to get close to him, and he just keeps pulling away from me.

Bianca: Oh. Cut him some slack. I mean, this is the first real relationship he's been in, right?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, but we can't move forward if every time I ask him a question, he shuts down on me.

Bianca: He's complicated. It'll just take a little work to get him to open up. I thought you liked that in a man.

Kendall: I do -- not when the complication is David Hayward.

Bianca: Wait. What about him?

Kendall: Nothing.

Bianca: Kendall?

Kendall: Binks, I don't want to drag you into this.

Bianca: Ok, Mom is almost marrying him. Consider me already dragged.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Ryan thinks David has this master plan, that buying the hospital and manipulating Mom into this bizarre engagement is all part of it.

Bianca: And you think Griffin is connected, that he's on David's side?

Kendall: Ryan thinks it's a possibility, but I really hope he's wrong.

Ryan: Look at you, doctor/waitress. I like it.

Cara: Oh. When I forget to take the stethoscope off, it kind of makes the customers nervous, if you know what I mean.

Ryan: People can come, they can get a drink, a checkup -- one-stop shopping.

Cara: Yes, this could be like "Chew and Checkup."

Ryan: I like it! Nice.

Cara: Not really. Actually, what happened is Krystal needed an extra set of hands, I'm allergic to downtime, so -- voil -- here I am.

Ryan: Oh, that's nice -- helping out family. Yeah, sure. Ok. Maybe later, actually.

Cara: What'll you have?

Ryan: Nothing more important than helping family, right? I'm gonna have a -- I'll have a root beer.

Cara: Living on the edge. Yes!

Ryan: Absolutely. Come on! You can't tell me you didn't enjoy root beer when you were growing up.

Cara: Actually, on a serious note, we weren't allowed to have soda. Here you go.

Ryan: Really?

Cara: Not really. Uh-uh.

Ryan: You and Griffin, you couldn't just, like, kick back and enjoy the old root beer float ever?

Cara: No, we didn't, actually. No. It was orange juice with the curly straw, actually. Yeah, that's as crazy as it got.

Ryan: That is pretty crazy. Were you guys as close as kids as you are now? I know you're so close now.

Cara: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. He was -- he's always been my rock, you know? Yeah. And when we were working, like, continents apart, we still stayed really tight. So I'm blessed.

Ryan: That's really nice. And you both became doctors. Was Hayward your mentor, too?

Cara: No. I was always in the middle of the action -- that's where I kind of preferred to be -- and Griff was the one that was into the research.

Ryan: Oh, really? So Griffin did research for Hayward when he was in medical school?

Cara: Yep. That's where it started up, and then it kind of picked up again after we came back from Africa.

Ryan: Any particular reason?

Cara: Actually, that's when David became my brother's best friend.

David: I helped Maria Santos years before I even knew Greenlee.

Griffin: By "helped," do you mean making everyone believe that she was dead? Wiping out her memory?

David: I found Maria washed up on a beach after her plane crashed into the ocean. She had already lost her memory when I found her. But I saved her life, made sure that her children still had a mother to come home to! I did the same thing for Kendall, but I'm sure she didn't mention that, now, did she? Boy, she's really done a number on you.

Griffin: You're not answering my question.

David: Then you're not listening. Kendall and Ryan and all the other self-righteous, ignorant fools in this town want to blame me for everything! Someone breaks their fingernail, they're after me to take me down!

Griffin: Maybe that's what you deserve!

David: Wow. And another one bites the dust. Too bad, Castillo. I had high hopes for you. Didn't think you would be so easily swayed.

Griffin: I didn't think that you would get married. You gave me this whole lecture about no personal attachments. Meanwhile, you're sleeping with Erica Kane?

David: My personal life is none of your concern!

Griffin: It is if your choices are hurting the people I care about and making me look like a liar!

David: You're losing sight of the bigger picture!

Griffin: I've been out there defending your name, your work, your character, and meanwhile, all this time, now I realize I don't even know what that work is!

David: It's the most important work you've ever done!

Griffin: You've been concealing information from me, disturbing information about a project that I put years of my life into.

David: Listen to me. You are lucky that I ever gave you the privilege to be anywhere near Orpheus.

