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Episode #10666

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Tad: Dixie's father just passed away.

Cara: Were you two close?

Tad: Nah. Lord, no. He was a tough old bird. Which isn't surprising. You'd have to be with a name like Seabone Hunkle.

Cara: Oh.

Tad: Yeah, serious. Whoever cleared out his stuff wanted me to make sure that I got some of the things he must have saved from Dixie. You know, Pigeon Hollow. Which is weird. I'm surprised he kept anything. He wasn't exactly the sentimental type.

Cara: Did you know that Dixie kept a diary since she was a little girl?

Tad: No. No idea. But she could be private about a lot of things.

Cara: I used to keep mine hidden in a closet.

Tad: Must be a chick thing.

Cara: Totally.

Tad: All your secrets?

Cara: Yeah, and your hopes about the future, you know, what you want out of life kind of thing.

Tad: Hmm. Just think, all of Dixie's childhood hopes and dreams in this little book.

Cara: You gonna read it?

[Footsteps approaching]

Amanda: I have to make this quick. Jake thinks I just went to pick up lunch.

J.R.: Ok.

Amanda: I had a biopsy today.

J.R.: A biopsy?

Amanda: I don't have the results yet, but I don't have a good feeling about it.

J.R.: So it really could be --

Amanda: Cancer. Yeah.

J.R.: If it is, you know I'm here for you.

Amanda: If the news isn't good, you're the last person I want to lean on.

Asher: [Pours water] Damn it!

Ryan: Hey! You ok?

Greenlee: I don't know. Just hold me. Hold me. Oh, my God.

Ryan: It's all right. Everything's ok.

Greenlee: It was just so -- so disturbing.

Ryan: Wow. Bad dream. What was it about?

Greenlee: David.

Griffin: Hi. Yes. My name is Dr. Griffin Castillo. You don't know me. I'm calling from Pine Valley Hospital. It's regarding Dr. David Hayward.

Maria: What has that son of a bitch done now?

Griffin: Wow. Ok. I guess I should start expecting responses like that.

Maria: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so unprofessional. It's just that Dr. Hayward and I have a very long personal history. Is this regarding a patient?

Griffin: Yes, you. Kendall Slater told me some of the circumstances regarding Dr. Hayward's treatment on people.

Maria: Kendall? Wow, there's another blast from the past. What is this regarding?

Griffin: I've heard some conflicting points of view on the man. I'm trying to get the whole story.

Maria: Is he up to something again?

Griffin: Very possibly.

Maria: Yeah. Don't tell me. Let me guess. He's probably got some tiny germ of goodness in whatever he's doing that's making everybody second guess his motives.

Griffin: Brilliant diagnosis. Can you help me out? Specifically, I'm looking for information on something called Project Orpheus. That ring any bells?

Maria: No. No, but then again, thanks to Dr. Hayward's drugs, my memory of that time's pretty shaky.

Griffin: Ok. I was thinking it could be a long shot.

Maria: Yeah, sure. Oh! Before you go, how is Pine Valley? I miss it.

Griffin: It's an interesting place. I wasn't planning on staying, but here I am.

Maria: Ha ha! That's Pine Valley. Will you do me a favor? Will you give my best to everybody at the hospital?

Griffin: Will do. Thank you, Dr. Santos.

Maria: Thanks. Oh, wait! Wait a minute, I do. I do remember something about Orpheus.

Tad: I don't know. Reading somebody's diary is an invasion of privacy, isn't it?

Cara: I don't think she would mind.

Tad: Ok. Here's one. "Happy birthday to me." Huh. "Mama ma -- Mama made me the best cake ever and Will kept asking what I -- " wi-shed? Oh, wished! "Wished for when I blew out my candles, but I couldn't tell him, because it has to come true. I'm going to get married to a -- " ha. "I'm gonna get married to a handsome boy who makes me laugh at least 10 times a day. We'll live in a 2-story house with a patio where we can throw Halloween parties for our kids."

Cara: Would you like me to leave?

Tad: No. No, not right now. It's getting a little weird. "I -- I used to only want girls, but now I want one of each -- one boy and one girl. Boys are trouble. [Sniffs] But my husband will know how to straighten him out."

Cara: Looks like she got her wish.

Tad: Half of it. She never knew her little girl.

Cara: Where are you going?

Tad: I'm gonna get some air, ok?