Griffin: What is it that you've gotten me into?

David: We made a deal, damn it, a deal that you were all too willing to make. When you needed a friend, someone to help you during your darkest hours, who was there for you? Was it Kendall? Was it Ryan? No. It was me. Shouldn't that earn me some trust?

Griffin: You want trust? Then no more secrets. I know about Greenlee, Maria Santos. Who else is there?

Greenlee: I hate to see you hurting like this, but maybe it's for the best. Erica's broken your heart so many times. Now you can walk away once and for all knowing you gave it everything you got.

Jack: Walk away? Huh. I'm not giving up on Erica. Not now. Not ever.

Erica: Jane, I know you want a life, and you should have one, but not mine -- yours. Please, Jane, come to your senses. Stop this. Do what's right for all of us. End this fantasy and let me go. Say something, Jane!

[Dixie bangs on the pipes]

Erica: There it is again. There's that banging noise.

Ben: It's just those damn pipes acting up again.

Erica: Oh, no. That's a signal. There's someone else here.

Kendall: I think I know why I pick men who are so closed off: Because our mother does just the opposite. Anytime she's around a man who is finally emotionally available for her, she freaks out, and then shuts down and runs away.

Bianca: It's never been this bad -- almost marrying David?

Kendall: Yeah, that is one place I don't ever want to be. Me? I just choose men that I find very interesting but then annoy the hell out of me. Yeah. So aren't you glad you're not in a relationship? Be glad. Wait, wait. Marissa? Really? Ok. All right. Spill everything right now!

Bianca: It turns out that Marissa is not quite as straight as she thought she was.

Kendall: Oh, my God, Bianca, I'm so happy for you! Are you kidding me? This is good. Maybe there is hope for all of us.

Cara: So my cancer treatment wasn't going very well. We didn't really know where else to turn, and David was like a gift from heaven.

Ryan: Hmm. And that's when Griffin reached out to him again?

Cara: Yeah. He thought that if anyone had cutting-edge alternatives, it would be his old mentor, and he was right. Actually, David introduced us to this brilliant oncologist, and he stood by my brother's side during my entire treatment.

Ryan: Wow. And that's when Griffin and David started working together again.

Cara: Yeah. He really threw himself into work that time. I think he was trying to focus on other things so he wouldn't worry.

Ryan: I don't blame him. Hey, um, do you know what kind of research they were doing, like, specifically?

Cara: Why are you asking me all these questions?

Ryan: Just, um, Greenlee was a patient of Hayward's for a while.

Cara: Yeah, I heard -- the motorcycle accident.

Ryan: Yeah. Right. She was with him for over a year, and Hayward helped her walk again against all odds, and I guess I was just wondering if that research had something to do with it.

Cara: I remember my brother saying that it was -- the research was just theoretical. It wasn't anywhere near human trials.

Ryan: Oh.

Cara: Doctors can doodle, too. Excuse me.

David: When we first met, you were a young, idealistic student. The most dedicated, most focused student I had ever had. Nothing was more important than your work. Nothing could've caused you to second-guess your purpose.

Griffin: My purpose is to help people. What is yours?

David: I have helped countless people, and I am surprised that I have to remind you of that, considering the fact that your dear sister is walking this good earth because of me.

Griffin: Are you saying that Cara is part of --

David: No, no. Cara was not part of Orpheus. She knows nothing about it -- unless, of course, you told her.

Griffin: I didn't say a word. But you didn't waste any time getting me to start doing research for you.

David: Are you saying I took advantage of your sister's leukemia?

Griffin: You got Cara the help that she needed, and I will always be grateful for that. But you cannot use that to avoid telling me the truth.

David: All right. Here's the deal, Doctor. You can have a silly little romance like any other ordinary schlub. Or you can take part in something that only a handful of people throughout history will ever have the chance to do, and that is to change the world. That is your choice, so choose wisely.

Greenlee: Your devotion is incredible, but she doesn't deserve it, not anymore.

Jack: Maybe she doesn't deserve it, but she needs it more than ever.

Greenlee: She humiliated you. She stood there, and she rubbed her affair with David in our faces.

Jack: Yeah, I know. Look, Greenlee, I know you're no fan, and Erica does have her moments, no doubt, but this was beyond anything -- I mean, it's clear, so very clear, there is something seriously wrong.

Greenlee: Yeah. She's with David, and you need to accept that and move on. Don't let her hurt you anymore.

Jack: She's not trying to hurt me.

Greenlee: How can you say that?

Jack: Because she loves me, Greenlee. Because we love each other. Look, Hayward -- he doesn't matter at all. All that matters is Erica and me. We've been at this a long time. We've survived a lot. Now is not the time for me to quit. Now is the time for me to fight harder than ever, because now I know I'm saving her life -- and the life that we were meant to share.

Greenlee: I just wish she were worth it.

Kendall: This is the best news ever! I am so excited for you guys! Ok, you have to call Marissa. Call her right now. We're gonna go to ConFusion. We're gonna celebrate. Drinks on me.

Bianca: Ok, whoa. Let's slow down a little. We haven't even told the kids yet -- or had an actual date.

Kendall: Ok, come on, Binks. You've waited so long for this. We have to celebrate.

Bianca: I don't even know what "it" is at this point, and there's still a ton of time for it to get all messed up.

Kendall: Ok, you -- uh-uh. No more talk of that, ok? No more negativity. You are amazing. You're the most beautiful, wise, loving person I've ever met, so I just know things are gonna go great with Marissa. And if she messes up, I'll kick her butt.

Bianca: Do you need me to kick Griff's butt, so you can be happy, too?

Kendall: No. I'm trying. We're working on it. I just think that the past is getting in our way -- mine and his.

Bianca: What about his past?

Kendall: I just had a great idea, a great idea. Why don't I give this house to you and Marissa?

Bianca: Uh, where did that come from?

Kendall: You won't let me buy you drinks, so --

Bianca: So you're gonna give us a house?

Kendall: Griffin and I are never gonna move forward until we completely make a clean break from the past, and this house is the past.

Bianca: But you love this house. Zach built this house for you and the boys.

Kendall: I know that. But I think he would be so happy to know that I'm passing it on to you.

Bianca: Ok, that is beyond generous, but maybe you should think about it a little bit more. No matter what they say about how fast lesbians move in together, I don't really want to show up at the first date with the deed to a house.

[Doorbell rings]

Kendall: All right. Hold that thought.

Ryan: Hey. I need to talk to you. Bianca, hi. I didn't know you were here.

Bianca: Uh, what's going on?

Kendall: Nothing really.

Bianca: Nice try. How many times do I have to bust you on this? If something's going on with Mom and David, I want in.

Griffin: Hey.

Cara: What a nice surprise. Everything ok?

Griffin: Just great.

Cara: Oh, my goodness. You are a brilliant surgeon but a horrible liar. What's up?

Griffin: I was just thinking about your cancer.

Cara: Interesting.

Griffin: Why?

Cara: Because I was just at Krystal's, and Ryan was there, and we started to talk about that same time in my life.

Griffin: What did he ask you? What did you tell him?

Erica: Come on! Come on! Make that sound again!

Ben: I told you it was just the pipes.

Erica: No, it's not pipes. There's a person out there. There's someone else out there. I heard them.

Ben: That's impossible. The rooms are soundproof.

Erica: "Rooms"? You mean there's more than one?

Ben: Walls. I mean the walls are soundproof.

Erica: Is someone else out there? Has Jane kidnapped someone else? Is she keeping someone else prisoner?

Ben: There are no other people in no other rooms. Jane is obsessed with you, only you.

Erica: But maybe Jane isn't the one in charge. Maybe it's you, or someone else.

Ben: You've been locked up for too long. Your imagination's starting to run wild.


Erica: That's not my imagination.


Dixie: Agh. Ah.

David: How are you feeling?

Greenlee: Better than my father after you and Erica tortured him.

David: I never intended to hurt your father.

Greenlee: You could've gone after anyone. You could've gotten another Nurse Gayle to worship at your feet. Why did it have to be Erica?

David: I couldn't have you, so I guess I had to settle for second-best.

Bianca: Someone say something.

Kendall: The less you know about this the better.