Cara: Is this when I just --

Tad: No, no. What you said, you were right. I just need to get out of this house and away from that book.

Cara: Do you want company, or --

Tad: Yeah. You bet I do.

J.R.: I understand why you don't want anything to do with me. But if anyone can relate to what you're going through, I can. I had cancer. Hell, I nearly died. Still not exactly sure why I survived.

Amanda: You are unbelievable.

J.R.: What?

Amanda: I don't want to hear that kind of talk from you.

J.R.: I'm just stating a popular opinion in this town.

Amanda: You got a second chance to live, you dumbass! You know how lucky you are? If I wind up being that lucky --

J.R.: All right, just chill out, please.

Amanda: I don't want any help from you, and I certainly don't want to hear your talk about dying, ok? The only reason I came here is to tell you that I'm quitting my job.

J.R.: You don't have to do that.

Amanda: Yes, I really do. Don't even try and talk me out of it.

J.R.: All right, if that's really what you want.

Amanda: It is. Working for you would definitely not be good for my marriage.

J.R.: Oh, Jake's been giving you a hard time about what happened between us?

Amanda: No. He's been great, actually. Better than I deserve.

J.R.: Because it was only one time.

Amanda: And it never should have happened. I'm so grateful to still have Jake, to have my marriage.

J.R.: I'm so glad that it's working out for somebody.

Amanda: You mean Marissa knows, too?

J.R.: No, see, that's the hilarious part. She doesn't even know anything happened between you and I. She ended up falling for someone else.

Amanda: Scott.

J.R.: You'd think it was Scott, wouldn't you? They have history. They like each other. I would have bet the house on my cousin. Not even close.

Amanda: Well, then, who?

J.R.: Bianca.

Amanda: Bianca?

J.R.: Yeah, right? The woman I love is a lesbian. I believe that calls for a drink.

Asher: It's not my fault Colby lost my pills.

Frankie: All of this is on Colby? Is that what you're saying?

Asher: Yeah.

Frankie: They're your pain meds, but somehow someone else misplaced them.

Asher: I don't know exactly how it happened, but I'm just saying I don't have them, and I'm in a lot of pain right now.

Frankie: Yeah, I can see that.

Asher: So why don't we stop standing here and arguing, and you can just write another prescription?

Frankie: I'm afraid I can't do that, Asher.

Asher: Why the hell not?

Frankie: I don't think this has anything to do with Colby.

Asher: So you think I'm lying, is that it?

Frankie: No, but I do think you've developed a serious dependency on those drugs.

Asher: You're calling me a druggie?

Frankie: Well --

Asher: Look, if you're not gonna fill my prescription, I will find another doctor who will.

Caleb: Asher. That might not be as easy as you think.

Greenlee: I don't know where the dream came from or if it really was even a dream.

Ryan: What? What do you mean?

Greenlee: When you showed me that Project Orpheus logo, something clicked back to when I was recovering with David.

Ryan: This is actually something that you remember?

Greenlee: Yes, maybe. I think so. I don't know. It was after the motorcycle accident, and I woke up, and I was in this room with David. And that's when I saw it.

Ryan: When you saw what?

Greenlee: I saw the Project Orpheus logo on my IV drip. And David was standing over me, saying, "You're mine. I saved you." And then --

Ryan: And then what? Just try to remember.

Greenlee: I don't know. I don't know if I heard something or if I just sensed it, but I turned away from David for a second, and I saw this other gurney in the room and there was somebody on it.

Ryan: Who? Did you recognize who it was?

Greenlee: No, I couldn't see that well, but there was definitely somebody there, and -- uhh! That's when I woke up. So what do you think?

Ryan: I think it could be a dream.

Greenlee: Yeah, but it felt like it actually really happened. And if it wasn't a dream --

Ryan: That means that you weren't David's only patient.

Maria: David had concocted this story.

Griffin: Apparently, he's very good at that.

Maria: This one involved trying to convince me that I was guilty of committing a murder and that I needed to go on the run, which I did because I trusted him.

Griffin: Do I want to hear any more?

Maria: One of the new credit cards that he gave me to start my new life with was registered under Orpheus. I don't know if that's any help for you.

Griffin: Well, it's something.

Maria: He's gonna hurt more people, isn't he?

Griffin: I honestly don't know.

Maria: If he does and you need someone to help stop him, I will be there in a heartbeat.

Griffin: I need to talk to you about Orpheus.