Bianca: If it involves Mom, I want to know everything.

Kendall: Binks, we don't mean to exclude you. That's not what we're trying to do. But after everything you've been through these past few months, you're finally in a good place in your life. You're in a relationship with somebody who could make you happy.

Bianca: What does that have to do with this whole David mess?

Kendall: Because if we tell you what's going on, it could put you in a very awkward situation. You could be in a bad position. You're starting up in this relationship, and you're gonna have to keep secrets from her, and it could ruin everything.

Bianca: Ok. But if you need help, you better ask.

Kendall: Of course. You know I will.

Bianca: You take care of my sister. Ok.

Kendall: Ok, so you found something about the Project Orpheus?

Ryan: It's really just a hunch, Kendall.

Kendall: About?

Ryan: You know what? I should really look into this first, ok? I don't want to accuse anybody of anything until I've got some hard proof.

Kendall: All right. Now you're keeping something from me.

Ryan: If there is truth to this, I will tell you everything.

Kendall: Everything, no matter where it leads.

Griffin: I didn't mean to snap at you.

Cara: Is there something I need to know about Ryan?

Griffin: Why would you say that?

Cara: Ok. Let me guess, all right? He's being overprotective about Kendall, you got pissed off, you're taking it out on me.

Griffin: Ok. Yeah.

Cara: Yeah?

Griffin: Yeah.

Cara: So what did he say?

Griffin: What hasn't he said? He's done everything except ask me what my intentions are. He's acting like he's her big brother or something.

Cara: Ooh. Big brother -- they are the worst.

Griffin: I'm happy you're here.

Cara: Hey, I'm happy you're here.

Griffin: When I thought that I could lose you --

Cara: Why are you thinking about that time?

Griffin: I don't know. But I had to do whatever it took to save you. Whatever anybody asked of me, I was gonna do to save your life.

Cara: I know, and I will always remember that. I wish you could tell me where this is coming from.

Griffin: I have to get to work.

Cara: Hold on. Wait a minute. Just hold on a second. Maybe you getting close to Kendall -- it's reminding you of the time when I was sick because -- that way, you have a reason to pull back from her before you get too close to her, and that way, you can't get hurt.

Griffin: For someone so annoying, you can be very sweet.

Cara: You know you can talk to me.

Griffin: I'm good. I got to get to work.

Cara: You're not gonna tell me?

Greenlee: You're really marrying Erica just to spite me?

David: No. No, this isn't spite. I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone. And as far as consolation prizes go, she's not too shabby.

Greenlee: You're pathetic.

David: There are other reasons, of course, more practical reasons to choosing Erica. After all, I now own this place, right?

Greenlee: You ruined my father's life, so you could own this hospital?

David: I already told you. I never intended to make your father collateral damage. Erica simply gave me an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

Greenlee: An opportunity? She was kidnapped. She almost died in an explosion. She was vulnerable, and you pounced.

David: Are you standing up for Erica now?

Greenlee: No, I'm not. This is about my father.

David: It's not my fault Erica lost her mind. She wanted me to love her. I gave her what she wanted.

Greenlee: But you don't love her.

David: Does that really matter? At the end of the day, I got this fine establishment -- didn't even have to sign a prenup.

Greenlee: I always knew you were a self --

David: What is it? Is it the numbness?

Greenlee: Get away from me.

David: Greenlee, this could be serious. Let me check you out.

Greenlee: I said no.

David: You know how much you mean to me. No other woman would ever come close. I would never let anything happen to you.

Greenlee: Go find your meal ticket. Leave me the hell alone. Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Greenlee: I was hoping Ryan might've come back here.

Kendall: Oh, he's probably working on his secret mission.

Greenlee: What do you mean?

Kendall: He came over to my house to give me some information on David, but then he didn't tell me a thing.

Greenlee: Why would he do that?

Kendall: I don't know. Maybe he found out something I wouldn't like and was afraid I'd be upset.

Greenlee: Sounds like Ryan.

Kendall: Greenlee, my mother is in serious trouble. If something is wrong, if something is going on, I need to know.

Greenlee: Listen, you just went through hell with Ricky. The last person you need to be dealing with is David.