David: That seems to be the ongoing theme around here. So what is it? Do you want to interrogate me, too?

Griffin: I just want straight answers.

David: You know all you need to know about the project.

Griffin: That's not gonna fly anymore. I think that you've been lying to me this whole time, and I want to know the truth.

David: Good-bye, Dr. Castillo.

Griffin: No! I'm not leaving here until you tell me what the hell has been going on!

Cara: You still miss her, don't you?

Tad: Huh! Yeah. To be honest, I think -- I'm always gonna miss Dixie. But I thought I'd accepted it. I thought I was ok. I'd gotten to the point where at least the memories were comforting rather than painful.

Cara: Maybe it was hearing her voice again in the diary.

Tad: Yeah, that was part of it.

Cara: What's the other part?

Tad: Just finding out about her father, getting all that stuff, all that junk. Somehow, it just kind of brought back who she was and what she was capable of. She was a miracle worker. She was something else, especially with J.R. Oh, could I use her help now. When he was growing up, she always had this way of making him see what was good in himself. Same way she did with me.

Cara: I don't think she had to look very far.

Tad: Oh, ha ha!

Cara: Stop laughing.

Tad: No, it's true. You weren't there. I'm not kidding, man. Looking back in hindsight, I can honestly say, you would not have wanted to know me.

Cara: Well, you turned out ok.

Tad: Yeah, because of her. Just 'cause of Dixie. Yes, she gave me an even shot. I mean, if Joe Martin gave me a chance at being a human being, Dixie gave me a chance at being a husband and a father. She was the one that turned things around. She -- I don't know. She made me look at myself in a different way. Then one day, I woke up and looked in the mirror, and I realized if somebody like Dixie Cooney can love me, then what the hell. I can't be all bad.

Asher: You called him.

Frankie: I felt like your father should know what's going on.

Asher: There's nothing going on. Not everyone who takes a pain pill has a problem.

Frankie: I think Asher needs some addiction counseling. I can hook you up with a few names, if you like.

Caleb: Thank you.

Asher: I'm not going to counseling.

Caleb: Asher. There's no harm in talking to somebody about it.

Asher: The only thing I need right now is a new doctor.

Caleb: Hey. Why don't you -- why don't you and I go someplace and talk about this?

Asher: No. Let's talk about it right here, ok? Do you think I'm a druggie?

Caleb: I don't have enough experience to have an opinion about it.

Asher: Come on, stop with that lawyer crap. Just give me a straight-up answer. Do you believe this guy, or do you believe your own son?

Amanda: What are you doing?

J.R.: No, whoa. Whoa. It turns out, booze is my best friend. It likes to punish me, but I love it all the same.

Amanda: You don't have to do this.

J.R.: Yeah, I do. It gets me through.

Amanda: Do you have a sponsor, somebody who --

J.R.: Just relax for a second. I'm standing on my own two feet. I'm not slurring my words. I'm a rock. I'm a rock.

Amanda: You've been hurt.

J.R.: No. I don't get hurt. Rocks are tough.

Amanda: Ok. So Marissa fell in love with someone else, but --

J.R.: No. Not just someone else. Another woman. So that makes it even more special, right?

Amanda: Getting drunk is not the way to handle it.

J.R.: It's gonna have to do for now. I suggest you try it after everything you've been through.

Amanda: No, thanks.

J.R.: I know something that might make you feel a little bit better.

Amanda: No, stop.

J.R.: Come on, Amanda.

Amanda: I said no!

Ryan: Truthfully, I wouldn't put it past Hayward to hide some other patient and do God-knows-what to him or her.

Greenlee: I need to find out if it was a dream or if it really happened.

Ryan: Ok. We can try hypnosis.

Greenlee: Doesn't work on me. I'm not suggestible enough.

Ryan: I buy that.

Greenlee: There is another way, only you're not gonna like it very much.

Ryan: No, you're not going anywhere near that man.

Greenlee: I'm not talking about confronting David. I'm just talking about playing him, working him a little bit.

Ryan: You mean like Kendall did with Ricky, because that turned out so great.

Greenlee: As a matter of fact, it did. Ricky's in jail, isn't he?

Ryan: Not before he got her out on a boat at sea and almost killed the woman.

Greenlee: This is different. I'm not gonna suck David in by pretending to be in love with him.

Ryan: So what is the plan?

Greenlee: I don't know yet.