Kendall: David's gonna be my stepfather, all right? I have to deal with him. Ryan didn't really mention anything to you?

Greenlee: No. But I might get a little bit of information out of him once I give him my latest update.

Kendall: I know that look. That is the look that you give the Fusion interns when they mess up the coffee order. Yes. All right. Who? Who's the target?

Greenlee: David.

Kendall: What? No. The last person you should be around is David, ok? Let Ryan handle him.

Greenlee: We're handling him together.

Kendall: It's dangerous.

Greenlee: Listen, I'm playing him, and he doesn't even know it. But the best part is it's actually bringing me and Ryan closer together.

Kendall: I still don't like it.

Greenlee: Listen, I know you understand. Look what teaming up did for you and Griffin.

Griffin: First you grill my sister, now you're coming after me? You have a problem with my family?

Ryan: No. I'm a big fan of the Castillos, actually.

Griffin: Really?

Ryan: Yes, really -- the love, loyalty, dedication to medicine. But the thing about dedication to work is sometimes it can be taken a little bit too far.

Griffin: That's fascinating. I have rounds.

Ryan: Does this look familiar, Doc?

David: People are asking too many questions. You need to move them. Yes, all of them. No. On second thought, except her. I'll take care of her.

Erica: Ben, if someone else is in charge, I need to know that. Talk to me. Ben, haven't we learned to trust each other? I opened up to you. You opened up to me. I know that you're not a heartless criminal, and you know that I don't want any revenge against you and Jane. I just need to know if someone else is in charge, so I can figure out a way out of here.

Jane: It's true. Every word you said, it's all true. I knew that Jackson loved you, but I had no idea how much. The more you slip away, the more determined he seems to fight for what you have.

Erica: Jack will never give up on me. I told you that from the beginning.

Jane: I didn't understand it. I didn't know that love like that exists till I saw it with my own eyes.

Ben: You deserve to be loved like that.

Erica: What else did you see?

Jane: The real David Hayward -- who is exactly the way you describe him in your new book: Completely cold and cruel and cares for nobody but himself.

Erica: I told you so.

Jane: And David doesn't love me. He never did. He's just been using me this entire time. So I did all this, and where am I? I'm crushed again, and I have no idea, no idea how to make it right.

Erica: Jane, look at me. I said look at me. I'll tell you exactly what you have to do.

Kendall: You cannot let David be your doctor.

Greenlee: It's the only way. He'll be so focused on fixing me and saving his precious reputation that he'll let down his guard.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, David is smart. He knows you. What if you let your guard down? What if you tip him off?

Greenlee: I'm not afraid of him, and he has to be stopped. Once he saves you, he thinks he owns you, and that's just wrong.

Ryan: Cara and I were talking about when her cancer came back, and how Hayward came to the rescue.

Griffin: What's your point?

Ryan: She didn't even know what she was drawing, but remember that time must've brought back some memories of the work her brother did to stay sane during her treatments -- work for Project Orpheus.

Griffin: I have patients.

Ryan: You picked up where you left off in med school.

Griffin: Back off.

Ryan: Hayward bribed you, didn't he? He bribed you, and then what did he do? He brought in an expert to save your sister? I lost my sister. I would've done anything to save her. I don't blame you at all for what you did, but I'm telling you it's getting out of hand now.

Griffin: You don't know what you're talking about.

Ryan: Then explain it to me. Look, I know Cara is innocent in all this, ok? I'm sure she is. But this is about to blow up and people are gonna get hurt, lots of people, people like Kendall. Lives are at stake here.

Griffin: It's about saving lives.

Ryan: Hayward is just using you to do his dirty work.

Griffin: No, this is medical science, the importance of which you can't even begin to understand.

Ryan: I know the difference between good and evil. Do you?

David: Damn it!

Kathy: Ok, here it comes!

Cara: Oh, that was good. Ok, one more time. Just a little more wrist into it like that. Flick it a little bit harder, ok? Let's do it. All right, here we go. Yes! Ooh, that was beautiful! Now just for fun, one more time. Hard as you can! Go! Whoa! That was awesome! I'll be right back!

Kathy: Yes! Mommy?

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