Ryan: It's gotta be something that strokes his ego a little bit, plays to whatever sentimental bone he's got left in his body. We gotta find a way to manipulate him just right.

Greenlee: We?

Ryan: You. With me protecting you. Ok? What? Together, we can come up with something great, something that he won't even know what hit him.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Ryan: I haven't exactly come up with anything.

Greenlee: No, but thank you for not fighting me on this.

Ryan: We're a team. Nothing that man says or does could come between us again. Nothing.

David: Who the hell do you think you are?

Griffin: Someone who trusted you. Now I need to know. Have you told me everything there is to know about Project Orpheus?

David: I brought you on to help with research. That was all. You also signed a confidentiality agreement when you came on board, which means you have no right discussing this with anyone!

Griffin: Except you.

David: You're falling under the spell of the small-minded drones in this town. You know how important this work is. You, of all people, realize the good that it can do. But they brainwashed you into thinking that I'm some kind of evil mad scientist.

Griffin: I never said that. But you do take dangerous risks, David.

David: High risk, high reward.

Griffin: And you're not afraid to crush anyone that comes in your way.

David: Yes, that's true, Doctor, including you.

Griffin: Is that a threat?

David: Consider it a warning. I will not allow you or anyone else to interfere with my work. So if you want to stay on board, make history, that's great. But back off and stop asking questions! If you don't, I have no problem cutting you loose.

Amanda: I don't even know why I bother talking to you when you're this way.

J.R.: What way is that?

Amanda: Drunk! I really hope you get your act together, but I cannot be the one to help you do it.

Caleb: I want to believe you, son.

Asher: What kind of crap is that? You either do or you don't.

Caleb: I know you were in a lot of pain after the explosion.

Asher: I'm still in a lot of pain. This guy's the only guy that doesn't think so.

Frankie: Abusing meds is not gonna help you. You're building up a tolerance.

Caleb: Makes sense. We should listen to him.

Asher: I'm not gonna listen to either of you. I'm out of here.

Caleb: No, you're not. Come here.

Asher: I don't need you stepping up for me right now. It's a little too late in the game for that, don't you think?

Caleb: Asher, I may not have been the father that you wanted or you deserved, but I am here now. I am in your life. I am here for you. That means I am gonna do my job, and whether you like it or not, you are coming with me.

Cara: Ha ha ha!

Tad: What? How was I supposed to know she was -- that she ran a call girl ring?

Cara: Yeah.

Tad: I just thought she had a lot of roommates, and I was doing great with all of them.

Cara: Ok. You were a bad boy.

Tad: I was not a bad boy. What does that mean? I was just somebody that did whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, with whoever I wanted to.

Cara: Until Dixie.

Tad: Until Dixie. My transformation hit quite a few speed bumps in the road. I made some -- some mistakes, some pretty horrendous mistakes, actually.

Cara: That why she left?

Tad: Partially. Don't get me wrong. She was human, too. She made her share of mistakes, but I'd be lying if I said that a lot of 'em weren't because of me.

Cara: It sounds like, to me, it just took you guys a little time to work things out.

Tad: Too long. Because when we finally did and the timing was right, we realized that we could make it work and that we should make it work, she was gone. She died, just like that. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Ryan: Hey, you got a second?

Griffin: What's up? Not really.

Ryan: This is not gonna take long. Just a quick question. Was Greenlee part of Project Orpheus?

Greenlee: Ok, David, where are they?

David: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: My medical records. They've been wiped from the hospital computer system, and I can only assume that you had something to do with that.

David: Why do you need them now?

Greenlee: That's none of your business.

David: It is if you're expecting me to track them down.

Greenlee: My new doctor needs them to treat me.

David: Treat you for what?

Greenlee: Nothing major, just a little numbness in one of my legs.

David: How long has this been going on?

Greenlee: A while.

David: Specifics.

Greenlee: I don't know, a few weeks, a month, maybe.

David: A month? And you're only now seeking treatment? You experienced severe spinal injuries in your motorcycle accident, Greenlee. This could be serious. I need to examine you.

Greenlee: No. Oh, no. You're not getting that close to me ever again.

Asher: I told you, I don't need a babysitter.

J.R.: Gentlemen! You caught me drinking -- ha ha -- this fine Kentucky whiskey. Ha ha!

Caleb: I thought you quit.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, that. Decided to take a little break. Speaking of breaks, care to join me?

Caleb: No, thank you.

J.R.: How about you, Asher?

Caleb: He's fine.

J.R.: Oh. Is he speaking for you now?

Caleb: Why don't you go somewhere and sober up?

J.R.: Excuse me, Mountain Man?

Asher: Just leave him alone.

Caleb: J.R., I didn't fight Asher staying here with you, because I thought you were gonna take care of him.

Asher: I don't need taking care of.

J.R.: That's right. Asher's done quite well under my guidance. So here's to a -- fine young man.

[Glass breaks]

J.R.: Now, why did you go and do that?

Caleb: Let's get out of here.

Asher: I'm not going anywhere with you, all right?

J.R.: Where you gonna take him, Dad? You gonna take him over to the ice cream parlor for a sundae?

Caleb: I'm gonna take him where I should have taken him a long time ago. Home with me.

Opal: Hey there! Don't you look pretty today, huh? Oh, what is it? What is it? Come here.

Griffin: Greenlee had a dream where she saw the Orpheus logo? That doesn't mean anything.

Ryan: If it was an actual memory, it could mean a lot.

Griffin: But I guess there's no way of knowing, right?

Ryan: Aren't you at least curious?

Griffin: No. I mean, the whole thing could have been triggered by Greenlee seeing the Orpheus key card you took a picture of in David's office.

Ryan: Ok, but how does that explain the other patient?

Griffin: What other patient?

Ryan: Greenlee remembers waking up in the room that David kept her in. When she woke up, she remembers seeing another gurney, and there was a person there on that gurney.

Griffin: Did she recognize who it was?

Ryan: No. No, it was too hazy.

Griffin: That sounds like a dream.

Ryan: But what if it wasn't? Think about the implications of that. That means David is holding somebody else there with his miracle healing or whatever. Come on. We all know how much David loves playing God. Now maybe he thinks he's gonna move on to the real thing.

Greenlee: All I want from you are my medical records. I have a legal right to them.

David: And I'll look into them.

Greenlee: David, can't you just admit once that you did something? I know that you took them. If you don't restore them, I'll -- ow!

David: What's wrong?

Greenlee: Nothing. Nothing.

David: It's obviously something.

Greenlee: It's just the numbness again. It just came back.

David: Where?

Greenlee: My lower leg this time. It'll pass. It always does.

David: Until it doesn't. This could be serious, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I know, ok. That's why I'm going to the doctor.

David: No other doctor can help you. You need me.

J.R.: Father of the year! Ha ha! Wait a minute. You guys haven't even known each other a year, have you?

Caleb: You want to take anything, go get it now.

J.R.: Yeah, you better listen to your dad, Asher, because Father knows best.

Asher: Maybe you should lay off the alcohol for a while.

J.R.: Oh, come on. What the hell do you know?

Asher: I know you're drunk. Anybody can see that.

J.R.: You want to leave, go ahead and leave. I'll just tell Colby she needs to find herself new -- puppy dog to lead around.

Asher: When Colby gets back from her Vlog tour, tell her that I want to see her.

J.R.: Yeah, she won't care.

Asher: What happened to you, man?

J.R.: What happened to me?

Asher: Yeah.

J.R.: What happened to me?! Life happened to me. It came sneaking up behind me and kicked me right in the ass. You stay around this world long enough, it'll happen to you.

Asher: You gonna be ok?

J.R.: Yeah. I'll be fine. I'll be just fine -- with all this traffic buzzin' around here, so get on out of here.

Asher: J.R.

J.R.: I said go! Leave.

Caleb: Get some help, J.R.

Opal: Cancer?

Amanda: Doctors aren't sure, but it could be.

Opal: Oh, my Lord.

Amanda: I'm trying so hard to be strong and brave, but --

Opal: Of course, you are. Of course, you are. But you know, sometimes the bravest thing is to just let yourself cry your eyes out. Yell out your fear and let the people who love you take care of you. Let them know you need them.

Amanda: I've hurt Jake so badly.

Opal: It's all right. It's all right. He loves you. Right now, you need your husband. You need your family, and that includes me. You just gotta let us love you and take care of you.

Griffin: I don't know what else I can tell you.

Ryan: So you keep saying.

Griffin: Look, I really gotta get back to the hospital. So if there are no more questions --

Ryan: I'm not trying to give you a hard time with this. I'm really not. You knew David as a mentor, as a brilliant doctor, as a teacher. And now you know him as a megalomaniac who has absolutely no boundaries in order to get what he wants.

Griffin: Look, I really wish I could tell you more, but I've told you everything that I know.

Ryan: Ok. All right. Fair enough.

Griffin: Gotta go.

Greenlee: But you think only the great David Hayward is the only one who can treat me?

David: Because I still care about you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: So it is personal.

David: And I don't want you to feel any pain, all right?

Greenlee: I'll be fine.

David: Not if there's pressure on the nerves. Not if all the work I did to reconstruct your spinal column is botched by some hospital hack.

Greenlee: That's a fine way to talk something about your staff.

David: You know what I'm talking about, and you know I'm right. I saved you once, Greenlee. I brought you back to life when no other traditional doctor would have ever thought it possible. That's not arrogance. It's a simple fact.

Greenlee: Actually, it is -- arrogance. But maybe you're right.

David: You don't trust me in a lot of ways, but when it comes to your health, you know you can trust me.

Greenlee: You really think it could be something serious?

David: Give me a chance to find out. Let me examine you.

Greenlee: Ok.

Tad: I am sorry.

Cara: What are you sorry for?

Tad: Come on. Going on and on like this about my dead wife to my new wife?

Cara: Your new wife thinks it's a-ok.

Tad: I don't know why it's hitting me like this, so suddenly, out of the blue.

Cara: Because she was a huge part of your life. She inspired you to be the man you are today, to be the best friend, best husband -- fake or real -- any woman would ever want.

Tad: So who am I now?

Cara: What do you mean?

Tad: I mean, who am I now? I think I should find out who Thaddeus Martin is separate from Dixie, and I thought I had done that, that I finally made peace with her death. Obviously, I haven't. And I think now is the time.

Tad: Don't you think it's crazy? Dixie has been dead for years.

Cara: You don't need to explain.

Tad: I mean, I think I do. I think I want to, to make sense of it for me. I have to move on. I have to put closure to this thing somehow so that getting a shoebox of junk in the mail doesn't set me back this badly.

Cara: Well, I understand the importance of closure -- probably because I didn't get it.

Tad: With Jake.

Cara: Yeah. I said I came to Pine Valley to see my brother, but really I always hoped that one day Jake and I would get back together.

Tad: We knew that.

Cara: Right, but you helped me move on, and I'd like to return the favor. Sorry. That was presumptuous of me, wasn't it?

Tad: No.

Cara: Yeah, a little bit.

Tad: No, no, no. You don't understand. It's -- it's a blessing, you know? It's a kindness. And I think -- I think I need you.

Cara: Really?

Tad: Really. What's more -- if you agree -- I would like you to be there when I say good-bye.

J.R.: What are you looking at? Huh? I said what are you looking at? What? Oh, yeah. Ok, you're disappointed in me again, Dad. Disappointed in me.

Ryan: Hey. How did it go?

Greenlee: Just like we thought it would.

Ryan: David bought it?

Greenlee: He practically begged me to let him give me an exam. He's still very invested in keeping me healthy.

Ryan: That's because he still loves you.

Greenlee: Part of it could be that, but I also think that David enjoys being a miracle healer. And I happen to be his prize subject.

Ryan: So he had no idea at all that you were faking?

Greenlee: David cannot prove whether pain does or doesn't exist. And my having a relapse would be an affront to his genius, so he's gonna do everything he can to make sure I'm healthy. Then I can find out if my dream is real or not.

Ryan: Just be careful.

Greenlee: I'm always careful.

Ryan: I'm serious. Too many trips down memory lane, and David's gonna get suspicious.

Greenlee: I'll make sure he doesn't. But I need to find out if someone else was with me in David's lab. And if there was another person, who was it?

Ryan: Maybe his protégé knows.

Greenlee: Griffin? Did you talk to him again?

Ryan: Yes, I did most of the talking. He still claims that he has no idea what Project Orpheus is or of any knowledge of David doing anything wrong.

Greenlee: "Claims."

Ryan: He's keeping something back.

David: I asked you to leave.

Griffin: Sorry.

David: I want you out of --

Griffin: When I started working on Orpheus, you said it was a research project, research that would take years to implement.

David: So what? Spit it out, Griff! Get it off your chest!

Griffin: Is Project Orpheus pure research, or have you been experimenting on humans?

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